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Monday, August 13th

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Good to be back with you hope you had a great weekend somewhat of a restful weekend. But it very very busy past few days. Been to a couple of different cities for different reasons which go go into little bit later in the broadcast. To have everybody back together for those of you not familiar rerun two radio stations. And I was on one of those on Thursday and Friday for very important events radio Thon which will talk about a little later on. Those have you here in the Charlotte area Mina he's familiar with but I want to tell you about. That a little bit later on as well as we have some very exciting and important news along those lines. I wanna start off just reflecting on distractions. Particular bit of background. I told you have a great deal fascination. With aviation. In fact recently I watched. An episode of a show. With a friend of mine and I've seen this episode before. But. I watched it again because it's really one of the best episodes of this particular program. You probably think it's quite ironic for a person who flies frequently. The show I enjoy watching is cold air crash investigation. There are so many incredible life lessons in this particular. Program. And it was really cool because I was talking to this person we were watching this together. Ands. I was making that tie to what is happening in our general society tennis now. I'm got I'm gonna be a spoiler here and tell you what happens in this particular episode bear crash investigation by the way this has been out for years this is not new. But it was in 1970 Q I believe crash of an airplane. And the cause of the crash it would mean to me back a little bit. The plane crashed. Because everybody in the cockpit was focused on a light bulb. Light bulb. And nobody was paying attention to flying the plane. Can you imagine all the permutations of applications there are to our lives. Whether it's politics. The way we govern our lives. It kind of reminds me of expression. Jesus referred to is straining at bats in swallowing camels. But that happens. Probably wondering what does this have to do with anything it has a lot to do with the news that we digest. Day in day out. And I am. Profoundly convinced. That a good part of what is going on in our world and our universe is distraction. This episode by the way of air crash investigations called fatal distraction. Editors as a result of this fatal distraction. People died. I told jurors can give you the spoiler you still have to watch it to get the full magnitude of this thing. What happened is there was a guy who. The captain. Notices that the gear liked the landing gear light didn't come on so the question is. Is to gear down. Or is and the ball was just not working or is it. The ball was out. And the gear is out which one is. Could be catastrophic to lands without landing here. So they can try to figure out what's the deal what's the deal. In the process. The captain apparently bumped. The steering column which disengage the auto pilot. And the darn thing about ideas and not. Meeting this disrespectfully. Sadly most the people I'd be back cockpit died as well. Nobody paid attention to the fact that the plane was descending. The whole time. As soon as he bumped that control Leo. Took it out of auto pilot it's sort of started descending until it crashed into the Everglades. And killed. They are on a hundred people. There's a lot of lessons years I mentioned. They were distracted. By a ball. A ball. Here's the other question why do three people in a cockpit because at that time the head of flight engineers well. Why did three people have to focus on one problem this is happening in your office your workplace. We you have maybe a micro managing leadership that has to get involved in minutia. And you have all of these people get involved in the same thing. Because what they concluded it was one of the big problems. Was a lack of crew resource management. CRM. The idea behind this is okay. I'll focus on figuring out with a landing gears down you focus on our altitude and make sure. That we're flying the plane correctly. That's what should have happened. But everybody is hyper focused on this stupid bulb. This is what's going on in our society right now the media is in a frenzy. Over several things. Charlottesville. If you listen this program with regularity whatever I told you about these. Demonstrations and counter demonstrations. I have appealed to you please do not go don't show up don't go and try to prove how much you're not a racist. And please don't post things on social media to try to prove to me that you're not a racist. Just big no more than nine cents ignore it. Here's some of dredges headlines Charlottesville chaos in BC ignores our own crew insulted by NT five. Far left group vows bullets for political enemies. Threatened to kill president murder ram do like Qaddafi. Related story Spike Lee scores biggest opening in ten years with Klansman. And this story which will talk about. Nearly two thirds say racial tensions worse. Isn't this interesting. Remember I told you that I think history will show. That the administrations have Barack Obama and of Donald Trump will be very similar. In the impact on the American populace. Lots of division. And I think it's just continue. Let's go back to this crew resource. Management issue. We all should not be focusing for one on nine cents. For another. Rather than following the leader. We need to be asking what are the important things. That we need to be focusing what is the big picture items for the future of the country we need to focus on. One of them is what's happening with our debt which I'm going to delve into after the break. That's an important issue. But we're gonna punt yet again. Because congress can't get its free can act together. This is important. While we're distracted by spectacles. Like all Derosa and for the record. Those you've you made fake whale you hate us at CU prevalent activity she's saying. I don't like anything about this woman. Doesn't mean I'm a fan of trump either. The point of this is this is all a big distraction. All of it. By the way. If she doesn't have a tape she needs to shut the hell up. So I started out talking about. What amounted to you a fatal distraction. I wanna talk about what we're being distracted from. And here's what Thaddeus. Great story here by CNS news. Federal government collected a record. A lot of this. 1000000000415. Billion. Dollars an individual income taxes through the first ten months of fiscal 28 team. The fiscal year ins this period anyway this ten months in July. But here's the rest of the story. But the federal government also ran a 683. Billion dollar deficit. For those ten months. So let me get this straight record collections. Then. A deficit. Why does that happen why are we taking in more money. And yet we're still running deficits. The previous record for individual income tax collections the first ten months of the fiscal year. Was in fiscal year Tony seventeen when the treasury collected. 1000000000351. Billion dollars an individual taxes. Now overall federal tax collections did decline in the first ten months of this fiscal year compared to last year. Now while the individual. Amounts increased. Corporation income tax collections declines. We talked about this just a few days ago. And I mentioned this deficits. 683. Billion dollars. We doing about this. Now we're chip pitcher Jersey away for a moment. And your compounds are way. And let's be honest about this. Can you show me an appreciable difference between this administration and the last in dealing with the debt and deficits. Where is it where's the difference. Because the truth of the matter is we really don't care. We don't. Over the weekend I saw a really good tweet. By Justin a much who has been on this program. And it went on most consistent libertarian voices on Capitol Hill. Here's what he posted on Twitter. It is embarrassing. Republican leaders are again talking about putting off spending cuts. The president's wall funding or shut down talk is distracting everyone there's that word again distracting. Distracting everyone from the bigger issue. That government spending continues to grow unabated just as it did under the last administration. Are you kidding me. I hasten their difference between Republicans and Democrats. T there's no difference. And what we're doing. Is we're falling for the bait. Of all the shiny objects. You'll look over here here's the media. Look over here here's how Marissa. Over here here's. These demonstrators in Charlottesville. You know and there's a point where you just have to say you know what. It's not worth my attention. It really isn't. And then you have to call those people to account let me go to the second part of what I shared about that air crash investigation. Issue which is about crew resource management. You nerds out everybody should have been playing a part in instead everybody was focused on a stupid ball. We all have a part to play. And I don't mind saying this and I will say this to my dying day whenever that is. I'm sick and tired of us are playing follow the leader. Especially when the leader is not leading us. Down a path of responsibility. And it doesn't matter who idiots. One person can be talking about one thing. But somebody else can be addressing another subject altogether. No one person has everything figured how. This is one of the lessons. Of that entire story that I shared with you. One person should be in dealing with the ball another person should have been watching the altitude. And communicating with the tower. Same thing year. You wanna talk about opera set you gonna talk about Charlottesville Goran had you and have feuds with the media and make a total body head out of yourself go for it. But at the same time. Ditch your rear end on Capitol Hill and present a fiscally responsible budget and tell those morons the past we approach appropriations bills the constitution requires. Get a freaking job done. Everybody wants to follow the leader. What are they talking about today or what we got a rally about today. And it's a huge distraction. And I'm concerned long term it could be. A deadly distraction. But I do want to apart from Charlottesville. Talk about what's happened in this country in this story is kind of scary about race relations. Because. We all seem to agree tensions are on the rise. It's got to Shannon in Shelby good morning. Many tech are all about either one more. All of bill. They now all reporter Bernard. But. What's her. What's her. There or make them out there. Just aren't they they're. And they're they're all there on. I. Picnic table as late this. And I would also add another important meaning behind this year and then. Date wants violence. Are. They want violence and they wanna be there to show it. There are able there and then they're carry it or not like and stop. They earn itself. But having said that. We also have to do some self examination Shannon because how many millions of Americans would love to sit and watch that over and over again if that happens. Aren't there and it's sickening that night and they while I'd hear not what our. And. Yeah it's it's. You know it's it's the same thing I mean does not every so don't call me and tell or older. Goalies people. Same reason people like to go to watch NASCAR. Because they're hoping for Iraq. And they wanna see it. So. I do appreciate your call (%expletive) and very insightful because yes you're you're right about all of these narratives. He and the media does not like peace peace doesn't make for good headlines doesn't make for good pro Wallace. To scare people with that. How we're gonna get eyeballs. Quiet in city tonight no murders. Well no shootings. What are we gonna talk about. Newton. Pool. There are storms coming. We can bring out our super duper doppler radar. I'm serious folks it's a bit. Now no dig there to my friends who are. Genuine meteorologists. But this is what it's all about getting eyeballs. And drawing attention. And hey it's fine it's a business model we can we just understand that's what this is this is not journalism. It's business. So we keep that in mind it's very helpful coming up we're gonna talk a report in. The aftermath. Of Charlottesville last year. We're back having a discussion about its. Crew resource management about to focus on issues that are important. At a boarding distractions. I'm just listening in the news here locally. Where we had the story the one in the audio tapes. Of armor is just conversation with the president. This is just such a circus but scrawl out to a call from porch in Morse told good morning. This morning that Oprah feel better out solid screen here are I think that it probably ever the United States and in the world trade and corruption. And the one continue to heat up the other when the lord saw that the harbor hospital look at above all else or condone what you look at what we can see. It would hardly made out of the way people treat each other and first of all you know I don't that this is ever gonna and until he comes back what are you save them. I'm with you. That she I think you've hit it on the head their boards. Not too optimistic that we're gonna get a handle on this thing I do appreciate your call. In the trolls are back. Undertakes line when your program goes off. I won't say with a program is I switched to. A certain other broadcasts for my education. This is a reference to the previous host by the way. This person was communicating the idea that you know when that Coakley comes. Ice which Specter rush. Just say in condescension is intolerable. I just had to ship them because they think it's absolutely hilarious. Other pilot issue Vince recent studies have shown pilots become too dependent on automatic flight systems their for their basic flying skills have separate. Yep. Some pilots mid sent back to a special school to concentrate on basic flying skills. Yet. And when you're talking about the country what are the basics. Yen and one of the ironies here. Infuriate quote business isn't this the whole argument that I heard during the campaign all we need somebody to bring some business sensibilities to governments. By continuing government overspending. Is that what they had in mind. I mean I'm just asking. And I know their people say well congress has to cooperate. You have to demand that congress cooperate and if they don't you vetoed their garbage legislation. You tell all right and tell Mitch McConnell you send me. Another over spending. Plan and I was about state budget has not it's not even a budget. You send me this garbage again I will veto it and we have to shut the government down we were shut this stupid government down the whole thing. And keep it down the entire thirty of my administration if necessary. And tell you figure out what you're doing. Talk takes. Leadership. But now we have time to. Send out tweets about LeBron James another nine cents. I don't care about that crap and I don't care about football players nearly. I really don't. The more you see these stories the morgue convinced. It's like the book that I rage years ago amusing ourselves to death this is exactly what's going on. Our republic is sinking into oblivion. And we're focused on nonsense. Vince in all honesty trumps been only an office two years as compared to the fallen messiah. Giving some time before comparing apples to apples. It's I just can't stand you barking that spike guy. Our Kia you really. It's virulently Trump's going to shrink government. I've bad news for the now trump once created new branch of the military for space. Yet. How much is going to create cost to create star fleet America. Also this what is journalism that comes from humans is that editorial ism in some form an absolutely. I'm logistics from Paul. Out of Greenville by the way I met Paul in Greenville on Thursday or Friday remember which day. His text is Vince is your show on auto pilot is lines of flying the plane. I love that that's great. Let's do I took off from Sam good morning. I don't this morning greats in. Our case bigger distractions. I mean it's it's the oh the top spot and later the simple solution to domestic. Well the most correct personal like that. Anyway. I'll look okay if you're sick pay pal all want countered what the or built milk table and restart their computer Cardoso. Wrote a pretty quick. Are as appropriate or whatever. What you'd stick a true and well versed in the middle table and you're still in it Karzai that and I'll. What are you going to be delighted because I already got noticed. One million Slobodan actually. Also. My little daughter while back about tried the racial tension that's not a problem sword but aren't at work out too well. Why do. Section eight of the United States constitution. It's local long applied an air which are brought to attention good attention on what our congressional representatives and they say. State. Let's talk let's shelve not appropriate money for the army. Or an army for more than that period of two years. Al in my pocket well bombing post got this problem that is beset shot on the Serb. Did you ever read our poor muscle and so which is actually reduce its rating our military officers. It will Allstate bet I'd long drawn out complex bull by the greatest of nations. The work is spent too much by the army you go bankrupt yourself. Support are still in supplement on the other countries. The tight short which we call wiggle they were destroyed we've we've built better they'll preach the proper. I mean. They could Afghanistan for instance how long you've we've been there how much money. Have we blown over there. Actually I did the calculations. And if we get not under its its alt the constitution. We would not have replaced Troy in the lord that we have a thirty trillion or surplus. It would not surprise me at all Sam hey I appreciate your call your insights year. I mean we fed these warnings for a long time. But again what does everybody do they follow the leader. This is why I mean it's in and and a good part of the time. Let me let me back up here if you're a leader who knows what they're doing that's great. If you have a leader who's doing the same thing the previous leader was doing and that was wrong. You're not gonna get anywhere. This why these dissenting voices are necessary. Here's what I'm saying we hear more out of freedom caucus I hear from the Justin a mosh is that the Thomas Massey is the Jeff Duncan's. I would hear their voices the princess'. But just you know these the people who need to speak up now. To provide an alternative message read and all the white nor is garbage that you're listening to depart the time. Quick call here from Bob good morning Bob. I hate it and sold it to what. One quote by you Al I not all of them very famous hedge fund manager short seller. Is or was. And social democracy with a Fiat currency. All roads lead to an election. Whom goodness look. Yep that is excellent Bob excellent. Am if again. What are we doing practice when are we doing office. I love this one you never said that crap when black messiah was in there. I cannot believe this stuff. This is hilarious. How many times have I ate talked about this in regard to Barack Obama. This is just. Blows my mind. Which is part of the point we are continuing the same policies. That we saw back during the Obama error can we change that's weekend. Back on the Vince Coakley radio program let's go out to call from Bob. Good morning sir. The war. It's all you sir you have the floor. I just called it goes. On the have you ever read on a lot. Ot. Huh. Oh my goodness how do you walk the walk. How long do you listen how often you listen this programs here. And you can't think of one thing positive than I've shared. Burton. Film today. Keep in mind it's a I've got to remember that when Bob iso appreciate that that's. That's really good so what I appreciate your input there and we will. We will. Considered this for a future discussion. At this just cracks me up one of the session as often as I can't. IA may get a point and I think the guys you can testified this how many times torch started the program. With some good news especially if it's economic news. And some examples of heroism. Examples of wonderful people who've done great things Rick. So anyway I just. It. Yes what they Q Charles I appreciate that. Way whatever. Or. Helps them such a sense of humor. I agree with vetoing the garbage shut it down we're better off. It. If the stupid they're not doing anything but the swab does deepen wide and vocal in the reds keep following the piper this is going to take awhile. Also this everyone. Would complain if he should and the government let him complain. And this is only takes one mistake Federal Reserve in one night to mess up your whole life for your whole life trying to fix it give trumpet chance. All right. Let's he would become separate. It was probably good time to take a look at the date in history. At a. And I'm getting trolls here by none other than Alonso himself. Who is now. Having fun of this walking minus side thing I'm never gonna hear the end of this now I'm like oh no you're not. Hey that might be better than they announced that either way that you announcing for me you're forever velvet. Oh. Let's take a look at today in history and we have some news about lines though and some other interesting things to talk about. But let's go back to ET 89. For our very first. Question here William Gray. Patents this. First. Of its kind piece of technology in fact you'll probably have a hard time finding one of these now. That we have so many cell phones around what did he patent. We learn those 1889. It. She'll give guard guys in the studio a chance on camera. No like Ewing hits with. What is popular now anybody wanna gets. Telegraph machine you're closer. Let's just say the it does give telephone and it doesn't it's paved road may publish all pay close. Nobody do you see those around anymore you know all you had to do was see Superman. You know that was the best clue you're right about that I've blue island. I remember who you're talking to I know tell me about it and 1942. Disney debuted this at radio city music alt. About a cute little adorable animal. And beau Willie would not want to get blown away by a hunter. What was it. All Bambi yes you're correct. 1961. Construction began on this notorious barrier. Between two countries that are now combined begin as one country what was it. Nineteen install a one Germany you're right the Berlin law in 1961. And this movie I've never seen. But I you know there's one character in there apparently who is a dopey. A dope head 1982 this movie debuted what was it. This is six months. You'll. Oh Wednesday time yes fast times. I seriously I've never seen that movie. But we never spending quality time with mr. and is fifth. That's pretty good I'm impressed I've bloody well it's good yeah obviously I've movie I've heard clips and you've got that voice down that's pretty good man. I'm very impressed by the way you are. Deserving of congratulations. For a very special honors that took place this weekend. I understand for the third year girl you do a sports show. In Greenville and Ganassi prestigious award you received it it's called the huddle and for the third year row we are sports show of the year and stays South Carolina. That is absolutely awesome and there's a there's bigger news right here. In the stock airliners. I mean on this here station. Is this the number one station in South Carolina W or. The purity what do seeks to read every org he was named South Carolina broadcast association radio station of the year. Many of you were listening on this station right now we want to thank you very much for your support. And I also want to tell you about something else the reason I was not here on Thursday and Friday. Taking part in the radio thought for Children's Hospital GHS Children's Hospital in Greenfield. And we raised more than 238500. Dollars to benefit the children's hospital and now. We have. In our collective contributions over the years broke in the three million dollar. Barriers or when to thank all of you who participated in that's. And that be great to see where this goes in the future arcades and even ownership there yes or. The agency would I was wearing. I did you what did you tell her what I'm needed TV people notice me this year with my whole point. And tell you got five people that five seconds to tell us what you're wearing. Top hat sunglasses. Open shirt purple and shocks.