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And then Monday morning. Welcome back good to be back with you. Hope yet great weekends. And sir are all set to jump into a brand new week. Lots of things going on including. This meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's. Instead of interest in yet the news this morning I saw some posted something about. This meeting and made some reference to two Vladimir Putin referring to miss a former KGB agent. And I shared a correction that I received on this years ago. There is no such thing as a former KGB agent. Just keep that in mind. Any case. The president Vladimir Putin are meeting I understand they are going to have a news conference. And if that does occur during the course this broadcast is supposed to be a few minutes from now. But after learning what we did on Friday with this news conference that was supposed technically it's 1145. I'm not counting on its. Will tell you about that little bit later on by the way the indictments that we expected. That did take place on Friday but. Nonetheless as for today. We will I'd try to take this live. To see what statements are made and learn what has taken place. A turn your attention to something. That is not really getting a lot of attention at all and it's. I think most of us agree. That it should receive attention. Because unfortunately we're at a place where. The news cycle. Just runs after shiny objects. Shiny object means if something has been in the news for I don't know. Seventeen years. People don't care anymore. Andy is kind of dusted off wall that's old news. I'm referring to Afghanistan. You know we still there. Fact I ate. In prompted. Fact I will do this over the course the next few minutes send a message out to a couple of friends of mine in congress nest. What are we doing in Afghanistan. And why. Reason I bring this up. As we have yet another Carolina death. Another brave American. Giving his life. In Afghanistan. This time is sergeant first class Christopher Andrews so les. From Somerville. Killed by enemy gunfire. Serving in Afghanistan. Sergeant first class Christopher and Russo leaves. 32 years old. Died of the wounds while supporting operation freedoms sentinel a release from the Department of Defense. Communicated this. Very said message. So les was decide the first battalion 75 ranger regiment. Hunter army air field in Georgia. He came under small arms fire while conducting operations in support of a medical evacuation landing zone. And the sir Matt district. He was treated immediately medically evacuated the nearest medical treatment facility where he died of his wounds. The incident still under investigation. So les is a native of Summerville South Carolina. Enlisted in the army September. 2007. Completed basic combat training advanced individual training is combat engineer at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Deployed from 2008 to 2009 and support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 2011 and twelve in support of operation enduring freedom. On this fifth deployment. When he was killed fifth. So lease will be posthumously. Awarded the meritorious service medal. Bronze star medal and the purple heart. Another life. Lost. In Afghanistan. And I think it's a fair question to ask why. What is our mission what is our purpose. In Afghanistan. I believe we've had a number of discussions about that on this program. I immediately think of my good friend parish and Thomas Massie whose been raising questions about this for some time and I go back to the hearings. Where he was asking questions about our financial investment and I would use that word investment in quotes. In part of the efforts. To try to Breen feed drug. Industry. Under control. As an illegal drugs. Because it seems to be. Continuing unabated. Nicholas Thomas mess you raise the question in over concerned about. The illegal drugs that are being grown there. And wage issues round. You remember that. And the person made the comment well that might be too effective. But seriously. Honestly this is this is what we're dealing. Mick I also told you in this program. It's several years ago I came across an interest in huge booklet. This booklet. Was from the Geological. Survey. It was hundreds of pages long I mean we're talking when I say booklet I'm talking about a thick booklet. Talking about minerals and Afghanistan. Which raises all kinds of questions for me because I suspect. Are continuing presence there. Has very little if anything to do with national security. And probably something else. I think it's conversation we need to have do you agree. We need to talk about what we're doing there. Rather than just marking time. Now in our seventeenth year there seventeenth. Something to think about pressure. And thirteen minutes after 10 o'clock. On Friday as I mentioned we were waiting for a news conference. That did finally occur after the program ended. The news. That's special counsel Robert Mueller and indicted twelve Russian intelligence officers accusing them of interfering with when he sixteen US presidential election. They're charged with hacking computer networks are members of Hillary's campaign. The Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They allegedly coordinated to release damaging information to sway the election. Under the names DC leaks and Christopher 2.0. However. The deputy attorney general rob rose and Stein told reporters. It's unclear if their efforts changed the outcome of the election. In total the indictment charges eleven spies with conspiracy to commit computer crimes eight counts of aggravated identity theft. And conspiracy to launder money. Two of the defendants charged with separate conspiracy to commit computer crimes. Fans the scams and an interesting time as the president. Is meeting with Vladimir prudent. By the way. Prudent continues to deny that his country is in refuted the election and anyway. So. That was the big news that is develops here. Coming up. We will talk more about the probe ands will talk abouts. An effort to take down mr. rose and Stein. In fact. There's an effort to take him down and there's someone who's come to his defense already a Republican. We'll talk about coming up. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the text line. It's. A watch Trump's interview from Scotland where he describes Germany's natural gas pipeline deal with Russia as bad an unfair. Trump did not offer any explanation as to why isn't trumpet operating natural gas alternative to Germany. The offer to deliver American natural gas at competitive prices. To Germany of course Nat. All trump has his toxic criticism without solutions. By the way did look up this update on this particular story. The president claiming 70% of its energy. Germany's energy would be coming from sure from Russia. Truth of the matter is. Natural gas is a significant fuel source in Germany only accounts for about 20%. Germany's energy supply and consumption. The only thing that's mysterious to me about this is why why are we even parking about this why. Why are we meddling in the affairs of other people other countries none of our business. They wanna make a deal. With Russia let them do it. Better business. We have plenty of business what do I talked about the beginning of this program. Afghanistan. When we have a conversation about that. When we have more of a conversation about what's happening at our border. And what to do about it. That is also floating out there in this election year. Just a thought. Vince would trump meets with a prudent may be prudent to give troops importer from some pointers on how to conduct a war in Afghanistan. You know since the Russians did so well there. I. Yes they out when it's. Taking off after quite some time. We their tail between their legs. Not a pretty picture. What else do we have here. Since I was deployed to Afghanistan 2011 and twelve spoke with several other soldiers contractors training Afghan soldiers. With the exception of special ops troops training Afghan commandos. They also the Afghan troops weren't competent enough to stand in their own. And would run at the site of the Taliban. It's depressing is it. Also on the text line Vince wouldn't be funny for once indicted decided to defend themselves. The plane if we have to get the DNC and Clinton servers. Due to the evidence discovery ruled the court that would be very interesting yet that would be great wouldn't it put all of that out there in public. I'm sure they would be absolutely thrilled. By the way I told you about this indictment this new indictment. Against new people. In the Russian investigation. Over the weekend. Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNN. And I don't think he's praising this but he made an announcement of something I think it's pretty obvious. Rand Paul said it's mistake to try to extract accountability from Russia for its interference in the 2016. Presidential election. Same countries with the means to meddle in fort elections including the US have at least tried to do it in the past. Yes before oddest. Want Alex's. There another country they're going to spy on us they do spy on us they're going to interfere in our elections we also do the same we all do it's. What we need to do is make sure our electoral process is protected. And because this has gotten partisan. It's all about partisan politics we've forgotten that most important thing is the integrity. Of our election. And that is true. We need to focus on this and take it seriously. And recognize. We are not pure as the wind driven snow on this issue at all. Rand Paul goes on to say I'm not saying they're equivalent or morally equivalent. I'm saying this is the way to Russian's response. He said he doubted the Russians would admit it. The same way the US isn't going to admit its influence in campaigns in other countries elections. I mean we do this all the time. One of the things I would love for us to give back to his country. It's a mindset where we just mind our own business and and I tell you we ever hands full just doing that. You don't have time you know do you find this an year old life your I was just talking with so what about this last night. Sometimes people can be such experts about other people's lives. Fans we can be so preoccupied with what some individual needs to about their you know. How about putting that time and energy into your old. I think that's pretty important. Other subject of the investigation we saw the spectacle last week. With Peter struck. And I told you it was pretty much a circus. It was going to be a circus and that's exactly what it turned into. Going up a few rungs on the eve latter of authority. We have one rod Rosen Stein who's the deputy attorney general. We know. Talk out there. About the possibility of impeaching. Mr. ride Russian Stein. As reported by the UK independent. Republicans the house reportedly preparing an effort to impeach him. The man overseeing the special counsel's probe into Russian medley. Members of the conservative house freedom carcass of drafted impeachment filing for mr. Rosen standard planning to introduce it as early as to date. According to Politico. Republicans have long accused mr. rose instead of stalling their attempts to investigate the FBI is probes. President Donald Trump's campaign team and election rival Hillary Clinton's private email server. Democrats. Not surprisingly claim the Republicans are just using the threat of impeachment. To undermine mr. Moeller probe. Which mr. trump is repeatedly criticized as he politically motivated witch hunt. Mr. rose instead took over supervision the probe. Which also concerns possible obstruction of justice by mr. trump after attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself last march. Now interestingly enough. In response to this talk about possible impeachment. We have none other than the Arab states congressman trade Galley. Who made an appearance on board the nation this weekend. Discussing this issue of impeachment. Here is how that conversation went out. At least we hope. Standby. Through these tactical difficult. Herculean page deputy attorney general rob person's sign that house Republicans are talking about putting forward this week. Know. For a lot in digital hot. And a inappropriate. I had my difference of the rock road to assign a home I cited. Talk to him quite often privately which again is a lot more constructively in the public hearings we have. On pace to topple pointy so it Jeff Sessions so is Chris Wright if presidential vista's satisfy all broad rose died he couldn't arguable the tweet. Arm but but but to a picks on wine. Arm. And we should note dot I would not be I'm not convinced terrorism movement not read about it and political would and did some pounds there were those are better than mine but. But but I'm up or. So there you go trick out. What can I remind you again. What I said last week about these hearings what I said weeks ago about these hearings. You've ever to Peter struck thing I told should there be a whole lot of and takes a circus atmosphere and people are gonna get their emotions all revved up. But at the end the day you know what's gonna lead to one big freaking drew say. I goes for Peter struck. Also goes for ride Rosen Stein. If by stand corrected let's see in the future. You know I I. Well I'm going to exercise some restraint here at least for a little bit. Over and it's actually. Restart here. Since Germany Russia seemed to be such good allies. We can pull out NATO's since it existed in Germany and Europe against Russia apparently Germany's now cool with Russia and save our money for more important things. We could. Vince didn't Britons and 800 troops to Afghanistan last week to assist US troops gee whiz. What kind of thinks does he give Teresa may. Yank criticizes her praises bores her adversary. And this text dirt can't change the channel fast enough when 10 AM hits your ignorance is depressing. I decided to reply to this troll and say please call in and inform me where I am ignorant the line is wide open. We'll see if I get a call here. From someone who missed desirous to educate me. I've I'm glad to be educated I education for me is 24/7 365. Bring it up. Once again I'm not into its propaganda. So. In case. Other texture here on the Middle East. Every time we joined the Middle East it's because of money drugs oil or minerals. Pretty sad. Vince you're super Whitey today. Also trump said he'd seen reports it to be up to 70% of energy from Russia please stop. That from page. I replied to pages well said so thus say if Donald Trump. That makes it so. Come on people. Which reminds me this is the perfect time to share something with you. And this is gonna make some people mad I don't care I'll. With the sun social media over the weekend in the 1980s conservatives listen to Buckley. Friedman and soul. Today many self described conservatives listen to Alex Jones. Or Dimon and silk. No wonder were in this mess. He makes agree point Disney. I'm concerned the intellectual underpinnings. Of what so many people believe have just been shot to hell. Whatever our favorite cult person says. That's true now. And everything else is fake news. Just thought I would throw that out there. To the lines. We're talking about interfering in elections the acknowledgment for Rand Paul that's exactly what happens we've been involved in interfering in other countries. This Dexter says Obama the Muslim tried to oust Netanyahu. Where that was funny wasn't what that really worked well for them didn't. Employee. Let this go out to a call from Gerald Intel opens. Who holdings would like to talk about the NFL what what's going on at the NFL. We're. And wait for NL label. Well it'll play. Guilt to their community. Supported congress can do what my game. I think it felt that their stadium the home. You and that's true it would leave older 38 people. Walk. All else city all intentional but they picnic in a whole lot better hope. Really that I forty. Thanks so for your all of Europe he's always get these pithy comments just cracks me yep absolutely. Entertaining every time around that's got to Ryan good morning Ryan. I wanna make sure that. I heard you. You know correctly because that comment you know rest a lot on the position you just took about. In her baby got back early in auditioning. The body politic. You know Eric for believing Alex Jones. But. Correct me if our Robin initial just arch your former governor admitted that Shaq there. It's all he but it doesn't matter what as in Mickey you know as our. Because the people who really called shock to the fact. Country areas into. Right. Lot of truth in that. We're a lot of truth in that. We it in and a one I think of the ecology it's got that because. You know that support is pretty significant bet. Why is it that talk show. Former governor doesn't gains should take calls from let. Imagine that. I don't know wall. I would suggest you would send a message and to raise that very question and you're you're certainly free to do that. But an honest question though it sounds like you're kind of equally disgusted by all of the the as smoking in Mears in the entertainment that seems to have overtaken the political realm. Right there's very few people better check but all rain on different just that these are guys that are yet we're people look at people took until the did you hear that they're bring the troops comes out of it they checked. Damp but I don't think you know here's my question for Ryan since you're you're gratified to Indians had to speak. How do you get people interested in. Something that's more deeply intellectual and thoughtful. Rather than simply inflammatory. And flames or how do you get people interest in the. Honestly. Trying to because they get. Period. When I tell it what it what I tried to spoke out or. Trying to always chase balls most people are more concerned exports he can actually track and beyond. You could you attract the attention of basketball. We political act as those out more popular. Cuba got more apathetic spot. It's a what do they call it. I think there's something even worse there's something even worse here I think the whole political realm. Has turned into entertainment. What we. Are. Yes it I'd love that when open is absolutely hilarious appreciate your call their right and affected Q are. Very much paying attention these things and thinking deeply on them and it's hopefully there will be more. And this ties in really well. With a hole it's been conducted. This is and if so this whole. And it has do with immigration and people's perspectives on immigration this is not going to be surprising at all. By now you know that people. RI and different sides. As it relates to even news we can't even agree on what news it is that's where we are. When it comes to immigration policy americans' opinions often break down along party lines. Most Republicans supporting president trump. Democrats vigorously approached. But according to a new if so this poll there's even better predictor of how you feel about immigration. Where you get your TV. News. This poll more than 1000 people asked about Trump's immigration policies and proposals about which immigrants should get priority in the US system. Conducted in English and Spanish. Last month. Most respondents got their news from TV we're gonna talk about how this breaks down. What you probably not going to be surprised at all. The next question becomes how do we move on from this to get to the place where facts and truth mean anything anymore and this is no longer subjective. By the way. The texture I called out and said to call and educate me. Is still dodging. So it doesn't surprise me at all. 44 minutes after ten. 48 minutes after 10 o'clock out of Vince Coakley radio program. We are apparently just minutes away from a news briefing. President trump and Vladimir Putin are going to actually take questions momentarily. In fact the major TV networks are actually breaking into their programming right now to carry this. Very interesting stuff so we're gonna stand by. And if it starts before we go to our break. We will certainly bring that to you certainly not on the same scale what do make that very clear. But boy this is a huge story. In the pizza world. John Schneider familiar with him the founder of Papa Johns has been kicked out of his own office. Kicked out of his own office. Special committee the board of directors met on Sunday to discuss. Mr. should matter. The board decided to kick him out of his office. The Papa John's headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. They also announced natter will cease all media appearances and not making any further statements the media regarding the company its business or employees. The cavity and already announced on Friday would remove shatters image from its marketing materials. Committee will. Overseeing auditors investigation and Papa John's culture including the company's existing processes. Policies and systems related diversity and inclusion. Michelle herself start aboard. Still owns 30% the company shares. He resigned as chairman last week. After it was revealed he used in word on a conference call within its ad agency laundry service. On Saturday constitution matter told CNN affiliate WOK why removal the ad agency extorted him. Already. So and we can talk about this I'd love to get your thoughts about. How. Things like this have transpired in recent years. The passing comments. Pretty much becomes a death sentence for somebody's career. It was a black man I don't relish this at all. Does this mean automatically that. John shatters a racist. I don't know that that could even be said here but it doesn't matter is all that matters is image. End. Once that becomes the issue. This takes on a life of itself. And with him still only 30% I guess distill means. He will be part of the upper crust. That is so sad. I'm Vince you can do better than that. Let's go out suit jacket easily good morning. 1 spent the morning. It's sort of killed kind of spurred my mind here I am. I think we can find probable urban answer for the problem in Afghanistan. And the drug problem lies right here in South Carolina. I would like throw the gauntlet down sequentially university or any of these that you worked as an app agricultural. Horticultural program. Find a way to genetically engineer. At that. Out to. Genetically engineer kudzu. And fire. That survived in a separate state in the lunar landscape but they call home. And sort typically five dollar where they are that what can produce it into the oil open air problem wouldn't that. Wow and you're talking about an organic solution to this. There a way that it won't court saying lies it won't cost a whole lot of money that the morn pay a lot of money and or date server search had been developed by. You know what happens when fire rant from a car door and it is in the oil you'll never be where I don't know why couldn't get what they ago. I beat the heat and don't doubt for a long winter nap waking up next. Next spring in the field book like they won't diamonds and you know and not enough of a green we. While ended now if you're like me you would cynically say. The United States doesn't wanna do this. Yet but I'm being I say that their tongue in cheek now would be a good idea I mean I understand it wouldn't it would put. All the power and not an income on their. Come from the drug work with we don't want. Went to get at a Kabul I mean that the president of Afghanistan. Of the crime in the or whatever we're calling them all uses the mayor of Kabul. What you Kabul there relevance it. Scarborough exactly. What hit them so we could bring the drug the drug industry to me no pun intended and you know. It was a problem with cut to a buyer for its a great. Brilliant idea jacked. I love this this is keep this is part of what I'm talking about. They're talking about genuine solutions not so you know just stirring people up getting people excited. You know if it's a lot more interest in to talk about you know at the beginning of this when we talked about going inning getting the terrorist. This sounded really sexy didn't. All the sudden seventeen years later. Like what the heck are we doing there. And what are we doing. What is the purpose for our continued involvement. Anne's what is the exit plan is there such a thing. I would daresay this is something that we need to spend some time on. There are people who have called for this so far this has not happened. I'm the tech slide responding some of the things we've been talking about including the Papa John's story one slip all the good. Dunn is forgotten probably jaundice so much to support. Heroes. And make a wish. Yeah it is pretty unfortunate. It's Vinny who love using the word ignorant believe it means to someone is stupid or low intelligence the word doesn't mean that at all. Simply means someone doesn't possess particular knowledge and given area has nothing to do with intelligence. That is very very true. Do we know the context in which he used the N word yes we do I it's I understand it and I remember reading quote last week. It was a role playing situation. He wasn't even saying you know it's not like you say we're that stupid in knowing you his role play. And there were people who were immediately. Triggered by this. Fans. The rest is history. That's the way this thing works. That a text you're saying hey Barbara Johns just needs better pizzas. That might help their sales. Well there's also that. Trump and prudent coming up we'll take it if it happens.