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Tuesday, September 11th

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And good morning welcome to our Tuesday broadcast could be back with you. Ants we are. Getting ever closer. Ever closer. To the arrival. A hurricane which threatens to do a lot of damage we're talking about Florence. Which is holding its own the human were called during yesterday's program. Florence went from a category two hurricane. To by the end of the broadcast. A category four now if I understand correctly. It is still there park adds. A category four. Yesterday at this time we had a conversation. With Richard dwelling. Meteorologist with weather channel he is back with us again this morning welcome lecture are to wonder where you were doing very well let's start off talking about. The difference between yesterday and today what do we know today that we did not know yesterday. Well we went through an eye wall replacement cycle this morning so the winds came down with the 8 AM advisory. Down to 130 miles per hour it is still a category 4 hurricane. This morning. But we are expecting their re intensification of the storm is it. Continues to go to that I wall replacement cycle the conditions will get. Better in the are able tightened backup and we are expecting this to remain a major hurricane. All the way up to landfall. I think the thing that is a little bit different today compared to yesterday is the fact that. We may actually see the storm try to stall before it makes its way on shore we talked about period yesterday. Where the storm would basically get to the North Carolina South Carolina border. And just kind of slowly meander its way inland there are some indications in the in some of the modeling that we're seeing this morning. That the stormy actually stall offshore work. But that's going to be a bad situation to the coast because there could be a period of 24 to thirty hours. A word of the ghettos of South Carolina in North Carolina just get hammered with heavy rains strong hands. And of course that could go on for you know for the better part of 24 to thirty hours before something finally. Pushes this on into the Carolinas. And then oh then we move into the heavy rain inland event. That will more than likely take this into the weekend coming now but once. Things have curious about is steep path of this storm yesterday we were talking about the potential and you were saying that we can be discussing. The measurements of brain by feet rather than inches does that still stand. It's still stands the at this time the we have seen a little bit of a shift to the east in regards to the heaviest rain bands setting up it looks like both the European in the GFS a model or the American model are showing up pretty large walk. In eastern North Carolina that will more than likely get anywhere from twenty to thirty inches of rain out of this. It looks like the numbers are for the Charlotte metro have come down. A little bit but I would put cigar would let your guard down yet. Between city in the surrounding areas especially the Carolina Piedmont because. Depending on how the storm comes ashore we can easily see those numbers really start to ramp up. The other indicate other thing that we have different this morning that we didn't have yesterday. Was the fact that we saw all the storm on the European try to make its way up in the western Carolinas. And just kind of lose it across western North Carolina lose its identity and loses tropical characteristics and just kind of falls apart. In about fortified date time. Now forcing the storm kind of Leander its way across North Carolina may actually come across Charlotte. In the upstate of South Carolina and maybe even going to north Georgia. And still trying to hold onto those tropical characteristics. So it may still hold onto tropical care to a characteristics a little bit longer isn't makes its way archer work so we can see. More rain more wind as a result of that so that's going to be the other thing that we're going to be trying to flying to and as we have make her way on through the next couple of days. As the storm gets closer and closer to shore right now the storm is sitting about 975. Miles from Myrtle Beach this morning. Which are you really be relic just Richard dwelling for the weather channel. At this point. Where does it look like it's going to make landfall and win. Well that they they're two different. Variations and exactly where the landfall point maybe you mean the European it has been. Pretty persistent that there's going to be a South Carolina lamb folded within its somewhere around Myrtle Beach. Other GFS in the American model eventually chose a landfall bit further north up around rights Bill Beach. And then them making its way into North Carolina and try to hug in the North Carolina South Carolina border as it makes its way inland in the North Carolina of course. As it makes its way inland it would bring tremendous amount of rain to eastern North Carolina and into the central part of the Piedmont. As we have on into. Friday Friday night and Saturday and could linger into Leo latter half of the weekend just depending on how slow the storm moves is that works sway him. And you talked about this yesterday one of the big concerns about this is the rain. So what wind dude by the models that we're seeing now wind with the rain actually starts. And how long are we expecting this to last depending on the track of course. Well the this storm is expected to basically be pretty close to the North Carolina South Carolina border. Early Friday morning will probably start to feel some of the effects of this. Starting first the afternoon with some of the outer fringes. Starting to work in two are the low country of South Carolina in the eastern North Carolina. I would probably venture to say probably. Around. Sunrise Friday is when we're gonna start to feel the effects of the system here in Charlotte. Itself. As the storm continues to work candidate just depending on. What the storm does to distance itself off shore just kind of meander. Does it work its way slowly on short about two to three miles an hour. That's going to be the big armed story as we move into the day on Friday that that the problem we're having right now. We just don't know exactly. How fast the storm is gonna move inland that is sit offshore. Also the North Carolina South Carolina coast for a couple of days. Before something finally kicks it onshore. Those are the questions that we're still having trouble trying to answer even at this point in the game. But either way it looks like Friday is going to be the day here. He and Charles we will start to feel the effects conditions will deteriorate throughout the day on Friday the winds will pick up the rain will pick up to throughout the day. It will be windy and wet Friday night lingering in the Saturday more than likely lingering in the Sunday as well also. It's going to be a wet weekend and of course is depending on how massive storm moves is going to be the determining factor on how bad. The impacts will be here between city and across central North Carolina. Richard dwelling for the weather channel we so appreciate you coming on the broadcast this morning with four to talk when you again very soon. There. And it's as we've been talking about it's very important make preparations now not just. At the coast but we're talking about the possibility of missed coming in England causing destruction. And what do you think circumstantially happen. You have the loss of power for a period of days we've talked about what's happened in the past with Hugo. The power being out for weeks at a time so we have to consider that real possibility. And you heard that this not only applies to Charlotte the Piedmont North Carolina this also includes the upstate of South Carolina. So while those preparations he need to make. Do those right now earlier the better we talked about filling appeared gas tank we talked about. Nonperishable food also making sure you have plenty of water do that now. Can we hear that a lot of people have been writing to the stores. To pick up those items so don't be last to do that coming will get your feedback on this. And we'll talk abouts nine elevenths. Back of the Vince Coakley radio program. Getting your thoughts on the preparation for hurricane Florence. Also this is a very important day as we mark. 9/11. There's an event going on right now in Shanksville Pennsylvania. And its president trump will be speaking there if that happens. During this hour we will try to take that live. Against a nine elevenths ceremony that's taking place this morning. Getting your thoughts on preparations for hurricane. Which is holding it 130. Miles an hour. 130 mile an hour winds can you imagine that. Category four storm and you purge. There's a real possibility the storm. Gets stronger. Report makes landfall. So that's something else to consider a couple of interesting post. On social media Cragg says this. So I called harbor freight in Estonia yesterday regarding generators. They said they didn't have any but a truck was coming in last night they might get them. Fast forward to 803 AM. We sold all the generators off the truck at 4 AM today. For a M can you believe that people showed up. That is just incredible. We also have this from three yen. I get a kick out of this and I think this expresses the sentiments of many. I think that news cried wolf so much I'm not impressed with the latest apocalyptic. Hurricane. Every year's the same thing result is a lot of rain and some flooding so fide di. You can break the news for over hyping everything so much that nothing is believable anymore. I'm going to put gas in the car before everyone runs out of it by some bottled water. Not going to fist fight grandma off the last loaf of bread and I still don't understand why everyone around here buys milk before beached or a it's. A. All you gotta make French toast though today that explains it Charles. Let's go out there are called throw but Jim in Lee continued good morning Jim. I had a couple serious since first. If people buy canned food get magic marker and mark what it is and nick because like most of it or stroke and every day will be a new subscribers. It. That's good or. Liquidity and deputy for an order displacement again and sing is still unsure about. Relativity or epidural or stops and thought they were right. About. We have a legislature at that meeting. Or before the signature of water probably or Rebecca. And yeah. Oh. So ultimately get a date between liberals and conservatives deliberately and creature or it isn't quicker about it and talk over interpreted. Enjoy all the time about you know and all he's got. Time to serious at a security. Over and over and over again. Anyway. Or. You know further. Hurt in just just days. We tornado tornadoes have much stronger. Orange. And it would spend some are a bit. Senior honestly do it and turn it was coming at the same thing you need to do whatever it is coming. Of Nigeria a gem I so appreciate your call and the humor great stuff. Her with good stuff here. Let's glad took off from GM actually John good morning John. Good morning you mostly Mike comment has become about 9/11 but yet hours. And Fort Mill and yet all of the bread and milk is gone for some reason. And I am the woman there patterns should look at LaSalle and a grandmother. Become responded as a traditions. And whether it is red mountain. As a man and somebody who's actually. You know that you're stuck in the house with thirty days we want more than random elk. And I'm yes. That I most certainly. That is pretty interesting to learn that this has been around for quite some time because I think a lot of people would be curious to know what is the derivation of this. So maybe you've helpless in that area. Getting concorde good morning. Example what should just wanted to make a quick comment about what we're all experiencing. Go for it it's hurricane and orgasm and it's called her again them. I'd like kidnaps warrior and here. Think that's ridiculous. Ted what are we gonna do it you. Now I get I get the impression your little seven coal. Quite skeptical about its. About this because I guess the same reason what brie and communicated in her social media approached. Oh yeah it's it's. Overdone and over the top and it it's right to be prepared but it's it's over the little much. Check that's fair enough and this is one of the problems you get into it thanks for your call Kim. When you've got these set point 47 news cycles in you know I ate. Noticed a couple of posts and social media just within the last. I guess few weeks there's one that's called do you remember have you seen those and FaceBook under Charles. I remember I reproduce those it's mostly as a really good and one of whom was. Do you remember when television stations win off the there at midnight. And you had that test pattern that win out. I remember I remember living years ago in Delaware. And we would pick up. Stations not only in Philadelphia that was our primary television market was Philadelphia but you can also. Pick up pretty good signals out of Baltimore. In Delaware we were right in between. And I remember. There was a program I watched in the mornings. On a public television station. And I remember that test pattern that would come up every single morning. If this. As the most interesting thing I mean most I mean most people younger people that they would have no concept of that of that you've been at channel actually goes off the air. Yes it did so there's this test pattern and they they played this in order to things I'd like to they played this saw him. By one of my favorite artist Bob James every single morning. With that test pattern and then of course they play the National Anthem and they start broadcast. But yeah those days are over now it's 2.4 seven there's always something and if it's a news channel. They will continue. To. Fill things. Findings to fill that huge huge coal this is one of the reasons why. You see even the cable networks especially when they get onto a story. They don't let it go debut murmur years ago the old Chandra Levy story. You know member and mean. And and so what you have to do race. When you're in this mindset because I've been there has TV stations cable networks. They've got to stay on it. Okay Gary Condit thing yes yes. And you know how to how do we make this story fresh today what's a new angle we can fine you know to keep it alive so we can. We gotta keep the story alive in this now. Having said that. This is so tricky because when you're dealing with the threat like your hurricane. You know the potential have we not seeing Katrina. We have we not seeing what's happened in Puerto Rico. We are. I mean these these are realities. So it's important for us to keep in mind there is a real threat here. But I do understand. The skepticism. And for those of us in this business in many cases it's well deserved because there other things that we've taken and we beat them like a dead horse. In its unfortunate. Really unfortunate. Coming up what a conversation about 9/11 just reflecting on that day. For us for people in my generation. It was that day that will live in infamy. I wanna get your thoughts on that day if she reflect back but also. Where we are today. Because we've gone painfully. Many years without anything. On the same scale in terms of terrorist attacks. How concerned are you about something like this happening again. We'll talk about this much mores we continue. Back of the broadcast here and take a look at some of the text lions. Pits after Katrina meteorologist government officials tend to look at hurricanes the worst case scenarios so we don't get blind said began better be safe than sorry. A 9/11 if you're watching NBC this morning you'd almost have no idea that today is nine elevenths. I'm hurricane. My daughter from water gas station grocery stores are out while not surprising. It's on the deposed spiritual question what do you say to those who say the hurricane Florence is God's wrath upon us for our sinful ways. Which is simply nature doing what comes naturally without malice with say you. Buy the agree with the letter perspective. This is just. The course of nature. He could not believe that a vengeful god is in this guy looking to pounce on. Us evil sinful human beings. I hope that's helpful. Because there are people who think likeness. They try to read God's judgment into everything. And sometimes frankly it borders on mint to illness. Yes I just at that. It's during Hugo people bought every generator available half of them returned them after the store are. I'm sure the stores really appreciated that. Hurricane Florence is trumps fault. Because he doesn't believe in climate change. That's he would. Men's side I did and I changed my affiliation to Republican from independent and supported trump don't care about the Republican rhinos trump will get them. What does that mean as a gonna get them. Trump for troops Homeland Security to aid with hurricane watch has new judge blocked this in America as a melting pot and we should welcome. Wind from all over the world. OK we will certainly get. If the flooding gets deep. If it gets deep enough beware. That is not a text I wanna finish. Sometimes some view people's gear. Let's see. No power no water no sandwiches for everybody. And just wonderful. Vince. Great name there says this with a possible to being home bound for several days. Why isn't there ever run on the liquor store for force to. I would be so I would be surprised if there's not an uptick in in. Purchases there either going to be. Load. Johnson's Charles is going after the show. You should be saved yourself. Give this trumpets found the weather machine in the basement of the White House they used to blogger George Bush and Dick Cheney he's taking his vengeance upon you Vince. Now all of Charlotte must pay for your insulates. That's good I like that when that is really you'd that's and explains a lot. Bread and milk thing comes the fact they have short shelf lives they're typically consumed quickly you by the disclosed the time frame. And you may be cut house due to an emergency. Katie communicating that out of healers. The other person here talking about Willis like to have television that's actually ended channels that would off the air the National Anthem was played going out there. Yes and sub dated at the beginning of the broadcasting as well. It's ice decide on dubious PA TV seven on the weekends that's in Spartanburg of course the seventy still can't bear to watch an of the McDonald's commercial. Real. Let's play game who got the longest without saying the word Florence. My money is on the traffic person. A. And bid setting the fascination with killer hurricanes just like our attraction to scary movies it stimulates a part of her brain gives us some type of pleasure. That's our fascination with Halloween. Mean. As can an interest in perspective here. I wanna do a sharp turn here and and your calls and comments about. Florence are still welcome. But I want to reflect on this day. This day. Can you believe seventeen years ago September 11. And it's kind of interesting to reflect on those events in and I'll tell you. Some of the things that I remember about that day. One of them released stands out to me. Four very good reason which you'll understand shortly. Looking back of the timeline on that day was 8:46 AM when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. 1028. The last building fell. 759. American Airlines Boeing 767 flight eleven left Boston for Los Angeles. 87 people on board 814 united. Another Boeing 767. Flight 175 left Boston for Los Angeles sixty people on board. 818. American Airlines. Boeing 757. Flight 77 leaves Washington's Dulles airport four Los Angeles 59 people aboard. 842 United Airlines Boeing 757. Flight 93 leaves Newark, New Jersey. For San Francisco. Forty people on board. It was a 46 when flight eleven. Crashed into the World Trade Center north tower 903. United Airlines flight 175. Crashed into the World Trade Center south tower. And 921 all New York area bridges and tunnels were closed. 930. President Bush visiting an elementary school in Sarasota Florida announced the United States was under an apparent terrorist attack. 937 American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on 942. The FAA stopped all takeoffs landings at US airports. Some international flights were diverted to Canada. 945 US capitol the White House evacuated. 955 President Bush left. For Barksdale Air Force Base Louisiana on Air Force One escorted by six fighter jets. And at 9:57 AM. United Airlines flight 93 passengers struggle with hijackers over Western Pennsylvania. 959 World Trade Center south tower collapsed 10 AM the US financial markets closed. Beginning the longest shut down since. Since World War I. 1003 United Airlines flight 93 crashed in Shanksville in rural Somerset County Pennsylvania. It did not reach the hijackers intended target in Washington. 1010 decided pentagon collapses. 1028. World trade Sydor north tower collapsed. The next thing. New York city's mayor Rudy Giuliani ordered evacuation an area south of canal street. 1230. Fifty flights still in the US airspace. 104 the president announced US military on high alert. 144 the Pentagon says five frigates and guided missile destroyers to aircraft carriers. When leaving Norfolk to protect new York and Washington. And stats for the air force started 24 hour flights over major cities. 4 PM. We learned it was Osama bin Laden behind the attacks. Those are just some of the events we've learned later in the day flight 93 was supposed to head to the White House the capitol or Camp David. What a day it was. We'll get your thoughts on that day. Coming up. Back of the Vince Coakley radio program and so we are. Right now. I'm going to go to Q what the event that's taking place in Pennsylvania here's president Donald Trump marking the events that took place and on eleven. Italy 7000 service members have died facing down the menace. Of radical. Islamic. Terrorism. Today we also think of the more than. 200000. Service members now serving overseas. And we think of every citizen. Who protects our nation at home including our state local. And federal. Law enforcement. He's a great Americans he's a great heroes. We honor and thank. As commander in chief I will always do everything in my power to better prevent terrorists from striking. American soil. He would us today is Dorothy. Garcia here. Blocked from her husband Sonny. Is one of the passages. When flight 93. On September 11 2001. Just over a month after their 32. Wedding anniversary. Sonny was on his way back from a business meeting. He called Dorothy who loves so much. Called her on the plane. And uttered. Her name. Before the line. Went dead silent. In the days after the attack. Star if he told me investigators. There was only one thing she wanted from this field. Her husband's. Wedding ring. They would know what by the inscription edged inside. All my loved it said. Followed by the number eight to 69. To date of their anniversary. The officers. And great people. Promised to try. But in this field of wreckage it seemed. Certainly impossible. Dorothy began to pray. And she asked her friends. To do the same. Days went by then months. Still lowering. The week before Christmas on December 19. She heard a knock at the door. Two offices were standing when they school who really beautiful to her she's so it was so beautiful she knew what was happening. A beautiful small white box. Inside it was a wallet. It luggage K. He driver's license. A small day with the wedding ring inscribed with us. Three precious words. All. My love. Those words echo across this field. And those words tell the story. Forty men and women who gave all their love. For their families their country. And our freedom. To Dorothy. And to every family here today. America will never forget. What you love to Owens did. For all. Of us. Earlier this week he dedicated the final part. Of this memorial. The tower of voices. Standing at 93 feet tall. That tower of voices is now the infrastructure. Visitors see when they come. To this now sacred ground. It will hold forty beautiful chimes that ring throughout these skills. Each a unique note. But all in perfect harmony. To each time we hear those chimes playing in the wind. We will. Remember. The forty. We will remember their faces. Their voices their stories their courage. And their love. And we will remember that free people are never. At the mercy of these. Because our destiny is always in our. America's future is not written. By our enemies. America's future. Is written. But our heroes. As long as this monument stands. As long as this memorial endurance. Brave patriots to a rise up in America is hours of me. And they too will fight back. Seventeen years ago. Forty incredible. Men and women showed. The whole world that no force on earth will ever conquer. The American spirit. We treasure their memory. We cherish. Their legacy. And we ask god to forever bless. The immortal heroes. Of flight. 93. Thank you god bless you. God bless the families. And god bless the United States of America thank you very much. Precedent Donald Trump speaking in Shanksville Pennsylvania this morning. To recall the events of 9/11. Coming up the next hour. JD Hayworth will take you the rest of the way through this broadcast. Let's remember on this day. Let's never ever forget it.