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6 minutes after 11 o'clock. Gonna go back to your calls here in just a bit. I want to share a few ticks including this wonderful text what was it like when you walked on water. I think that's a very ironic text from an obvious trump supporter. Listen here. I am not a moron who thinks that I do walk on water. I'm not the one making grandiose claims of what I'm going to be true this is so ironic. Yeah I'm the one. I'm the one. Who supposedly yeah. I guess this person's implying that I A in the implying I'm riches or whatever beyond whatever. Isn't it ironic. And this is the point have been making all along folks. It's the vein boasting. That will be this man's undoing. It is the arrogance. Any case. McDonald to one tweeted today and put a one day delay on each. Boy. Annoy you see is my networked worth and get jealous and want to spread the wealth. You hear this it's crazy tax forget this when I love this when Vince we should all remember to pray for the president. Instead of just putting out its faults absolutely and I told you before hour I'm praying. I have prayed and continue to pray. Four challenges that are so big they drive this man down to his knees that is my prayer for this man. Because. When he gets on his knees. That's when we will all be in much better shape. See it's not just him. The whole nation. This is what you have to understand. Leaders. Have such impact. And what they do or don't you can have an impact on the entire nation. His humility or the lack thereof or his pride. Can have an impact on all of us. So it's not just a matter at this one of the reasons why get really worked up when I hear people say well you'd just take your bread or anybody else. I'm not the person who ran for president set I was going to save the world. Which is essentially what he said. If you're gonna make those kinds of bush you better darn well better make sure you've got all the support you can possibly have starting with Evan. But if you think you're gonna do this all on your own. Without congressional support. Without the people being with you. It's a full Erin folks. I've said this I don't know how many times I get it. You're gonna talk about that keeps state and all these other. International agencies I get it folks but one man standing against that is a suicide mission. And I will tell you I'm concerned. That we still don't have a critical mass of people in this country who have their eyes open. And I think a lot of people who think their eyes are open they don't. Just putting them out there. Vince did you see the season finale of designated survivors spoiler alert the Butler did it our largest and yanking your chain. Yeah life. Several episodes behind and I kind of lost interest with the liberal ideology that they've been pompano lately man. As show that's I think really had a lot of potential. And the directions that that's taken in recent days oh my goodness. Stir me up the wall. I'm sure it's a had the same effect on some if you let's get to a couple of your calls before we move on here and go first to Fred walk answer. A hindrance. Are there I am listening. OK with regard to the comments that were made. Both our caller as well as supporting a position yourself. Which also support and that's and regardless of the convention of the states. And I want to delegate to the South Carolina Republican Party convention. This past Saturday. And a resolution. Had been put on the agenda. And four vote for a mission to billion attached. To the party plus. With regard to supporting it and pursuing at the convention of the states. Not great county is considered. By a lot of people. The visual one of the most conservative places in the United States. With that in mind. The vast majority when McCain devotes. Of the people that delegates is of the green locality. Convention were delegates. Voted in opposition. Of supporting. And attaching this. A resolution. To the Tuesday plight Republican Party. As well is overwhelmingly. Built the delegation as a whole opposed and voted Buddhist now. This is an indication that the party not only here but crosses study. It's part of the sis boom you the chamber of commerce. And the global list and all of the Apollo. The east potential for getting a convention on the stage. Is warrior out in order for you'll public support but I don't see you have. I've got to take your Fred and and this doesn't this go to heart what I just said a couple of minutes ago. You know what in the world and and I am I welcome the sketch and I know the concerns have been expressed about a convention states. How the heck do you think Washington is going to fix Washington. Can somebody explain that to me do you know the answer to that question Fred. Of course I'll lower doses because I don't want to be six. All have a problem. They're not arm that you are enjoying it'll living off flows the issue is that they have created. Their own little. What's frustrating though too with those people why don't think understand. That if we don't with Republican control of the number of legislatures across the country. If we're not able to fix this thing with the states were dealt we're doomed anyway that's what people have to understand yours oh we went over runaway convention. While pink elephant. Might fall from the sky and crush all of us to death. You know we we cannot live in these what apps but supported the matter is. If we cannot get some resolution like this on the state level a place like South Carolina. Stick a fork Guinness we're done. I didn't call me skeptical. But I I just don't think you gonna do it any other way. Our agree in the end thing here in South Carolina was just like peace. I think it's a pandora box if they open it up then things will really go back. Yeah I hear you for a while thanks again for year. Representation. There and I don't know what to say I really don't. Wanna try to and a desire not pessimistic here. But usually it's it's things like this. That we're losing on the merits. And the contents. And the on the fundamentals of our very governmental system. And if we're failing bear. What do you think we're gonna do with Washington with some person. Just throwing one person in Washington and presidency or anywhere else. Folks it's it's got to be yet deeper broader. War comprehensive. Movement and that if it's not. Then we are. We are very delusional. More of your calls. And I will get to that social media post from Steve days we continue and broadcast. And ninety minutes after eleven school I took off from Alex good morning sir. You know my issue is my mission with the media and how to journalistic standards at data net have to change in the music though they terrified that they identified sources they got both sides of the story. Com source making the claim they closed the current. The Washington Post that after an average Joseph would it be simple level. At the Washington Post presence is so public figure the public figure can't sue. I'm lucky to prove malice and out like impossible to do I need any publicly you know there may. Thank you know that they claim to. Washington Post near the papers. Can be wrong because they know what they're. Can get sued if during corrects. Oh my yeah the standard should be the same for everybody I can be a good example Washington Post reported to. Deputy AG which you're right rose instinct threatened to quit. I can't. And true keep it was untrue and it's immediate. CBO the Sudan. It's an exact damage mainly I the president. He can't because the load for public security tight. You're never gonna improve the journalistic standard and get back the way it was forty years ago and let that can be punished for being so flagrant. And you violently wrong in the facts. You made great points here hey appreciate Calder Alex and like you said there are no consequences for this whatsoever. I mean I mean how many times you hear these stories of somebody runs a story about someone. And it turns out oh we got this wrong and you know as opposed to would be splash in the front page. You have a correction on page 25. That nobody will ever see or thereabouts. And what are my favorites is back and I was in the TV news business we had these clarifications. Put that in quotes. We want to clarify story we ran it yesterday. It. Here's the translation of that we screwed up. And sometimes. Their payouts for existing. You know that is works. Cameron fortunate. I wanna do a couple of things quickly and get through the social media post I've been talking about first. I told you I wouldn't. Throw out one piece. Of counsel that I would love for Donald Trump to embrace. Yesterday he delivered a commencement speech. And something you said yesterday just really stood out unfortunately. It's not the first time. It really isn't. I find it odd in fact. One of the things that intrigues me. Is you're all this talk about bluster and you know people think always a tough guy he's going to clean this up and and it's. The issue here in the social media approached. I don't think that's in him at all. What you think is there is not fair. Bright are reporting today Donald Trump criticizing decision appoint a special counsel the probe investigating allegations. The drug campaign colluded with the Russians during point sixty election. With all of the legal action to place the Clinton Campaign and Obama administration. There was never a special counsel appointed. Is misspelled by the way CO UN CEO. Truck brought this on Twitter this morning former FBI director Robert Mueller reported special counsel in the case by the Justice Department. Truck signaled his frustration of the process again describing it as a witch hunt. This is the single greatest which shot of a politician in American history. C'mon folks. The exaggeration here is it's sickening it really is. He said yesterday was eager to conclude the investigation as I've stated many times a thorough investigation confirm what we already know. There was no collusion between my campaign in any foreign entity. All right. But would you stop with the victims stuff. Even speaking yesterday. Speaking yesterday. At a commencement address and I get the idea here you know you want to identify with your audience. And yet I just think this was. Totally inappropriate. For commencement address. And if there's one thing mr. trump can improvise and it's to get rid of this victim Knology. It's amazing to me are here so many complaints about snowflakes. I think we have a snowflake in chief. Listen up. Now I want to take this opportunity. To give you some advice. Over the course of your life. You'll find that things are not always fair you'll find that things happen to you that you do not deserve. And that are not always warrant it. But you have to put your head down and fight fight fight. Never ever ever give up. Things will work out just fine. Look at the way I've been treated lightly. Especially by the media. No politician in history. And I say this with. Great security. Has been treated worse. Or more unfairly. You can't let them get you down. You can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. Okay. We're. You know one of the things you do to start fighting this. Is you stop exaggerating. The enormity of this. You're not. The person who's been victimized the most. I just don't buy this. Putted out. Which is a good lead into. What I've promised to share. This was posted by my different Steve case last week. It's a little Lindsay but it's worth sharing. And I agree with every single solitary word. I welcome your feedback and I know there will be. A truth bomb those who claim they like straight talk and telling it like it is from their fake alpha male politicians. Will melt like snow flakes when they read it. And those who say they're for tolerance will be to intolerant to truly understand. To my friends on the whatever the right it is now days know this is it's 99 dimensional chess to my friends on the left. I actually heavenly. This is not a grand conspiracy. This is simply a seven year old Peter Pan who's rich and lived a life avoiding responsibility. He just acts out. He just does stuff. There's no plan. He's not a step ahead he's a perpetual random act. When his women outlive their welcome he trades the man for newer models. What is businesses go belly up aegis files for bankruptcy. When he fails the governing. He just runs to Twitter to whine and blame everyone else. At no point does he take responsibility for anything except that which has been successful. He has no desire but winning. Which in and of itself is necessarily bad except this definition of winning is usually a selfish one. He's not Michael Jordan putting up 25 shots a night but when he sees Steve Kerr opened the past. The ball for the game winner he's Carmelo Anthony wrecking a hall of fame stats but he's a drain on this team. He's so wounded he needs and desires constant validation and Exel patient. He's every bit the megalomaniac. Is predecessor wise except his predecessors narcissism and was primarily driven by belief. In the superiority of his ideology. The president's narcissism is primarily driven by his ego and especially fragile one at that. This is wise predecessor drove his political party hard left. Through the arrogance of is the ideology even at the point of decimating its parties Brandon numbers nationwide. This one is driving his party's credibility into the ground through his own personal arrogance. Both men were corrupting influences on those around them just different types of corruption. As for trump he masquerades as a bully. But backs down at the first sign of push back he's not even the stereotypical tycoon spoils as princess and towers. Lost the place year. Let's see. Hours she that. Let's go back to this spot here. There were ago. Towers over his Edward V seven lobbed a rather makes his daughter and son in law effectively co presidents. And it's been galleys. That's how injuries have himself. Which he compensates for buyer ridiculous boasting and holding massive rallies with common people everyday folks who. Mainly look up to because of his wealth and the reality show caricature of the charismatic I truly scripted for self. These are also people. He'd have never left trump tower or his private jet commiserate with if it weren't for the one ego trip to rule them all a run for the presidency. Last time we elected a neo Marxist. This time we elected in inner child. The alternative to that inner child was arguably the most ethically compromised national politician of our era. Translation our political gene pool is riddled with malignant tumors. Lest we get our act together as a people I both shatter and strangely curious to see who it is we're capable of electing next go around. But this is becoming downright biblical mixture of the time when everyone was wise in their own eyes in the fulfillment of Romans one. Gonna share the conclusion this after the break. It's pretty hard hitting. Now you can focus on the truck part. That's not actually were I would put most of the emphasis. I put most of the emphasis on us. And there's more that's when I finish this after the break 803 for 7163. And I text line is 71307. What do you think for a moment to what advance and I know we were just several months into the drug administration and you give me a single idea. That is been advanced. As a result of this administration. By contrast. I want you to think about healthcare. And what do obamacare has done to the entire. Issue of health care. Permanently. The grants change the entire conversation Barack Obama. Who I think is every bit as eager testicle as Donald Trump. And this right sixty days is right on the money. As. Much of an ego maniac is Barack Obama wise. The ideas are advanced look at what's happened with gay marriage. Cal this has become acceptable in our society. Using the powers of government. To bully people into. Accepting and embracing. What many of us do not want. Discussions changed on health care. What Republicans talking about how they can do health care. According to the dictates of progressive ism. Folks we are even changing conversation. If this is all about raw raw feeling in the candidate's name. We are so lost that we don't know how lost we are. I want to finish. With Steve days has posted and I'm gonna go back to something. The last paragraph unless we get our act together as a people are both shatter and I'm strangely curious to see who it is were capable of electing next go around. This is becoming downright biblical mixed for the time when everyone was wise to their own eyes and he fulfillment of Romans one. We fell for hope and change and then drain the swap. What we really felt for work cults of personality. Snapped say either men were evil. Men NASA or Ahab types per say. Of course hyper partisans reach me and view the other as evil while ignoring the shortcomings of their guy. But that idolatry only reinforces. That what I'm saying here's true. Both of raise children to be upstanding citizens for the most part best we can tell me in the spotlight the obamas have maintain a marriage and among the most difficult circumstances. No small feat since marriages and families get tossed decide. In far less adversity these days. Trump as best we can tell me some appointments the G judiciary. Recommend them doing good things we hope will seek. That law outlive his presidency. And he could make some more as well. But we are morally and spiritually confused people. As were both of the man we just elected to the highest office in the land. Obama can be -- such dignity with his words at one moment and in undignified as office with his actions the next. Trump seems to tap into the right world view at any given moment. Before reverting back to the eagle ism and dishonesty. That's driven him and his entire adult life. In many respects their reflections of who we are as a people. Capable of such light and such dark simultaneously. And detached from what ideas that made us of people in the first place. What grand lie will be the next political messiah. Actually what grand libel the next political messiah bestow upon us. That would make us swoon. Probably the one we want to hear. And again if your emphasis here and all you heard was. That I that I trapped. Then it's hopeless it really years. If you miss the crux of what has been communicated and that is at the end. We have to ask yourself why do we keep. Why do we keep falling for the same thing over and over again. Same thing. This is about us. There's potential there. For embracing light for embracing truth. But the same time. There's potential for us to. Continue making the same fatal mistakes over and over again. Another techsters says all this is called making America great again. Edit text there were lost were doomed we fell for this. We should've done this what other positives you do you see events. You see nothing positive. From the trump presidency really really. Again. Has netted just think we hear we want to hear dealt away. Did you hear praise therefore judicial appointments. And I've made plenty of other comments before. Judge court judgments come line. It's stroke clear spot on. We're the problem. If you haven't heard it George Carlin puts it perfectly. I will send you the link that is from Bryant. And check this out. That's regardless of what side you following concerning trump you have to admit he's always entertaining yes that's gonna work for. The end of times it's just been over the next over 3000 years would have the earth and more mortal humans live under. They've another three dozen years without an apocalypse. Answers they were here people like you say it's doom and gloom just over the next still over and over one generation. To the next forever. Well societies and cultures and countries have fallen. Would you not agree. We talked about this just a few weeks ago. Why is Europe uniting as one country why are they trying to do that. Because there all has been spokes. This is part of what I'm trying to communicate Hewitt doesn't necessarily mean the end of America. It may be the end of America as we know it. Where it gets collapsed into and I hear the talk about Fareed and all the other things I guess it. But you know what if wheat for our own sovereignty away. Within the country. These trade agreements and all these other things they really mean nothing they don't. Because we've already surrendered our sovereignty. We've already given up on self governance. Because we're not going to govern ourselves. Who cares who else is governing us. My perspective anyway 803 for 7163. 71 threes here are seven. Every contain the broadcast year. Ten minutes before the noon hour. Let me just got to wrap this. Particular portion up by sharing with Q that. One of the things I think we've got to do is. We've got to make sure that at the forefront. Of what we're talking about what we're doing is all about ideas. We've got to. We've got to reach a new generation of people. I'm probably get a touch on this tomorrow and faith focus Friday there's a new poll about religion in America all my goodness. It is during scary. It really years. Cause you wanna get a picture as to why. We're seeing this disintegration morally spiritually. Ethically. This really answers all of those questions. The left. They have all of these means of influencing people it's the media is the educational system. I think I mentioned on this this program a few days ago. I'm gonna re read. Andrew to college town is chapter on education. In the book the lord Woodrow. Because the whole purpose. Big educational system. Is really propaganda. It's not education. It's not to. Prepare. Young people for the future. To be independent. Thinking Americans in this for them to be propaganda axed. And these folks there winning the battle this is why they have the perspectives especially the younger people. And and I wanna be I wanna be perfectly. Transparent with you about we're dealing with us and our old home when our own children right now. They are facing these things. They're coming up. For force. Against these cultural forces. That have. Really. It's wobbled. An entire generation of people. So the idea in this is we've kind of we've got to wrap our heads around the idea the idea that up. A president. Or we could probably add any elected official at any level is going to come and fix all of this it's much deeper. And it starts with just looking at ourselves. How serious are we about self governance. How seriously are we about that. Is that rule ultimately impact. Have a significant impact. On. Where we go from here. We really embraced the vision of the founders and say you know what. We're gonna fully embraced that and what it really means to. Embraced that doctor that document the declaration of independence. And then be able to. Make that commitment not just to the document but to each other. I failed to mention earlier in the broadcast because I know. Alonso is big into music as I am. I was not familiar at all and I saw that Chris Cornell had guys that who in the world is this guy. My and so who is this guy ends I understand you have at least. One. Of Chris Cornell CDs. I do. I wasn't a huge fan but I do like a lot of the stuff. I am the highway is my favorite song. Black hole sun by the way the scariest video ever seen in my entire life. I don't suggest you watch it but maybe agility. On nothing but freaky smiles. Definitely probably not your style of music but. Very distinctive voice. Whenever you heard his voice you knew it was him no matter which group views with the refused by himself so reset itself when we lose anybody but it's also. You know this seems to be the way and rock and roll especially lately. Get sick characterization of the type of music I mean is there anything you can compared to may be other artists or other styles other voices. No I I think he's pretty much a voice while on zone again very distinct when you hear it DB like OK I've heard this guy before. It's it's that type of thing and it it's deathly rock. Okay as I was about asked that whether. It flooded house and it has a me. A lot of the stuff has a soulful melodic. Into it it's very. And sat underneath we stats when I get out of it and again said that another. Celebrity is gone this year. Because this year would be better than last year and maybe it's not going to be. Yeah at this point. Sources are telling one television station. That the death appears to be a suicide this has not been confirmed yet. But. And you've maybe you can you can touch on this a little bit what is it about this. Realm of from. Of of stardom that seems to. We seem to lose so many in in that manner there are such turmoil and a lot of this comes across in their music to. Well if you watch a lot of the behind the scenes thing I guess that's life on the road and in a lot of times never really finding. Purpose I guess. You know you get all the adulation from all your fans you necessarily need you don't find what you need inside for the most part. Yeah I was noticing here he leaves behind a wife for thirteen years and three children. It's it's extraordinarily sad to see this. And again just 52 years old Chris Cornell. Passing away. And a reminder to us you know of how we spend our days. Thanks very much for joining us on the Vince Coakley radio for Graham have you shows a great day. And got bush should take care.