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Monday, August 20th

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Good Monday morning great to be back with you hope get a great weekend. As we start off another broadcast week. Glad you're with this and I want to start off. NIC the headline for the story would be fighting back. I warned you about on this program. That our constitutional rights. Sometimes are not necessarily undermined by politicians. But by corporate America. And we've watched this in recent years as major corporations have taken aim at things like free speech. And it's the right to bear arms. Regarding the letter. We've got companies that are attempting to cut off money. That's necessary. For. The guy ambitions. Now we've got some people who are fighting back. I saw this post an English yesterday my good friend Jeff Duncan. Congressman from the ups states. He says this proud of my great friend attorney general Jeff Landry in Louisiana. These banks have closed accounts refused to handle credit card transactions or make loans to legitimate businesses. Involved in the sale or manufacture firearms. Regardless of their political beliefs. The Second Amendment still says the right to keep in terms shall not be infringed. While these banking policies aren't infringing upon the rights of law abiding citizens they are wrong in the eyes of many. Bhutto lose Louisiana. Again a post there from Jeff Duncan referring to his friend another person I've met by the way Jeff lane entry of Louisiana. So what's happened here. Louisiana. Has prohibited Citibank and Bank of America. From participating in an up scamming bond sale. Because of their recent restrictions against doing business with gunmakers. You wanna talk about a much money making opportunity. These bonds by the way and we can talk about this another time they are a racquet. That's what they are. Because ultimately what's happening is. These dollars are being reimbursed. With tax dollars. And you see this how many times do you see there's a bond referendum although we wanna build a new courthouse always does a beautiful building or we're gonna do this wonderful. Public private partnership. But we need to bond referendum to pay fort always gets this wonderful plan to build schools well we're gonna float some lines well. These set to be financed who finances the ease and makes money off of them banks do. They're making a whole lot of money for this. But Jeff Landry has taken the bold step to provide leadership this is what leadership looks like. You don't have to be personal you don't have to be nasty you don't have to make snide remarks over Twitter. You just do the job. And you provide leadership you provide a voice and say you know what. He got a problem with the Second Amendment you have a problem with. Citizens. Bearing arms. And you want to participate. In what can only be called conspiracy. To deny the opportunity. For citizens. Law abiding citizens to arm themselves. If this is where you are won't guess what. I think we'd rather do business with somebody else. Bond commission treasurer John Schroeder said this I personally believe the policies of these banks are and infringements. On the rights of Louisiana citizens. As a veteran and a former member of law enforcement I'd take the Second Amendment very seriously. And this was not a slam dunk by the way the bond commission's vote was 726. So we passed by one vote. To keep the Wall Street banks from underwriting its upcoming public debt offering. That's pretty close. So ultimately Louisiana has prohibited city Citigroup. And Bank of America from participating. In this upcoming bond sale. Good for them. This is the kind of step that needs to be taken. And I would say that. Ordinary citizens need to follow suit here. These are things we need to think about it and everybody needs to be asked the question are you on the side of liberty. Or are you on the side. Of undermining our constitution. It's really that simple. Both those banks adopted new corporate policies around arms makers. This year. They did this in reaction to the school shooting in Parkland Florida. City the first major banks were imposed restrictions on corporate clients requiring gun retailers to sell to people over 21. That's background checks and do not sell high capacity magazines or Bob stocks. City adopted this policy because we believe it's a positive in bounds stepped to promote guns of safety. Without undermining free markets are Second Amendment Rights. That's what a bank spokesperson told post. It's disappointing that taxpayers of Louisiana will be deprived from competitive bidding. For necessary public works because the process has been politicized. Oh my goodness these poor victims. Numerous other trying to turn this around oh there's not a big competitive bidding process. Banks are there in the United States of America. But there are only two banks. Citigroup and Bank of America are those the only two banks in the world. There are plenty of other places. This is crap. It really is. Bank of America followed soon after saying it would not lend to makers of assault style weapons love that phrase. But interestingly enough they loans 43 point two million dollars to Remington a few weeks later. A spokesperson for Bank of America has declined to comment. Now I think many of you would agree with me in one sense. Your. Kind of proud of and I say in one cents and support above the hometown bank as in Bank of America which is headquartered here in Charlotte. But the comes at time. We got to take a stand. And I think what Louisiana has done is bold. It's courageous. It's necessary. Now having said this these banks. They're private entities they can do whatever they want. Akin. There's no requirement. You know what I think is also interesting about this. Can you make the argument here. If they are. Depriving people of a service. You may have the constitutional right to do that what do I mean how different is this from the baker. Who has been targeted out in Colorado. Who did not wanna perform certain services. Isn't an interest in banks. Can make choices as to whether they provide those services don't pay. Just a thought. I put that out there for your consideration as well. Guess you have money you can do whatever you want it. Coming up all talk about prison reform. And we'll have a little fun making fun of Al Sharpton he's another blunder to talk about. I can Vince Coakley radio program on the text lines that we haven't addressed yet but probably a conversation it's. Worth having. This Dexter saying Vince I think it's dangerous foreign policy for trumped pushed urged Turkey to the brink of economic collapse all over American pastor being held. In house arrest. I think this could have been negotiated in a better way all trump knows how to do is to be in your face. In in your face bull looser now Turkey is talking to prudent about buying a missile defense system with Russian advisors. About the US nuke stored in Turkey. Yes. Rob is making the world greed again. This is something that needs to be considered. And I think you're a lot of big questions here about Turkey. Which is a part of NATO. Is this going to be the future for Turkey. Or is the future going to fall within the Russian orbit. That's a big question. Previous segment I was talking about Jeff Landry used the attorney general and Louisiana taking the strong step providing leadership. To pull the plug on two big banks Bank of America. And Citigroup. For their anti gun policies. Pulling the plug on bonds. Given the opportunity. To fund bonds within the state Louisiana. Texture says Jeff Landry is coming to Jeff Duncan's faith and freedom Barbeque. The great opportunity to hear him. I've gotten to be did miss I mention. Really good guy. Vince both those banks or is cricket as Wells Fargo and I wouldn't do business with any of them. All right. I wish I bank with Bank of America so I could close out my accounts. At a into these banks supported subsidize or insured by the federal government while of course there are you know how this works. Banks cannot do whatever they want because their private they can't declare that they refuse to loan to minorities or women or gays or Muslims Yene. Well now. Sorry Vince I'm not proud of bank of amigo and I don't support them in any fashion. Are right. While their friend here if you asked the British. We had the revolutionary war. Was a tactical weapon it was a muzzle loader if you ask the Indians. It was a lever action rifle. A weapon is only good as the person holding they've already infringed on a Second Amendment. But you you can't hold a fully automatic weapons the law didn't say with certain weapons excluded. Boy that's. Another very important conversation is it not. Who should be the arbiter of what the Second Amendment covers. To me it seems kind of open and it. Who puts restrictions. Who determines. At what point. Well this is too much for private citizens. And we have this Vince thanks for keeping it fresh with your new intro it's great. Well thank you. Appreciate that. We try to do it on this broadcast. So we've talked about. Putting banks in their place. Once Davis decided to do that. Let's talk about something else that I'm glad to see on the radar screen and hopefully there will be something that comes out of this now. You know people eat you can say whatever you want. This is not attempt to. I'm just saying. What he has just speaking of reality. Can you name. Import legislation that has been passed this year. Just identify something. By the way Steve Bennett is concerned about the mid terms. He's concerned that the Republicans could lose as many as thirty or forty seats. He says we better rally behind Donald Trump to survive the mid terms. Any place. We needed to do some serious prison reform for a long time I think a few weeks ago on this program I was talking about how. I really believe that we need a more fundamental reform of the way we do all of this and here's what I mean. It's a big doesn't serve any redemptive purpose to just hold somebody in a cell. Especially if they've committed something like a property crime what I wanna see is restitution. He steal 500 dollars from somebody you earned that 500 dollar. Amounts. Back while you're behind bars. And when she pay that off you're out. Get out go take care of yourself. I just don't see the value of incarcerating people now. If you get someone who's reaping people committing violent crimes you don't mean this is probably different conversation. But I think this is part of what. Has really gone wrong with this whole prison thing we thinks about just throw somebody in the cage a by the way. Speaking of cage. I've been watching one of the reasons I'm using that expression. I've been watching reruns of Barney Miller. One of the local channels ears that and I have it set record my DVR. Factor of over seventy episodes. Crime gone so far. Today they keep referring to yet put him in the cage. And and you think in those terms. And there's something wrong with that we're putting human beings in a cage. Now. Going back to what I said about violent crimes. You behave like an animal or may be belong in a case in the cage while maybe caved here. For him for nonviolent. Property crimes. Just work it off. TV this is part of what's missing in our society. People don't know how to do restitution. They don't know how to do restoration they don't know how to do reconciliation. Now my honest opinion is the church needs to lead the way here. Very often read and leading the way we're following. And we're. Seeing kind of a week to course. On some sort of political position that really has no meaning. Analysts. There is a push now. We have the president supports for prison reform. And it actually has a shot according to NBC news. This is a years long slog to undo peace is the federal government's machinery of mass incarceration. And now it's turning into a sprint. President announced this month the White House push for a landmark and bipartisan proposal to revamp the US prison system. Reform advocates last week began aggressively lobbying congress to act. They don't have much time. It's been tried before. Those efforts died in the mire of election year politics. And guess what it's. November 6. Is right around the corner mid terms. So the question is how hard they push now the Republican controlled house has already passed a bill that offers federal inmates. More opportunities to prepare for freedom or rewards them with more good time credit for behaving. Am participating in education and training programs. This call the first step act. Provides a faster path to release for almost all federal inmates many of whom with C months shaved off their release states immediately. These changes some of them would actually go into effect retro actively. But here's the problem the senate is tougher sell. Charles Grassley of Iowa Republican Dick Durbin of Illinois Democrat. They've been fighting for years for more sweeping set of changes. Renton focusing on people are pretty in prison would target the source of mass incarceration. By reducing sentences for nonviolent offenders here's my question why can't you do these things at the same time. He's accomplished is that too complicated for these old roots I am just asking. No I don't have disrespect for older people. Sometimes you gotta wonder if he can't function in that kind of setting may be need to go home. A third of the sit its membership of signed on as co sponsors to their legislation. Adding since he reformed the first step back would be important bipartisan win is would Grassley treated on Thursday. However some Republicans. Oppose the more expensive bill. Some are calling this a jailbreak that would endanger communities. A boy. Wanna get your thoughts. Backed out of its Coakley radio program. Overrun attacks lie in reaction to the things we've discussed thus far and the Bank of America's story. Losing out on bonds in Louisiana. Dexter says while taking moral high ground about guns. Why ignored the Q parade this weekend. VOA sponsored man up. Oh boy. And yes I did fine and did not realize. That they were actually a sponsor. Of the pride for eight. The 2018 Bank of America Charlotte pride parade. My goodness. Yep there we go folks let's grunts or call from Bob good more teacher. You bet I'll watch an old friend else Scotland Utley Cole what tension. As. Saying what ultimately alternate bed. How horrible weapon. Does not belong itself but the older Dutch and other countries to use. Then that's good. Yeah and I'm not sure that's in that quote it actually struck at all. That is really good eye and Leavitt thanks a lot for sharing that Bob and again it comes back to the issue and there's nothing. The weapon itself is morally neutral. Morally neutral. It's all. Dependent on the heart of the personal holding onto it makes all the difference in the world doesn't. All the different by the way if you like to join a conversation or Eagles advantage to Auckland number 809 to 1110. Kind of sits retirement planning takes line is 71307. So far we've talked about it's the effort to. Basically. Aggressively. Deal with a couple of banks. That are attempting to undermine the Second Amendment. And we've also talked about prison reform. The possibility there may be a strong push to try to get this done before the fall elections coming up in November. So we'll see where this goes let's have a little fun shall we talking about some of the moronic things that occurred over the weekend. One of them. Al Sharpton. This guy when I saw this I thought oh my goodness infect a few minutes ago I played this. In the office. For a bunch of people I mean the laughter everybody just roared with laughter. So. Al Sharpton has a show it still blows my mind and and you know and I I'll just tell you I think it's an insult to black people. That MSNBC would give this guy a television show. I mean think about it. I mean I there are plenty more talented black people they can be put on a show. I'm not talking about it where he's coming from ideologically. It's affected this guy's a moron. Surely there's some more intellectual and and I know some. Very strong. Intellectual. Liberals so called progressives. Give them a show. Quite a fresh face somewhere. Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson. Please just go away. Nonetheless. Al Sharpton call on president Donald Trump to be respectful in his rhetoric toward women. He was dressing trumps insults toward Amoroso medical Newman. Four White House aide and apprentice. Contestants who wrote a tell all book criticizing him drug called Newman the dog. For even insult of president trumps. Turkey called this in an ballistics work. And cumulative. Learn the lesson this week sometimes the dog bites back what the book deal. The only. That's really good stuff there. So sure I think included all of his rambling remarks which I'm gonna spare you. From having to listen to the nonsense. That we will give very quickly. To what he's calling for out of the president and you listen and get a laugh for yourself. So in the words. Of my late friend Aretha Franklin. Show some RE SP CT. And the next task you get a black woman and a Beagle could the news remember this. I've got its. RU SEI CT. There's a part of me at an I'm serious about distance apart are we really feel sorry for this guy. You know imagine going through life. When your theme song gotta be if I only had a brain. I mean really RE SP CT. Our Josh I really do feel sorry for this release that serious. Yes we can all slip again it. That is a big oil that is a big win. Now and I think you know that's. I wonder if rush is going to get out rushing in to do it new parity so it's begging for one isn't it. Re speak. Whenever that is. And we also have this now let me just for those of you who may not be familiar with this program. W I understand I am not in the never tried camp. Nor am I in the always trumped there. I would make that very clear. Now in the previous category. We get these people that just spew nothing but hatred it's like 24/7. This is kind of thing you just don't say about people just. It's not funny stuff a joke but nonetheless. Doesn't make a difference to someone like Florida Democrat. Alcee Hastings. By the way I would daresay if this can joke we're told about Barack Obama. I can imagine all of the complaints about racism. Hastings with speaking your rally in sunshine Florida. Any repeated joke he heard from Ari silver the son of former Florida State legislator Berry silver. You ready for the joke. Let's see how funny you'd think this joke is it may take a minute for this camera appear it looks like we have an issue playing this thing home in this. One half to play this little bit later and about idea. It's really said Edward a place where. I'll just keep your preview. About making fun of the president dies. The seriously. How would this be received. Again a freer back during the Obama administration. This is not funny there's just certain things that you do not do. But for some people. They really have no standards they have no morals. Coming up the broadcast. I came across a great article is written buyer for an Andrew McCarthy for national review. And it's about this ruckus going on about the security clearance issue. And I think it's absolutely brilliant. Because there are reasons why. Mr. Brennan should have read a security clearance pulled. And I think Andrew McCarthy sums up my position very well revoking Brendan security clearance the right thing. Even if for the wrong reason. I think this was done for the wrong reasons for coming up will talk about the right reasons. A perspective from Andrew McCarthy but also from senator Rand Paul. As we continue to broadcast. Back of Vince Coakley radio program the way. The president's. It's kind of trolling. Brennan the former CIA director saying hey I hope this guy does file a lawsuit. At least and considering for a test what a waste of time I don't think it's dry out very quickly what a waste of energy. But there's some people have to remain in the spotlight. And it just absolutely drives them crazy. The possibility of not being in the spotlight. Over on the text line. And some pretty interesting items here. Let's see what we pick up on here. Vince is in their a lot of restricts free speech in the press during times of war will maybe trump can start a war with Iran that wage from. In shut down CNN and anyone else who dared to criticize our great emperor. It's the new national security. A I assume this person is being facetious and I can laugh along with it is. Not only mortality if I made the comment that Al Sharpton being thrown out there as an example for black people by being hired by MSNBC is an insult to black people. Not only more talented but surely folks with his politics. That the ability to get more viewers than he does. Surely he's long term ratings can't be height and the art. Someone else saying if he wants to be respectful. Respectful. Would it be respectful to pay your taxes. We. Pitch shots. That a person would like to see this when in the opener of our show meant to find a place that. Sharpton's lucky because he's the ice cream as fast as he wants Iran. The sharp and asked as Sharpton asked the trump attackers who won and be headed. Or his wife three tours daughter a terse and kidnapped and violated. Four or ESP I CT. That a person saying RE SPI CT sounds to me like an anti elite you know dog whistle. And it's pretty clever. Vince sandy burglar was able to keep his security clearance after he left the Clinton administration. Used to steal documents after nine elevenths. Gonna be that Brennan has installed the docs he needs to cover the obamacare administration tracks. Maybe so the news Vince Aretha knew how to spell respect. And it's understandable reverend would know how because he's never had any respect for anybody but himself. Jim out of Beasley and the you're probably right about that. Vince I've tried and tried to spell respect the way Al not so Sharpton did. Aretha Franklin just won't let me I almost died in laughter when I heard. For heard him butcher this when this blissful ignorance. RE ESP I CT. To punish. Events. Did you line to receive the Steve Carroll movie. Dinner for schmuck X while attending one and haven't found a schmuck to take with me is Al Sharpton have been a 00 or a by the way I'm Nazi movie I'm betting lines. Knowing him that's his and a movie and only later on. While their friend here Al Sharpton and another fine example of someone who can't pour crap out of the boot if the instructions were up. Boy you guys are rough. Speak give mr. right so what do we take a look at the day in history now's a good time for that. Would you say. Maybe so maybe not. This happens to be the twentieth day. Of August. And it's EU we have years. Is ones are there now I'm here we hear another voice in the background there. I think it may be our previous host in the Arab states in the background. There were also hearing in addition to EU. Yeah I know what you're saying yeah it was. Well their Leo. There Rico its okay meant to worry about it it's not the end of the world they don't disrespect me. I. Bush. That's gonna take on a life of its own business. But away you see this movie dinner for smokes not too little too low brow for me so well okay. Will excuse me let's go I prefer intellectual humor obviously. Today that you joke. We're gonna have to east in this segment beyond I've already included that but it's worth going into our questions. I'm gonna guess. Lenses can get at least two of these war correct. We start with this wouldn't 1667. And this person I don't know for should you be the person or the column. Paradise lost you know who's behind that. I hated the stuff by the way in English. I I do not on some gold. OK in anybody here know who that it is. Charles Joseph and a totally guessed Thomas Milton you are correct actually Milton. That's pretty cute that you want to. At 1964. Pres. Is then it's. Johnson signed the economic opportunities act. And this was the start of a program for young children. What is it called would sit known by now. Economic opportunities act young children. Preschoolers. I'm gonna. Anybody when he gets here in the studio. Headstart is correct it is headstart. 1968. This country invaded checked close of IKEA who was it. The evil people who did that in 1968. You're correct these Soviets those westerly people. And last but not least we had the resignation of Richard Nixon. And then we had. Well a couple of things going on who became president. 1974. We Nixon resigned. Before you are correct. And there's more to this and we'll talk about some other stuff coming up after the break a little fun about something and happened over the weekend. Stay with us.