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And good morning welcome to our number two reverberate cashier 163 WORD. 803 for 7163 or text line 713 jurors seven. Got so much texting caught up on as we I continued to broadcast year. And first stop we mentioned the book would murders in the rue morgue in the last hour. These acts are saying lines of the book murders in the rue morgue was the subject or title of an iron maybe and saw. And wash did a cover and re interpretation. You formally with either of these by the way. Mr. rates so I'm familiar with the groups but not the song I looked at. Her. On the subject of supreme court's. It's Ginsburg. Dispersed as saying it's Ginsberg who's likely to be the first retired this summer there's not enough coffee in the world to keep her away. She does looks like she's struggling quite a bit don't think. Another text you're saying here. What would Jesus do while flipping over tables and chasing people around with a whip is not out of the question that's suffering from Greer and that is true. Although I think it's an important clarification there's no evidence that he ripped people. He was very very. Adamant about cleansing the temple. And I I love to see that same kind of passion. No question about it or is it doesn't go into violence. That is a good thing. Got a text or turn the other cheek try to be gentle and understanding and debate for so long I'm dizzy and bruised and really really tired and it's. Now what's. Well. You gotta keep on keeping on. You know just and you'll be the thing about it is. You there's something about you that becomes special and unique because you've not become your enemy. Or your opposition. Matter whatever that that yes. And I think that is something to be prized in our society and in our culture. It's it was strange seeing Lindsay go on Fox News the other morning without McCain. Do they have hip joint surgery. You guys are terrible picking at Portland. On the fingerprint technology with credit cards. Extra saying we get into our iphones with a fingerprints if by knew some people were using that technology already. Another person saying getting us ready yes it's all moving in that direction isn't. That's our wish always heard Africa is a poor country how is it Africa is a beta test for Mastercard's new technology. Actually a poor confidence. And South Africa is. You know kind of a progressive country financially. Whatever reason they think it's a great test markets so. They will go on. Certainly enjoy. Testing this thing out here. Oh that's. I will keep this text myself offensive UC Berkeley refuses to allow Ann Coulter to speed based on repercussions. From left wing protesters station also refused to allow progressives to speak. The Middle East and maybe the lefties we'll see are shutting down the first amendment rights of others is in good for anyone. Another techsters speculating here and Lindsey and John may have broken up. US some terrible. Guys I remember iron may it may do and singing murders in the rue morgue it's been a few decades but it could Japanese metal and also. Sang the song. Which it's kind of interest in deceit. It's a classic like that make its way into modern music. Which is kind of cool. Kind of cool as we continue to broadcast year. That's ten minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. Here we are. The hill has an interest in story today we've already talked about Obama care by the way. There's a story today that's. Paul Ryan's indicating that it's they are drinking their close to a deal to repealing obamacare. So stay tuned for that. But the door has an interesting story about the GOP under pressure. Under pressure as tax reform deadline slips. Some prominent conservatives are pressing president trump and congressional Republicans to change course. Trump the GOP have been pushing forward efforts to make tax changes to both the individual and corporate tax systems. In a single bill to gold enhancing them. And actually enacting them by August. But guess what and we talked about this the other day the Treasury Secretary. Raising questions as to whether this is a realistic timetable. Steve we knew chin admitting this week the timeline has become highly aggressive to not realistic. So Republicans are desperate to notch a big legislative win under trumps several voices conservative world of pushing for a new approach. And I read this story yesterday I remember coming across this this was put here or by Steve Forbes Larry Kudlow Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore. Co founders of the committee to unleash prosperity and advisor Trump's campaign. They've argued that he business only tax cut bill would be the easiest way for trump to score legislative achievement early in his presidency. So the bottom line is what they're suggesting as do something simple. Just so you can seek out something done. Don't try to take on the entire. Tax reform issue. In one piece. I think there's some merit to this. They say the drug should not tackle conference of tax reform in one pass instead. Work on a bill makes tax changes for businesses and includes infrastructure. Funding to make it attractive to Democrats. Then you can tackle individual income tax reform and 28 team what do you think about the strategy. Now while I think this is probably something that is. A wise approach. I also have to ask the question what do these folks doing in the house and the senate. What are they doing Internet and to accomplish. These things without taking months. In order to get a successful piece of legislation. To the floor I don't quite get this. And I also wonder what are these Republicans been doing for several years now. While they've been out of control. You know especially when you talk about how students and you would think. They would have all of these bills just waiting to pass. Just waiting to go. Because the only thing that was lacking forwards a president from a secret the signature from the president right. That was the only thing Lackey. Said we have to reinvent the wheel now. By the way. I'm trying to remember who wrote this article. But someone wrote an article just that they are to go who is making a comment about how. These elections that we've observed in Kansas and in Georgia. Are canaries in the coal mine. Indicating that one of the reasons why Republicans have not faired better in those situations. Is because the poor leadership it's being exhibited by Republicans. I think there's merit to that. You remember I mean it and I think many of you remember that. Message a few months ago the Gettysburg address that was delivered by Donald Trump during the campaign your member all the promises he made. The things who's going to try to accomplish in the first hundred days. Everything has really stalled. It's just kind of bizarre. And it's. I warned you months ago. You're gonna have a big problem with these two guys were leading that house the senate Orion Mitch McConnell. You don't have to look any further than those two people. For stalls. In the agenda. That a lot of people apparently approve of we'd love to get your thoughts 80347163. Or text line 713 surest sevenths fifteen after. And we continue to broadcast to your 19 minutes after 11 o'clock glee and good morning welcome sir. According. There yes sir we are going up I'm so hot pocket ala. I'm not right Europe and a bit. App for a little bit bit or agree. That one bit but at. What they want. It yeah. This text or any out of beer. That. Yeah. Can't you tell me is the average tax under lock and watch it. Yeah B raised a great question here's your kind of skeptical here that if they do the corporate tax. A deal with that issue that they'll just move along and you know. Never gets you by some coincidence never get to round to west regular folks. They've done a bat for. It but I'm sixty years well. Our whole lot of voter republic that I never seen republic didn't do anything for me to cut our. That apple now what Ronald Regan. Not on the talent while right can help the economy. I mean he really did do a lot of good things for the economy. But. As far as I can not taxes and. We may get any from the bush tax cuts. It. It's not they're. Evolved in jail coming out are opting to. What the problem is I don't brought got elected by are using the strength. Analogy go back and say. You know what or older this business are struggling and Al Gore and the book about later Eric will be no later. Don't be anger the economy. Should be happy. You sound very skeptical but isn't isn't this a new day Glen is this a new day win. There are finally listening to little people like ourselves and ready to do the right thing. Well they're listening to him but they're still evident circled it right. I mean there elicited. But I don't know that they're a bit like. I'm sorry. You know trot out all excited about our about spilling. Out. But the reality is that you are going to be tough then and do it are two different things. I'm not so sure anything I have. What that was crop in the election a cult. Is this cult reality crashes signal. You know there is there's a lot of people or op power they have money and Washington that determine what really go to. If people don't elect those they. Those people are always good here we get a vote on home. They're all up they are there always in the background doing and saying and I don't know their names and we can't vote don't know that it brought out all. They're just they're. About a you'd send up they are those people. That spot what happened. I'm curious about something because you'd be probably heard me share the story in fact am I wanna go into. Little more detail about this and did it. There's a piece it's written by Todd star and it's got is GOP leadership stupid incompetent. Or slap crazy to go until will detail about this a bit but. Do you think this also figures into these special elections that we've had by now by now. Do you think there should be something to show. For this Republican. Presidency Republican House and Republicans sent it to be able to run on. Should people be ready to just run out of the polls to a firm more of what we've gotten for the last few few weeks so far. But you know what you are realized that we wouldn't elect the well. One part. Republican Party is right there or not they've been. They are acting at what. They're doing what they do their best interest. In this in there are people that give them money. As a Democrat but it'll money they'd do what bank that happy. They're not dumb about your pop in the media but yet clear what when he did it make you happy. I don't doubt. Except when a pound of butter. You know two week ordeal lecture they'll got better as upbeat. Ordered not to get some money. From you through fund raisers so they are in this solicitations. You know did you come up under all burst well the hockey get a hundred outlook anybody boring job under our outlook Boller but go to your empire is coming to an airport in. I think it I have a lot is that will be coming not a lot is elected official. I'm already in the ailment he got here my. I certainly share your concern they're Lin appreciate your craw. And it's it's rather unfortunate this this does tie in perfectly. With the peace it's been written here by Todd starts. Is the GOP leadership stupid incompetent or slap crazy. The answer is yes. That is saying all of the above. And it is a follow up to the congressional race. In Georgia six congressional district the other night. He says I like to know who their right mind that was a good idea to run eleven Republicans in Georgia six congressional district race memory I brought this up to you. This was dom. This was blown. Early on this year but I. As they shouldn't even be there should not be a runoff here. Instead of a decisive victory Republican Karen Handel is now faced with a summer runoff against Democrat John ourselves. It's a Republican leadership fellow of the stupid tree it hit every branch on the way down. A political novice gets the most votes in a historically Republican district there is a big problem. Not to mention the fact mr. Ross of doesn't even live in the district. That makes any mighty big problem. He goes out it's as we come into June 20 the next few months we need every single Republican we can get including the president to be. Coalesced and united the whip handle this. Republican woman told fox and threatens. Does anyone in the RNC seem terribly concerned Republicans are having a difficult time winning in Republican districts. Consider what happened in Kansas in the special election to replace former. Representative Mike and pale. Republican. The Republican beat James Thompson Bernie Steve Sanders style Democrat 53 to 46. That might look like a solid victory but here's. Gosh I didn't know if this were you aware of this. Republicans actually outnumbered Democrats and that district two to one. And the Republican only won by seven points. This ought to scare the living daylights. Out of people. By the way I'm pay a one his reelection bid last November by 31 percentage points. She I I've told you folks. This thing with Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell. It's coming back to bite everybody in the rear end. Clearly something is struggling Republican voters. Todd star and says it's not president trump for his agenda. The blame goes squarely on the soldiers of the do nothing Republican congress. Their failure to repeal obamacare can have soured many conservatives not to mention the attacks on the members of the freedom caucus. But then there's voter apathy. Which he's warned about. Republicans tend to take a sabbatical after they win the White House after President Reagan brought morning to America. Conservatives wouldn't hibernation when they woke up. Guess what there was a community organizer occupying the White House. And he's warning it's time for voters to wake up it's time for Republican leadership to wise up if they don't. Present trouble be dealing with speaker Pelosi after the mid terms. You know what's even worse than that I saw a story about how. Maxine Waters or people is experiencing a surge in popularity. At it as crazy as that sounds it's actually happening. How about that. Speaker waters. West's good morning welcome to the broadcast get about a minute here. Good morning and the problem the problem in this country years it's not you know we keep all important stringer says that democratic. Party. We certainty what where where in Washington. The Republicans have been in power longer not like that it doesn't stop bench if they want it. But it's not behind any thing if so which one big party and it's almost like that justice. Each morning Betty that get together in the dark okay who watched the baby a Republican at that. And who looks to be it Democrat to that. And make this packet switched back in port Everett yeah. And that's. That's our problem where already down one party that'll be able crap about what happens to the United States Ryan does give a crap. And our truck is an eight it's become a puppet. And Ryan as the puppet master. Wow. Those are strong fighting words there. And that and it's nothing changes. Trout still on the loose. In forty years and in two years. Where no illusions we're gonna have more. We don't lose total control. Of the congress the bump up the Republican Party will. Well it's a possibility that could be blowing it is actually a different perspective on this. Can't remember who it is one of the columnists is actually she's concerned that Democrats have overplayed their anti trump. Hatred so much she thinks he's already on the path to reelection. It's warning toy. It's we continue to broadcast year 113803471063. Text line 71 threes are seven. So it's can be apparently she's the one who is actually warning. That's Democrats. Overplayed their hands. And it's. Donald Trump story on the path to being reelected in 20/20 shares of this audio acute morrow. But it's very interesting interview Hampshire this just goes all kinds. Caskets to be blown in the circles rod and good morning welcome the broadcaster. Good morning Obama's cell phone I hope I'm coming I'm okay. Clears. Great. I have so many things to comment on but I'll try a bit limited just to wanna consider the most important one and that is why Republicans don't make more headway. I really believe. Then they are nice guys there idealist. They try to reach posse Arnold and trying to be inclusive. They are too good half for their own good I mean I really think that the Democrats fight dirty they're angry they stick together no matter what. And they fight to the debt. Oh whereas Republicans does stand back and say well look no we we want everyone to fill lumps are included we wanna take everyone's ideas. So I've seen this going out what won't come up never produced management has an explanation and I do agree though with every single previous call or the guy who's. Who has a fighting words there right to but I think the reason it is and I'm not trying to. It's the end I'm trying to contain down Republicans by this comment because I bet that's fine for constantly reaching across the aisle and trying to play above board on every tanks. There's not work well against the Democrats who will do things in the dark of night they will two to get things patched. You don't like it and I'm glad you brought this up because. I was just thinking about this the other day Ron I'm going to be very blunt in and I love to know what you think about my perspective here. I think Democrats are true believers in their ideology. I think Republicans do not most of them do not believe the ideology of the Republican Party. I think their primary primary ideology. Is the pursuit of power and money period. I think that's where your problem is that's the breakdown. Well. Argue may have a point I do think though that out to some extent that. Even liberals. Don't always agree with thereof. With their rhetoric there on the rhetoric. And I do think Republicans go in with the idea to do things and an art or you know frankly I think Donald Trump did really not. He didn't hope or promise when I came to Texas he may have been the weakest candidate protectionist. Most of the others wanted to eliminate the RI RS they wanted dubbed plant taxes. They want it all these things that sounded great. I am a TARP I am but one reason only I don't use the strongest personality and I knew. Bet if we had any other candidate first but it probably would've been elected even if they were nominated and secondly. They would have already. Are given. I think talk is at least trying but he's one person. And I I don't know that may be the Democrats count talk themselves into believing. Much of the things that they show and spew. But I don't think. That get that would make a difference with them I think when they take a position they don't care about I tried talking to them there's so many friends or relatives. And you cannot talk with them. You'd you can carry on the conversation. Arc arc giving examples but they're not able to up. When for example and also people from Arkansas better and better and better Democrats believe they're not and they are so against. Huckabee. I can't even talk to them about Huckabee because they start using foul language to describe him. And yet he was that the best according to time magazine even he was the best governor in the history. A Arkansas. Whereas. The worst governor if you talk to anyone who lives in Arkansas except these liberals they'll tell you of the worst governor it was Clinton. But you just can't trying on the cover you can't reason with Democrats and about re not being the solution what ever. Whatever the reason not in the solution. To getting more done at this site looks you know. We have got to buy it stick together and we've got to go to that met with everything. Our park I don't know what gets a good example would be that I'm. Would be a puppet Obama accomplished it even without Republican support but which you know as we can't seem to do anything you know with the I try to reach across you know it doesn't work for hospital but we always do it. Yeah I and I would tend to think I appreciate your call Iran I really do think most of this is a lack of conviction I really do. And if you look at the trajectory of the last few decades. The progressive movement they've pretty much gotten everything that they want. It if it's just a matter of time. And diligence and patients. What they want. They always do. But the people is mostly believe in limited government. You know just make your list of supposed Republican ideas. And IE I am of the belief that most Republicans don't believe those ideas at all. Because if they did they would actually stand for them. When it was time to test those ideas. You'd be. First on the plate why don't we have legislation for instance to get rid of Obama care. They can say whatever you want about the freedom caucus. But the fact of the matter is. The most of the caucus most of the Republican caucus is driven by moderates. It's been the case for decades. That's who drives the agenda these the people who really don't want him equates. And they go along with whatever the leadership suggests. Which is why there wasn't much opposition even when Barack Obama was in office. Look at your thoughts your theories on this 803 for seven or 63. 71 threes are 744 minutes after. 49 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock scrub or call from Renee you. Welcome sir. Our units are very well. Pray in that in America around we have around corruption and that is that starts out from the bottom. From. Bill without religious beliefs. In Latin America when somebody wants to bottom. Up peace. God. Pain in the go to person Draper saying that they hate that sent. Out EU will do this for me. You know you need your help me that's triarc certainly help with that it's not coming. Keep your payment. On each of money when that many. So everything that's for our equipment at our perseverance and let it. It's got wrecked they're meant to at least eight under prop. There is no way you got to be able to re form country that America because there is corrupt. So I think a trumpet in the same way. He has certain place in the top of the pyramid. And there had been mania socially progressive agenda are well years years and years. And end and it's not that's what we see our charter certainly credit that or the terror grip that is corrupt. So I think we need to be a little bit more patient with fond. And he had already a massive armada seems ears. I can't see how he would ever featured a little. Conservative. And that's in that sentence but he he delete it better I think he can build a bigger or as it. So I think we need to be patient that's that's where it. I ask you how long did you experience that life in in South America. Peter backlog from Mexico or I was born in Mexico or that think it's great that what makes sense that earned them. Then people clicking or Mac attack in Europe is that. We have not Alter TV station in its artists there are people so we're always predict that we all have read that Eric. So we know what's going not eat we understand the corruption that is out there are part of it starts Orton EB. And occupy or are you garner who are Roberts which is very Albert with it at that are equal. To their favorite saints saw that got your rent them paper or bacon wink wink or god or you know everything is good. So I get all my guys are in connect it to light or recruits. Okay that's a very interesting perspective and I do appreciate your call because and and I think you bring out an interesting point about. The importance of patience at and I know there are a lot of people they're just chomping at bit because. Hey you know what we've been waiting for federal this time. Where we've been building up you know first taking that house than taking the senate now we've got the presidency. And in one sense a lot of people are thinking hey we gotta have some revolutionary change. I I think is as much as we may not want to hear it. It's gonna take some time. Percent of these folks to get their act together I was talking to someone else the other day was making the point you know Republicans are not used to governing. What they're used to is being in the mid two in the minority. And so you you approach things totally different. When you were actually in the majority. So much. Text that we want to try to get caught up fund before we leave Vince what your colors previously stated he's been beaten and bruised and tired. And he's tired just from armored Jesus last words on the crisis we have to have faith. Since it is hard for people progressed love of Jesus the sacrificing of political power and following him sleep fight in the wrong ways. And someone made reference here to book of Daniel. The fear of Egypt dealing with Joshua in Genesis you know which it and and so what made this point last year which I think was a really good one. How many times do you see stories the old testament for instance. Where you had bad leadership for decades. Decades with really no hope of change and this was under monarchies. So it wasn't a matter of electing somebody different in the next two year cycle whatever it is. You know and and frankly I and I'm first to admit I don't have a lot of patients are really go. Every one of the pursuit of it is a corporation come on man. If you have a birthing document you are corporation. This is in response to the question about. The tax reform that we would like to see take place. There are those which suggesting. That we should let the tax reform for the corporate entities state placed first and then won't get the individuals later. Dispersants saying hey were all corporations. The political parties by law cannot control or keep people from filing to run in a primary. This is a response to the story we mentioned earlier. About you raised the question why were so many Republicans running in Georgia race and they really can't control it. You can't provide leadership in this what I said before this has to be an individual thing when you decide I'm not going to be part of this cannibalizing circus. Then that someone. You know. Needs you know several people should have decided that you know I would get behind the person who has the best chance. Then she ever heard of illegal voting you have heard something about that here in there. Did we. Electron to stand and fight it feels like reverse her Duran's trainer train for eighteen months only to have my lighter. My fighter quit in the midst of the fight. Boy Republicans outnumbered 21 win by a small percentage point sounds like voter fraud to me you know it sounds like. These folks are really not been won over that's the problem and this was the point that Todd star and was making. They should not have been close. I love this text simple answer events our country's run by wrestlers. And Vincent man is running the two parties. They got Linda banned in charge of the Small Business Administration. So that is that close enough. On the executions Vince's parties executions go what we just use the same drugs we use to put our pets to sleep. I had to do this two weeks ago. To my boxer I guarantee you it's 100%. Effective. Just go to the pharmacy. It's some fence at all and it works pretty good. A boy you would have all kinds of about. All kinds of protests about that. Isn't it interesting how concerned the court seemed to be about executions. But hey how many millions of babies we aborted. No problem at all. You know that's settled law. Have shows a great day folks got bush.