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Monday, August 13th

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Fascinating stories of the past few days. I mentioned my fascination with aviation and you would obviously not be surprised and fascinated by this. Ground worker. Who is able to get onto a plane take off. Ends fly around. This is an absolutely mind boggling story the NTSB is now involved in the investigation. They will among other things check out the black boxes. Which a tournament was adamant about an orange. Douglas. So this 29 year old man had an unauthorized takeoff in a plane from sea tac international airport Friday night circled the area. In fact ultimately was chased by fighter planes. When he crashed on an island. There's a lot of air traffic control feed of this. And this guy. His name is rich or Richard. And he talks about some of the places he was checking out you just have a great time. Taking out the scenery. Just absolutely weird. Wouldn't play a couple of segments in this conversation and I'm in I'd love to know what you think about this. But beyond this the implications of the concerns is I'm sure adds Charlotte's. Douglas international. Ed GSP. There have to be discussions about. What can be done to make sheer no one does this. I I just cannot imagine a million years how person. Would just get onto a plane. And be able to take off yet. Now as I understand this was discovered once the guy. Was on the runway taking off. This was unauthorized. I'm gonna share a couple of cuts with you one of them. You hear him just talk about his journey. And his head I was gutsy concerned because he apparently didn't have any real concern that. This was going to put him behind bars. Let's listen to the first cut. You really have to hand it to this year traffic controller called he has. That I'd be this call. Like. You need to let that play now probably Q if you lost your minds. He's talking about all these wonderful sites that he seeing up there. And is exhilarating. You know I was just thinking of this. On Saturday. I went to visit a friend didn't durable. And. The scenery is just really absolutely awesome this the first time I think I remember seeing. Removal from the air I used to live in the air a live their first summer did an internship at the TV station. And of course driven there are plenty of times when I lived in Kentucky. By the way. The approach removal is absolutely. Gorgeous. Here's your flying in you fly past the airport. You know I was sitting on the left side to play neck a look off to my left and see the airport. And it's we flew a little bit north of the airport. Which means your flyover the I think the Ohio River. Into Indiana. And then they to a sharp left turn. And approached the runway is just Saturday of course it was the skies were were blue just absolutely beautiful. So I I am imagining up in this area in the Pacific northwest. Can you imagine all the sites out there. And how exhilarating that must be and I can only gather this guy was just profoundly suicidal. But that's what this was this was a suicide mission. And what button but what's been going to his mind he's he's up there. Looking at all these wonderful beautiful places before he. Ultimately dice. I would interject here. I'm sure part of the problem he was running into because he had a fuel issue he was concerning about the fuel that he was burning. Typically when pilots are taking off. To go some where they have to refuel. This was a a person who is ID took the plane out of anger I mean it's your. So it wasn't like it was any gates where they had fueled the played up to travel somewhere. So probably just editor matter reserve fuel from the last trip and he's watching this needle go wait wait to companies like. I don't think this is gonna last very long. First off I would have done is taken off the flight did do this they started see. That fuel was starting to drop I'd be saying can you help me get this thing on the ground and or even land in the water. You know I you know where's the place a shallow place Reich have landed in the water. So I'm so in case I don't have a landing just right at least I have some chance of survival. Here's the other clip which he I think this is kind of is. He is. Last words that he's kind of offering to his family and friends. About what he's done here and listen up. A lot of people or care about it. And down but. It's gonna disappoint them. Yeah. It that you're good at it this. I would like to apologize it. Everyone. Yeah it just got broken. Yeah known users who is. I guess never really do. You don't count it. You know. It's. I didn't. Very private guy get sick you. Back looking at her. And yeah. Yeah. They kind of standard and pick up. I can bring her home. Can't exactly get out of those Salmons and all the guys it. What is I mean obviously guys what are you thinking as you're listening to this audio and Charles. Appeal. For the you know in and he just seems oblivious heat he sounds like he's a great times. Elect of some delusional stuff on there just awareness of of what danger he's really causing for others and agencies. And even sounds so Desi now he's playing a video game yes. Because this yes this is one of the things he said he's done this very. I think in his mind he's playing video game. And he was obviously deranged. I don't in his 29 year old guy. And it's this is what he choose to do here if you were talking about this too how he learned. They said that he bought or pro you can purchase a sixty dollar application or or or program. To download and on your computer you can learn how to. Used the exact plane I don't know how to fly this exact specific mine. Extra bucks. My goodness. And as we mentioned lots of and security considerations. Getting reexamined right now. In airports across the country for good reason what urged through your mind. As you hear about this story would love to eat your thoughts as we continue our broadcast. We have some breaking news for you just in to us a couple of minutes ago. I'm sure this will be a shocker. You might wanna pulled the center of the road this one. How long has this been coming. FBI agent Peter struck. Has been fired. He has been. Fired from the FBI. He's the guy hopefully the bureau's investigation into Russian interference the 2016 election. Until officials discovered he had been sending anti trump texts. Structure lawyer. Said FBI director David. Both rich. Ordered the firing on Friday even though they're directed the FBI a fist that normally candles employee disciplined cited struck. Should face only a demotion and sixty day suspension. Now this attorney. Is saying this. Undercuts the FBI's repeated assurances that struck would be afforded the normal disciplinary process. The attorney added this is the normal process in any way. More than name. The FBI is not commenting at this point. 22 year veteran of the bureau. Here's this guy who investigator Russian spies defense officials accused selling secrets to China myriad other important cases. Also integral to to the bureau's most high profile investigations the Russian case. And the investigation and Hillary Clinton's use of private email server while secretary of state. But did Justice Department inspector general investigated. And balanced. Politically charged messages struck edged exchange for the another FBI official. One he was having an affair with by the way he was relegated to position and human resources. So again Peter struck. Fired. Let this go out to a call from. Bob first in Charlotte good morning Bob. They've been sent that you it'll also struck and injured such all. Tiger Woods and earlier on. Government oriented. Bow and pop in May this one of the greatest. Come back and motivational stories. I could be written recently and structure also qualities. Doing all that he's been through in his very first armament won so much pressure on elm and should it be a great mayor construe. I certainly hope so and then and that's I appreciate your call on this Bob you know you talk about it some was parking about positive ID you know thoughts and ideas this certainly is. It on Sunday Tiger Woods shot a 64 wound up second at the PGA championship. This been characterized as drilling riveting. He said recent injuries and you know his off course difficulties. So I guess this is hopefully a great comeback story here. I hope this continues for tiger. Because there were a lot of very unfortunate. Times that he faced year I'm a big believer. In redemption big believer in redemption. And we certainly hope this continues for him I do appreciate your call. Let's go next to Dave I also wanna get your thoughts on this Peter struck story are you excited about this are you encouraged. Do you do you think this is the end of that story or something else develop from their Dave. Eager to talk about the stolen plane story good morning. Yes sir or even has its. Not a paid out first caller I eat you know it does need every bit. You thank you very much yet I gotta tell you real quick. Back let him on stationary the rule incurred we are stationed helped oral. That Southern California art art my daughter in America. And Bill Burton are waiting to be an event that's happening at least six. We had three at between one and one at work and mind you that three. Reporter recon we eat pork what will. One of our harboring. Not a set. If it because he couldn't call. Always for a couple I would. Even though he wouldn't accomplish that glider pilot a beekeeper a record forty went out and eat some pretty. The court an air. Terrorism. All the best and it didn't. Couldn't qualify for all right so now he is is that playing Capitol Hill in charge of the airport on the ground crew and everything like that. And does one guy you would at the clock in the morning. And Angela. EU gotta realize import them or you don't tend key to start the you have to have people portable call upper. It's portable. Turbine next cranks up the engines that you have a hydraulic accounts that happened on a typically wouldn't meet the artist or elects six guys. Threatened bird people I would never got there so this guy does it all aren't alone. Pressed aircraft up. I would say 84 out on the flight deck with no lights cause he would offer a lot. It could steal a pork goes all the way out the increment the Ellen turned around rival and it it. Over the course it means is an easy cocked. Or. At least deep layer and. All areas in England about Europe or oh yeah UAE NATO a couple of times but I remembered because. How old I was a kid at the time I beat out like 1920s. When he wanted to we can and I'm wondering imploding. The all the beer you know where we flat where he lived there. And I know what you hear it but the jets. Flying and not let him go one. That you dated June. Light. But we're part of that part of the beat Pitt was appointed like but it was pleasant to bear. According one year old kid. Don't go very accomplished and what. He was very very it was and he's pepper from that event and redundant they're called in the band. Let's so what was the outcome of what what was the outcome of all of this well. No one knows what happened. Real today with the. And he got the paint but but you'd entered the the war story. Is he was there is opera was very very different look commanding general of the days. So I don't like the new Kyra and as we forgive your. But I need to proceed as military thinker was over. Yes and put it if you look at the look up but recorder regional world is work that and you'll you'll find stuff aren't. It is acting as what you lose a minute or couple do and you reached. And so yeah there are very low rank and equipment and 84. That is pretty amazing I'd sit it it will I mean it and the fact that got pulled it off. Select very important like 30000 feet. So. Pretty extraordinary story I appreciate you Colin and if we have enough time to listen briefly to. That bind this first time our longtime listener my question was. How did he get in Saturday be able to get on to run away without someone checked in on what was going on. Yeah and that and that's as I understated ID Charles you were kind of following that particular aspect of the story as well. He's able to get on the runway and take off. It's just that it makes sense that the the security would have been that lacks that he could've pulled at all about somewhat skeptical though it. Guys I understand by the time they figured out what had happened it was already too late again was in the air I think that was win. There was recognizes an unauthorized take off appreciate your call. Man is again is quite bizarre and as I mentioned Hampshire there's plenty. Of reviews taking place all across the country. The nature of this kind of thing does not happen again. Media re scared to death. Which while touched those controls. You can pretty much guarantee that. Again breaking news Peter struck FBI agents. Fired. Idealists. Love to get your thoughts. We're back on the broadcast. I mentioned the breaking news just a few minutes ago Peter struck fired from the FBI. Over his texting. With his. Lover who also worked for the FBI. The attorney Chris is complaining about this saying mrs. profoundly unfair. Crimea African river Chris good morning welcome. Or a bit dark darker doing well. No. I just hearing that I hadn't heard it and fire. And I've got mixed Billy got it right you know my purse and then it occurred feeling like the guy should not be built buoyed by the FBI. My second thought I might start the audit. The old justice delayed is just that denied YA and haven't heard that we. Are built on that diet that span congress it all out BI all or a lawyer and all you invite all the child soaring. And all the protection that I was given. Root at deployment at the FBI. And already going journey through his questioning through all of it depositions and now he's fired. I'm a little disturbing that are aiming that doesn't. Well lit me feel like they protected. And the audit it is inspiring it is our hope was the tip of the iceberg right they are I don't know. What he smells like this morning but I hope it's deplorable. I hear you there Chris. You know and I think this one of the many questions people been asking for quite some time what the world took so long. You know when it was first discovered this guy what he did. But this is the way government and Washington. Works. You can do all kinds of despicable things murmured lowest learner remember her. I think one of the questions before raising two. What does this mean for his retirement. Is pension. Does have any impact at all on that. Now I'm not one of those people who is looking to exact vengeance on this guy. There's a point where there are consequences. To your choices your decisions. We have another sad breaking news story to tell you about end and this is not. Actually a couple of stories first off. Those you may be familiar with professional wrestling reform of WWB. Jim the anvil night Hart has passed away. Is dead at the age of 63. He suffered a medical emergency adds his home or at a home in Florida. This guy was a big superstar in the mid eighties early ninety's dismembered the so called Hart foundation tag team. With Bret the hit man Hart managed by Jimmy Hart. In order all runs together here. So. This is news that is just command a few minutes ago we Celso survived by his wife three dollars including. You may be familiar with Natalie. His daughter is Natalia. WWE superstar. Outlined so I'm sure listening to this news as well. Not surprising this guy has 63 years old he said some substance abuse issues as I understand it. Along the way. Are you there months ago yes I am O and. As a date a lot of them seem to do unfortunately with the substance and things like at 63 man that's pretty young. But for wrestler that's not. Really surprising I remembered our foundation. Was one of the better tag teams back in the day and nine are you scared me to death and executed really the accuracy of that cycle laughed. Yes yes and even as low key EUE looks crazy. You know he's got this you know kind of buzz cuts. And a beard he just very intimidating look about this guy and I can see how this would scare children in others. Yes that too surprising at all. Another story that we are sad to report as well. You know appears that. These are not looking very good now for Aretha Franklin. There are reports that she is also in failing health at this hour. A reporter out of Detroit saying the family members have confirm this news. Gravely ill. Family members are confirming that this morning asking for prayers. Hands as usual in this case privacy. The reports are they rethink is surrounded by family and people close to her. And saying she is going to be incredibly missed by. Many as a mother sister friend cousin. Her legacy being larger than life and I'm sure you're also a fan as well ones so of Aretha Franklin this woman produced a lot of great music. Just an incredible voice lesson in Europe. And a music at all you've got to love Aretha Franklin the queen of soul and when I think of her ride this thing blues Brothers as the first. Thing that pops in my mind humor from blues Brothers when she sing in think. In all the guys are dancing around that cafe also. It's it's it's just amazing. They're just certain people who just stand out in history. As. You know trend setters as legends and he would certainly have to put Aretha Franklin in that category again. Developing story that she is gravely ill and noble course continue to follow this story. Thanks again for coming back and talking with the slot and so over. On the text line some things that we have covered in the last hour. All. Rates in about the anti Vince people he. Spends all these anti Vince people are listening to there aren't hearing. It wore absorbed. When they realize it keep listening. Okay. It's the stay in history 1889. My house was built old Victorian. It's been kept up 7000 square feet. From. Some rich history there's 7000 square feet that's a lot to keep up there. It's just visit the government Social Security estimate or from my side or is Nancy Pelosi calls it the dreamers estimate he. That's for. Senator Tim Scott really use the term black and brown wow what happened to him. I really didn't expected to use identity politics like that while I don't know the context. Also adding your body was conservative and he is. There's nothing wrong with referring to the color of your skin. And I don't think this is. The I don't want to put words in Tim's cat's mouth but I don't think he's one of those people would find his primary. Identity here. On the airplane issue Vince you can learn to fly a flight simulator you can download on the PC. Maybe this is what this guy did. It's just now tuning yen was watching the final panthers' training camp practice excited for the twenty ATCs and hash tag keep pounding. On the plane the air traffic control can't keep you from taking off they can't keep your from landing either. Wood goes up will come down all they can do is clear the runways. Also this in the bag I have no intention of landing that plane it seemed like cues contemplating suicide before he even took. The plane appears to say you wanted to go out with a bang. I find it extremely scary it's so easy to steal a plane like that just imagine fewer terrorists the damage they could have been done. Yet where's all the security. Everything all the security you have to go through to get on the plane as a passenger. And yet. You can get on the plane. As a pilot. And take off and go auditory or. Eat. Yes I'm sure there's a lot of examination going on as there should be. So this one is it repeated. More of your calls your techs. As we continue to broadcast. I don't get tired text line in the year final stretch of the broadcast today. My goodness I'm looking at this story will probably talk about tomorrow poll about socialism. My goodness. Guys helpless. Just absolutely. Bizarre what else see this. Any case on the text line. I doubt the plane was in anger fuel tanks are usually topped off to reduce flammable fuel vapors inciting anger. And each to a fuel he was low on fuel. Then simple fix the stolen plane situation. And a username and take off code generated by the tower. We cannot even access our own bank account without the rose. And this when Hampshire being facetious I think all airplane should be banned they're just like guns. It can't be trusted they've leapt into action the minute you turn your back on them. And do terrible things to people I blame the FAA and the NRA. Just the the guy was still the aircraft just like the gun debate people will be calling for banning the tools in this case. Flight simulator programs. Now I could see this nevermind the thousands of normal people enjoy them it would never go do something destructive with him misplaced blame on the tools. Rather than where it belongs you're probably right. You don't all of that playing the taxpayers deuce side your ego is writing checks your body can't cash. Johnny's laughing because he knows that line came from. Resentment is if this person saying it's a permanent not gonna. At a person here like to know about Peter struck is he going to lose his security clearance. We do not know. Dispersant like to know is an against the law to have sexual relations with a subordinate. I don't know if this is a subordinate I doubt this was a just a regular coworker that he was texting with. Tiger Woods' comeback he's still a scumbag. Who drops the F bomb in front of children out on the course. Oh boy. Vincent investigation proves struck did not act with political bias he was fired for having an opinion sad. Also on Tiger Woods in spite of Tiger Woods' personal shortcomings I've always liked him thought he was genuinely nice guy who did. Good charitable work I'm happy for him. Not a person saying here about structure. I love the was fired but I says that smug look on his face when he spoke of love this country can help but wonder. Who's the same love and respect he had for his wife a whole couch. Boy that's brutal. Tiger Woods is a racist. He's supposed to be above all because he's black go back and listen December's quotes I will be crashes and burns again wow. Pins you hope it's come back for tiger why don't you condemn him. How could you condemn trump on a daily basis to give tiger cats. Isn't tiger morally corrupt as he humbled himself and asked for forgiveness. At a fast would someone asked to do to get back in your gracious I must be wrong. Can I give you hints here. Hunger the roof golf professional. He's not president of the United States. And he's not commenting about anybody else by the way. Leading people. To turn on other people. That's now. Let's see here author takes years that. We may get to I have a simple solution keep people from jumping onto an aircraft taking off don't leave the keys in the ignition but I its mission that you waited discredited. At your watch the show airplane re pro I'm willing to bet the guy stole that plane. Has watched that show yes I watched that show that was pretty incredible. You know this guy he goes you know he tracks down airplanes. That the banks foreclosed on. And he goes and he picks them up. It was a really cool show really cool. Another first here comedy about Aretha Franklin. Reaching frankly in the hospital in failing health should make a cell said she's in the central the American musical so is Elvis or Michael Jackson I think we all would agree with that. On this plane story we have our friend Willy. Who's come back. From the I don't know where he's come back from buddies back. RA Willie what are your comments year. It prudent to myself well listen I know how to solve that problem. You know they would never do anything to go peninsula area in ambling. Why do people do in the as if that answers at least. Oh my goodness this some people would say that's a racial comment there. I'm lately. I love and I think I am in agreement and now back in. I know you do a good to hear from you. Willie is Hispanic that way in case she did you know. And this done I would put this out they're just too. Get rid of any in the mystery that media. Lingering. The other texture here on the Tiger Woods thing I think would probably has humbled himself as God's forgiveness or we'd still be inferior. All we are comes from god and hard work. Yep there's certainly a lot of that. You know and I think you know it. I at least most people I think hope that some people were able to come back. And find a path to redemption because don't we all need that in some form. That we all need debt. Everybody has. Either redemption story of the potential for redemption story and I think that's vary vary important. We will continue to follow all of the developing news. And bring it to you rate here and yes we do everything we can't tried to promote some things that are positive that are encouraging. We will scour. The news sources. And hopefully we can lead off with something positive and encouraging in the very least on tomorrow's broadcast. I probably issued that. In the meantime have such a great day in Dublin should take care.