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Good morning welcome back to broadcast it to be back with you hope. All is going well in your world. A couple big local stories we will jump right into. We have this massive. Teacher demonstration taking place. In Raleigh which goes to a broader conversation about what's happening with education across the country we've been talking about this for several days. Also. We have an official announcements. Of a deal a deal. Between David tougher. And Jerry Richardson to sell the team it is now. Official. This from the Panthers website. A definitive agreement has been signed to sell the team to David tepper. The founder and president of global hedge fund apple Lucent management and a well known philanthropist. Bringing the Panthers in the NFL the Carolinas in 1993 was enormously fulfilling. For Russell into the media and all of our partners. Words of Jerry Richardson we're deeply grateful for the outpouring of support of the last 25 years. You take the Panthers and your hearts made them part of this warm and supportive community. When I think all of our past and present players coaches and staff. They're hard working making the Panthers are great success both on the field. And in the community the personal relationships we've enjoyed have been very meaningful to us. From David temper I look forward to turning the stewardship of the Panthers. Actually this is a continuation of his message. He's looking forward to turning the stewardship of the transfers over to David tepper and enjoy getting to know him in this process. Confident he'll provide the organization with great leadership. In both its football community initiatives I wish David and Stanley the very best as they enter this exciting new phase of their lives. We've talked about tempers background. Siphon the fact this guy is a multi billionaire. He's a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2009. And he said this I'm thrilled to have been selected to be the next or the Carolina Panthers. I've learned a great deal about community in the team of the past several months. And I look forward becoming part of Carolina's. I wanna think Jerry Richardson the other Panthers partners for all they've done to establish and develop in a fell in the Carolinas it's been remarkable. 25 your journey and I promised to build upon the panthers' success. On the field and in the community. This transaction. Is expected to close July 2018. Subject to NFL approval which is you know will happen. We have a conversation yesterday. David tempers already part of the club. They're not going to. Refuse his entrance into the club. So it is now official and we get your thoughts. This is not a surprise we've been hearing this news for several days it's relief. Just been a formality now have the announcement come out what are your expectations for this team on the fuel off the field. Where that field is going to be for that matter do you expect any changes in here's the other question are you willing to pay for the exchanges. With the possibility of a new stadium. Possibly new taxes. Who knows. There's all kinds of possibilities here. What does this mean I would love to get your thoughts blown away. And interestingly enough this is such an interest in check. Juxtaposition of stories because you think about. One of the criticisms that we've often heard. Is we've got so many people. So many people. In the entertainment world. The sports world that are making so much money they're making fortunes. And one of the comparisons it's often made. It's our poor teachers and I'm not trying to be facetious here this is generally the line of thinking you get. He is here these these guys making a lot of money. Even these coaches. At these universities they're making a lot of money. And teachers. Raising questions about their value to us. Based on the money they are paid in fact they are demonstrating. In rally today. Thousands of teachers gathering there today to push lawmakers for more education funding. By the way the North Carolina superintendent of public instruction. Decided it would be good idea to be away from that. He's a hundred miles away. Meeting with school officials near the coast. He's indicated yet so we supports teachers that won't attend the rally. Because it's on a school day and will effect students parents and other school workers who forced to deal. With schools closing. That day. Referring again to the superintendent of public instruction Mark Johnson. I'm also curious I don't hear from some view parents about how you're dealing. With this particular day what sort of changes did it prompt in your home. Did it require some additional childcare arrangements. Whatever. What are your thoughts year or you just supporter no matter what of the teachers. And you're okay. With this demonstration. We're also going to debug this and gonna save this for after the break. But I was very surprised the news and observer. Is debunking a mean that's been circulating around on social media if you heard this. Iron 53 dollars a day to educate. It's kind of sad. Because even the news observer says disguised math is dead wrong. Really makes you feel really good about who's educating your children tested. Anyway we will talk about this in fact we need to post this because this information needs to be out there. So people are aware the kind of propaganda. And if you concerned about teacher pay let's have that conversation. But it's not a good. Win and information is put out there. That is not current. Let's start things off in terms of calls with a call from Chris in Union County good morning welcome. Chris'. Gore got barely really appreciate you. Some a friend of mine and my cell included real order. About its boat Carolina education lottery on. How much money is that they are awarded the money spent on it like it the teachers get a little piece of that action. You know I saw a story. Just the other day in fact I'm going to try to get my hands and it Stewart find out with that amount I just came across that. We're going to answer that coming up after the break how about that is that fair enough Chris here sir are. A thank you very much for your call. And one of the things it's an I think you know this you know this. Point. Boy and looking story because I did track him down here and it tells us pretty much what I felt was gonna happen. When we first heard about this lottery nonsense years ago they always do what do a bait and switch oh look we're gonna spin this on education. Whatever it is. And then you find out that the amounts the percentages. And the allocations are not exactly. What you may have been expecting. And we will talk about that. And take your calls and were also debug this stupid story about a teacher making 53 dollars a day. Pure unadulterated nonsense that much more. On our Wednesday addition. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program we've. It would true stories developing the Carolinas right now. The sale of the Carolina Panthers and also big teacher demonstration taking place in rally. And will cover more of this including some information about what just happened. With the money. From the lottery where does this money actually goal. We've got some answers for the first. We've got someone in Charlotte wanting to address this issue with tapper and Panthers. Got to Chris good morning Chris. The morning sir. I got a double actually becoming an acute situation as well I've got us Sandra Stewart and terms are about to graduate to guard into the teaching field but. First on the Panthers. I really yell at the man. The small business owner who are actually does some work for the organization. But it really wanna make a play for everybody out there true. Don't forget the hundreds. And hundreds of employees and that building from maintenance to security to. Food and beverage and took a long long list of every day average Charlie opinions. We were employed there are. There and there's a reason why don't think Obama is because we have a great staff over there when you go facilities work we don't have. You know do you like people still hurting each other out on the street arrests there is a really great group of people that building. And you know obviously there's going to be some changes at the very high shots but I really hope this new guy will go a long way. And then and placing need to to support him if he. You know remain you know leaves the people played sort of built that organization that are there that are just great people. A man that that's still my biggest concern I don't think the owner who owns the team matters much to watch it's fair and we're going to be banned but I really hope we don't just throw everybody out on the other tell bones and certainly staffing. And the fortitude to bring myself and I'd really wanted to create anesthesiologist. Or a dentist. But he pushed is that it wanna be an educator you know really short kids as the burly man medical mind. And if you want to teach math so we would go to the numbers explain enemies and at the summit dating your work as much make these benefits tightened. Here's that says the ceiling as I cooperate and work so many years these look pretty increases. And I I really couldn't argue with a mean it it did pretty good gig. I had on I I'd I'm headed there and I'd love teachers you don't want to be paying. Or reduce say they'll would. Dog against teacher isn't it against every student here and every teacher and they all that you get to the spot where you put it it's the children. You hate to view is it also saw it as noted tonight. I I audit so that we can also applied to your and other important look into the ADC money. The booze sales at the state of north Carolina's exclusively at rights to domestic North Carolina. Those cells and the profits from the blues. Are also supposed to go to help education and and that's a lot a lot of money is probably up there with the education lottery. So there's the Miller avenue where word this morning. That's a very good question I wore explore that as well and I do appreciate your call Chris end best of luck to your son. In he is in devers. You know. Let's talk about money. Which of course was raised just few minutes ago what happens all this. Education lottery money this is one of the reasons why at this one of these I told you about the whole we were discussing the gambling issue. It regarding the regarding sports the Supreme Court decision. Now these politicians didn't troop all of themselves trying to figure out how they get their share of gambling dollars. And this one of the reasons I'm not a fan of gambling person eight. But it it just blows my mind how good the government is. And it's. Pushing everybody else out of the way to make sure they get their share. That's how it works. I just what should understand that. Here is information in fact this is a story. That was actually reported by a local television station. In new Hanover county North Carolina. And this raises. Actually addresses the question of what happens to all of those millions of lottery dollars. That are supposed to go to education. Well here's the answer that question. 30% of the money from lottery sales actually goes to education. 30%. In 27 team that was 622. Point five million dollars that's a lot of money. The North Carolina education lottery used to fund part of teachers' salaries but according to media representative. Van Denton. Teacher salaries have not been included in the funds since last year. That's not explained by the way. Majority of all fund 63%. Last year's total wind to non instructional support staff. Which Denton said includes administrators and custodians. So 63%. Ford non instructional support staff. I just died you'd find it interest. Where this money is actually going. My contention and a good part of this is. We are spending much more than we need to spin now maybe we should have a conversation about giving teachers more maybe. But I think associated with that we need to have a conversation overall about what the heck we're doing with education in general. Are we trying to prop up an antiquated system. And support that system with more and more tax dollars. When the first thing that we ought to do is to take a look at are we doing this in the most efficient and effective way possible. I'm not sure we stopped asked that question we keep giving more and more money with the idea. That giving more money means better education. And I think that's foolish. Let's get a perspective here from heat and good morning. Morning. Knows Berkeley does bring our. Median household term it will only speak out and quarterback for caller. It looks like that even resembling an. That equity than it ever income for future. Sure I get my. Stay here if I ever thought the median household income. People that are paying taxes. And preacher not same picture on both very. Very. Important and thought well. There are a lot of jobs out there are. Didn't and verse of guilt portion there. Break. That much Malia. There pebble more Kia. Up more people were more important than even. Look at. And sixty hour draw. He's made a great point they're Pete which is that there's got to be some equilibrium there are between the people who are supporting the teachers. And the teachers. That that makes a whole lot of sense if you're talking about averages. And it's that's. That's going to be an important consideration in this site do appreciate your call their Pete. Worthwhile point consider again. I think it's worth noting. 622. Point five million dollars from the lottery last year zeroed teacher salaries. And it's 63% of the total. Went to non instructional support staff. Which includes administrators and custodians. Let me just say something and I don't as states say this at all Kim we do a huge overall and get rid of a lot of these administrators. That's one of the first places I think we ought to look. When such a large percent. Percentage of state budget already goes to education. I think we need asked the question where is that money going. Where does it ago. We'll continue this conversation and much more 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. Daniel raises this question should teachers get a paid day off to lobby our government for more money. What are the field can you possibly do this. I'm just curious. Putting them out there it's a fair question to ask. Richard. In lol. Welcomes your. We're going band always departure job. Like a couple points or might about earth and the teacher are I have done more of the school teacher and we had discussions about and I at people who aren't how many weeks there are a year and it two weeks from our day. That's 260 days to a year that most people. Apple war and they get two week paid vacation they get Sundays and holidays and dictate. All told it like it's quite fight baseball that they are working now at 235. Eight the year. On ever. We look at at school teacher. And your school your work harder than any. You Sidney. Rice and there are complaining about an. They're numbers just don't add up. Oh why not NBC yesterday and there's a woman on their saying. At this school teachers they can't let all different greens are they cannot live on a four dollar a day. What should come out this figure. Yeah we're gonna talk but we're gonna talk about this mean it's been circulating around the Internet by the way Richard it's it is pure fiction and it's kind of nonsense. That unfortunately is causing. I think it's undermining whatever it is to try to accomplish by re circulating this garbage because it's garbage. You're right and what dark you know you don't have. Down putting the scandal because people look at you and they don't trust were just saying we figure out there you're you're a lie because that's not true. And that even pay check it they'd put that on that screen were spelled B seventeen bomber and at one dollar. And they come I think that's going to be. On each and every two week. They get paid every two weeks. Like it or denying them an hour. Mike pointed that fact and figures let's put it out there like you're working extra round today. And that's what you're getting paid a rocket that. Director of workforce to work for what they get it. You know. What I say and compare into. A teacher I mean what was on the cops in and be it no he empties it and people and and that steel. And or that job and not a drip don't but I doubt carrying all wait. Are. Good. Or everybody because they pay and we thank and we don't question. And it would we questioning war what our government and I want. Like a couple more outwardly. The heat because not opt out there and not dole and where we're all on one. I think the American taxpayer. You know when we. Get our government our state government or local government are are. All the elements that bought the community government what. Government. Boy that's an even bigger conversation Richard I do appreciate your call and they Q4. Your spirit of inquiry because this is largely with missing I think a lot of times our response and reaction to these stings it's emotional. We kind of do this when the children. And and not being facetious when I say this. That a lot of times things that are purported to be for the children not relief for the children there for the system. And somewhere in there weave through the children. And unfortunately we have millions of adults who are hiding behind children. That's what's really despicable. Tyrone will take Europe call here before we start talking about this false story circulating on the Internet morning Tyrone. You don't vote. First Paula I wanted to make a point about some of what you're talking about was education. So many years started out as educators. It out with the old system. The basic idea here is very little will always real controversy or timely year when politics and elections come up. For what I what the real problem thing I want to bring forward as the issue. You know what happened to hateful the mormons. In the issue that out you know in North Carolina listed in the top and a public school system. I'd let you know were in the bottom and why did your guests that I don't believe. Wanna make money on that level one woman I'm going to go to public school. That because of the heat sink that low level of continuing. But it opera because of that secular humanist morality that group that they're pushed. And it's that there and Al and and that's who are not even. Who walk the subject of public school with educators don't protect them. So you know that that's the only three that wanted to put an industry issues and I want a good job. They don't deserve more money you're gonna conflict if somebody else maybe afraid too. A fair enough I do appreciate your call I'd Tyrone and by the way if your teacher you know I welcome your call into this broadcast provider perspective here. Let me get this thing. And nail it effectively. News and observer is actually reporting the story have you seen this mean circulating around the Internet. North Carolina teacher I earned 53 dollars a day to educate. The news and observer says his math is wrong. So we've got this demonstration. Taking place with the idea to raise awareness about the need for more education funding. One teacher stories gain traction. Teacher's name is Nicole's teacher from western North Carolina. This was posted on FaceBook. That is take home pay for April. Was 17115. Dollars after insurance and child care and taxes were deducted. Today. He goes on I'm roughly paid. 53 dollars today to educate you or child. Play defects. Pull it affect. Usually sticks defect checking politic politicians pundits big news sites and prominent organizational leaders. They've taken a look at this claim. Because of all the attention that is getting across the country. They've reviewed this claim. We reached out to the teacher for comment on specifics of his salary did not hear back. We've been reached out to public school system. This is in stokes county where he works. Wage information from public school teachers and all government employees. All of those are matters of public record. So the executive director of human resources for stokes Kenny schools in the district's lead spokesperson. Provided poor little fact with the teachers information. The teacher's name Nicholas brands. Works at north stokes high school and that's been a teacher for nine years eight months. That means and the State's salary schedule for teachers who bachelor's degrees he qualifies for an annual salary. 40550. Dollars from the state first your teacher with a bachelor's degree. Guess 35000. It jumps about 40000 after ten years 45 after 1550. After 29. Years. There also supplements from county governments and stokes caddie that means. Brenda sexually gets 4% of his annual state salary added to his prey from the academy. There's more we're gonna break this down and tell you why this story circulating on the Internet is pure fiction. And white needs to be rejected. The lions are fool are you surprised I'm nuts. Passionate issue and will continue the conversation. I can. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley writer for and Mahan this subject off. Teachers and teacher pay really has stimulated a lot of interest. As demonstrated by the fact the phone lines are completely for I want to finish the story. About this guy this mean it's been circulating this guy claiming he makes only 53 dollars today this is a joke. And you need to understand this thoroughly investigated by pull effect. They did some computations to find out. How much this guy's salary actually is how much additional money does he get from stokes county a supplement. To that salary. On top of that brand is is currently an assistant coach for the football and wrestling team so he receives an additional. 2300. Dollars for each year that he coaches there's teams. So that puts his annual salary 44472. Before taxes health insurance and childcare. 44472. Slightly higher than the most recent median income calculated for stoked Kelly. 42004. Injured 89 someone made this point early which I think is get one. I think salaries need to be in line. An average especially if you're talking about public employees. It should be in sync with what the people in that area are making. Actually lower than the most recent median income calculator for all North Carolina residents though. Which is 48256. The average sour for North Carolina teachers across the board including all levels of experience is 51214. Some teachers choose to only accept checks during the school year which runs from mid August or early June. Grandest chose to have a salary spread over twelve months. So his monthly income is about 3706. Dollars. According to the school system. He's deductions for optional supplemental insurance. Various other pre tax deductions as well was health insurance costs come out to about 954 dollars that includes child care. That leaves him. About 2752. Dollars a month. This further goes on to look at weekly and daily pay. Excluding days off. And it comes out to about 680 dollars a week. You know how much it is a day. He says he makes 53 dollars today it's actually 137. Dollars a day. That's a big difference. 137. Dollars a day. So this means it's been circulated this story it's been circulated. Is really. A fraud. Just understand that. To close this out to arrive at 53 dollars today figure for April. Brand this would have had to divide 7250. By 32 days however there are thirty days in April more importantly the school system told Flynn effect. Brand has worked for actually 21 point five days Naples whose cheque for that month 1715 megabytes 41 point five. That's actually 79. Dollars 76 a day. That's the lowest you can yet. So bottom line news. The beam is wrong. It's wrong. Point. I said this is frustrating. Just how many people are probably going on right now touting this story and saying this is evidence that our teachers are underpaid. And I'm sure all of us can tell stories about how we're working how hard we're working. One job to job three jobs whatever reais. And there should be the understanding if you were a public servant. You're just that public servant. And there are limits to how much. That you can be paid. Limits. Let's take a quick call here from Jim good morning welcome mr. More live events or don't they are doing well. And let them all every effort twenty year. Run off the bat and it is my. I did not get paid a lot of money but I didn't come here to get Angela. Okay outlet that you have more work likable. I can't wondering and that assembled for the benefit of the Paribas had small. Should Albert. Pat according to court this morning one day you get court Malia is 800 dollar a year. And bears are unique in advance. What you're currently make it and it didn't writer Rula what. Sectors. I do have a rule. About. What I'm at courses that you use a either an evaluation watching year. I never could quite understand what supposedly has to do whether my right. If you can't get straight truth and right to call whoever is across the four. So they're very well and has not been good wherever he. It is. I think that right should be done or to perk for long because just like any other government. If you have more people not the one thing you can go and everybody you'd you can share what I'm. As a whole yes you're not you're not on the record. I'd be good to great. Now granted twenty years ago and we at level one million he could square. At school now we have over re merely OK at feet square feet. Internal mic work it is currently or in art school district in the country. We went. It's great like just like government. You have more administration in your actual people don't want war. And in in do we really technical look there's it would actually at secretaries. Of secretary at bat of. Yep you make a great point here I do appreciate your call Jim out of Concord and it kind of reminds me of what happened to any company in Kentucky years ago they were talking about how they were going to have fewer managers. Managing managers. And maybe that's the kind of approach we need to take the school system. We got many more calls and we'll try to get to some of them coming up next are ready here.