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Wednesday, July 11th

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Let the fireworks began. We are watching. A new spectacle. Donald Trump. Taking on the Germans and see how the engage Russia. My goodness. We're gonna share some audio. From. A couple of sources on this particular issue. But very often I like to start with something on the positive note two years. And years if we. Either hurt or we participate in the complaining about American its dependence on foreign oil. I wanted to start off talking about some the ending is really cool. A trend that is. Continuing. And I I think it's important for us to understand the law you're. Trajectory. Of this particular development because it's not something that just started happening. This month or even this year. This is something that's been building up. For quite some time. And who gets the credit for this. Americans get credit for this. Because I believe Americans have been working toward this goal for years. What are we talking about it's important to look at the street here Bloomberg. Has a story today. That US is set to become the world's top oil producer. Which you've mentioned this way back in the 1970s. There we have the gas lines here in this country. And we fed this concern about our dependence on foreign oil. There's been lots of political discussion about this what to do about it. And really the most important thing. That we needed to do all along it's just develop our own resources it's really that simple. So we cause the dependents to dissipate. I don't think that dependence is ever going to go completely away. And that's not necessarily a bad thing but for us to be big place of greater independence this is awesome. US government sees oil production further climbing next year even amid transportation log jams the country's most prolific shale play. The Energy Information Administration sees US crude output averaging eleven point eight million barrels a day in 2019. And that's up from eleven point 76 million. In the June outlook for this year. In 2019. The Energy Information Administration forecast the United States who averaged nearly twelve. Million barrels of crude oil production per day if this forecast holds. That would make the US the world's. Leading producer of Kurt. Isn't this great. This is something to celebrate. General we spent all the time complaining. About our dependence. This is another milestone on the path to independence. That we definitely need to celebrate. Affect our crude output is remain above the ten million barrel a day mark since February. That's while Saudi Arabia told OPEC it pumped about ten point five million barrels of crude a day last month. As the kingdom sought to cap rallying prices. By ramping up their output I believe they were ash to do this. There are still concerns over the worsening bottleneck in the biggest US share region. How this might affect domestic output in the second half of the year. Part of the problem again is transportation. There's limited pipeline transportation the region. To their concerns that production could actually slow. And we were reached capacity in the next three to four months. Nevertheless. This is definitely going in the right direction. Don't you think this is cause for celebration I certainly believes ago. I wanna go to. The mud because that's exactly where we are now. In the interaction. Between the United States and NATO I'm gonna say something just the outset and I know it's gonna take some view off. But I'm gonna make a prediction here. It's quite possible there may be some striking parallels between the leadership of president Barack Obama and president Donald Trump. Alienating our allies for very different reasons. I think this is quite ironic. Because I hate. I like many viewer. I was frustrated watching the United States. In the form of Barack Obama go around on the apology tour. And basically leading from behind. Howling up with rogue countries. This really frustrated me to watch. And Mel. It's almost like a similar kind of thing is happening for different reasons. And it doesn't make sense to me now some people all this is great America needs to project strength. Okay that's wonderful project stripped. I wanna play for you clip. And we're gonna listen the entire thing here. That is available. Of the president and an exchange that took place this was supposed to be a photo op. For starters. And generally photo ops are. They're pleasantries their smiles. There hey how you doing blah blah blah it's. Not anything heavy traditionally. Well that was the case this time around here is the start of that exchange. In many Iraqis. I lost the match. Weird you're doing when it's you. The United States. Then so you go to bat tenor what do you you're just did it all up massive amounts of money is. The United States as James. And stepped up blend. Nobody that is done after decades about who it is done for many residents but no other president Barack Obama like every you know. The good news is. How does postpone the news this morning and tennis. They'll do here so. President comes first those folks who flew on top of the U student loans birdies on the small sliver. Fresh water is better. They okay. Sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with the Russian. Where you're supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and paid millions and millions of dollars a year to freshen. So we're protecting Germany would have protecting French we're thankful for these guys. And the numerous public confidence going how to make the pipeline deal with the Russian women paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russian. So it was supposed to protect US Russia but they're paying billions of dollars to Russia. And I think that's very inappropriate and a former chancellor of Germany is ahead of the pipeline companies that supply the gas. Is ultimately Germany will have almost 70%. Of their country. Controlled by Russia with natural gas and you can tell me is that a problem. We might have been complaining about this from the time I got. Never have been allowed to happen but Germany is totally in control of our Russian. Wow we're gonna stop at the air right now. An and that's is the big bomb that was dropped this morning in the interaction between these leaders. Russia. Totally controls Germany. Wow. This at a photo op we're gonna hear a little bit more of the Saudi though. And some of the reaction to it as we continue to broadcast and hate we'd love to get your thoughts of great year. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program over the text line. We start with this girl get a drop. Call out these freeloading leaders Hollis PSB. David screaming and screwing us for years. Right. And president trump definitely has a point where American taxpayer dollars funding a large amount of Germany's defense. Against Russia. When their purchasing 70% of their fuel from Russia. Instead of us. It's even lead NATO Secretary General agreed with president trump. US puts an unfair amount of monetary burden of NATO. You know I've talked about that on this program as well. I hear my question. Is a photo op. The appropriate place to do this. Was that the right way to do this to go about this and there's a very good point raced by someone and get a share in a bit. But let's listen to the rest of this exchange that took place during the photo op with the president. Earlier this morning with enough. It's an appropriate measures that are dependent on nations. Another hour or so plus news. It's on the different views and hopefully this means that I doubt so. I lost these are really about the same phony preserve this obvious differences we are all. Through you know I have Romo for all stood. Forget that I. Did you grow more vulnerable more full. Because I really thoughtful. Energy problem. And the person you want. It was not the way we started together all saloon indeed brush off. You are stronger I think we'll be seeing is I just think you should check well okay. We just put aside because even the Cold War hurt and they cost retrieving everything there so I don't know how to do and this didn't so called old farm. I think traders want to call I think. Energy is a whole different story. And sooner than normal kid. And you have a country like all of them more access the gas you look so it's. Still working capital to rush. But Germany is ours and it's tough just to rush it's getting so much. Energy for. So when it's your. It is getting their energy. From Russia thinks. Already. It can't be explained. Cannot be explained. That the Ravi. Also that takes like more advanced trump could have given it off Hitler in the business and you would find something wrong with it seat this is so predictable. It is so freaking predictable. What you build a shrine. In golden altered this guy. Seriously. You can't question. You can't challenge. Raise legitimate questions about the appropriateness. I'm not even talking about the the facts are the issues at stake here. There's an appropriate and an inappropriate way to do things. And there's someone who raises a really good question that I'm going to get to it a bit. Vince how do you even know how that conversation started this morning. I didn't think so move on. And you can always tell the people were drinking the Kool Aid. What does it immediately go to a defense of drop. Not about the issue in the merits. Of the conversation the appropriateness of it. Any case. So this is where we start. At the beginning of this summit. Angola Merkel was not too pleased with this. She has pushed back against Donald Trump's extraordinary tirades. Against Germany in the first day of the NATO summit in Brussels. Denying your country was totally controlled by Russia you know let me say this. This is really hyperbole. Let me say that. It really is hyperbole. To say that Russia controls Germany. And I really think if I were president Donald Trump. With the people I know in the business dealings. Better known and unknown connected to me. I would not be accusing anybody house of inappropriate relationship with Russia. When you have a family member pursuing a meaty. With the idea potentially getting dirt. From Russia. You really hardly a person. With the credibility to making make this kind of charged this is eight really sweeping charge. Any case. In less blunt language and the US president the German chancellor made the point. She needed no lessons in dealing with authoritarian regimes were calling she'd been brought up in the east Germany. When it was part of the Soviet Union sphere of influence. That's something to consider. I've experienced myself how part of Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union I'm very happy today we're united in freedom the Federal Republic of Germany. Because of that we can say we make our independent policies and make independent decisions. That's very good especially for people in eastern Germany. And nobody can argue. That's especially the people eastern Germany. Are not better off. Then they were before. So. This little dust up. Has occurred at the start of this summit. Former NATO ambassador Nicholas Burns was not pleased with how this went down. Ands you can add this to Trump's Twitter activity over the past few days. There are clear indications this would take an antagonistic turn. We've heard this before about the need for the stations to increase their contributions to NATO is funding. I'm all for that. All of sports. Nicholas Burns in responding to this again he's a former NATO ambassador. Here is how he is characterized this exchange this morning. It's just infuriating. To watch this happen you cannot imagine any American president all the way back 75 years. Deciding to become the critic in chief of NATO. In the it's orwellian he's making art our our friends out to be our enemies and he's treating our enemies like food not as our friends. And he's misrepresenting the facts there have been four straight years. Budget increases by every NATO ally. The great majority of them will be at this magical 2% of gross domestic product level by 20/20 four. All of our ability to project power in the world in the Middle East and Afghanistan comes out of the air bases Ramstein in Charlotte the honor of the naval bases in Italy and Spain. That the Europeans pay for. They pay us 2.5 hundred billion dollars a year to keep our forces there if it would cost us more money to bring the troops home and keep them in Europe. So what is the point that this is all about politics and the president's base it's not about the power up United States this. Incredible alliance and rebuilt every president from Truman it's infuriating to see this happen as diplomatic malpractice. Diplomatic malpractice. Is how he's characterized this. And let's be. Again let's have a fair discussion about this without the super hyper defensiveness. And I've made this very clear before I nodded never trooper and I am not an always trooper. Consider this perspective from Nicholas Krzysztof. Trump opens the NATO summit with something of a tantrum against the allies if only he could get along with Europe and Canada. As well as he gets along with Russia and North Korea. Think about it for a moment please. How does he engage these people in public. What's the level. Of interaction. I just want your honest objective opinion. As we continue the conversation 29 minutes after ten. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock Michiko the radio program. Again I share this. Quote from. Nicklaus Christoph. Troubled NATO summit with something of a tantrum against the allies. Foley can get along with Europe and Canada as well as he gets low with Russia and North Korea. This is. I think a pretty fair assessment. I wanna get your thoughts let's begin with Mel out of Atlanta good morning now. Get dead and at about axe only the area. I'm old Charlotte and here it ultimately that is the beauty that each. Year. Probably 85%. Not supporting she's a thirty or 48 in an eagle on how. I liked better and so mad over time become a little bit at the end did not start wait I and my main point is. And he called street the great Matt that it bad acting on the air I I equated it you have seen it. And one of edit the drug addict. Ultra light early praise them and handle them almost with kid gloves and get them that they are they are you well. And the other jet that made you work at what you expect more from now I really any Ayers. Korea and Russia are the other. You know our ally acting and I met at Eddie's got that I think all right back I think it can end up okay at their. You know I think it is today he's. He's better at every event or at eight we should probably I'll definitely app actions and hobbies. I think it. On our best interest and the. I hope so I certainly hope so it's it's awesome to hear from you I do wanna follow up with comments she made it started this. So you were talking about what's happening among. Number of people black community with the responsiveness to the president so it's economics. Economics and some of the border. And act as. Actually a minority. Op opt in that area not only got 80%. And I remember African American. Why. Can't eat meat but I want conversation that really. Eat it ships and it economic. On it's a little bit of the quarter so more people whereas the definitely want to come help support people and you're out people. There's still that threat we do want some sort of border security a little control but mostly. And yourself. Or I want your something about this border thing. What are they saying specifically about the border. That right now that we talk about you know happy more more in their backs and on that. At the end of the day start think about it actually tied in May not we pick on discussions. That country maybe you have worked. But the reality is as. As a country to support. A lot at Nate we we were audience a lot I think each other countries. And our hack it evidently we don't have a quarter. The social programs that we haven't I help people when they first get here. We just don't see a way to get around and act better. Ella and be eight people are still working harder and that it picture like an insult here and and they feed back to that future. You do not support influx of the amount of people coming occur without acting more. Yet there's no question about that that's pretty awesome and I hope. Which you've said here is indicative of what's happening out in other parts the country's well Mel thank you very much for called good to hear from you. And so glad to have accidentally discovered this that is a very good thing. Let's go. Briefly out to Charlie Rose in blue ridge good morning Charles. I didn't call about this this this since you brought it up. I would say that they had to have Merkel is the last person on earth that tidbit to talk about certain things that. Have you received thirty degree from the betting university in Moscow and having turned their country. And the same is true could prevail in Canada and many European states. It'd into basically commune Islamic. Dictatorship where were you know Christians who wanna I wanna try to survive but with that note there written up calling mainly because it is on this. Cavanaugh issue I don't know why this so called conservative. Media. Is complicit in covering up this diet involvement in the and a couple really serious scandals including. Here are having bid. The individual that covered up that is Austin's murdered in the ever thought just caught a weapon he's been at fort Marcy when it doubt is about eight. And that there was. And Hispanic invested in Miguel Rodriguez. Bet that this. And amp up the pressure to accommodate a suicide and read that. So that Clinton got cabin on and it went covered it up and intimidated witnesses and they all kind of an ethical things they get this thing. Ruled a suicide chaos as the individual. That came up with the argument with which. That's chief Justice Roberts shot of the obamacare. Down our throats that the idea that it was attacks. And and that. I'd I can't think of anybody worse it that it does leftists screaming bloody murder of course they always do that. As the circle the wagons. Around kava he is no kind of conservative he's a bush like he would be the next David Souter. And boy I sure hope you're wrong about this Charles but I did you listen this program art expressing some of the same concerns here. At least in terms of policy that this was not. By any means a home run. Of a choice. Let's go out to Mike good morning Mike. Again thanks for taking my call. Our debt debt backed it NATO and our president. How many times has he. Started a conversation with the really really outrageous. Claim or Indian. Only they're kind of dial back in and so so when when when our president says some of these days. I don't even really worry about it until it implement because I know that that is there's a much. Posturing and blow be aiding going. Implement so you think this is just a a an opening shot here. And and he's going to find some sort of some sort of place of agreement somewhere. Sure it's I pay attention I'm I'm I'm the guy admit it's. If it may be had in maybe some but out of his book. You know just to negotiating skill and current tactic. But in general. I almost called president trump president Prius because these especially would NATO. I think our hybrid between like Rand Paul and Pat Buchanan. And somebody even as bad as that Jimmy Carter. I love through to make our enemies our friends and and Obama fitted to a to a large extent. Begin on the other hand a while we're going that we still need. Close ranks and could be kind of protectionist equally as. Make America first. Kind of like a hybrid dog thank. That's an interesting way to look at that I appreciate your perspective there Mike will seat he held this. Balance itself balances itself over the coming weeks and months and and where discuss in terms of our NATO Alley. I don't question at all idea for instance there are. Allies need to take more the responsibility for their own protection. I certainly agree with that. We'll see yeah how all of this please out here. Love to get your thoughts. 44 minutes after 10 o'clock. 48 minutes after the hour Avi 10 o'clock actually dreaded zip things ahead for some reason on the Vince Coakley radio program. Getting your perspectives on the firing. Of the opening shots. In discussions that will take place among NATO members and we've talked about this plenty of times before about the need afford a two members. To take on more responsibility for their own protection. What are your thoughts on this and elvis' started off Bob obviously good morning. I then Ankara and beyond. I'm you know in part of the problem is. Eight different city would Donald Trump looks at Russia equipment the Soviet Union. And and people nowadays. Don't even remember what the Soviet Union like that win win. But I. But prudent work former KGB's head he's gonna do everything like the Soviet Union. And if you do business where it becomes a high price and a lot of other way. Where a lady could talk to use that it had no problem not dealing with that totalitarian government or something like. That's that might have worked at the end okay we plan right there that wouldn't say. At that time. Threat is exactly right and people from their era. You just don't stand. That's how they work. And it and determine what our look at all times they've been under the a fractured. Under Soviet Union collapse if you're sixty years. Are actually in 1917. Basically there at the constantly deal from the Soviet. And. And you know you're doing what etiquette we don't trap that it blowing smoke it is. Backside. When he acting like he's their friend what he's acting like he's a little. Rocket and her and that he you know. These guys are a art and yet but they're not normally a justice to the modern society. The little guys from a hermit kingdom lake he he basically. Are people all the time you know he he's playing a game. And the thing is that bound trying to not plane at the same way I would think about it call him. Here. It they're using different. Definition. Of getting they're not saying you like Alka. And if I minded here like government. And he is doing and doing a great job and it. And the media hate that and affiliates act upon that think that going on today over in Germany and everything that's been going on choppers just. The media. At how they want and most people don't know history. Hough. All right Bob what I appreciate your perspective this morning let's. Get another opinion on this out of Gerri good morning Gerri. Hello think that my car powered sport right sick. And I I think done later credit would be at its. Movie sort and it includes Turkey. And even Turkey is different but you'd be jerked around that urged Islamic dictatorship under the guy. So we are now defending an Islamic dictatorship under that I think that we're taking a new look at and I'm glad trumpet to. And here here's a broader question and the needs to be raised. Edit because I think Donald Trump even raise this question before is this alliance itself obsolete. I think partly it is I think I think we need to birdie Europe more than that needs to do it. Confined Russia and responder seductively Annan and at our bases and nothing we can be done with. Alliance and includes Turkey I don't think American answer. Comfortable defending countries like Ukraine allowed into the country but do we wanna go to war port. And certainly NATO you know. Legal circus purpose in the fall of the Soviet Union that's where it can look. The W neutral 1991 so. Times have certainly changed and it might be time for a new look at this and tie your scenario here Gerri I do appreciate your call let's jumped to peaks good morning Pete. More good morning. And he. Would you or fall when the doctor. Been important start out if you're. Struck me work. I mean equip our marker out there and that's basically don't mean. And then. That that the focus of the movie. OK. So this is fully what you expected. Our our. Arnold and that he built around their current forbidden. Diplomat. In in law he stated that he went in. Sure remember picking first. And stroke people in the work that would leave her it was just you know that you lower. Orbit or remark that he eventually came. Art works and war world war two and we're just literally or their commitments. The more. Were approximately where there are not there wouldn't be buying. Sort of work well and. OK okay that is. Quite an interesting way of approaching this thing one final call here for this hour from told the good morning Tony. Yeah I'm happy in America but a lot quote what goes to Q what do what our though you know well. Yeah and so. I sell a little bit where. American be allowed that that there are. They'll put out. And how do you believe he is doing a terrible job. But I like mica like that the Greek and you support that we got it done so they didn't do what do what. You get run over or. And that back aren't you the where it's gonna be what they look like well yeah. Over so you know what it's really bad or better and they'll order it grow. Well I hope that is not the case. Do appreciate your call there Tony. You know and pay that's my hope in all of this. That everything turns out well I mean it's. They are our future state here the future of the country. And how we interact especially with our allies around the world. Very important conversation. As we continue to broadcast. News coming up next.