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Good morning welcome to the broadcast it to be back with you here what are 63 to be roared deep. As always feel like to join the conversation. 80347163. That's Ingles advantage talk like number Cummins its retirement planning text line is 71307. Great to get this permanent thing out of the way. It's. Already caused quite neutral not just folks floor. The reach of the storm which is an absolutely incredible. Beyond the immediate damage that caused in Florida. We have been experienced some high winds also moves show hours. Storms embedded here and there people's power knocked out in some instances. So hopefully we'll get the sting out of the way end. Be able to avoid the next storm. Which show is off the coast rate now we out in the ocean and perhaps continue on course. Wheat from the mainland United States not cause us any difficulties. In case meantime. We wind this went down and watch some updates and some things that happened the last 24 hours. Also during the course of this broadcast in addition to talking about. The storm in the immediate things were dealing with like closed schools and other issues. Later on. You may remember I shared a push for the U yesterday actually receive story. A part of a story aired by TV station in Florida. It was from a friend of mine. Who. Haven't via a cruise. Just have a great time. And the storm just kind of screwed up everything. He's got a two and it's just few minutes to tell us his story. About at this guy who. Was on the covers. Comes back to find all the flights are canceled. So it fly home. Tries to get it trained K you've trained. Ultimately ends up buying a car. It wasn't them. Beat up old car either. So we'll have a conversation with him today also on the broadcast. I was really. Really the encouragement content of the message firmer Rand Paul few days ago you remembered the congress met in order to deal with Harvey. And funding for the people in Texas. Who ever experienced a great deal of disruption. And there's really never questioned as to whether. The people of Texas would be helped by the federal government question was how to do. There was a strong appeal from Rand Paul. To pay for rather than to add to our debt debt let's. Try to figure out where we can take money from somewhere else you're going to hear Rand Paul's appeal to his colleagues. Which unfortunately was ignored by most of them. I posted something just this morning. About this issue because we also have an update on the debt. Which. There's really no indication anything scorn change you know it's great to grow the economy I'm all for that. Yet at same time we're continuing to grow debt. This is a big problem. So we will address that as well. During the course the program today wanna start. Unfortunately with the death. Right here. In this area. I think one of the dangers and we see storm scooter certain areas we think you know what the timing gets. Timing gets here it's really now according do anything it can't cause. Trouble significant enough for loss of life and unfortunately that is simply not true. We now have Irma I'm. Continuing to now we caused destruction but as I mentioned the loss of life here in this area. The first storm related death the state reported in and Vigo. This happened yesterday afternoon. Corner was called to a home Hampton avenue. In Calhoun falls were Charles Roberts section. Was killed. He was clearing fallen limit his yard and another limb fell on him. It's kind of bizarre isn't it. This is the kind of thing that happens. We had sustained winds. Twenty to thirty miles an hour with gusts. Of more than 45 miles an hour and this causes problems. With trees down. And also power outages. So I would urge you even at this. This sub point. With the storm continuing to move away. There's still a danger so take this seriously. Very seriously in fact governor McMaster. At a news conference yesterday afternoon to give an update on the effects. Of Irma. And and again this is kind of interest in there's a lot of people would think you don't all of the main serious dangers over with they've actually carried out one high water rescue. At that time there weren't any storm related fatalities. They were also urging people not to drive around barricades. Not to walk or drive through standing water flooded areas. Cannot cite sea in boats. Mean it's amazing chip to tell people things like this the people the cute very curious don't think it's gotta like driving on the interstate in you see the accident. And it's on the other side of the road you've got a slowdown and be nosy. Just mind your business keep going. Use generators outside away from home and garage. Extinguish unattended candles. And don't use grills indoors. Like I said is that scary we have to tell people these things we do. Because sure sector will be someone who will. Decide to defy. Common sense. We had 33 counties closing some schools on Monday. And it's a continuation of this today Greenville county schools remaining closed. Because of power outages and storm damage. We still heads a number of people who did not have power. As crews continue to work to get that restored to a lot of people so again not completely out of harm's way. So it's very important that two weeks that we're still dealing with any of the effects of the storm be very careful. And hopefully this thing will be out of her wave theory very soon about to get your thoughts and if Yemeni additional stories beyond you shared yesterday. About the storm perhaps you were in Florida. Or perhaps it's right here in the upstate. And you had some sort of difficulty with winds with trees down whatever was losing power. 80347163. Or text line 71307. Coming up. We will lot hear firsthand account someone who had their vacation disrupted. Also will talk about the national debts. Congratulations America we now officially topped 28 trillion dollars. And you know the jump to twenty trillion. Well it'll turn your stomach I'll tell you how it happened as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program fourteen after ten. So I mentioned yesterday. One of the things that you want to do as well as to make sure that you check with your airline. About an air travel yet play and yesterday I had no idea. When an incredibly disruptive day it was going to be. Lots of flights thousands of flights canceled. Many of them out of Atlanta. And this is a problem especially if you are leaving GSP and going to another airport to go to your destination. Well your many of you found yesterday. That your flights were canceled. To give an example just how serious this was. A lot of people make connections. From GSP to Charlotte's. With the American Airlines. And they closed their entire. All of the regional flights except for just a handful over 300 flights canceled yesterday. Fortunately. It looks like things are a lot smoother today but it may be good idea just to double checked to make sure everything is up plans. And going forward as it is supposed to be. On the text line. It's we're not gonna have to worry about hurricane Hosea here trump is not going to let him in. We need to rim shot for that went. Also detects light how about the article in the hill troubled to me and the wall funding for doctor. Well Mac is dead I guess. A bunch of duped trump voters. We tried to tell you. Again that's from a texture. For me. I would certainly looked at your response your reaction to this. And what things are posted in will get to this in a bit. It just blows my mind. The continuation. Of fiscally irresponsible decisions. As we're dealing with the national debt. In fact let's talk about the national debt. We've been hovering around twenty trillion dollars but just below for quite some time. But congratulations. We are now fair. Twenty trillion dollars. Don't do we even have a concept of how much money that is. And it's really been kind of a psychological barrier and now that we Kubiak and that's it probably means that. We probably won't much care I guess the next. Big barrier be what 2530. You know what's a few trillion dollars. 22 minutes after 10 o'clock Gerald. Good morning pick and a rookie normal can pocket that you are so I don't think yet okay looking out. Are not watching me that we had to take on great grant front critical to lookup to visit the former. So we you'd want their parking get. So what we came back Carol. Corporal Paul or hot. And why. So I have to not to prosecute what got you beat Cleveland coach getting out. One woman and she won't win a bit out there you know. It would put an apartment like a also want to call will be called her entry what patronage which usually don't play culture that we ordered not to get caught depletion angle but it not a short. Not sure though. Until playful shelter now all these people were black that's optional told yup got a lucky Aldridge but it will block. Shored up when a place topic came up she was black. Slash Russian air Marshall copd cattle that situation. So what we're apt can't you true why they would not say that Sheikh trouble unglued. Cheat you out or it may you hate Britney go to break it into what's out absolutely and in trying. They wouldn't let them a lot that he milk she demanded. This district should. Keep sheep police. And that we still hurting. So you were blocked in and all you were asking for is where. People to move pretty. Plea not to what Joplin globe so we can get up I need to go to our great dreadful script they. And they just called the blue. Affect another got jump out but they've all got to opt out of his car. You. Out from the cheated out of pattern that you get a little bit American Indy would not. Yeah they try to locate jobs I've got about what you techies sit rough. Well let me know if you will appear anything else from city officials on this. Board that that's pretty depressing. To hear something like this happening and the sad thing is I can't say it surprises me not only spit. 80347163. Or text line is 713 series seven let's talk about this national debt. We're now at twenty trillion dollars. The debt subject of legal limit set by congress jumped 317. 1000000645. Million dollars. In one day. How did this happen you ask. What was after Donald Trump signing of a spending and debt limit deal that will fund the government through December 8. So we get this straight I thought all of this. All of these you know last minutes votes. And showdowns. We're gonna be over it you know we've got the Republican house Republican senate and a Republican president. Is this bush beat in the brinkmanship. And the stupid decisions. Apparently not. So the close of business on Thursday. The total dead federal government was. 191844000000587. Million dollars the portion of its subject to legal limit set by congress. Was nineteen trillion. 808. Billion. After president trump signed the legislation suspending the debt limit the debt immediately. Jumped to 20000000000162. Billion. Apportionment subject to the limit jumped. As well. In one day folks. One day. She may be wonder how how'd this happen and why. Was the deal here. Well there's a lot of tricks. Involved in this. A lot of tricks. So what they've done is they have. Basically shored up some accounts some back up accounts. That they will be able to access leader rod. Remember in the past whenever this discussion has come up before we shared will we can't be irresponsible and not pay our debt. That has nothing to do with the debt ceiling you were being lied to and somebody told you. That the country's going to default on its debt if we don't raise the debt ceiling. That is the dumbest thing anybody could possibly tell you. They've got money they can draw upon. In effect. It's enough to go for several months. There and say. They're gonna scare you. So that we continue to play this game and raise the debt ceiling. And borrow even more money. So that's what they've done here. I eat I continued to just be disgusted by this I hope you are as well. Because nobody takes this seriously at all we don't care about this. We're focused on the smoke in the mayor's. And all this silly other things that are going on entertainment whatever you wanna call it. This is deadly serious. Because this won't just be Arbil this will be our children's bill this will be our grandchildren's. Bill to pay. That's what we're doing. You heard that word called posterity. Well this is. Our posterity. They won't have to bear the burden. Of the debt that we are creating here. One person who's paying close attention to this is our good friend. Thomas Massie. Representing northern Kentucky. Here's what he says here so you thought congress extended the debt limit for three months when it approved disaster relief funding for hurricane RB think again. The debt jumped over 300 billion dollars in one day because the treasury. Refueled the spare tanks it have been running on for about six months. Spare tanks include pension funds for federal employees listened closely federal employees. Because the Treasury Department spent your money. Now I wanna ask you how many of you can run businesses like this. You'd be in prison. So what does this mean Thomas messy asks. It means that at three month debt limit extension will allow the government to operate in the red for about another nine months. Because treasury can spend the federal pensions and other trust funds again. It's disingenuous to tie a fifteen billion dollar disaster relief package. To a 300. Billion dollar debt limit increase. It's actually about a 450. Billion dollar debt increase. When you read three months of deficits to the money used to replace the spare tanks. How many of you are sick of this. How many of view and the question is what the heck are you gonna do about it. 80347163. Or text line 71307. 1030 eights on the Vince Coakley radio program over on the text line. Then puree Steely Dan fan as you know Walter Becker died last week yes. I am aware that. Did we mention that on this program. We did. But yes it was very said CNET TQ development. On Gerald story that he called about a few minutes ago. Person says he should just got his car and drove right into the car those blocking and guaranteed. Whoever's car was. They would move this and I'll probably. Well their friend here let's see if I don't do my job I don't get paid. Congress isn't doing their jobs Solis told their pay until they start doing but he said they were going to do while they were campaigning. Good luck with that. You know Paul the American people did that that might accomplish something. But as you know. So many people would just allow this continue and vote for the same people. Who have betrayed them before. Storm update power lines down lying on Byrnes rode in traveler's rest to be careful and and better be careful in general and just never know when you can find a situation like that. Texture says here I suggest we steps in the so called aid to countries that don't give a good dog day about anything the next stand out. Well you kind of tapped into something that Rand Paul talks about each year of next hour. His appeal to his fellow senators. On funding for Harvey aid man it is good stuff. And again I'm I'm betting there's not going to be single person in this audience is gonna disagree with Rand Paul. Woody said mate made perfect sense. This adieu here that's coming up. Gave hints about raising the debt limit. There self on righteously despicable we all know it what are we gonna do about it what can we do about it not rhetorical and asking. I'm free right now this not a darn thing we can do next opportunity to do anything of any consequence. The elections next year. And if I remember correctly. I mean you'd you have house races. But I don't think the people that are causing these problems. Are in this area. You get involved in races elsewhere that might make a difference. You say our children will have to pay Ford isn't that what our parents say back then as well at what point to our children's children. Take over the government they stop it or just continue to do the same thing as the question that needs to be up for debate yes it will ever get to it. From talking about nonsense. Or just not talking about this at all. This is why I told you folks there's really no difference between the agenda so far. Of the Republican Party the Democrat party it's been proven. I don't see any sharp turn away from what we've been doing in the past. It's just not there. Speaking of the past great opportunity to take a look of the day in history. Mr. Rachel's favorite favorite segment of the broadcast unfortunately. Our usual source for. Day in history stories is. No longer available so. I've put together three stories that I think. Would be of interest and likely to be discerned by mr. Rachel. We started 1944. And this anger is toward. Its very key points. And he reached one songs screen with voice overs. As he. But Caucasian or black. He's very light. I just knew your. Thought I would promote some reasonable. Questions here 1944. The state Barry White was born 1953. What does the word to people where issues to refer to you this particular couple Camelot. On this stage this person Mary Jacqueline who VA. Who was. Can be you're correct 1953. And this would in the entertainment realm. A show about life in Hollywood. Comes to an end. What was that show in 2004. Life in Hollywood that. Well. We need I know to wanna. No this what is entourage. Are connects the kind of washed on terms and I know who produced did I knew who was on the but I never sought. We don't have HBO. Well it's. Show I've never watched either. That kind of thing is never didn't interest me. So two for three not bad mr. Wright's well you do what you can you have your own entourage when you have one why would you wanna want to be like watching a documentary. You need help. You know if I do lots ago. I wanna follow opened story it told you about yesterday you're probably well familiar with the circumstance. That occurred last week Eric bowling from Fox News. Was. Fired by the network on Friday. And there's a follow up story on this reported by TMZ. Which. And one of the reasons I'm sharing this story in this was always a conflict for me as a news person. Reporting on. Scandals in particular because I always thought. What is going to be the impact on this person especially if it's just allegations. Now we've learned. Sources familiar with the death investigation. Oh. Eric Bolling son Eric Chase. He was actually destroyed by the stats departure from Fox News Channel. Forced out because years ago air senior had texted pictures of his genitalia. Sources connect with their senior tell us he actually made the decision to part ways earlier than he wanted. Because he knew his sound was having trouble dealing with the publicity in the embarrassment. Teams he sources say Eric Chase was found in his bed Friday afternoon with covers over amend its normal position. No suicide note. Teams he was told no pill bottles no drug paraphernalia nevertheless. The operating theory is that this was some form of overdose. One source tells TMZ. Nineteen year olds. Don't just go to sleep and not wake up. Eric senior found out about his sense step two hours. After making his exit deal with Fox News Channel. Teams the reporting the quarter is conducting. Toxicology and other tests to determine the cause of death. And again I give you this update. Sad situation pray for. Eric Bolling and his family. Under these these horrible circumstances in just a reminder to us. A lot of times and and frankly especially with people we do not like. There can be this sense of glee great this scandals going on with got to think beyond that. Sometimes. Scandals like this affect innocent people. Who have absolutely nothing to do with it now ultimately the responsibilities on the person if they've done something wrong that's one thing. But even then. We got to be thinking beyond that person. To. The forward. Innocent victims. 80347163. Or tech slighted 71 threes here are seven. Just give you a preview of what is ahead later in the week they focus Friday will return. And I'm really gonna step in it folks. And creatures which it is. Let me just say this years ago. As a new Christian. Back to my teenage years I was very very focused on as intelligent. Ends. Let's just say is I've gotten older might interest in that area has really waned a lot but some people may think well this Roger actually. I think it's because I have more balanced picture. And perspective and focus. One of the things that I can look back in my life and see. Is I remember a bunch of really stupid. So called Christian based conspiracy theories. And it's you know I mean let me just give you ideas from the dumb things I remember. I remember because. Supposedly one of the things indicating the end times as some sort of peace deal with Israel. And the 'cause there's a need in a deal worked out between Egypt and Israel. Every one particular guy in who is nationally known. Putting out an urgent warning. Jimmy Carter is the antichrist. And serious. Back in 1970s Jimmy Carter was the antichrist. And this continued it all. I remember where there's another theory was in the ninety's all the planets were going to line in who's gonna bring about all of these catastrophic events and this can be the in times. Point I'm making all of this. We've cried wolf wait too many times. Over really stupid stuff. And there's another new theory floating around. Some that tied in with eclipse and some other things that supposedly gonna happen the next few weeks we're gonna talk about this on for at. How Billy how well. Who rates and the subject is gonna join us for discussion about this and that's faith focus Friday. I think you enjoyed that particular conversation and maybe contribute maybe you've got some. Ideas have your own. To add to the conversation. As a relates to all of the rapture theories. I can probably get something started. By saying something about the rapture probably leave them alone. Really get myself in trouble. Coming up we will still have Rand Paul. The speech you delivered to try to appeal for common sense funding for Harvey victims. And conversation. With my friends on how he escaped. The Florida area. We in. Flights were canceled couldn't get out of trained. You ultimately decided just buy a car we hear that first hand account coming up in just bit. I wanna give UAE window. Yet another window into what happens. When we allow government to take over elements of health care. Now. Let me just as a disclaimer make it very clear I have absolutely nothing against. The fine folks in Britain. But let me ask you this. In and I'm not again not meaning to be disrespectful at all. Have never been known for the best in dental hygiene. Just asking. There's a story. That was in the BBC. Just a few weeks ago. Here's the headline we couldn't see and NHS dentists. So we pulled out our own teeth. Yes folks. This is where we can be hit it. If we allow the federal government get more involved in our health care system. A California dental care say they had to pull their own teeth because no NHS Dennis will treat them. A BBC news analysis of 2500. Dental practices. On the NHS choices website. Found half were not accepting new adult NHS patients. Can I repeat this again half we're not accepting new adult patients. Two fifths were not accepting new child NHS patients. The British dental association said the figures reflected in emerging crisis in dental care in England. Awaited second I don't the brits. Ed wonderful health care. NHS England says 95%. Of people seeking an appointment could get one on its nice. The NHS cure carried out 39 million dental treatments in England last year. But he mentioned a couple lived in one area said no local Dennis would see them will treat them. We've been trying for years no Dennis will take us on every time ago I get told there's a two year waiting list for NHS patients. Got so bad that after taking a combination of drugs and alcohol I ripped my half rotten teeth out. To sound very appealing mr. Wright's soul. Now. The state of IT has made me depressed and I've literally begged to be taken on by any NHS dentist but every time. I've been turned away. I sat there for days and agony with a tooth which was doing my head in and stopping me from sleeping. Urged drinking to try and numb the pain so one night. I just pulled it dot. I wonder if this is going to extend to other health care I don't know ruptured appendix. Pull it out yourself. God help us our number two straight ahead.