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Thursday, September 13th

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This very much feels like Groundhog Day on this program because here we are the top of the hour and we have. But governor Roy Cooper who's giving an update now on and preparedness plans for North Carolina let's listen in for bits. North Carolina emergency management of FaceBook and Twitter. Barry hit updates from lower in the order how he can weather this and or they every war across our state before he was ready for the storm. And I want to introduce. You Parker. So have been listening to little bit every five governor Cooper crew is basically telling people. Be prepared chants especially for the possibility of power outages. Even though the storm has been downgraded this is still a serious storm we need to take seriously. It's not a situation where we should let our guard down so. Someone who. Can provide some perspective on what's happening with the storm the last 24 hours. Latest information we have weather channel meteorologist re staging good morning sir in the morning minutes. Tell us what's going on with the storm right now. Currently everything that is happening in the mortars changed 24 hours ago what is happening right now is that we do have a category two storm with winds at 110 miles per hour and we are starting to see and feel some of the effects on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Orders coming up already already splashing onto some of the peers as some of the houses. Onto the outer banks and the center of the way. They were talking about the comparison to this time yesterday and it's certainly good news in the fact that the storm is not as strong in terms of the wind speed that sort of thing we're down the category Q. At the same time still to be taken very seriously. Area. Candidate auditions. And I feel good candidate. It's funny how this to get your neck out. Very brief question for Lee go what are we expecting in the Charlotte area and in the upstate of South Carolina. Our rights meteorologist. Race stage because the weather channel lake slot for coming on the broadcast this morning share. Ends and we understand and our apologies for we have so much technical difficulties with our upstate listeners. Our apologies for that as some of you may not have been able to hear re stage you can now just basically tell you. The updates we are already at a place where they're seeing the effects of the storm on the coached already. The effects are being felt there as for this immediate area. We are expecting five to eight inches of rain. Concerns about flooding possible tropical storm conditions. With all of this the likelihood of some power outages now we can be encouraged by the fact that we've got the presence of power crews from states really all over the country that have moved into the area and they are in position ready to tackle. This issue as soon as it develops but. Even though the storm has weakened. The concern is now that it's. We know so let our guard down here that we make sure that we take the steps are necessary to make sure we are healthy and safe. Out one of the things the governor also touched on a few minutes ago governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina. Talking about the importance of the danger of floods and making sure that we don't drive. In water this this is that a problem that it really seems to happen every time we have one of these storms. Their people think alike can drive through that don't do it absolutely do not do it. It just takes the I think just a few inches of rain. A few inches. Of standing water. In this case must the time it's flowing water to take control of a car. And I mean the defects are devastating how many people have drowned that way so don't be one of those people. Who assumes that it's going to be safe to drive. In those kinds of conditions now we talked about the amounts of rain and the possibility of flooding. And depending on who you listen to because you know you're gonna get different meteorologists who going to have different perspectives on this. Some are saying that their could be as much as ten inches of rain in parts of the upstate. Now this is. Again. One of those concerns that I think is from is really high on the list. With the possibility of flooding so don't be fooled by the idea okay where several hundred miles inland we have nothing to worry about. While we may not experienced the full brunt the full force of a hurricane. But the effects in the form of the rain and frankly the wind could also be a problem you heard raced AG talk about possibly of tropical storm. Wins coming to this particular area so. That is the update we're gonna keep you posted throughout this broadcast today. Let us also. Get some perspective from some of the people ward listing on the broadcast your welcome to call if you like to share. Something that's on your mind in preparing for this let's go first. I believe to Jim who is in Lincoln's and good morning Jim. I got a couple things about Turkey and then I got a government direct about politics stick. As far as we are the pertinent first quality start up a lot of ten lewd picture to get a Richard Parker who like chicken neck and arm. Totally abortion I'll order to get their bench frustrated. Cycle. Hair. You have to care where your car and your car is going to be upside down. Pulled out no wonder whether or not not elect wrote underwent an intricate. So well at quarter and that they were all so. Prevent these pressure on the outside the country keep it would mean the worst. Are always when you get down. There are going to be able legal pressure outside. So that's sort opinion related dementia this thing has sent out as political debate. Has cities or others closely over the earth and Republican they're going to debate something kind of the times during. Democrats really believe in their current on your career really has sparked a mystery about earning and they are and talk and talk and talk and talk. And the and the Republican on the senate I'm serious I disagree saying is that they are Herbert at the end of it. Well certainly not a fair way to carry out a debate appreciate your call their gym and the advice you offered I would just follow up to the last thing you mentioned. If you see water standing water. Don't drive into it you never know how high that actually is try to avoid that. And those images are back. You know I'm having flashbacks sheared thinking back to my days as a television news reporter and anchor. Watching these reporter stands. Getting blown around a little store. And I know I tuna missed in the very least. The coast expecting amounts of rainfall. Between twenty and thirty inches just think of that twenty and thirty inches of rain that is a whole lot. So we're continuing to watch what develops there and eat. Give you some heads up as to what is coming this way. Number fewer still wanting to talk about this for a bit and logo logo next to call in Fort Mill here is John good morning John. In the morning. Yeah I was wondering if you had read that article in the Washington Post and also. That the media would hinder it they actually blamed. Down from four. Hurricane Florence because. Is political views on climate change and global warming and children hadn't talked about it too they're actually blaming from. For the error came. Pretty silly isn't it yes I've seen the stories and you know what they're not even worth discussing. Because it's so stupid it's really in the silly is what it is yeah. So I and you don't this is part of here's what I I would strongly encourage people to do. Is when you know this one of the reasons why the readership is is down so low with so many of these newspapers. The best thing to do it's just ignore that a lot of times I think we give them more attention than they're getting themselves with their own circulation. So. If you heard what they'd be open that one of the new openness to the show. Because one of things that add that I want to avoid doing is getting caught up in stupid food fights. And this would go into that category people basically. You know if you wanna talk about now having said this and I know gonna takes to some people off with this. Their reports a study was done indicating their may have been as many as 3000 people died in Puerto Rico. Now. I think their needs to be customer search here to figure out and it's not gonna be difficult find out how many people died as a result. Of Puerto Rico would develop their now now you can you can find death certificates you can find the cause of death that you can nail that down. Now part of the problem is Donald Trump goes on boasting about what a wonderful job he did in Puerto Rico. He just don't do that it's not very Smart. Especially and he's in he's actually accusing Democrats of fudging the numbers to make him look bet. Everything becomes about Donald Trump so what I would encourage people to do don't kick caught up in this stupid vortex between. Accused silly accusation against Donald Trump or defending him for things that are are just dumb. So the thing to do is stay out of the vortex. I don't wanna feed the vortex on this program. Suggesting we be talking about forty seize. On this broadcast as we have hurricane heading this way. See the connection there that's brilliant that you might think Jay and Matthews could go to. It wasn't long boat all. Beat pretty bad for not opening is true I don't know well. But I was just in this great out in the local church opened up late structure as Al. And on just wondering how many people actually do in the door. Ya on that note and read a book the insurgents. And all you had to be a great time for people actually fate in dispel some Balkan. Guess reach out people. You know I'm glad you mentioned that. Free file dot on the broadcast again very soon. I actually got a message the other night after a friend of mine who lives. Eyes somewhere further south. And she sent a message and said you know my husband and I we've got to place with but plenty of space. If you and your family needs to find refuge for a while our home is open. I think those pretty awesome actually have a friend communicate. Hate you you have a place to stay. That's really the heart of this thing. In terms of what we do it's community it's not government it's not FEMA its people helping people that's an awesome way to approach this thing. Doug good morning. Good morning Vince how Oreo lawsuit. You for the very first time about a year ago ironically it was about prepping. And you seem to be able surprise you about supplies that I had in the extent. That would go through to properly prepped. I hear you very good. Example of why I prep for everybody right now scrambling buying batteries water trying to find gasoline propane. I just sitting here with my heels picked up. I think that batteries got about twenty gallons of gasoline for my generator which plugs right into the back my house that it cuts off. Yet the power to the main lines in the league it's what you work on the lines like generators running. I got what we have I think a 160. Pounds of propane to run stole it and light eaters. And I just think it's that's we fight everybody literally chicklet there's and that the acting like tell people be prepared. You're absolutely right about being prepared no question about that so will we will all come over to your house which your dress. I am getting. I. That this them unless say that is in jest but I knew it in all seriousness of the same time something every major has happened that people played a corporate themselves. SAT into it and the course the question is why an answer that like it's much. That's a bit like to piggyback on real quick because Hancock was talking last night. About putting water in your freezer like you have one of those you know big. Over such freezers on the back call and because remote state and being and rights and everything right now I have I think any. One gallon jugs are perfectly plain. Thirty have ought guidance all the water and put them in the freezer tonight and now has. About twenty gallons of frozen solid blocks like so again. It's don't think at a time ready even think he's in the timer potential people to Elliott our little way and the game plan. Sounds like great wisdom there no question about that Doug great to talk we view again and thanks for sharing some wonderful council there and and I and I think this is an important aspect about prepping whatever leveled the Q engaged in its. There is a perspective here that goes beyond the preparing for apocalypse. It's just being prepared for life's emergencies and some of the things that. That are on for scene like storms so while that's an application that I don't think it's very much tension. Let's take quick call here from Robert in rock killed got about a minute here Robert. All very good. What I wonder actors. That you get somebody who is I knew him he. C'mon and explain to people. Carter take care of minor. Injuries. During this thing because. And be awhile before they get their people ought to know what they need to know. You're talking about it's some form of triage. And tell you can get medical attention if for some reason your isolated that switcher raring to. So much stopping the bleeding and checked in the burst yeah and treatment for shock things like that they're they're very simple. But most people don't understand. You raise a good point here and and I know there are courses that are available thanks for your call Roberts. The Red Cross for instance. It does courses like this to help prepare people for. Emergencies. And and to meet that one person. It's sometimes that's politics is just being there and that one person who's in the right place the right time to be able helps someone. So that is something that it's good for all of us to keep in mind. Coming up on the broadcast we're gonna pop talk about somebody who that was not afraid to spend time. In the Carolinas. On the beach in fact in the water. We're talking about a celebrity. I can give you hints but it might be too easy fight. You're human and no I don't think I do that. We'll do that take a look at the day in history. And we continue to follow the preparations. In advance of Florence right here. Back of the Vince Coakley radio program. This degree went for my friend Craig who's listening to left wing podcasts today. I've heard that like it north and South Carolina to Puerto Rico in regard to hurricane preparedness I'm triggered. We are not Puerto Rico. Great stuff their Craig. Keep entertaining yourself of those left wing podcast they make great entertainment. And get to your left some now rate. I'm via text line. Please don't start saying events turn around don't drown. Will always have idiots that drive through water and die it's natural selection at work you want people to do that is that what you're saying that's not good. I really think the storm's being over hyped here in the upstate yes there will be some wind and rain were four hours from the coast. And there's a life threatening danger here well that remains to be seen. Bits where you re playing Collie and tape forward today show. At a that's pretty good. The vortex explains the left so well why stop now. Also who this. Referring to Donald Trump I can't blame him for defending his efforts your enemies never. Celebrate you. All right. The feeling all the people who live in Fort Mill retired out of work Republicans listen you every morning and fort bell life. While. That's quite an indictment on Fort Mill. And we have this trouble Obama have the same blood sin for all about self. I thought. We also have this related to that convinced that you noticed from simply could not resist using hurricane Florence to brag on himself for the great job he did in Puerto Rico. Yes Vince you were right ED is all about Trump's greatness. Somehow we have to transcend this India. The personality thing. Hole cargo boxes of food rotting in the ports. Because they wanted somebody to be an import tax on donated goods not to mention the cases of water. Hidden under a TARP to be sold later. That is certainly shame isn't. People with medical problems or we need medicine to keep them alive need to go everybody needs to. Everybody needs to ago. Aware. You're making reference to hear nine to ten foot storm surge plus the rain will drown you well it's certainly well. Five to eight inches of rain no matter how comfortable the logic mr. meteorologist the complexities. In interdependent she's in the system. Re enters your opinion is only noise possibly toxic. Well let's for a Vince did you say on flow is visiting this weekend. Pick up some chocolates. But it's all automaker. But we've really got quite a mix here of text. Eight ER people off for work and doing little celebrating early. And I'm kind of wondering here. No need to worry about the stormont South Carolina Nikki haley's pothole flood control system missed it. My goodness that is absolutely amazing when we take the opportunities take a look at the day in history. And go to some very difficult questions and see how horrible hints are that I'm giving lines of good morning man hours. I muscle. And glad to hear that very glad to hear that. Let's start an 1814. Unit. And this person who's a lawyer. Well I should tell I'd just tell you. What he wrote first the defense of fort McCain Marie it's a poem. By eight Francis Scott Key. What was so important about this particular poll. Francis Scott Key. He no mention. Us you it's right on the cusp of your memory I'm sure you wrote a famous song in it would later become our. Her. National you are correct. You are correct Alonso the first one right here let's go to 1948. Margaret Chase Smith. He elected to the senate how significant was that. What did she do you I should also tell you. She served in the house. What is significant about her election to the senate the first females and she was actually the first to begin BA senator. And a member of congress served in both. First woman to do so we'll give that into you. Nada I'll take that we had a riots. In Attica what kind of institution what business 1971. I believe now pitino was there. And at at at. Prison yes it was a prison riot in Attica New York that it cannot. State police stormed the maximum security prison their 42 people died pretty amazing. And this. Was uttered on a television show in 2004. Who said it. You are. Our. Oh yeah. Kirk. That is a wonderful Oprah Winfrey. You are absolutely right it was indeed Oprah Winfrey. You go there a couple of inches the other is close to where you pointing when he says that. That that time. That was a very good question to ask you was gesturing wildly in which is what I would expect to Q that justice you've got a point. I you're afraid John what expect car yeah it definitely don't want to do any false advertising. And wanna be sued. Icing issue a story this morning and it I hope you're eating at the time. There's a restaurant that is lost 190. Million dollars of its value. And you'll explain what happened. Mr. right so as to why. They've lost so much value. I believe it was called crunchy Mal. That is terrible out of tells me useful toothpicks. It's disgusting. Well this would have been photos of a dead rats being finished out of the broth with a pair of chopsticks. Well it's went viral. And so now this this place has been temporarily suspended. You know it's really set a woman made this discovery. And she was pregnant you know what these people actually did. At this restaurants. They offered her enough money to pay for abortion. Seriously. Just in case it might harm her baby. They. So she declined this offer by the way. And the husband apparently won his wife to undergo a full body check up before deciding. On how much compensation. To receive here. That's pretty disgusting is. So it's TARP but insult to injury. Not good at all let's give you a final hints and someone who decided to make an appearance in the Carolinas did you hear about this one's. Decided to go to the beach. A high places. Now but it's it's probably not who I think it is because there are signs all over its. Saying please don't come here. And I am well earlier this week. We actually had an appearance from none other than mr. Margarita Ville. Really a screen. Shot of him was put on NC Graham yesterday showing him and another guy standing there with large surf boards. Surfing in our hurricane. That I am afraid of dying it reads I got no need to explain I feel like go and surf and and our hurricane hash tag. Folly beach surfing. I guess whatever entertained you on. So. I am sure he is gone by now that would be my suspicion. Coming up we'll get a live reports out from the beach stay witness. Back to the Vince Coakley radio program. Some of your text. Which are quite interest in this at least. Go to frying pan tower off the coast of North Carolina and YouTube you can see the storm as it develops. And but the person you're saying leaving Jackson Mississippi heading for the coast with a huge generator. That is nick. While. Can't convince me we're not the civil war right now fighting has not started yet only one side has all the guns. And a law enforcement supporters. O and we have military side. Boy. Venture writes from his being foolish on Puerto Rico I work with several Puerto Ricans locally they all know their government is exceptionally corrupt. Lying in the thousands died in hurricanes. And this there's crazy and they're stupid I think Jimmy Buffett's tool to pass for stupid. By the way someone was asking during the break. Whereas this restaurant you referring to you when they had the Ret there was in the soup. Don't worry about it's not nearby it's in the should Dong province in China. It's called jetBlue jetBlue. So there's no danger view up going there this weekend eat. Wanna give you some perspective on what is happening right now with this hurricane. Hurricane Florence edging ever closer to the coast. And we are bringing on now WBT reporter. Brett Jensen who was in Wilmington tell us what you're experiencing their so far Brett. Actually we do it must have misunderstood. We're gonna go to him in just did here. I would remind you some of the things that we've been telling you about the past few minutes as you know. This storm has been weakening we're very glad about that the storm weakened from a category four down to category two but even add eight to. The danger is not caught we have the threat of wins we have that threat of of rain. Here on the on the coast there's much more to worry about. With the the surf the possibility of just incredible flooding there but the flooding nature. It's very much a threat here in England as well I want to strongly encourage you. If you need to making preparations to now. Panic Iran and just get the supplies that you need hopefully it will not be as devastating as we feared this time yesterday. When this storm is stronger but still very much a threat. Now we're going to go to Brad Jensen who's in Wilmington to get some perspective on what is happening out there good morning Brett. Do it very well served very well Howard things progressing there's so far. You know it's proven record and in order and would never never ever heard it was expert country. Right now at all into. Law or wall or which acts one way there's an actual loan I don't. Didn't want while he goes most restaurants are closed. What it is like low eighties between eighty degrees and about thirteen moan in order. And ever work all the don't think the wild. Don't realize. It. Be keeping you all sports an eight. Now Brad hired to many people there other than reporters right now. Yes apparently were so a lot of people have to by the day. Regarding the world that last night at about 1030 to 45. And in order how many call it how BP we're still here. On. And what I also is that at at all. A lot of the People's Bank about it at all. Are actually from what we needed in the area and of course wait it was sort or liking him more elderly woman or whatever. Staring at error quote and it's gonna run out and that'll help as a shelter order form. It would give Butler don't respect what else about leaving the city. And what are the things I've heard and this is something you may have heard again with the conversations you've had so far. A lot of people wanna be close to their homes so once they get the all clear. It won't take very long for them to get back do you think this is part of what's driving these people to stick around. Absolutely you know but the big. Yeah its it department has settled a burger. It's in order spinning. Please use any of the city or Roger. To partner for the parking decks because if they get the forty foot into the arena they're expecting to hear. It won't watch it probably will be destroyed court in but now what they've been torture all away you know floating down pro. So they're saying that the people are saying. Please portrait or even that the Parker or there was somewhere else to do that apple or out of the street. Every couple law enforcement. About this particular issue of the concerned about the people who decided to stay even though they've been encouraged to leave. I have I have not I don't. But it a couple boat called the wouldn't. Are the important thing is I mean. Like there are that I would not that it had it. Because there aren't that many people here turn around like people I saw. Earlier today by. A decision that little. Your vote it it was forty pitches and then I would have their fire at one point one. And yet here you are covering this story for us we absolutely appreciate the fact that you heard there. You know what we have actually less than a minute left. But so far what are you seeing that's different from normal times in terms of the weather conditions. But what good is really absorb that are the only difference is that those all that and businesses are oil. All right this is the restaurants are so open all let's put the ball forward with. I percent of all the records record for other than. Just like it's a normal day because the weather is not frightening at all. Our rights we will continue to follow this and see how quickly the conditions change out there in Wilmington that's WBT reporter. Barbara Jensen thanks for joining send broadcast this morning. And we remind you. We will continue our coverage right here. Coming up next hour the very latest on the track of this hurricane. And with Ian can impact could be in your communities they were this.