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1106 art ever to Barbara just to not believe we still have four full compliance. Some you've been waiting here for about half an hour or so wanting to address this issue of teachers the demonstration taking place here in North Carolina today. Aunts and we give as many of you as possible the opportunity to sound off on this. So let's begin with JBJ. In surely good morning. You're doing it nicer that way that is great I want you had a caller. Oh what about the salary schedule with teachers. I am a high school teacher here in North Carolina and I'm in the area and it's the paid one if you Horry for. People in the classroom. You really want tomorrow weather tomorrow it will you have sort of weird but it is 18. And you talk about the growth. What we at all is what we going home park and that is. And now in terms that you or you know Koppel with a child or. Family that has and then he continued with two children. You know they're being sick and air strikes and use. Go to a restaurant before you leave it here you know so Ayers used to each. So I think when you talk about pay for performance. Been teaching for about 2040 years apple masters degree of local but he. And copy 20. My you won't let me get out of beard he gets for you the who are you. IQ academy and how cool though things current right we. I need to connect with you to help well one of my children with serious to go ahead be glitz. But when you talk about people formed in probably the peak talk about each. And I am the screwed up there are. It when I talk about adding that a little bit more worried about salary like you don't as there are people. Cool you know what when you are critical moment. Don't get me at all. Give it to him. The cult of wanting I don't know it's not leave you with this. All with the first cool I'll. Parents both are teachers preachers and disciplinary children. Bogle the whole and so will the family. Community. Around you speak about race. Give the papal almost to the children. The end of farmed teachers. Will help go into public school in shall. When your children called into the classroom alert. Radio beating the top form was so. Maybe what they view it as a whole does talk about deliveries are deliberately. Because we believe we are conquering it. And when you have a country of systems and bureaucratic issues that really. Don't treat. I'll work that way I do know and understand so I'm. A lot I hear you Jake and we've got to get to some other callers here if there's one thing. That can happen to make your job easier to give you greater job satisfaction what would be. It would be make sure your child as low. Hole properly mail guru that you eat your peers in Korea to learn and has been given the resources of Internet. And all the opportunities. To where they have a little who are and what they get more clear from home. And then they'll work they'll Latin corner is an art enjoy. Jake which you hold on the line I'd like to give some information from you that led to a talk further about. What you do you and I mean the advice you've given just right on the money and that this is one thing it definitely understand appreciate and I'm very concerned about the fact that so many. Teachers are doing things beyond teaching. They are taking on responsibilities that. Really never should have been pushed their way and that is very much unfair share out of state through good morning. I'm high on date and that he's an intelligent person that I have heard all morning. And early items for what he's doing I have been teaching and North Carolina applicant like I've been teaching here for fourteen years. I have or heat your experience with actors and I make 48000. I wanted to first addressed what he does get that teachers don't get paid every week we get paid once a month. And Eddie's attic even candidate she teachers cheap here on the set. Check during the school year. My district I think it was actually because we only get paid for ten months we have to only take a check for and not we don't get it there this summer. I'm that would have really wanted to lecture at. What do I. Even though we don't work during the summer we had been part of the summer in meeting our national development preparing for the next school here. We only have to get every day during that. Consumer tech get ready for the next school here that we get paid force that we have to spend an hour and half and then. We have the better in the odd things like furniture. Wait to Europe order here it says that they will be heck appropriately so that they'll be activated and do well on on their school work. Didn't hear a hack that I on the Allah my. A public school supplies for the hit an average average from parents are the two boxes of Kleenex and one bucks a week or cancel. It's a little bit donated from church in about Iraq. And then that court first student or things like practically battles. Domestic issues abuse I wouldn't bat an account at bank stating. I have worked in public school in North Carolina charter school and that worked in private school. Hour and a private school because one match and children were young I need that I wouldn't have time to spend with them hound. So I went to work in practice that at halftime. And I'm just really disappointed what I hear on the radio this morning because. It seemed to be locked on a lot of people including even. That teachers are not have rallied today about the way there and rally today because the money that not being sent our education set. OK can we stop there a moment. These choices where those choices made cherry. What. About where the money spent. And morality. Our district. Doesn't choose how much money they get each year. They're given a it and then they have to do what they camera that budget Mack who doesn't happen art teacher. And that's because they don't have enough money and. Hey hold and hold 12 cherry because. IE and you're telling me that the local school systems do not have discretion as to how that money is spent. They don't have discretion on how much money they see. OK I understand the received part. He had this is where I think some more interest in discussions. Probably need to take place on the local level I get what we're talking about receiving money. I'm wondering how many conversations we need to have about where that money is going on the local level and going to things like administration and overhead. Because Cheri I. I want this understood. You work. You know I I I I don't have any doubt about your work ethic I don't have any doubt about that whatsoever. I do have a concern about people making over a 100000 dollars. In bureaucratic positions in the school system. Wind you're not making as much money and you're on the front lines of teaching her chill. I agree that your turning the conversation again back to how much teachers. Today is not about what teachers make it work out what being bent and on school. I don't hear it. So you're talking to you want a whole lot more hold through the break. Because I I think we're missing each other here but I think we're actually in agreement cherry will continue the conversation after the break. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley ready are firm were talking we shared the we try to do something here and it's. Put a couple people on the same time and you Sherri you have made the point here you're you're saying this isn't about teacher salary specifically you're saying. There's there's a call here by these teachers demonstrating today they want more money. Periods. For education. Yet we want more money first report very different things that if we were definitely wouldn't care app a salary thing like. Think that the money spent on testing to be spent on. Mike differentiated testing says students that had special needs can be tested in different ways this year. But they can do anything just a different way we need teacher assistants said that children have better support and work out letters. I'm in like that there's different people in our school buildings that fact that teachers like Eric has lesbians and our bus drivers we need them perhaps. What they need. That's it's not about salaries that are you happen. Defending everything about our eye out for the last I know. Is I don't think our salary. Well I don't think anybody saying that Cheri I don't think anybody saying you don't deserve your salary. I could flip that I think what. I end if I miss something then I would certainly stand corrected. Just about everything I have seen and social media is about teacher pay. That's about all I have seen on social media for the last few weeks it's not about what you just said to me at all. How is that message not getting through. But not what I've seen that of course a lot of my parents are teachers. That I don't think they'll learn the they'll legislators. That's what they've been focusing on because that element at what the real issues are that educators are trying to that the on the real issues. If you have a lot of friends that are educators. You're not seeing that at the day that sign that you'll see today are not about pay that the prime get out there. Okay I I hope you're right they're Syria do appreciate your call I appreciate your clarification there as to where you're coming from because I think that is. Vitally important to understand that. Are kind of looking on the other side of this. Jim pockets on the line good morning Jim could darken the denser. Ornamental Greg have you back. Hey thank you very much stay Q what do you think of all you've been hearing now and an antenna curious to your perspective especially following on that last caller. About the need for more money. It completely. Four for schools. This is an infuriating farmers and Jeanette and every year when he won yours. And I've observed from the Mecklenburg County board of education before I was on the orbiter missions have a little bit of would be back. A spoke with the overall fund. Mecklenburg County of roughly 50%. Of its revenues. Education. And we do run the rest of the talent on the same. That's the library. The sheriff's department the jail records health and human services all the oil for error the old apartment or indirect. Building standards. Everything else in the county of Ronald approximately the same amount of money that we get him out and they supplement. They're they're spending up. What they're debated in revenue they get from the state. We have a dollar education and then run the rest that accounted for about an hour review all I'm here. There's about future play and you can't have a legitimate discussion about future. When you stall I think we are not very different than the private sector and get your job is in. No way reflective. Of what the problem factory. You and I have been all along that I will be more than happy to pay private sector silent if you don't have province since the war in addition. Well. And I'd spread. Ordered up by the way I mean you're likely to be transferred over your career that means that you can have a recession that picture job the way. It was a recession proof. I mean you do not have a defined benefit retirement do not have health insurance for the rest of your life. These state employees' retirement. Is then yeah lowered just burned in the world. But more so I'm. They are all that when no one in salt. The private sector doesn't have. And also if you're an Allah picture about my daughter's apartment and a little bit. I mean you're not part of a public middle school picture. But it. But the fact of the matter is you can get a job as a first great future. Bill bill you're only by the time Utah and ever changing jobs that ever happened in the public and the private sector. The error the private sector doing jobs okay. And you keep doing the job a little restaurant like the old interview room mostly for the ultimate Libyan interest you not secured. You'll pay double and defend. You at that they don't have the responsibility. That's not reflected in the future and so that's the frustrating thing I understand and simpler. But yet they are not been that much in the immediate and a bank when your job but nothing like that defeated. And what about this question of you know our last caller is talking about getting additional money. Out of state in general. I mean or what's the feasibility of this. Well with this they also about the way he spent about half a they don't do little more than half of the state budget on education. So. He is bad enough I don't know I can tell you there's huge waves. In public school I hope look sort of donated the Border Patrol schools and we performed extraordinarily well with eight. Fraction of those of what. All I know I'm very familiar with charter schools. Yes but you're right you're getting over it's unbelievable the superintendent of a mind based. And probably the best one in the nation today when he took over fire. None of foul play over it and what you call. And turn the building towards the towards it to a magnet school and I could have hoped that the call but I do believe it would not the Olympic. So there's just massive overhead and they about a in this our budget they have met this broad is going to put a number of management. You're kidding me Jim how in the world do we say this is what I'm talking about and and especially if you're talking about money and and teachers. And hints you seem to be confirming what I'm hearing most of what I'm theories about teachers getting more money. This again. Makes this sound more more like a local issue. That we ought to if you wanna have marches there are going to be marches in front of the the headquarters for these school systems. To protest. The high overhead in my right about this. Don't know exactly what you'd like to do while we're paying somewhere in that group didn't thousand dollars for a ship out. But America the Tibetan child nutrition but I haven't been many of them being married and to put them. Of the of the superdome open. But ultimately with the policy people that don't have any education and policy would love these multiple layers of a regional district. Superintendent. Aaron award and always owned and always. If there is anybody ever presented a proposal to get rid of these positions Jim. Well yeah. Everybody talked about it nobody believed that it it all on debit. I'm in I'm waiting for somebody to come along with the proposal and say this is what we need to do let's slash all of these positions. Where where is that where's that leadership gonna come for a. I have no idea the bubble and the public doesn't republics and that the border kind of soaked and say they don't ever really have many people from the outside world if you will between men and deal where. And and talked about how the private sector really work slowed the united. They're insulated from memory and support and masses and most of treatment so but to dabble in. But all of you at Oprah. Yeah yeah you're right Jim Jim worked against a hard break here hold on the line deserves or one of followed with one more thing about this and I can't believe we still have full four lines I would consider your conversation which him pocket here. You know this is one of my frustrations this is why at who complain about big government in Washington. Folks big government is closer than you think it's right around the corner. Ants if we take its under control in our neighborhoods and our communities. We may as well shot the whole thing down. Because we're gonna go bankrupt. Quite a discussion we fed today and Vince Coakley radio program about its education teachers and I told Jim Puckett over bogus fact he's been serving as a public official for quite some time. And getting that particular perspective and and discuss this and not just my frustration about education it's so many other areas. We are desperately lacking in leadership in this country. When it comes to managing. Public systems and I'm talking about local government county government state government. Where's the leadership it's gonna come along and say we cannot sustain the level at which we are spending we can't. And to ask for us to make additional expenditures. It's it's not acceptable. But unfortunately we've got people running the other way and Kentucky Republican and Democrat you can't stop them. From asking for more money. They're all doing the same thing which. In this what I wanna come back to Jim because we're at a place where. You know our economy is changing and so many ways. And yet you know this is a broader conversation we need to have about how we need to change education in general. We've seen costs. I demonstrated and just as examples we have a caller talking about this earlier. Charter schools are able to do this for much much less. While we are home schooling family we've certainly done it for much less than thousands of dollars a year. What's what's gonna change this this entire thing Jim. What's going to be that though the one change that's gonna move us away from this bloated system. Well look unhappy in electing people really stand should the court being that featured group the bureaucrats or whatever the start. Doing his background about doing now and debating back. Not it should admit that and I have no interest in doing it on to meet with. Back and deal with reality and I'll deal with. But mature under the premarket protector of that. The big group I'll right now about Mac users are being liberal school. It is exactly. The IMF has failed those communities. They now are taking advantage of the fact that there's legislation that have been put in place. They don't distort figure educational. That's been bureaucracies and public schools in particular. Don't like the free market but that didn't chicken. Or the public will anyway. Well this is just the problem. The apple really wanted that and let people won't help them down. This all comes back to local controlled us in the gym. Absolutely. Absolutely all the politics is local. And that's words to boot. But don't let that politicians really build you know stand up and saying yeah. That your aunts and Adobe although I'm. You have 49% of the people of radio and important paperwork so rumble like. And I have found over the year telling the truth. And in answering. Every question truthfully. You know at least if you want to have people in the go to that makes the summit of the debate. Let's have it for sure Jim Puckett great talk with you again I appreciate your call into the broadcast today Acer. Always look where it would order an. I've I've got to decompress here fervent I mean this has been pretty interesting today and and and and I hope everybody understands what I'm saying here this is nobody. I'm not approaching this from. Strictly a numbers perspective. I'm just looking this at this across the board. Mean I think of my parents telling me stories of these small little little school rooms. And it's you know. First thing they get to the school. Setting a fire. You know so they can keep the place warm I mean we're starting very primitive here. And somehow. You're you're not gonna convince being in many ways that we have. Children that are better educated now than they were back then. And I go back to the point it was raised by. Children need to be ready to learn as soon as they get school and much of that preparation needs to be us. I'm the damaging my own feeling here I need to be more informed than I am. And it's one of the tragedies is that we're farming more and more votes as parents. When I saw this morning I don't wanna stir that debate. Lips. Take a look at the day in history. If you're holding on the line you still wanna talk to the education issue we will come back to that page wanna take a little break. For a bit from this. And we can address this issue of education I'm sure we'll have plenty of other discussions on this beyond today and we should. What I'm calling for above all. Those of you on the line right now all of us if you Fuhrman in the sun in my voice. Is there a point we can all come together in the Q and providing leadership on this issue because it's obvious to me politicians won't. They won't. They're gonna follow the path of least resistance. What are the groups that are lobbying them today. He's the people Nike MI door asking for money. OK we've heard give it to a room board they're going to run us out of office or whatever the consequences are going to be. They're going to be portrayed as being anti child anti education whatever it is. There's a point you've just got to say whoo freaking Ayers. We need to do what's right we need to do what is Smart for 2018. What's looked good back in 1970. And if they look the same. You gotta ask the question why why are weak. Or even worse. You'd get more. Bloated administration now than you did before. Serious questions need to be raised here. Who's going to be provide the leadership to take us to the next level who's going to do that. Our rights. 43 after the hour let's take a look at the day in history. To go down two months ago in our Greenville studio. And it's how are you doing today men. Until I welcome to the line so count Vince take your shoes off with Liu toes around decompress a little bit don't worry about the guys in the studio and the smell they can handle going to be all right. Thank you I so appreciate that that's why your here she covered up those corns. Let's go to the first question in the eighteenth warning now in. The first awards of this type handouts is in the 1929. Like Margaret. Our rights and what is the original title what is the other name their known Tony award. You're right and the reason I say this the first awards were handed out 1929. Did not become known as the Oscars until 1931. 1963. Gordon Cooper was his name. And he was involved in project Mercury emissions. What did he do as part of this mission. Within the space. Okay. That's a good thing. There's more to us but we're gonna have to get to and after the break is we've got a coming every year. We'll finish this one and go to the next question which is something you strike me up the wall in fact I found a lot of people agree with me on this subject. Will. Let's send that much sports we continue to broadcast. Its 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. It is 49 minutes after 11 o'clock final stretch in Minsk Oprah radio firm on this Wednesday and suites and a good part of its document teachers and please understand and I. Communicated during the last segment. I'm all for teachers I'm all for education. I'm also for. Reform. It's time for us to think about how we can do this. Much more effectively and takes more calls on this in just a bit we're having fun with blunt talking about the date in history. And I am really. Wouldn't question this one relates to. Something that happened on this date in history. Way way way way. And he probably was important. So I've got to cut operate where you born there not just. I was not actually this was two years before I was born. When he mr. Gordon Cooper what what he did you see. Orbited the earth 22 times. That was the answer for 63. 1963 for Gordon Cooper there's no way you're. He know what she could about this you know far be it from me to. Tell you how to give chances he should just asked me how many times he orbited the year. But 1991. And this person. Became the first British monarch to address the US congress. Who once it. First person first monarchy in 1981. To address the US congress. Prince Charles soul. Was actually Queen Elizabeth the Second I figured it was a and Elizabeth and I was I could remember how old the one she's pretty she's up there. Under. An order its missed talk agents politically and corrects or. You've committed the end protocols send lines though you should be ashamed of yourself alive shame to queen like I care. The sixers lead in are you going to watch any of the royal wedding that's coming up. I don't even know when it is now I know it's been mentioned on the news and I've been. Good for you I'm glad you don't care you. Are still part of the guy club so. You taught literature and well as far as I don't like to see try to take my man card ballots the. News. Until. Age you hear about this story that happened this guy in Greenwood. There's this is one of the most bizarre stories you come across 4:20 in the morning Saturday. They spotted a naked man running in the road. Near record herself Mahan and curtsy avenue. This woman 56 year old woman and wonder why she was out at 4:20 in the morning anyway she obviously you've never been to Greenland. Or gave explains it. Indicates the victim here. 56 year old Keith Norman Weytman. Very distraught told officers she was on the run the reason he was on the right and the if you heard this yet this one in the disputes are stories are senior. He was being attacked by snakes. That was why he was running around distraught naked. Now he explained the officers who was partly his fault he'd been looking for the snakes. Okay he's looking for Smith to work or. Oh my goodness and here's where it gets really creepy. That's what he says the snakes sneaked up on him and got into his pants. And it's that's the natural. He advised the states began to bite him while he was walking down the road. If you say where the snakes were fighting odds. Did you mistakes biting him he began to address on the side of the road in plain view motorists. Would view it and he advised he then begin running away from the snakes that were in his clothes. And the use trying to get the home of family member win police stopped him. That's when they came across the cops say they found only his pants. Near the Health Department on south main no other elements of clothing also said they did not see any snakes what a surprise. What do you think is other important element of the story we're about ready to find out. Can't win. I think somebody in the studio yes Charles. Tipping the bottle. He appeared to be intoxicated. The reports at but he denied having consumed alcohol prior to this snake attack. So anyway by the way way way as a public service announcement you need to find out what this guy was drinking so people can stay away from. That's probably good idea the the crisis is it a question of what he was drinking or the amounts. That could be a problem too. Any case officers. Offered him a ride taking the hospital for an examination. Ultimately took a trip to jail on a charge of indecent exposure of another question are there. Dash cam Holland. Well I wanna knows how to see the cops actually looking forward to snakes out of new. Effort they've put in Milliken for Smith yeah I'd be curious to see how much time that probably took about what monitored tune written in and we move on as something else. Likeness I'm really concerned sometimes. The things that we skipped pulled into it next time you come down you and are gone Greenwood. Oh really what what are we gonna do agree. With for snakes okay. Look for states. Well I'm gonna make sure that the bottom of my pants are very much six years so I don't have to worry about them like creepy. In two places they do not belong. Alonso thanks for helping in the broadcast on a late note have a little fun here. We'll continue our conversation about education in many other important things don't worry about it. Any case have cells agreed today and got bush and take care.