The Vince Coakley Radio Program
Thursday, July 12th

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Half my goodness boy when you have missed. One of the biggest spectacles. Going on the past few minutes and this congressional hearing I wanna go back live you can listen in to what's happening I will try to bring you up to date momentarily. I did you are actually inquiry that you guys controlled by the gentleman from parliamentary inquiry parliamentary inquiries and I am in order to questioned under some you know South Carolina controls that time. Agents struck on. Just so the record's clear there's this little tree down a little while on I didn't ask you the content of those interviews I didn't ask you the names of who you interviewed I asked you whether or not you interviewed any. From July 31 until August the date and upon it interesting that the FBI will tell us no interviews were conducted reform July 31 that apparently. Doesn't impact on going bro bought between July 31 and August 8. It cause here's the good news on our no answer to. I went looked at the filed a first interview that I could line is August Bil up. A 26 today which is eleven days after it began. Which makes me wonder. On August the sixth. So you hadn't interviewed anyone. You are investigating this alleged Russian collusion with the trump campaign you're only investigator you originated investigation. Appoint a contact he drafted the document. And hair you'll are for you interviews solitary witness say half draw. Then that same day or alms. Colleague Lisa page wrote maybe you're meant to protect the country from baton menace. And he responded I could protect their country at many levels we're not even a week. And to an investigation did you originated. A part of what contacts war he had interviewed a single solitary soul until August allotment. And you're already promising. To protect the country from that menace Donald strong. Then on August the state you still had interviewed anyone. Your days anti door Russian collusion with the trot campaign investigation. And it got another text from New York. Colleague Lisa play more con air and light on president right. Right and you replied no. No he's not will stop. By the time you promised to stop you know for becoming president on August the eighth how many interviews I. You conducted. This got a suit to answers that. One reviewer read how many interviews hatter had not been conducted I've been directed by counsel for the FBI. Not to drag this guy away in handcuffs doing it now context drag him out and what they meant. And there and someone by asking that question and he's strong but I didn't. I ask you how many people you interviewed before you wrote if you wanna get in the context. Well what are my other colleagues do that with you. Here's what all of no. Who's the heat and he's not. He used in candidate trump so. When you said no Donald Trump's not into and connect to a question going to McCall president. What's the debt. Chairman adopt yet. Chairman doubted that text needs to be taken in the cut out I'm asking look if you want to have a debate over two letter words wanna do that some all the time. Why. And Hulu did you mean by it. Mr. Dowd is I've stated that tax who's written late at night. In short and I don't care what it largely about I don't care whether or not all hand curse I don't care about any of that out wanna know what it meant and it struck. It would be his candidacy for the present what I ally since that the emitted or why Tom would not. Vote him into office right right always got the well yeah. Log on to tested at ages explained the axle though the American people is not like national testimony though will stop it you were speaking on behalf of the American people Bacharach. Mr. Gotti what my testimony is in what I said during extensive asking this question in Durham Pryor's debut is. I don't recall writing that text. I deny one who attacked. When I can tell you is that text in no way suggested that the FBI would take. Any action to influence the candid eighty pages it ought that it does not. Fantastic answer tool question nobody had a missing US and you do. It is a legally permitted to answer as almost. Yeah. There's the question he. It. We look forward to that. So your testimony is China's flag mr. chairman. You tell us who and how many weeks. It is going to be tough may get to reflect keep get her up. You're testimony couple weeks ago was the way he met the American people. Which I found confusing. The calls on November the seventh which is the day before the election. He said access. These you work conservative those same American people that you were speaking no but half ball might actually elect don't troll president. So you says it ONG this is after being tariff spot. I think we know what I think Maine's. Pretty sure we have OMG down to what it's terrifying about those same American people you trusted to stop now. And August not stopping him in November. Also terrified about that it struck. Mr. Gotti I had do not have a copy of the transcript we have not been provided that transportation accidents not the transcript issue attacks. Mr. dowdy what I would say and that is one that I was not referring to the American electorate at all American electorate side. Respect in their decisions in their right to vote is absolutely course and about democracy so in no time that I. Insult or call on the question the did the judgment or could be the power of the American electorate. But I was expressing in that text is my personal belief and my personal sense of how I saw and what I believed in the potential upcoming ministers say that dust up on so confounding because in August. You blame the wheel the American people that the American people would stop the good you don't want to be you released today chairman is don't want to me via our god given five minutes to answer questions we have been we have been dealt. This harassment. Nine minutes the air judiciary and oversight committee I. But gentlemen the Alamo this band that chair. In agreement with the the ranking members of both committees agreed that there would be liver reality in the questioning by the chairman and the ranking members of each committee the gym and we'll continue. What I find contend that these elite law act that. The morality and everyone of our questioning. What I find confounding agent struck age you were counting on the American people how is the week you referenced in August when you said will stop it. But the American people couldn't stop. He actually won so don't go to march of 27 saying. And you're already talking longingly about him resign. And don't go to the day this special counsel my lower while before we go to that's more to 27 date march of 26 today. You wrote god Hillary should 100 million to zero I'm assuming Hillary ruby former secretary of state Hillary Clinton it's cracked. And more to 26 and what you investigating her for potential mishandling classified information. We were. As you interviewed her yet no but you interviewed more than thirty other witnesses that wound up being interviewed. I would have to check the case file but now ticker representation that's well if you had said something incriminating and you're more interviews took place wants later on her love of her which you 100 million zeroed. Likely not them. Well why would you wait until the investigation. Was over before you have her the nominee. And winning a general election against an opponent that had them and yet. 400 million to zero engine as well. This is pretty ugly trait Gabby. Skewering Peter struck. We'll continue this spectacle right here the Vince Coakley had to program. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program Andy Serkis is under way out let's listen in to more of these hearings going on Peter struck speaking right. Now and what not elect somebody demonstrating that behavior to be president the United States it was in no way. Unequivocally. Any suggestion. That meet the FBI would take any action whatsoever. To improperly impact the electoral process for any candidate. So I I take great offense and I take great disagreement to your assertion of what that was or wasn't. As to the hundred million to one that was clearly a statement made in jest. And using hyperbole. I've course recognize that millions of Americans will likely to vote for candidate trump. I've acknowledged that is absolutely their right that is what makes our democracy such a five run process that it is but to suggest somehow that we can Parse down. The words of shorthand sexual conversations like there are some contract or car. Is is simply not consistent we admire most people's news text messaging. I can assure you. Mr. chairman at no time. In any of these tax did those personal beliefs ever enter into the realm of any action I took furthermore. This isn't just me sitting here telling you you don't have to take my word sport. At every step at every investigate decision. There are multiple layers of people out of me. The assistant director executive assistant director deputy director and director of the FBI in multiple layers of people below section chief supervisors unit chiefs Kasey agents and analysts. All of whom were involved in all of these decisions. They would not tolerate any improper behavior in me any more than I would tolerated in them. That is who we yards the FBI and the suggestion that guy in some dark chamber somewhere in the FBI. Which somehow cast aside. All of these procedures all of these safeguards and somehow be able to do this is astounding to me it's simply couldn't happen. And the proposition that that is going on that it might occur anywhere and the FBI. Bleak for roads what the FBI is an American society effectiveness of their mission. It is deeply destructive. They they kicked up state. Democrats applauding your promotion ever rule eleven motion mr. chairman clause to I'm moved I'm moved to subpoena Steve Bannon. Mr. ban was a witness in the House Intelligence Committee investigation he was under subpoena he refused to answer to what general manager of the doubt motion that Jolie is not recognized that chair wrecked it and I've. That chair recognizes the gentleman from Maryland mr. chairman motives always order. Emotion is always in order mister chairman's role eleven clause to owl power units in the swallow. Of one minute mr. chairman I'm I'm moved to subpoena Steve Bannon. In our house intelligence investigation was under subpoena he refused a number of times to answer questions of mr. doubted. Mr. Gary appears to have a sincere interest and get into the bottom of what happened and so I move under rule eleven to bring mr. ban and to this committee also. Mr. chairman is in receipt of DeVon knew mrs. letter to our committee recommending that the Judiciary Committee continue on the house intelligence committee's investigation. Into Russia and recommended witnesses so I'd move. Now for consideration for mr. baron days. That if he refuses for contempt proceedings took her as chairman the mr. chairman Eric and I had it from consideration of the motion that is being made it coming the I yield back mr. Cummins. But the motion has to be heard immediately mr. chairman under its chairman and rolled out by architect Telesis spent. And lots of confusion. And in the motion does not germane and the gentleman from Maryland mr. I moved to dribble the ruling in the chair. I move to overrule the ruling that your. It. Mr. chairman that motion motion and made table the appeal the ruling of the chair. All those in favor of tabling. The appeal respond by saying I I those opposed no I don't know. Chair of the eyes has to jam and I asked her record and bow when I Alomar recorded out. It's important parliamentary. Republicans have majority yours so this is where there's an assumption that it's gotten out of the matter in the vote suit he'll meet here. We take separate votes in two committees or one vote of everything. My understanding was that both you mr. Cummings were satisfied with the one roll call vote. But will go through each committee. In order and then we'll take the cumulative vote no after the conclusion of vote on Ellis I just wanted to clarify that point. Mr. chairman I had asked her recorded vote. Who is getting harder voted been requested and the clerk will call the roll the question is on line. The motion to table the appeal the ruling of the chair of the clerk for the Judiciary Committee will commence. Mr. black guy to get mister Simpson and mr. sentiment what they're voting and is there was a motion here to call Steve Bannon to testify to subpoena him. And the Republicans are basically saying you know we're we won a table. This particular motion Republicans of course are saying hey let's table this nonsense. Democrats. They once this motion to go forward. And again Republicans have majority in the committee this is not going. To succeed at all for the Democrats but they won't go through the motions here. Because it's great theater and they've got to appeal to their audience. So that's what you're hearing now it's a roll call of every single member of this particular committee. Before they can move on to questions I believe from Elijah Cummings. Which I'm sure will be softball questions. While we do this roll call I wanna back up a little bit and tell you about some wood to police during the break. Mean it it was quite heated you heard the tail end of Peter struck speech. In which you know basically the theme of it was I am offended. That you would think that I'm biased and I'm offended you would think so lowly of the FBI blah blah yeah yeah yeah. That's pretty much it I could have saved him all of the words and all of the anger and all of the theater. That's basically what he was saying. And part of his position as he was kicked off of the investigation not because of bias. But because of the perception of box. And you can't make this stuff up people seriously. I'm biased. There's just too concerned about perception. By the way the other thought going to buy mine is I watched this. Vladimir Putin has to be absolutely positively. Thrilled and laughing his rear end off rate now at what's going on in this year. This is ridiculous. And he's still doing the roll call vote. Still doing the vote. This is pathetic. The clerk of anyway is that a reform committee one of the things straight Gatti covered earlier. Is the issue of the appointment of the special counsel in May of 27 team. And he set how long did it take for you talk about impeachment. Peter struck said you know ultimately. He didn't answer the question. Which freak out he did it within a day he was talking about impeachment. And he was talking about again within five days. And this is despite the fact there weren't any interviews conducted none zero. They had nothing. Not a single interview. Yet it's Peter struck continues to insist. He did not have any bias and the only reason he was kicked off the investigation was the perception. I wanna back up as well. She won the allegations here but the Democrats they believe that Peter struck is being arrest poor guy. I I hope you can see Mike crocodile tears. Running on to your radio right now. I have no sympathy whatsoever for this man and the survivor saying when he was refusing to answer. Questions that have nothing to do with the investigation these were just these are questions. In general they that you should have no problem answering. But he refused to answer and I was serious about this. If there were away and I have I've argued fitness if there are overweight to criminally address. Situations like this if you get genuine oversight. I think there are people ought to be arrested. But that's my thoughts will listen to more of this spectacle. As our broadcast continues. Already so they've had their votes and they've gone on with this spectacle right now Elijah Cummings is asking questions. And I will listen just a little bit of this I have a feeling it's not going to amount to much let's take it out. Lee you're answering that question. Will be helpful to my colleagues. In fairness to all of us essar. Thank you and I certainly deuce her. Appreciate and understand their questions that concern and Mike people who lick those Texans want to know why and how they should believe. That those. Personal beliefs played any role in mind there's lacks. What I can tell you sir is that first I. Like every FBI agent like every person in this room like your body watching as political opinion. And each and every one of those people in the FBI. Whatever their political beliefs walks in the door and you leave those behind. The FBI has a culture. It is in our culture it is an. And if everything we do is dedicated to the pursuit of the facts with Elaine. And applying the law to those facts. There is no room for personal belief it is. Something that is anathema. That is simply something culturally that doesn't occur. And remember. It would be noted. And stopped this union in this that culture. We have policies we have procedures we have laws we have guidelines that are designed to provide. Outside checks and balances were those are throughout the night view. To provide for any number of ways that the individual actions of any agent any analysts any support personnel. Are not acting in any way other than official policies and procedures. So when I tell. Why isn't Hillary Clinton in jail first I've had enough for this moron and turn this guy I'm in I'm serious. I just this is what's so frustrating to so many Americans are in the skywalk free. What what he's done is a profound abomination and miscarriage of justice. I never question that. From day one but what I've also said is I have a strong feeling there's nothing of consequence it's gonna happen this guy. Nothing of consequence. And we'll see a lot of the year. And I suspect that will be about it. Am I wrong about this Ron what do you think. I hear ya you're absolutely wrong about this all Limbaugh warned it and trucks first amendment rights. Please speech yeah. When we. Erin is right to free speech run run but. Answer my pre game questions people. This is not about his free speech this guy is a freaking government employee and when your brought to testify. You need to testify. Period. If you can answer my questions don't call this program don't start going off to. Some place like Siberia talking about whatever. Answer might break in questions people. This just drives me up the wall. But as I was saying what is so frustrating about this. This is why so many of the American people are so send. This guy can do what he did. And here he is sitting up there very proudly offering his non testimony. And giving speeches. About how wonderful Healy FB IR how wonderful and unbiased. He issues. I'm the text like. Listening to us. Trucks opening statement not sure fit if he is inebriated order a state of of but disillusionment. Good question. Another person saying fire the ball at the FBI and start over. Something very important to mention. The Internet alcoholic challenge. Well we don't need to go into that I think that would be extremely tacky Jeff says what a joke. Vince how dare we question the integrity of Peter struck after all he was running around and his wife and family with a woman he worked with. The S struck hearing going as expected Democrats pulling every rabbit out of their hats to obstruct the truth. Yet all these non answers to treat these questions tells volumes you're right drag this guy away in cuffs dowdy is on fire. You don't just tell he says he doesn't remember the text in many quotes from the text admits he knew the text and knew what was in it of course. Not a person. All the guys opt for perjury. Only struck should be all that changed the dims involved should be charged for obstructing justice good luck with that. Out what else do we have here. This mess is truly my tax dollars. At work isn't it wonderful. Let the Democrats all scared don't know what to do in court laughing my rear end off. That's the reason why these congressional hearings go nowhere is because of politicians like Elijah Cummings. There is a reason the Democrats symbol is the jackass. And I can imagine Maxine Waters backed up by a rove met ministers having a press conference. If their words. A similar situation with an FBI agent sending texts about stopping Obama could you imagine all of that would have been thermonuclear. How dare you. Would've been terrible. Let's go out to Jason in Charlotte good morning Jason. Pay rent paid nobody writes. My unfair orbit and say about these congressional hearings got pregnant while the bigger one that probably merely but he is. Not that ever comes on and there's like. And eat. I agree to let they used to manage my earlier he should be. Aren't American partner has been allowed because it happened but about a hot air on second Tuesday. At all really got to say thank you get repealed or. It takes a spot for your call their Jason let's go two written a good morning Rene. Okay good morning. You know it today well. Pierre and let me share. This is just an abomination is just ridiculous. And all they ever play the game and very young child. Call reply. Oh yes. And block it from my. Like YouTube and Iran stick. Altman did you know. Our. List hit it bump somebody bigger is. Right now on the line that would be a long term. Oh yeah you want lines. You would be much more credible is which you're saying here. I didn't want him being much more educated. Well we're. Well. Well I I take that as a high compliment for lines of the keeping for highly of him in. Renee thank you very much for your call yet this mean you really have to watch brain cells start to melt. When you listen this guy go on and on and on and Democrats they love it and he you know it's perfectly acceptable. When this happened here Randy out of can affluence to morning. Not sure that day. They're old want. Yeah it does owner talking about it except. That questions about you know it is the and there is that he is slightly. And they are playing out at the dole won it going. Eagle are. There all day. UN. BA is in. 08. We can score or. Is he. He may he laid out the case for charging the woman did me. And they said they made a decision not to charger. I think at the end of the street accepting it at that point that. They're saying that it via. Yeah hostile crowd. Yet there's there's all sorts of problems there and no doubt the need for a serious housecleaning there would you not agree. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock we have the house oversight committee hearing going on right now we've found in listening to a good portion of this morning. Especially for the fireworks. Up let's listen in just for a moment before back to some of your calls here. Attorney page who is also involved in the investigation so I do agree that I separated out. My personal beliefs from any action I took officially as an FBI agent every day. The do you recognize how your victory all against president from makes it appear you could never approached the case in a fair minded manner. So of course I appreciate that I understand political that's a tax that hits home for me. On August 26 when he sixteen you'd texted ms. page. Quote just went. To a southern Virginia Wal-Mart. I could smell the trumps support a boy and smell. Is in capital letters all capital letters what does trump support smell like mr. struck. So that's expression speech act clearly wasn't smelling limping the other when I was commenting on is living in northern what does having. What I've when I meant by that was living in Northern Virginia having traveled under 250 miles south we're in the same state. I was struck by the extraordinary difference. In the expression of political opinion and belief amongst the community there and am I right that is smell in capital letters sir that was a choice of their quick choice of words and it's so earlier. In our order a OK so earlier you had texted ms. page. On that another part of Virginia Loudon County. Which is I think in Northern Virginia. Is quote still ignorant hillbillies. And quote is that what you meant. Most are not at all. That you dictator trump supporters to be ignorant hillbilly got at all did you mean by that. Sir the first cut that is what is a prop Fairfax County resident there is the so the competition between Fairfax allowed. Second thing I would tell you is that in no way did die hard to live believe. He resident of Loudon County yours southern Virginia or anywhere else in the nation is. Are any of those things that was a. Flippant so do you understand the implications of this tech's win my constituents. In Virginia. Read it producer and a rescue itself and it now Tuesday. In some cases certainly unfortunate. Your support that in no way too I'd leave it whose answer when you and ms. page used personal phones in the count to communicate. Have you turned over those communications to the inspector general. Mr. If outline. Survey asked and working in my attorney inspector general and I ranges agreement were I would go through mines. Personal accounts and identify the material that was relevant FBI business and turn it over. As reviewed there was none in mine Sandy's inspector general was satisfied with that action. We we we know from text that you would ms. page would transition. Two I message in Gmail. Who determined that messages were only personal in nature. And not business related. Especially since you just testified at length that a number of the communications that you have made on government communications devices were personal in nature. Sir the broad broad context of what I used personal. You mail and phones our laws. Personal communication. For those things that were work related almost universally all right side. Think we get the idea here man that was pretty devastating I mean. Basically what he's trying to get us to believe is what I said I really didn't mean. I mean honestly do you believe that idea. Not in a million years that quickly got ram C good morning welcome. Very. Clean the whole thing I think it has handled it as an art. Did do not know what they had a date building a bit at the life line is out it's me and you. Really be out. And then making me and it is c'mon at forty used to own means and it was howling Chordiant at. It it's frustrating to watch is that Ramsey just absolutely no. No judgment here that I mean this is not complicated stuff this is pretty basic pretty basic stuff. And yet mrs. Washington culture and this is part of what is so frustrating so many people watching from far. A Simpson bill and Dick good morning. I bet they're confirmed on the web is Andre. But that. Does a little bit. You get about a minute okay. World and that you and I want your opinion. On wrote Jane. Just say 300 almost 300. Federal prosecutors super Cavanaugh. The bill opposition research that you hear that. Okay have you heard that I have not heard that yet there's 97 special prosecutor at the United States and they all are pretty. Three prosecute repeat opposite due. To investigate Brent Cavanaugh. This is something I'm not aware of will will certainly look into was there another port you when it's due to making that was okay. I don't pick up top okay well I appreciate your call I appreciate your call and we have enough time for raji at about 30452. Year. Harder to quit there are men enjoy your shirt. Well ambient when he. The Ambien and. My goodness I got back something I said before. That. I really believe that the Russians are their their laughing and it's just like the other day. When I was going to be important I there was something going on which is really stupid. At all of these security precautions that take place in other terrorists are laughing Addis. You know it's the same kind of thing and look at the strife and what is the strife over. It's over. Protecting people who are lying. And were deceitful. Or dishonest. Who are not following their oats. Why why is this even a debate in America. It should not be. We'll continue with this tomorrow have a good day.