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Tuesday, July 17th

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Coming up I've got a story it is absolutely horrendous. Horrendous. You know we had a person curious. Earlier in this broadcast about how to talk to someone about the subject of borders and wide borders and enforcing our borders it's so important. While we've got a case in point coming up in descending is. This happened so many times and there are so many victims. An unfortunate news media is not new very cooperated. Cooperatives. In previous to our attention. Making find all these people. With a sob stories. You know who are at risk. Of being whisked away by ice agents in the middle of the night or picked up from bus stops you don't you've heard horror stories. Why I've got a real horror story for what happens. We don't enforce our borders. Consequences are deadly for some office. We will take a couple of quick calls here before we move on and talk about that starting win at Tom in Fort Mill good morning top. The board ripped value that more and it's. Are occupied great doubles player and what what amazes me and I'll Dolly people. Now where crawl gas value is currently everybody has corrected creme. It record Babel are alike. And I'm real light but I expect very little about what. So why not come out who looked at how I basically all body and I'm really grateful I am. Discuss how how well they expect out of work and everybody there it is obstacles elite group who. It is a problem. Thank god we ate or if it's weird will be when they say they got to work ever get really get. And course the the place where this all totally gets a firm is at trial. Win there are trials so. That is something that is is certainly down the road. Durst skepticism about this have you. Expressed the same type of skepticism about Whitewater. And about the other investigations of Bill Clinton. The allegations and questions about Barack Obama in regard to bin Ghazi. And the I arrests and some did you have the same perspective then. Real lack idea you'd be. Libya remember your. Earlier than where I am in the expert here this iron grill it was definitely. You always. Also looked at. He paces. We go or. It would. It's right the American people have a grand street. There are malignant. Erica rate period you call your people fearing your. My excellent read a book about it Mcguirk like he strength great mind blank. That app like that'd be cute and ramadi opportunity you may have I have a. Okay pads that certainly fair enough Tom and I do appreciate your call. Quickly and more rock kill mark good morning. Good morning event. Tom O when I was in college they are gay. Upon that this in the bank last call communication and organization. And he talked about. In February and that equipment take a look at that the woman criticism of the president body language news is Iraq. Look at who's been Matt the air his remarks he was parallel to the podium. And you conference. With that it's super positive nuclear powers. Is by hybrid between Ukrainian speaking and eight presidential debate in the general election now remember that fair criticism. Our president of not listening to you. People trying to prepping him what do presidential debate. A year and a half ago well. You get like to go forward. We are. After appreciate your call. We will take another. A couple of cause he beginning with John in Charlotte good morning. The longer ban you know luck question what they indictment. And everything. How what evidence and everything. Can be out. Abstracted. At this hour from the Indians saying he has never been. I'll forensically. What we're about the FB. Now in regard to what it did being an enemy you're talking about the Clinton investigation. Not at an email out so what does this have to do with. With Russian interference. These are separate issues John. I don't think so. How how are they related I'm I'm curious. Our main. Important and buy gas for yesterday. This was for interfering in the election. I've walked on. This is something that's gonna have to be presented in court. I so here's here's what I'm trying to say here John. I'd get the the team loyalty because there's a desire and allowed Republicans are thinking. You know Hillary seems like she stated she get off Scot free. You know why are they going at you know and and what I would just encourage people to do. Why don't you separate. The collusion investigation. Which on the surface is a counterintelligence. Investigation. From Donald Trump. Because I think there's a reflexive. Reactionary response to this that somehow acknowledging that jettison the legitimacy of this investigation. At least parred seven. As they tend to ballads shoot an attack on Donald Trump and I don't think that has to be the case. Does that make since do you. Well I mean. At a bar that nobody saw Camelot Bob Franken at fault but. This is the main reason you're concerned about this is great you think this is about going after drop. And I guess is as lately fabricating. I'm there. And not ever presenting any evidence that that's my concern. OK and here's here's my point if that's going on in if that happens. You have cause to go through and sweep through every single person involved in this. And fire them and better yet you can prosecute them for malicious prosecution. I appreciate your call John. This is serious business this Weis said again this is not a place for cowards. This is not a place for whiners. So if there's something that's going on that's nefarious if there is no. If there is no evidence. Of Russian interference. In all of this has been fabricated. I wanna see somebody prosecuted. Seriously. Prosecute somebody don't just sit there whining complaint. We be doing any any naked getting really yeah. If it's fake if it's a fraud. Prosecute somebody. It's very very simple Tim you'll be the last cholera in this good morning. You. In May. You're wrong. You're wrong corrected I appreciate if you show some humility. And terrorists say who's not so sure humility in in longer an issue orders there. If I I appreciate it missed field. We know. Are you concerned Milan and nature and man hours for. It canceled I think we. Do you think he had to go through it this thing no matter what. It had to go with and I understand where you're coming from Tim this would have been an interest in signal. That was communicated there. Every we're gonna talk about. And an incident that it's just profoundly rent it's absolutely renders and he goes to the hearts of what's wrong with our immigration system. And the politicians that have allowed this to happen stay when it's. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program getting your thoughts on. Yesterday. But I what do turned who talk about in illegal immigration story. And the sad thing is the story is not all that unusual but the next. They're number of people still wanting to come in on this I'm gonna give a couple of view about thirties 3045 seconds or so. Beginning with Steve in Charlotte good morning Steve. Out of all their side and I'll answer. I just want to ask the buoyancy solar. Wu was a blueprint for the Russians. Oh you know you that are huge the year if via haven't looked fitter. So or. So here's my question. How does that relate to this subject. Are intelligent people were known but it Russian. Look to serve. EJ. So let me get this straight. Who's in charge of this administration. The warned that what the be impeached a feature at the replay. And carriers. Here Steve are you here here's my point if you're going if if the if the effort is to try to do that. Go ahead go for broke anyway Steve what what does he have to lose. Before pushing for that anyway if there's corruption if there's malfeasance. Their investigations that are not being pursued as they showed. Then somebody needs to take action. Earlier gorilla about. Reporting there and number one and OK so so what what is the solution to the Steve. Appeared to me. We don't have right now. Okay. Sounds like a pretty bleak picture. Immediately. Your own basic browser war crimes where Bernard urged Europe. We'll give this a preview steep. Embankment in this. Country for the last under your new budget that are politician. The EU well I know who owns the country. And it's. It's yes unfortunately. Before an interest in in finding that out Steve. Bra but we got to become thinner than it is Democrat and Republicans. And if you look at who is not running for all of us. Next election. There's a lot of Republicans but they're not gonna crawl was cauldron of the troubles come. Now you you you're you're teasing us here you've got to give us a little more work on trouble we talking about. I'm curious. We whichever uranium Boise and somebody. Benefit from. My question is only uranium. Nobody terrorist question. As to why why wouldn't agree about the. If I'm I'm with you I'm with you as she hit it here's my question. If you're concerned about this near the president the United States. Why don't you banged the gavel down on the desk at the White House have a news conference. And say that you want your intelligence officials and you want your. You want the investigative powers. Of all the agencies to get involved in this and get to the bottom of what happened and why. Well and and tell the American tell the American people bring out the facts before the American people. Arab up by Barbara arming you thinking well. If he does run record and Steve. Steve let me tell you this and and it's contrary to what some people may believe. If this is a problem there's or there's something very. IC go forward and as far as I'm concerned this man will be a rock star if he does it. You're right he will but he and vote. I just have brought you gotta have a right before inflation would do well I think you also have to be the right person. To find the right people. Well under the wrong people never never that are embassy in your Jerusalem. Well I mean yes we can talk about that but we're talking about now Steve and in the buck stops here and if you've got the goods. You're of the onus is on you to bring them. And bring your power to beer in the situation. Spent a lot of time there but let's go to the other Steve this time and your good morning Steve. And Monica are you don't it's. They gave birth to follow the Ross indictment involved Hillary Clinton. Email server network not. Ever reviewed by the FBI. You're saying earlier that they had nothing to do it and everything do it because that debate is of the entire Russian allegations that they were involved. Okay you're you're talking. Part of what I'm I'm I'm a little confused about here because during the course of this conversation today we've got back from fourth. Between talking about the Clinton investigation the previous swine. And talking about this issue of Russia and the possibility of collusion. So yes I am in this regard. Nations the collusion allegations were based on whether or not video piece and Hillary Clinton. Campaign email server forehand in the best. That would Wear the collusion. Investigation started and it was based on that issue. So for the LP out of date that they are indicting these people own evidence that they never sink isn't sir okay. Now it stores it probably has been in you keep saying bull why doesn't he lowered the boom and ignore the burning the same reason we don't get rid post people. You know we've got milk delivery every single day in this country. This is unnecessary and unneeded. But we can't get rid of the federal government of the decay get rid of that federal agency. They were rated waive his second year. Which you're talking about I mean this isn't biting day you're you're talking about somebody who is incompetent. In delivering mail version is someone who is involved in potential criminality Steve. You're talking about. Not what I'm talking about I'm not I'm not like he's incompetent delivering mail what I'm saying it is we have done and it is not yet but there. We don't leave home delivery of mail six days a week in did not. This quickly it will not financially necessary is not by immediately immediate. But we can't you read about that because the government aid the government does not reducing power. I don't your mood at the top it all I know that cannot reduce power. Nobody ever willingly walk away from power aid ship or George Washington at the founding of earnings. And why is that Steve. Our group why is that. Because that the major bank has yet to read that we have respect the man and it took legal that there is no other way. To remove power except now or we're going to continue to have these fights. So that's what you're arguing for. I don't know what a what my goodness well. Let's go to a show me another time in history were it written on Google. While I appreciate you probably Steve man I sure hope we don't get that fits how that road Terry wax I got about thirty seconds here. Then look you bumper music and thank you you're asking. What is. The connection between this investigation that investigation. Tikrit ability. Via via CIA. These same people. Will turn over evidence to congress. Clapper Breeden. All being called lying. Does it Fiat. Has that busting in on it on the Republicans that are under investigation. But they asked politely for the server from the DNC. I mean that TCP. He's the biggest bat critic bill. Yet there's there's a double standard I don't question at all Terry and I've never questioned that and yet the same time if you know these folks are corrupt and they've been in office. For quite some time. It doesn't take a lot to just fire people this. I I don't get some of these appointments that have taken place to within the Justice Department. Does that make any sense whatsoever speaking of justice will talk about it horrible injustice. As we continue to broadcast. Will tell you about a horrendous. Story ran describe. Ends. Big surprise a multiple. Offender in regard to illegal immigration. Statements. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on its Coakley radio program I wanna jump into the story. That hasn't gotten a lot of media attention it needs media attention. Because it it's a perfect example. Of what's wrong with our immigration system. Here's what happened here a serial immigration violator accused of attacking his wife. With eight chainsaw. In front of their children. At their Los Angeles area home. Charged Monday with seven felonies. I want to think about this for a moment. I attacked his wife with eight chain saw. This is. Just beyond insane. Alejandro Alvarez DAX. Appeared in a courtroom. Did not and replete of the seven felony counts against him which include attempted murder and aggravated mayhem. Immigration and customs enforcement spokesperson says that 32 year old. Alvarez the ages is a serial immigration violator. Who's been deported. 200511. Times. He was arrested Thursday the stolen via. A few miles from Mexican border. According to prosecutors. Alvarez the biggest crash the family car stolen SUV during the get away after the alleged attack. He suspected of attacking his wife at their home. Leaving her and her children between the ages of five and ten covered in blood. We had a call earlier. The text actually someone raised the question about. Why it is important to have borders into enforce those borders well here is exit today. And I'm sure there are plenty of exhibits like this. By the way this woman was injured underwent surgery. In stable condition now. Don't have any updates beyond that. The chainsaw involved in this attack were was recovered by police. Federal immigration officials of lodged in container against Alvarez the Vegas. Asking local officials to notify them before he's released. We don't know whether this dictator was actually filed their. You know about Los Angeles it's a Sanctuary City. And there's more court documents show he was convicted convicted. Not just charged. Convicted of driving under the influence twice in 24 team. On October 6 Torre fifteen he was convicted of his third. DUI. These raw misdemeanors. The day before his third conviction. He was popped with a fourth DUI charge. Because. It was the fourth charge it became a felony. Because those three previous convictions. This is what were putting on weight. This is what some people. Don't seem to mind allowing into the country over and over and over and over again you see whenever you talk about illegal immigration. They wanna show you the images of the poor little children. Or at the poor families they're divided. How about the victims here. How about this woman ravaged by a chainsaw. This is another reason why we cannot play around our borders. And the fact that this is not seen this crisis to be addressed immediately. By politicians universally. Something is really really wrong I did you know. By the way before you go back to more your calls. Intriguing story. Drudge has a link for today a poll. 73% of Democrats want a fresh face in 22 money. But the way George has Hillary's picture above it. They want a fresh face. Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Joseph Biden among was touted a serious. Contenders for 20/20 but three out of four Democrats think their party needs to turn to someone new. Someone new. And let me remind you of my prediction. I think they're gonna nominate a celebrity in 22. I don't think the politicians going to do they're gonna take a page of the Republican playbook. And recognized they've got to have star power that's where I mean I have to put Oprah at the top of that list. It's series. During the break. John and I were talking about this and he thinks the socialist woman who was elected in New York. May get some traction and it's altogether possible. She's she's a fresh new face. And it punches off two of the requirements for the Democrats. You know you've got to appeal to certain groups. This appeals to Hispanics. In an appeals to women the same time you know would you remember all the campaign. Campaign focused back in 2008. About electing the first press let's make history. Can you imagine if you make history times to electing the first Hispanic and the first woman president. All in the same person the media will absolutely fought over that kind of candid. Titled get your thoughts. On how this would be received. And using my ideas on the money. If they're gonna look for celebrity to rescue him and 20/20. Scraps of Tom good morning sir. And I have at least. What. It really bitter people that we don't. If you. Can't get it got pretty. So important here. On our dime of course. And we will be paying for room and board for ten years. And a threat we'll let them. Go. Though it could drag it out there. I I liked the spirit of which you've said here. Yep there's some validity to that idea appreciate your call their Tom. Let's. Go out to Bob in Matthews good morning. Oh he writes. Regarding the Russian meddling so called Russian meddling. Is it possible we are asking the wrong question. Well I'm there any there there. Reporting route. Yeah himself or herself. What did the Russians want me to do now. And yeah. Have the hateful. Negative bad. On murder. To influence. Voting decisions. Then I gave meddling from any country possibly to dip. You raise some very good questions you know and and part of this is significant in that nobody's ever be able to find the evidence. That this has impacted any votes. I mean you can make the argument perhaps that and we've seen the stories about companies that were set up. And all the advertising that was purchased over FaceBook get that. You can advertise until the cows come home. But it doesn't guarantee you're gonna get votes. So. You've raised some very good questions there Bob I do appreciate your call. Let's get more of your thoughts. On this immigration story. And anything else we've discussed over the last hour or or so. Also Kelly will take a look at the date in history. So great interest in items on Tuesday. That straight ahead. 1149. In the final stretch of the broadcast let us. Ventured out on tour upstate studio and market for months it would take a look at the date in history. This. What he's steady state. In Mississippi by surprise July 17. They are you talking trash. I would never do such thing. Or a wonderful host this team exposed DNA Uga had to go on today man. Beautiful day to be alive Vince. Wonderful let's start off with three questions. Beginning in 1938. This is kind of obscure. But this person. Took off that's a pilot broke away took off from New York City headed to California and he landed in Ireland. There is a person who is modeled after this and giving your hands. In the Gilligan's Island. So at least we should be able to get the nickname of this person. And do you have any guesses. Months ago. I'm guessing that's not lobby. It's not Levy you're absolutely correct about this you know the person's name though. It's not Levy Kirsten thumper. I know our role. Johnny let's see if you you were laughing can you act like you know something they can under the Gilligan one I think it was wrong way Feldman. Yes yet wrong way is correct hilly but this person's name is actually court again. But I was trying to get it can't do it partial credit the wrong way apart we'll give you half I think he's he give full credit. Or wrong way that's. That's pretty good today. 1945. There are three world leaders who met at the opening of a conference. World leaders keep in mind the year 1945. Or you have to do is named one of those people. To world leaders church yell you're absolutely right in a bad anybody in studio and a name another one Roosevelt. No role. 45. Keep that in mind. True man that's the other one. And who's the third line. Stalin that is actually correct Truman style in Churchill. And last but at least an elusive Stalin that Charles. Tells agitators. If you've met 1955. This. Popular resorts and fun place opens in Anaheim California. Disneyland Disney land is correct. That's pretty impressive. Degree job. Two out of three. And and a great way to start your day. No great way to start my days with this I'm in. Radio room only witness. The check is in the mail finally I appreciate you could be bigger than this time. I hate I can only give what I received 'cause that's. A thanks a lot man who gives tortilla via. Lettuce in the final stretch of the broadcasting a few of your calls beginning with the big role in Spartanburg. Good morning bill. Good morning you can look at trop and they from. I would president. And within Europe was getting ready. And from the Clinton won it or oh on the war movie if you didn't have known somebody don't let things that you did because when you could go to. Okay. All right it's very hits the appreciate your call this morning go to XT Jason in Concord good morning Jason. Gardner or right or brought our rights here. I Alabama has something about that we had to sit on the possibly with a mediate awning Oliver Cuba Iran but opened it came out there and a partner on the fact as well all the smut about Russian meddling in the badly other. What is there any difference to all these millions of people that are here all the more reason they're not US that there. Voice their opinions all based book in order to explore other people. Or is it or that there are. That's a little different in the fact that you're you're not talking about a foreign power directly and and I think this is what's so concerning about this. Did you actually have a foreign power investing. And you know basically injecting itself into our political system. That's a RS he think he result can be the same Jason I get your point. Erica Graham Marco or or just talking about earlier about all these people that are here work reasons or maybe even here illegally in the alt border ought not settle. Yeah are they certain tigers. What ever that simple as other people but. They're not American citizens Ben Ali too many are all right trump could have really much or done anything to. Pretty during a meeting or whatnot let's dig our way out on the cutting now or something of that nature of the beast and Abdullah. I just thank you know I think there's settled down because also cultural order said or done. Maybe they've been harder on me but it is it really does stopping not a pretty lot of corporate. Yep this guy is I think he is the epitome of the alpha male there's no question about that Jason and this is how he positions himself. And an obsolete yet have we not heard many comments out of president Donald Trump before his presidency he's always had a tremendous sense of admiration for. Vladimir Putin he thinks this guy is is said the bomb. He really does he's made that very clear. Out Randy last caller here on the bright just good morning. Good morning hey let's all thank a lot heavier meant I would like to make one observation. Win win that when we have a democratic president and in the slot saying Democrats when a lot of election. Democrats that again. When a democratic president or a democratic legislators there on the stupid makes a bad decision. What they do it they don't bowl and national media and polite. They don't make they make that well. You know I don't necessarily agree what he's bad but what they and they're looking in the whip and and looked at bill let them wit with trump. The Republican who polite. And I don't think the Republican early get. Well let me back up here and say you can make the arguments this is a battle front came into this. By four laying everybody else so who kind of what comes around goes around. Not necessarily agree with that but that's how it's happened have a great day folks.