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1106. Are never chew over our broadcast lots of interest he responses to the incident that happened the Waffle House in that he. Over on the text line. Texture set I'd heard the shooters data passed in the guns would back to the sun is this notch is this true ands I don't believe the news. Here is what happened. Share forever Houston. In Illinois to deputies allowed the right keys father to take possession against the promised he would keep the weapons secure and out of position of Travis. Houston addict based on past deputies encounters with ranking there's certainly evidence there's some sort of mental health issues involved. At this point it was unclear how ranking reclaim the guns national police spokesman Don Aaron said his father has now it now alleged. Giving them back so this must mean the father still lie. And he's acknowledged that he gave them back phone calls to number listed for the father Jeffrey ranking have gone on insert. As authorities continue their search for Travis Ryan king the man who is behind. This particular shooting. Also on the text lines from the other things we discussed you really think or believe the Iranians ever stop their pursuit of nuclear weapon really. No I do not. But I agree 100% about what is a real apology we now live in a world where people think they can have it both ways a world where you can speak. Any inflammatory lies and later slightly walking back your statement. That doesn't qualify as an apology no contrition demonstrated. No merit badge and a that's pretty good. That is very good on the subject of saying sorry Spanish has two ways of saying it. One literally asks for forgiveness. Toward the new law. I pronounced that correctly the other expresses regret. Some key year. Very different things one. We you forgive me the other is well I regret that this that's another cheesy word wreak. This in and I always love when these are. Deep personalized. I'd regret that this happens as opposed to I regret. That I made a total idiot out of myself and behave like a fool. That's very different. I'm sorry. Or please forgive me and give a specific that's another important thing I've learned about reckon sleaze by the way somebody just sent me an email. Few days ago asking this question about good materials. For churches on forgiveness. I strongly recommend two things one peacemaker materials there's a ministry called peacemakers. They eat have a lot of great materials. Learned a lot of things there the other on the subject of bitterness. This book is one of the best effective in trying to reach the author written a book called the bait of Satan. I don't remember the author's name right off pain. But I would strongly encourage you if you wouldn't have a problem an issue of bitterness on forgiveness. Or knows someone who has that problem read that book the bait of Satan it is extraordinary book. And more importantly covers. How to get free of that stuff is you don't want that nothing will ruin your life faster than bitterness. They got hurt some to the effect. Was expression bitterness is like. It's like a poison. Thinking rich you can drink poison and hurt others. Hurt your enemies in the process. You know all heard. That's way that works. Vince we both realize this has nothing do with lives saved their lives lost as do with gun control they want to ultimately. And I'm sure they're going to get it because the next generation is being brainwashed in the schools yes this is where we're losing the battle. Coakley can know how you respond if you have been trained and gone through it mentally not sheer. Who said it but respond the same way you train. It's I live in South Carolina was gifted my first rifle for Christmas when I was six years old however. I think that recording. Gifts of weapons is a good idea. I open carry all the time. Kudos. To the Waffle House hero. The architecture responding to the accident that unfortunately occurred. With the little boy whose side to walk away from scored his friends during a time and a demonstration against gun was guns was taking place. This techsters says we have to ban those killer Ford F 150 trucks. Where's Dave at hog when you need him. It's the same logic folks. Same logic. Is it secure how you're how the frequent health frequently these shootings are when liberals go on their gun control tirades. At a first and say I believe the shooters dead should be held accountable as well. And another person. Actually reminded me the author of this book the fate of Satan Vince it is John Breaux of the year thank you. Thank you very much someone else who's obviously read this book. Holding bitterness in your heart like drinking poison waiting for the other person to die that is the expressionless looking for. That is a really good line of wisdom. Butts of wisdom there. It was that warning. Be Wear the root of bitterness. It can spring up and file mini and believe me it does. Very dangerous stuff. Profoundly dangers. We have the ongoing battle going on a whiff. Donald Trump James call me you know hurt some when the other day made a really good point. Which is one of the best things that Donald Trump could probably do for James coney. Or against James army would be to not talk about it. Because this is free publicity for that stupid brokerages. I think there's merit to that argument. Drudge headlines on this under attack the FBI's become partisan battleground president casts doubts. I'm legality of special counsel lash it does lashes out at New York Times. Over the coin coverage. Doesn't think. Mr. Cohen will flip. Fixer becomes danger. Lawsuits pile up. And sessions warns Rosen Stein firing. Could prompt his departure. And shoot for about this. Jeff Sessions saying he goes. I may go as well. We are redacted memos written by disgraced former FBI director James called me published online last week. Thome penned seven memo stemming from nine conversations he had with president from jury's time the FBI. Other reports state two of the memos Kobe leaked to his law professor friend were classified. Experts are your all seven memos were classified. The president torched call me again on Saturday on Twitter. So we have the ongoing saga there. Over this entire matter. And we have this intriguing tidbits. This one. From a name from the past. You remember this name. I've found on. And she is making a prediction about something will share that with you also. Another prediction. From a lawyer for stormy Daniels. Is this wouldn't going to come to pass would share these and much more. As we continue our Monday broadcast. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock texture says here when my now ex. Had a diagnosis of mental illness from the county was ordered weapons were removed or locked up certainly understandable. If the NRA is responsible for part Clinton did David Hogg is definitely an absolute responsible for the death of that team crossing the road. On forgiveness there's an old saying when you bury the hatchet buried hand it was well. That's forgiveness. That stuff. Sounds like a bonus to firing residents die and get rid of too bad apples. The recession said if he goes I'm ago. Other text you're saying Vince I regret if I let down Aleutian people who adore and support me typical liberal apology. And yeah it's kind of a problem isn't. It. And she. Well I guess amazed gorgeous three distinct. Dispersant like to know for horrors someone who's paid for sex why you stormy Daniels called porn star. You're asking the wrong person not an area of familiarity to meet. Any of you guys in the studio on a dare answer that question and I have no idea okay I'm glad to hear that good answer. Very good answer their Charles. Lewis I was going to get very concerned. Just you know just saying. I told Chilean side. We're gonna talk about. A couple of interesting predictions. And little bit of commentary here firm I've vomit trump. In fact the story in page six. I've found it does not want Donald Trump to run for president again and Tony Tony. She dumped set out to you something I don't think it's necessary he has a good life he has everything that was going to be 74. 73 for the next election maybe he should just go and play golf and enjoy his fortune. As you know this is a former mrs. trump. Besides she added I think he probably misses a little bit of freedom. I don't think he probably knew how much is involved in being the president it's so much information you have to know the whole world. And that is true there are certainly lie you have to you know. Despite having divorced Donald bank in 1982. Or three in for mislead cheated on her with Marla Maples. I Vonn and the Donald's as she affectionately calls him have remained close we speak every month. In fact he was I vomit the mother of Donald's children Donald junior. I vodka and Eric who called president march to inform them that Donald juniors. Wife Vanessa. Was filing for divorce. Mean. The source of that information. She too was very sad about the split but they intercept will be fine Donald junior good looking guy he's successful. He's not going to have problem to find a girl may be Vanessa might have a little problem because she has five kids who's going to date marry the woman who has five children. Especially since she is young. Forty and she might wanna have more. This is so bizarre. Her son's impending divorce it's close to home for a violent. Donald junior rumored to have had an affair with former Celebrity Apprentice contestant are Rio de whom he met while appearing on his father's reality show. Just wouldn't say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. So is distressing because I've been there. She said of the cheating allegations but who reminded judge. Who knows what was the situation at the moment. It's a long time ago now so I think Vanessa knew it all along maybe she just can get over the hurt to forgive him. But I honestly don't know that many men who can keep their zippers up. And that's sad. Boy this is a said universe this woman lives in. A ball. What he would do witness. Also this story. Decrease in this to you from. This character Michael evidently. That he can do it's meant to you. So. Mr. committee is warning. That this whole matter with Michael Cohen could actually in the trump presidency. Guys are frequent guest on CNN he made a pretty bold wait. A bold claim let's listen to this exchange. From CNET Michael how does today's proceeding and. Actor client's case. Well I think we're very pleased with the hearing and how it proceeded JK you know on the federal judge judge Joseph tarot. Who's very learned that diligent. Innocent a no nonsense judge. You know basically called out and Michael Cohen and Donald Trump for civilian emotion that he described as having quote gaping holes in there close quote. They haven't done what they needed to do relating to the declaration in. The reason for that Jake is very clear you know it's very similar to why. They have Donald Trump signed the agreement so they would have denied ability assign the NBA. They haven't wanted to submit a declaration of the court acknowledging. The seriousness of what is transpiring in the southern district of new York and acknowledging. That it is Michael Collins intention. To plead the Fifth Amendment against self incrimination. If we take a step back and we think about it. That is a very very big deal I mean this is the president's right hand counsel who has been with him for many many years. Who only a couple weeks ago the president referred. The press you know and others in the American people tune as it relates to what happened on this agreement and this payment. And now come to find out he's gonna take the Fifth Amendment against something termination I mean this is a big deal. You said this week that you don't think president troubles are around his entire term. Where does that come from that's a pretty well that's pretty wild claim. Well it's really not wild night my record thus far has been spot on I don't think I've been wrong about anything yet in the last five to six weeks. And I stand behind their claim that I made yesterday. Jake you know there's a lot of evidence in this case there's a lot issues. Yet to drop Michael Coen wind is not gonna hold up I've been saying that for weeks and now others are repeating that can gain on the down on the bandwagon. Michael Cohen is going to flip on this president. And he knows where the bodies are buried or at least many of them and I do not think that the president will last through the balance of his term. I just don't know we're gonna find out if I'm right or wrong but I think he's gonna ultimately resigned the president. Wow that's quite a prediction. A Donald Trump is going to resign. The presidency. So anyway I'd love to know what you think about this you're welcome to call or text to provide your perspective. On net. These pretty bold predictions. Very bold predictions. Also. We have this little dust up that happened over the weekend. James Woods. Pretty much set Twitter on fire Friday night. Characterized by the gateway pundit as dropping a mother of all bombs and Hillary Clinton. This new book written by New York Times reporter sheds light on Clinton's 2016 presidential bid reveals Hillary Clinton said. We're never going to let me be president. On election night after she realized Donald from one. Fox News reported Hillary Clinton the minutes. This. Pathetic cry here. WB. They didn't think the. The well patriotic actor James Woods responded to the Fox News article by dropping dropping this mother of all bombs and Hillary Clinton. Here's what he tweeted your corruption was not a flash. But a systemic rot of your entire being. You were never going to let. You we're never going to let you be president because you are greedy lying grifter. You weren't born a Clinton. But she took to being line like a doctor swamp water. Wow. That a major slapper what's. I'm sure everybody's gonna rally behind her room. There she's being bullied but this poor but it is terrible guy. He goes on. Your correction was not a flesh wound but a systemic rot of your entire beef. That's pretty rough. A systemic rot. From your entire being you Mickey season they redeeming qualities in Hillary Clinton. Just asking. Thank asking for a friend it's 1129. 1136 and Vince Coakley renew your program a couple of stories were following for you including. The French president's pay a visit to the precedent today of the United States also. Micron pale is he going to be confirmed. In committee the senate foreign relations committee's going to vote on the nomination states quite possible. That this vote. Will go against Mike Pompeo in committee. But to. This will not impact his vote coming to the floor. So it's very likely at least at this point looks like he will wrap up. His confirmation process. With a vote positively to get firm some will see. What takes place here. Right now 37 minutes after eleven great opportunity for us to take a look at the day in history as we traveled down I 85 tour upstate studio. As opposed to Friday. Here is lines oh good morning sir. Good morning event how are you today. Awesome for rainy day yes I here yeah let's go first back to 1564. There's this person was born. And again she gets say about his life you was to be or not to be. Shakespeare ha ha William Shakespeare you're correct. 1987 Chrysler but this lecturing automaker. I did not notice. 1987. A car that's clearly out of reach for both of us. Thank you put books together. Poorly during Charles and John Q we still can afford this thing or will. What are all in radio we couldn't afford the tone. Man I. Talent. Aldo you gotta aim higher than that I mean you can buy out again and Obama present salaries. This that you could afford a couple. Your funny. Abe hired pick another slant here is the talent to become another brand. I don't three out of maker. Will anybody here wanna guests it was time Lebanon's Mercedes. It. Charles you give that a try. How about Lamborghini. I know this was a shocker to me I didn't know that so. 1954. This player. His first home run his Major League Baseball career. 1954. You probably need more hint that he outcomes I'm guessing there were more than one people who. That the first and then yeah. Let's go with the famous black baseball player who's ever run run. Old no own. You wanna guests. Another guest here or anybody in here Pasco RS. You detritus when Charles thank parent. Yes you've got it is Hank Aaron. First home run his Major League Baseball career you need to quit acting so disappointed announced today. Times are like I was not notably livery change that I regret that I extra. I'm sorry you were offended by the way I responded in other words you're saying you're sorry counsels you occur. At that. That is classy as we did we'd sure like the Austin Powers movies. The first two okay. You know I'm sure by now that tavern destroyer has passed away. Play the role of mini me in the Austin Powers companies. It's also known for being one of the shortest man in the world passed away at the age of 49. 49 years old two feet eight inches. They realize he was not sure. And is pretty amazing isn't it. This is called. A car and drove plays Xia dwarf Hisham. He was one of the shortest man in the world. Shortest in the world it's. And that can imagine two feet eight inches that is very short. His family says during a recent adversity is illness he was baptized. While surrounded by his family. So. Ares quite a character. Quite a character. I'm curious about something. Do you have any childhood friends lines are that you still associate with. I'm glad you boosted by that you associate. To happy childhood friends. The only child of the yes I do. But mostly through FaceBook. Rights and it's a suspect in Ohio yes that where you live. At how far back to. Believe cents. Can guard and all that's pretty cool that is pretty cool public you guys in year Charles Johnson yeah. French you've known all the way back to kindergarten for instance it badly. Just relatives to a three from elementary school it's OK where was sent Thomas or elementary here local time. It's not far away I I'm putting that question out to all of you if you like to colony and share any stories of your interaction do you have connections that go that far back. I have something kind of in usual happened. Several days ago. And in FaceBook is so good fitness. And be able to. Established links with people you haven't connector with a long time you find one person and then that person knows somebody else and he. And before you know you just connect him and all these people there's different mind that I eight. And it actually I didn't know very well in school but we went to school all the way back kindergarten. He sin of a video to me on Friday. And interestingly enough it was a video of a famous pastor raced year in freeze that favors preacher rate here in show it's like at 23 minute clip and watch them it's pretty cool. So. He's it's me you know I I sit that you desirous I know you stand politically but I was curious as to where you are spiritually. Inside that in Iran and trying to respond to FaceBook message had a whole this so called up a great conversation. And I had already decided I was going to go one place this weekend for mighty weekend trip. And I have you know. When I go I've been wanting to go to Indianapolis for the longest time I've not been there that's where I grew up from the time I was about two years old. All the way up until I would news fifteen I believe lived in Indianapolis. Northwestern part of Indianapolis. And I've been wanted to go for a long times are Saturday to get patriot. Foot there in the morning. And hung out this friend of mine and that's you know while another person's son FaceBook. Hey you're in the city pay I'm just a couple of miles away can we hang out so I went and next thing you know. He brought another friend that I do not see so the four of us played full pull for a couple of hours it was the coolest thing. Played pulled went back cad pads some drove out food. And that then came back and even just have the best time it did caused mere raised this question to all of you do you. Have connections with people. You went to school with maybe. Maybe you've lived in different cities I've lived in three. Was born in Cincinnati don't know what it fair. Grip and Indianapolis. And in Delaware. For three years in high school. Then with Kentucky my senior year and went to college there so I have a lot of connections there. So. Yet but Indianapolis had not been there in nearly forty years in port that was cool just go back seat. Jimmy stories like this people you interact with I'd love to hear from you. As we continue to broadcast. 44 minutes after eleven. 1149 Vince Coakley radio program final stretch we mentioned the Mike from CO nomination up today. And this going to be interest as the committee. May actually rejects this is Rand Paul. Is expected to vote against him but. Leadership is convinced they have the votes. They have the votes for this to be pushed through so this information can actually take place today. Also I told you about another story we may spend more time on this tomorrow. But we have a challenger to president Donald Trump for two point one. America's great because it is good America's leadership should reflect that goodness. If no conservative steps up Iowa actually challenged Donald Trump in 20/20. America deserves better leadership. In fact let's make it official I may end. Who is this person. Brand for. May with him. The author. Who's very critical of the president continues to beat. He is throwing his hat in the ring for twenty point lead to get your thoughts perhaps if you like to talk about this today or tomorrow. We can put this out there for discussion struck this calls I believe is this for NATO I have that correct cheer for the first caller. Yes there RE doing well. Enjoy your show here who thank you. I had eight grand jedi that we have met each other. Then our mothers or pregnant with her in the one and. Well that's awesome. At the same church. Kindergarten. Person that younger age. And a Iger who love her dearly she hit her lead is that our idea remember her. That is pretty cool how how have you kept in touch all this time. I am. Abby safety Harry and Maggie. So we're we're talking about come along. Most definitely I mean do you live in the same town. I do now live the way for a few years read Ali had to come back home I just love Charlotte. No place like home narrow greater home at the place your call Renee let's go to Bob quickly good morning Bob. And from Richard we've known leaders that the night before. The sort of would be he Sunbelt 59. I looked at seventy from New York telephone became appeared Charlotte. But again your own mean you'll enter here I keep your ritual here quite a different school year to even intimately and now did you know I think we are also here and we still call 45 times a year. That's rates has her along our southern Belle. Well that really brings back memories. The the old bell companies appreciate your call their it's got to Jeff in Shelby good morning. I bet good morning. I yep is that. Donald whilst that's what reminds me you know well. You know to go through it Edgar. And a school and you I'll have to everywhere on the problem a lot. We were told it would look ball gets they'll be and shouldn't respectable way to reach or madam in the concourse on a real and I. While doing it. Well and his partner and McDonnell by rocket amount equal to buy a home and some would do well which in Russia and Dominique camper don't. There's a little secluded areas it to my check camera now I've got some spot up suddenly mutually overweight here and now. This is great you know. That is awesome that a school and things like that happen you just know sometimes there's there's going to be a divine hand in making things like that happens at times. Appreciate your call their Jeff. Over on the text line we've got a few items here. And spoke with what my child difference this morning knowing each other since the age of well we speak just about every week. In this one. Amy my homeboy you've been friends since 1979 kindergarten we still laying out new stuff together meaning and went through a lot as he has black I am whites. We come a lot of crap through school. We guess what people pushed we're best friends then and now love my brother Earl Burgess. Scott out of Spartanburg. That is awesome. Also. On the text line. What else do we have here I think we will skip that. Sometimes there's some crazy stuff here one of these I just wanna say about an observation. Of something that happened. For me one of the fond memories I have about Indianapolis. It was a time aim where. Everybody was. And how I characterize this it was a very integrated community. And interest in that that this is a really strange story one of these my friend told me said Vince once busing started. Things have completely changed the schools we were in not here's what here's the irony of what my friend said. Our schools were very much integrated. When I was there in fact I think it was the time I had the most integrated circle of friends in my life. In fact if you receive this picture I posted yet today you know if it's it's kind of an usual for that he's in my life I had. Two other black friends in the in the guy was visiting was a white guy. That's Varian usual. Because later Ryan the polarization in the places I've lived with such that. You've probably heard this I shared this many times a lot of a look at part of time a lot of my friends were mostly white. Because a lot of blacks unfortunately. That I experienced. I was shunned by those people because I wasn't black enough. We've talked about that plenty of times don't need to go down that road. Tommy got about thirty seconds at a gas story. And that was born in at a hospital in Jersey City right across the river from new York and don't you won't be ready when we're not so young any more but an eight hour and we spoke to the Jersey Shore. It either support or we never knew one at the end. Rector stirring at Belmont Abbey College from new pictures he's now seeing sent. Out behind us and lying hears us talking that your. Wild too bad we ran out of time published tomorrow.