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Friday morning welcome the broadcast it to be back with you hear what a 63 to be or do you hope your day is starting off well. It's always like to join the conversation. Destroyed 80347163. That's eagles' advantage to Oakland number common cents retirement planning text line. 71307. Interesting things to delve into during the course the broadcast today. We will laden. Talk about. Donald Trump's likely. Pick. For FBI director. This one. And it's kind of weird but I love to know you think. And it can actually cap and injured in the news. Which they actually get confirmation on who this person is. Before. Donald Trump takes off for an overseas trip. A review your thoughts. On this particular person when you think it's great idea. All of the hype. A few weeks ago about passing. A so called obamacare repeal. Two weeks later. Would you believe this bill has still not been sent on this and it. Aunts Damien of having to redo this entire thing. So all of the hype the celebration. Premature. We won't talk about why this thing has gotten stalled. It needs it's just crazy. The bizarre world. Of Republican control. Also. In faith focus Friday. And and I think both of these stories kind of give you a picture. Of what I believe is. Increasingly becoming a post Christian and anti Christian world. Here in the United States of America the reaction to. What I would think are very innocent tweets sent out by Marco Rubio. It really share rose. Not only how old. Out of touch the mainstream news media is but another story will go into. Then the next our faith of focus Friday. I think are two very clearly indicate to us. The grandeur. Cultural choice. That people have made. I think increasingly. They've made the choice to embrace. State Hisham. Instead of any form. A theological authority. That would transcend. What we're able to see what we're seeing is the triumph. Of materialism. What's intriguing about this what you have to understand materialism isn't just you know people wanting things. Materialism at its core. Is all about human beings being driven entirely by their senses. Ticked. So it's what I can see feel touch observed. That is my world. And I doped embrace anything. Outside of my senses. This is where we are going folks. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. You know. If you listen this program with any regularity I am the kind of person I a year and very very concerned about the possibility of raising false hopes. But I do love fighters. Who take guy and causes that I think are good crisis. That's news has uninteresting story. About the possibility. Of a lawsuit. To challenge the gasoline tax hike. This goes into effect July 1. There's this guy named Ned Sloan right here in Greenville. He already has case pending in connection with last year's constitutionally. Dubious. 400 million dollar borrowing bill for roads. Well he's talking with gas tax opponents. With the possibility. Putting together another lawsuit. Mr. Sloan sent a letter. Jewish state senator Tom Davis member guy who filibustered against the tax hike two years in a row. His argument was it was unnecessary given recent infrastructure funding increases. This time around Davis did not have enough support from. His so called Republican colleagues. Sloan letter to Davis sight is Davis cited his recent suit. That will be heard in June and encouraged to consider filing a parallel action. Against the massive tax hike that became law last week. Here's a quote from it. We urge you and other patriotic south Carolinians to submit a parallel complaint. Challenging the constitutionality. Of the gas tax bill. And petitioned the Supreme Court to entertain it. In its original jurisdiction. Kind of intriguing. Mr. Sloan sent this letter. During his watchdog group the South Carolina public interest foundation. Now mr. Davis indicated he would review mr. Stallone's letter. I respond to a soon. He praised the former paving contractor for his previous efforts to hold lawmakers accountable. Davis told fits news. Ned slowness someone I've always respected for his advocacy on behalf of constitutional. Government. So again I want to make this clear IE I don't know how much of a chance this has an and I kind of wonder what would be the what's the what's the constitutional argument here. I don't know what idiots. I don't know what this looks like. But I do like the fact that it's there are people who come in and they just have the idea you know what. We need to fight this on every single. Feel that we can possibly fight it. And I agree with that kind of try everything this is one of the reasons why yesterday it was talking about convention states. I don't think we can take that off the table because I think that's got to be part of the toolbox. A lawsuit here. To challenge the gasoline tax increase. You better believe. A citizen standing up to say no. You know there are plenty of frivolous lawsuits out there. And sometimes we've been surprised when. Some frivolous lawsuits have succeeded. Maybe. Maybe. There's some hope small bit of hope but hope anyway. This might get some traction. We shall see. We continue to broadcast. 8034716. Through your text line 7130714. Minutes after 10 o'clock on our Friday program. And we continue to broadcast you're nineteen minutes after the hour a 10 o'clock. Over on the text line. This is a great start to the to detect slight brother have a blessed show and be aware of trolls. Independent as like rhino. Knoll Joseph Lieberman is too old Vince. Came clean house using the same old parts in government. Mike at a Virginia. This Wendy's it's always fascinated me YE is it. Why isn't that we seem to have these retreads that just pop up over and over and over again. If you seem like at CNN they've got David Gergen he's worked in all these ministries and Republican and Democrat I QB experience thing isn't there a point. Where somebody looks for some fresh blood for somebody who. Has a fresh perspective on things. Yeah frankly get tired of seeing the same people find some some talented. Wise person who hasn't been there before. Kind of already thrown out my perspective whatever it's worth. Vince I like to thank little Lindsay for bringing a useless unneeded pork barrel new federal courthouse project Greenville. Is if we need another building are already overcrowded downtown area can anybody explain why millions overspend and updating existing courthouse. Just a few years ago. Jim at a Beasley. On the current constitutional issue of raising taxes. Constitutional argument is over the use fees there's no separation clause the whole bill could die. I. They insists this is faith focus Friday wanted to get your opinion on the proposal to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. As for myself I've serious reservations. Whether that's a good idea. Well. You know there's an emotional attachment the idea I think it's great idea. It it out say what it takes a lot of courage. To press throughout this. Unfortunately it looks like it may turn out to be broken campaign promise by someone. So yes I'm kind of mixed diet. But. You know it really comes down to the idea to meet. What that is. What is Israel considered to be. Their capital. And that's the place where I would say. You know what. If this is your primary city we're going to acknowledge that. The question is again we have the courage to follow through this and I say you'd tell the Palestinians. You know. That this he now that point. We both McKenna warms here. There's a another related story I wanna get to here in the next week or so I hope. It just blows my mind the money that we have poured into the Palestinian Authority. Which as far as I'm concerned as a terrorist organization. There's not an a single a man dollar. Of American money that should be spent on that organization. And frankly am ashamed of Donald Trump for continuing. Really the same policies we've had before. Don't cut him off completely. Nine other people say well we've got to be an honest broker well let's just get out of the entire region. Maintain the friendships with a country that we had countries we have friendships with. And tell them we're on our they're on their own. We should not be funding them. That's this is. Just ridiculous. Probably much more than you were looking for Vince I heard the news this morning ringling Brothers circus when of their last performance this week and that's funny I didn't know they were closing congress. Great line Jeff. Joseph Lieberman a Democrat and absolutely no law enforcement experience at all in charge of the FBI that is crazy. How wickedness. You guys are cruel let Joseph go home to Connecticut retire and die. While. I don't think people like Joseph Lieberman. Oh. You know I do. Have many questions about the wisdom of this choice and and I think Ice-T V. The bipartisan. Motivation behind this you know make nice with these folks. You know the you know Joe's a good guy. He's really been kind of aid. A pariah within his own party. Because in terms of you know the level of civility and other things like that. Joseph Lieberman really has been very different. I remember correctly didn't changed independent. I believe so. Obviously he's gonna have very progressive. Viewpoints. Any case. Joseph Lieberman has emerged as the one of the topics. To be FBI director. This came. Directly from Donald Trump. City's very close to choosing. New FBI director to replace James called me asked if Lieberman the Democrat turned independent senator. From kinetic was Tut Tut candidate trump said yes. Truck met with Lieberman wins they found him agreeable. A truck and attorney general Jeff Sessions have been interviewing candidates to lead the bureau since. Trump suddenly fire called me last week. So now. We wait to find out. Whether this can happen which could be as early as today. It will be very interesting to watch and see how this goes over and and I guarantee you and I said this before. The vortex will continue you know what I'm talking about the vortex. The pro trump the anti trump. Nonsense will continue will this be. Received as some sort of olive branch by Democrats oh it's wonderful of course not we'll the other thing is the fact that Lieberman became an independent. Well he's a traitor now to the Democrats. Sure so I know how these people think. They reject him for that reason alone. Whatever they thought of him and him him being wonderful person yes you'll have those people were friends with him. But you have others. Who will. You know they're they are terribly will be smarting over the idea how dare this guy. Leave the gym Democrat party. As a party of America. You all the hype a few weeks ago. All the hype about getting rid of obamacare this house bill there's celebration at the White House you know all the members of the house. These folks were bussed over. There's seven of all time. Now Bloomberg is reporting two weeks after passage the measures still has not been sent on to the senate. This is another question I've been asking. Maybe any Q. Mort diligently. Interact with. People I know congress and find out what is going what are they doing. You know congress is doing right now and carries. If any member of congress' listening right now and you'd like to let us know. I'd be curious to find out. Anyway two weeks after. After the passage of this legislation. Senate still doesn't have. A CBO report could actually force Ryan another party leaders into a redo in other words. And we have to do this thing all over again. They barely managed to pass this. Now they may have to vote again. Orion has instant the bills to the senate. Because as chance the parts of it may need to be redone depending on how the Congressional Budget Office estimates the effects. House leaders what to make sure the bill conforms with senate rules for reconciliation. A mechanism the last and Republicans passable the simple majority. This was rushed through remember. And it was rushed so much that the CBO. Did not have time to finish analyzing. A series of last minute changes. Will they may release their updated estimate next week. Representative Jeff Denham of California. Use the word unaware. That its crop it. His characterization of this thing. He was surprised when advised his party leader still hadn't said the bill Allred said Denham. One of the house Republicans who ended up voting for this. After earlier opposing. Sit on the on the whip team we a lot of conversations but we've not had that one. I'm gonna look into it. This kind of makes you wonder doesn't it. How would the world does he not know he was part of the whip team. You know the folks are trying to get all the votes. And he didn't even know this thing hadn't been sent on dissent. Folks I. I said this before. Only Republicans can figure out. How to turn victory into defeat. I mean seriously. Let these folks doing I mean really. So. We will share see where this goes from here aside from the fact and we've communicated this before. The senate. They may decide to do something entirely different altogether. And we're back to square one. This is what happens. When you've got to progressive party's. Wonderful is and it's 803471. Or sixty or text line 713 jurors seven what are your thoughts on Joseph Lieberman. Ands on this possibility of having just. Art all over with the obamacare repeal. So we can either Vince Coakley radio program 1030. And we can see the broadcast here 38 minutes after 10 o'clock taking your calls at 803 for 71 of 63. Layer urge that morning and welcome. A good morning you've been carried him. I was just going to respond to the question you raised in the last half hour about what would be the basis of the lawsuit challenging me you know and gas tax bill. And as far as I'm where the only basis would be in violation of the constitutional probe requirement that a bill contained an address on the one issue. Against tax bill currently contains a whole bunch of different issues and tax credits and reduction and and property tax for certain manufacturing business and things like that that are on wholly unrelated to the gasoline tax itself. In the constitution has that specific requirement. Now we'll say that the apple. Two of the bill itself addressed this issue in this section range variants section 27 they addressed that many said that it's their opinion of the general assembly that. Quote each provision relates directly to war in conjunction with the other sections relating to this subject of the efforts. I'm chart effects of inadequate infrastructure financing oversight. This is sort of boilerplate language that stick it in a lot of. In other words you know what they're saying layered. It's related because we say it is. Exactly. Think it is pretty pretty boilerplate stuff and I don't Inca it really means anything but but clearly the legislature was thinking about it anyway my name. When the test is Bill Clinton and after addressing your but I think that's that's the would be the basis and challenged her and now. I don't know that you are higher and has slumped to maintain such challenges don't think record grand standing. When parent but if Tom Davis does sensitive matters so I can see why Sloan is or is suggesting to him to do something harmless ones. Thinkpad and that's ultimately EM. First came my attention fifteen years ago when he challenged they the scam and green can in this school district where they. So that the captives special entity that was going to is that did issue bonds and build new schools which school district leased from them. As a way to circumvent that constitutional limitations on bonded indebtedness. And he challenged that. And ultimately won in the states Supreme Court let it interrupted ruling was prospective so it didn't affect green Cali. I think it was one of the can make up and under the wire two Pickens or Anderson I forget which. But that's been doing a lot of good work for a long time so perhaps custom X. Absolutely and hey appreciate your call there at your lead in providing more perspective on this and do you notice as well as I did these folks. This one of the big problems with. Just the overall system law in this country. That. We've got a bunch of folks who know how to twist a lot keep in mind. Is that Barack Obama who boasted that he was a constitutional. It was a constitutional law professor. And people like Kim what they do they study the law. So we can circumvent it base they study the constitution so they can circumvent it. Dan good morning welcome. Sob should you must call and can you hear me are very. Loud and clear and I'll call when you're making intellectual comments I was his car and let Charlie Parker can't feel. The present political umps situation in the country I don't have divorced parents that. Or had a lot that I attempt to get to the children is that it wouldn't appearance attack each down. Trying to how I think our system that right now I think leak. That they can now get he has been divorced terrorist. Through each other these scream and yell at each other too do you are unbelievable and to each other and excuse their children. On to each other and that's how I feel this situation and make it seemed certain people. If we get past this. Era on the after this whole situation that I just wanted to let you felt as opposed to 68. Real intellectual appreciate you letting me. Hey why appreciate your perspective there Dan and I think that's a good way to describe it you know a more cynical person like myself would say. Both of these groups use you and I to advance their Genesis. You know how many times do you hear policy recruiters for the children. In a this is how they approach it and all the time they're not interest in the children. They are using. The children. And in this case as you describe they're using us we the people saying. Hold of people won the sort of people want that they're concerned about and never have been many of these talks. They've simply followed. Stepping stones and and actually you and I are the stepping stones that they've stepped over. To get to where they want to be this out works. You know sports books. Let's take a quick look at the day in history this is kind of an an eclectic. List here of events. Eclectic just like me just like you. Seem to be vacation man 1536. May nineteenth 1536. The second wife of Henry the third loses her head what is her name. A full control. A Marie Antoinette. I don't know little. And boldly and oh yeah I thought she would get that wrong country mother Kim it's okay man. These four colonies Plymouth bay Massachusetts Connecticut and new harbor meet to form what has been called. What is it called. What does that area still referred to you guys now. This team forty theory. Well think of where they came from our I'd name named him again please Plymouth bay Massachusetts Connecticut. And new harbor they met to form what could be called. New England you've got it I'm impressed. And last but not least if you don't get this. We're gonna beat you senseless. Yeah like that's possible. Can't take anymore out right exactly this person is saying you're happy birthday. To president Kennedy. On this day in 1962. Marilyn Mora. You are correct and logic goes two for three. I don't was on behalf of the entire audience that would like to thank you for not actually imitating and theme song oh god he's very much. Not a chance knotted kids. Homey don't play that. As we continue to broadcast. 80347. What does six very. I'd take slide 71 threes is. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. I eat. I've often asked the question you know how do you prepare for the show win do you prepare for the show how do you do it blah blah blah. End. I tell people the truth of the matter is. The show preparers at 24/7 thing for me you know I'm constantly. Coming up with ideas. Of things to talk about and usually. The page were keep all of this there's much more than I ever get to. And a lot of times it just gets abandoned. There's one story. I came across that I definitely want to delve into we're gonna do this next week. And it's a story about. European leaders you may think well who cares. Well I think it's preview the same thing that's happening here in America did you hear. I think it was Daniel hand in years ago. Who gave a speech he was talking about it's when Barack Obama was elected in how. He was he was watching Europe goal over the bridge. The bridge was out. Aunts. These European countries are just pledging. Head long into the water. Any site. Here we are in this place. And the hope is America will look and say well we don't wanna do what Europe is doing. He says I turn around and what are licensee. America's put the foot on the gas. Well this is happening. And I think it's a cautionary tale of frankly a continent that is dying. They are literally literally dying and they are not dying. Because of what anybody is doing to them they are receiving. The penalty for self inflicted wounds. Their culture. They essentially. Turned against their own culture. And they've embraced this. It's not even multi culturally some. They have become self loathing. And you know one of the big signs of that when you don't have an optimistic view about future it's manifest. In your children. Here's what I mean by that or should see your children or the lack their of I mention I came across this story that just blows my mind I don't give too much the story away. But you'll be intrigued to know how many leaders in Europe do not have children. It's sobering. And we can talk all day about radical Islam in. You know how Europeans being taken over by the Muslims and blah blah blah blah truth of the matter is. This is not being done. Two of them. By anyone but themselves. They're committing suicide. We're gonna talk about this is night. Think there's the risk of this very thing happening in fact if I remember correctly the only reason that we year at a replacement rate here in America. Is because of immigration did you know that. We are not even. As Americans. We are not Eddie replacement rates. And there are a lot of factors behind that. I've talked about cultural suicide at another aspect of this is just pure selfishness. Pure selfishness. Anyway we will. Do you with that in due time. Over on the text line. Actually like to know Atlantis ready for alien covenant I am so and forage hoping talks about it on the pulse tomorrow. On that is the plan in 9 trying to decide am I going to see it tonight or in the morning news. People in South Carolina don't get up early. So you can use good good theater and have it all to yourself or shelling it it's ten or less as far as in the theater even the bigger movies like that so. A tech. It's fact I've got a friend to. Interestingly enough he invited. My oldest son to go watch the movie tomorrow morning I was like hey what's the deal year. So. I mean actually check it out here who bring you room. You like or movies I just do this is a sign five or movies better be good well I don't know if it's going to be that good but. You know I mean it's an alien movie you know what you're gonna get it is going to be blood there's going to be door and and may be one person will survive for me you know. Hopefully will care about survives here well with he better effects that are going on now I can. Imagine how good this is going the potentials there yeah you're saying definitely. Also on the tech slide vents which scoring method with the CBO used for the health care bill static scoring more dynamic score my guess is static. Probably. Mid Snowe Lieberman how about sheriff. Clark. We need tax cuts and reform. Alrighty. Vince does Wisconsin have a voter recall what would it take to get Paul Ryan recalled. Folks give up the recall thing nobody has it you can't do it. This call elections. And it was an opportunity to try to take him down and the other part of the problem is to navigate candidate to run against all right you got time. Vince this cluster of lovemaking would be funny. If these were not serious issues I assume you're talking about the yeah wonderful spirit of artists and ship. Is it great Vince on the Russian investigation after a year of investigation nothing was found I worry fake evidence may issue up. Like all the fake news stories we hear about. Joseph Lieberman is a good pick because he's a personal friend of drop perceived as fair. And was a Democrat senator for twenty years. We'll see Vince I'm scared trumpets gonna come off like a conquering emperor at his stripped to the Middle East. And fire off multiple inflammatory tweets. Please don't like the powder keg fear is Donald's. Much more of your texts and calls next hour and faith focus Friday Stevens.