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Monday, September 17th

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Good Monday morning. Good to have you back with us. And I hope that you faired well during the crazy weather we've been experienced the past few days. This rain in some places just seemed like you would never never end. But it looks like finally. Finally we have Florence out of the way we have some lingering effects will just talk about that a little I want to give you a heads up. Those of you who were affected that are part of our listening area. Specifically people in and since Johnny Richmond county Montgomery county and Stanley Tammy there is still. A flash flood warning. A flash flood warning until 3:45. PM today. So I wanna make sure that you're aware of that and you need to prepare accordingly. Pretty extraordinary to see the stories that developed over the weekend did you Steve. Those videos and I think we talked over the weekend about. I think one of the most famous images big man that was. Had the little kitten on his shoulder. Anything kitten is the name for the kitten was survivor. Very appropriate. Lots of rescues literally hundreds of rescues over the weekend. The city a woman to be completely. Completely cut off. As we expect. We also had looting. Price gouging. Aunts. The usual power outages more than a million people knocked out. But it's utility crews have just been doing an extraordinary job because they have gotten hundreds of thousands of people back on line. And it's also been called just to see the regular people. Who just stepped up to the plate during this difficult time. To do something to help a neighbor. And even to help. Animals. Like the story did you hear about this one. It's a story of a guy a trucker from greenback Tennessee. The striker decided it's. He would its build a rescue shelter a mobile rescue shelter. Using a busts. He ripped out seats in the bus to make room for the passengers. And on the side it says emergency animal rescue shelter. This guy is certainly done an extraordinary thing. By rescuing. 64 dogs and cats. From floods. We always tell people don't forget about your animals. And here's a guy who went the extra mile. To make sure that the animals were taking care of as well. He stopped at some animal shelters. In order to. Help some of these animals and hand them off. To places where they can help return them to their owners or find home for the homes for these animals this is just the kind of example of someone just stepping up to bully nobody told this got to do this. But he decided to do so. Which is absolutely awesome. War continue to follow any developments with Florence. The lingering effects as they happen. But again we're very thankful for the fact that this storm has moved on. There are. Always when you have storms like this. Deaths that is so we said to see. Fortunately. I think those deaths have been kept to a minimum. They could have been a whole lot worse and even now. There's the need for caution in some of these areas and if you're in one of those areas we urge you. To be careful and not to take anything for granted to. At same time we fed some other news developing over the weekend. One story that's been gaining traction. Is the latest assaults. Against Brent Cavanaugh. Who is the Supreme Court nominee just when you thought this thing is about ready to sail through. Later this week. We now have an allegation of sexual assaults. We're the accuser has come forward and he's ready to testify. She claims red Cavanaugh assaulted her sexually. During their teenage years. Person's been identified in Washington Post story. Those published on Sunday. She spoke about the allegations publicly for the very first time. Her kind of situation detailed and confidential letter sent to democratic lawmakers earlier this year. And I know many of you were asking the same question I am. Why now. If they've had this story. For months at least why did they waited until now. I think you know the answer that question. I don't have any hesitation at all about saying. For this woman to be 51 years old. And make this accusation about things that allegedly happened as a teenager. This is. Reprehensible was what idiots. Democrats and even some Republicans are now calling for a delay. In the vote that scheduled on the nomination. They were supposed to be key committee votes on Thursday. For confirmation. Dianne Feinstein wrote Sunday I support mrs. Ford's decision to share her story now. That she has. It's in the hands the FBI to conduct an investigation mission have before the senate moves forward on this nominee. So here we are. With another. Installment of the circus. And I say that because that's exactly what this is. Interestingly enough. We have a couple of senators who are getting a little bit shaky. Including Jeff flake who does that wanna move forward this week's vote until he here's more from fort. Said there's a lot of information we don't know the FBI should have the time it needs to investigate this immaterial. Staff calls aren't the appropriate way to handle this. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Poland Grassley to delay the confirmation vote and tell. At a very minimum. These serious and credible allegations and thoroughly investigated. Why weren't they calling for this months ago. This just smells to high heaven it really does. And yet. When you're dealing with Democrats of this ilk there's really nothing to. Too low for them at all. By the way Lindsey Graham released a statement saying he's willing to hear her story. So if the committee is to hear from his forty should be done immediately said the process can continue as scheduled. Retiring senator Bob quarter. Not a member of the Jews Judiciary Committee told NBC the cynic. Should not press ahead with the committee votes without hearing from fort. I think I can pretty much guess what many of you were gonna think about this I want to get your opinion how seriously. Should these allegations be taken decades. Decades later. We'll get your thoughts as we continue our broadcast. She's made this allegation about aid and alleged sexual assault while both were in high school. Says she's willing testified to congress. It looked like everything which can be smooth sailing. For mr. Cavanaugh. The White House reiterating its support for Cavanaugh. Who on Friday categorically and unequivocally denied the accusations this has not changed. Judge Kevin on the White House both stand by that statement. According to a spokeswoman. At the White House. So we will see whether we get any testimony here. And how credible this woman comes across. We will also share. A couple of other perspectives on this along the way let's good to call now from Doug out of Charlotte good morning. He did good morning hope you're doing well yes. An accident proper by the way I. Whether everything okay in through no problems. But what I want to weigh in on here is that I think that basically what trump has been calling a witch hunt. This is. People going. Against. What. Is right and people need to go to jail for this they are violating the law they are making stories here. Out of thin air and it's time to stop people need to start go to pray that people start. Should be impeached. Now how do you do that how do you prosecute people for something like this. No I don't expect that the question what what we do I mean the course so far the left. Has complete control of all of this I don't know I'm I don't have the answers are really don't I mean I'm a proper I'm not someone. Who can you fix these things. We really need to test and we need to look at the law and people that we need to come forward and start. And yet they can all work at the wrong that is in witch hunt and people need to be held accountable. For what they're doing and I don't like and I'm selling. Script here. No not really I I think there are a lot of people out there who have that perspective Doug they're very concerned about fact. That eyes rig just come out of out of out of thin air and say hey the this happened way back an elementary school. I mean where do we draw the line I mean we had in law something called a statute of limitations. Talabani in the court of public opinion should their be a statute of limitations. I mean that's part of the question. Now they'll hear what it has on state like you're North Carolina there's no statue limitations on felonies. And this could accurately the expelling. What we're saying is exactly what you're saying. We we need to stop this if it's going to fork. Where do we draw the line what do we do know how we bring in the end I think people are literally out of control. Yes they are and one being supported out Doug appreciate your call. Is affected Democrats have had this information for months. And I mean looking at this. As an objective outsider. What it looks like to me is they were hoping to take this guy down. And then when all else failed they said to bring this out. In a we already had the information anyway let's save this and if we are able lay a hand on the guy well let's pull the Clarence Thomas thing. I mean doesn't this sound strikingly. Similar. To the same thing that was done Clarence Thomas it was last minute. Aunts Clarence Thomas of course referred to that is they. Would be called at a high tech lynching. That's really what it wise. Fortunately in his case it failed. And of these allegations are. As silly and as. Spurious as they appear to be hopefully they would have the same result. Jim out of Lyman good morning. Good morning then when you are doing well. Sir. Our first okay now for the first permanent elegant beautiful blue skies. It's very welcomed sight isn't it absolutely. Certain kind of cut on the whole issue it I would get Cavanaugh. I. Sitting way yet. And we need to hear it here because. We don't want to get the Democrats are saying hey. Well well. Don't care. About that. In the news that you know yes it was thirty years ago when eight election and if if it comes out that these are valid and happened. I think when I step further. Since the the indeed get our senator from California sent you candidates are several months and discreetly at the FBI. It's been turned on its there. GDP chart chart. Art art art that we polling evidence and and obstruction. And just as you. There's a great idea Jim. Yeah why wouldn't it sits another interesting thing here why is it you're not looking for justice you're looking for basically. To assault somebody's reputation. How does that become the higher priority. It's bizarre isn't it Jim. Very resign and I hate you know I don't know there at least you know out and not. Hope that you know and I haven't undertaken. And you know. And next but this is up all but don't let that things were valid and that there was fine. Diane Bryant and these recharge. Yet it's a very interesting perspective here you know and didn't think the perverse nature of this. I mean I would be ticked off I mean if a crime happened. I wanna see that crime. Prosecuted. I wanna see the criminal brought to justice that'll be the goal. But lately this doesn't seem to be the goal the goal is to take somebody down. That's how this game works and believe me it is a game engineered by the Democrat party. Day and good morning. Day and out of Columbia are you there. The Danish fallen asleep or we have lost his connection. Jeff good morning out of linked engine. I'm sure the other allegation and upload grand jury if they have no validity. They get or criminal chart that rates start at. Rights and who do you think that ought to be the bar. That you can actually have a criminal charge for anything like this to be taken seriously. So would the spectacle of a base and well noted. Not so long gone as well. Right but you do make a great point here Jeff I do appreciate your call which is if you can't charge. Someone criminally. And there's not enough evidence. Of a crime. Then what you have here. By the way. You may be intrigued by another aspect of the story it seems that Brent Cavanaugh smother. Presided over for a foreclosure case. That involved Christine blazing Ford's parents. I of the documents in front of me right now. This case that happened way back in 1996. 1986. You just have to wonder could this be revenge. It's just question. You just never know the motives. For some of the behavior of people engage. Not only could be political because we do understand that the accuser is a Democrat a Democrat donor. And I you throw this into the mix. And you have a previous. Interaction. Between the accuser. And Brent Cavanaugh smother. What do you think it is. Will continue to get your thoughts and perspectives were also gonna find out what James word that it's about this. While he really yeah. Comes out swinging on this will share that as we continue. Back to Vince Coakley radio program we're talking about the bread Cavanaugh nomination possibility that it could be delayed. The process of confirmation because of what you say new revelations. Lots of skeptical people on the text line. Today's political climate can be equal to a World Cup soccer game. GOP twenty dimmed to zero for two years the cup computers America's dams. Try to find something wrong with a each goal. I gold king count as the score was seen talking to the opposite team goalie in kindergarten collusion. Or the second scored tried kissing your girl forty years ago. It is sick. Also this the dims the resistant to becoming very readable it's a shame. We're all waiting for this salacious bombshell yes we work. Because this is quite predictable isn't. If the B the FBI were responsible for investigating every Democrat in the senate they groped somebody thirty years ago what do you think what happened. Man I will be full time job for the FBI would did not. That a person says it says something about that judge their level professionalism. Where standard principle the accused has the right to know and confront. Their accuser yet she didn't want to assure face and one that anonymity that was the original plan anyway. Sexual assault letter why now and why not to law enforcement instead of lawbreakers in Washington. Mike in Virginia says all BS. And we have this on the storm Vince. Just lets you know. You're tremendous listeners know the Donald is already doing an incredibly tremendous job helping flood victims. I'm doing a match much better job than Obama or George W can ever do. And I did an absolutely tremendous job saving thousands of people in Puerto Rico to. The natives their loved me. So spread the good news events. You guys are crazy let's drug took off from Dan in Columbia good morning. Good morning and that particular call. Of interest in process and we were also some good years ago that everybody wants their achievements of sadly some people use it to make complete fluke so. Again I buy echoed the slim White House and I guess the reason Dianne Feinstein is so behind this whole process has. At 85 years of age in the oldest member of arsenic she's just delighted to Milosevic who were actually remember something from. That is classic Dan. Appreciate it you're off a a a my goodness. The other thing I've heard I communicated about this just think of these committee members Democrat committee members. You know Cory I am Spartacus Booker memory AM. And throw in. Come online Harris is that out shipments username. All of these before running for president. And they love the attention this the opportunity to prove yet again how much Democrats love women. And are determined to protect women from those awful evil Republicans. Who want to molest them and rape them and and then make them have their babies. And each. This this just. There's no wind to their ridiculous behavior. Also in the text line. It's a concern to all the liberal BS climate change fake news fake polls social justice. Lying everyday. To the people. That a person mentioning this foreclosure case. Revenge Cavanaugh smother the judge that ruled against the woman's parents and foreclosure case. Where were the parents when the supposedly happened without addressing an offense when it happened one looses credibility. It becomes as good as slander. Pretty much. Not excusing bad behavior in cavernous has never happened I believe them. Most boys in high school forty years ago. Would fail meet you harassment criteria I was there this Dexter says. Vince judge Kevin as accuser must be heard simply as a matter of a formality of justice however. Such performance thus be received in the context what liberals. Overarching goals are to impede delay in derailed any costs. There must be priced be paid. If it's shown to be and true I agree with this. IE absolutely agree with debt. Statute of limitations plus. Was even a legal adult at that point. Just a sampling of some the text that have come in here Chris at Charlotte good morning good morning there. Yes sir. OK okay nothing is. Okay would you up. Knows everybody though will agree with me. Or instance. At a picnic. Years ago possession of malt beverage under age. Back. Now that back out yeah. I was young and don't. Everybody can play that every young and dumb they did not that dumb whenever. And tablet without a lot of mail he was younger and Dominik is open. Do you believe this allegation. No monopoly they don't but I decided they were young and now hello. The letter that. OK okay young and dumb. It's how this has been characterized here Tim good morning. Or a year ago. You work I invented it don't can run through. Defensive line particularly yes. How she can remember all itself. Why would not come out while he was working. In the way. The court. Makes. It convenient I believe it if you're year. It recorded eighteen electorate are actually trying to get here at least for governor electorate here. All the girls in. You know I think about it and in a lot remember she mineral rights issues enemies. I. Yep I AP there's a lot that sounds very very suspicious here. Outlets throughout chew Chris next good morning Chris. Are we don't there are rights. I'm very much ridiculous to a disgraceful they're exploiting. Women and the thing that they can go through. I just can't even imagine having their domestic Bacall and organ failure kid died as an excuse to be late for workers while it. But it is a way agreed to street men women and their and they're on the brick and MySpace and of them and try to make this so like some kind of I'm. Champion for women when your taking. Somebody's posters that the allegation of of sexual abuse. And this story around like all of that is just mr. does that happen now we're not like every camera here social. I allegations. It is or change it more and more in the credibility on more and more and it's better. If you have true victims out there they're facing me and every day. And the Democrats should be so change insults. Yep there's no shame you know that's by the way. Brit Cavanaugh has maids some statements this morning saying he's willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee once again. To refute these allegations. He said this is a completely false allegation I've never done anything like with the accuser described to irk anyone. So that's news for Brett Kevin this morning. Saying he's willing to respond to these allegations. If they continue hearings. My goodness so we're talking about these. New allegations against Brent Cavanaugh. This woman who's come forward Kristine blazing Ford. Who's willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here's some scathing words these are words. James would. Yeah actually put out a tweet on this subject. James Woods does not mince words at all in this. If Republicans don't stand up to these meat to lynchings the Democrats will destroy them one nomination won election. One man at a time. These fabricated smear jobs are calculated cancer. The line in the sand must be drawn. Hash tag confirmed Cavanaugh. Wow. What do you think. Do you agree with what he said here basically look. This is a calculated strategy to not just about Brit Cavanaugh this is the democrats' strategies smear smear smear. Scrub to kneel in Charlotte good morning. Yeah to their movie so called Christians. Even act and everybody's been pretty different everywhere. And who's that by the way. I heard a couple of markers on your radio principle. That's more. And you you all so now who who's been this year. Who adopt them out there lately you always been an hour and their their walk and don't really know or CP or. He gave it even at her because they actually. Know. I AA and I am not side taking such a position at all want him during its raising serious questions. About why somebody would have something so egregious allegedly happened decades ago. In all of a sudden after hearings over with it's time to bring that up doesn't that sound kind of suspicious to you. In order. Abbott leaker her. And why do you believe her by the way are you would Democrats. I'm an independent or well okay and that is why do you believe her. I believe for the column after the she's telling the truth come out and don't believe you know at all. In that department hypocrite Christians around here. What is okay way way way to stick near how we get Indy portrait Christians here where did that come from. So this this is one of my concerns here how how we can just so easily. For around slanderous allegations and broad brush people. Now a Taylor I've certainly spoken to you I've spoken to the political. Machinations of the Democrat party I've really so much spoken about this particular woman much as I have the Democrats that are on this committee. Those are two separate entities all together. Now you may look at those in very different ways. Or you may look at those as the same. I think they're very different entities altogether. And okay. Well I mean it's it it doesn't matter what I'm saying to you is. You are broad brushing your doing the very same thing richer accusing other people doing do you realize that. I am not or should know. I am now do you know everything hoot who you calling a hypocritical Christian for instance. Who are they. You get Ramone you how do you even know all that they have anything to do with. Christ or Christian. And I thought it at one they will be. About an album louder and I'll and I'll bring them down near you obviously had an axe to grind against Christians don't you. Are we and I. Nor do not been nowhere the company. And we don't straighten itself out. And how how will that happen. Don't know that comment and and how does it get straightened out Neil will straighten it out we'll go to 00. My kind of go and vote now. Our current and Colin Powell is so called trip and they get old Neil. Wherever it's a year old. And it. The whole. Earth calling neo come in the L. Obviously he he he he he you know I kind of wonder whether that was even a prank caller because it's. It was so so lame there really was super lame Willie good morning. I talk about the feeling. Another problem Christian I think it a question is that everybody cult another birdie he's closer is sent. Are there that the that your vote will restrict you want. I love hate is where. Kids. Well myself and their situation without them details at real warrior or a moment but in the remote corner is. Also in the loop and wounded I started because. And that the bottom line you know people waited 3040 years c'mon acute beat. Executives and now are one candle lighter weight problem because art is their anger and at 18. They're cute resorted wanna be credit or somebody went their fingers sales what you do well with the which. Anyway. Irrelevant argument that it was thirty years ago or whatever because. Sometimes people witnessed the change and and also significantly is saying you know because it's a Democrat or go to our inability to track and and that is under from yours. Well those of Republicans. Leveled after market parts and you were never came out and you're in part because you know. No not necessarily not necessarily in Willie I've taken a lot of heat for other things because remember the Roy Moore thing. I think there were some validity to some of those accusations so. And and honestly I see I think I've. That I wanna step into this again. IE believe the accusations against the president which apparently have been borne out in recent days. By the way the the Trump Organization and the drop machine. Has addressed these allegations. So. This cannot be characterized as a partisan thing for me. I hope that settles that particular case. Much more as we continue and our number two the other thing we've been talking about what's going now with the NFL. It looks like before paying for tickets like the used to. What's going on year maybe you have some answers.