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Wednesday, November 22nd

Uber in trouble? Today in history and what we are thankful for, and Trump. 


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Wednesday morning welcome to broadcast it to be back with you. Hope your day is started off well and this is the beginning of a lot of travel for many of you wish you make your final Thanksgiving. Plans. I hope it's a great time offer you an opportunity connect with family and Jewish and great food and unplug from some of the madness for a little while. It's kind of interesting what. Reportedly Carolina sustain. A total of one. Point three million north Carolinians. Will be on road trips for the Thanksgiving holiday at one point three million. They could add abouts 700000. From South Carolina. These are all people traveling fifty miles or more away from home. A lot of people. In fact an increase of 3.3 percent from 2016. Just he compares of some of the gas prices that you are likely to encounter out there. In South Carolina. Round the Charleston area prices around 232. Gallon it's not bad. North Carolina's average price around 240 gallon. Poured gasoline tax really get rid of that margin didn't it's pretty amazing isn't. A difference that made. Sort of things I'd love to hear during the course the broadcast today. And you're free to share this threw out. I would like to know what you're thankful for. As we reports the Thanksgiving holiday. What are your Thanksgiving plans. Endured many Thanksgiving or day after family tradition she would like to share a you can comment on one or several of these items. You're welcome to. For all of that out to share with all of us here in the Carolinas will be glad. To get your perspective the way to do that it's is called Ingles advantage talk like number 809281110. Or used become a since retirement planning text line at 71 threes are seven either one will reach us. And should we will be glad to share your thoughts on this broadcast. And I hope. You have the opportunities I mentioned to be able to. Unplug and share time with family and friends because this is certainly special time of year is do you like me find this. Time of year when it starts of Thanksgiving. All the way to Christmas goes by pretty quickly. You have that feeling especially as you get older this few weeks just zips by it's pretty amazing. How quickly the time flies. If you are planning to use over there something you probably need to know about we're gonna talk about this in a bit did you hear about this data breach. You know and it's pretty amazing. And one the reasons I'm thinking about this my son is traveling. And it's likely he's going to be using Hooper. Did you hear what happened here. Exposure 57. Million accounts. 57 million. And a couple of interesting things about tennis. This breach happened last year we're just now hearing about it as you know there's been a big shake up at Hoover. They've got new management at the top. This was covered up. Covered up. And even more shocking about this. Is the company paid hackers a 100000 dollars to keep secret. That breach. A 100000. Dollars we're gonna talk of an expert on this issue because I think a lot of you will be very curious. To find out she. You know what this is all about what you're possible exposure could be especially. If you are one people uses Cooper on a regular basis. What exactly has been compromised in what are the implications that will talk about that in a bit. We've also got its. An ongoing feud. Just me thought this thing was over with it is kicked back up. There's a couple of big Donald Trump stories going on. One of them. Relates to the Lavar ball story you'll remember he's the one who has the son who was arrested over in China shoplifting. Just me that this thing was over well it's rekindled again thanks to the wonderful medium of Twitter. So we'll talk about that also. We've got these scandals going on their machines we know it doesn't seem like every few days we hear about somebody else who's molested or sexually harassed. One person or number of people it is seems like the flood gates have just absolutely opened up. You also heard. That's taxpayer dollars have been spent. Essentially to. Set up settlements. Forest some of these government employees including members of congress. People like John Conyers who gonna talk about a bit and we're gonna share some wonderful audio with you. From a member of congress. Who is I think probably one of the most moronic. Human beings on the planet. And this is a real winner and I think it's wonderful what you're gonna hear this person say. Because obviously the person that she was speaking of she did not know as well as she thought. That's a tease so we're gonna find that in a bit. But what we start off with a call out of Greenville Taylor would like to share. Some thoughts here on this Thanksgiving eve good morning tailored. Markets there are you doing very well. Order order. It actually. Why is our. Or rather it's coming all our own state now. And all from Afghanistan and we are going to get there well. This evening. For. All Alex Bentley. A better self. So this is they view is that huge in spanky and and I. There's no reason and not be thankful. You came on the every individual and it came on the one. EU. And it says it's a beautiful thing so. Or shared that. That is absolutely awesome and this is going to be a surprise. This is is that right from Archie had no idea. That is so cool. Taylor you've got to give us a call back after the holidays and let us know how this goes that's going to be ups to call and of course you're gonna shoot video of this search. Oh absolutely. Absolutely yet. Called back in. It is it. Wonderful. That is absolutely cool we have a great time and thanks for calling sharing that story. I would love to be a fly on the wall for this one mean that that's just going to be absolutely awesome. And can you imagine what his wife with going to be going for her heart mind and she sees. A brother again this is going to be great pit stop. A great starts. In your phone calls are well again that talk line 8981110. Text line. 71307. Straight ahead to delve into this scooper issue. And it was specially for you who may be concerned abouts what's going on with my data is there are some vulnerability year possibility that somebody may. Carry out something like identity theft. Who knows what the possibilities are we will talk with a an expert about this. And as I mentioned throughout this broadcast your culture text welcome on Thanksgiving what you're thankful for what your plans are your traditions for a Thanksgiving. Will share here. 19 after 10 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program. So we've got some problems with amber now. They have revealed. There was a massive breach. Last year. The exposed personal data for around 57. Million accounts 57. Million. But wait there's more. The company also paid hackers 100000 dollars to keep this secret. By the way this cover up the incident resulted in the firing of two employees responsible. For the response to the pac. That's from the chief executive on this who says none of this should have happens and I will not make excuses for it. Well that sounds all well and good what are the implications of this for you if you happen to have used Cooper. Anytime in the last year or so. What would said get some perspective on this. From internationally recognized expert on cyber security strategy cyber terrorism identity theft and privacy. For into our good friend Morgan writes good morning welcome Baxter. Hey same to you same to you. No. Very happy for the folks over at who bird this is a big deal is it not. If somebody isn't publicly flogged them put in stocks and content for the next year this what are we come to mean that's what this. I believe that as a criminal conspiracy. I mean he violated some federal law. But when the driver information. A lot it just general criminal stupidity where else could you believe that the same people who broke into your house if you paid ever actually return your doctor you. I did that that this will be making part but the sad part about it is that is that the consumers war did need to have a chance. You go on the offense to protect himself to be proactive mean hopefully you know bill look audiences got good identity theft protection of like that monitor your credit card accounts without. The fact that it was covered up over year is just indicative what kind of culture they had it over during that time and I think it's gonna. The public meet the more things about the usually the first shoe to drop of waiting for the second one. It's pretty amazing let's start at the beginning here in the vulnerability in the first place. How did that hackers getting into their system. We don't have all the details yet I'm gonna make a couple of educated guess can I've read some of the reports about this but they got in through an account on getting public get a bit like FaceBook for geeks. It's where they share code they collaborated to community of voters. So somebody by being able to crack the account up try to get have a count of some of the developer maneuver. We're able to then use those same credentials and get into the Amazon Web Services. Portion where actually found all the data and that's where they Exel traded they stole the data from. So might Mike belief is that it probably started off most likely with a spear Phishing attack were able to harvest credentials and get into that goes back just. They could act and update the other side of the open. It helped me to think they get their number one they didn't have to backdrop medication on get which I never get another count and I have a second factor you log in. You were argued also provides now security code addition New Year's Neiman apps were. I have a count on Amazon Web Services at the same thing if they set up basic security precautions. We wouldn't be here in about this story. This is pretty amazing you're talking about basic security precautions. This is blocking and tackling I mean not to over use college football are a valued at. This would be like people that can block I did not look to block that guy who's blitzing our quarterback on my bad. Is it doesn't now. Doesn't work that way that's your responsibility. And in this state today we are what happened with John Podesta and Hillary Clinton Campaign work he did have two factors set up his account got compromised. We've seen it happen over and over. This is the basics of it and to people listening to all to do this if you got email he got Yahoo! keep that Amazon. No matter what you do there are ways that you can go out and secure all of your basics like eight Porter he just need to be the basic. So what's horrible here what kind of information might be out there as a result this breach. Well if you're a driver going to be a lot of information like your driver's license which could include data per you know your address. So personally identifiable information if you're consumer most likely going to be. Your name your credit card but it also would include quitting but potentially your home address or work after a in a pale where that is going to be I able to. It up for one thing notably the hackers deleted data that it hurt thousand dollars and said you fool you don't I'll I'll we have your information now did look at executed at somewhere out on the dark web. You know things like that it has more value than a 100000 dollars if you want to pay a 100000 dollars you're willing to pay 500000. This is the amazing part about it to me that you know they would actually take this step. Are you ever in situations you're an expert on this you ever encourage people to pay hackers to give your data back or or do something of that sort. All advocate a lot but this is a very individual decision another word on who especially with the ride in ran more got to put that in respect events I mean we are spending so much money on. Tried to educate people and spending money out our security but yet the urine helped Carol long ransom where demand that attacks have gone up 133%. I'm getting better it's getting worse and so is partly to say no you should never pay hackers I can tell you this is that. If you'll do the basic spike back up your data. Again you strong pass for that to factor authentication. And you know upper big mistakes. Quick clicking on the link quit BS the Betty you know. I have a little phrase I use of electric and it's called stop bank don't click that link. Before you click on it think about a permanent is this really the link to that or and I I could enter Dora have a say trusted bookmark. But I can go to instead it now shopping season upon us spent. They'll be a lot of fraudulent site out there are people saying are hey here's the deal from now on quick kuril look like you know launched by. And then you go to paid the New York credit card. So this is the got to think certainly people need to be watchful of club for four yet touch on some of the consumer issues related to the holidays. Where do we stand now with a super thing what what's gonna happen here in what should consumers do if I have some concern about possibility that my data has been breached. It might be out in the dark web somewhere would like do. Well look the best thing to do is make Turkey don't have it gives them identity theft protection the kind it will monitor. Can help you restore that. But there's one there's one small that particular identity fraud and identity epic are still your credit card information or to have that your name on there. That's upper identifiable that's what we call identity fraud. But you know but during your bank and doesn't matter it's broader identity that it that they during your bank to counter her all the same. So you know it's something that does make sure you proactive like dat beat very very careful about clicking on any thing make sure you backup your data and whenever possible. Use that to back or at her vacation if he'll do the basic you will make yourself harder target to 95% of the people on the Internet today. We have a couple minutes left in the segment when asked you about the holidays would've some of the specific things that people need to be aware of watchful you mentioned. The sting of a clicking 'cause I sheep people all the times like oh this looks interesting. Have no idea where that's gonna take them what are some things people need to be watchful. Well I it is exactly that's quite clicking on almost popped it but I just came across I did it today. Other great fighter and I trust these guys that I've worked with on the IBM IBM has partnered with a couple of other it's called quad nine QU AD nine. Dot net if you go there they're assure you had to make just one setting on your phone on your browser on your computer. And that will help protect against all of these Phishing sites and all these scams by. That are attempting to collect data they got like forty billion site they're that they're monitoring. So I mean that's a good place to start you know don't trust anything you pitcher spam but it it hit it for a reason don't believe what's ever in the air. I'm just being typed in the make sure you tight and be address yourself. You know and be very careful I used to at a trusted bookmarks on that I've gone to a Ryder five. And so I don't click on anything in there I go to my throat but mark and I go there and actually I navigate through the step a look if you think a good deal. On trust me if it's not coming from it's gonna look like a trusted site but it what you really read that URL you're gonna find out it's going to be a takes site. Very important for us to consider this time of year end it's also important to remember as we close should do not use Kaspersky. We talked about that last time didn't wait. An upcoming ads do not you that decided Q do you give a lot of merit a big Christmas at. I was not expecting the the Russian again he's back again with this hey thanks a lot for governor on the broadcast Morgan writes in happy Thanksgiving. Are a. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program and it is that time. Which do this every day but sometimes things just zip by so quickly have a challenging time us staying on top of everything. Take a look at the date in history ends. I'm sure many of you know what's. Is foremost on people's minds on Tuesday November 22. What's occurred on this day in history 1963. Year and Ed joining us this time to take the quiz you know the answer to that question. It's the day our president president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in dials texts and I'm sure it would do you remember that those ten years old and fifth grade so sure do remember one we got the word and a there we went over to church so a few prayers and classes were dismissed Mulder forget that our weekend. And I'm sure that that leaves quite an impression imprints and that each and we've got several items on the list. Of the items for the day in history going back first in 1906. The radio telegraph convention in Berlin. Adopted this as the international distress symbol what is it a source code as so. Get a prize. A policy like don't have to work on this said to me may be Wu will figure at some sort of prize year. Will let you work here another day how's that solar. Getting 1943. FDR Churchill. Antennas Chiang Kai Shek. Met in Cairo. To discuss how to defeat. This country in World War II. What country with a tight judge decorative but it goes it was so and Churchill FDR of the year and it would have been Germany. Unfortunately wrong and. What are other guests plan yes it was Japan the how can take out. And you mentioned the I Kennedy assassination in who was the perpetrators on that particular day in what she believed the conspiracy. The show it's unfolded yet it's still well. Bleed they say to the Harvard Dole's fault but there were a few others are you one of the skeptics rules generally Harvey also that was down at the Coca-Cola machine on the first floor when it happens. Really. You have serious questions about this. Speaking of that I came across some interesting information about yeah it's one of those things where keep this many years removed. I think what people have questions about what new can we possibly learn you know there's this big hype. About the release of information and it seems like there wasn't much information really yeah. Sparked much attention in the news. But here's a story that's now been reported this the first time I've heard about this. But now there are records indicating that it's JFK's assassination may have been aided by his bad back if you ever heard that account. Also this is a very interesting thing that was going on he had a couple of back surgeries in fact there was a field back surgery. So what do into the happening is he's tightly laced it put a wide ace bandage around in a figure eight around his trunk. So this is a brace that basically goes all the way appear chest above your new polls and it's tight. And it makes it difficult to beat and Ford I think you can see immediately. How this was a problem. So what this. These experts are saying. Is that this habit of wearing this tightly laced back brace. May have kept him from recall willing to the floor of his car after the first bullet hit him in the neck. And so basically left him in place for that next shot. What was called the kill shot. Is that fascinating to think how old that some that some factor like that could've figured into it is. That's amazing it's amazing and there are so many so many different stories back to the conspiracy point I'm sure a lot of our listeners would. But probably light up the phone right now people are wager money. But it was a sad day it was a sad day in Vince I don't think whoever now. Health it learned of the complete truth. As a Figaro so many moving parts both were very vulnerable that time you know in the Cuban missile crisis was just over so whoever was tried to kind of keep the full truth a figure trying to protect America from when the the next war so there was a lot of lot of legs to. And clarify here youth you'd think that's the real answers are Nolan. But there are people who were trying to keep that information promise. So many of those people passed on to but I think we're still on horrible. And that's why it I don't know flow over here the truth in our life or four Evernote to completely by former ball what do you mean it. From up in and that angst in America the division we have today the cranking is we have today it would further split us the mistrust of government. Brentwood duty it would heighten that and plus our relationship with the overseas powers so like a liberal believe it's our best interest deal. Not to not to completely. Inject hey that's fair enough thanks a lot. Could argue it is ordered go there with that but it's stuff it is it is at this is always intriguing and I think for a lot of people there. I'm I'm open all kinds of questions being being passed in and hopefully at some point being answered. You know and I think we know by now I mean. Not that we should mistrust completely everything. By its I think we've learned over the years the government like Stewart's. You know when you see Leo Harvey all full being passed by the press in the media of the back and forth fourteen times and in all of you opened the guy I was never put on trot out all. There's just so many things if you watch some of the video Bakken that they stupid let's say it happened in 2017. How how different like food how different things would have you know evolved. It quite interesting. You're absolutely right you know and certainly you have some lessons have been learned from the past about security. And there are certainly he has some practices that renteria for by the law enforcement they would never carry out now there's no question about that. So good talking with you Ed experts thanks for playing today really appreciate that. As always we've by giving you the opportunity today on this day before Thanksgiving to share your thoughts with us about Thanksgiving what do you think 44 what are your Thanksgiving traditions. Some of you have very special things that your doing. And you do them every single year and we've got the notorious. Black Friday that's coming up as well we don't hear from 809 to 1110. Our common since retirement planning text line is 713. Series seven. If you like to share something along those lines he can beat writer or all of those things. Your calls and your techs are certainly welcome. We're not going to be able go to all of this now we can set the table anyway. But I mention a couple of things that Donald Trump is tweeting about one of them. He is calling for congress to release the names of every lawmaker who settled harassment cases quietly. With taxpayer money. Here's what he said I do I really do I think they should. He was asked about his opinion on proposed transparency for the congressional Office of Compliance. You also reacted to several reports of problem men in media entertainment politics accused of unwanted advances. Harassment sexual misconduct and abuse toward women. When asked by reporters to respond to the pivotal moment in our nation's history for women. Trump appeared pleased that improper behavior was getting exposed. Some deep thoughts here women are very special. I think it's a very special time because a lot of things are coming out and I think that's good for our society. And it's very very good for women. Already then. Coming up we will talk about us. Another aspect of this a member of congress. Who had a harassment complaint settled. And make congresswoman who highly praised this guy just a few months ago for his character. You can hear that it's as we continue our free Thanksgiving program. 1049 events Coakley radio program I've been asking you about your. Plans for Thanksgiving and so that he'd be wasted chief celebrates the tradition you've established your family and that mattered things you were thankful for. We have Malcolm in Charlotte's good morning welcome the broadcast. Felt like they. Are dying. This has been the talk met immediate relations. No limit yet received a program called smoking. I have notch. Let program. They show. Able well. Actually. Yes sir they. So why her shop in. Charge. That was fatal. That's an interest in theory. While two shot. And that the bearish were an eight QB he stood out what he has done. And then when they accelerated. The driver accelerated. He fell back to speak into the it's our network that they. While that's a very interesting theory it's been offered there. We'll have to check into this particular broadcast that you mentioned you want to share something else as well. So I think about it thank you and I am thankful for my concern in my order and in my grandchildren. Family would have a wonderful things you. System allows you does Oprah. You know painful memories of and yet they've grown. Or the Washington DC to my problem where I was out. In. Some wonderful memories come I think it would ammo so. That's absolutely awesome will appreciate that hope everything goes very well well with this Thanksgiving Malcolm thinks like your call on this Thanksgiving eve. I wanna start going into details of this situation. That involves a member of congress. Now what's extraordinary about this and and I think you know already. That's. Washington is very good at hypocrisy you get a lot of people who love to moral lines. Who. Have been hiding some things promise. Michigan representative John Conyers. Is the longest serving member of the House of Representatives he settled a long a wrongful dismissal complaint. Back in 2015 with a former employee who alleges she was fired. Because she would not succumb to his sexual advances. Documents from this complaint obtained by buzz feed news include four signed affidavits. Three of which are no motorized from former staff members who led Conyers the ranking Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee. Repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sexual favors contact Ian transporting other women. With whom they believe Conyers was having affairs. By the way is apparent that cool here and getting my wife in trouble she sees these guys and she's like why. And. Eight I'm just I'm just the messenger don't come after me. Anyway. What supposedly was happening was. He was caressing their hand sexually rubbing their legs and backs in public. Four people involved case verify the documents are authentic. And the documents also reveal the secret mechanism by which congress has kept an unknown number of sexual harassment allegations secret. A grinding closely held process that left the alleged victim feeling. They had no option. Of the would stay quiet and accept the settlement offered to work. She said I was black balled nowhere to go. Nowhere to go. Let's of mr. Conyers is not without his supporters and defenders. Exhibit eight. Wave refer to this person is probably be one of the most moronic members of congress. And I think many of you guess who it is without even telling you the name. Well John obviously you know because you did the audio yes. But I want you to listen to this person who had a lot of priest who this person just a few months ago. Here it tears. As a member of congress. Quit that's a political weapon but many many years he is quiet his competence his Pablo. Let me add that at about. It's just got a big round of. Impeccable integrity. Isn't that just wonderful none other than our good friend Maxine Waters. It's. You know one of the things that really saddens me and I'm serious when I say it is it saddens me. That. This is the best we can come out with. Meaning if you're a Democrat. Can't you find someone with some functioning brain cells. Just asking. We continue to broadcast year 1054. Interspersed in your conversations review about Thanksgiving. We goats you run out of tailors who has some thoughts to share with this you get about a minute Tehran. Favorite. It's going to be Mike embarked in my special. Take it weighing. And whatever side that come up with that side day yet got to have a couple my blood Amal and come it would their lives and what has now. And lock arms talks rankled some things about. I would celebrate Thanksgiving here in nine states and we ought to talk about some biblical matters in Spierkel saying. And if you're at a time and we do it chicken wing and it's a really great time. What you gotta tell me a little bit more about these chicken wing. What do you do this so special these chicken wings. Well or. At all. Secret sauce. He would be gonna give us a little hint as dramatic. Weight. Or not pride. Not fried okay. Well at some point. You have to Phyllis in on the island some aspect of the secret I knew you wanna keep the book this secret for obvious reasons dot org you would borrow. A it. They arrived baseline for calling out of Taylor's this morning. As we continue to broadcast the Vince Coakley radio program again. If you have some thoughts to share this about Thanksgiving what your plans are what makes this holiday special for you. Eight hundreds nine to eleven syntex like 71 threes your seven.