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Our number two the broadcast. We're coming down to earth. For our number two of the bride to us. Marie believes in German there's a book that I highly highly recommend. In fact I I think it's one of the best that's been written on this subject in the past few years it's called beyond Sunday's. Why those were done with the religious institutions can be a blessing for the church. I want to turn. Attention through chapter five. I'm looking for 35. Million people I wanna share accuse the words communicated in the first part of this year after. The author says nothing breaks my heart more than meeting someone who invested years of her life and religious service and for some reason. Never discover how real god is and how deeply he loves them. According to church refugees 35 million Americans left the religious institution. And abandon their belief in god at the same time think about that 35 million people. I'm fine with the leading religious institutions can often impede or spiritual growth rather than encourage it but my heart breaks. For those who left not knowing a guy worth loving. This means despite all the meetings they attended prayers they offered good deeds they did they never came face to face with the most endearing presence in the universe. They've never recognized his voice warning them or recognized his hand working their lives in the end. The church and its activities. With a guy they knew and somehow only missed the real one those the words. And by Wayne Jacobs and good friend of mine who joins a speck in the broadcast welcome Baxter. Do. Very well very well and this chapters I've looked at this again. Just really packs a punch and I know exactly which are after year. You're looking for the hearts of those 35 million people. And you'd say you'd like to sit down and have a conversation with them so. Tell us what that would look like. Yeah I would my heart goes out to those you know for whatever reason being connected within a church for a significant period of time. Leave it disillusioned that god might not exist at all and sit down and help them separate between. How the other religious institution they're part of may have figured yeah it is deeply religious leaders. Picture got a bit. And retiring this demanding. Exacting taskmaster who want people jumping all the groups and even and then the people are people out just who those groups you've done everything they were told. And yet still felt empty inside they'll didn't feel like all for all the work they did they connect. It was the guys who is that is the biggest focus of my life and you know outfits and no god as a program in the universe. Not just the end there's some theological construct. I wanna go through his many of of these as we can because you address some of the issues and what people have often experienced. Religious obligation. The fact that it's a conformity based system that operates by fear and manipulation. And so this is where so many people missed the love of god in the process. Yet he's that kind of I think the whole organs incarnation was that conformity bit law based living. Doesn't connect with god it all results it all depends on our performance rather than on the generosity and love of god. So the more folks who we kill certain thinking we're gonna earn that and somewhat. The more disillusioned we've become because we know earned a lot of got to forget that he not sister receive relate. There's also need to separate the failures of religion and religious leaders from the reality of god this can be such a stumbling block. Campbell would look at Jay that he did the same thing in his economic affairs beaten and say you know you expect it is not bad but don't look like they live what they do. We've got a separate between those who claim to speak for god especially when there are salary or ego or six that may depend on you doing what they say. That's from god really hasn't he wants that one view and in tradition to it like in transformed you from what then. And if we don't do that and we and we good project god on the motives and sometimes actions or religious leaders. We are gonna leave disillusioned that's a kind of got I'd follow. And kind of following from that. You've encourage people to consider the possibility you were given the disfigured. View of god especially if you see him as an angry tyrant. Wind to rule the world through terror you know and it's just goes back to the feared theme again. You're shown people that are just afraid I'm gonna screw up and I'm gonna get thrown in the hell. It does Jamal silence count from old testament passages where. The point she's coming until the religious leaders those who were interpreting the Bible the most. Disciplined way back when he came you missed it for all the stories you unpacked. You mystery of god really as you get figured him to promote fear in people. Instead of saying bit even in the Oca is loving kindness as like such patient and generation after generation. Got it declined inquiry it got Okie go to intervene in history sometimes six to make changes that need to be made to preserve the redemption. Of these people. But he's not he's not we make the conclusion that because god intervenes that I'm in dramatic way that god that this thing retires and Jesus showed that he wasn't that at all he left. And coming by and. We're talking with Wayne Jacobson author of beyond Sunday's. Why those were done with religious institutions can be a blessing for the church. Part of this in and this has been so important for me to keep coming back to this. Is how cottage reaching out to all of us in trying to speak to us and very often it's that still small voice. And sometimes you've got to get away from the religious noise to be able to hear that right. You do especially that religious noisy promoting beer org guilt in your heart all those two things will keep you from recognizing the way. They got matching him up in your life every day whether Europe follower is yet or not. God want to make themselves known their way he does that little spot in the back of our mind maybe some experienced. Some words somebody gives us. And we may god making himself known because we thought we don't we can find him as in the Bible or in a church building or some religious leader. Dotted the one that wants interact with each of us and that's what all want it also didn't why are they arrest on main wisdom. But you want to rest on the power of god that god was real and the lie and was reaching out to connect. I predict that that they appeared like 87%. Of Americans who say that they at a transcendent moment a moment. Where they knew they were alone in the universe something bigger than most there. And that's god making himself known and I think we'll explore that they'll be. One of the things you touch and we only about a minute left by the way are you able to hold through a through commercial break because I want as I don't wanna rushed through the last thing that you cover here. Short I but I wanna touched on this briefly and in this one minute we have left in the segment. How often the people think god is behind the latest natural disaster your best friend dyeing your financial difficulties or whatever disappointment you haven't life. And and again this gets tied to behavior people think god is punishing them in some way. Or someone else. Org just I mean part of the universe and they they. They credit all the broken at the don't have god activity and we use language like that you know god took them to a better place I'd. We can't hurt people with the wrong stuff and that the figures got in the process. I I'd meet so many people who've abandoned god. Because they felt like all it was was this guy was killing their friends and sending hurricane and as New Orleans and do about kindest thing and that is we miss understand who god. We won't find him in here. You're absolutely right we're talking with a Wayne Jacobson offered beyond Sundays and we will into our conversation with him on the other side of the break. Stay with us. 1119 events took a radio program bin talked with Wayne Jacobson his great book called beyond Sunday's. He starts off talking about factor of 35 million people 35 million people. Who Natalie left the church they've abandoned their belief in god seen time and Wayne would like to sit down and talk of those folks we've discussed a number of issues he'd like to address. But I didn't wanna rush through the very last one which is really the most important one and that is what you say to that person you know. They are in these categories. They've been following the religious obligation they've seen the failure of religion. They've had a disfigured view of god. And it's they blamed god for these natural disasters or something that happened to them a tragedy whatever. Just say to that person you know. They've left religious practice. But time at the same time you want him to be open to what. I am but salmon that place how Wi-Fi and god in the midst of all of these things in the confusion. That is been raining down on me the past few years. He has a lot of books being written these days about. People who've lost their fate and I've had an opportunity to you know number folks. Who have who. Grew up in an environment they they felt like adult rules they were jumping into groups they were trying hard. And the harder they tried in Q&A guy and I think it's just a misunderstanding. Of how it is the human heart roast. What we don't learn a bunch of facts about him and play that tour wives got want to reveal and set up though so I usually tell people want to start here what you guys. Revealed you that you're skeptical about what I'm saying about him ask him to say god if you're below in the way Wayne justice strike due to me. What you shall. And Google is that they implement it could be there certainly. Asking them and begin to look in your life. For evidence of God's fingerprints now and how he actually how he's reaching out how he's making a slump now. It's rarely the way we want and a lot of people gotta you're really shoot the ball in stark brought the dire moved out there or. Do some outrageous external thing. But god begins to just nine hours nudge our allies in the his reality if that love and that awareness. Bet he's real and we capital moments. We just usually packed them away and get so involved in light as it comes at a responsibility. Challenges. We don't cultivate. That part of our heart that can recognize him and know him. So I'd be able to out and hang out with somebody who note. Don't let them become your new guru just watch how they live their life and learn to live your life that way and I don't mean jumping through religious groups I lack opening into the reality. That the creator of the universe knows you love you wouldn't want to have a relationship with you. And Wayne leads conversations like this all the time just meeting people all over the world and I've taken part in some of those been very enjoyable very much a blessing. The book's called beyond Sundays why those who were done with the religious institutions can be a blessing from the church. Where can people learn more about you and what you're doing with your ministry sir. Etiquette kinda like stream dot org is my home what site that all my book and it linked to the bike get this thing that I do like during dot Orton. Terrific terrific when he Jacobson great to talk with you can brother god bless you thank you all are. Tony 3 minutes after 11 o'clock love to get your thoughts what's your perspective. Is this something that you can identify with in some way you've you've just experienced the emptiness of just going through the motions and being in the system and maybe you've gotten the point you just got tired of it just checked out. Completely. Decided to move line. Texture here says he's not a tyrant referring to god he's a loving father gives instruction to his children for reasons for their lives to be set apart from the world and be blessed. Guilt that leads to true repentance is a good thing. Problem is people continue to live instead and others telling them not to feel guilty. He loves but expects us to Obey him. The protector saying Wayne is part of what's wrong with the church. I won't go listen to someone else now. Really. I love in the already then. The defendant. Punch you call NTELOS what it is exactly was so awful. About what waned communicated I'd love to hear it I would absolutely love to hear. And I'm likely to hear words like heresy whatever it is just bring an odd. I wanna hear. I think one of the most profound things. That I have learned and experienced in. Normally just by some of the things that journey have been on the last few years. Outside religious systems. But I've got a friend who's going through this right now. Just had a conversation with him this morning. And the wisdom in the insight. That's the show man has placing young it's just will be younger wouldn't be noticed it ever since high school. And it's. It's it's sad to me it really is the people around him. Who are. Just eaten up with religious obligation and they want him to be. In bondage to that is well. It is sad he's recognized it and wants no part Davis. But. At the same time he's got before pulling on its heels basically saying. Hey you need to keep doing this with us. There's no obligation and any interest. A love relationship is not on the street who by obligation. And if we if we're having to obligate people. To do something. We really need to take a look at and ask ourselves the question. Why IDF to obligate people. To participate in something that is life bearing. The truth is you don't. Something in his life bearing will speak for itself there will be a natural attraction. In people will not one to be separated from that. But we usually have to be obligated to do things. That are unpleasant. He's the kind of questions that. I he faced for quite some time. And the resist nagging since in my heart I knew something was not right and for a long time. I allowed the guilt they keep me. In the box. Any case. GM out of Morse bill got about a minute and a half for so. Event let your so thanks for having me on. I don't think it's a matter given as a matter of just waiting for the inevitable. The day of the white or. And I think we're at then Satan strong move. Rarely take over there you know pure. And I would encourage people or read the last letter of Jude which is the last letter before revelations. And it just the page and have. And it is a little interest injury and it's not given up. It's just inevitable. I think Satan and the big band Planned Parenthood. We're just seeing that move. But anyway I just want to share that with it. Our rights I I appreciate your call other gene and I think part of what Jean's point is search is so much darkness out there that can be very intimidating. A lot of people it can be very. How overwhelming. And people feel like you know there there's so much darkness out there that. In highway resist it how do I resist that. Also on the Tex lines squeak. We keep wheel gets the grease got once our knowledge that I totally agree with everything. Being communicated great show. The texture saying Jesus himself said do not look for me in a building brick and stone. I want to be fair it's very good it's not about a place not about an event. It's about a relationship that transcends all of those things are the woman at the well. You know wasn't about hey just go down to that place or go to this temple. It was about. Experiencing him in spirit and in truth. That's what it's about. Strongly encourage you read this beyond Sunday's Wayne Jacobson will continue our series in conversation with him. In the coming weeks rate here on the broadcast coming up more of the news of the day right here. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock out of its Coca radio program what do tell you about this before go to more of your calls. Done. The store desperate meeting do you think do you. Democratic parties filed a lawsuit alleging Russia the trump campaign and WikiLeaks. Conspired to disrupt the 2060. Campaign. This is a multi million dollar lawsuit. With these parties that I mention names. And it's they contend this is what told that the election to Donald Trump. The complaint was filed in federal district court in Manhattan. Alleges that top trend trump campaign officials conspired with a Russian government and its military spy agency to hurt democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. And help front by hacking the computer networks of the Democratic Party and disseminating stolen material found there. The DNC chairman Tom Perez said this in a statement during the 2016 presidential campaign Russia launched an all out assault on our democracy. And it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump's campaign. This constituted an act of unprecedented. To tread jury. The campaign of a nominee for president the United States in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency. Here's. What a bunch clap trap. These morons. You know. I hear what I was back in Delaware. While always there this was 7982. It was during that time they've legally got rid of the whipping post now this has not been used in years but they can get rid of it formally. I think got to bring it back. For politicians. And political acts for stupidity. That I ought to be the penalty. It is. Let's good to Phillip in Fort Mill good morning welcome. Yeah assert. And while I wanted to call went after hearing interview Graham wanted to class workers actually. On the whole new kind of felt that those beliefs. Please share. And no wonder this year is. Like it hit and most young men going to church or the good Terkel our focus your current state to go and edgy girl kind of wonder why am I going to that the application. I was in my younger years I don't show the tribulations were stopped on that question. And I didn't question that I exist that we're trying to understand why things happen. And that we weren't today where. I had that question. Why it is what it got to me what is the client. And I realize with the birth of my son. I eat visit because at twin boys and my. My oldest son achievement that as we look joke. There's one point that doctors had he been baptized because he had a lot of complications occur everything going wrong possible lead enough you can make it. But we re. We pray and you know what to this day. He is a home orders so he's sticking got a lot I think against them but he's happy go lucky either and that's when he reminds me all day every day. Got club template in the I think you have to ask but I had a great. Keep going. And he's proved ready to up there and is spoken George Brett there one out or agree with not fear. But god loves this is spreading out going literature we thought we share is well that one out that what he touches. It was love so it is a wonderful story when the share. Well I think Q for sharing that appreciates your call Philip. I know how important especially is apparent. You know when you she lowered act on behalf of your children it is it is absolutely such a blessing such a blessing. Twenty minutes before the noon hour some of the other things making news. This one kind of surprised me because I've not heard any media coverage of the story. You may be familiar with Duncan Hunter. California representative. Chairman of the house subcommittee on Coast Guard and maritime transportation. He is very very concerned about something so much so he's written to the president. To block the state of Delaware from leasing the port of Wilmington. To a middle eastern company. Only bio weapons research chief who worked for Saddam Hussein. I know this sounds kind of crazy doesn't it but it's. Actually happening. Here is the accounts that was actually given and John and I think you have this from Saudi radio ready forests. From Patrick Crowley from big league politics he gives us some description. Of who we will be potentially dealing with with this port. If this deal is allowed to go through a listen up. Commence is credited with creating the beach ball in miniaturized nuclear weapon. That Kim Jong-un has expressed interest in obtaining. This company goaltender has to read deals with the Russians including with the Russian state owned company that exports. Vladimir Putin's club okay missile launcher. In the missile launch pads as well. This. Is through the Delaware general assembly. Is looking to finalize a lease with the company golf teeter. And this is why representative Duncan Hunter has urgently. Urged the president to block this. Block this week's. I don't understand this at all I really don't. But then again. A lot of things I don't understand. The other development going on regarding mr. McCabe and drew McCabe the former FBI deputy director. The Justice Department's inspector general has referred its findings. I'm mr. McCain to the US attorney's office in Washington for possible criminal charges in the firing isn't the end of things for mr. McCabe. He's now been referred I'm for possible criminal charges associated with lying to internal investigators. Last week the IG issued a report finding the table lacked candor. On Forte should with the internal investigators when discussing Wall Street Journal article. By the FBI's Clinton foundation investigation. In addition. The inspector general determined that McCabe was not authorized. To disclose the existence of the investigation. Because it was not in the department's public interest exception for disclosing ongoing investigations. So mr. McCabe could be in some legal trouble speaking of legal issues. We also have. A new addition to that trump legal team. In juror Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani. He said he wants to make clear his role in the legal team will be limited. Told CNN this focus will be on interfacing. With special counsel Robert Mueller in his rusher probe and to help bring everything to a conclusion. Saying it needs a little Porsche. So it sounds like he thinks he's going to expedite this process. That's been going on. By description of many long enough or even to law. Can Giuliani saved the day. Well states you. We continue to broadcast 44 minutes after. 1149 ions which kind of final stretch. Of our Friday broadcast tubular greets and restful weekend plans. That's weakens our four ranked. Let's glad to marked in Iraq killed good morning sheer. Good morning enjoy it and I'm listening on my way back from running in England for a for a my elderly and surviving parent. This morning during Gary program. And I want to say that if that everything you're doing is seeing is generational. Investors and probably undertones. In the article term. Our first split isn't as splitting time American evangelicals and we. Your friend we meet your personal frustration. Is on the ball. Tell him to keep that. I can. Because I don't Wear it Turkey's leaders exits this year. Nominated refuted ratified. He'd try and now it seems. And one of them so bluntly told me perhaps. That spiritual directors and things happening to adolescents in a small town. Hundreds of miles away from here. Bad. People from the long distance and no one particular educational need some details. On. The problem decide. Our rights while I appreciate you called thanks very much rough mark joining us out of racked bill. Forgo one to tell you a sob story. And then something. More entertaining. Here's the sub story. Which you believe there's a new book out. Cracked via. The author is Amy Chauncey. Has some revelations and rumors about a doomed campaign. No one in modern politics male or female has had to withstand more indignities setbacks and cynicism. She developed protective arbor in me the real Hillary Clinton in a neat. But if she was guarded about her feelings and opinion she believed it was and careful pursuit of a dream. For generations of Americans the election. Country's first woman president. That would have been. The New York Times story about Hillary Clinton's historic victory. That would have run into the headline madam president. Spread across six. Front page columns. According to reporter Amy China six new book. Chasing Hillary ten years to presidential campaigns. And one intact. Class C. Where K we too ran out now and buy this book. She writes the Clinton Campaign which she covered from the beginning. Reacted furiously the prospect. Of a Joseph Biden rock. As food and first in an August 2050 marine dialed times column. Then under reported story by trust in the book she writes. By and can biting confided off the record. To the white house press corps he wanted to run but he added something like you guys to understand these people the clintons will try to destroy. Throughout the book. Jessica for his two fellow journalists in the small. Pulled it flew on the campaign plane as travelers. While referring to many Clinton staffers collectively allies. The X. The you know reserve has just like Paris. Isn't wonderful. This again is another. Failed attempt. To redeem. Poor Hillary Clinton. They were never going to let me be president. Ball. My heart bleeds. That you feel sorry for the poor woman. How many people we're gonna write this nonsense. You don't conceded tried to mine eyes this woman as a victim. She was she is a victim. You know who. Deeper for trader is. It's in her own mirror. No one has done more damage to Hillary Clinton then. Hillary Clinton. In case. Forget her. Leave your knee out comical note. This is pretty funny. This ought to happen every person who commits a crime like this. A criminal fleeing the police in Florida found himself in a bit of a sticky situation. On Wednesday Pasco county sheriff's office shared a video of suspect stock neat actually neck deep in a swamp. According to sheriff's office to suspect identified as Paul Andrew Smith got out of his vehicle and ran on foot when police officers tried to stop speeding truck. He was one and on a case in Hernando Tony. After a short chase over two deputies the police dog chasing him found him stock knee deep in a swap. Video recorded by the canine handlers but a camera shows the dog knocked spending mr. Smith in the swap. He was submerged up to his neck in thick mud. However what's surprised viewers. Mr. Smith's insistent the police do not handcuff him too tight. I don't care is heard saying the video and police officers warned him he would be taste for is non cooperation. Is me. This Theo is now been featured 38000. Times on FaceBook. Collected hundreds of comments. I love how they don't want and coached tight telling police what to do you after causing all that trouble writes one commoner. Wow world's dumbest criminal rights another one. By the way this guy faces charges of fleeing to elude. Aggravated assaults on a law enforcement officer in violation of probation. Pretty sad. Up to his neck. In this one. Doesn't this describe what's going on with a lot of politicians in Washington DC as well but we can forget about that over the weekend to enjoy yourself. Relax unplug. And so we're willing to rejoin you on what. Right here have been scoping radio program I'm so great weekend got bush to care.