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Tuesday, September 18th

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Welcome to our number two of our broadcast. We don't through the previous hour that Brit Cavanaugh and his accuser have been invited to testify. Before a senate committee next Monday in so far Fox's reporting. That the accuser has yet to formally accept this invitation. What do you think is going on in her mind. Getting there's some hesitation. Some doubt about her story enough. If she's not inclined to testify under oath. Gotta make sure wondered is it. Now it's probably good time for us to take a look at the date in history. As we have get a look at this particular date. The eighteenth day of September. And we bring aboard our good friend lines so welcome back to the bright guest. Thank you for companies that are. Sir listen to that. We have a total of. Four were. Questions weren't at the at a when ego let's go say are you sure yet is uncertain I was beginning to wonder there because. And seat there it is it disappeared below the march. 1783. This first president. Lay the cornerstone of the US capitol. Who wasn't toward us. Very good ending ending mean mean mean you cannot tell a lie. 1851. The first edition of this particular newspaper probably the most famous one in the country. What is it. New York Times you are correct it. See I gave you're good against meaning you probably would not have been helped by a factor the year its original first edition was called the New York. Daily times. Yeah I never would have figured it out from now. Well because the problem is there's a New York Daily News now ended New York Times so that could've been confusing and I decided to spare you. Event thank you. These three branches of the military reunited under the national security act. What are the three branches of the military. When your was 1947. Three branches of the military. C a filly does is trick question but it's not know army navy air force you're absolutely rights. Are we want to make an airforce yes very straightforward. It's pretty good three for three I'm impressed and last but not least. We had this rocker who passed away in London England. 1970. Mail. One of those tragic. Musician deaths. Premature deaths. Jim Morrison. Hold my goodness get the first name right. Jim Croce. Straight to you that a Jimmie Johnson. Strike there hey. Jim Bob tutored. That's pretty good to neighbors Jim. Scary. Anybody here wanna get us. Jimi Hendrix. Died in London England. 1970. On this date the thing that threw me off was England I didn't realize he died. I did not either. Used up all the other Jimmy's. All I had more to music on is going to be walker next. Much from you are. So scary we have to do it all I know. I hoped that you would go dynamite the tune in to this point man. Oh well life goes on fume events and we'll wait and watch the Emmys. Anyway and when demand that was one dealer yeah I knew exactly. My sentiments exactly. I don't watch these awards shows I didn't mean sometimes I might watch. You know some of the music awards those of you want to be most interest in heaven he watched those. But Italy's were on and there is a particular person. Who won an Emmy award his first in me. And he said he wrote the speech port 43. Years ago you know this person us. An old guy in old guy. Who's famous back in the what seventies. With a hit show. That you probably watched. Happy days. That's pretty impressive. Henry wing color. Has won his first enemy. And he said he wrote the speech 43. Years ago. So he's won his first Emmy. For best supporting actor in a comedy series for Berry never heard of the show by the way. This was on Monday at the seventeenth annual primetime Emmy Awards. This was actually a seventh Emmy nomination most recent was back in 2000. Nominated for best for guest actor in a comedy series for Battery Park guest actor in it. Drama series for Battery Park. And say rich and he said he wrote the speech. 43 years ago. How can be now when for Arthur fonds a rally. I mean more it was wrong with that what's wrong with throwing people I think his leather jackets in the Smithsonian's. Really a belief slow. That is kind of entry and I am certainly happy for this guy because by all accounts are the effort about him. He has adjusted genuinely nice guy all all the way here. So it's kind of cool to see someone receive an honor like this. Because he's getting up there in age I don't know his actual age issues. But. At least I spring chicken or question about that that has to be frustrating. To be nominated several times and to not make it and now to pull this off it's cool. Absolutely cool I'm sure you're encouraged. What are being encouraged we've won many awards are. We have to wait 43 meters world listen to a let's say we don't Audubon mean you get more. Yeah it's straight forward Jon and everybody else there one stuff. That is true that is true a text too by the way says the Emmys. Should be renamed big cities makes more sense it's. People are absolutely brutal unsold these shows have gone political line yet watch and more it's nothing but bashing. Yeah and I think this is one of the reasons why a lot of people lost interest is it's no longer five. Pitchers sitting there basically. Getting insulted. That's. Not the way I'd wanna spend an evening. Hearing the values and things that I believe and you know get married or or whatever stupid thing that there cause that they are on this weeks ago. Don't blame me a bit one so great to talk with you man. Same here will do it again very very soon. As we continue on the broadcast by the way over this is great this Dexter says Siri told him that. Every week where is 72. 72. While it's pretty amazing isn't it. Coming up the broadcast we're gonna talk abouts are. Uncivil discourse. A couple of things to share along those lines in. We invite your conversation. Stimulus. Bakken Vince Coakley radio program. Wanna share with you an email I received just few minutes ago assists. This is the kind of thing that really encourages me it's about. You know one these I never really wanted to do was to stir up to stir strike. Just have people arguing and you come away from the broadcast just feeling really feeling dirty. See I already had that feeling back but I worked in television news. I felt like I had to take a shower every day not because we were telling people things that were wrong. Is it just felt like it was just nonstop. Had news. I wanted some ability to. Communicate something redemptive. To be able to speak from heart rather than just reading prompter. Talking about murders and rapes and buyers and tragedies in missing people. In stat that you don't need to know about those states. But if you were to watch the news. And this is where you get your perspective about the way the world is. I mean. Let's be honest. It's depressing. It really years. Nonetheless. I received an email just a few minutes ago. During the break. That just reminds me what are the reasons why I enjoy. Doing this. Because just some of the things that we're able to talk about in this broadcast. That you probably are not corny here or anywhere else. Doug great sand. I was listening this morning and heard you mention decrease us along with everything else about money. And the switch was flipped in me. She had been feeling very down lately I deal with depression. I'm recovering opiate addict. An alcoholic with a few slower backed and joint problems. Iran into a financial problems several months ago in the company or work for stopped overtime. I should win out got a part time job to keep the bills pay but I didn't because they couldn't seem to find one fit my schedule. I've held a grudge for months now. And I didn't see it until I was listening to your show this morning. So now three months behind in the car payments and I have a grudge to get rid of Doug. Thank you. That word of encouragement. That you received a message here that was. Helpful to you and we certainly wish you the best. And that you were able to be encouraged and find hope. To continue and to overcome. I wanna talk about. The very opposite. As I told you some time ago I'm very concerned about what's happening with our discourse. It's really going down the tubes. It's been a very very contentious atmosphere for quite some time and some of you. You know I'm not judging any view but some if you enjoyed this. And I hear people all this all the time say well it's time to given back to those Democrats. So what it would you have at the end of the day you just have more strife. Haven't solved anything you haven't won anybody over. All you've done is you've just succeeded it having more strife. By the way this is a genuine Fox News alert. And Russian military plane has been shut down in Syria. Boy I'd be curious to find out who shot that went down. Again a Russian military plane shot down in Syria. And let's hope had nothing to do with the United States of America. Hope and pray. Here's example what happens. When our discourse just completely falls apart you just have stupidity. Violence. And just. Basic incivility. Florida governor Rick Scott's. Was booed out of a restaurant as protesters vented their frustration over the State's red algae tied crisis. Scott was making campaign stop in Venice Florida when he was met with angry protesters outside of mergers Rio Cuban restaurant. The governor. Is term limited under Florida's constitution. Currently in a tight race against incumbent senator Bill Nelson. For Nelson senate seat. Here in the restaurant but only stayed about ten minutes before he left to a Boeing crowd. His supporters held a campaign signs and chanted Rick's got to drown out protesters. Was all this abouts. Florida's been hit by a widespread epidemic of toxic algae also noticed red tide it's harmful to humans. We kills thousands of fish. Phenomena is common in the gulf makes Cuba scientists at gold global warming is increased the size and location of the problem. Protesters outside the restaurant reportedly chanted hey hey ho ho red tide recast ago. And held signs dubbing him red tide writ. Johnson Tara assertion that a rest resident came to protest got wearing a white Hazmat suiting gas mask. He told the newspaper he and his sons go to the beach now document the environmental crisis not to swim. When you wipe out the economy in the tourism Florida's dead. This doesn't show as we need to do things differently and hold people accountable what will. Sketch critics told the newspaper freeze only exacerbated the problem. Increased nutrient levels and water from leaking septic tanks or lawn fertilizer causes red tie blooms to develop. Got signed legislation to repeal mandatory septic tank inspections in 2012 is governor. Also cuts 700 million dollars from the State's water management districts and reduce staffing in the Florida state department of environmental protection. Scott spokesman. Said the governor spending use all available resources to fight back against red tide algae. Scott declared a state of emergency in seven counties last month. And directed nine million dollars in grant funding to help communities. While red tide is naturally occurring algae has been documented along Florida's Gulf Coast since the 1840s. Governor Scott is fighting to use all available resources to help impacting communities. Including declaring a state of emergency providing millions of dollars in grant funding to southwest Florida counties for clean up the recovery. But this course isn't good enough. We're just gonna boost somebody out of a restaurant. I. C'mon. And we have this you may remember yesterday we told you the tragic story. The tragic story the little boy. Who drowned his mother was not able to hold onto rooms happened here in the Charlotte area. And I encourage you yesterday to suspend. Judgment. As there are times. We don't need to judge we need to love. This is one of them. Jason posted this on social media at that it was awesome. I read the authorities found the body of the little one year old boy lost in the floodwaters over the weekend. This is a heavy tragedy a heavier tragedy if that is possible and ideas. Is the heartless group of people calling for the mother to be charged in the thoughtless group of people whose immediately expressed responses are words a review. My way of seeking a mother made the mistake is not what is wrong with humanity know the wrong in humanity. The shadow late in people were keyboard profits keyboard politicians and keyboard the illusions. Shame on you all. Xiamen retribution. For your hearts of stone your minds of righteousness. Pre for a harder flesh. Keep your mouth closed Intel you're in receipt of it. I was once the same way looking back I'm glad that I showed that snake skin. Thank you Jesus. Hash tag words of death. Hash tag salt in wounds. Hash tag heartless. Hash tag terrible instincts. Jason's right on the money. Here. Let's try to cultivate hearts of compassion love and caring. In the midst of tragedy. Back on the broadcast year we're talking about. Uncivil discourse. You need any more examples. Well we have this fine example. And in this is so this is what's so sad. There everywhere. They're everywhere. I started reading a book I'm not even gonna give you the title of the book. It's one of those books. Where you can read the introduction and part of the first chapter I was very much captivated by it. I'm not even gonna give the title because it's inflammatory to some if you knew immediately react. But what I've read so far I agree with every single bit. I will just tell you. The good part of what these politicians Korea and is your year. So part of what I'm interest in in his seeing healthy people. Healthy people not just physically. But spiritually and mentally healthy because if you are healthy you cannot be may have manipulated by fools. And the problem he has. Too many of us are manipulated the 'cause we are in fear. And isn't this the currency. That is being exchanged a good part of the time in politics. Democrats what are they doing. Trying to scare you. Republicans gonna take away your right to kill babies. That's the way this works as. Republicans put out. You don't it's close you become speaker and house. Don't. To move. I do I want that which to become the speaker of the house of course not. But you better off for something more than fear I think it was George W. Bush when he was running for president. Remember what he said about the Democrats they have nothing to offer but fear itself. There was also agreed showed you watched that. I think it was nine years ago called fear itself it was a series. Goes on television it was a great show. Anyway. We're talking about uncivil discourse. So imagine this. Now what you I'm just gonna put this question at Charles and John. Where do we most here at the message that we need to be tolerant. What group of people. Do you most here that we need to be tolerant toward. That would be on the list that's one group that you and other. Transgender. You're more on the right track here OG BT cute yes. So is an interest in that Joseph Biden is speaking. And a pro LG BT Human Rights Campaign annual dinner. So you would think this should be a place. That is a paragon of any refuge of civility toward others. You think. Not so much. Here is crazy uncle Joseph Biden speaking. At this event. Despite. Lou it is the courts. And the court of public opinion. These forces of intolerance. Remain determined undermined roll back progress fuel made. This. Day. Not you. Haven't ally in the White House this time day. A small percentage the American people hear people. Some of them dregs of society. Instead of using. The full weight of the executive branch. Is secured justice dignity see a future all. The president uses the White House as a literal liberals bully pulpit. Kallis. Alice curtains are those who have little or no. Wonderful time there's crazy uncle Joseph Nigeria is speaking about what tolerance. Did you find what he just said tolerance. Referring to people it's dregs of society. This is crazy isn't it. And I feel bad for these people. I really do. Because there is no path Ford as long as you are holding a grudge. And you vilify a group of people. There's no way Ford. Don't unity as a nation that we can ever built with this kind of thinking. Let me rephrase this this kind of non thinking because there's no thought here at all or your doing is manipulating people's emotions. The sub works. This goes into the category. Remember Hillary Clinton September 2016. To just being grossly generally stick you can put half of trump supporters into what I called the basket of deplorable it's. Lovely have. Just lovely. Let's draw took off from duck in Charlotte good morning. The Coakley quote at an earlier I don't know you finished the conversation regarding the the median household income data that you were disgusting. I thought that I thought that same report in what I found very interesting in that report. Is. African Amanda African American Media console in column. Is look at today then it wasn't too out. I'm sure you saw it dated 2000 the media how vocal how political. Back in America and 4200348. And now based on the day that it be a published. Yet today or whatever it publish it. That for 2017 that median house political looked down 40000. To beat the eight. And so we hit it real good group. You know and intent increased. The Hispanic blown up from 47. Reported that defeat people waiting weeks. Quite powerful and go wind up from sixty 124 bit. 68148. Asians call the chart I mean they're there they opened 80000 categorical. You know I'd wind so when we when he when you're talking about is economic progress obviously is one rule. In the group that it is partly beaten out is. Feel let down in them obviously includes the eight years of the Obama presidency I'm an independent. I would go to four corrupt and what is the the candidates then. What was in 1980. And adult created conditions that which I would we're hopeful one. I you know we still have the ongoing problem in. The world group that was it's obvious that the recession. The year 20082000. That would without any recession obviously has never. It's not recovered so I just I just want it to what you want to mention that I wouldn't let. That was subject. Let's hold on to this I wanted to briefly ask you really have a minute left in this segment what why do you think. That's this figure is what it is why are we lagging behind. They didn't practice. You know one of the definitely not a black and it's certainly effective bit of course. Buildings that debate about them running and when Greg Little in in India and the major cities. Well beaten and it's steady for example I mean of the report should bit in the Chicago were dealt with Detroit Cleveland. Chara and other places. Between 78%. Of the black males between 81660. India in 1970. It'll probably somewhere. And 18 billion. In various cities that are. Bet that if it was down in in the forties that they can ensure all they went from like 78 the split to somewhere around it. But then something like that so. They were so all of that industry moved out united United States went from. I don't menu. Yet we we've had some atom enough people no question about it hole on the line doc will continue our conversation. Back on the broadcast the final stretch on this Tuesday remic conversation with doc and trying to discern what it is it's causing so many black families troop to add at least not progress as quickly as other groups have progressed in ninety keep it on one of the key problems which she is the disintegration of the black family. Which is very unfortunate you also had something else you wanted to talk about doctor what is that exactly. Okay total. We look at the black family disintegrate if you're in disintegrate. And went and it is steady. But the blacks and me. In 1960. I admit I put well actually it will be raised in the two per family. And moved on from 19100. If you know. There is little. Family doughnut hole. Period though is a statement. I'm not none speak about 19100 no and other intellectual being raised in the two profanity. So we built it to five years later we. Percent of the children being raped at 2 grand am Indian we got there what. What are the spam. A spam that it didn't really rebuilt that they purposely rapidly weakened. And he can throw. They do the right there any type of thing and so that they weren't number. There's an obvious that we don't have time to go and I'll open of course he would be the expansion of the welfare state of the well. Well Opel black meals is that we're able to work in manufacturing job outlook column an effective job. Stable living. You know and made their children college in. In economically. And so you get more opening mail employed in Chicago would be sort Cleveland Charlotte Atlanta. They Lewis in nineteen every meeting you in when he came in and it's the only two problem and you know it is no recover because obviously the the catlett is that it did they didn't want to continue to manufacture side of the United States. They found local yard is across the world. So I mean it is that there is the beer complex problem but that is if you actually no one is really addressed. In that you and I have to blame. Eagle eagle African American community. Particular. The issue with it you'll call. We have to take responsibility is what you're saying doctor and we're not doing that are. Well no I'm and I and I mean of course now they mean everything is we were in trouble and estimate the impact. It white supremacy and say okay realm. From these different the outlook of 1619. And what I mean eat normal. You know what forty years now we we didn't plan estimate technical. We have we you know where. Being black community. One right here not here and will in all Carol which would put in destroyed. Tulsa Oklahoma is. I didn't really is rated this week about Africa in a colony. Well Florida in nineteen colonial election date Bratton black community is stroller so you can and instantly act because. And a lot of technical we talk about the massacre. You know we talk about the law. But they'll also have been awful Brett will. Never be replaced let me beat you at the policies. While the Federal Housing Administration Rick Mattingly. Actually mates segregation with the out of the year the local administration there is how liberal is is conflict. In the same time. Yet think that we knew that we should be responsible for sales. I mean it if if our young males and young female who reproduce and children. Is that he did Barry nobody can stop there I don't about it all the the American but at the critical issue in it in mapped in his soul. Eagle. If if we don't we go to the that'll that'll be in progress taken. And that's a key thing here that's. And and I think you would agree with this this is one of the major reasons we have poverty it's not moved. It's because of the fact that we yeah we blotter fair at least be destroyed there's a relationship there's a correlation between that. There's secondly he wanted to get too willing about a minute left tiered. Any mean to now topic with what was. And you know. Keeping the ball didn't bargain Syria. Keep playing with fire until it but don't go into. A meat it is now when in doubt world. You know we're saying yesterday were Israel was attacked in Syria you know thankful what does that longer time. And serious accident shut down a Russian plane I think they made BQ fourteen Russians are involved in Syria. It is going to lead to a global catastrophe. It's some kind of comment that doesn't take place that'll become your government web without think the answer well I'm a little old pants so now the gallop again. Yet neither in my I don't think anybody is great talking with you doc I appreciate your wisdom your insight here by the way on this. Military plane we told you about the Russian military planes kind of interesting because it looks like there's been a little bit of an evolution for the Russians first. Hours ago they were blaming Israel. After their plane was shot down. Now Vladimir Putin. Is calling the downing of the plain tragic and as absolve Israel. So. Who knows where this news. Then you can blame president Lyndon Johnson the plight of black people in this country he created the great society. Welfare and exchange for the black vote. Boy. Pretty unfortunate. The first sincere if you're saying screw doc and his white supremacy bull crap bring up 62 and a crap. My wife friendly and for promise land owners to scrapings survive. In the mid nineteen hundred's that's not a black issue of people issue by race relations are going nowhere. Well we have to be. We have to be. Conscientious. Of all of the sensibilities. Have to agree. We have this. If I've time to read this. About what trump has done already for the black American people more black Americans are working now than in sixty years. That's a good thing keep you going.