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Wednesday, September 19th

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Back an hour average Q and as promised we will get to the silly story of the week I think. This business about Bert and Ernie. From sesame Easter. Seriously folks. Let's first take a look at the text lie and some of the responses to my comments about the president and Jeff Sessions. Truck had hit shares saying you're fired. What is the problem. Maybe can sits at the AG down and say I've had many sleepless nights over this. I just don't feel the same anymore. It's nuts you it's me. We must part ways. We can still be friends. And I will be here for you. Nice way to do it. They're in case. And we have this. Had firing sessions genius if they showed geez Louise Vince my brain for once. A that a person's thing here I agree with humans it's just depressing. Minstrel or fire him when he needs another scapegoat. OK. Yes from screwed up firing. Actually hiring and keeping sessions problem is now I can't get a replacement approved. That is not another swamp creature. This may be one of Trump's biggest mistakes. Trumpet is doing a public appeal processions to straighten up. I do see term firing him if he doesn't change too I think it's a warning UK. Even you should be aware of the backlash he received he fired rip van sessions. Where the heck is a little weasel. I think in Hillary's basement. Why don't you guys really. Been brutal and Jeff Sessions. This this is one of the things I will Mina. As let's say I will never understand about so many trump supporters. Is somebody can be loyal to the president. And there's one slip up. Or the president turns on that person. And all of a sudden that person's persona non Grata. I mean is thrown under the bus. So the persons in favor and tell their out of favor. How does this work. Just try and understand it's. Let receive breaking news from the studios. Dense events is having a meltdown. On the positive side. Someone texting and Vince I will pray for your friend well thank you very much appreciate that effectiveness. Texting with his wife. During the breaks and he's recovering today still in a lot of pain I mentioned effort Peter had open heart surgery in Knoxville. On Monday. I mean in guinn still sobering to me to think of somebody my age. Having open heart surgery. I just cannot imagine. Just while. And someone needs to tell professor Ford the FBI cannot conduct that investigation this is in reference to the woman who's making the accusations. Against the Supreme Court nominee. First of all the statute of limitations has long run out secondly is the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. Makes sense to me. Every time I see she sessions the techsters says I think of those Keebler elves and once of what it's a at the latest the other person suggesting. Sheriff Clark should replace rib then sessions. That would be an interest in choice not so sure you'd be good as attorney general. At. Ease on the list I don't know. Let's see absolutely hate to blow your colors. Your collars mind about Burton and Ernie but those rumors have been spreading for years. Just another way to make it bad for kids. Spencer out of Bert and Ernie are confirmed gay I'm starting to believe tickle me Elmo may have a more sinister thought it would wants. Oh it let me just go ahead guards whose story for all the nonsense that it is. Here's the story. The organization behind Sesame Street has denied co have attending duo Bert and Ernie are gay. Following comments by one of the show's writers it's a show writer who started this. Marc Saltzman said his reading about the room meeting Koppel is based on his relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman. Sesame workshop and issued a statement saying the pair do not have a sexual orientation. It's getting ugly mug to argue about this their beds. Susie Q3. Times. There were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends of those who are very different from themselves. It probably repeats press statements from nonprofit organizations. It's it was made about a strike be clothed duo when questioned the rose about their relationship. Here's their statement. As we've always said Bert and Ernie are best friends they were created teach preschoolers. People can be different for those are very different from themselves and of their identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics. As most Sesame Street Muppets do. They remain puppets. And they do not have a sexual or is it should. Mr. Saltzman by the way made his assertion about the two and an interview with LB. LG BTQ news site queer T if they put into more letters on that thing I'm gonna give up. I always felt that without a huge agenda when I was reading Bert and Ernie they were a couple he set. Mr. Saltzman joined the show back in 1984. This was fifteen years after the paired debuted on the show. I don't think I'd know how else to write them but as a loving couple. There's been decades of speculation about the puppet pair they've been roommates. I'll be in separate beds at 123 Sesame Street since programs pilot episode back in 1969. In fact Bert and Ernie have become icons in the gay community over the years. And even inspired parts of the puppet Broadway musical avenue Q. Really. The New Yorker ran a cover image of the fair watching television in each other's arms in July 4013 entitled moment of joy. C'mon really. The way I need to share this in and we'll take your cause is some reviewers still wanting to talk about this. Good friend of mine I used to work with. In Kentucky years ago. He has just an epic post about this. And where did he go. I mean this it's just a classic. I'm gonna share this coming up by the it just absolutely blows mama I wanna have. And we'll save this for a little bit later. This worries me about Captain Kangaroo and mr. green jeans and all the other lovable things people have washed over the years that lingers on the later in the days. Yeah I hear yeah I'm. I'm there with you it's just. Can we just let kids be kids. Ending joint kid stuff. We do we have to politicize everything. It just blows my mind. Absolutely Bozeman. You don't have time to share this tweet after the break. I'm this year social media opposed from a friend of mine who used to work with I I read this about 1 in the morning. And I just thought man this is so right on. So right guys we'll take your thoughts on this old nonsense view like talk about it. And the latest. Regarding judge Davida where does this entire spectacle ago that much more as we continue our broadcast. All right you asked for a tap that it's your comments about bird. And Ernie. And let's start with Tim good morning Dem. Or it's got so much about Sesame Street. I think our mind that the trees. Because if you look at them up it's. You this frog eat drink soda category you go green. So let me correct. It. Chubby chaser. It in the paper at the site. Where he would say about it in our thing out and say. At this organic animal. It's not on the drums. I'm not sure he needed Ritalin or repeal it. So I don't know I like your thoughts on that. I don't know that I have any thoughts to offer to be honest with you to Adam. What can you possibly say I mean and are we talking about here generally speculation about. Puppets. In album. And so any meaning associated with puppets. Would be meanings that are imposed by the writers or people. Watching this. And their perception I was talking about this with. With guy's year just humans here during the break I was talking about even movies I've watched. I I'm a bit Alfred Hitchcock fan loved just about all of his movies. And I was telling them I was absolutely shocked. When I saw a couple of his movies. They were originally written by a lesbian that the original stories were written by a lesbian. And they hit them the characters were gay. And it turns out and one of those movies. They'd two main characters were bisexuals. I didn't know this stuff. It didn't for meat didn't take away anything once I found this out but it's interesting again. The meanings behind things really don't mean anything unless you overtly communicate these things which I think. A lot of people or certainly trying to do now and put these messages out there. Which to me I find it completely frustrating. Because I wonder whether it takes away from the story like those movies I watched by the way if you're curious what they are one was called rope. And the other rules it was called strangers on a train the original story line. As I've learned the world characters. But it never crossed my mind when I watch those movies years ago. Think they're. It. Charles says give me was the bird's. Eye what did you possibly due to the birds. Mary good morning and welcome. You. How would be sitting for little girl went to court and concocting network and the thing Kyle out something. They're in either one of them is the mother and father that the bank. They're bringing up global and they are typically. Think that now. It's not achieve what you might think if they are doing. This is that this is a cartoon. Yes into the cart you know let's talk about what cart and I are about the TV and we started coloring. Yes and this is where this is cross the line merry between just pure entertainment and propaganda. That's how that's what's happened here. They're trying to change Serbs there man that. All what could it is popular that they that said that it could be. Yeah this is this who were my concerns I mean it's one they if you don't do stuff like this story lines for the adults. It's one thing yet Mary but I he really really have a problem with. Creating these characters for. Children's viewing. Noted this amateur after this whether teaching kids this garbage in schools. Because there. And that dole. Don't have any misunderstanding about the goal here it is the so called progressive agenda. It's propaganda. What it is propaganda. By the way lest I forget it's a couple of important pieces of business. So I can drive Charles up the wall and get his phone's busy over there. There's a very important event taking place. I believe this is tomorrow. This is a Smart money event associated with Dave Ramsey. Team members Anthony O'Neill and Chris Hogan. Are going to participate in this event it's here in Charlotte now. I wanna make this very clear if you live here in the Charlotte area. Absolutely. Try for this but if you also live in the upstate and you don't mind driving appear you can participate as well what does this lead into. We have a couple of tickets. Is it too we're looking to give away a pair of tickets. For this Smart money events. It's happening at Hickory grove Baptist Church. At 7200 east Paris boulevards 630 to 930 tomorrow night I've heard really good things about this program. And so if you were able to make it in you would like. The opportunity to get free tickets. Here's what you do. Use. This number. Are Eagles advantage stock and number 809 to 1110809. To 1110. You can also use 704571110. If you like to. And Charles is going to take the eleventh. Color. The eleventh caller will get the tickets. Whether you're here in the Charlotte area or whether you are in the upstate so. Let the phone ring now 809 to 1110. Or. 704571110. And those phones are going crazy right now. It would be well worth it I mean Q appreciated. Also a few minutes ago we told you about president Donald Trott. At cherry point he's checking out the Florence damaged. Every single member. Of the senate from both states. They are. Visiting with the president as well as in Thom Tillis Richard berg Tim's got it and Lindsey Graham. So if there's anything else newsworthy from that we will let you know. In the here and now we still have the impact from Florence with this I'm gonna share all of these counties knowing that some of these are in our our listing areas some or not. But we're just gonna share all the caddies. The flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service in rally has been extended for the following counties. Flood warning we're still days away in days removed from Florence Florence is long gone and but some of these rivers. Are still cresting and for that reason we've got road closures and all kinds of issues. These areas the flood warning has been extended. Until 8 o'clock tomorrow evening. That's Scotland county. Anson county credit Johnny Richmond Janney Montgomery County Cumberland Stanley Lee. Southern Johnson County Johnston county Polk County more Kenny Wayne Kinney and sensing Kenny all of these counties. A flash flood warning has been extended. Until 8 o'clock tomorrow night. Now this is part of what we warned about that with some of these rivers. The lingering effects from the rain. Would now be felt until later on they you know they the waters flowing downstream and once it reaches these areas. Well those rivers are gonna start to rise in the east creeks in these areas. And we've still got a number of roads that are still closed because they are covered by water. Let me appeal to you again please if you're in these areas do not do not drive through these waters. All it takes is a few inches of water on the ground to take your car somewhere. You don't want it to ago. We do not needing more fatalities. Or injuries or the need for anybody to have to do any rescues. So again. The flash flood warnings still in effect for really looks like a dozen or so counties. In the central part of North Carolina. So keep that in mind still to come. We have another ridiculous story to talk about Rolling Stone. And gonna save this for the opportunity to talk to with Alonso because I'm sure. He will be thrilled to death to read the headline for this particular story as we take a look at that he and mr. Also the latest on the Cavanaugh nomination and his accuser. This and much more. As we continue our broadcast. Right before we go back to the funds we've got. Breaking news to tell you about this is a very important story in fact. We're rearranging what I was planning to address year. Now. This accuser. As a Christine blaze seaport. Was calling for a four FBI investigation before she testified this was a condition covered testimony. She's the one who's accusing Brit Kavanagh of sexual assault. Again and she was calling for an investigation of this incident before senators hold a hearing on the allegations. We have now Lauren Fox News is reporting sources say there will be no FBI investigation. Into galvanized. Allegations the cabin the allegations against him. No FBI. Investigation. So the question then becomes. What happens. Does. Ms. Ford testify or not. Now Faisal Mitch McConnell comments on this. They seemed to indicate Monday is the day they have set aside for this. So it leads me to believe if she's not gonna testify Monday. They may very well go ahead with a vote. Now if it's me that's what I do go and have the vote get it overweight. Because she said this is a precondition. Honored testimony so now the FBI is not going to investigate. Does this surprise she was this good news bad news how do you think this has got to play before the rest the country. So. We will see what the responses. From. Ms. Ford and her attorneys. Let's go I took call in China growth here is rob and good morning Robin. Yeah out those days. Much oriented and archer. And one nobody's feeling that your comments will be a lot worse they eat it straight positive. About any future without a week. What's. Forty pounds or expand. It when you get all this violence and you have all the doctors and nurses. Yet do it on at all. Maybe we'll get down but it is in about four weeks I would feel so matters it's a matter. And when you thank you came Mikey you've reached bearing his. In Israel you know that just like light years go by guaranteeing that didn't. It gives I think you see. I from milder. They you know they are buying Indian and getting assured Turkey is. Protein in tolerating. Because that that's what lately it's likely that we flap elect acting lately. Really so that's a very deep and mental health aspect is another important part of this. Yeah yeah devastate our side because they're McCain. About the secondly how much allow lots of beautiful. And Brendan my gear and Halloween a lot biggest but. That's yoga itself that that anxiety is. Is and in today's world everything will work out of those doctors are my. That's fart are or. Yeah how long ago assists for you. It's seven years. They thing I can remember Eric thank you by an act the biggest. Thing is he'll go. It will he would fit into that matter what it means one. Heart surgery. You understand what how strictures real back and forward are buying it. Yet read your I never met at literate or pills that you elect because it just made it cult there is a collection. Jones. Coming up it's used that. I bet you I mean they acknowledged date might go without him how. How are you doing now. On Longoria mean a lot goes now he's and a proper restraint thing in. I'm the obvious fact I'm Oxfam at all hours and I am now he he's there. And out argue about Condit about science. From art since credit and aren't accurate I have great place. As absolutely amazing. Rob and I so appreciate your call in in fact I'm going to US certainly pesticide and in nature of my friend here's this. And I'm glad to know that your doing well that certainly a source of great joy and encouragement. He hadn't it is are you that because when you were trounced them ago. I got it the first three weeks he's almost will be our starting. Oh. All right well thanks very much for your call there Robin and again this in reference to those view may have just tuned day and I mentioned a good friend of mine had though open heart surgery on Monday. And it was just describing the tremendous recovery period. That is still ahead. We told you earlier about the Cavanaugh story the latest twist the FBI. The FBI is not going to investigate. So where does this leave. This hearing. That was scheduled for next week the opportunity for this woman to testify. And for. Judge Kevin to rebut. Whatever allegation she was going to make publicly. Where it Cisco from here. We will find out. Now it's probably good opportunity for us to take a look at the date in history. And Lou let's see we have four questions for months ago. Addressing this nineteenth day of September. 19 day of September are you doing sporting man I am great. Would just wait till we get to the story. At the end of these questions and you're eagerly anticipating. Whatever that will be. Let's go back to 1881 and interestingly enough we talked about this so called. Curse that was put on the presidents we had a president die every twenty years in office. 1881. This one died after a gunshot wounds. On July 2. My goodness that's a long time to suffer. 1881. Which president was it who died. When it. Not quite. He was way back in the 1860s. So not four well twenty years nearly twenty years before anybody in here and guess who it was an 1880 wine. I'll give you a hint. There's a cartoon witnessed care to this name liked pat. President Felix. I think it's that does get sexually Garfield president Garfield. Died after a gunshot wounds from July 2 1934. Brood all hopman. You probably don't even know this guy is. He was arrested after kidnapping a famous baby. What was the name of that family. That he kidnapped the baby from. Denver you're correct the Lindbergh baby kidnapped her. 1957. This was tested in an underground. Lace in the desert in Nevada what was it. 1957. Tom. I will give this to you it was yeah it was a new that was tested out in the desert. And this person's manifest there was published in New York Times and Washington Post. This guy was crazy 1995. Who was it. Manifest ago. That he try to kill president. I'm not sure if you tried killing presidents but he was going around. With some devices will just Kaczynski. What's that this guy's name I completely unabomber. Unabomber already already very good man and very impressive. And we've got a story for you after the break once it was Davis. Back to the final stretch of our Wednesday broadcast. So here we are having a conversation with lines though and I decided to wait until this moment. To share this headline with. Mr. rates. The only. Are you ready for the headline. No absolutely not eat eat eat eat and I what do you your reaction when you see this come down belied. It should be. Showing up on your screen about net. Are you ready read it for me. You want me either. I am not reading. And I really don't think you should either. Oh my goodness what I saw this I doubt this has got to be a joke. But it was a real story. I'm gonna go into any details the story if you're into this garbage you could read it by a just I think posted this on my social media page just for humorous. Just to draw attention to the headline. The headline is in Rolling Stone magazine. Trumps junk. Is it okay to blank shame the president. You can imagine with that word is it starts with the deet and I don't need to tell you anything more. This contains excerpts from stormy Daniels tell our men tell all memoir. Full disclosure. It has too many people pondering the president's. Private parts. Seriously. Running style. There's a real story. And we thought the whole underwear thing was bad years ago now we've got even deeper into this which a place I don't really wanna go. So they yeah. I don't know where you just came out yesterday and now it was wonderland Mario cart was trending on Twitter there you go and I made the mistake of looking out why Mario. Oh. Is an amazing. Just. Little more information and you want it to go right. If you were trying to figure out why he made reference to Mario Kart you can read the story for yourself. Rolling Stone finally thank you for sending me that headline wryly I've appreciated I did that just to make your day. I'd glad you appreciated by the way. Someone's neck going to be with us tomorrow because. He'll be celebrating his big birthday the Big Five Ole. Happy birthday and advance. Thank you it is the one of those landmark cages worries go off into the woods left. On the C drive your middle age crazy car off into the woods right. Go through some vulgar lewd. I'm over half laid. She she have any special plans. I choose. Who's gonna drive my car. Or a it's a little analysts now live on this taken to jail all because time a written I wrote three books when I was a teenager and I said when a term that the I'd work on them again. So I'm going to work on them maybe for five minutes tomorrow but I am gonna work on them. Because I hold myself I will answer that I said they're ego well we certainly wish you the best of luck and enjoy your fiftieth birthday. Have agreed to a man months ago. Heading off to enjoy his fiftieth birthday pretty amazing and armament fiftieth birthday. I will sail long ago that was not important the conversation. Let's go out you'd Diana on a call good morning Diana. Cave in particular my cough. My favorite party shallow one of my favorites and doing your line to go back and forth but it ain't history. And I immediately need the answer because my uncle my kid I used music and help them remember saying and there are isn't Johnny Cash song. About the seating of president park deal you're Johnny Cash. Our and it's. So funny car and might never beaten so we do you remember thing with music you know ended up replacing your brain rather than just reading it and above its. And so it would. I I'm I'm telling my I'm yelling at my radio. That is too cool well thank you Al thanks for sharing that things so well you don't have a great day you as well things were. Things such an important role in educating your children. Who would've ever thought. I'm not sure this before we go though as we listen you can keep Johnny Cash going in the background. In December 23 team this suppose from my friend Robin I used to work with in TV while working local TV I was told led to create a Twitter profile and use it. When I left local TV I stay on Twitter. And it's. He's seen some of Larry's tweets today was the tapper for me. I read where the lawyer ever female porn stars and his clients have modern woman while that's a disgrace to true modern women everywhere. I don't think I need to go into any details. And any talks about the puppet story. Being gay puppets enough already. Twitter he gets an interest in using comedy it's nothing more than a sounding board for idiots and I've grown tired of wasting my time goodbye Twitter. The dumbing down of society will continue but it will do so. Without meat. From my friend rob it something to think about have a great day folks. It. This region guard. Was always that if when it was he said that just that thing the presidents that in this region. Greek and he called me. She couldn T. Only Canada and so they. I. Pretty amazing. That's called mister Garfield by Johnny Cash. Yes agreed we don't learn history. Thanks very much for sharing that and human.