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President trump now has real legal payroll. Potential jeopardy stems from the investigation came to light. When the FBI conducted raids in the office and residences of his lawyer and self professed fixer Michael Cohen. I never thought collusion with Russia whose jeopardy. There have been anything criminal to that story line to politicize and I'd from factions of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies would have leaked it. That is the perspective. Of someone who is very concerned about what's going on but this investigation fact Michael Cohen set to appear in court two day. On this very day to address this issue. Of whatever it is he's been doing with these deals these fixes. That he's been working on what he's been exposed here what's the real liability. For the president of the United States well to get some perspective on that's. We have former US attorney Andrew McCarthy's back on the broadcast welcome back here. You. You're saying here and as you've been saying all along this entire matter regarding compiled collusion is a joke it's a waste of time and energy. Prosecutorial. Overreach. Something that I probably never should have been pursued by a special counsel. But your very concerned about this investigation involving Michael Colin White is that. Well these Michael Allen investigation is clearly a criminal investigation. The investigation has always been and first and foremost a counterintelligence investigation. Which means for all the hullabaloo. About. Whether there was trump campaign collusion. And whether. Something that the president has done in connection with the investigation announced obstruction. The principal part of it has always been. Counterintelligence investigation about Russia Russia is interference. 2016 election how we prevent Russia doing that future. It Farrah. And clearly caught up in the politics of the 2015. Presidential election. What's going on in New York by contrast. Is very clearly. Eight federal criminal investigation. On the premium are. Federal prosecutor's office in the United States. On the circumstances where obviously a lot of thought was given the war. These search warrant last week were. And executed on the hotel residence in the office the law that. Among other offices as. From Michael Collins. And they would not have done that of what state. First consulted with the trump Justice Department which is required by US attorney's regulations. And they would not have gotten want to watch the federal judge found probable cause that there weren't evident that there was evidence of crimes. In those locations. So that it clearly a criminal investigation and I think it would be a matter of great concern to anyone who could be connected to a. What is depresses potential exposure here. It's very hard and open without knowing exactly what it is. That they are investigating. Which they are not required to tell us right now we know. From some reporting about what was. On the safe simple walk and let me just. Back up for a second and explain to people that won the federal government when the FBI for example. Execute a search warrant they have to leave behind. At the plate where they've done searched a copy of the warrant. Not the copy I got a copy of the underlying. Explanation probable cause that the court gets the captain of the person. A copy of the war which generally does what they are investigating what they were entitled what four. So we now have some information about what was in the warrant we don't know where that. Came from by the way I don't know what that means wait by the government believed by somebody close to Colin. But what we know is that they are. Looking for communication. Between. Trump and Colin. We know that they are looking. If the reporting is correct. At this. These transactions which involves. The pornographic actress moments stormy Daniels of Playboy model blown himself. Less than that McDougal first name escapes me at the moment so they're clearly looking. At those. And well we know they may very well be looking at other. Activity. That involves only Cullen and maybe that that the president trump doesn't have anything to do it. I should point out to people that the only thing privileged. In a lawyer's office in terms of being protected safeguarded from. A government snooping. Is. Communications. Between an attorney and a client. That'll along the lines of invading legal advice. And any work product that flowed from those communication. So for example if a lawyer has other kinds of physical or documentary evidence a crime that the lawyer is involved and in his office. He got that yet and he. Privilege or installations. By virtue of the fact that he's a lawyer from being investigated by the government to make a crude example is a lawyer at the pilot heroin on the table. In his office is that. The big government could see that they've treated like it would treat such a seizure in any other case. We're talking with a Andrew McCarthy and I'm one of the things I think a lot of before kind of intrigued by here and in there have been hints about this that this can relate to some of the deals that been worked out. With some of these if in these relationships past relationships. Where would any potential criminality take place there. That's a that's the great question because they're these two things have been inflated support that we separate them out there's no crime. In signing an agreement not to disclose information form blank transactions. Where one side agrees not to disclose information the other guy as the other side agreed to pay them not to disclose it. There is nothing criminal about that you can. Think that it unsavory and unseemly and all that stuff but it's not a violation of law. Where it can potentially. And involved a violation of the law. Is it that these non disclosure agreement thought contracts. If there is fraud in the inducement of the contract. Or someone who extorted into signing a contract. You could have a problem along the lines of the federal fraud and extortion statute. So the the agreement itself audit state would not be illegal. But the activity that induced the purse to end to the agreement could cross the line into criminality. We have less than thirty seconds here at what time table be they were operating on four what how the a clear sense of where this is going. I think we'll have a clear sense that at the end of today. Because. The government will have to be probably feel more forthright about what they were investigating and Colin and have to be more forthright about. What he went into privilege in the office so what people probably know little more the end today than they did did that we do right this minute. A right to be watching very closely Andrew McCarthy thinks like Africa and on the broadcast and I can't. And we'll see whether there any new revelations abouts where prosecutors are going would this thing ends any potential threat this could pros. To the president himself to me we'll talk about Syria ants go back and discuss Libya as well. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program. At Georgia we would be talking about Syria hands. Messages communicated by this president several years ago and before we delve into it. We'll take a call here from Jason let him steal my thunder here on. Take it away sir. Jason are you there. Sort of hear John this year OK. Joan jaw and all right during answer. Yeah I have a view on Sunday I wanna make it clear that I don't approve of president tweeting. At this civilian if you want to read that one thing however yesterday your morning program you're comparing week. That problem. We did in 2013. As of civilians. Just like you and I'm life. You act and he takes into and eighteen. I don't think it's fair. It got him on what he said he was due in 2013. What he does in 2018. And you clearly. We're critical. Well what will I issue call a lot on its position in regard Syria. What eight and 2013. Came from. I think you'd like to hire you'd see them serviced by him. International affairs that I don't think it was. Legitimately. Good actor and. And why is that can you explain it to me. Well in 2013. Humanize the building you only so much about Syria at present the United States. He would privy to information we don't have. And it action. Today or yesterday or whatever the war was based on updated information to about eighteen what you said about them. Thirteen as the civilians what was then it was five years ago things change vote in the country outside the country. I don't wanna get into the top international monetary and that you also set to but just. The basis of the criticism. Of the tweeting them vs his action today because I don't think we we didn't 2013. Relatives. To what he knew and what he did today. Okay here's a look let's delve into some of these Kazaa I want to just go into these with you on the line. Your perspective on how things have changed. Up here is June 13 and 162013. We should stay the hell out of Syria. The rebels are just as bad as the current regime. What will we get for our lives and billions. Zero. There's also this remember all these freedom fighters in Syria want to fly planes into our buildings. Why don't we keep broadcasting where we're going to attack Syria why can't we just be quiet and if we attack at all catch them by surprise. This last one for instance Joan can you explain to be here's the president who singled several days ago we were warned take action against Syria. Why was it a dumb thing to do. Back into play thirteen but it was OK for him to say OK now we can signal an advance this is what we're gonna do very soon. I agree with you on that part out yet. He he he has a very fluid on. Need to act cute little help control. And I I can't argue at all I would Burton. Yeah I think a lot of people were kind of disappointed with this. Itself. But I still I mean. But I still think it's really put a lot from what he was saying there in 2013 verses what he says today. Because besides the fact that things have changed. But then you know a lot of it. Here's one of the things that there is a little humor here I got a kick out of this one. If Syria was forced to use Obama cared they would self destruct without a shot being fired Obama should sell that that idea about that. It. It's. Time to be on Sunday morning news could be serious. And he doesn't seem to be able. You know when the curtain is opened for humor when the curtain should be close or. Period presidential consideration. I used to eat not disciplined and political affairs or anything like that but we did not elect. A military genius. He elected a businessman. Got up loot here's the thing that I I think he truly need somebody to put up bridal. Good luck trying to find that person here's the one that really grabs my attention the most. What we get for bombing Syria to say it's more debt and possible long term conflict Obama needs congressional approval in fact there's another tweet. For some reason it's not in this collection of tweets were you saying that it's you know that that it would be unconstitutional. To take that sort of action without congress and I think there are a number of people not just. Democrats they're Republicans. Who really believe that's that he should've gone to congress and gotten authorization for this how do you feel about. Prior presidents have made preemptive strikes out congressional approval. And I think I do not know the in line that you cross and doing man. But you're right I think the major problem with him he doesn't write. They've been holding who is not to fire on. They had about thirteen and then eagle and a but he's critical by the presence of dumping it. He should act as most of you keep that trump card in your and I don't mean your stroke I mean I did. It you know in your pocket I mean. You can't. If you're kind of poll. Back on things. Other president. Do what you can legally is now. You're trying here on him he will warmed up I need to read. This short abbreviated book on how to be presidential. And what he can do and what went to show up. He hasn't done that and I mean. I'm not real strong here I liked a lot of them be done. I do. With crisis to say this and necessarily. I looked a bit so it is I hit my eight I hit Eisenhower's you know what you Obama campaign stop. I do remember that I remember it was raining only on hold stoker strain I note somewhere near Detroit. That the by that I'll remember to select exactly how that. It's pretty amazing that it's pretty may age and absolutely enjoyed talking with Q and I appreciate your ability to engage in discourse which is. What we're trying to do here folks it's it's really that that simple. I wanna go to something and and well I guess I can start this anyway. I really opened up a firestorm on social media I posted something and social media yesterday. And the they hate it there's there's really no other way to put it the gates of hell we're literally opened up. By people who absolutely furious that I dared to produce this. Here's what the president president said. And August 30 2013 on Twitter the president must get congressional approval before attacking Syria big mistake if he does not. I posted this note commentary by myself. Whatsoever I just posted this. Limit you share which you. Some of the reactions those were the words of a civilian. Dispersant times says when the cult is confronted with conflicting input it will automatically default to the most recent imports. We have this this is something for upset about Obama the thing is Obama has a large hand in what is happening in Syria today. Today. Vince how about trying to get behind our president. Really. I did us a boost it would he said. Vince you need to stand up for our president and countrymen and I appreciate your views a lot but you need to grows so. Some strength on this issue my friend. Seriously. Where they hell were you during all bombers administration waiting for an answer it's funny here because a friend of mine and answered and said. Are you suggesting opens wasn't challenging Obama you must be new here. A and there's other stuff when you're some of bitch I cannot repeat. But there's actually somebody who suggested this was a fake tweets. Surged. It's it's just mind boggling folks. Let's just all the fact that he said it. That's simple. 1136 on the Vince Coakley ran your program. Getting your thoughts on Syria ends the tweet he put out 2013 saying yea. Obama should not go into Syria without getting congressional approval for doing anything. Let's go I took off from buddy and wreck killed good morning. But the are you care. Going once. Going twice let's go out to Tim good morning. Or. Not yet the calls reversed a year good morning. I thought. That was good that was good. 81 somewhat affect your. He tries. With Obama you didn't always an Obama. You fortunately actually need so whatever they were saying. Well thank you tip your equal opportunity. Where we need is. Respect. For. Try your tablet talk here. It perspective. For. I. Our. World he's treated now sit in or out it was. Alamo I'm. What. That certainly. You're watching it in and the sense it is. I mean it's ridiculous. For our purses mad because. It. You do. You do it. And his perspective is to differ. Now he's not in the world he treated he will you know. Yet it's it's a very different worlds and and what it requires here's some some humility doesn't attempt. Q Mary Kay and over anchor and it's so far away from. It's a bit. Executives were around in Britain I think people are in. It or copy. Or it. But then we sit down if you don't hear it India understand it's their story what's going on what happened their read what corner like. Use your compassion completely complete changes rights are. Are you can't ABC maybe next speaker that law. And I think it's kinda how. These weight and pictures from Syria it was it. It is now up it happens all the sudden it's a little bit nine year art is related kind of attack. This softened it up at my January comes. I hear you Tammy it's hard to and and so there are those who suggested a vodka was one of the primary motivated is behind this thanks a lot for your call. And indeed is the emotional hug let's get real here folks there's no question about that the emotional Tug. It's pretty strong when you see these images you want to do something I am president the United States should be able to step in and do something to protect people. I get it I get the sentiment. Harper good morning. Good morning and Harry Dylan writes. One to make a comment you know are not about here later in the critical mass that. And something or are doing something like not getting congressional herbal yet tweeting that you should Wear another record an op but I think they're. There's something inherent in president after you've seen differently than they say sometimes mother and I think it's raw. But I wonder a lot of people once they get an author realized. This same problem a lot of the Federalist and I federalists. With the state vs federal government has power that we have eight. They're too many people making a decision and it eats too long to make an effective response. I wonder. Rahm similar to other presidents realize they I would love to rest route all but like we haven't had a budget passed out on the equal McCurry. Practically responded effectively respond to your situation. If I hear you that's you group raised a great point here because it when your businessman especially when you're at the top of the heap. You make a decision and everybody jumps when your present the United States it doesn't work that way anymore does it. No end and I just wonder where and that it probably built topical. What is that country. And he may. Eat it takes time and it with him an effective. Or Tibet or executive branch of our. Quickly here at the site of or. Yeah. I periods of great conversation thanks a lot for your call harper when we take the opportunity to you ventured down I 85. And bring in our good friend Luntz notes talk about the day in history we're gonna have a little bonus to us yesterday. Well no two days ago was a pretty interest in date in history as well we'll delve into both of those good morning sir how aria. I'm excited and looking forward to the bonus question oh OK okay let's start with today April 16 twenty AT and this person. Return to Russia after a decade in textile in Switzerland. 1917. Who do you think wise. Going back to Russia at a very critical time. Stolid old man I mean. Lennon yes he knows what of these guys of desert high yes they a teacher you're at the red idea. It was Vladimir live in new returned after X I'll. 1922. This person yet 100 clay targets in a row and that's a record. Who was it 1922. She did this. That's hint. 100 clay targets in Cairo would you have gotten I would not have would anyone in that room of god anybody in this room. Annie Oakley. Great job John Guy that is Annie Oakley. All right are the higher I would have never gotten island so late 1972. This is what country was this a gift from two President Nixon to giant pandas arrived in the US China. You are correct. And 2007 a tragic day in history. We adds 32 people died after a 23 year old student went on a Rampage. At a particular university. And the university but to. Where was this. Yes it was Virginia Tech luckily that's been eleven years ago it living years ago. Let's go to quick bonus questions here. April 14. Disastrous events on April 14. And this one involves some people who winds from Springfield Illinois out to California. I'm they. Somewhat of a mission out there and they ended up resorting to cannibalism. Anybody in here when I've ventured to guests. That Donner party. There there's much it's been done on this little Ronald Williams used that in his act all the time and I never knew what the heck he was talking until now it's bizarre. This person assassinated at Ford's theater 1865. Abraham Lincoln and this. It's this particular vessel. Sunk. On its maiden voyage. 1912. Idenix. That amazing all of these events. Occurred April 14 near far where you'll. It's pretty good pretty good you don't want them on. Your crazy thank you we've run out of time it's time for break. That's what's. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program some perspectives here net. What has happened with Syria in the past few days by the way. Responding to months ago IE now kit which you referring to you. My heart will go on the word you uttered that in as we are going to break the Celine Dion song from Titanic. I never do those words were in there I just that song was played so many times. It's one of the sun to just one of go crazy. If you ever purity and it's like please don't play anymore than they've laid it to death. Any case. There are number of people who have been very concerned about our intervention in Syria I wanna share just a few of those starting with Austin Peterson. Libertarian the war pair powers actively grants put his priority use military attacks in for a national securities under threat. This is unconstitutional. Act full stop. Mike lease senator Mike Lee my thoughts and prayers are with the American servicemen and women in harm's way. Look forward to hearing from the president about the strategy for Syria whether he plans to seek authorization from congress for any further use of force Justin a much. These offensive strikes against Syria are unconstitutional. Illegal and reckless. The next speaker of the house must reclaim congressional war powers as prescribed in article one constitution. Speaker Ryan is completely abdicated. What is one of his most important responsibilities. Freshman Thomas Massie frequent guest in this program I've read France's or Britain's constitution but I radars. And no were in it is presidential authority to strike Syria. We also have this as the rank and file. Donald Trump supporter. This was pursuant social media by Patrick I'll defend president trumped the very end on anything having to do with his. Insane Moeller witch hunt his moral philandering. His anti PCs zealotry is trade policies in his throwing massive shade on bad actors in the federal bureaucracy media and corporate America. Bode takes military action against Syria. Or doesn't stand up to congress on implementing the issues he ran on you're on your own trio. Doug Stafford. Who works for Rand Paul congratulations to the trump administration for adopting the same failed foreign policy and ignoring the constitution. As the last two administrations. And then we have. Michael Savage we lost the war machine bond Syria no evidence aside did it said war mongers hijacking our nation. And then you have a reaction that's a little more unhinged. I saw this on social media the other day and I I seriously I just fell out laughing. Now just for those of you who. May be very sensitive to language. We are censored in its censored this but I have to tape of the language in this in it's you hear it. It was just so over the top I just couldn't stop laughter. Here it is here is the reaction from. Someone in alternative media is that the way to characterize this. This is a real winner folks. An oil analyst introduced this but I also want to thank John for doing editing on this you'll understand why is it needed a lot here's Alex Jones. Up. Parents as. Well. Enough on this series. I thought al-Qaeda Clark is April at all. And now you've got matters and. All these people off for us. Oh. Patches since everywhere the last two days we get burned C a six hour broadcast across stops. League world war three and liberal pieces off. And and you. Are. Our. Major analysts. Action hero he ever. This trigger world war three on why they artistry and the rough is really good guys. Battling arsenal. I rose while I've ever been to Russia. But I slowed geopolitics hey all of the white Knight. And our military bloggers and join the Russians to blot Obama here is ready to do the right it did the right thing and now. Maddux. And masks looks like. Denver apology. Fool. High prices angels. The tax and other non. Market. Actually Leona right now. Yeah. You. At a certain point hash it all you liberals and your buck how. You're not Americans. What's thought. OK okay should we shut these fees generally goes I'm trying to pull us all things you do to shut those these numbers are correct me. Have you ever heard anything like that. You think Alex Jones was upset about. Intervention in Syria. I shouldn't be on the air right now. Is that a good thing he was not on regular radio. Oh can you imagine the five that would have been racked up. A how many times do we have the F bomb in the air Kirk. Who's like. Again. I mean I've really got to hand to John and the editing job in this thing that was. Quite a job. Hop boy just relax folks in one of the posts I really appreciated. That there's a guy that I knew. Who who posted something this is not world war three don't panic. Someone here is also asking the question. Was let's Sam Kennison for back to school. In this. And incredible folks. All right votes themselves a great day god bless you relax breathe in of VOK.