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Wednesday, September 19th

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Wednesday morning welcome to our broadcast good to be back with you. And thankful for. The presence of people who are committed. To helping others with their own money. Talking abouts Michael Jordan we mentioned this the other day in this broadcast. And we have a little more information about what he is doing. Which I think is an extraordinary thing it's agreed example. Of what America's all about. Sure would get FEMA. Sure we've got the part of Homeland Security. Will catch government programs. But nothing is more touching. Than human beings making personal decisions to help out other human beings. Michael Jordan. Contributing two million dollars two million dollars. To help the victims. Of hurricane Florence. In case she didn't know. Wilmington. Is the place of Michael Jordan called home. And this is one of the main reasons. These are quite burden over his former city and really the entire state that's been affected by the storms in recent days. Two million dollars is what he's contributing to relief and recovery efforts. After Florence. I mentioned Jordan was raised in Wilmington. Before he moved on to start North Carolina and the NBA. And he's been quite disturbed by what he is seen. Thought about the places. That he went you. As he was growing up. And he spoken the deaths. Especially the babies. Including the one ingesting counting. All of this hits close to home. For Michael Jordan. What he's doing specifically is contributing a million dollars each to the American Red Cross. And foundation for the Carolinas. Florence response fund. Red Cross. Is providing food and shelter to people who were displaced by the storm foundation of the Carolinas direct funds to nonprofits. In north and South Carolina. The idea behind this is to address the immediate needs but also to help out with the long term needs. That will certainly be there. You know this as well as I do how many times do you see these tragedies that occur. And it's very often. Yeah we've talked about the drive by media. Boy they really really pumped it up during the event itself. But as time goes by. Kind of fades from our memory I mean how many view. Have thought about Puerto Rico in the last day in the last week. Had conditions significantly improved there probably knocked. Because of what happens to our attention span. And it's so important to their people. Mort Michael Jordan who are willing to invest and again we're talking about his own money. And if you've contributed. Or planning to contribute that's your own money. People helping people. In this is going to be a very long process of recovery. Long process. There's also some other things the hornets are going to do the team personnel. The gathering Friday to packed thousands of disaster food boxes in partnership with the second harvest food bank. At the metro line and food lion. The hornets partnering with fanatics on a hurricane relief teachers. Proceeds from the sales of that hornet's Carolina strong teacher go to the cure foundation for the Carolinas relief fund. Those can be ordered online at hornets fan shop dot com. And again these are ways that you can. Contribute as well. So these serve. Some specific ways that you can partner with Michael Jordan. I mention very thankful for the steps he's taken. And contributing two million dollars. Ends this is the kind of thing also that provides a further incentive for. Us of lesser those of us some lesser meets. To participate to make a difference in the lives of literally thousands of people maybe even millions of people who have been affected by the storm. Speaking of the storm did you hear some of the details the impact on livestock. These these numbers are just absolutely mind boggling. 5500. Gigs killed. 5500. How about chickens. 3.4. Million. Now I haven't seen anything on this. But I would not be surprised if players a price spike as the results. Of this laws that's a lot 3.4 million chickens. That is insane. That's double the casualties from Matthew in 2016. Ends it's possible we may learn more bad news because truthfully. Some farmers have not been able to assess the damage on their property yet. By the way that figure I gave you 3.4. Million that's actually chickens and turkeys. All of this the result of the storm. The North Carolina pork council said some of the hogs drowned in floodwaters others perished from wind damage Barnes. So this is one of the things said you know we're obviously and for good reason focused on the human. Situation. With these storms that animals suffer as well. So these farmers. Have really suffered a lot. Some of this information. Comes from a note to investors issued by Sanderson Farms. Saying the flooding claimed one point seven million broiler chickens. And it's twenty million in the states. Ranging in age from six days to 62 days. Sanderson has. Sixty broiler houses and four feeder houses that were flooded. Can you imagine. There are also areas. That could be without power for as long history weeks they're running on emergency diesel fuel. About thirty independent farms that supply the chickens are isolated by floodwaters and unreachable. In each of these farm houses. Contain about 2111000. Chickens. Total of six million birds. They cannot be reached which he competes at the can be more losses year. So it should think about those people who we have lost. Also think about these poor farmers and the recovery they face in the coming days. Because this is a monumental. Task monumental task. Coming up of the broadcast will talk about some of the other news developing. Donald Trump speaking again I as attorney general and it's not good and the latest saga. In the judge Cavanaugh story. We'll discuss this more as we continue. Back of Vince Coakley radio program on the text line. Vince didn't see him present truck donated a million dollars of his own money to Florence relief. How much has Nike the NFL players or Colin knucklehead. Contributed. Okay. By the way if you liked you comment on anything we discussed during the course the broadcasts are Ingles advantage talk play and number 809 to 1110. Ahmanson's retirement planning text line. Yeah is 71307. So which one of these spectacles shall we go into next. And there are planning. We've got this one. An exclusive interview. The president's head we have killed TV. As in their kill everybody is getting into the TV business. I would put TV and air quotes. But for an bucks sexton I think was part of this particular interview. And the subject that really got a lot of attention. The president's remarks about his attorney general. I just tell you dizzy just fire this guy in stop whining. This really I mean I have been talking about this for months. This is really getting old. In the interview he stayed in his displeasure with Jeff Sessions saying I don't have an attorney general. It's very sad. If you remember. The Obama administration. How he would travel around the country Mikey was still campaigning. And acting like he wasn't president do you remember that's. Not those because there are people out there I have to know some of view. As you complain. 88 I get dragged Cuba then I didn't. And what amazes me some of the same characteristics they saw and Barack Obama and complained about. I see the same same traits in this president. But oh no we're not supposed to say there are. We have to prove our undying loyalty no matter what. If the man in your perspective is not doing his job fire him. You're not a Vick done. So in this Oval Office interview. This was one of the most ferocious broad sides. In Jeff Sessions. Suggesting that mr. sessions is a walk and performing badly on a variety of issues can I ask you the question again. If you're in charge if you're a CEO. And you've got somebody performing badly. Please help me giant Charles what do you true defiant your words. He said I don't have an attorney general. I don't have an into attorney general it's very sad. Trump told he'll TV. In this interview. I'm not happy at the border I'm not happy with numerous things not just this. So we didn't. If you're happy. You're the president all of these people serve at your pleasure Mr. President. The president's long excoriated sessions forest march 2017 decision to recuse himself. From the Russia collusion investigation. But on Tuesday he suggested. He's frustrated. By session's performance on far more than that. Charles suggested he had a personal blind spot we came to dominating sessions as the top law enforcement officer. I'm so set over Jeff Sessions. Because he came to me. He was the first senator that interests me. And he wanted to be attorney general. And I didn't see it. And low. I'm gonna lose my mind. Straight. He wanted to be attorney general and you looked at Maine dot. I don't think he's suited for this. To play a god. Kids. Danny went through the nominating process he did very poorly I mean he was mixed up and confused. And people that worked with him. For a long time to sit or not nice to him. But he was giving very confusing answers answers that should have been easily answered. It was a rough time for. I'm serious. Can explain this to me I am I mean really. I don't get it at all. Sessions recused himself under pressure from congressional Democrats. And after some Republicans said he should not take part in overseeing the Russian investigation it justice. During the confirmation hearings he failed to mention two meetings with Russian ambassador to the US. Sergey. As they. I now on announcing his recusal sessions said he consulted with the Justice Department officials over this decision and not meant to mislead members of the senate. Deputy attorney general rod resins that became the lead justice official on the Russian investigation because the sessions recuse. Russian style and also appointed special counsel Robert Mueller. After trump fired FBI director James cone. The president suggested sessions experience going to the nominating process the senate have impacted his performance. As attorney general he gets an improbable because the experience he had going to nominating when somebody asked him for the for the first question about Hillary Clinton or something you said. I recusing myself I recuse myself. Now turned out he didn't have to recuse himself actually the FBI. Reported shortly thereafter any reason for anger accused himself. It's very sad. When it. It's fairy except. Is seriously can somebody help me with this. I just don't get it. We'll see what happens a lot of people best way to do that I guess I study history and say I just wanna leave things alone. It was unfair what he did. Referring to the recusal decision and my worst enemies I mean people you know on the other side of me a lot of ways including politically of said. It was a very unfair thing he did. We'll see how it goes with Geoff. I'm very disappointed in Jack. Very. Very to support. Please. I explain this. A few text are you saying. Move on please why do you wanna move now. What did you call in and explain to be wide this is happening why this is unfolding as idiots. I would really love to know. Just fire command. You're sitting here you are the leader of the free world. One of the most powerful men in the world. And you've lowered yourself. To talking to the news media. And complaining about the performance of your attorney general. Where is the alpha male that everybody can trade this got to be during the campaign where is it. I Vince this is so funny. How you marked the soap drama between trumpet sessions will thanks very much. And we have this moron and get this person really is a more heat leotard. Does it feel to be removed lose weight. You are critics. No two moron. This is not about making mistakes this is about taking responsibility. In the here and now. Well. I'm willing to chip that I think she made a mistake have a news conference today and say I've made African mistake. Jeff Sessions you are freaked him fired. Now let the door knob hit you with the good lord split yeah. And breathe on somebody that your pleased wit. But please. If nothing else stop the outbreak in widening. Your president of the United States act like yet. Thank you. I wanna get your thoughts. Back in the Vince Coakley radio program. Breaking news out of cherry point North Carolina where. President Donald Trump has a rides Air Force One has just touched down. Just moments ago. During the break. He is year to take a look at the damage from Florence. And I'm sure there will be a lot for him to see. The way before I ate for yet again. Issued no idea. A person with ADHD. Remember my mom used to say yeah you would forget your head to weigh in on your shoulders. And it's true merger. I think I'll probably few months ago I told you about a different minded it's just been a very supporter friend reminders him about very challenging. Times that I've experienced a different mining Peter lives in Knoxville Tennessee. I mentioned several weeks ago I believe that he has had some serious heart issues. And he has undergone heart surgery. A couple of days ago as you'd think about it I would just ask you to pray for him. I hope to have the opportunity to visit over the next couple of days some time. But he is. Recovering from I believe open heart surgery keep in mind this is a guy who's my age. So is so pretty sobering. To see this development but hopefully. You recover very soon and get back to normal. So just a favor I ask of you. Your thoughts welcome on my comments about. The president and Jeff Sessions a couple of you wanting to talk about this starting with the gene out of Greenville good morning. Good morning drove a spot since that episode you talked about memory. I yet be argued it Jeff Sessions argued were passer very quick comment about this. Cuter. Cabinet popular member read Isaiah 54 start of fourteen are. And pray that burst. That that writes terrible student council allies. Like that this woman wants an investigation. Total hire private investigator not the FBI don't wanna pay board. But the Democrats expect what birdie and they should go to Oprah on Montel Williams is Montel still operating. I'm sure they've got investigators are picked up for college. Now back to Q a session. Are you you know problems not as he tries to be controlled situation. What that Jeff Sessions. Could not could not really don't did not dismiss them because this oh given the circumstances with the Democratic Party and and your ideology and and their political approach to circumstances you know. He could not get a I'm the approved. You don't here's the other question because I've heard other people call in and suggest this. The other wild card here is what is what happens if the Republicans lose seats. In the set. Now it's I don't think that's gonna happen but what if it dies. And you don't take the opportunity now to hold hearings and have a new attorney general could you imagine what that would look like. And also the Supreme Court. The via another element of activity and so there. If god stage his hand or does not stating it is possible that maybe true. To look the liberal left wing Supreme Court justices might might vacate the that picture put aside its agencies. May KK. Trump doesn't have to do it. Do you think about that rather I'd I'd like to see apart are its Supreme Court before conservatives mad and and I was dedicated. Boy that would be pure fantasy would I don't think you are up a that it's a cut for your college Jeanne I don't think that's gonna happen but that would be quite intriguing Q imagine. How ballistic the Democrats would go would be absolutely crazy. Bernie good morning and welcome. I believe Bernie has disappeared. Oh well. Latest goal out to it seed John would be next out of Fort Mill good morning John. Yeah good morning and he'll play for that person thome with yet but open heart surgery. And the receipt that. Yet my question is. I think it's ironic that dying what Dianne Feinstein. She's leading the charge in cab and but he is a woman that I mean we wish sea. He praised. He had great praise for said Kenny we wish she went head Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. And the missing girl that whole fiasco. And this is like after the fact to they've got this this was such a wonderful guy. You this guy kill the woman. I mean what's it just blows my mind to this day. There's never he's never he had never been held to account injuries entire life. But I 8% of those in my get Christie it's. That he was just so they're liberal and cheeks as always. You know Islam or take the right position. On these issues. They won't give your pass on anything and you can kill people and they really don't care as long as you. Favor the rights for women to kill babies that that's how this thing works John night. Do appreciate your call let's go to next Jude dean in Charlotte in morning team. A moderate. All right sir. I want to become or. Rico and excessive. Goodness there's a combination. Art than. I understated concern about price spike in per that you replacement. Is over it out in. A day on the ground in North Carolina welcoming our ears are correct crisis where. Literally 3% to nurture and crops are down our home retired green race. The group that I would then focus Parker or South America are that the Puerto Rico the most current. And other countries there. Women into Puerto Rico and kinda picture the United States I would conditions that are living here. And outside of me to me it. We're. That are quick and comfortable but there is secular or more complimentary in a little country Lou there are certain where. United States standard when the storm. People need to remember that they're in Europe lost the first thing where the fire somebody. You don't have a replacement that pride in that position and who would there aren't big effort to such. See that's boy you brought up another important issue here dean. That's really get I do appreciate your comment your insights there. And and I can throw that out to you who would you hire who would you like to see is the new attorney general. And do you think that person could get confirmed in the environment we have right now. Some very good questions to consider a GM in Charlotte with like to talk about a totally different subject I'll let you cue this up. Bad. Actual well. Games are or. About partner yet. It may 00 are. Watching we're never. Wore it. Now. It will add. Yeah. But. Well. I'll always when he its argument that counts. Are yet that's Oscar the Grouch. Yeah. Bob. Your. Belt. Jerry for eight. If you use at. Thanks so much for your call AJ Hampton boulevard about his story coming up. Of the Vince Coakley radio program we'll get to Vietnam and since a bit right now prison Donald Trump insurer report North Carolina. Making some live comments. About his visits to check out Florence damaged let's listen in. You wanna beloved (%expletive) what happened. You know we could happen. Richard would you let him sit there not been able. I was talking about Lindsey Graham. Who is also out there as well as Tom tennis Telus and I believe Richard Burr all senators north and South Carolina. And all all war. And we've had a lot of help congress in all fairness and we're ready and they're ready to do whatever we have to do. To make this perfect and that means. Unfortunately the money will be a lot but it did it come as best as you need to take care of everybody. Hurricane Florence was one of the most powerful storms ever hit the Carolina's one of the most. Powerful and devastating storms ever to hit our country. To the families who have lost loved ones America agrees with the U. And our hearts. Break for you. God bless you. We will never forget your loss we will never leave your side where would you all the way. And to all those impacted by this terrible storm our entire American family. Is would you and ready to help. And you will recover. Most importantly we give thanks to the incredible first responders including Sharon's. Police officers firefighters. I'm great cajun navy. Irrelevant they're all over the place what do I put them up on line and everybody loved. Everybody loved but they've put themselves all of them in harm's way and what they've done to save precious lives. Of our citizens has been nothing short of incredible. Nearly 20000. Federal and military personnel are supporting the response efforts along with it. SE does including. Brave men and women of North Carolina and the National Guard. Now of course we're going to South Carolina right after this and they have been incredible and and you've worked it coordinated very well also governor was south Carolina's been. Been really great partnership. Together with state and local first responders davis' did. And rescued more than 3000 people so we wanted to thank you and I will say I've been watching because good. With a all of the helicopters lifting people up rooftops and it's been an incredible job you've done again we appreciate it thank you very much. More than one point six billion meals have been delivered to North Carolina. And more than 400000. Are ready in South Carolina as soon as there requested so where standing by with a 400000. Meals in South Carolina. Crews have restored power to over one point two million customers already. In north and South Carolina. And the powers starting to go on as soon as the water goes down. Did meeting the demand incredibly wells I want to thank the power companies and all of the federal workers but we have to also thank some of the power companies because they've been very responsive as soon as that water goes down. For the most part people have found. In moments of despair we witnessed need some character. Of the American people so true. Citizens don't grocer cut to rally together to rescue the stranded. To protect the innocent and to restore hope to families who have experience. Tremendous pent unbearable. Loss. I want to thank. All of the people here today a very special group of people very talented group of people. And we love working with the goods and honored to work which you. We've done a real job and we've got to continue to do that real job because another faces coming in right now. And we're gonna need that face just like we've had faced one so governor again thank you very much I appreciate it and get everybody thank you very much. And whatever we have to do at the federal level we will be there and you know that a 100% and secretary Neilson who. Yeah. So again comments from. President Donald Trump. Who is just arrived in cherry point just few minutes ago he's going to you conceded toured storm damage in North Carolina before traveling to South Carolina. I mentioned the senators. I believe every single senator from both Carolinas there. Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina also senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr. From North Carolina they're continuing this news conference now with some cab and officials. And state officials as well. If there's any additional news that develops of this we will certainly pass it on to you. IE. Told you about the silly story about Ernie and Bert we're gonna save this for the next hour because we're close to end this one. Probably against my better judgment to take call here but we will anyway marked you got about a minute before we go to break here what's up mark. Oh yeah. You put that thing at the gym of the great arm and air. The best man out and about lap earned and I I I I always enjoy it wouldn't call them. I wouldn't pithy remark. I'll. Someone is. The partner someone replaced Jeff Sessions is in the U who shoot for a federal judgeship. And better trained gelding. So. Bear is bear. I'd trade down. Okay edit it that are very. And do you think he could past the confirmation process. I had my party want to be if you went after careful consideration and deliberation each family. He possibly could argue over degrees sometimes I'm like all what Jeff Sessions there is a member of the book the eagle or a. Oh. And tell us about that briefly we only get up at the height as the that's pretty good at eight so your call their mark. What do you think I'm kind of curious what you think the idea. Tray dowdy as attorney general. From a break here in the upstate of South Carolina. Page leaving congress. Would he even be interested in that is the other question could he be talked into this because. I think he wants to get out of Washington that would be my suspicion anyway. Your thoughts and Burton thirty coming up next hour.