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Good Monday morning welcome the broadcast good to be back with you lots of interest in thinks the delve into during the course of these broadcast. I don't wanna start off with they tragic story. That has its. One silver lining. Each heroic actions. Of a man who is. Determined not to be a victim. It's really that simple by now I'm sure you forward this horrible story. The shooting happened at the Waffle House in Nashville Tennessee I just learned actually few minutes ago. That the needs of an onto lines. Is one of the four victims in this particular incident in Tennessee. I'll talk about that more a little bit later on. But I want to start with this. By now I'm sure you've heard the story of what happened. Is our story. Man goes in Q. A restaurant. A Waffle House. Entered the place naked. With guy did. Four people dead. Others injured. And it's lots of questions here about the wise and where force and this is also guy who's had other brushes with the law including. In incident that occurred near the White House. This guy is clearly quite troubled. Quite troubled. And the search for him continues at this hour having said that. I would focus on something heroic that occurred a man who. Just happen to be there. It was determined not to be victim his name is Jane Shaw junior. This is a man who. Has spent a lot of time crying. What he did Bruce. He can only be described as. Heroic. He wrestled that down away from the shooter. Wrestle the gun away. Simon shouldn't. His name is James Shaw ends. Rather than tell you more about him let's listen to his account of what happened and what he did. It alone. Won't person down. Pretty much thought that some plates hit fail. Alone and then it was another allow you know shatter. And that was the class those of us and look behind me those two men almost it's or. And then. Kinda chill towards the bathroom. And shooter suspect. Inner. He shot. Towards the bathroom. Producer queries more successful at this and hospital. His gun either get jam donor. He's trying to remove my is that we should open Osama opportunity in my window. Sought to get him around indoors fast I can't. And does come up. Mode Jim could look to do what went down and started congress look forward Scotland and fight for it and after he he let it go one hand and in. We need to sent editors other and I just took it enough cult and over the counter and I pretty much removed him out of the real story myself. He can't walk off its buyout so people who really wasn't. A process of thinking it was more sort of and now well. You have to do this now or is not going to be. If if if I let them load that weapon wasn't going to be. Another window wasn't a you know that chances pretty much like she is your girl goes literally it was. Pretty much like this over wall behind us and was nowhere to go alone so. And this should send chills down your spine. Now mr. Shah was actually transported to hospital for gunshot wounds one of the paramedics asked some questions while checking his blood pressure. To show us IDS to five kids a dike. Could possibly never see my daughter again and that hurts. His actions credited with saving numerous lives. This guy. Closed and only a green jacket opened fire. But they are 152. 3:25 in the morning. In Antioch waffle house on morphed Murfreesboro pike. In Tennessee. There's not a person who described what happened there's another witness there. Ends will just what you hear this accounts of what happened. Pulled out there were pretty busy so I go right inside waited in the car. And my cooked body he was outside at the cigarette break. And he waved at me and I'll. Got out of my car to go inside and as soon as I got out this guy in the pickup truck pulled out. Gets out of his vehicle via the right not to but it jacket. And shot some guy right at the door. And then he shot my buddy who was trying to run down the sidewalk and then I dropped to the ground are my car in and I can see from underneath my car. He shot through the windows of the restaurant and then he went inside and started shooting. I could run my legs gave out I felt the ground. I tried to crawl I mean I've got scrapes on the back of my hands because my body just wasn't working I was so scared. That he was gonna turn around and come around my car and chased me around my car because when I got out him and I were. Face to face he was a couple cars away from me and I mean he we've a we both got out of the vehicle that pretty much at the same time no I've never seen him before he. Know that he killed when my good buddies what to cook in there was a good friend of mine real good guy named TT was good guy he was not cook. Not always work and when I came sometimes of other people could come for a bit. He was real friendly real nice guy they're all real sweet people ordinary. Hot conditions in chills down your spine mean again that's another one of those incidents were people were just minding year old business. And it's they find themselves right in the middle of this. Carnage. That's really the only way this can be described it again it's such a good thing. That's the show when James shot 29 year old. A guy who for obvious reasons was concerned about his own safety the possibility he may not see his family again. Planned he. Steps up to the plate. And what he did. Certainly saved other lives. I mentioned just a few minutes ago I learned shoot about a relative. Who has suffered a loss here. One of the victims. As a young lady by the name of 21 years old. From gala tin Tennessee. Recent has grabbed my attention have relatives there turns out it is the the needs of an aunt of mine. Was fatally wounded inside this restaurant in Hampshire. Her family would appreciate your prayers this morning. Very tragic story as I mentioned the search still on for the man behind this and this raises other questions about. Firearms. He had firearms that were taken away from him given to his father. Under the condition they would not be given back to him somehow. They made it back into his hands. And he has carried out this horrible crime. So while we mourned the loss here we are also very thankful. For. A man who decided to. Spring into action to take this gun away from this guy. And prevent more deaths more injuries James Shaw junior a man who needs to be honored. For his act of heroism. Much wars we continue to broadcast including. An incredible display of courage. By a pilot's. A private plane that story coming up right here in the Carolinas stay with us. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock on Vince Coakley radio programs go out to shareholding dolphins good morning sir. I think more dirt and there. I'm all right well crawl department or an. Yeah well. It's pretty certain there. You go out. Well I think what. You would have done lucked. Shot. I can I don't know what can hear exactly what you said there. Oh you would've done that you would've taken him out. So you'd have no doubts. I mean just by seeing this this guy was up to no good. I act if you could look back and watch what they claimed it would breaking. I even that would explain. Well that's. That's pretty rugged their Jerrold I do appreciate your call. EE that's kind of borderline territories there I mean is this a future crime sort of thing. You have this sense that this guy's about ready to do something can you act in advance before. This guy actually takes some sort of action. And of the curious reaction to that over on the text line. Pretty much universal response year dispersants saying absolutely a national hero. Vince game show awesome opportunity defend himself and took it Smart and courageous. I believe many would call his actions grace under fire you better believe it. It's mister show us a hero pirate that position I can only pray to have that kind of bravery. Thanks be to god for mr. Shaw. Absolutely. Also on the text line Vince because the shooters father died he got the guns back the gun grabbing progressives who used this as an excuse to appeal the Second Amendment. I'm shocked Chuck Schumer hasn't jumped on this already well give us some time he may. May very well do that. Arrested on the White House grounds for the gun should have been a minimum of at least five years. Fact in Kenny curious what kind of sentence did this guy gets. Or was there a sentence. This happened not long ago it was during the trump presidency if I remember correctly. So this is really bizarre. Chris in Charlotte good morning. I want America to go to warriors order our rights here. No article on the daytime you know a big loud car a lot of a lot of bank debt. You know all by that situation on the same thing or I'll I'll I'll go to dot ago and don't be it oh stop them and got. You don't know altered a bit ago I would stool on down lag and scraped up your body quit working stores here. Or you're gonna try to charge you just don't know. It's the in that situation and so we have a gentleman like this Shaw and they're they're though we are all the while outbreak so. Hopefully other people. Will Arnett and stick we'll find out why survival and not only save themselves their privilege but there are people that are in their wealth so. Under my hat off the guys are I'd artists I I would like that they I could be that man in that situation by. Her the idea now. I know and you its interest dear and I deliberately share these clips back to back Chris. Notice the contrast here's the guy who jumps in wrestles the gun away and you heard the other guys well whose site. Ollie can do is freeze. And he was just frozen in place. He could have been shot fortunately he was not shot his friend had been shot to death he watched this. So that you see a contrast to reactions here you just do not know and I and that's why I appreciate that text for the person said. I hope and pray to god I would have to Greece to do that you're saying the same grace Christian I do appreciate your call this morning let's go out to Tim. Good morning sir. Favorites in this. Come across wrong. A complete. For some reason we got a bad connection here he wanted to read against him. Let's let's try again perhaps you can call back in ants the reception will be better this time around. Also want to tell you about Cynthia she retired about courageous. There's another incident that happened right here the Carolinas just blows my mind I saw this story come down. On the wire over the weekend and it just. He'd grab my attention especially in light of the Southwest Airlines instead the security few days ago. I mean that's up in a big plane and don't most of us have more of an insecurity on the small planes especially the private planes. Well you wanna talk about another rock star gonna share another story along those lines. Of someone Hewitt are right grace under pressure your pilings a plane. AM mechanical problem. We are queen to share that story as well is that this. Is just absolutely amazing what this guy was able to do. We will share that bit first got to call from Tim. Good morning welcome to the broadcaster. They are but I don't know what happened but this is and I don't pick the wrong way here in which it currently. It's like what wears me out is. Shooter was or what your. In the Indy hero. What they're asking American. And if the roles reversed this is yet to see if I am. You really think so there you really think so I think so yeah. You'd think there'd be people race baiting off for the circumstance if the roles were reversed. It. That there's a real possibility of this Tim. I mean I'm glad that was not the circumstance here I'd do thank you for your call. But I I understand exactly where Tim is coming from. Because the way these things are portrayed. I would hope. In a circumstance where you have someone who's killed and injured several people. That people would understand the use of deadly force I mean so many of these incidents we've seen the past four people who were unarmed. And we can debate the legality of those incidents the morality of those incidents. But I don't think there's much debate when you have someone. Who's actually committed a crime. And kill people. There's not much to talk about it in that kind of circumstance at least from where I'm sitting. I wanna tell you about Donald and Sherri crony. They were eight miles out from Myrtle Beach airport Friday when he realized something was wrong with their plane 3000 feet in the air. And they had a passenger. Their dog rocky. Mister Friday noticed the 1971 piper aero was losing a little bit of power. He attempted to maneuver the aircraft over tour runway. He was given clearance from officials. In air traffic control the Myrtle Beach airport. Since I don't think I can make it I'm having mechanical problems. He informed officials they oil pressure the plane was starting to go he would try to maneuver the aircraft to the closest runway. Set I think I can make it no sooner that I said that. What do you think happened next folks. The engine locked up in midair. So we saw this roadway. Highway 31. It was a new interstate it was coming yen. This guy is roughly forty years of piloting experience. That's what helped to keep them cool. He landed his plane smoothly it's pretty much like a glider at this point. His wife. Added both have actually had pilots' licenses for around for decades. Hers a private pilot's license or spouses a commercial license. In Sherry said this. It had no motor he just glided the plane in. Len and our portion of international drive Carolina forest. Road it was still being worked on closed off to motorists near ocean bay elementary school the farm community. Emergency officials respond to the scene. This plane took off from Hagerstown Maryland earlier that they were stationed. It's that I landed the airplane perfect just like I always do no damage the road or anybody else. Little nervous I've got nerves of steal something like that happens I don't know if you're gonna make. Might lend to the trees. But he picked the best place. And it's. This couple. And their dog. Escaped and injures this is an awesome story greeted. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley ready for we started off talking about a hero. At the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee. Middle Tennessee. And we've also shared abouts. Really Iraq starve a pilot landed a plane after the engine just seized up just froze. And it landed plane safely. Private plane when his wife. And his dog as well. Love these feel good stories. Good stuff here. Let's go out to that Lake Wylie and Richard Hatch are you Lake Wylie north or south. And South Carolina mother nature hey yeah. It was an incredible act incurred by the settlement. God I putted it good I hit it immediately thought I'd share that videotape in the wall of security camera can pick out. And I would expect a lot of other people. You know how big curry did do the same thing to happen again. You port insecurity that footage in there I mean you know. It could question it is the concern here do you think might be some would think this is too graphic. And they won't release it. What they don't mind greatly negotiating that they're shooting in Israel and other countries who makes that got me going broke but you know what the truth. I'm not need any called truth in certain situations. And I did a good idea I cannot weigh in on it hullabaloo the like councilwoman let. Sure go right ahead. You know my her initial reaction. I get. Some current that records are something. I get one and you're screwed do extensive. Are. Calculation. Oren op metallurgy. And and following body structure and there concluded it was. Our one to set violated. The law at the pre law as it. Acceleration program at 830 point two feet per second. And we all there's actually a group. Sided called architects and engineers were not let her and actually had filed a federal law will be. That lost loved one and as a tax and and you go to your website. And you guys are top of their anger engineers that are fit extra factors. They. That it look at it here and say what web site. Pay a pretty good day. Itself. Our government. You know. There control and it. Well it. Architect and engineer the 9/11 true. Neither top notch people. That are there and it. All right well I appreciate your call Richard by way of those few who are curious about this particular story Nat. Familiar with all of this low one debate feel she's a councilwoman in the city of Charlotte. And she made the comments some sort of 9/11 conspiracy FaceBook post some days ago. Well now she's come out and apologize. I look I love these apologies. These these are always driving up the wall. She apologizes for the hurt that may have been caused from her approached. So in other words I'm not really Sharif. An animal you know here to so much. Criticize. You know her position or whatever it is you report or make your feet and apologize apologize. Don't give me some may be can be sort of apology while I'm sorry if this hurt you. Anybody ever said that to you. That means they're not really sorry. You're notice sent. You need to be able to see this the other thing. I stop saying in general are very few circumstances for art where I will say I'm sorry. The way I approach something F five generally done something wrong you ask forgiveness. I need ask your forgiveness in what it does it also requires that person to respond and say I forgive you did you have reconciliation. I'm sorry it's just most of the time it's lame it really is a lot of times people say that. And and I'm really sorry it's. I'm sorry you were and is that's a classic and I'm sorry if you if you were offended site. On goodness. Just stop people stop it. Ed in Charlotte good morning. Good morning then. Really enjoy your show. In recent recently that are actually sort of heroism. And I decided with and a story about a local aviation incident and until you're wondering why. The female pilot of the south western airlines. Tragedy. Hasn't gotten. Any publicity I expected to seek a world. Sunday talk shows. People talking about it get orders sort of like Sully Sullenberger I'm curious to. The great thing he did disabled lies the great thing shouldn't be now. So sad to say so long. Die in in that incident. It. Which she had nothing to do what she say the other under or some evil. Put it it's gone under the right. You know and here's its interest you bring this I have that same copy of the dinners like wary issue where the interviews this woman. And you don't put something you said I think may have may be the answer the question what you birdie communicated. He could be just out of respect for the fact that somebody has died. She does not want publicity out of office. That alone and you know I remember there's a show I watch air crash investigation and I remember the pilot. I'd in one incidence doing something very heroic. I think it was one where there was it was a decompression accidents. Where passengers were actually sucked out of the plane. And I remember I mean this guy whiz he wrote can the way he handled it and the beacon was practically in tears when he was interviewed. And you can tell us like man you just never get over when you lose passengers are embedding that's the reason for this and I'll bet she doesn't wanna talk. She is last I'm just betting. That's what's going on there but now I'm going to reach out to see if she's able to come on this broadcast. Reward it would be but. I I would encourage you mean pray for this woman again for the the family of the woman who lost her life as well but can you imagine that even though this is completely out of your hands. This has to hurt a lot it has to be something that haunts you every single day even though you're perfectly innocent and. Yeah yeah you know our vets this is just it sidelight. What the beauty as strange coincidence here both women. Came from New Mexico. The pilot was born raised and went through high school in Mexico and the woman who. You don't know died in this situation she is living in Mexico at the so while the coincidence anybody from Mexico to people like yet so tragically. Anyway. That is sensitive a strange coincidence I do appreciate your call other and a great point you've made here I'd love to hear firmer I think millions of people would love to as well. So we're going to make the attempt anyway. Who knows maybe we will succeed beer Greek conversation I have. Much more as we continue to broadcast this morning can you believe a little bit later on. There is a man who wants to run against Donald Trump in fact once to primary him. We'll talk about who that person is a little bit later rate year on the broadcast Davis. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program. We're talking about heroism in Nashville also. The heroism and bravery landing a small plane. When the engine seizes up gym in Hickory good morning. You know a couple of things first of all there was another country's overall almost as as an illegal personal arms around. Obviously had been working like a little Olympic I was inside or outside particular server to carry him has been in side. And here at Angel probably about certain pro settler have announced there again if you're over to carry the Israeli little adrenaline. And earned urged federal thing or stage a tournament and auction naked picture a trajectory and during the government should be awarded student. In all of our secure sitting particular you've got your back to the windows you see him or those in their career and go on the front aren't over or just a bit. I don't have all announced got a bit hesitant. Horizontally like a book and the. Right it is again and Jim you've really hit on something that's so important and unfortunately. You know it's I I hate to say this but it's true you may as well just put up a sign that says. Criminals walk radian. Do whatever he walked that's really the message being sent by these gun free zones not wise at all. One of the things we've talked about is how important it is that we have some measure of humility about this. Not simply posting oh I'm sure what I would do here. This texture saying exactly what he said never know what you're going to do I'd like to think I'd be that guy. But I probably pee myself in a fetal position. This guy should be held up everywhere. By had a soft here at the Waffle House too bad though Nolan was packing concealed weapon perhaps more lives have been saved. Also this. In the dirty Harry film Perry was responding he shot an alleged rapists. And he said but I see a naked man chasing woman down an Alley with a butcher knife. I don't think he's out collecting for the Red Cross. There's a great line. Another complete failed by law enforcement or is that a planned to get the Second Amendment erased why is the father not in jail. I'm white not Islamic mass shootings are almost always a white male crime I'd be absolutely. Gob smacked of a black person who committed this crime. On the plane incident having Florida piper aero years ago they don't quite well. Plus the drag was stopped prop he did great or I'm sure. Vince she drove the truck faithful awarded their glorious leader the upcoming Nobel Peace Prize for disarming North Korea. I think it's a bit early to be popping the champagne corks when about Iran threatening to restart their nuclear program just say again. Not a person saying this incident should follow the father weapons were given back to him after another case. Hubble heroes do exist I remember when a newscaster didn't want any personal credit when they broke an important news story yet happened. Just before Ted Turner. Founded CNN. Young man from the describing this by one of its unfortunate nicknames the awful awful truly a hero. Cold and on high he raised his. Arm of colored issue is character. Not his stats. True rarity today. That it takes to seeing don't care what signs say Micah and never use my pockets. While. Pretty bowl. Michael good morning welcome sir. All that. I would tell your program where. The gallows cult in the war Anwar Al so. And restricted readers and they took away his weapons. And in turn give back Tuesday. Committed day in turn give them back there and so on. Ticket holder has been so. Well this. Could be a real problem for this guy I he would not doubt. The possibility this jacket facing charges and yeah its. It's very unfortunate that this is. Gunned down as it has and you know this is one of the other things it's unfortunate about this. Because this is characterized by liberals as one of those quote loopholes right. If you just give a gift. Of a weapon to a relative. Their people one attract those transactions you know that don't you Michael. Well you talk about loopholes let go eventually earning accidentally new political. As a leading look at him. I hear yeah I hear where you're coming from their Michael in this. This is one of the things that's it it's it's always the person to. It it's. These incidents unfortunately that are being used their great propaganda weapons. No pun intended by the left speaking out. And you're welcome to comment about this after the news. Did you hear about the eleven year old boy in El Paso. He was taking part in one of these gun violence protests. At his school. I mean this is so sadly ironic. We're so concerned about guns. You know what happened this eleven year old boy he was hit by a pickup truck. Seriously. Jonathan Banco. Group of about 1215 other students from partly in middle school in El Paso. Decided not to despair in the walked out instead left the campus to visit a park on the other side of blew 375 a busy highway that surrounds parts of the city. Little Jonathan a six greater last wonder tread across. Struck by a Ford F 150 pickup. This is so sent eleven year old boy. And even though he wasn't participating in this walking out. He walked out. These kids decided to take advantage of decade. Before walking out of school they why don't we go somewhere else. The driver of the truck stayed on the scene on injured. He has not been charged. Isn't that ironic. Here's this concern about guns. And it's really the greater concern for us. Ought to be the highways and byways that we use every single day. Many more people are dying on the roads. That is the result of guns. You know that and I know that's the media is not gonna talk about it it's not sexy enough is it.