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Thursday, September 13th

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Our number two Barbara cast as you know we're bracing for hurricane Florence. And we have an updates I and what's going on with Florence. 105. Mile an hour winds still category two storm. 105. Is the magic number again. What some have communicated it is you know when you get to this point when you have our current game. And you may have different speeds of the wins. Add at some point it doesn't really matter that category two hurricane is a category two hurricane. And all of that it brings. We can expect to see the damaging effects there it's already causing some. Impact on the beach and it's it's just a matter time matter of hours before. The rain and winds. Come into parts. The Carolina's. Central care allies in we will be prepared for that of course what do talked about some of the other news that's taking place. It's an amazing what's going on with CBS have you seen. This story about what's happening at CBS. Sixty minutes. You know we've talked about this. One of the things that's a big theme of line. Is leadership. Leadership is ultimately good leadership is about serving. Is that about raining over something and being quote the boss. You know I and the little leery of hearing people. Use this expression. Because it is thought to be something of prestige and power. But what we desperately need her servants. And there aren't very many. And it doesn't take very much for Howard go to people's heads. May certain swaggering around an acting. Quite board should. Apparently was the case would Jeff fager who's a long time executive producer of sixty minutes he was fired yesterday. He sent a text message to CBS news correspondent jerk a Duncan. With a warning over the network's coverage of the sexual harassment accusations against him. You know what I I know for all the things that people would say about the mainstream media. I have to give the network credit for doing a story about itself. They mean one of their executives in a very bad light. This is good. Duncan reached out to figure for his response to allegations in The New Yorker he had groped or touched CBS employees a company parties. And here's what fager replied if you repeat these accusations without any of your own reporting to back them up you will be held responsible for harming me. Be careful. They're people who lost their jobs trying to harm me in if you pass on these damaging claims about your own reporting to back them up. That will become a serious problem. Can you imagine getting on getting some sort of message like this from an executive from your own network. Aunts. Probably he. In light of recent developments. Whiff. The CEO CBS who ended up getting bounced out over sexual harassment. Situations as well. CBS news president David Rhodes didn't waste any time he announced Wednesday that fager was leaving the company effective immediately. Saying he had violated company policy. Fager said in the statement his contract was terminated early because I sent a text message to one of our own CBS reporters. Demanding she be fair in covering the story he did not name Duncan. Going on about this. My language was harsh and despite the fact journalists receive harsh demands for fairness all the time. CBS did not like at one such note. Should not result in termination after 36 years but it did you think this was over one text over 36 years. If you believe that I've got some swamp property for you. Out in the Arizona desert. C'mon. Judge can review of the content of the text message on the CBS evening news on Wednesday. Since Jeff fager publicly referred to our exchange today in July. Six former CBS news employees told The New Yorker figure would touch employees in ways. That made him uncomfortable after drinking at office parties. That's got to gross. The article said nineteen current and former employees and figure enabled a culture that she'll be bad behavior. Boy I would love to see. Really every company take this seriously. Fager vehemently denied all those claims to be continue to come to work on Sunday The New Yorker. Reported a nick and you accuser. She felt compelled to speak because she simply can't believe fager is back there. The article described her as a producer who is an intern at CBS the early two thousands who said. He groped her at a work party. In response to that allegation figure told CBS news this is an outrageous claim. And it didn't happen it is wrong. And this is just days after CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves resigned. Following allegations of sexual assault and harassment. Late last year former CBS. News host. Charlie Rose from CBS this morning was fired after more than two dozen women. Accused him of sexual misconduct what is in the water over there at CBS. Sixty minutes to enter its 51 season under the leadership executive editor Bill Owens while the search for a new executive producer begins. So it's CBS you can say another one bites the dust. Any of this surprise you off course knocked. This is what these kinds of people do unfortunately. They abused their power their position their title and they dare you to say a darn thing about it. My goodness just since chills down your spine. But to get your thoughts. Not only on the situation and house how quickly CBS has dealt with this. I think this is pretty extraordinary. And to do reporting on their own network exposing their own snakes. That's pretty good. I think. We're also following. Hurricane Florence. And the concern about flooding. They can reach here into the central part of the Carolinas. Your calls your techs are welcome let's go first to George in Charlotte good morning. And so I'm. I don't put a plug in or some I'm looking forward to analyze and that it my B quote our payload dubious. Marlon creature and I double your minutes don't let no one generator. Why generator. What centenary and the front but does so expel and I don't understand the a lot so anybody looked at the wonder years. Yet just curiously what is that thing cost. And how much will that how much power will that supply. You hope you and conditioning. Yeah look to me. And they ought to be outlet installed in the Bigelow good. Household Eunice. You can run your credit record you could run near you could well when you're actually changed and others that. You can you can run a tutorial level that you can't levels that were reported. Cornered. To the Internet to your house that you wanted to run legislate. You're a drug overdose that were something like that Dick Lugar stoke load. But yeah it would now and it would run to help pot you're. Or screwdriver you're. Or regular. By any sand you may have got a pod bellhop. Right bottom line you're an actor revealed a run your entire house from that Georgia do you appreciate the tip that. I've a feeling that figures get a begun in. In just a few minutes especially if somebody's driving that part of town right now it is history. Stay lettuce. Got a pretty ominous view now. Of the Carolina closed. Let's see where is this that looks like that may be shot from the outer banks. And up man is the wind is really kicking up out there. As the outer bands that storm beginning to move then. We will continue coverage of hurricane Florence. No matter what path that takes. Over this weekend so want to encourage you to stay tuned and Abby safe whatever you do be safe don't take any unnecessary chances. Coming up the broadcasts as well. We touched on this a little bit yesterday we're gonna talk a little bit more about. What has been characterized as somewhat of a civil war going on within the Catholic Church over allegations of sex abuse. What will the church actually do on this issue what will be the impact. Of these latest revelations we will discuss this coming appeared a bit its first. On our hurricane coverage let's try to Matthews and Gerri good morning Gerri. I thought I hear from getting. I'm glad you're. Air. And good morning I'm delighted that you. I'm awake on the banks. I. Don't precautionary thing on. On and on. Her came that I experienced by Cary leahey your police lieutenant Arkansas. And I don't know the name that very big her caddie came in. To Gulfport Mississippi. And there was a group. Young people 2030. Ish. Who had a had rented a house on the on the beach and then decided that they were going to have her party and whether her. And what. Happened let the hurricane. Toward that helped found and killed all of them and I think people need to make sure that they have. The proper respect for these storms because sometimes people just they are to speak thunderstorms and worse than. If you haven't experienced a hurricane. You need to make sure that you get that respect that it needs. A year absolutely right I do appreciate your college aryan and sharing that cautionary tale. Because this is. Is this where we often get into trouble is our arrogance and our presumption. We think that somehow we are. Which soared four invincible. Specially case with younger people. And there's an. Obvious dangers there not taking these kinds of storms seriously it's go to Mantilla and John good morning. You against John out here and then realized really show brother Lee thank you like to. And I listen I was in the Marine Corps back in the day and the back in 96 in down inquiry that we as a special teams. And there we it is all over trade gather around when you survive but the Roosevelt roads based studio downtown. Puerto Rico San Juan we surpass all the shanties on their own approach and all that. And I told the navy guys ravenous yet and I said that those are literally. Frail looking houses those big you know when this ban like Third World. But while we're back in 96 in. And I I just hate the politics has gotten involved and so badly other that the number count so that people supposedly enemy people are dying all the the population is over three million other strategic and upper and just generally had a lot how many people passing up way. Yeah they get about it's it's it's the news as usual and I paid for those folks you know they suffered badly the other book. Yeah and China were. And but I appreciate and that's just my comet like that I just a lot of those folks should know. Are getting subsistence for the United States you get the other entitlement to whatever you want a solid. As it should be grateful for what they've got. It's so that's what they pick and choose to dig. Didn't say it's a rough area you know a lot of poverty. People choose to live there and and opposite you know when I was there it was related yeah. Third World son is speaking out that's that's all they expect it to go to the climate knowledge and unfortunately the got a if. Yet and you can also add here thanks for your collar jobs and and I think we can say the same league do you remember Ray Nagin. The mayor of Louisiana. Of New Orleans, Louisiana years ago and this guy is. Since. Hasn't he been sent to prison for something. For corruption I believe. This is what's so unfortunate about its one million have a natural disaster it's another thing to have manmade disaster come pounding that. By dealing with corrupt politicians. That excuse me you happens to elect. So this is where you have to bear part of the responsibility. Don't get me wrong if the federal government screwed this up in some way I don't care where wise. I get it I understand. But having said that. The basic foundational responsibility. It really begins local. That's where the primary responsibility. Is. Local. And if those people screwed up. Then. They should bear the brunt of the responsibility. Not some agency. That is focused and centered in Washington DC. Which is not to excuse their incompetence. Or whatever may have taken place. The primary responsibility is always always always local. Let's go out to a call for not Jeff good morning Jeff. Good morning in America who are going to Europe are no legal file security. I'm like dad along with this storm in the analysis equipment is with Smart leader Aldous. In another period they're called nonlinear greater amount of life you know one guy out as a complete in his room. I'm on the facade of the state. When you gotta be kidding me I mean there's that they really think. Orbit deluding themselves in attempting to salute so I can predict any kind of that degree in that to me it's always the reference to what happened in the past. Just like bill or forgot climbed. We've never been out of straight decline can mountain and I would put us at all mound in the world just because he's never seen Kilimanjaro. Or it's out. You know that's a good way to look at it is if it's altered our perspective isn't it. It is and it's human nature you know on our I have a knowledge about the which I'm would be realistic about it you know. If good ability and oh. You go one more grain land owner and even most scientists aren't as every other going to corona as catastrophic the fact that blows a hole. Think they cannot predict a complex system. Response to anything they have no capacity that the ultimate that to so that scale. Yet you're actually right and what I think is amusing. Is to hear some of these so called scientists who absolutely sure about climate change 2030 years from now. They can't predict hurricane and where it's gonna go in a matter of hours. Here. A while I appreciate your colleague Jeff and and I mean it seriously. If there are just certain cycles that we've experienced. Throughout world history with the planet. With. You know with all sorts of of factors impacting the climate. And again difference between climate and weather. Climate is a longer term picture. And each we have people who very often they can flee these things between weather and climate there is a relationship. But there's a time difference to. And I don't think we can. We're at the point now if you know something I don't I'd be glad taken that wisdom. Maybe I can make some extra money the track I'm kidding. But my point is. There are certain things that just are not noble. Their fair variables that are beyond our wisdom and our understanding. And our comprehension. And we would do well to remember that. Probably shouldn't do this thirty seconds John can you cover this and thirty seconds adamant he'll. Hey bill of rights. I'm just so I have been through two hurricanes. Slash. Absolutely. In the maybe when I was in Vietnam tomorrow lot of about the Philippines stronger and it. And you pitcher in Sulu intercept an old thirty countries while white setback kept and then go thirty all each breezed the other way. Then we would. Radio program FEMA made caning. Florence remains very large and very dangerous. And speaking of FEMA we have a couple of interest in stories. Including this one developing today. It seems that team as Brock law. The chief of the agency is under investigation for misuse of government cars. There's an internal investigation for his alleged use of government cars in a personal capacity. Politico citing three people familiar with situation reports lung used the cars during commutes from his home in guess where. North Carolina. To Washington. And the department of homeland security's inspector general reports now leaking whether or not taxpayer funds had footed lungs built for travel. According to one official during weekends long span in North Carolina theme aides stayed in an area hotel at taxpayer expense. Long now reportedly drives himself or flies. To North Carolina. So again. This is investigation underway. Of the head of the agency. Brock law. An internal investigation underway. And speaking of government competence. And I'm not going into who is responsible for this does really well it does matter there needs to be some accountability I get it. This story 20000 pallets of bottled water left untouched. In storm ravaged Puerto Rico. 20000. Pallets. A fresh water. They described this is a stockpile bottled water stretching down an unused runway. Case after case Pallet piled upon Pallet blue tarps and plastic lynching in the sun. These were taken to FEMA in the aftermath of hurricane Marla. Actually hurricane Marie believe it is smashed the island left residents without power without roots without running water. So federal officials commandeer the area and Far East the island last fall's a staging ground collecting the water in containers full of arms. To patch damaged and destroyed groups in surrounding neighborhoods. And there the supplies sat and sat. Storm survivors collected spring water from the mountains for cookie invading. We even with the threat of disease. Without running water at home many people were asserted collecting supplies from mountain springs and streams. And apparently the supplies were just left there. Lost. Poor communication and collaboration. How in the world did this happen 20000. Pallets. A bottled water. You know by how many they distributed by the way. This this is really interesting. FEMA reported had about 40000 pallets of bottled water in excess in May this year before. The new administrator of the General Services Administration. Was appointed. His agency claimed the water intending to deliver where it was needed but after 700 palates have been distributed. Complaints began to come in about the waters foul smell and taste. In light of this we've been in contact with FEMA the department of health to test the water inventory received by the federal agency. We're going to return these what she's. My goodness. They think what happened here there was too much water delivered the wrong time. And time in heat. Has now mated bat. But the federal government has such wonderful job doesn't. And I don't care who's federal government it is don't you know don't get on them. Bandwagon of trying to defend trump it did all of that really does it matter what matters is somebody screwed up here. Somebody needs be accountable. Let us go out to a call from Justin in clover can warning. I think alcohol. Home alone the comment on the climate change comment. In alms. I do agree. You know all that projection partners and how to get that previous. What the pattern. Alms and you said that you know you can't compare comment whoever. Or are we understand. On. You know the whole world history a climate change only the well you know local call me coming out of high wage bit. But to ignore the fact that we're dumping content on all the known scientifically to. Cold in heat more than any other chemical com yeah. A little bit caught the market. Okay. Let me ask you this question. Before we had the impact of car. Did the earth heat and cool. Burnout or. Okay. So if that's the case. Here's part of my question what reason do we have to believe a that it's necessarily. Human behavior impacting. The climate and the second thing is. Who is to say that the impact may actually not be what we think it is. We you're you're about I'm on this at all. I mean just a simple you know would let it plants in the green. May recall been weakened and McLaughlin and make them grow faster and better book for what could be dangerous and are weak and we that so mean. It does that aren't they here. Group that mean 00 it is natural for us to be. What dumping tons of carbon in it yet. And that natural can be. I mean there's no question that we can have some impact there Mike and and I what I am concerned about. Is when this becomes dogma when people state this emphatically is if we know absolutely for sure. That this is human activity that is having this impact. And I think. The honest being the honest answer that question is. I don't think we we can really say that we know for sure are are you convinced a 100% for sure this is the result of human activity. And how and how much of it is human activity. On him a portion of it is king activity but I know it's fair enough. And be totally certain. Alone I'll get more reasonable and 6040 or 60%. For not an adult. Arm and into the air like this mean the last meteor strike. You know when it ordered it and Adonal Orton gate rot away. Our rights and I am blue wool watch all of this together and see how it unfolds Justin. During our lifetimes and certainly beyond there will be out lots of assessments going on to see what is really happening and why. Johnny have a list that amended year. I do things got love Justin but the left is kind of converted the spot in the flat carbon that actually carbon dioxide. And the plant only get that stop popped all over the world so that point line in these arguing over a rate of change. Which isn't funny here but my real point was I had to giggle this morning when I saw Jeff fager. Producer of sixty minutes got fired because he was yelling at somebody who is investigating him to make sure they had all the facts. I had the lap at the moment and go out CBS sixty minutes he's been accused of going off the rails. Without getting on the backs the guy who runs that is getting fired can yelling at someone to make sure they had all the facts. It is kind of funny is that. Irony is ironic I appreciate your call their job and lots of chaos going on at the Tiffany network. We're all in the studio laughing you're watching the reporters standing out. Ostensibly trying to avoid getting blown away. Is seriously we're now making five something serious it's just the the idea believe me I've been there. I have been that guy standing out there so believe me. I can completely relate. As image and will spend more time on this. As this investigation. Progresses. USA today has an interesting story about. What is. What amounts to a civil war. Dividing Catholics. Amid these allegations of sex abuse and cover up. A new wave. Of pedophilia and cover allegations. And they talk about how this. Shines a light on the gap dividing the world's one point two billion Catholics. And almost none of it is about the charges of widespread clerical abuse scandals dozens of commentators Vatican watchers. Imported the wide gap between the views of conservative traditional Catholics in the mold of Pope Benedict. The sixteenth. Francis predecessor and those of reform minded Catholics like Pope Francis. This is being referred to was kind of civil war. Ideologically. Though he's widely prop popular among non Catholics Francis has been a polarizing figure among the faithful. Since being elected five years ago it's hard to believe he's already been there five years. And now we have these sex allegations. Raised by the former Nuncio to the United States. Now there's more pressure. And Francis to resign in order to save the church if you heard this. The John ago. They more than two dozen current and former Vatican US officials and accused them of knowing about and covering up. For ex Cardinal Theodore McCarrick who's accused of sexually molesting molesting an arresting miers as well as adults. He is accused Francis of rehabilitating McCarrick. From sanctions imposed on him by Pope Benedict the sixteenth in 2009 or ten. The Vatican is known since at least 2000 McCarrick slept with seminarians. Right to share brief story by the way. I don't know if I shared this on there I have a friend and he and I used to work at two different radio stations in Kentucky. One of things we would do we were in high school time. We would have the biggest knock down drag out Catholic verses Protestant debates. Now. They were. They were very very feverish. And he seriously. Lots of very intense debate. Sometimes I wonder whether my friend rich went on to pursue the priesthood. Partially approves something to me. Would really sends me about my friend rich my friend rich is now. In a firm diagnostic. I talked to a few months before he was to graduate from seminary. And he basically said there's no way in hell you would ever become a priest. And I think he put it in those words. The things that he had seen the corruption. He's now. And affirmed agnostic. I'm not saying this. The point of the story is not to. Disparage. Catholics are catholicism that's that's not even the point. The point is that. Across the board and I don't care what your persuasion know what your. Sect. It is amazing the damage that corruption. The damage it causes especially to younger generations. When they see this. There's a real problem. When you have the same kinds of power. The same kinds of power plays to defend institutions. That you see in the business world. This is how it works. I believe as genuine Christians we've got to show them something different not that we you know not that we're gonna shoot our wounded. Or people who fall short. But yes we will hold people accountable when they do something wrong. We will not just simply cover it up. A lot at stake here particularly this generation went so many people looking for answers they're trying to figure out. Who can they trust who can they believe. We got to show on something to believe. In the final stretch of this broadcast as we watch. Her. Edging ever closer. To the Carolinas rule out. Take a few calls years we go out first say am I got about a minute or so good morning Sam. I attended about environments local or adverse global. Iconic other factors sector and a lot is happening collapse is too much credit are. I we ample and armed local level with it too much pollution. Area. Like with oil spill and all went well action at all. I think you're absolutely right this do you remember all the exaggerations. This is where we all have to be careful that we can be catastrophic in our view of things in this where. That the economy class and college and basically they always are I'll just. Just walk away I'll let you know when has Obama. Yes just give it time to be in some ways the plant which heal itself and I think there is some truth to that at the same time. Dole a hint don't accept the idea here than I'm saying we can put all we wanted it'll cleats Alba because I don't agree with that either. I can't believe it's already the end of our broadcast time here. But I wanna remind you stay tuned to this station whether it's 163 to be orgy. Or WBT will have continuing coverage of hurricane Florence. Be safe make sure you have the supplies that you need don't too anything stupid. And out watch out for others as well during this time have sells a great team guy publisher take care.