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Thursday, August 9th

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Never to broadcast from radio five that 2018. Ths trojans hospital. And it is good to be here yet again this festival like atmosphere as we raise money. To provide for the needs of children were staying here G-8 chess Children's Hospital. We're asking for your participation with us 8777195437. You can text GHS to 51555. You can become a miracle maker that's the easiest way to do this thing ends right now interrupt myself to tell you I'm watching. One of the things I believe is provided for with dollars. Contributed to reunify and wagons. For children. There's a gentleman right now pulling his daughter in one of those wagons. Through this area right now it's really cool watch. She's just so relaxed so comfortable. And again. This is part of the experience. That is made possible by people like you who say you know what we want to participate help. Improve the quality of life for these children who were wrestling with. All Heinz have medical issues. So that was really cool to watch to see that being used right here. I continue my thoughts. About miracle makers because we're looking for this miracle makers in this hour we're asking you. To contribute fifteen dollars a month 180 dollar one time gift will also do it. And here's our focus for this hour sending kids to camp we want us and forty kids to various camps for week. Now give me an idea of the cost this is not a cheap. The cut being to undertake. It's about 95. Dollars per day 95 dollars today. So what we're looking for a thirty miracle makers can you join me in this thirty miracle makers. And what rescued Jews call us 8777195437. Kingston. Forty kids to various camps for a week now wanna give you a sense. Of what these camps. Are like and what they're bouts. Because again. We're not just talking about fun and games we're talking about children. Who also need ongoing medical attention in the midst of their flooding games so it requires a little bit more of an investment. And again these the kinds of things insurance. Is not gonna come. These the kinds of things these those pictures. That again will improve quality of life. So for these shopping items were addressing this hour for the camps. In these camps scholarships that you were providing. They allowed kids to attend one of the GHS camps for free including camp courage camp level lung. Camp but these camps are specially catered to kids with special healthcare needs that would not be able to attend camp otherwise. That's pretty simple let's event. This is why arrest you for your contribution of 8777195437. And one table a bit more about these camps specifically. As to what takes place. And why they're so important there's camp buddy. It's an annual three day diabetes day camp for children six to twelve. They're diagnosed with type one diabetes. The days are filled with the activities focused on fund self esteem lifestyle habits in nutrition. It enhances parent the patient doctor relationships as medical staff on hand at the camp to oversee daily care. And this is hopeful to empower the children. Very important. There's also camp courage this was founded back in 1994. Camp courage creates 21 week camps for children teens young adults and families living with cancer or blood disorder. I just want to think about this for a moment and we sent our daughter to care. A couple of weeks ago. And it was just a matter of sending our daughter to camp. As a matter for going away. Having some fun for a few days. And coming back. But when your child with the medical condition. With cancer blood disorder it's much more complicated. Here's what happens. At camp courage. It's staffed 24/7 by pediatric. He which elegy on ecology doctors and nurses. This is serious business. It's funny games for the kids which is great. But they also have to have the medical care. That's available for them while they're camp you see why this is so important and why this is so unique. This is why were asking for your contributions to help out. And again it's free for children. Treated by Lou charities cancer center. Activities include archery fishing swimming zip line. Horseback Redding and more this Celek a whole lot of fun and again they can enjoy these activities without having to worry about the possibility of you know what if there's a medical need immediate medical leave we'll just watch. You've got these specialists. In the trilogy on ecology doctors and nurses are right there. That's awesome. We've also got camp love alone. This is an annual event for children with respiratory problems who just completed grades wonder rates. And again the goal is to improve the well being quality of life and opportunities for these children. To ever learn how to manage their asthma while having fun and making friends. And again. Remember I told you what's so important about these camps what makes them unique well again you don't just have people there to provide entertainment and fun and games. What you have at camp all the luck. Well you have care provider round the clock by a respiratory therapists. EC are unique this is. And it's only available. Only available. Through GH as children's hospital and the work that is provided for through radio five which is why we're asking for your contribution. Tell continued days now as we mentioned. We would love to have thirty. Miracle makers thirty. Now what that means during the course this broadcast. This means. Let's see how does this break down. Every couple of minutes. We need someone. To place a call and make a pledge or text or go online. By the way if you like to go on line one of 63 W or do you dot com you can go to our website and make a contribution as well. We call 8777195437. Can also text GHS 25155551555. Miracle makers. Only fifteen dollars a month fifty cents today or one time donation of 180. Dollars. One time donation 180 dollars if you like to do that some of you prefer that you redden and you know making that contribution once a month. Let's do it all in one shot hate. We absolutely would appreciate that as well our goal sending forty kids to various camps for a week I've told you about the camps you know what. What is involved. With these camps. Let's help make this possible for forty kids are you on board with me. Make that call right now 8777195437. Thank you very much for your participation with us. We're back radio signed 28 seemed. Coming here from GHS Children's Hospital. And we are looking for your participation here's what's going on this hour looking for miracle makers fifteen dollars a month. Or chemical one time contribution of 180 dollars 8777195437. It also takes you just 51555. Our goals in forty kids to various camps for week. Forty kids that is our goal so we would love to have your participation with us 8777195437. Along the way we're sharing stories with years some of these. Recorded stories some live and in person accounts. Like you were about to hear now I have in front of me. A father and son and they are here to share a story. We have Elliott's and Ian Bradley. Who are series story with this. There for him rape here in Greenville Elliott's welcome to broadcast. Get to talk with him. Assume he ended its argues well. Terrific I want to make sure I think we should have your Mike now. Excellent so be sure to speak right into the Mike Forrest Elliott and outlook wanna talk about what happened with you because. This was pretty serious 2010. The diagnosis we've Burke it's lymphoma. At age three. H three you're a little guy back there do you remember much about that time at all no. Really. That is pretty amazing pretty amazing but I guarantee you. There's no doubt about the fact that Ian you remember. This season of life very very well tell us about the experience the diagnosis and how this all came about. Is so in the full is that 2010. Elliott was complaining about it is like this team. And we we just assume that was the normal growing pains alias as you can see it till till it's it was very told NC. Mundane he began to complain about these is mouth this. And so. Well decision several weeks. He kept you in is. Eventually got to the point wham. He's all the whole of a Pallet of his mouth and swollen. And we yeah we took you mean to see a specialist. And and you know throw specialist. Over platelet and he said Elliott's tees were moved in that time. And he said I've never seen anything like this time we cannot meet you to the Children's Hospital immediately it's not a sinus infection which is what we thought it was initially. And so we came over Kia. And the following day we were given the diagnosis that he had the excellent Thelma. Circuits is idea very aggressive. When lymphatic cancer. Grows very very fast. Elliott's phase that swollen up to the to the fact that it was a little bit like double. And so they they immediately started treatment the next day. He went through six months. Intense asking intensive chemotherapy. He would be in the hospital for a week we can funny chemotherapy here in patient. And then would go home for about a week until we want counts kemba kept. And then immediately come back here again treatment again it's so. I've got to ask you here Ian how does that register with when you first heard that diagnosis. It is as you found in some ways. It's what she get that diagnoses you can deal with it. And I when you don't know what it is histories the mysteries that really scary thing. Elliott's that the way Elliott showed it was extremely red. Typically that it shows up in the abdomen and his was in the face which is it's too it was Seymour and South America Africa so. Jerry ran we were very fortunate that. We was surrounded by Greg I'm going. My my in laws could come out and they were tired they can come out and support aren't with a two dual two endorses. By great friends we would decorate it had a really good friends that were able to supporters. I would for a great company and still do sale. I guess this war that exposes to tilt the twos so. We just extremely fortunate weighed in I think it seems strange to say when you have a kind of diagnosis. But we were fortunate that we was surrounded by. Great great friends family and that we would basically twenty minutes for it will cost Children's Hospital. In this a twenty minutes from home in twenty minutes from the office. Too to have that we would fortune and to have that a lot of finally you know so. That certainly is something to be appreciated along the way Elliott's. What are the things you like to do now. I'm like to play a lot of video games that report. Oh fort night my son is into that issue. Right. How is life for you now. On. Line and I'm going to. Hold that is really us. That is awesome. You know it's pretty amazing to see I guess in many ways you look at him as he can about living miracle you've walked through this journey. Tell us about your experience here. Not so much the medical part but those textures there's things that provided through radio fund those those. What were some of those things really made a difference were not only for kemba for you. I think that the depicting it that stands out how many years is how child friendly the hospital les. Child life is you know wonderful for me. That we've also had my other two children have been through the hospital where things. You know we concede that it's not just in the oncology unit he souls throughout the hospital the child life just do a fantastic golf balls. Being able to entertain the children if the parents sobriety. Be able to. Take their mind off for the treatments and explaining child friendly ways the way that's going on. I'm so they do a fantastic job. The nurses and doctors he very child friendly they do a fantastic you know. But Elliott actually. Best friends in our neighborhood we wanna be oncology this assumes so he's in his he's a college ministries DC you all the times that's a little. That masquerades it's accidents today very very friendly. And you know I'd. But we just see everything that which the book people don't understand is the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. From the children's hospitals keep children out of hospital. Yes oh I've been involved with a development council and they do it they do a fantastic job. Waited with a lot of things that they thought that the funds from here raised. I'm from from the remind Steve that those are covered by insurance suit you know. Insurance is not really interest in trying to keep kids out via hospital which is kind of interest in the that claim for what their Indians though. But they do a lot of work on the map. And the caps that we're where we're talking about this talent that there are amazing to. I've been fortunate to go to camp spearhead. The host camp courage. Several times in my involvement with the children's hospitals. And Eliot goes every year. And it's amazing to see account plan children with cancer that actually. Undergoing chemotherapy at the time. Can go and be surrounded by children survive past. Mac in that environment and a lot of the council is that come back at X patients or siblings of patience oh. It's just amazing to see that and and see the facility which she's a great facility. That allows them to be able to you have to counsel patients that they have a full day hospital they can have. That children that have. Undergoing treatment they have news's. That permanently that this is this throughout the week the apple quality doctors than. To support that so it's it's just amazing to season and see these children that. Look too terrible things just happens and and being able interact with the children. That's pretty awesome about this why were asking for your country reaches 8777195437. Cells at Texas. GHS 251555. We're looking for miracle makers. Fifteen dollars a month 180 dollar one time contribution we're trying to send forty kids. To various camps for a week we only have about a minute or so left. This has been extraordinary journey certainly for you guys where things stand now do you do we have. And in terms of the treatments in its success. So Elliott's being cancer free now for seven years so he studio as you can see he's doing a fantastic piece. You wouldn't know looking at team or interacting within me that have been seeing. We just had these annual checkups because here once a year for an annual check up. And everything was AOK very clear. Everything is looking normal so we are. We unbelievably blessed that's muscle. Disputes don't realize. What are your future plans what you wanna do and I'm on. An architect a day. Anything anything particular you went to design you want to I those skills or. There. Order form. Okay well this is well thought out already. I'll tell you what. Out extraordinary story and it's awesome to hear the outcome Elliott great job congratulations. Man Ian thank you for coming both the view. Godless but do you thanks a lot for coming. And we wish you the best in the future rate acute. On the Vince Coakley radio program it's 777195437. Keep those contributions coming. Live from ths children's hospital and setup man we have an agreed time more importantly we are. The spitting and a great cause. We're looking for miracle makers are goals and forty kids to various camps for a week. And I want to thank a number of people and will get today as people think it just a moment. We have a conversation with Ian and Eliot Bradley. Now Elliott's. As over com. Or its lymphoma. He was diagnosed with add a mystery. And it's looking at him now you have absolutely no idea looks great he started talking about its future plans. Well on the road. Hands in his father is here with us. Before he left. He. Presented some checks that I want to draw your attention to now. We have a contribution for 25 dollars from early and thank you very much early in other travelers rest. We also have Judith. Contributing 100. Dollars for radio thought 100 dollars thank you very much Judith out of travelers rest. And from eons company. T in S brass and bronze works. A check for 200 dollars and understand you have a story behind this yet this was. Adam we we yet we we give it we get we do a giveaway for us some last surveys and we have a customer in Canada that was in the 200 dollar. Give away last month and he told as he would like this to donate that to the Children's Hospital. So I brought it down today. As I have a meeting following this anyway he would. I'm I'm what you want to do that that I would like to say thank you to TS brass the code that workflow as they are huge supporters of the Children's Hospital. And obviously they've been a few support to me in my family throughout this whole approach so it's absolutely I thought I'd all the employees that too I would be remiss if I didn't say that it is. Every year we do. A fundraiser what. For the virtual toy drive it well the end of the year and we have a lot of employees that participate in recent years. That's absolutely wonderful absolutely appreciate that and and and certainly to top it off year. Ian has made his own contribution are you sitting down right now if not you need to be sitting down. Because I have that in my hand the check from Ian and his wife Mary. We so appreciate this 2500. Dollars. That's this place is certainly meant a lot to you as. It does then yeah public and emotional make it says and it and we think that. Lots of families in the upstate. Provide it support for those and they. Donated to make it possible for Eliot to have the treatment he gate and do things that he does now and so we we continue to be support of the Children's Hospital. We will continue to be supported into the future for Children's Hospital. And and and and do whatever we can. Doctor Schmidt. The former head to a hospital good friend of mine used to say you know his dream is to have a a start balloon Children's Hospital building. And I replied to him with that's a great dream. But it's the people but the doctors businesses that technicians. All the support staff here that make children's hospital and they couldn't be any. That to us again. Ian thank you so much for your contribution and for sharing your story thank you very much and Kelly it's great to have you here as well. Best of luck. Thanks so much and been so this has been and Somalia. Extraordinary we have other contributions we've won it earlier institute Jeff about it since ago twenty dollars thank you very much. Patricia in Conover. 500. Dollars. Thank you very much. Randy Anderson fifty dollars. Terry in Greensboro fifty dollars Kelly your ten dollar contribution in Greenville thank you thank you thank you. A jet out of Simpson bill. Twenty dollars. It's thank you this has been a wonderful time a year and we absolutely appreciate. You're partnering with us 8777195437. It also Texas GHS 251555. We're looking for miracle makers. It's only fifteen dollars a month that amounts to about fifty cents a day. Or a one time donation. Of 180 dollars which our goal here we told you. It's two's and forty kids to various camps were we the cost of these camps extraordinary. It's actually 95 dollars today so it's pretty pricey. And I've I've I've got to come back to you and ask this question Ellie you remember any of that you don't remember the camp dia. Oh you do program that what you remember. All they have. That line. Role. And have a lot of months. I've gotten rid art. OK and it it it. Quote and it it. But she got a great time. And that's kind of interest staying a you know that member asked earlier about his memory during the ascent in the an interesting you'd member can't. You know and I think that's that's part of what this is four's work. To help establish some really good things and some good memories that has to make a difference. Yeah I mean that alias fortunate that they get to that would camp courage they get too because he'll stay on treatment till he's eighteen. The end and commit you check ships they get together campaign every year until their right team. Sale is made some great friends he thought we were at a ward talking met a friend violent. From the war at the water pot from camp the other day and they they just hang out at the at that today at the war fought together. So that was just amazing to see two and he looks like he's doing the it's a great kid so that but yet we we we. We're very fortunate to have that camp it does it says a lot of the farm weighs in that not just the ecology. It finally exit a lot of that the I took 21 of the camp counselors of their and they have a camp for responded if that is. Children with spotted it and they have he said it's one of the things that always kind of strikes came as when they go out at nine and then and there. Racing around in their wheelchairs with flashlights and says the smiles on the faces of these kids that cannot get out of it we'll check. And they can do they could do the zip line. She these children that are in wheelchairs it's wheelchair accessible accessible for the zip one. To me it's just the facilities they have there Aaron. What they can do for these children and going through. And I'm will continue for a long time to go through challenges it is is amazing. Absolutely amazing again this been an amazing story that's been shared we so appreciate you coming on thanks again and these contributions will certainly go a long way to facilitate the encouragement of so many children who will be able to participate. Here GHS Children's Hospital are number 8777195437. You can also text GHS. GHS very simple to 71555. Can we gets more miracle makers fifteen dollars a month fifty cents a day. Or if you like to make a one time contribution 180. Dollars do it all in one shots. Or. Hate if you want to meet up to the challenge. That is just been offered by. In Bradley. 2500. Dollars. Amazing. What a day. Please use this number 8777195437. You can text it just a 51. 555. We're looking for miracle makers fifteen dollars a month one time donation. Of 180 dollars for innocent forty kids to various camps for a week. Re sharing stories throughout this broadcast. That I think really speak to what takes place here GH is Children's Hospital now the story of Jenny Williams. My goodness I mean these stories they've really do. Really pitcher cartoon thing and just think of this especially experiencing a wonderful moments. Childbirth. And have something so frightening happened like that. Discreet here agreed outcome did you hear one of the key elements of this story how important it was. Have access to this hospital so close by. It is a true treasure. To have this Children's Hospital available. A real treasure we're asking you to partner with this for radio Thon 2018 in the final minutes of this broadcast. Today. We'll be back tomorrow Crist Bobby Mack who'll be in this afternoon we're asking for your calls that line will remain open all day. Even when I step away. 8777195437. And also tech's DHS. 251555. Were looking for miracle makers. We'd like to take brandy. Anderson thank you for your fifty dollar gift Terry. Thank you for your fifty dollar contribution as well. We are trying to send forty kids to various camps for weak again that cost just 95 dollars a day. We would absolutely appreciate. You partnering with us. And this is something we're going to be doing throughout the day throughout tomorrow. Again remember that number 877719. 5437. Now if you have to be drive we don't want should be and state texting and driving don't do bet. So we're asking when you get to work where you get home. Just go to one of 63 W or. Become a miracle maker at fifteen dollar a month level again that's just fifteen since today. Or you might choose to you know I'm gonna do this on one shot 180. Dollars. If you like to do that either way. We wanna work or if you have some other amount that you would like to contribute. Feel free to do that every bit doubts. Don't feel like there's a contribution that is too small. That is insignificant because it's not it will all make a huge difference. Again it's 8777195437. Or GH yes you can text GA chest 51555. All of you have a wonderful day folks Vince Coakley during a live from GHS Children's Hospital. Got bush.