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There were two of our Wednesday broadcast. A lot of you are really stirred up by our discussion about Alfie Evans. He is the little boy taken off. Life support who still alive at last word. Over on the text line. We start here court of human rights. Just proven to be obviously miss named. Port how orwellian can you possibly yet. I mean I think that. My goodness. Jury would Britain's prime minister said she said the child belongs to the government the parents didn't have custody of children. Wonderful. Another reason for gun control in the UK so they can choose to let your kids die without worrying much about what you may do about it. Yep. Wonder would have would have been the result if they had tried early year. First getting the kid evacuated missed from the east the hospital I assume. Still would have been allowed if so did the justification is complete BS. Knowing dared to cause the child wasn't allowed to leave sooner. Could this have anything to do with socialized medicine how about death panels. Yet. That's reminds me of that Denzel Washington movie where they wouldn't treat the child because of insurance. Said situation yes he is it is that was my child I would be the most dangerous man in the face the earth. And woe to anyone they got in my way I'd stack them up like cord wood. No I'm just gonna leave that alone. Baby killing in the womb. Is an everyday event in the US by the way this went founders gave us the Second Amendment yet. It's all over the world millions of children are dying the Khamese they would basic food and clean water each and every person. You're shouting about this child should open their wallets and put their money where their mounts are otherwise it's just talk. Vincent said commentary in western society we no longer value human life of Hitler's plan to eliminate. And desire of most emphasized economics. No one. Would have protested. Someone else you're suggesting re read the book 1984. You know that is a brilliant idea. I'm thinking to myself yeah I'm reminded of that picture I took of the stack of books that I have. In my reading location. But I think it is worth three UB 1984. I think it will do. Mensa new baby born in the world family this week. Would be different of this newborn baby needed the same treatment as the baby tonight treatment in England. It's who you are. If you're important. Where on earth are you this is interesting why on earth do you lashing out Kate Middleton giving birth in England. They have nothing to do with the situation the sick child. Focus your anger the people were responsible I'm also worried about the stress puts. And you're per Euro condition don't I'm. I'm not lashing out Kate Middleton. Number I said to you do not hear what I'm not saying. Why I said that. They said what is the emphasis. The juxtaposition here these stories. Is very intriguing. Dennis out of easily good morning. More convinced I just want to refresh your memory we have the similar people who bought in about two years ago it Glenn bit server. In her name restricting them. Pelletier I pronounced it correctly if you and so sifting look at the in the state ordered possible. And they should resign those. They claimed it was a metal detector wound will actually physical defects and they won eleven parents to take appropriate action. Pretty amazing isn't it's so what's happened here in this country as well I do appreciate your call tennis I wanna go to the broader question issue. And you may think what does this have to do with what you just talked about has a lot to do with it. Because you have to understand this issue of governance in the context of. Of and self governance. That's what this country is supposed to be about right. I would say everything that I see in our society military it's against self governance. Everything in every place militants against self governance. As individuals our culture is not focused in that direction. Our government certainly is not focused in that direction. Our churches are not governed. In a way that they're focused on the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Governing through individuals. I would argue that many churches are monarchies. They're glorified. Humanistic monarchies. With a cross the road on top of them. Yes I said that. Let me read cure quotes. If you are FaceBook. You probably get these problems where they tell you. What you posted a year ago or five years ago in this case this was five years ago for my good friend Steve Crosby. Steve is a person who is very insightful very prophetic in his gifting and by that I'm not talking about making predictions. But I mean in terms of having insights. Spiritual insight. And I think you understand where I'm going with office here's what he posted five years ago that I reproduced today. I have worked with many in the past who consider themselves. Visionaries. Or visionary leaders. I've found that most of the time the label is too convenient. A cover an excuse for being inter personally dysfunctional. Relation only obtuse. Insensitive. Ambitious and self centered. The only vision the scripture endorses is the accurate unfolding of Jesus Christ for who years and that unfolding in people's hearts. If being visionary means leaving human carnage in the wake of your visionary pursuits. You are an abuser not a visionary. The welfare of people any put people in all caps is God's vision. So the next time you feel steam rolled by someone who claims to be visionary stand up. Say something to protect yourself and make a change in your associations if you have to you. Do you see the connection here. How many so called visionary leaders politicians. Dreaming up all these stupid. Half witted ideas. Like government health care. Where are they now. Where the people who dreamed up this crap where they. Know where to be found. Just it was never about you it was never about your family. It was about then getting elected. They delivered their political promises. They don't care about you as an individual. You are a means to an end. This happens in politics. Haven't and local government state government certainly federal government. And yes it happens in our darn churches. This is one of the recent poor country screwed up. Because I think we've lost this issue of the supremacy of Jesus Christ in the church first that's where was lost first and so we have all of these. Thousands. Upon thousands of little hopes. And religious dictators across the country and around the world who are running their little kingdoms. And you. Are simply a subject. What are you gonna do about that. What are you going to do you. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock the way we have Emanuel may crawl and who is speaking before a joint session. Of congress. And so. And listening to split them up let's do that. I believe. We can address all citizens' concerns. Regarding privacy and personal. That. Their recent FaceBook. The recent Facebook's hearings. I'm going to in this society to preserve all citizens digital rights all of those are words. And thought that that confidence. In today's digital tools of flying. The European Union passed a new regulation. Followed that up prediction. I believe. The United States and the European Union should cooperate to find the right balance between innovation and that takes. And the harness the best of today's revelations in did you pull that up. An artificial intelligence. I believe. Facing an exploit these should push us to improve policy coordination. We've seen plenty plenty to reduce financial speculation. And create mechanisms to protect the middle class in arrests. Because all meet the masses. Also backbone. All followed democracy. Yeah. Emanuel met craw and who is speaking now before a joint session of congress. Some of his remarks. And as you know there was said extensive amount of time he spent with the president Donald Trump yesterday. Lots of text here before we move on to a couple of other items lots of action on this subject. A little Alfie Evans. We have mystics. In the government powerful enough to give away freebies is evil enough to take away your rights. Yet. Vince they will allow woman that killed an unborn child would not deceive the life of a living child it is wrong. The quota read from Steve Crosby. This sector so it could say that five years ago ten years ago or a thousand years ago 500 years from now people are people. We don't change Dewey it's the same foundational problems. Same problems. Mr. excuses I can only do what I can do live my life as best I can and listen to you when it's a good choice listening to meet. It's good choice. And if I can just appeal to you rescind that text. I am not trying to put pressure on you or anybody else yes do you continue. A balance in your sovereignty as a citizen and where you feel led to do something step up at all. And that's all. All of us need to do. Let's make sure we don't have one person or few people bearing an unnecessary burden to carry the rest of us. I am trying to remember with that figure was because I saw this recently about the percentage of people. Who were. In supports. Of the revolution in this country. It wasn't a majority away. It was a small minority people. Just think about it. Vince I love it when you get fed up with stupid programs and call them what they are crap. Very easy to do. Speaking of straight talk. We have our friend Willie on the line what do you want to talk about today mr. Willie. And on they have Banjul that the we have to speak right up front outgrow it. And president and micro. I'd love it when you have that passion with church and what did you grow at least at that monarchy. I don't. Again it's one word I used. That's I would be very careful. Because these. Church radical crazy could come down there. And god knows what they'll do the yeah and he in there and as Korea and Iraq albeit in a minute that might. I don't know that I'd imagine that before it's about Hillary I want to them about it these critical. Little kooky religious fanatics you are in the think religious fanatics really have yeah because that's one thing I do believe in Jesus in the Soviet and thank god but these leather. Couldn't you know I'm talking about and covered. I don't know what only what are we to argue about because I'm not sure where are we to make sure we're talking about the same that I just wanted to clarify. I'm talking about people and I don't care fits in the political system in the church system. It's people who believe in people. In in leaders and worship leaders and sit at their feet rather than god. Like. Okay. We're on the same page Willie I always enjoy your your calls and always entertaining. To interact with you. Let's talk about. Judicial tyranny. This is this is a real winner group as reported by The Washington Times federal judge orders complete restart of ducked out. It's. Yes that's exactly what he's done. In the effort to roll back the Obama era duck or programmed by this administration. This judge ruled last year's revocation was illegal in the entire program. Could have to be restarted. It. This actually goes beyond the other judges. Who'd also ruled the phase out was illegal. But it only ordered Homeland Security to accept renewal applications. These are people who already apply it. And people who've been awarded status. Judge John. Meaning even illegal immigrant dreamers who never been approved before. Well now they can apply. Now this judge also imposed a ninety day delay in his own ruling to give the government a chance to re argue the case. But for now the ruling stands. Judge Bates said the government never gave an adequate justification. For revoking Dhaka. So its decision seemed arbitrary and capricious. Which makes it illegal under the administrative procedures act. Excuse me for a moment. Yeah I. Let me get this straight. So. Eight president. In rejecting an overturning an executive order. From a previous executive order former president has to justify why. Has to given quote adequate justification to revoke it. Now arbitrary. Let me go back to this this phrase here arbitrary and capricious cannot do the same thing be said of Dhaka. Was that not arbitrary. Can it not be said that was capricious. To single out this particular group of people and give them special privileges and everybody else screw you. That's not capricious. I think this is an argument for impeachment. I mean it just blows my mind. How long are we going to allow these judges to make these unilateral decisions. I mean you may as well. Put chrome and these judges crowned on them. The ruling. The department's decision to rescind doc was pre predicated primarily on its legal judgment the program was unlawful. That legal judgment was virtually unexplained. Excuse me. There's no force of law fitness. We're finding justification for doc is it. What. What sort of explaining to they need to do I don't see a need to explain this. Anyway so it cannot support the agency's decision he wrote in a sixty page ruling. Sixty pages. This is the other thing the blows my mind about this whole legal industry. Why in the world does it take 63 contagious to explain this. It's our constitution take sixty pages. I'm just curious. 29 minutes after eleven. Tsongas' by the way it sounds familiar. It's cult cheerleader. Shares. In trusting. Over on the text line. Then so we have church monarchies now shall we burn them down a publicly saying the clergy and anger. Yeah I think Henry the eighth did that the Catholic Church in England it worked. Very well. Yeah I know you being facetious here in note this is an advocate. I'm encouraging people don't participate in monarchies. Unless Jesus is the key period that's what I'm telling. If you're in one of these and I don't care where idiots. End this thing is built around a pastor built around the leader. If that's what it's built around run for your life and that's the point Steve was making. Now their various forms of this dysfunction not all are that bad act. But believe me. I have the scars. From this garbage. And I carry them with me every single solitary day in their people old you're just bitter you're just angry no but I I have people in my life or in that. Place because of Jack asses. Yes I said it. Who misrepresents. The creator every single day since I've gone down this road remains will finish. Yesterday evening. I was talking with the young man. Friend of mine and I we're talking with a young man. I just recently gotten to now. My heart breaks for this guy. Liked him thinking of the conversation right now and it. Is just really gets right under me. This kid's an atheist. Pretty much. And I you know against the point I don't get into these and again. Let me give you this disclaimer again don't hear when I'm not saying. I'm not a big believer and apologetic ex C I think the best apologetic. Is a life. That is beaming and overflowing with the life of Christ. That's the best apologetic. This is not to denigrate people were Intel apologetic some people who do apologetic. That's great more power to yeah. But I think what most people need to see. They need to see they need to be able to stick a fork in you people like you people like me and say you know what. While there is something to this Jesus to. There's something they are there some substance there. There's some things there's something going on in this person's life that stimulates mystery meat I wanna know more about what this person as in them. And I'm impressed with the RR smoke shows and our famous preachers. And our videos that we circulate around the Internet about what great wisdom came from pastor so and so they're done with that crap. They've seen it before they've heard it before they wanna be able to poke a fork in there and say you know what. There's something mayor I can dig into you let me have more of the life that you've got tell me more about what's fair. Probably Ford could. Power. This for and mine and I had a conversation with this guy. And see I'm always suspicious of people who tell me either agnostic or atheist. And they will go on and arm and arm and arm. Christians in the church just angry bidder. Reid takes. So I started asking some pointed questions why are you so emotional about something you don't believe it. Point tampering. He started telling me stories. Of priests. Personal experiences. Just watching people. Continually. Hope for people for money. Take advantage of people. I'm sitting here thinking. This is this guy's image of what christianity is even though it's far removed from. From my spiritual journey it's far removed from the person who was with me. Why would anybody believe if these of the representations. This person experienced. Of Christ. Why in the world with this guy wanna believe and that high. My heart breaks for. Because this is what he's seen. And I hope. He's seen a little something different. But it really. Points out. When I've already mentioned. Which is that. It's time for us to shift away our focus on leaders to follow the leader. In a coal type way and I don't care wherever this year's whether it manifests in politics or religion. We have to dared to be individuals this is what's so great about our country whose constitution was not written. Four groups. For in four organizations it was written for individuals. And I think in many ways we've ceased to be that. And we become mobs. And you can just give the mobs different names. Takes two says he's her did you hear about the domestic you have to be dyslexic. I've heard this show before and I love it. He questioned the existence of dogs. I loved the island. That is so good. Oh my goodness there's netherland. But I don't get out tract is it's easy for me to do that. That's my appeal. Is just. Think about it which you see around you. Do you see a journey. You see a pathway. That is extraordinarily different from what everybody else is doing. If you don't. You could probably be sure that it's the wrong one. And 22. Just that's typically what people do they follow the crowd. You know whether it's political crowd the religious crowd the social crowd. I wanna blaze another trail. I want I'd look at the trails around me and and frankly most of what I see I don't like I don't. So because I'm smarter and everybody else. Is just that. These things simply don't work for me. Nor for the people who were on them. But people just don't. Want to Rock the Vote. We can't two deaths. Everybody else is over here so it so it. Any case. I promised we would get to this and we don't need much time to talk about this. The nomination of Ronnie Jackson. President trump. Wanted to make a couple of things clear about that said Jackson's a terrific guy great physician everyone likes him drums totally behind him. The same time Jackson may need to step aside. These are the messages communicated by the president yesterday. Kind of in contradiction. So what do you do. What do you do so far no plans by this guy to withdraw his nomination. We will see how this unfolds in the coming days and we're still watching. The results of the trial bill Crosby. Will they come back with the conviction this time. Who knows I think we're gonna save this Google manipulation story for tomorrow this is a whopper. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock. Hey let's take the after we've had such heavy stuff today I didn't and you know it's one of those things when I review every single day. IE have the and how to characterize this but. There is much more I prepare for for the show that I ever gets here. And it's. I never know which direction it's gonna take a mean I have an idea have a rundown. And very often I deviate from that as I did today I hope. It's been enjoyable conversation. So we've got to go to the lighter side here and take a look at the data histories we wrap up. Good throw on tour upstate studio in green for my good friend lines so good morning and good morning my suggestion to you guys in studio and then it's round like that he loves group hugs and I do too. A home like it is thanks a lot lied so. Group drugs. Lou this is the 25 day of April. Let's go back to 1719. In the Daniel dip goal published this in London. 1719. What is it. I interviewing him if you like. Would you know the answers. After a cure this hits I would say it again but in this particular story is. Referenced in the ballot for Gilligan's Island. Rob yeah. It. Yeah dot Eds. Published 1719. April 20. I didn't think that was oh yes in an amazing. But he got the first of this kind of animal. Back in 1928. It is initially set up to help World War I vets who were blinded in combat. What did he get to help him the united yes. 1928. Is not cool. And it's absolutely cool. Oh let's see here. Man this is a tough and how in the world to characterize this. Biologist. Crick and Watson have published their article describing. This. The you'll never get this I'll just tell you where you give me a hint I'll give you a hint. Is say double helix of something. 1953. What were they seeing a double helix. I'll leave it open up to anybody and studio. You were doing much more with this today especially with cry name with. We have what is that the US AT. Why well and that's what apple wasn't the first place once or you're a man. He's three for three. And you can finish it off with this 1956. This song from the king went to number why not it's about a place. What would it be. A place blue line all know. Gentiles rock know. The twins. Think love. Low. And break it down yes heartbreak hotel went to number one and April 20 it was a horrible head on I know I'm terrible sometimes. Sorry about that place jailhouse Huckabee at them it is jailhouse rock is a place ago yet IE. I just thought I think all three answers we. Were there places ending in a while yeah yes you can. Our rights. I hits in density. Gross note here and let me just warn you. This next story may be very very disturbing. Well will be stirring everybody to see the story about this woman who's upset because this guy leaked a sex tape. Anybody else knows the story. No none of listen no no glory garage. A woman from Argentina accused. You know what she did to her boyfriend for doing this. She got a pair of gardening sisters. I think we know where the stories go he now operated. Yeah. We didn't. A it. Isn't horrible. This. That's what she did she carted off. With. Gardening scissors. She was provoked because he showed his friends their homemade sex tape. She committed this revenge attack. In not Argentina last November left her forty year old boyfriend with 90%. Of his manhood chopped off in in life threatening condition. She's serving imprisonment without bail ahead of her trial. And this guy of course this blows my mind. Said she suffered great psychological harm because of this leaked tape. I caught this been completely I injured him it wasn't complete I injured him. Home goodness. He sounds disappointed that it wasn't a bully that's what it sounds like to meet true. But the guards don't mess with them I left to ask for help I did not want anything to happen to him besides I was afraid of the blood. The man has been left depressed one of the attorneys said. As he waits for future operations. By the way hospital employees were unable to reattach. His. Parts. Column and oh. My goodness. Oh the Bobbitt treatment would you call that Bob enticed audited Bob it'd. Boy that says a new word for the day Bobbitt. So the message is. Don't release sex tapes you don't want against Bob but it. Just ask lines ago. Have a good day folks.