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Tuesday, September 18th

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Good morning welcome to our Tuesday broadcast and we begin with breaking news right now we're gonna take you to Capitol Hill and listen and well certainly not my favorites senator actually were going to attempt to do this. Try to find the source for this right now Mitch McConnell is speaking on the senate floor. About this controversy that is brewing the accuser of judge Cavanaugh. That'll be interesting to. Hear what he has to say here but basically the keys. The first part of his comments he's expressing. Frustration. With the process the way these allegations have kind of seeped out. Let's listen in efforts and deliver morally. To the communities that need it most. This landmark legislation addresses the questions. At every step of the way it. It contains provisions to cut down on them no and other illegal drugs coming across there. Later those comments are over with. Mitch McConnell was speaking to the very beginning the issue of how these allegations. Have surfaced I will tell you more about what he had to say. In a bid here. But he obviously you've moved on to something house we will talk about this issue little bit later on I wanna start. At a place. Where I'd like to starch. Which is good news. Questions that would raise. For those who were calling for socialism. We're calling for a redistribution. Of wealth. I would ask them the question. Can you show me a place. Where. People actually. Move up the economic latter. Surely when that happens in socialism. It's very difficult case to make. And yet what I can show you was evidence that freedom and capitalism works. We have yet another example. A story by Terry Jeffrey. In C and S news. Hispanic household income is hit a record high. It's this kind of ironic. That we have under a racist president. Ha ha. Who supposedly has disdain for Hispanics. We have this great economic views median household income for US households in which the house holder is Hispanic. Hit a record high of 50486. Dollars. In 2070. And here's what the Census Bureau. Actually confirmed we can confirm the real median household income was higher in 2017. Then and any prayer year. For which we have data. The 50486. Dollar Hispanic median household income. An increase of 17186. Dollars or three point 7%. From the static median household income and 2016. Which was 48700. How does this happen. In this report income and poverty in the United States the Census Bureau caution and making historical comparisons between the report's overall median household income numbers for years before. And after two neither team has changes the census Burr made the survey and 4014. But they've affirmed. This is definitely a new record. One of the things. And this is something that I think needs to be part of the conversation here ER. Less than two months away from mid term elections don't you think this is an important part. Of the conversation for the mid terms. I think this ought to be near the top of the list if not at the top of the list. What is going on with the economy. Now it's very obvious for the democrats' strategy years. They're going to bring back the same thing that they always run on which she is. We've. Women. Who actually cares for women. And most of the time. Who cares for women as victims. Which seems to be the only way Democrats. Liked to promote women. In a status of victim hood. Case in point the spectacle that we're currently observing. In the controversy. Involving judge Cavanaugh. But the Republican Party. Needs to do a much better messaging job as well. This issue. The economy. Needs to be heralded trumpeted. No pun intended. This needs to be front and center. And there's the risk here. That if this is not correctly understood. People make make some very bad choices this fall. Another piece of good news. This one. Involves Wall Street probably not surprising to a lot of people because everybody has the idea these people are going to be rich no matter what. Downloaded this the average salary and bonus for broker dealer firm employees. It rose to 422500. Dollars in New York City. Think about that. 422500. Dollars. New York Stock Exchange member firms pretax profits totaled thirteen point seven billion dollars. In the first half of the year that's up 11% from the same period. In 2017. The average compensation for employees of Wall Street firms climbed more than 10% last year. 10%. The average salary and bonus for employees at broker dealer firms in New York City increased to 422500. In 27 team. And to 389004. Securities industry employees on lying out Long Island. The average wage for all industries in New York State 61460. According to the Department of Labor. This gives you some perspective. On how while Wall Street is doing business. The financial services firms accounted for fourteen billion dollars. Of state tax collections. In the fiscal year ending march 31. 18% of the total. That is a whole lot of money. Just imagine that. Again. Friend consider it ought to be. For the mid term elections economic prosperity. Don't get caught in the mud in the arguing over all of these stupid things and there are plenty of them out there. But the messaging has to be clear as to be concise. And it has to be personal. Drive and hold. To the average person to help them understand the opportunity before them ends. The fact of what they've already gained and that is a whole lot. Love to get your thoughts as we begin the broadcast today coming up. Will talk about the deep classification. Of documents related to the Russia probe. It's been characterized as a stunning move we'll talk about coming. Bakken Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the tech slide Vince limerick alerts. If you never quite got your fill SaaS pools and sewage and swell. You'll soon see this sequel that certainty. To equal the saga of a need at hill. That is Alan Spartanburg isn't that the truth. This is going to be quite interest and say at least. Vince many people don't realize Feinstein is one of the fossils born in 1933. And 86 years old absolutely no in my experience never mind term limits. Have age limits after 72. Uniqueness. A physiologist test. This year pure of sound mind to be a lawmaker. And a my goodness. Sounds like trumps policies are doing more for wealth distribution than any socialist system I have seen your probably right about that. Warner right mind thinks any of these old millionaire Democrats actually want to help anybody. They don't you know that. The other person comedy about the wealth that Wall Street not to mention what they steal from us in back to us. While we cynical. Redistribution of wealth is the only liquid that flows uphill. And they ego. Just who exactly been making these gains that you speak average wages have actually fallen in respect to inflation. Of the administrations of trumpet Obama wealth gap continues to spiral out of control. Don't get me started it on what trump instead toward national debt. Well. In that context. You've heard me talk about this before we're not doing anything different. I'm thankful for the economic development and for the positive economic activity. But unless you do two things get our spending and debt under control. And get rid of the Federal Reserve you're not going to solve the problem you just described. So I'm winning for somebody with the courage and wisdom to do those things. Not holding my breath will just put it that way. This drug to Mike can surely can morning. I bet they have been a hero praise and preach about our economy note. But you know if you still believe in about oh which separates people loot. Public doesn't right now it says that a party as the root of all people. Is that what it says Mike. I'm pretty sure that some day says the love of money is the roots of the what type. Hello. Okay yeah that's an important clarification there's nothing wrong with money in and of itself but the love of money yes absolutely a bad thing. Also keep track using money. You kind of frightened that people are up. Not really the you know it's all. All in the hearts of the person who engages in the commerce. I can be a wealthy person and have a good hard. I can be pour and have a weak at heart. Hey if you agree with. Rate would be apathetic majority of what you're doing. Okay well let me let me just suggest this are you concerned. About Greek. Great that's and that's what this world does it matter if Reid. Yeah. Green towel. Yep I agree with you that if those are the things that. That our culture is based upon and our country is based upon. It's a foundation of of sinking sand. Yes he's got a part of followers reduced so weak minded. Narrow minded people believed in excite. Yeah I know I'm there with you served. I mean definitely I share your concern about the fact there's much more to our country. Then dollars and cents I do appreciate your call. And it's a point you've heard any race I mean I'm I'm very thankful and I think there's a careful balance here you can be thankful for the economic activity which. Causes us to prosper yet the same time I've repeatedly said this country can ride its way down to hell. In the midst of economic prosperity. And what do I mean by that I mean if if the foundations. In terms of our values our principles our morals are ethics if all of those things go and always have going force is money. We are doomed. I don't hesitate to say that. I just wanna be very clear about where I'm coming from here. Let's go out huge gene in Greenville good morning. Yeah I yeah I heard that teleconference. You know what you people of sexual well and you've rightly corrected and so lovely but there's another aspect to the Bible. I wish to Fella and they aren't. If you read the book of proverbs a year and you go to similar packages. And dust at 18 knowledge and Mardy marked pool. Pool. Who and I love themselves sound but the apostle Paul all the little awful we're not opening a profitable. Attempt to cool. International war no morality killer. Or even approach to the papers say had little morality to the outside of what capture market tightening. If you're hot it's too low warship the skull cap. While yeah if you're the movie table at your heart is to push to let the use of such resources as a school. You're told that you why I told you know we were to prosper you assembly but also to prosper you can get great. And you're at your local complicated chart to whatever it may be it is a troll would rightfully used you'll be rightful outcome and that's. Gay man to that and I would just dead part of what you're talking about here gene is the difference between owing money. And the money owning view and that is the key difference there or do appreciate your colleague gene that is. It's part of the the overall picture. That we've got to maintain here because I have been concerned you've heard me voiced this a number of times before. I think this goes all the way back to the campaign I'm trying to think the who's that guy who is on Fox News the pollster. He was sporting this out one time it's like you scandal at many affected the seems to all be about money. And for a lot of people really yes but scratch you Mary good morning. I agree with you and the collar and it ill gotten gains would love art burn the not just money money out he'll think if you got you're right why you have to earn it in the right way. You're absolutely right it's it's receive first and foremost it should be legal. And their ethical considerations as well wanted to hear from you there Mary. Let's talk about what is going on with this. Brent Cavanaugh issue we're gonna go into this little bit more but I wanna tell you one developing story Brent Cavanaugh is at the White House. Right now. Now I assume this is part of a process. To strategize. About where things go from here. And what are likely to be hearings next week. So again brick Cavanaugh at the White House. The other big story. President Donald Trump has declassified documents related to the Russia probe. This is something that has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows. Especially for intelligence officials. But he ordered the public release of highly classified documents and text messages related to the FBI investigation. Into whether his campaign conspired with Russia. The directive does this. It orders. The Director of National Intelligence Department of Justice in the FBI to declassify. About twenty pages. The highly sensitive application for surveillance against Carter page a one time trump foreign policy aide. The deck the documents the trumpets releasing. They reflect a specific request down to the page numbers may provide a Republican members of the house judiciary and intelligence committee. Justice and intelligence officials. Had resisted releasing this information they were concerned that was too sensitive but nonetheless. Doesn't matter now because it is coming out what does that mean what will be the impact on the investigation. Who knows. We will find out. Stay with us. Back of the Vince Coakley radio program. By the way if you like to join our interaction you are walking to do show the Eagles advantage talk whenever. 8092 at 1110 comments it's retirement planning takes line. It's 71307. Over and that text line. Vince Cavanaugh is getting the judge Roy Moore treatment. It worked in Alabama so why would work here. That person expressing concern about what my kids say earlier about money. The scholars that type person that hurts the Conservative Party I mean really just listen. Pour my club people to try to use the Bible to make their point and haven't cracked one open in decades. While Pittsburgh or. The person mr. and think of texture correctly. Mentioned Frank Luntz lamenting the fact it. We seem to ever preoccupation with money. Since I'm curious this is not be wise guy. What good money look like in biblical dates well in some ways the same thing money looks like now. There's always some form of currency. To exchange or barter. And we have this side note to Mike broke people can't help anyway. That's a pretty much true isn't it. That it takes to say Mike needs to get overs own greed some of the meanest most racist jealous people I know. Have been poor. They think because they are poor they get a pass they're usually just mad because they can't do with a rich do. Sometimes that is the case. It's a friend who's extremely intelligent but is a die hard liberal he takes everything he reads. And all these liberal biased web sites like slopes in fact check dot org as gospel. Convince him he's falling for BS. Mechanic friend. You know I would necessarily even argue that. I think it needs to be your example and you're sharing your love for your friend. That ultimately will win him over not arguing even over facts. Because a lot of people really don't care about facts and it's awful to say that. But it's. I think it's you. Your example. That is probably the best testimony. Of whatever it is you're trying to advocates for your friend. First and these 610610. For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil. Some by lunging forward of wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many Greeks. Is that the truth. Money holding view or you loaning money. That's good Vince guide actually has person is saying gold is money everything else is credit. You know that quote is from. 1912 congressional testimony. JPMorgan. What does this tell you about all of these people in the financial industry. Let me repeat that phrase again. Goal this money everything else is credit. He. Yet if you haven't read it you need to read the creature from Jekyll island. And read about what's going on with our so called currency by the way. Those of you listen this program a regular basis. Probably were called the conversation I had with Ron Paul just a few weeks ago when I was in Kentucky. And one of the points he made. Is this very concerned we're we're not addressing. The foundation. That we can cut around the edges and we can make some adjustments but the big picture. In terms of dealing with their debt the the fact that our currency. Is actually losing value. You know. What are we going to address this sucker get better. Certainly you know according to do that on its zone. Then choosing your own justification on the deep state regards the Deke class vacation phys education if they have nothing to hide. They have nothing to fear. Or hate. It's funny to hear people demonize some liberal policies as redistribution of wealth. Would you. Categorized the trump taxcut. Which is led to massive corporate profits at the expense of the middle class trump was supposed to eliminate corporate tax loopholes but somehow they got lost in the final product. Now corporations pay even less taxes in the average worker sounds like redistribution of wealth to be. No I don't see a problem and I and I said this before I don't see a problem with entities. Getting backed more of the money they've current. It's really that simple. I do nots in any way believe. That just because somebody else did something that is taken away for me. And I don't believe that. Anybody's money. Is mine. Unfortunately we've got millions of people who believe that money that would normally be in the United States treasury. It belongs to them it doesn't. And I repeat this to my dying day. Even if everybody else gets a tax cut other than me I will still advocate for people to get that tax cut. Because I still think it's better in the hands of individuals. Or even corporations. Then hands of politicians. That's my perspective anyway Robert in rock kill good morning. Yes sir. I I want to talk about redistribution. Of wealth. I figured out how to do he he he he decided that you educate your children. And they don't necessarily have to go to call it. Because there's a million trade out there to make money. So. Everybody get an education who are at work and that will redistribute what. I'd love it it's pretty simple is that Robert. Tore it pretty simple stuff and in LA I was joking around somebody was telling me about moving in. Movie I they've they were making reference to Jefferson's theme song moving on up. You know he and I know it's a fictional show. But I without permanent as they move on up. Was because they were receiving welfare benefits. Though is because a guy. Was an entrepreneur or at a cleaning business and prosper. That's how he moved up and I think it's got an interest in that even that message. It's time. Was a pretty I think it was a pretty positive message to send other black people. There's nothing wrong with being a capitalist. Also on the text line. Money makes a great servant but it terrible master John out of jobs and that's really good. Could tell you classify preacher that is a TV show that also has a collection of classic corvettes. I will let you classified that I'm gonna leave them alone. Supposedly the truck Tex get this was supposed to trickle down the middle class aside for a handful of one time bonuses the tax cuts which is used by corporations. To buy back an artificially inflate their own stock prices. Will pay the price when are 41 case it wiped out in the next collapse. Also this do you know a good attorney I had a dream last night that Cavanaugh molested by wife. You people are crazy. It's all I can say about business in Texas I never get a job from a poor man. Yep. He sailed Democrats are search Lewis actually I did not say. When she interview Brandon brown James Smith. Mary Karen you'll find the very mainstream while the GOP. Simply trump sick offense. In that respect when I've communicated before I do not buy into false binary choices don't buy into them. There are people at all levels of the political spectrum. And just because a person is not ace a Democrat. Doesn't mean their trump supporter. People of all. All perspectives here. Lots of conversation about money this morning on the tech slide including this. This right grandfather told me all the money in the world could be passed out the population and even shares in twenty years the rich would be rich again. They have the work ethic and knowledge to get it back. Pressure responding to a previous text or I call a preacher as a collection of corvettes a blessed man I'd be jealous of a man's harvest. When I didn't see what he planted. At Paul out of options. And we have this. Corey cleese yesterday's 510 and where loads of money never has enough whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless. Yep remember that general message of MacLeish EST this all is vanity. I mean keep in mind this first broke this was from a wealthy person at all of the women all the money can possibly. And he found himself in T. We would do well to remember that. In the same the applies to us is a country. There are things that are certainly a greater value. It's not a sexy to talk about sometimes but. We have to remember that. So. We've got these documents that are getting released and I'm sure to be a matter of time before we learn what's in these documents and what they. What bearing their mayhem on the investigation do you expect anything of significance to take place here does an expose anything. I I think again it's another situation we have to manage our expectations I don't expect any smoking guns here. And again this is one of those things that's driven a lot by perspective. People have a certain perspective they're going to find something to bolster that perspective whatever it is whatever direction. That's how this has worked for quite some time. On this Cavanaugh subject. Fox has an interesting story this morning. Cavanaugh accuser has not yet accepted invitation to testify before congress I was quite. Puzzle when I saw the story because all of the height. Over the last day or two has been about the fact that there's going to be hearing next week. According to fox. It's not official yet. Fox's told Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee. On Monday night reached out of Ford's lawyers says in Christine blaze seaports lawyers. To invite her to next Monday's open hearing to discuss her allegation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh. But she has not responded yet. Ford is a California based professor she revealed her identity over the weekend. In Washington Post report she said Cavanaugh Awad high school pinned her down. Try to remove her bathing suit and put his hand over mouth when she attempted screen. Cavanaugh. Has denied this allegation. And we all remember those of us who old enough to remember. The memories this brings back from 1991. The Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. Senator scramble to ranging hearing after Thomas was confronted with sexual harassment accusations by law professor Anita Hill. Thomas denied the accusations. And was narrowly confirmed. So effect calls to delay the committee votes on capitalist domination. The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley. Invited Cavanaugh and Ford to a public hearing. On Monday. And during television appearances on Monday Ford's attorney Deborah Katz indicator client was willing to take whatever. It takes to get her story fourth and would testify before the committee under oath but Katz has not confirm four will show up for Monday's open hearing. Which would be aired on live television. He kind of wager here could there be some nervousness here I mean think about this. You're testifying under oath. There's a certain amount of liability with fat. And I go back to what I said before. And I don't need to say anything disparaging about this woman. But I would certainly raised the question. About anybody's memory you know put. Watch and and have a conversation sometime with a police officer someone for that with the FBI someone in law enforcement. And torque but that law enforcement person about people's memories. Talk with him about witnesses. Witnesses. And how they were call a certain event. And I'm talking about events that take place 24 hours before. People will think they saw something they did not seek. And I think equally. Especially with the psychological crap. That is out there in the universe right now. With the right kind of coaching people can find anything they can't. One day may have Miami. Go into this further. But I think this has been one of the most destructive elements of our society. The psychological. The psychological paradigm which has been brought to bear on life. We've moved from a spiritual perspective. To a psychological one. His seat. I believe that. You've got a body soul and spirit. And what a lot of people wanted to do and frankly a lot of so called Christians want to do this. They wanna reduce everything to them mind. How about the heart how about the soul. These are largely neglected. While we just focused on the mind. As if somehow. If we just. Put the right information in its like a computer. That it's going to. Have some sort of affect. Aunts. It's not politically correct to say this I would say the same thing of the Bible. There are people who think they can just take in Bible Bible Bible Bible Bible and that's gonna change them. If it doesn't sink into the heart and the soul. You may as well read poured. I mean I'm. I'm just being honest here. Our number two straight ahead.