The Vince Coakley Radio Program
Thursday, August 9th

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Good morning green very well good morning upstate she. Q do you live from ths Children's Hospital. We are. In the middle. Who have very very important campaign which I hope you will take part. You can do so by placing call this number if you remembered no other numbers. During the course this broadcast they remember this when. 8777195437877719547. It also Texas at GHS. Just text that you. 51555. JH yes those three letter. 51555. Not every hour like you to do is to consider becoming a miracle maker. Your contribution now. For those of you may be uninitiated perhaps you're new to the area you wintry. Wouldn't heck is this radio Thon thing well we do this every year in the purpose behind it. Is actually to help provide those things for children. That are not provide its as part of the normal medical care so we're talking about. Those pictures that really go a long way to improve quality of life. For the children. You know what one of the first things you know this is me I'm the person who's big into animals. So first thing I walk in and before he gets up to our set up here. IC one of the dogs that actually goes into the rooms and helps to distract and comfort the children. You know as a child I can imagine what that's must be like noon just to have what do these furry friends come by and keep me company you know. Those are the kinds of things. That your contribution helps to make possible because you know insurance is not going to cover that you know that's. To give you a sense of the importance of this place and what happens here. Over 400000. Patients have been C 400000. Dictum that. And we're talking about touching little lives. Touching little lives that go beyond just the east Darrell. Men Nicole. Treatment. I'm talking about. The personal touch the human touch and those extra things that really help these children to cope. Especially. With the length of time some of them have to stay here. I can imagine what it must be like nationally as a child but also his appearance. Having to experience that you know I I know some of the things that are provided things like requires. For parents to be able to stay. With their children weather here so they can be comfortable. These are the kinds of things that happened with your contributions. And this is why we do radio fun every single year. With a purpose in mind to advance. It to advance the humanity that takes place year how's that. For characterization of what takes place so we're looking for this miracle makers at a rate of fifteen dollars a month. That amounts to fifty since a day that's less than you pay for a cup of coffee at a certain location that I will not name. Or you can make a one time donation 180. Dollars. Again our phone number 8777195437. Can also Texas. At 71307. To let us know your contribution as well and of course the broadcast will also cover some in the news of the day talk about some of the events that are going on. Locally statewide. And international national. One story that I knew you going to be intrigued by. We have our friends. Who is that we talked you recently about this idea of the congressman Jeff Duncan is in support of this the idea of impeaching rod rose in Stein well. Get some insight into why. The house is not moving ahead on impeachment I was a little frustrated it's like why don't they get on the stick here. Well there's a reason and it may actually be a good reason we're gonna talk about that coming up in just a little bit. So we well I missed cover some of the news of the day in addition to. Taking part in this very important work. Of the work of GHS Children's Hospital with our radio flawed as it continues this morning. Now one of these I told you about is. This is all about you in your ability to helpless and partner with us. One of the things if you listened to Vince Coakley radio program with regularity. What do I always talk about you know what what's getting big these days what are children being your real wet weather and drove with socialism. That the idea that government ought to take over this and that health care provide this and that. And you don't. You know the dangers of socialism nevermind the fact that Margaret Thatcher says that. You know socialism is great until you run out of other people's money never mind that. You know it's socialism does it destroys. Humanity. No longer do you have people helping people. You have this is Darryl. Government system. That's managing and micro managing people's health care. They were you probably wonder what is this I've to do with radio Thon and and with half figured she'd just Children's Hospital you know what's happening what whereabouts. And this is what I believe very much it. Is volunteer is up. CE it's one thing for the governments. To provide a recliner. To a mom rushed to stay with their child here at the hospital. You know what makes that more special. When people in the community likes you listening to me on the radio in your car. You took money out of your own accounts to pay for that there's a human touch to that that's personal. This is no longer some sort of government programmer government operation you don't it is its people. Taking care of other people. That's very simple isn't it. And that's what we wanna promote during the course of the radio Thon and that's why I believe that it and that's why I think many of you. Believe in what we're doing as well. Which of why we're asking for your contribution along way as well. You're ready here's some wonderful stories. How people's lives have been touched and how their lives have been affected for the good. Because of past radio funds that we have done. By the way I wanna paint the picture of what I'm seeing right now this is so cool there's almost like a festival site at a atmosphere. Here you might call this radio row you know we are here have won a 63 WRT you've also got a V. Other partnering radio stations here with us and number of people stopping by their patients including children coming through. And remember I told you I'm a big dog lover one of the dogs that provides care for the children and and it helps entertainment he's here. Is that he's here playing right in front of me with the children as they're throwing a ball around. It's a pretty cool scene festive atmosphere. And you know the only thing missing it's you and you can participate with your phone call 8777195437. You can also text she HS 251555. And the coming miracle maker only fifteen dollars a month. One time donation of 180. Dollars. We absolutely appreciate your participation with this much wars we continue to broadcast. GHS Children's Hospital. Right here Steve this. And it gives you the Vince Coakley radio program. Ninety minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. I told you about the kind of festival atmosphere Kirk. This is hilarious. In front of me in fact we're gonna upload this. Our our different reads we will hopefully upload submit this for you watch. There's this dog adorable retriever named Kelly. Emirates were to the boys were playing with a beach ball here in front of me well Kelly decided she wanted to play with a beach ball. Ed it's no longer a ball. Just put it that way it's absolutely hilarious to watch. They're just having a great time a couple of kids here at the hospital they're just. And it again. And can you imagine and have emerged just put yourself in position of being. A child who's maybe going through treatment here hospital. And you've got a very serious condition. You know these fun moments make all the difference in the world you know to really improve state of mind it. You know there's a connection as the core relation between your state of mind and it's pure ability to fight off. Medical conditions it's a very important piece of that so this is something that folks here who were involved. And radio Thon understand. We have a challenge in we have a partner our sponsor for this hour the fine folks Eagles. They are. So long time partners with us in fact we have a conversation with someone from angles in just a few minutes. They are sponsor guest this hour in our power hour. We would love Europe just face our phone number 8777195437. Can also text GHS. 251. 555. Become a miracle maker fifteen dollars a month. Again it's fifty since today we make one time donation of 180. Dollars I want you to meet some of the people. And you'll hear other stories during the course of this broadcast today. One of the people would vote for you to learn more about. Is chronicled in this story. Me to tally sheet. Me. I'm still overwhelmed by the story. I want you to just in and I'm sure many of you have you're cutting putting yourself in the position. Only highly. But also for parents thinking of the ongoing challenges they face. And yet it's the the fact that you've got people who care. Who were involved through making a difference in their lives. Every single. One of them. You do this by becoming a miracle maker. Only fifteen. Dollars a month we mentioned that's about fifty cents a day we can make one time donation 180. Dollars. And again that phone number we'd love beauty is 8777195437. Text GHS. 251555. Can also make your contribution that way now if you happen to be at. On the way to work. Maybe you're in your car. Please don't text and drive. What I would ask you to do we T get to work go to one of 63 WR ignored. Very easy to do will not take you very long at all and we are partnering this hour by the way without our friends at Eagles. For this power power we absolutely appreciate your partnership with us as well. We told you during the course the broadcast we are covering the news of the day. It's been a couple of weeks when we first heard from our friend congressman Jeff Duncan. About the idea of impeaching rod rose in Stein. Override rose ensign he's the guys basically overseeing this Muller investigation. And readdress and Stein. Well I think their people have serious questions about how he has conducted this entire thing well. I've been frustrated you may be frustrated too wondering okay what's the deal how come this guy. Has not been impeached because there are members of the house from one to impeach him. Paul Ryan's not gonna take that Pia what we've learned there may be some reason behind us we're gonna talk about that coming up. Also we'll have a conversation. With our friends at Ingles. And we so appreciate the fact that Ingles has joined us in participating for this very very important events. Much more as we can use the broadcast right here ths Children's Hospital. All right I'm going to stir up your intrigue a little bit more you know how we found out. About what the plans are for rod roads and Stein's impeachment. A secret recording. A secret recording so what's on that secret recording and what we've learned. We're gonna tell you in just a few minutes but first. We would remind you again where we are what we're doing we. Are taking part in the very important radio five in ths Children's Hospital. We would love for you to partner with it's 8777195437. Text GHS 251555. Wood looking for miracle makers. Only fifteen dollars a month. Or your one time contribution of 180. Dollars and this is a power hour which means the fine folks said in goals. Will match your contribution during this hour. So isn't that incentive enough. To partner with us please tell us 8777195437. And we will be glad to. I just continue doing wonderful things that are happening this year as a result radio I want to bring back. Person I look forward to argue with again we meet again you meet again then Melissa level is the ad advertising director adds. In goals and first off. Thank you thank you thank you for partnering with us again for radio thought well it's amazing to. To be part of this with you and and to be working so hard for these wonderful children to help find cures for the diseases and help their families and and losses is so dedicated to that counselor partnership with where we just absolutely nothing to partner with you positive top line need to call in and make your donation. A day to day. And I assume this was not a difficult choice for Ingles to apart it is not a Dolly you know and and and and that's really thinking that this is we have 27 now. Thousand employees. And angles he realized that many people working for us. And a lot of those. Experiences for years at the hospital so. We are very much a part of the gambling. And one to be able to get back in this way it's not a hard decision now. What are some of the things that come to your mind is to know why this is so important the work that's done here. And we've talked about how. What we do with radio fund helps to promote those extras the things insurance doesn't cover. What are the things that stir your hearts and and and stir that connection for you guys will. I think the part about the fact that we do help with the things insurance doesn't cover that people don't realize is so important. So we were talking about earlier like that like the special car seats that have to go in the strollers. Think that people don't realize they're gonna make life so much easier not just for the children that are being taken care of the parents being able to. The normally on their own making them more normally your family is. And the more things you can do normally. The better off the child as an easier it is for the engine to blend into the family life and that's so important now recovery. You know it I also think too about what a treasure this place is for the Arab states have so you know having the opportunity. Two to have this facility and so close by and provide the level of medical care and yet the same time on top of that. The builder provide all of these things that really helped to improve the quality of life and make life as normal as Potts. It just absolutely anything normalcy is what really brings to the there's nothing like this. And the six state region that wearing yeah I mean Ingles has stores and in six states in the southeast and and this is the place to go for a a lot of people from Georgia and Tennessee and Alabama. Virginia they come here this is the best of the best so you want that for your children. That of what you the risk of putting you on the spot do you hear from people. For instance about your partnership. For radio Thon you know who have been helped or you hear from people who have some appreciation for that. Absolutely we we hear people from from them from him important we have. Actually have been helped by this system but also we hear from people thank you letters emails. Listeners or viewers Dan thank us for being partners with you. And for doing so we we hear about that all the time and you. I think you need to know this wouldn't be part of the issue and now we just a small part but you do this all the time and wonderful people love listening to you. And they wanna be part of something you're part. Well this is a partnership and you guys certainly helped to make this possible again that number's 8777195437. You can Texas tech's GHS 251555. We're looking for miracle makers didn't think about this just fifteen dollars a month it's not a lot. And in 180 dollars you like to make a one time contribution it. And because of the fact this is a power hour. Ingles is matching those centuries since this hour so. I want you to partner with us this is something we can all do together in this hour. What's part of your vision as you think about this and you know me do you gives experiences their specialty particularly when you've come down here and met some children met some of the families. Absolutely I mean I had an opportunity already in the years that we've been doing is to meet some wonderful inspiration is nothing more. Inspirational than seeing a child. Who is fighting a battle and taking it in such a wonderful. Energetic. And positive way. And this facility helps them do get in this. I'm radio Thon hopes to do that because they have all those things that they wouldn't have that insurance doesn't cover. That makes their life easier and yes so he is seeing those judges seemed dogs. The Dallas and Atlanta if you're like animals that I. Seeing those as a wonderful party you know been part of it this morning have done here on the Internet. And I'm I'm and advancement of my favorite things to. Well we have vetting comment that was the first thing my wife makes but me all the time because she is that you keep your anger out and meet the neighbors you'd have no idea the names of the neighbors but you know in the neighborhood dogs. Fun and I got as it should be a look at. The talk more about this dog it's been really good thing. Once again we absolutely appreciate your open registration with the smallest level and then please think. The folks that you work with there. And it Ingles and investment in our future absolutely absolutely. For participating again with us. We look forward to talk when you again next year none sooner sooner. Or eight thank you and for you you're sitting in your car right now and you know you're thinking you know can I really do this of course you can't all you have to do is pick up the phone. Make the call 8777195437. You can text us JH yes 251555. Fifteen dollars a month now we broke that down its fifty cents a day. Now some of you have an unhealthy habit every day you go to a certain place that I will that name and you spend several times that amount to. Drinking something that's probably not good for. Fifty cents think about that and and here you're able to help contribute to health. Of a child because we've described you before it's not just the physical well that's important it's also the intangibles. Associated with that child's health. Mental health. Just by having the encouragement. Of having people around having parents around. Having extra caregivers around and friends who gonna come and and entertain them and do things for them. And we would actually. Love to have you dispute with us 8777195437. As I mentioned coming up. We're gonna talk about this secret recording what is this secret recording what's on here who's talking. And what have we learned about this investigation. And the possibility. That progress in Stein will be impeached why hasn't he been impeached yet well there's a reason for it. And the word impeachment also has another application. For what's going on this fall. RA. Now you've been thoroughly teased you have to listen to find out what this is all about and we'll get to it coming up right here and for. And we are back Jay just Children's Hospital radio Thon that 28. Team in the have you taken part. We need you to be more than a bystander by making a phone call. 87771954. There 87 it's also text gate just 51. 555. Were looking for miracle makers fifteen dollars a month. One time donation of 180 dollars and we have. Some wonderful people who are partnering with us thank you very much for your contributions this hour is a power hour. Ingles Ingles. We have so much appreciation for partnering with us in this hour they're marching in the matching contributions dollar for dollar. And so we would appreciate your contribution to swelled Douglas. Thank you very much for your country should. Douglas thank you thank you thank you Scott also I'd agree year. You're twenty dollar contribution thank you Charles. Out of Taylor's 180. Dollars. Don't get all in one shot. You are rock star thank you very much patty. Your twenty dollar contribution thank you. These are just a few of the people. Who were making such a huge difference and we so appreciate. The fact that you decided to join us 8777195437. All right we're gonna end the suspense. And the story we've been talking about. During the course this hour the blaze is out with a very interesting story. About a secret recording that's indicated why rough ride grosans that is not been impeached yet now I have expressed frustration with this. Because it has been very difficult apparently for Jeff Duncan and others to find. Other members of the house to join with them in signing on to impeach rod grosans Stein. Well here's what we have learned. They're recording of a fund raising events with representative Devin newness. Has revealed why. Rod risen Stein the deputy attorney general has not been impeached yet. New and is told the crowd of the fund raiser he personally is called for rose and Stein's impeachment. But it had to be delayed. And here's the reason why. To keep the senate on track with a confirmation of judge Brett Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court. So I think what they're saying is we've gotten bigger fish to fry first. We need to get. Brent Cavanaugh. On the court that's first. Here's what he said to a question are on the recording. If we actually vote to impeach. What it does it triggers the senate then has to take it up. And imagine okay I'm gonna be a little bit nasty for a moment. Now do you honestly think Mitch McConnell. How is this stones to take on two big issues like this same time. What do you think I'm going here I've got to work who. In a bipartisan way. And I can't handle two things it wants. All right he. Hit I mean here's the reality is what they're sick. They can only do one of these significant things. At one at a time. And this does there is some. Logic to this believe it or not. You have to decide what you want right now because the senate only has so much time that is true. They've only got a limited amount of time here they've got to have the debates. The debate's. On and Kavanagh. And that a vote. And I think it's much more important to advance. The cause of our constitution. Bigger picture. It's one bunch more important to get this guy in place. Then it is to. Take out. Someone who is. Involved in what many would view as a nefarious investigation. Priorities here. By the way this recording was captured by an operative who paid for entry to fund greater raiser. For representative. Cathy McMorris Rodgers up in Spokane Washington. So that's why we have this recording. We also learned something else interesting on the tape. DeVon newness. Said that special counsel's investigation was politically motivated and this is not new. But he also said something else. Some of the president's tweets make him cringe. That's probably not much of a surprise. I think if you're human being. You have to create engines from the president's tweets. I told you before I'm not a big fan of the nonsense Tweety and the distractions. Case in point. Tweeting about LeBron James. C'mon really. Why would what was so important about that. Nonetheless. Mr. newness preside they're trying to make it political this is all political as to why that story read in the news New York Times on the tweets this is a reference to do. The ongoing investigation. Of so called Russian pollution. Whatever that is. In another portion the recording new disappears to admit if your candidate receives secret information like stolen emails. Foreign government that candidate release them it would be a criminal act. And another fortune newness explains why keeping a majority in the house is so important you know the reason for this. And I think this is kind of interesting because the Democrats. If they get control of the house you know what they're gonna do they're going to impeach the president. Attempt to anyway. If they do not succeed. Then on the other side we will likely have a vote to impeach rod risen Stein so. There is an impeachment in our future no matter what's going to be readdress and started. Or to be presidents. Donald Trump. That's the likelihood are we one or the other. Going on mister Noonan says this of sanctions won't un recuse and Mueller won't clear the president we are the only ones. Which is really the danger we have to keep all of these seats we have to keep the majority if we do not keep the majority. All of this goes away. Pretty dire statement. By the way this audio was released. By a so called progressive group that's called fuse Washington. It was played on MSNBC. And these people really determined to get a good. Recording here. The recording. Came to the cost of 250. Dollars. The entry price to get into this fund raise significant. These before absolutely hysterical you still have time if you would like to make your country should this hour to be matched. By Eagles combined. Let's give these folks sitting goes to put out some more money 8777195437. Text ths to 51555. Become a miracle maker fifteen dollars a month. 180 dollars one time. Stay were lists.