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And we should tell you about a developing story. Ends. I just wanna give your head's up there's you know other media agencies will be all over this. One suspect in custody after a shooting and in Indiana middle school to victims reported there. An active shooter situation in Noble's bill west middle school and Indiana. Not far from where I used to live in Indianapolis. We understand by the information here to people in critical condition following this incidents. The victims an adult and a thirteen year old thirteen year old girl. School on lockdown. And fired a permanent police still on the scene. So this story obviously will be getting attention throughout the day before we go to our guests I wanna play quick clip for you. Last weekend. We had the royal wedding. And during the course that wedding there was a message from bishop Michael Curry I want to listen to just a portion of it. Charles. For part of faith focus Friday and I think it's great lead into our conversation. Here it is my. Corporate and those added I love it can be. Shall. And in so doing. The country captive. And that we'll unselfish. Sacrificial. Changes and I. Can change this world. If you don't believe me. Just to file format. He can imagine. A world where love. The way. Our homes and family. We love anyway. And community wind is the way. It match. Got. And hazy. We love the way. Imagine yeah. We love what is the way. Imagine this time. World went it's the way he went went off the way it is obvious that. Attempted when love is the great thing. Again. Is rolling down the mighty stream and righteousness like an adult world. We. When it's windy. We'll be us. And love is away. We will laid out our swords and shields. The words there. A bishop Michael Curry speaking during the royal wedding last weekend the great leader and as he talks about unselfish. Sacrificial and redemptive love. A great lead into our conversation we if Wayne Jacobson he's written a great book it's called beyond Sunday's. And it's Chapter Eleven is a very interesting chapter that speaks about. Drawing lines. Drawing lines that are not really necessary. Welcome back to the broadcast Wayne. Thanks it's great speech by that pastor when it. It was it was indeed. I want good jump right in and talk about this issue of lines because this begins. In the church. And that's really the starting place. And and my wife be edited Tuesday observation about this years ago. She senior I used to see you know people put fish in the backer car you know the excuses symbol. Of Christians and you know for years that's what people would put on their cars now it's such and such church and it's. You know and I think this is kind of symptomatic where we are we have to get into all these labels Wayne this is really which you're talking about isn't it. It's it's a part of it it's it's Jesus that's that's the one thing gases to do was love each other like you love dust like you just played at the clip. It it was a mental what was meant to change the world for some reason as we drive it the 21 century here. We're concerned about drawing lines which church to go to what denomination here and what what group you're affiliate with our respect in your group we know more we have a better we have right. And it's all that division where we just draw lines trying to figure out who is truly truly saved and there was only maybe sort of they've been. And it's just divide the body of Christ and part of writing this book was to help people. Let go of those lines and recognize Christ in each other not. By what church you go to or don't go too but by the power of the spirit that dwells in the people were relating. And it doesn't matter what church they go to which when they dealt. How do we begin pulling back these layers Wayne. We've we've got to find something I think more real world personal journey is that the people who struggle with this stuff. Their whole identity as a Christian is locked into. The club they belong to that the identifier behind that the denomination or the church or the pastor they file. So it if that's you identifiers then you're gonna struggle with a you know who if they're part of the same identifier I have been were were good we have unity together and if people have it another way that they're not. So the personal journey of an individual who's engaging Christ in a meaningful way. We'll be able to recognize that Christ and other people around them no matter what church they go to you or Bordeaux. And it's that presence of Christ that needs to pair focused it which is best expressing what you just played its best expressed the wake people up each other that's that you know we're Christ well. Those who love living god that's what John wrote it for John force. So part of this for us is we've got to focus on our identity in Christ rather than. Titles labels to things like that. And stop drawing lines like the book is about you know the number of people who have last. Organized churches on Sunday mornings and they have left their base they continue to grow. But there's now a new lines being drawn you're not true Christian if you don't go to church as someone laughed or sang about it TrueCrypt it's ego because it's so. Politicized now and it's so focused on institutional priorities. And the fact is Jesus makes himself known everywhere it's more important. I hit the focus on him and it would it would stop drawing lines you know like I can be close to you because you go to the center tries do. Instead of just love everyone got puts your app today and watch with don't even the world that you cannot exclude the world from that loves. Just like everybody got put senior staff today and watch what he does in the world. We only have about a minute or so left in this segment. I was thinking about this earlier that. One of our temptations is to get caught up in identifying sins. You know outside the church. Well this person has this particular sin you know if they're outside of Christ does it really matter. So well of course not mean that the biggest thing they needed to know him. First trip as sacred inside that god no longer counting our trespass against this statute finished it right there across. Remove god in the decal skin and yet we still do. Because the hope of our freedom person and is not counting heads and trying to do better or excluding ourselves from people. The struggle was sent our freedom from thing comes in the very thing we just talked about about living inside of Christ and living in his lab that will displace and demoralized. So god not counting anymore wire leaked. Very good question. For those interested in learning more about that Wayne Jacobson and your books administer. Light streamed out of work will help them find everything many. My extreme dot org. Wayne Jacobson always great talking to you again. However shows a great weekend god bless you thank you ever you. What are your thoughts on this subject. What about those entities that we cling to and make. So much of a big deal about. We realize sometimes the division that causes what are we willing to cast aside not saying we compromise whatever. You know what are we willing to out. Take away from the east titles and labels. It's so easily device. Let's talk about it. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program which soldiers few minutes ago about a developing news story. And that's about a shooting. That happened and in Indiana middle school to victims reported there understands can be news conference shortly if we're able to try to bring that to you. Our understanding years. Two people were in critical condition. A Rea I'm an adult and a thirteen year old female. That's the information that we have so far will keep you posted on this story. As there are developments. Had an interesting discussion there. On faith focus Friday Wayne Jacobson talking about avoiding the pitfalls of making unnecessary blinds drawn emissary lines to divide us. Which is something that increasingly am trying to be more watchful of let's squad to a call from Corey. Pay the veep and so must stick my car thank you. Yes sir I think that if you need because we were told him singing. Now on armored between emotional and this is very are. Arm for years. As it's Paramount 46 as a made a number very unfortunate. My mom has never forced it to go to church. Bet this Kristen. Kingdom halls in regards none. We could never understand that it children while we couldn't go to school with the cousins. Why are we could go to Bible quit that's what others. That we were blown out we. My mom is at a hospital four days ago where our heart failure in a stroke. And I couldn't understand why are so students wouldn't currency there. And one mom negotiate its whole witnesses. Because I would not do that are because our rebuild against religion as such. They always treated me like a black a blank sheet. And these are pertinent to just to have our so there's. Colombo hurtful currency we love you and he is hurtful to us. The religion. It's always being a factor in my mind. Why do we say god bless America vs Bristol where. Why do we have fourteen churches on one blog all one community. Why do so many churches have been extravagance. Construction but yet the people in the community you live in part of the why do so many politicians. Actually entertainers. How we're about their Christie's. But yet that's only people that were starving and non coal. So many veterans need real. How do we beat Christine. In that do that Christine then. So what conflict in for the U. They don't understand it they don't wanna get part of it. So religion back in school when not start guns religion back here we're not start any acting as a people. And what stopped and stuff. And I thank you so much as we listen to me. Corey I'm kind of curious how you have worked this out in your own life. Yeah which you you have shared here because you know it's really moving which you shared about. Your mother's experience. Have you been able to resolve these things in your own life. If your own journey. My own children are targets are either of them are low with bingo hall. You don't have to go inside a church you don't have to go to the center of our mosque where there's going to be you make right in peacefully within your heart. You would do right by others. But when you have evil intent in your heart evil and sleeping well Carl. That this suspect as mark explained it's so much and they don't give up requesting data we're going to church on Sunday. They don't do. It's a bit we love you revoke. We don't do the best thing that we can do and I like an assortment of march. Why I appreciate your call their Corey thanks a lot for calling in cheering this and Meehan. I understand what he shared there and the fact that. So many times. We unfortunately hear these stories of the inhumanity of religions don't. Not a good testimony. Not at all. Mark in right killed good morning. Well our core kind of cart has stolen lenders so all of them. I'll bring him back from another from another perspective. I grew up and right quite the paradox the he could say that it remains small world town there was a very small group of professionals. And small businessman and seen people about teachers went to me. Evangelical fellowship the Saturday. Started a coffeehouse that owns one of the longest running ones in. In the mid seventies through about 1981 here for about fourteen. Age fourteen to 21. As an alternative so when it comes a point of matter is throwing it start apparently just people if you. They just had to be leaders just had to hurt for kids. Is that kids getting able to come from a bit different backgrounds. Andy yeah periodically and during the school years. You have something like a topic it can change interactive bibles that facility at one of the leaders are somewhat that was completing Bible college. And so we learned how to talk to each other rather than talk after each other. And the program has that would happen to me through college so I thought our peers. Who talk like I did. Label side where do one thing. Tremendous support each other in the academic in in the academic environment and and and pursue -- that perspective that victory. And so my best friends. Understand understand the problem when you step pushing it. Really finding a church home where people are disinterested and has seen rolling your way into. Mold in the using the analogy of a founder. Of phone revolt. If yeah I understand when you're coming from mark I do appreciate your call. And we used to head it's really a lot because. This is. Unfortunately what ends up happening we've. Some some atmosphere is or such they produce close. You know I was I was in one of those hemisphere's where. You know so many times I saw a young man tried to act Mike. The leaders of the church. And they really. Lost their own personalities and identities the process. Is really. Kind of disgusting to watch to be honest with you. It's. I get it's definitely kept. 48 minutes after 11 o'clock a couple of callers on the line. Let me encourage you please hold we will try to get to you in a bid here I did also tell you that story in the first hour. Incredible settlement. In a rape case this one the amount is going to blow your mind it's would be up there. That much four as we continue to broadcast 29 minutes after. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program I told you I would sure if you read an incredible story. About a settlement award in a rape case. Those are you waiting to you to talk witnessed just hold on four bit we will get TU. The story reported out of Atlanta. Clayton County jury's reached a record breaking decision woman who was raped by a security guard when she was a teenager. She's been an award she's been awarded a one. Billion. With a B. One billion dollar verdict against the rapists employer. Hope chest in this the victim. She's that was fourteen he took my childhood from me. We gonna identified in the lawsuit brand Lamar Zachary he's on prison after pleading guilty. Judges already determined Jack Kris employer crime prevention agency was liable as for irony. This guy was working as a security guard. An apartment complex in Jonesboro Georgia. October 2012 when he raped this woman. This grow. Fourteen years old. She was visiting your best friend that lives there she is therefore sleep over and a birthday party. The one billion dollar jury award is historic. But obviously doesn't fix the harm that's been done. And it's likely she'll never see this money. This is going to be appealed. They're going to reduce this amounts. But the attorney says this is really not about money it's abouts. What twelve people in the state of Georgia senator victim of rape is worth. They said little black girl and Clayton County who is raped. Is worth a billion dollars. That was a big win for us. Pretty extraordinary don't you think. Fourteen years old. Getting your thoughts on what we've discussed this hour which is about love. And how we walked that outs and how we. Take away the focus on identifying labels there's a there's a place for labels but when they become. Tools division that's where they become destructive. Starting with those of us who say we are Christians. We have so many dividing lines and I would daresay. Unnecessary. Dividing lines let's go out to call from Bob good morning Bob. Good morning carrier. Oh that's good at this have gotten noticed about Memorial Day. Because people have forgotten what it's all about one local hospital the banner front at. And apparently they're having a Memorial Day celebration. And whatever zoning board to keep paper Kennedy at happy Memorial Day. And they've needed they've forgotten. What the data about. Yeah isn't it interesting you know it is kind of intriguing that this is a time when you know it's become kind of the the there's there's a lot of commercial aspects to this I think that's really which your decrying care right rob right. And how we lose sight of this is it time to recognize the loss. Of lives. The loss of lives people who have laid their lives down to protect us and we need to be reminded that for sure Bob I do appreciate your call. Describe to Shannon in Shelby good morning sir. I leaderboard more. Odd that broke par here about that felt about it momma there. Birdie op. Renders. But buying a bite out of right on Africa. And our order Rupert medications is. About are back at that it. There might there are like. I have anything to do any church. And there are a lot of coal out there there are a lot of coal and our religion. And optimum way to church I go to. His upon our old build my church at one Catholic Church atlas is bought he and where pot. And there preacher in order but we are all member of the spot. And not. This landmark. They people. That thing up a bit later between. There's. That one church their boat to the world always. People people very few people liars. Mostly people. They're everywhere they're absolutely everywhere pure rights I appreciate your coalition in one thing I would add to your comments. It's not just particular denomination or churches it's just bad teaching in general on this health issue. It's it's. Me and there are so many. So many dangerous things out there. We we did I was hoping to spend more time in this we probably will at some point. And maybe have a gestured to one talking about this. But I told you earlier in the week there is a demand and it was Paige Paterson lewis' name dismissed. From a southern Baptist seminary. Because he was basically making comments. It's you know he. Made some bad comments but he also there indications gave bad counsel. Two women who were in abusive situations but basically they need to stay in love their husbands. And it's it's. It's it's unfortunate to me. It's an abomination sometimes the council. That women have received induces. One of the reasons why we've had eight in explosive growth of the women's move the so called women's movement. A lot of them are reacting to the abusive men sometimes. Facilitated by religion. And it's where this just happens. This needs to stop. Let me just say it is I think this needs to be set if you're in the situation. Where you have church leadership US. Is demeaning women. And causing women to be left and abusive situations. Encouraging women not to report abuse. And abuse against children and saying the church leadership we'll take care of it. Run as far away from that place as you possibly can. There may be a person within the sound of my voice right now this is happening TU. And you've been told will take care that's where the leaders we're providing your recovery. Run run for your life. Let's go out to call from Jack Q. Good morning Jack. A number of years ago while lifestyle roundup for a variety of reasons to longer associated whether. To circle organization church organization that where. And instead work or the group downtown it was street helping policy and won't until people. As. That are produced. And a few years ago we ran in the somebody's civil. Or you could at church now we're telling what we're doing just so. Instead of sit and Peterson and somebody's got to do several things. You're actually. Dude and so the idea. I thought that was Obama on every problem of course that way analysts thought I would say the bigger that was just don't want public life. And it was just it was refreshing to have somebody say that. And to reinforce what we work. And I think a lot more people are being given that could sort of using any excuse. Oh. The church that's that did this church does appear that whatever. Yep you've made great points here. This is about individuals acting walking out their faith that's what really matters. Not just having all kinds of eternal discussions about it. 44 minutes after eleven. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock final stretch to Vince Coakley reading your program for this holiday weekend. By the way we told you about the story some weeks ago you remember all the attention that's been on. The animal issues for one particular airline. And it's there's been a settlement. A settlement with the United Airlines may with a little fringe she that was put in the bin. In the overhead bin. United Airlines to settle that family. Who's ten month old French Bulldog. Cookie dough died in overhead bin and. They've reached to settle with the family the amounts. Of dole that united staying out of this is confidential according the family's attorney. Apparently did threatened to sue after a flight attendant allegedly ordered the truly put the dog the overhead compartment. After two hours of barking the dog died of suffocation. This was a PR crisis. For united. We can tell you there has been a settlement. That you would be intrigued by another practice. Steve. In Charlotte good morning. A morning. One what are you the answer. Hey that's. I would look into it just caught the tail end but I wanted to maybe taken different tact on this running. When when women on and on that kind of bad advice in the church. I think we're both should be maybe would first be soldiers for car and I think maybe the top two running is what we can he church. And I think it if it had a daughter in this situation I would tell. If you find yourself and some without kind of buy in on other people in that church and helped change the church. It doesn't happen it doesn't happen Steve most of the time I hear what you're saying now I damaged them we just add this. I IE embrace your counsel. In terms of yes perhaps finding some other people some other friends. If they're willing to stand with her my experience is they side with the pastor in the leadership. Well then then then then of course you got it you're gonna fail. My goodness somewhere in here strong Christians have to start standing up. They don't Steve my experience over and over again is that people growled down at the foot of the pastor in the pastoral leadership. I've seen this so many times it sickens me Steve does a lot this so why am saying. Her reading here your I hear area high. And then please understand I'm not knocking anybody when I say this but most of the atmosphere is where this is tot. There is this they also teaches we were talking last week with Wayne Jacobson this covering doctrine. You need to follow your past or leadership covering your your pastoral leadership of the covering of your husband. Covering of this covering of that and yet these layers. Of so called authority which is false authority. And so must the time these women in Deb just towering and suffering in silence. Instead of following the war and let you know lead or yes. Or Latin gods or let god run this year and we need Dick we need to stay with the lord honest. Yes Steve and you get it and I I know you do and I. I appreciate your hard which is a I hope you didn't think I was jumping you heard of them not but I'm yeah its so frustrates me because this is what I. This is one of the reasons why I do not like colts I don't like religious colts. And I do not like political cults because most of the time. When people follow cults they throw other people they throw their neighbors under the bus for the system. No matter what the system is. And enters its its most hurtful and religious context you've heard a couple of callers on this program today. Of what happens alike can't. Oh gosh I've got us a better stay with the church year there and ostracize me in the. I think we need to ostracize those guys and keep the war that in the battle. You better you amen to that Steve. I've priests are called do call again some time at. Love to talk to you further. We were in here with the pithy comment with from Gerald because I'm sure will get wise and good morning Gerald. The war or pay any more. They are but the issue you're paying. About 04840. Or or short. Would awaited and Gerald you are so crazy you're did not. It sort of polity weakened by the way when he's talking about. This is a story in The Washington Times I'll just briefly tell you. They're going to provide condoms at the upcoming world scout jamboree. The world organization of scouting movement handbook requires the host organization. To insure that condoms are readily and easily accessible. For all participants. And a number of locations on the site this is in West Virginia July 21 to August 1 the theme is unlock a new world. And with behavior like this who knows what else they're going to a much. God help us. So as great weekend while I try to figure out what to do this weekend take care.