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Good Monday morning welcome to the broadcast good to be back with you lots of interesting things going on. In the news and in life which we will address during the course this broadcast. While this has been out quite an interest in weekend of course some intriguing news stories that we always cover here. And were always on the look out for breaking news as it develops. We will bring anything to you. And it's will dress suddenly hot issues going on immigration. There are a couple of bills that are pending on the immigration subject. An interesting story over the weekend in fact IE by chance. If you believe in such things. Ran into my friend congressman mark meadows who have not seen or talked to you. In and like two years this guy is so popular he's hard to find hard to reach. We had an great visit. Yesterday. Just happened run into him armed and tell you more about the circumstances. And you'll also hear. Conversation that we had. That is coming up in the next hour and one of the things we discuss. Is the immigration subject. So will go into that during the course of the broadcast today. And one of the reasons this is also a very hot subject is because of the ongoing concern about the separation of families. Aunts. I would daresay in and I think the facts bear this out. This separation of family issues been going on for several years. And yet all of a sudden during the trumpet administration. Before taking notice. Now. One of these I would make very clear I don't like this policy idol like what's being done. First and foremost. The people in charge now need to take responsibility and do something about it. This is necessarily time's been unnecessary time and energy. Complaining about you know they did it they got away with that blob blob blob let's just put a stop to it. I think that would be a good place to start. But we will also address. At least one journalist who was on the case on this subject for quite some time. And shockingly. The media did not follow. We will talk about this and give you some examples in fact. This is probably a good way into. Post on FaceBook page for you to share. So the people who can understand this been going on for awhile you know people are very fat issue about these things she does that. This is fashionable for anybody to go on and postulate about this you know this is so one Christian and blob blob like surety it's. But guess what it's been going on for several years. Where were you several years ago. Were you tuned in on this subject. Nonetheless. We will cover all of this also some revelations about doc. And I think most of you notice. Not every person who falls under the category of being. Doc. Ready. Is a person who. Is pure as the Wu as the driven snow. We're going to give some examples first. I want to talk about the importance. Of one of our liberties. The right to bear arms. Borne out in the community of Tom water Washington sixty miles south of Seattle. Here's what happened a man allegedly attempted to carjacked. So one outside a Wal-Mart store. Shot the driver. Shot. The drive. But that's not the end of this story. According to police they were called because of reporting a drunk driver was driving the wrong direction near Toyota dealership. They arrived. Could not locate the vehicle. Then they heard shots have been fired at roundabout nearby but someone trying to carjacked two vehicles. Sixteen year old girl been shot and wounded. Her injuries. Were not deemed to be serious. A spokeswoman for the time water police department said the suspect who apparently was the man who tried to carjacked two vehicles. Headed for Wal-Mart. Where he entered in fired shots at a display case. Fortunately nobody inside the stores hurt. The suspect then tried to carjacked another vehicle are you seeing what's going on here. Here's a bad person with a gun. Who's gonna stop this guy. Oh I'm sorry. Maybe they didn't have their sign. In clear view. That said. This is a comfort zone. Maybe that was a big enough. You know what I've got a good idea why don't we put that in knee gotten. This is a gun free zone maybe that would have kept him away. After. Firing shots inside the store he then tried to carjacked another vehicle. Shooting a man inside the car twice. That victim later flown. To a hospital in Seattle in critical condition. This is where the story turns. As the suspect tried to carjacked the second car at least two bystanders in the parking lot drew their weapons. One of them shot the suspect and killed him. Bryan Adams who was shopping the Wal-Mart at the time called the bystander who killed the suspect a hero adding this guy. Could've taken out more people wounded or killed he certainly could have. What's the moral of the story. How many times. Do we have to see this kind of story. To understand. And be reminded of the fact. And it is a fact. There's really only one way to stop a person with a gun. An armed citizen. Who is not going to be a victim. By the way. On the immigration subject you we have. The feed of this. Events taking place right now John. I'm just curious. Because right now the Department of Homeland Security. As you might expect it's been under scrutiny over the concern about what's going on with the separation of families. And I believe at this moment the secretary. Is addressing this issue. Before able to take this let's listen in just for minute. 15%. Increase. In illegal aliens fraudulently. Using children. To pose as and we units to gain entry into this country this must stop. All this does is with the children at risk. To address these issues he'd ask congress to change the law to allow for expeditious return of unaccompanied alien children. Regardless of their country of origin. We are also asking congress to allow us to keep families together while they are detained. These fixes we've got a long way toward discouraging families for sending children on the Herring journey to US. Resulting in fewer children in the hands of games such as MS thirteen and more adults facing the consequences of their actions. Second our system for asylum has broken. We are compassionate country. That is taking in millions of refugees and granted asylum to hundreds of thousands. Over the last few decades or assisted them near their home countries. That is the secretary of Homeland Security she is addressing this issue of what's going on at the border with the separation. Of children from their parents were gonna talk more about this as we continue to broadcast. On this Monday morning. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program and before the break we shared with you a live statement. That was Kirsten Neilson who is the Homeland Security chief. And I wanna tell you before we take calls and texts and discuss this further. Which he said to say about this today. As you know homeland security's been under a lot of scrutiny for treatment a family straight across the border. She's actually gone on Twitter to vehemently deny claims her department's border policy dictates separation of children from their parents. Here's what she sets said we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. Those Seeking Asylum ports of entry we've continued the policy from previous administrations. And only separate if the child is in danger there is no custodial relationship between family members. Or the adult has broken a law. He'll since stress family Seeking Asylum at border entries are not breaking the law as I've said many times before if you're Seeking Asylum for your family. There's no reason to break the law and illegally cross between. Ports of entry which she tweeted out. A new policy unveiled by attorney general Jeff Sessions in April. Calls for zero tolerance for immigrants who legally enter the US among the Mexican border sessions worn violators will be met with a full prosecutorial powers. Of the Department of Justice. So you heard her comments before the break. Before. We were able to chip into that conversation. One of the things that she communicated is there are Americans out there are there were sheltering immigrants illegally. Boy that shocking. She talked about the policy in effect the policy has been descend unaccompanied children back. And this is how she's approached it by her description keep families together. We'll talk more about this as we continue the broadcast. We have in Greenville Roberts who would like to weigh in on this subject to morning Robert. Yeah hey good morning though is making me declaration that. If there are Seeking Asylum they're not breaking the law. To seek asylum is one thing to cross. Illegally into the country is probably another story. A guy and write articles where case because. So when you said earlier that you wrote that showed that you thought that was long to separate children from their family. That Christian or something like that. But did you mean I just for the ones speaking of poverty you mean for both. Situation. I have a hard time understanding why what the rationale would be behind it separating. Children from their families what what's the point behind it. OK so if the guy in Seattle and not being killed and they've put in jail and yet for it would be wrong to separate them because he's bright in the law if you. Yeah if you've got Chris. Obviously if you're dealing with criminal behavior and you've got someone who is charged with a crime obvious you're not gonna put the children in the cell with their criminal parents. That's another story. Note to me if you're breaking the law your forum now again. You know it shops liquor or policies that are either way I'm still like criminal that you would agree vary. That here's an here's what I would say to that if you touch it here and let me make sure I'm understating the point you're making. You're saying of a fairly crosses the border they've committed a crime by by coming into the country illegally rights. Correct yeah and on that basis here's what you do Robert you put them all on a plane or car or whatever and use in the back together. It's that simple it's not complicated Roberts. It it would work and all of them which I see it right now see that's that's what are we holding them what's the point. Well bear barely out. If that's the way we were handle agree with you but as forward if you don't wanna be separated from your children again it if they're really your children. Don't come here it's that simple yeah. I I agree with UN and I'm sure you're familiar with policy that's been filed for years catch and release. You know it's it it makes absolutely no sense Robert what's wrong with these people well I think we know it's raw eggs. Aren't I guess it's great to talk with you Robert. It it just blows my mind. Absolutely blows my mind to see. How these issues have been dealt with now I told you one of the things. That it's rather intriguing. So everybody's paying attention to this now. Because this issue has been brewing for quite some time part of it is yet in administration for the didn't bother to enforce the law period. Well I mean there were exceptions when they felt like it's. We're gonna talk about doctor recipients later rod. But how about starting here. Brandon Darby who I think it's been on this program sometime ago. He actually. Went out a tweet storm. Sharing. Some previous things that he's posted over the past few years. On this subject. Because all of a sudden they're all these crocodile tears in sports the only separated. And the crazy thing is. He's reported on this before. And somehow the truck administration is especially cruel for separating families of the border. A lot of shrieking at Paul Ryan for wishing folks are happy Father's Day. Yeah that's another story. It appears trumpet this evil cronies are deliberately forcing innocent families across this country illegally so they can snatch the children from them and terrify them while they unfairly process their parents. This is now Richey care rises this sounds really stupid. Like steeper than usual it's basically what they're pushing. Seems like they're seven new issue with a left tries to exploit children in some capacity for their narrative every week. So we have this thread from Brandon derby. Regarding cages beach mainly partitions the holding facilities to the border the exact same ones we showed you during the Obama administration. Why did didn't you care then. When did mr. Darby report on this by the way. I think this was 2014. The borders been an issue for decades especially under Obama. Again 2014. And brandy to Brendan Darby proceeds to show pictures. Picture after picture from two point 8144. Years ago dear member media coverage about this. Where were all the compassionate lefties and Hollywood types back in 24 team paging John Legend. Picture. After picture. Details matter. Details do matter don't take. But there's very much a selective. Focus. For the mainstream news media on this. Now I want a repeat again I am not into this will do you do the same thing correct. If something's wrong we fix it and we fix it today in if you wanna talk about what previous administrations did. Then you can talk about that later. The fact of the matter is. We have a media. System in this country. This clearly partisan has an agenda. It's just absolutely mind boggling you we're gonna post this. On the FaceBook page 163 WRD also. The FaceBook page for W VT I want you to read this. And I want you to share it with people you know. It's time to push back on all of this stuff. And yes we need to do both it's not either war. We don't whine and point fingers back the previous previous administration. We say we're gonna put an end to this now. And the same time. We will call out the media for their hypocrisy. Here's what Brandon Darby posted 2014. Terrible. Shame on the Obama administration. He's got like 21 they pictures here. How many of you remember the left reporting on this travesty during Obama's presidency. Just crickets back then. We know how it works. Now let's fix it and shut up these other mounts. 36 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock on its cookery your program coming up we're gonna talk abouts. Some traveling nightmares there's still going on for some people I've got my old story to add to that's not really nightmare it's. My case was convicted story gives everything worked out OK. I would just give you this heads up if you are planning to travel. And especially planning to travel through Charlotte. On the regional carrier PSA airlines double checked to make sure everything is on schedule they're still having difficulties. The started last Thursday as I understand it. They almost had everything completely up and running. By Saturday morning and then. They started having trouble again early Saturday morning and it continues into today the hope is. It will be resolved by noon today. So we shall see I'll share my story coming up in just a bit. We're talking about border issue and all of the attention the media is focusing on separation appearance from. Their children let's go out to call for air and in rock kill good morning aired. There order. A couple of comments. A little further surgery or US couples are so. A lot of people talking about here don't understand is why you were being held entertained and you know what what can tell you is. It went and purple look doesn't happen at the border happens at any international. Well. Nuclear larger ports like Elena lyrics in Atlanta. At people color on plain too and you know people come in by the dozen. Where in there are immigration paperwork is fraudulent or they come from the South America loving your country where you got. People traveling or try to. Moved drug. Across the border city airport. They get here in the court or sit on their setup and people are better trained to realize about content and fraudulent. And then. Recently before being helped people I hear people look cool on so here delivery of these wire that tool or. Absolutely and all that but what you. Forget to. Understand there's. Once they get here the people. Course they a lot of goals. Are scared to death that has. In darkened picture whatsoever on the cross the border and we don't get the relief right away or third grade most secretive group immediately they'll logic or investigation because they're trying to figure out that you couldn't get here by your own. A war in your group of people that are. As individuals that are making money in by the offer to get people crossed the border for for money and particularly our children. I think it's even or who. And apparently apparently aware for people offer. Because we. Equities children and that the merger with single number forty years. And I I thought that happened before I'd let them when the rules. Before they got strict. People know what does that refer virtual have a better life they'll send them into the United States. Through whatever border making and it will carry drugs for them and looked at the cocaine according to keep it here they've got up from their luggage. And they had to relieve some of the gonna find out where these trucks Coke from. Food allowed it to get across the border for and that just takes that takes weeks sometimes months because. You've got cases in the coming in because of the I can tell you because you're on the administration. Lacks visible while the other does the return of the art that's why you have increase. If you're restricting corporate and while I went supercenters. They truly are. Coming across. Substantially. More than they were 1520 years ago because of the laws are over the last eight years but. Just a bit of information or that the what they get here. It takes a long time to try to figure out they're not really shouldn't in these all the people coming over airing your point 46 gets under ensuring that people. We're getting them there could go to the real criminals over the farms that are bringing people crossed and strength for drugs and report. Hey it's such a mess to deal with is there anything having worked there aryan is there anything that you would do for instance of the president were to say Aaron tell me. What I can do to streamline this process to make this better for everybody what would you recommend. A lot of that really starts. And the the Central American countries. And again you're the president took a lot of heat for. Unified you know tall also yeah at some point you've got that the only way to cut off the lead or you know advocates are right. And they hurt when it first pilot who first part down right the pit stop the bleeding. That really has done in your country and I know. Unfortunately. The corruption into the country's I was saying you know if we could. Support I like we're doing over the Middle East and we've got all the Eritrean military crisis before income they'll have to deal to. You know assemble all of our Border. Patrol agents to these other countries. You know for for two and three months in the so that we incident wrapped around eleven route to eleven they did that they. All the former Georgian. Immigration and custom you know before there was. Port for the duration you're kind of combines Border Patrol immigration and incompetent or agency went security. They would then. That would be frustrating for the organization and they would go to different order a cigar and all important should come down to go. You know in Mexico and and there's so pork. Doing that sending the agency over there and the a lot of that the people have the expertise. Over to submit country to a remote that time. To help the other countries stop the bleeding on an error and because that's where that was it was the issue why. And in some of this in an air and this would require this country to be cooperative. Obviously. That the trouble analysts. Humanitarian relief and it's gonna come into North Korea right I mean days they're causing a lot of problems and for the globally with their behavior but. But the reality is they need aid and they need assistance a lot of countries you know. Colombia is certain there also pour as well yet though. There are ways to work out. Aid for the inflame whatever may be your you know beat the people that are these countries are coming over for re. And it if we could perhaps spend the money on the other end of the border in the year I think they'll help legal. This does agree ideas air and I absolutely appreciate you calling in do fuel freedom call against some time I appreciate your insight. And firsthand. Experience there. By the way. I mentioned. You hear the references frequent references to dock and a Fox News headed in exclusive story they've learned nearly 60000 immigrants for the rest records. 60000. Including ten accused of murder have been allowed to stay in the US under the Obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program. 60000. With the rest records. Ten for murder. Nearly 60000. Arrested while in the US approximately seven point 8% of all who've been approved remain in the country and the program since it was created back in 2012. Of those 53000 were arrested before their most recent request for so called grand of deferred action was approved. Another 7800 arrested after their request was approved. Now we don't know how many of these were convicted. I can be very different here I think this is a very interesting. Tidbit of information don't you. And the criticism continues of the administration surprise surprise. Will talk about that get more of your thoughts also look at the day in history. And I'll cheer you my a PSA story from the weekend. That much Morse we continue to broadcast. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program. We've been talking about immigration ends. How the media is pouring all of this outrage out and you probably see plenty of an on social media. Diane suggests in followup to the previous Collison food clothing Excedrin with monitors to disburse it to those who need it sending money. Just goes into the pockets of corrupt government officials. Yes. You were correct I may be laid on this what about Elian Gonzales being forced at gun point it's sent back to Cuba. Well actually wasn't under but Obama that was under Bill Clinton administration remember and was her name who has the who was. No old not a policy on oh. Oh yes did a pilot tunnel at the cure right. Yes you gonna ask about Mary's. Took the Ukraine via. A and hustler on the takes it. Vince I have no sympathy for illegal aliens being separated we do it all the time the US citizens by using DSS. With a fairly court system now for a week I am quite sure about that one. This problem is politicians don't really wanna fix anything. They will take away that will take away their talking points. Yep if you want to catch your release why catch them first place here's another good question. One the other things. And we're neck and spent a lot of time on this lots of criticism about from zero tolerance immigration policy. Laura Bush expressing concern you know. You know just all these people wanna come out and sound sanctimonious. They really do. Well I'm gonna say this one to talk to your moron husband and ask him why didn't enforce the border and build the fence. Like the congress passed a law to build a fence back around 2006. Or so. So ask him ms. bush. I really don't have patience for these people. It's what a pile on. And when they are in a position or had relatives in a position to do something about this they did nothing. So you just shut up and go about your business. People really drive me up the Waugh. Janet Reno I'm sorry about that it was Janet Reno a strange remembered thank you adding somebody called me corrected that. They all kind of run together after awhile I think you do what I'm talking of a. Let's go quickly go to the day in history our time is slip away very quickly get on I 85 to my different lines so good morning or do a man. Good morning I'm gonna would you believe I went to two movies over the weekend will talk about that yet amazing part is what the movie's war. Yes. That is having. Roland go into that habit let's quickly go through our four questions for the day beginning at 1812. The war of 1812 started. Between the United States and this country lasted for three years what was the other country. I give you a hint if you need. It. Oh my goodness. Any guesses here anybody endo who are 40 was in the war of 1812. Indonesia. Oh that's really funny he cracked me. Not low it's actually Britain. I was gonna give you a hint it was going to be this was their first rodeo with this country we had problems with him before. 187300. Dollar fine for this person for trying to vote in the 1872. Presidential election. It is a female what is her knee. I don't gonna say it's been a while you can give me hand by now. I'll give viewing hence this person as. Currency Susan B. Anthony. See I told you that it's not gonna help our right outgrown. 1928 who was the first woman across fly across the Atlantic. Did it in 21 hours. Here are you got it. Get a female theme going here who was the first woman in space. The first American woman in space. Unfortunately tragedy is sushi at a witness do you remember her name. You are corrects. That is really good you got all of the females rate here so that's on a roll my dad says it's pretty impressive. There you very impressive. And we come back to you later I'm with the other later stories but I wanna get to. Will. What you ride for now mr. Rachel. Will come back in the next hour perhaps time permits and talk about movies and other things. What to tell you about my experience. He might not ensure heavily experienced this week and yesterday really looking forward to. Going to Kentucky my sister is having your coach out Father's Day cookout. Hands as I often do I would roll and daylight that when I would just flies into Kentucky for the day and come back in the evening. Well because of the PSA airlines issue they've had a computer glitch and you probably saw all the lines at Charlotte airport all the people stranded. Last week I saw that pretty much all the flights for overbooked and oversold all weekend and that this may not happen. Saturday night him. I'm talking with my wife and I notice I just looked it up and saw her open seats on this last flights Saturday night. Maybe I should tried to arrive get out there and by this time realized it was really too late security was closed and of the flight was running late but. I could've made it. Enough open seats for everybody who was going. Sunday morning got there and I knew there was a problem because I kept seeing delayed flights got to Mike gates. And so. Was told well we don't have a crew or a flight release. And it's the also issued a ground stop TP anymore PSE planes from coming in and adding to confusion. So bottom line is within about an hour the canceled the flights that is only one that would have gotten me there in time the next one was like three in the afternoon and guess what's. All of those were canceled to ands the planes coming back so it's giving a did not go Saturday nights I would not be here right now I would have been stuck. But let me tell you why did run into. Congressman mark meadows who was going through enhanced screening. And you're going to hear from him a conversation I had with congressman mark meadows. Straight and the other side of news right here stay with us.