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Good Monday morning welcome to the broadcast your wanna 63 to Bjork eager to be back with you albeit a great weekend. And the news starts off in earnest. We have in fact right now I was out looking to possibility of taking this live. Load holds the comments were so brief they are over with already Donald Trump. Speaking for the United Nations. UN headquarters. As they discuss the possibility of reform. I am I'm not meaning any disrespect to the president or anybody else. But this does anybody believe any real reform will take place the United Nations. You know I ate. I'm person who believes the best reform that we receive the United Nations. Would be a bulldozer. And wrecking crane. That would be great start. Anybody with me on this. But I love to get your thoughts. On how to go about this. And I was listening to. This morning Simone parking about this refund. Was at 20/20 5% of the UN budget. O hear us terribly selfish people here in the west in the United States of America which is so awful. Just courting all these resources around the world. Won't hold. When push comes to show. We're hoping to keep this thing afloat. And the rest of the world what is 193 nations. They're taking care of 75% we do 25. Well that's what we should do. People absolutely cracked yeah. I wanna start with a neat story that happened on Friday and I'm sure many of you've seen this. But. It's one of those moments that IE. If I were advising. The president. I would be very much encouraging him to do more things like this with regular people. It was just a great moment and it's you will find out. There are people who found fault with this. Which I think is absolutely hilarious. But. We will delve into the positive part of this anyway. You're this story. About frank GI GO. His eleven year old boy from Virginia he decided just to send a letter to the White House NCA. I would love to carry your line. Well they took about funny and station. So we actually went to the white house on Friday. That's got a lot of media attention and and I am serious folks. I think this was just a great moment. I was just imagines those listening to story. In the car and it was Friday evening I just thought to myself. Yeah this'll do for this kid. He is a lawn mowing business. I. Mode the White House line in front of the Rose Garden. I mean talk about a resume enhancer that see it. Here's the account very short account as reported by inside edition on Friday listen. Welcome to the White House now get mowing kid. It really did an eleven year old mowing the lawn in the Rose Garden under the watchful eye of president Ronald. There the president had a lot obviously today the suspected terrorist bomb in London another North Korean missile launch. But he came by to chat with young brain Ke Ontario who volunteered to cover the White House grant. Frank went up and down the Rose Garden wearing goggles. Ear protectors and loved. The youngster who runs his own PR services. He Virginia. Still sweaty from his exertion frank held an impromptu news conference with the white house Press Secretary. Sarah Huckabee Sanders being true to let your own business is not alone. That's really cool just call him a lawnmower in chi. Is that also the ads. That's just absolutely awesome and it's. It would be great to see more things like this more regular people somehow. Opportunities to engage. Just regular human beings. And I think this this is Kenny shot in the arm. That is. Something they can be very helpful against the tide of negativity out there. Should mention Emmy Awards will talk about that later rod. If you listen this broadcast with regularity. You know that. I am not eighty. Cheerleader. Nor MI a person who is on the other side. Who believes it's the end of the world because Donald Trump is an office. This entire. Vortex is his way out of control will talk about this later Iran. In this one the reasons of not gonna provide a lot of time on this broadcast. For what happened last night at B wards ceremony. There's I think the best way to treat a lot of that is to ignore it. My perspective anyway. I do want you respond to media viewing because this is. A person writing probably speech for a number of blisters on this broadcast I want to share. With you. An email I received from Indy. And respond to it and I would open up the lines so that you can respond. During your two cents worth maybe it's worth more than two cents for that matter. And the title of this article he is this email is why are you making it about your listeners. Vince where she blaming Ryan McConnell and Lindsay and even yes tree Gotti for allowing the Moeller witch hunt. Personal walking the legislative agenda for leaning up teaming up with the Democrats detect trouble about Charlottesville remark. And to thwart Trump's agenda. This is about a surrounded in hounded him back stab president trying to get his agenda done. For us the voters. The GOP was on board the people's agenda border security America first trade taxes and economy trump would not have to reach across the dial. But as many of the never trappers and quote true conservatives you pat themselves on the back when they reach across the aisle. WQ it TF. And about the truth for about titles or about your listeners at all it's about the evil deep stayed in DC. And our corrupt federal government. Don't forget that it reached your guys conservative Ted Cruz who voted for TP paean Corcoran. Took please do not lecture those of us who voted for trop. What was cruises plan productive. What is ever elected official DC's position hear the crickets. Congress. Won't pass amnesty. So are you dwelling upon at trump Schumer meeting in a few tweets. Blame the coax. Silicon Valley in the chamber all the evil DC insiders who want to sell the middle class out for a few pieces of silver. Maybe it is rocket science but please walk us through you think trump should do. And how to get it passed in congress. Will be sure plan anyone can criticize trump. You were only keep thirty millionth person to do it. Walker's three year plan please. Andy Andy. I've actually got over my plan a number of times. It's called being president. But I'll be glad to go into some of the specifics of this email is I do think it responds to. Many of the things I've communicated on this broadcast. I think I've addressed pretty much everything in your Brett. Others view me and out of heard it it's worth going into you. Your thoughts welcomed 80347163. That's Ingles and then it's starkly number. Common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. I wanna know you'd think and to my rebuttal of this email as well. As our conversation continues fifteen after ten. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock it's kind of interesting that. Even in replying. To this email that I received this year Q before the break. Kind of intriguing that. My good friends over conservative refuse Steve case. Has written a great piece. That's goes right to the heart of everything that has been mentioned. In this email. And I won't get to that in just a moment first Gerald like to talk about our little White House line more what are your thoughts and. Good morning sir bring not only do our Margaret you can't put art market data. That team were. They are assured you shouldn't let that strike in watched direction but what we're being moral jerks we need to get involved and good luck. They come home and creation. And little Marc lock it down that's what's wrong with local people will get people that they. Computer can pop art not pet water piano. You know strategic international. We do equipment and more compliant spike sure addiction I won't hurt the president that's important won't be able Nikola but he should oil may be able. That is awesome. While that is pretty cool. I appreciate your call they're Gerald and that's. That's just awesome and in you have hit on something very important we talked a lot about this will report. But there's been some very. Obviously some great parenting that is gone in you raising this kid. And you re easy to reach that point. Believe it or not there are naysayers. Who decided to find some fault with the story. And their problem is no load this votes. Raising the question is whether this child mowing the lie and violates. Labor laws. Can you believe that. By the way for the record. The failed fair labor standards act in includes child labor losses children under fourteen can work chores like jobs including lawn care. The laws also outlined laundry list of other jobs young teenagers can work is on the work is safe. And that's not jeopardize their health well being or educational opportunities. So. Wherever would come up with something silly. Like the idea that this kid is violating labor laws. Protect. Just forget about it. Over on the text line. Let us see here. Vince trumps of the UN this week he's got laid down the law to all this loser countries LO well. Did you catch any of the Ken burns' documentary. Vietnam it was well done I did not might be worth checking that out. There's an awards show last night who do. Who cares. Reports it's exactly my sentiment grows during these news stories. A site just let them have their little. Their little ideological orgy that's really what it is. These are folks from the coasts they just come together have a little party and it's just. Do what they do what else would you expect from these folks anyway. Is anybody surprised at all. Welder frontier that eleven year old boy just messed up. He just that the government knows he has a small business now watch them come after him for the text parts. Vince you asked. How do you bulldoze the UN actually my question was Teddy reform the UN. And I suggested bulldozing. The building. I believe that acme crane rentals can deliver a bunch of crates and wrecking balls to the lower east side. My agent news. Also. Please go get a job at wal lettered target her anywhere else for radio. McKay that's wonderful. From. What. Else do we have here at the left is bad because the kitty is not unionized. That is good. This love you broke oftentimes not use as much as how are you saying it. Just stay humble and continue to fight that is from Jeff. At a techsters saying Andy probably listen this is the first decent email probably listen to the previous program where blame is placed on Jeff Sessions for not prosecuting Hillary minor reminder of form him. And the listeners trump himself. Said he would not trust you Hillary further under Andy's premise trump can't get a deal the Republicans. So he should become a liberal Derek get credit and make a deal with them. I say he's right trump has zero principles. Which is always been my concern about this folks. And I get those of you who are really dire art from supporters I understand where your coming for a but I do want to piece by piece address this because it's worth going into. Many of the things that. People. Talk about it's on their hearts and minds they wonder why I take the positions I take. This is what blows my mind here where she blaming right McConnell Lindsay and even yes tree get you know I've been on these folks for years. Where have you been Andy I'm just curious and I'm not. Coming after you I'm just raised the question. Because I've been. On these guys. And challenging even their election member Ryan. Was elected. As speaker. And I was among those who was strongly discouraging this. This is long before trump even in the picture. I was in Kentucky. Back to my friend Matt Bevan was trying to. Get the support necessary to defeat Mitch McConnell. That was an unsuccessful race and fortunately. Mr. Bevan is now governor Bettman. That was back in 2014 again long before. Donald Trump even entered the picture. Lindsey Graham. How much are we beat that dead horse the past few years. It folks this is nothing new my question for you and I think everybody asked every every one honest needs to ask this question. Where was Donald Trump on all of these people for the past few years. And I hear an answer on that. Where it where with where we see. So we have talked here of slow walking the legislative agenda. Lean teaming up with the Democrats who attacked trump about Charlottesville and to thwart Trump's agenda. What did you expect. What did you expect. This is part of and here's my frustration your. I sure a lot of your ideas. But you're not going to get that accomplished. With one man. Period. Especially if you're talking about trying to get these done legislatively. This is about a surrounded in hounded him back stab president trying to get his agenda done you know I don't know about you. But can we do some self examination here and ask the question. How would we address someone on the left. Who characterized themselves in this way. We would be talking about how sick we are appearing people. Complain about being victims. This is part of what frustrates the academy. We don't have a president we don't have a commander in chief we have a victim in chief. This is part of what he needs to stop stop being African victim. Tired of it. And complaining about the never you're you can put that never traverse in one room seriously. And don't put these folks. You know in in the category you know and and and I what I think is interesting here is the phrase true conservatives in this is obviously characterized and a when a in a derogatory way. I don't know any true conservatives who were walking across the aisles to compromise. On their principles and values I don't know any. There are campaign conservatives doing this. In this part of the problem. We lack discernment can we do that can we acknowledge we looked as Republican voters lack discernment. See and again we didn't you know. Complain about liberals we can attack them we do all kinds of things but we've got the enemy in our tent. In an art tenths. What do we think we're accomplishing. I'll address more of this email and I want to share a few infect a fresh piece written by Steve days. Who gives point by point recommendations on how trump. Can prevail with this agenda. It's actually very positive article here. The question is. Does mr. trump have what it takes. To accomplish this. We'll address this night led to get your thoughts on these recommendations as we continue. On the Vince Coakley radio program 1029. Quite of people do this this to their poor children Frontline posted on social media and FaceBook. A picture ever sighed and in the dentist's chair. Or actually. Hong surgery. Oh my goodness. Poor kid. Should be absolutely traumatized and the other kids blast this picture. Or to finish responding to an email. And I think this perspective probably is one that matches the perspective of a lot of people. In this audience and on the station. To wrap this up. This is an about the truth or but idols are about your listeners at all it's about the evil deep stayed in DC and our corrupt federal government. That is not true. This is about the truth it is about titles it's about all of these things. Throughout all of them. An addict and I just repeat what I've said before. I am so sick and tired of this deep state wrap. It's crap. And I'll tell you why it's crap. It's just a freak an excuse. For not doing your darn job. If you run for president and say you're going to do all of these wonderful things. Then. Once you're president you all these wonderful things and shut the hell up and stop complaining. All right here's winding. This man. The president. He could shut a lot of this so called deep state stepped down. He could. There are some things he can probably do with an executive order. Or he could rally the American people which will. Get too little bit later. To get rid of a lot of these things that have especially expanded exponentially since nine elevenths. Where's his voice on this I have not heard of a single time talk about getting rid of this surveillance state have you heard him. Make any comments. Is he doing this on Twitter talking about what's going out of the surveillance state. Now the only concern I've heard him express about the surveillance state is about the possibility that he was being surveil see this is part of the problem. He has made all of this about him. Am. And this is where. People like me check out. Because they don't care about him. As much as I care about my country. You start talking about things that are important to the future of the country. Hey. I'm with you. You wanna pursue conservative solutions I'm with you. You wanna go on all these wild goose chases. About your own reputation. And times you put your foot in your mouth. I'm not there I'm really not there are non interest in in fighting these stupid battles. When sometimes you just need to shut up. Don't forget it was short guy conservative Ted Cruz who voted for TPP. You know who. Gives a crap. You guys gonna keep bringing up one vote about one vote. And again this is not about Ted Cruz is not about personalities never has been for me. And coworker. Internet lectured those of us who voted for trump by the way I voted for trump. So it. It just it's mind boggling to me. What do you what do you expect a person like me to do. Who already put a closed and I'm my nose to vote for this guy who I believe it's totally moral rep I've moral rapper dates. Mainly because I thought the other person was more of irreparable eight. What more do you expect. Especially when. I see a man who just does not want to step up to the plate and do the job. All I hear excuses. What was cruises planned for Doctor Who gives a crap. Number our crews. What is ever elected official in DC's position hear the crickets. Congress will pass amnesty so why are you dwelling upon a trump Schumer meeting and few tweets. You don't think they'll pass this. I mean think about the Republicans were ready to pass this if you get Republicans and Democrats together on amnesty. What do you think is gonna stop that. Blame the coach Silicon Valley chamber all yet all those people. And less time I looked folks. And the Republican Party have three different branches of government didn't Republican Party. Shut out all opposition. At the convention. And defend and support and uphold Donald Trump and Natalie that twisted rules. Giving the Republican Party even more power than it had before. To circumvent grass roots activity. Yes they did that by the way and everybody was busy. Battling down to the great leader. They carried out a huge power grab. See I'm not can see I'm not as concerned about the chamber and all these other people. We keep we don't even have. A loyal principled group of people to oppose all the stuff we don't. He can complain about it's. The bad stuff on quote the other side but if you've got enemies within your own camp. And it comes the point your camp is so. How to characterize this. Infiltrated. By progressives. And and that's that's really the basic premise I would communicate. You've got to party. That is completely overrun by progressives. That's the bottom line. What are you gonna do with this. You can't. I don't think it's I don't think you can repair it. At all. Maybe it isn't rocket science but please walk us through what you think trump should do and how to get passed in congress. A repeat again and I'm gonna share acute event what Steve dates is recommending threats fresh post from him. And it comes down to this being president. Deliver a speech a prime time address with an agenda here is what needs to be done. And I expect Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to get in step with the American people. It's that simple travel around the country. And don't just. Pander to your base. And focus on your base. Travel around the country. Listened to other people. And communicate this message. About reform. As a relates to the tax codes. About getting rid of obamacare. Returning to our free market system. These are things this man supposedly believes them. Articulate. Them. And stop wasting the time and the energy on Twitter with nonsense. And personal attacks. Ignore it be a man. And be the better man. Ignored the stupidity. And used the power of the presidency for good. I think there's still an opportunity here and I'm going to share. The ideas of Steve days on this that I wholeheartedly agree with as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program 1046. I mentioned Steve case my good friend over conservative review ends. Literally hot off the presses within the last hour. Six conservative things president trump could be doing right now. And number one sounds like something I could've written. Actually used the bully pulpit of the presidency to rally his party to repeal obamacare the way Obama did for a year. To rally his party to pass it. Pretty logical. We each remember President Obama won a more dominant electoral victory 2008 than trump did in 2016. But that was not enough. Even before Obama. To get his own party to pass obamacare Obama spent a year holding rallies giving speeches using the bully pulpit of the presidency to get the democratic congress. To finally pass it in the dead of night right before Christmas. You remember that. On the other hand trumpet spent exactly zero political capital on keeping the promise to repeal it. And there's no way it will be repealed unless that changes. Actually keep his promise to pull out of Paris global warming garbage. Which research reports suggest truck may be waffling on. Three don't cut deals with Democrats to unconditionally raise the debt limit with literally nothing in return. C'mon people you gotta be sharper in this you know you you're you're still beating a dead horse. With Ted crews. About key PP. Forget about things that are overweight CPP is dead and gotten. You gotta face the battles that are right in front of view. This was a bad one. If trump is looking go back on something he previously vowed to do wide out on this one. Referring to the deals of Democrats if you know exactly which trump got a return for Democrats in exchange for yet another unconditional debt limit increase. You're better informed that I am. Looks like the brilliant negotiator got a whole lot of nothing. Four keep his promise to repeal the Johnson amendment. Johnson amendment is rarely threatened religious liberty action oblique in nonetheless remains a symbol government coercion. So wise and trumped done away with it as he vowed throughout the campaign. This is low lying fruit. That would cost trump nothing politically to reward his base and yet he does nothing but what I said about governance. See I'm tired of the complaining your president Joseph. This is an example. It would be help for him to do a lot more doing and a whole lot less talking and Tweety. Five. Stop enforcing Obama cares child killing mandates on religious institutions and private companies. Despite previous announcement. Drug administration still has not followed through on officially seizing to enforce Obama cares child killing mandates a religious institutions and private companies have a cup conscious. Was this issue already adjudicated and hobby lobby case the drug Justice Department claims its backlog and overworked. That's a case I can think of no better place to begin lightening the load. And by a initially jettisoning. These unconstitutional. Provisions. Especially since that since the trump Justice Department is supporting a key religious freedom case. Currently making its way to the courts so why not bolster its case by committing to actions that show the judicial branch the administration. Is serious about upholding the First Amendment. Actually number six actually keep his promise to have Mexico pay for the building of the wall. Which could then be done by simply upsetting with the foreign aid we give Mexico every year. Using this approach does two things it makes Mexico pay for the wall with money was counting on and forces a mostly do nothing congress to act. Then if congress refuses to follow through on the appropriations process. The plane deservedly passes to them. Trump can recently claimed he attempted to keep its popular campaign promise. All of these things are things trump could do immediately. Even by the close of business today none of them requires one syllable. Or motor function of swamp congress support or action. Conservatives don't believe in an imperial presidency as we saw under Obama but we don't believe in an infant to one either. I couldn't agree more with these words president from despondent saying time for talk is over. The time for action is now. Anybody disagree with what's been communicating here. Steve is right on the money. And Steve is has less time in patients for Donald Trump that I do you. But his counsel here is I think it's right on the money. I wanna get your thoughts. On its. I'm what's been communicating to hear you let me just say it repeat what I've said before is it bears repeating. I do not want to see this presidency as a failure. Tests as doubtful as I am of this man and his ability to get things done I don't want this to be a failure. I'm not going to be at a place where I'm going to be cheering see I told you so. That does nothing for anybody. I'm still hopeful. Nine months then. That this thing will be right it somehow. Doesn't look like it's happening right now. But I hope and pray that'll change. Coming up next hour we'll take a look at the day in history. Ends. We'll get your thoughts your responses to what we've talked about here in this first hour 80347163. Air. Text line is 71307. News is next.