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Wednesday, July 11th

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First are we talked about the NATO summit started bits and got your perspectives and we have one remaining call Barbara out of Munro good morning. It. Take it away. What are your thoughts. Well I know that your question was really regarding. The term and place of the comments that remain. Soon. I was wondering if you had any more information regarding. What was happening. You know during all of that other than just a patent law. The adults. IA I mean what kinds of information are you referring to. Well I didn't know if you were pretty it is any other comments that remained which neither of you know prop this conversation. Dropped. Notice this is something I mean as I mentioned some of these things that we had some sense that this was going to be somewhat. Confrontational. In the past few days based on some things have been posted on Twitter. But I don't know that there's anything more than Matt. Well I just say my comment Wendy. Let it play out. And let's see what happens. And reserve judgment for. That I am in the place you'll cater. You know maybe it just. It just happened and you know he felt like the camera's right and you know like up did we weren't they here we don't know what happened. We do know what happens and I seen this is part of what concerns me about this Barbara I do appreciate your call. Is there's this reflexive. Defensiveness. We can't have a conversation about the appropriateness or appropriateness of this there's this defensiveness. And boy the text line it is absolutely. Toxic today. To share a sampling. Of some of the items year. You know I've heard the pundits screaming forever about oh my god Trump's mouth his attitude going to start nuclear war with North Korea only god he's going to turn chatting gets this when his mouth. Now he's doing the same thing when NATO. That's how I begins negotiations slaps some around until they act like it then they do what he wants. He's also a heck for chess move he has Bruton after the NATO meeting which is another stick. That he can beat NATO with. A hook. The only reason America can't win a war by itself speakers. Yourself squeaking crybaby liberals won't turn in the military. Loose and let them do what they do best. Now the percent thanks to events I will not listen to the station from ten to noon I wished they could get rid of view. Really. This seriously if that's. You have no right and I'm just gonna say it is very bluntly some a few. Have no right to call anybody else a snowflake ever again in your life. We need to take your snowflake calling card away. Because that's what some view bar. How dare anybody question anything your great god said we gonna do next give an altar call. Do except Donald Trump is your personal savior. I'm serious I can start back sizing people in his name. This is this is creepy. It really years. Vince you're the one Williams of our side. This this is just the music. We tolerate you because every side has to have one you know the place raw all the waste goes. Thanks to your service. I will no longer support your station thanks to Vince Coakley you need to wake up. I'm definitely not alone in this sentiment. I will be a dedicated listener of another station they managed to support our president instead of looking for reasons and ways to bash him Vince Coakley blogs on MS NRC and and a serious. Joseph and what is wrong with these people. It's. I mean it's. Seriously. Leaders. Yes. And it's your slick I got news Korea. If you'd think this man or any other human being is going to apple make America great again you are living a delusion. That's what he has a delusion. Because this kind of mindset this kind of Holtz isn't this kind of hero worship Cesar worship. Will be the death of the republic just as much as liberalism. You cannot built on this you cannot. In the divisive missed. The nastiness. And I I'm going to be honest with you and I I will save as I've said it before I will say it again. Some of you people are nastier. Than the people who were upset with me because I didn't drink the Obama cool late. And you don't know what I dealt with with that. You have no idea. Got the scars to show for it. And some of you are nastier. Than those Obama Kool Aid drinkers. And sadly. Some viewer less intellectual the in the Obama Kool Aid drinkers. All there is this just Kuwait. Just Kuwait. Let's go out to David in Spartanburg. It's there. Wanted to say I mean I'm not I don't doubt president trump up like a boat dining there at the commonplace at. RB. But it was on a and it'd been like you know everybody respecting you bring out automatically bad on your. UAW hate America everything out of me it means. There but I'm gonna play just like you the real thing. I mean it. Trot he just can't help themselves eat just eat whatever or respond to that. We just didn't. You know but you gotta realize that you can't keep order speed. Photo op or whatever you go in and it just. A bit everything out that they aren't much. You know that they have been setup orbit where he had beaten. So now I don't this what people you don't think this is part of a great strategy they aren't big corner but it try. Did you think this is don't you think this is part of a great strategy David. Well I mean it could be. Child did you like people on spot. So I mean maybe that's why you did it but I'm Ali there at a time despite. The guts. Yet by I hear you David I do appreciate your call let's quickly go out the Joey got about a minute joke. Patriot I just wanna say rather hang in there. Between you when you talk politics. And you don't help left and right in your right down the middle right at home. This is what comes out of and of a Democrat what you know when it Democrats brawl. You know when a Republican brawl give. Politics it would gain full full. 01. Report. Joseph O he's not a politician in this movie. That's what he's told us. You put them. Right. Joseph I do appreciate your call and we can agree with. Everybody. Means you're not going to agree there. But we have to get out of this polarization. Especially around individuals. This is not a healthy place to be coming up. We talk about house race they'd really is not looking good right now. Stay with us. I want to do something just for a moment. Before we talk about. A race that is not not looking very good right now. For twenty team. I want you to step out of you're American garb for a moment. And imagine you're. A German citizen. And you watch this attached exchange. That took place at the start of the NATO summit. What are you thinking. About the United States. And about Donald Trump. Honestly I just want you to think about that for one minute put down the raw raw wave the American flag stuff. And think about if I'm a German citizen. What do whites think about this exchange. TI at I think others. A lot of this that really concerns me. I love America. Very much. And yet the same time I'm deeply concerned. That I think we're in KG and others. In a wave that's. Tends to forget that there are other people live on the planet other than us. Doesn't mean that we have to pander to the interest of other people around the world I'm not even talking about that. I'm talking about some level and inch. And outs of empathy for other people and their perspectives. At least an understanding that wait is this may sound good to us. But you know what's we are. 300 some million. I have several billion people on the planet. There's got to be a context you're somewhere. Of us understanding. That the world does not revolve around America. In fact as a Christian I believe the world revolves around somebody else. And they Donald Trump. Let's go to. Fort Mill I believe and deemed good morning dean. Then a date not a McEnroe I determine. How lightly at all. I would probably get a cigarette and a metal helmet and say that at bat. I get this that's funny that was pretty good. You don't really worry me would I Kool Aid should do every body and it actually do. Every time political. Bureau Robertson Kool Aid technical. And you know. You're on a critical way. I critical ill in an up and happened to me. What. You know where this came from. Don't we're Jonas this guy yeah. Yeah yeah well. That is not you know but I but I didn't. See until. Somehow intertwined Kool Aid and the whole thing. And you're you're concerned about the reputation of business I understand the human I don't you. I am. Okay. You. Took the in your great lied today appreciate your call. Thanks for huge sense of humor into this is. Good morning Dave out of Concord. Dario all right Sarah. Good. There. There. On doing. As well as the people that probably back. Like many Americans and I summit. The gut. Do they need to be debt. I'm in my early that the and for years. People on both sides of course of its offer define wade back land. I talked about would be great to get it and in the white. All that more and more people it might be represented. And and let them flow through. Wall Street and and drug companies and and and large corporate America. We finally got somebody and and doing things. Bad bad rub some people the wrong way. I don't think we can dispute the proper. Equipment and you know unemployment numbers the consumer happening. 88 progress. Yeah a little bit. Negotiators are probably got over their particular that you would be open borders policy yeah we in what that would break. What are the B. Like in America. Is the number 50%. Better probably and and we're not used to in Raleigh watching an Asian debt Klein. And watching. More apology. And so it's ours by the way Dave so is ours by the way. What's being done about that by this businessman. What you're down from an economic ample. About her debt. Our about it. I'm at one. Whopper but can you imagine when he starts to the things. I couldn't win when he's going to start. Well. Maybe maybe when you get a look when he went and bought some the other girls that are long way that it shouldn't it. OK I Dave this I'm done with the excuses cut up a crap don't sign. Dole Stein bills that overspend and waste our money and fund Planned Parenthood. And and hearing is pushing for this wall had the opportunity to push forward he threatened to beat show this last on the listening. After they'd already passed it. I'm just tired of excuses I really am this putted out. I wanna talk about. The race we've got to keep a close I ran. Errands I'm a little concern about this I hope. With months ago this changes. But I'm sure this is causing all kinds of panic. Not just in North Carolina but. I'm sure it's causing some level of panic in Washington DC. There's a new poll that's come out a Democrat is leading in a red leaning North Carolina house district. Dan the cream and we talked about this a few weeks ago after this primary. Mark Harris. Former pastor. Won the Republican primary he defeated Robert injure now Democrat Dan McCready. Is leading Mark Harris by seven points this is a Republican district folks. A Republican district. This is not a poll done by some Democrat organization either it seven times a conservative nonprofit. 43% of likely voters said they would vote for McCready. 36%. Said they would vote for Harris. Jeff Scott whose libertarian comes in with 3%. Donald Bryson who is the civic tell us president said this race has all the indications are being a nail biter in through November. But Republican should be concerned with the negative seven point spread in a district that has that are plus seven rating. Our placenta that's in favor. Of Republicans. What's going on here. So. One of the big factors is money McCready is a veteran small business owner. He's of strong fund raiser he had one point two million dollars in the bank through mid April. When candidates submitted their most recent fund research reports Harris. Just 70000. One point two million vs 70000. Now there'll be another reporting second quarter fund raising report on Sunday I hope this looks better. By the way I need to tell you about a story nice wonderful hit job by BBC news. I'm Mark Harris will talk about that. And concerns about this particular race as we continue to broadcast. By the way developing story. From the NATO summits. After all of the fireworks. NATO leaders including president trump have approved. A sweeping set of plans to bolster defenses against Russia and terrorism. Despite that blistering attack by president Donald Trump earlier against Germany and other allies. Leaders also reiterated their pledge to increase defense spending. Trump's main focus going into enemy. I was talking about before the break. A race we've got to keep aside this is a district that is supposed to be a safe Republican district. It is a rated as an art seven Republican district. I wanted to tell you about a new story before you go back to more of your calls if you like to talk about this and what you think may be going on here. ABC news did a hit piece. Raising questions about the role of women in the work place. That were brought up during a sermon by Mark Harris I have this conversation with somebody several months ago. And they were expressions very concerned that. You can just go back in history all the sermons. For Mark Harris just. Just tiresome. Which they may very well dollar. To go through and find. Controversial things that mark Harrison said over the years. Because you know how they like to portray Christians as extremists. And this relates to the role of women in the workplace 82013 sermons. And VA Tuesday hairy strategists accused reported taking pierce his words out of context. Almost to a person every mom in the ninth district would agree there is no higher calling and calling and being a mother a wife. Or husband and a father. Calling the attacks are war on people of faith which they certainly are. Yates added said we've gotten the point we're going to attack a pastor for preaching the word got. The ABC store was published on the late afternoon of July 5 interestingly enough this poll conducted July 5 through the eighth. 600 registered. Voters. Plus or minus four point six percentage points is the the spread here. The poll found both candidates carried net positive approval ratings even though significant portion of the electorate was either unfamiliar with. Or neutral about to both candidates and there's a lot of room for. Some movement here. But this is also interest president trumps favorability rating in the district. Is underwater. 49% of those surveyed say they disapprove of the president's job. 43%. Said they approved this is Tennessee Republican district what the heck is going on here. She again I wanna know we think is happening here. A narrow plurality of 39%. Added they support the recent GOP tax cut plan. A possible boost for the Republican even go quarter of voters said they were unsure how they viewed it. 39%. Only 39%. Support. The tax cut plan. In the ninth district. Again. What's going on. Is there are serious cause for concern here. We've put that out there shot at all in Mansfield good morning welcome the broadcast. Good morning and I'd met in there and Christian American I want our how you're and risking and educationally and they're like. Oh. I want you thank you for opening day and say I realize I might have. Kool Aid drinker. But I I am you know. So you need to be content and you know what in our country believed in our country. Needed to that our last fall and live a mini Alley that we rain on it's it's really EP is. To find out and that wasn't. That you know. A leader that not only and leader as not act like. And I do I appreciate so many things that feeling. But I. I'd get my point and I think. You know. We pray. For him. You know he can develop more and and you know part of me wonders if he's not finding himself and that won't position where you know he. He ends up against the wall with. The political attacks in the media. You know what at what point they let you look at me I that the low information voters. You know it's part of what's gonna buy mine when you were talking since I first appreciate it thank you for your thoughtful. Comments you've shared here. One of the concerns I have here is they think about this guy is and Donald Trump. It's I wonder if he feels a continuing pressure to perform. For his followers. And this becomes a very toxic relationship. Where. He feels pressured to say things that are going to excite his base and the base continues to be revved up by him. And it's dysfunctional on both sites. And Chantal and I appreciate the fact you've shared your affect future Christian. My call and and I'm and I think he would probably feel the same. Is to somehow bring some sort of transcended. Values. To these entire thing. So that we're not. We we we don't carry that toxicity. And the animus. That we're seeing on the so called right and on the left. There's got to be a way for us to rise above this doesn't mean we brought our political views and we dismissed. But we carry those with a eight character Anna grace. That sets us apart from everybody else it is that something you embrace. Absolutely. Absolutely. It. I will help me get an app that in my heart. And you know we are later on set out on the all we pray for him. And good morning on the op. And a lot of entering the country. Maybe it is an about me. We were you know count on you know. Me we. Somehow. Unite. And not waited. That. Ability. Yes absolutely and you should tell one of things that stands out to me and and and I are once we understood eight continued to be corrected in this area because. I see and I'm gonna say more about this in the coming days. But it's. We've got out we've got to walk a fine line here between our citizenship as citizens of the kingdom of god. And in this. This. Temporal kingdom. Of America. And make sure that our passion for America never transcends. Our passion for the kingdom. Because our character will then taking hits if we get these things mixed up somehow. And I I like which you said about praying and I'll tell you are repeating and I said before. My prayer is this president will face challenges. That are so big. That they would drive him to his knees in humility. That's what I'm praying for and I would put a secondary thing and that's. That god would put a faithful messenger who's not afraid of Donald Trump who be willing to speak the truth to him no matter the cost. Chantal I live feed a hole on the line because I loved it. Talk with you again sometime in the future in join the conversation. Thank you for being you. 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. The way we talked about the nominee for us Supreme Court mr. Cavanaugh. He is meeting with key GOP senators today. In the ongoing process to win the votes necessary. For confirmation. Of that is taking place today as well. And before yep possibly it's more your calls let's take some time out take it day in history and tour Greenville studio. Our good friend lines who's back with us today. Thank you very much for rejoining us her. At that time. That's very much appreciated. Let's go back to 1804. And our very first question. We have a contest of sorts between. Air and bird. Who's the former vice president and the Treasury Secretary former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Emirates and unfortunately died the next day. What happened between these two what was this event called when you lose a duel you are correct. An air and bird mortally wounded. And center and pretty ugly 1914. This person. Debuted for the Boston Red Sox. 1914. A new pitcher. Is also pretty decent hitter what was his name. I don't know paper. George Herman Ruth. Yours are brilliant 1975. You'll never think of this via I knew I would never at the of this either. Archaeologists May Day discovery of 8000 life sized figures. More than 2000 years old you don't wise. When you with a 1975. They made the discovery of 8000 life sized figures more than 2000 years old Q&A with the figures were was this. Will face yes counts. That's a. I think Charles may know this he has this look on his face like he's aware of this answer. Actually emperor Quinn's terra cotta army. I never would have thought that a million years here's an easier when 1995. We spent a great deal of time in this particular area unfortunately lost a lot of lives in a lot of people feel like. This was one of these wars we didn't prosecute well 1995. We reestablish diplomatic relations with this country what was it. Probably our worst. Engagement militarily. In this generation. Afghanistan. Win. Anybody wanna guess in studio. Think about John Kerry I served there. OJ remember I served in Vietnam yeah. As acute food the way you asked the question is completely threw everything I needed Celek was the recent war. Well I meant our generation because the committee thinks. This is are probably the most mishandled. Military engagement. I hate to to be derogatory towards host when on choice among people would agree with music without the question Ryan I was concerned about the integrity of the clues there. Who one have some. Fun. That's how you feel how just quits you know I think yes and you can have a panel there may be run questioned by the panel before you. Who ruled that I can do run this by yeah. These these guys are you these knuckle heads you you mean Johnny and that can be rather dangerous rather dangerous hey great to talk to you as usual today have you back saying here and a wonderful. A bed let's do I took off from state and get what he stand. I don't carry a racer. Well I ornament but the point here. We've had. About socialism but instead of having it internally in the country which we did. A incurred a net going home. Between countries. The global it and I think it well written being siphoned from. Wealthy countries including America which is the wealthiest. Two organizations like. Monetary fund the world bank of Iran. Will try to organization. Bigger club and you climbing and he had. Ears and years and years are actually losing a home field and giving away money. Because of the socialistic nature of all the sudden drop in its campaign to allow her to represent. The citizens of it or not parents. That you put yourself in that position and even into Detroit and eleven. Our our our corporate tax Brooke and that we want 20% now need to have countries and they're just 10%. That you go into these countries and say look I'm on my fair and right. A Corsican screen so what would you do that you were. What would I do who. That's a very dangerous question to ask. But you know you want and we doctors and on top of that crap people have been here. Agree with that they agree that America department world so important what you did. CN adds that this is an important part of it for meego. I think he can engage this issue without being insulting at a photo op. That was part of the point out is making I'm not even disagree with the idea stand. But I think a lot of times what we do it in the way we engage. The way we engage. Is off putting to people before leaving get to the subject matter. That's the only concern that I'm expressing. Wanna pick up but their impact an organ they are the. Our city is and I got news for yeah I got news story we just say this stand. Everything is not a business transaction. And let me just ask you let me ask you this stand are you married. Okay then it's probably not a good person as the here's here's here's the point I'm gonna make here's the point wanna make. I would never in a million U issue years used the art of the deal. In my relationship with my wife. Aunt and an overall in relationships you don't build relationships based on a business strategy and this is part of the weakness. Of this entire mindset that I think we've got to be very very careful about stand let's talk about the snubbed time we are up against. The end of the show. But I think you products and goods shifting points year everyday folks.