Vince Coakley Radio Show 6-13-2018 Hour 1

The Vince Coakley Radio Program
Wednesday, June 13th
Vince talks about the SC Primary Election and Mark Sanford.

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Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. Good morning welcome broadcasting it to be back with you. Where do I begin. Wilmots safely begin here. In reviewing what happened last night in the state of South Carolina. Big primary. And and probably. One of the big stories is what happened with Henry McMaster who is the current governor. Now those of you who may not be familiar with what I've said before about this. Henry McMaster is governor for one reason. He was handpicked by president Donald Trump. That was his gift. For being. Among the first to support Donald Trump. This view not familiar. I take that position along time ago the Nikki Haley appointment all the she's done a great job issue an ambassador. I don't think that was the primary reason for giving her that job I think the primary reason was to reward Henry McMaster. By putting him in the governor's mansion. Interestingly enough. He is not resonated enough with South Carolina voters. To avoid a runoff. Came in first place. But he will have to face a runoff. If he's interested in getting elected to his own term. Early supporter president Donald Trump. He failed to win the 50% necessary to avoid a runoff. He in Greenville businessman John Warner headed for second contest that's coming up in just couple weeks June 26. This vote has tested the heft of Trump's endorsement. Where McMaster became governor last year. As lieutenant governor McMaster was the nation's first statewide elected official to backtrack. Head of south Carolina's early presidential primary. By the way McMaster was unsuccessful in his 2010 gubernatorial bid he lost a four way primary. To guess who Mickey Haley. Ands whoever wins this nomination. Wind up facing representative James Smith in November. That is the Democrat candidate who won yesterday evening we'll talk about some of the other races coming up. I also wanna get your perspective on this. I'd like to know who did you hope you vote for in the governor's race and why will be your criteria for determining. The other thing. That I wanted to go into. And I'm sure this is going to have quite an impact and stir a lot of this morning. How old do I begin this. This is a story that really. To return significant turn yesterday afternoon. I wanna start. With a story about what is happened today. And I make no bones about the fact. I am very very concerned about what is happens. In the defeat of mark sand church. Congressman Mark Sanford. Mark Sanford. And you've heard me refer to this plenty of time what it would light what do white house on this broadcast. When it comes to conservatism. Faithfulness. Over time. I don't get excited about campaign promises I get excited about somebody who has a proven record. They're consistent. You know this person is going to stand by conservative principles and not going to waver. Going to follow the crowd. Not going to get sucked into the swamp of Washington politics. March interest in this very well. Those of you don't know the history. Mark Sanford. Has had some other issues back when he was governor. Kind of giving a short version of this. He claimed to have gone for a journey on the Appalachian trail. It turns out he was having an affair. He was having an affair. That ultimately cost him his marriage. His affair was with a woman from Argentina. What are the things that struck me and I remember that day that this happened. When this all came out because this is a guy who seems to. Amid their people. And and I think you can probably identify with what I'm saying here. There are people you know who are closed books. Who don't share their hearts who are not honest and transparent. They hide stuff. And you don't know really what's going on unless. It's repealed or forced out. Mark Sanford was not that kind of guy he pretty much bled everything out in the cold you what he did it. And cry. And I hate. I think I'm pretty deserting about this but I immediately recognized. That Dave this came out I thought there is something. Solid about this guy I wanna meet and talk with this guy some day and I still do. Because what I saw. That there's something genuine fair granted this guy is really screwed up here. But there's something genuine there. Politically speaking. Mr. Sanford made a recovery. And this I understand up until now he's now lost election he comes back he runs for congress. And he served faithfully in congress since being back. By the way. 79%. I don't know what is liberty score is but I know it's high. But he has a 79%. Voting record when it comes to supporting the president I think that's pretty good. Rhetoric aside. But for some people would it's apparently not enough. Donald Trump today. Trumpeting the defeat of Mark Sanford. He said his advisors didn't want him to get involved in the Republican primary thinking Mark Sanford would easily win. But with a few hours left I've felt that Katie was such a good candidate in Sanford was so bad I had to give it a shot congratulations to Katie airing it. Who is the winner. There's a lot to this story and we're gonna go into it because you need to know more about Katie airing ten. And it confirms the concerns I've had about. What's going on. Within Republican circles forget the Democrats for a moment. I believe we are committing political suicide and I'll talk about it as we continue to broadcast this morning. On the Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. We will go into. Some of these issues this is pretty interest and I saw this coming. Serbs who faithfully not his wife LO OL. C and I'm gonna go into this because I think it's intriguing the the very people were mocking Mark Sanford. Are the same people. Who are supporting right now a man who cheated on two wives. And it's apparently cheated on his third. And has never ever ever ever ever. Apologized. Publicly for his behavior. We're gonna talk about this because folks. We better have some reckoning with this about what's going on in our hearts this ultimately not about Donald Trump it's about us who are. I would love to now. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program I mention the governor's race in South Carolina. Also the fourth district this is the district formally represented by tree Gotti will currently represented. There will be a runoff. In that particular race as well Lee bright. Led the field. Lee brides will be reading against William Timmons. That contest will continue I think again that date is the 26. Before I finish. What I want to share with you that I believe is vitally important fact I'll address. Some of these issues some of you folks I'd tell I'm really concerned about very concerned. I will go to the text line. Vince Sanford lost me when he violated the solid marriage vows given before god and man how can we expect him to keep a lesser foul. To uphold the constitution. You'll understand why I'm laughing later. Voted for Bryant and bright I've no problem now voting for war and so we can oust flawed court McMaster are for a it's a. Moon. Let's see here I voted for Bryant he's a conservative men of character with a proven records said that he couldn't get the backing. Of south Carolinians. Another person. Making reference the article shared trump trumpeting I see what you did there. Up a a dispersants saying sample was the last politician I was a failed out after he embarrassed to supporters so bad I've found I'd never give a politician the benefit of the doubt. Trust him as far as you can throw them only vote on what they've done and do. Already. Prince anywhere in an effort opinion would you be as concerned if anyone other than trump tweeted you're showing your true colors because he's president of the united. A and we'll get that tweet a little bit later on which is rich. I mean I about fell out of my chair when I read this week yesterday afternoon. It's I agree with you a lot of the time today however I don't care which side of the Trump's hair for debate before on he'd lost. There's far more important issues to deal with McMaster losing. Getting Lee bright a win I just don't leave the trumps him pretty issue matters at this point. Yes morality is a huge issue in our society and politics let's press forward haven't won. Let me just say very bluntly to you sir or ma'am we will not press forward. If this is the direction that we're going this is what I very bluntly want to say to you because it is consequential. Because we made a choice. You and I went there. We're involved in this particular election. But the mindset that permeates this. Will kill us ball. I'm not exaggerating when I say it is. And you'll understand why. When I get to this week before I go to anything else. Tell you about another contest where someone ran as an outsider. To take outs in Washington insider and I put that word in quotes insider and outsider brought both those words in quotes. I'm referring to Tim he'll scare who was a member of the freedom caucus again strong conservative. Very reliable conservative. There's a guy named Roger Marshall who ran against him he was going to drain the swap. Let me just tell you about what is happen. Does the number 53 meaning anything to you. That is Roger marshals liberty score. The people in that district have downgraded. And I'm just gonna bluntly say it they're probably too stupid to realize what they've done. Because they believed campaign rhetoric. We're going to drain the swap. You elected the swap. That's what you did. This is why. I strongly disagree with this texture who believes this is not an issue it's an ever present issue right in front office. There's a referendum on truth there's a referendum on conservatism going on right now and my question who is going to stand up. For conservatism and conservative values where who's gonna do it. Because we don't stand up. Other ideologies I don't care what they are will destroy this country. Just as soon as liberalism. I'm serious. So we share we Q what happened yesterday afternoon. Late afternoon there was a tweet that went out from the president. The president to did not get involved early on decided on the day of the election. To come out against Mark Sanford. And for Haiti Arrington. And I have a little more interesting information and Katie Arrington a little bit later on which odd to. Really intrigued you. If you had a concern about the gas tax. That's hint. Here's whipped from tweet it out yesterday marks the efforts been very un helpful to me in my campaign. To make America great again. He is MIA and nothing but trouble he's better off in Argentina. I fully endorse Katie airing it for congress in South Carolina State I love she's tough on crime and we'll continue our fight to lower taxes vote Katie. This is one of the most moronic text most moronic tweets that has been put out in the history of politics. Let me break it down for you. First off again. Reflects profound self centered it's everything is about him. Donald Trump. It's all about him. And Minnie takes a dig. I'm Mark Sanford going to Argentina a man who is divorced two wives after cheating on them. And probably cheated on his current life. Is making a dig on Mark Sanford a man who shone more repentance and more character than Donald Trump could ever have. And then here's the clincher. Which shows again a profound level of ignorance continue our fight to lower taxes. How. Reared its Katie Barrington stand on the gasoline tax. But those have you in the upstate where very aggressively involved in trying to fight where was miss Katie Erickson what I'm going to tell you. After the break. This just blows my mind we're losing our minds and our hearts and our souls folks. We better get a grip. On Vince Coakley radio program. Forty minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. I am gonna share more about this and miss Harrington in fact an interesting story. About her role. In the gasoline tax. It shoots the stuff is just really rich. Because one of the things I warned people about a couple of years ago when this was going on this controversy about gasoline tax. I told you it was gonna get to a point we were going to forget. These politicians. We're going to expect you'd forget how they voted on the gasoline tax. You know all the outrage that was there. They knew we would move on to something else. And most of us apparently had. That matter any more does it because this is a new day. We're big South Carolina great again this carpet ready a program 36 minutes after 10 o'clock. On our tech slide. Bashing her after elected you make me wanna throw. Referring to the the woman who defeated. Seat this is the other interestingly different insert something. Another overused word is bashing. You bashing years. It's offering a critique of someone who would you like. But when it's somebody you don't like it. Then you're just making an observation. Isn't that the truth let's be honest and I'm speaking to myself when I say this. Because too many of us we've got sacred house. And we don't want something said about our person our candidate our party. And I'm telling you folks. We need to be looking in the mirror first and at our group before we start throwing stones at the people across the way. Because I think there's a lot of rotten stuff. On our side. Various. We've got to be honest about it. Let's briefly talk DeRozan Spartanburg who's been very patiently waiting. What you have to say to us rose. When he attempted at trapped stock went directly. From Korea and articles were trapped it. Are absolutely not the network extra would not. It at any sang and equity Mac which I haven't trapped like any thing about in the end it next to make it. I ain't never heard mark and Britain at at being an actor that made it. Yes he actually did rose he actually did. Publicly. Publicly. You're in and acted in your hat but I bet EB. I hit an animal that they committed their power play a little bit ashamed to show lap belt that much less want I'll. Right here yet I understand I hear where you're coming from roads. Here's what other here's what bothers me there roads. If you had done that. How quick would you be to criticize somebody else. Or are doing the same thing. I drink a lot for your. Effort wrote. I'm the takes line Vince people don't want the Pope in any DC office they want fighters and bulldogs regardless of their faith or fidelity. And I'd say it's right just fact I agree with you. I absolutely agree with you. It takes devoted to ever bright for governor because he's the most conservative vote at Lee bright for district four for the same reason even though many said he could not win. Also it's in reference the previous text I'm not a trump Kool Aid drinker I was. I would have voted for foghorn mixed Baxter instead of Kemp and of this fog or ending really cracks me up it's it's it's still funny for some reason. Another texture we cannot afford to lose members of the freedom carcass bottom line. Who. You can say that again. Let me share with you before I finish. What I was going to share about this entire trump. And Stanford matter. Here's a story. After the passing of gasoline tax. The South Carolina general assembly achieved a long awaited feet passing a Rhodes bill in the House of Representatives. According to representative Katie airing ten of Somerville. House members passed bill 3516. Which proposes a motor fuel user fee increase of ten since that we've phased in over five years. If he hasn't been touched since 1987. And is the largest funding sources state highway highway and infrastructure repair. Our roads are fatal Arrington said. Here's someone. Who supported. The gas tax. Supported the gas tax and many view in South Carolina where furious. At the legislature. That was dead set on raising taxes and frankly the governor for going along with it. All have been unfaithful on this issue. Every single last one level. But I was right. Many of you forgot or you simply don't care. I don't get it I really don't get it I do not understand. I share with you tweet. From Donald Trump. Let me share with you a tweet from Justin a much will let me repeat this again. Mark Sanford has been through and helpful to me in my campaign to make America great again he's MIA nothing but trouble. He's better off in Argentina I fully endorsed key hearing to for congress in South Carolina State I love she's tough on crime. And we continue our fight to lower taxes vote Katie. Just a march at this. Marks and for its job is to support and defend the constitution. He's one of the most principled consistent conservative members of congress have ever known and unlike you. Mark has showed humility in his role and the desire to be a better man than he was the day before. Bingo. Justin hit this on the head. Can I just say something very bluntly. If we don't care about this. I don't wanna hear any of your political talk I really doubt. If the kind of men and women we are. Is not important anymore. And what matters is following along behind a person count me out. Because we will not. Make this country or any other country great. By that kind of character. I don't know how else to say this. Kyle on social media posted this yesterday since trump has been elected I've seen people I formally. But we're conservative throw their support behind multiple gun control measures. Bernie Sanders style tariffs. A gas tax a one point seven trillion dollar infrastructure plan. The signing of the largest budget in the United States history. Have seen him praise socialists like Roseanne Barr priest fare car and it said drug. And Kyle finishes with this devastating line. I'm concerned of trump stays in office much longer some of his supporters will start wearing vagina hats. Coach. Kyle's got a point. Who are. And I love to hear your response. And I wanna hear intellectual discourse if you're gonna go with the name calling and all the other stuff. You know hang it up Mecca to share your nasty text your personal text. You wanna talk about the issues. How you'd think we can move forward building around a personality. If you can explain that to be intellectually call in and make your case. I'm not gonna accept any text on this. For that reason. We won't get to your calls and much more. On the broadcast this morning it's a discussion I desperately want to have I want understand. Even if I disagree. 43 minutes after 10 o'clock. IE. We'll share a couple of your tax. On this excellent. If I lived in that district I would have voted for or Stanford or Arrington I guess either one. Would've worked Vince Sanford apologized repented after he was cut. Not like he had integrity and made the scandal public on his older well actually he did he came out knee explained everything. Pinch runner on your wife very bad running around in your wife and lying while governor worse. Thanks Jeff. It's interesting about this we've had some time what it would what is what is my team faithful as overtime. Here's a man. Who went away for season came back. And to my knowledge. No issues. I believe in redemption. Do you. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock I knew it would stir it up your calls. Are coming and we're going to get to some your calls by the would Ingles advanced talk like number 8092 at 1110. Common since retirement planning text line is 71 preacher seven. Briefly look at a few texts here that have come in. Gemma have beat his leases. But parents name calling is so much and the old party pooper. At a also detects light Donald Trump is the king of hypocrites are leaving seeking criticize another man for cheating on his wife. I stopped listening to rush. I guess for eight years all I heard was how much more womanizer Bill Clinton was. Now the Donald Trump is president. Nothing but silence from rush people. Our personalities. Instead of conservatism it's sad to see. Voting personalities. Instead of principles. Case. Let's go to our calls here beginning with Steve in easily good morning Stephen welcome. I'm and I'm glad that you call on city eight Katie airing in thing because I've watched the state legislature order online video and I singling a lot of votes have gone. Katie Barrington is not the kind of person that people think she's going to be. Just because trumps that oh well vote for her this woman has put government. First over the people remember whatever it was vote on the real idea and people like Jonathan Miller design Magnus and got up talking about our amendment rights. Katie Erica it's got up there basically said according right let's just go ahead and passed the bill. It's what's best for government that she's four and. Not the people and whatever try to you know he didn't like it because hampered disagreed with him. So he attacked him but he just brought in somebody who's going to work against him he's got somebody as well look what big government needs. And that's what she's gonna vote for. I think the same thing in other people like we got a guy named Neil Collins down here well guess what he needs to go in the primary because he's another one of those people that. Absolutely these government or whatever Serbs government that's the way to go I hope Alan Quinn's beaten in the runoff by. You know and bird. Had his problems. Arrington is going to be worse. When you talk about liberty score you're definitely on the seat Katie airing in as a very low liberty school within her first. Term. We're gonna come back to Steve to help me make sense of what's going on every do you look at this with as much. Hard break is I do you. I do because people should do more research. It's like this for the people that control their lives in our second draw on the endemic laws you can't get around that they will tell you what to do it a point of god because they got a government behind them. People should wake up it's. It's her life pure freedom should be voting for your rights not like he's set for personality. I don't care how much like you know somebody Oprah Winfrey is very popular I surely do not want her running the government. Steve I appreciate your call and it yes we're gonna be watching over the next year to see how this develops. Oh my goodness we have David on the line is just the same David I'm suspecting. It is indeed. Yes. Hey it's not it's not normal that I let somebody talk two days in a row but go for. Well aren't you appreciate that even more now I'll want to do now bill what do you difference without there'll. We're awaiting me. But it's salt than area. PL statement look. And now technically deeply divided selective at me. Well I'll dictated eerie amateur right. It's a law pollutants there are varied and no comparison. But again get back all we welcome ballot thing you know they're a little bit and you can't sit now. I think that while limited on what here's the Christian pastor. This city rather. Well somebody. You have the ability competition. Whether restaurant is simple one thing and another thing out for part about this topic brought. Can you write. David I mean do you see anything going on. To solve this education issue at all. They're I picked up on well. Go on board and more. The department. I know all. About which. Has. Go. Buckner will allow. The. David David. Where can we sent a contribution to your campaign. Well I'm one last out. And it they wanted people hold on. I think we're not in the well. I would I would never. Wrote all of bull crap. Right money you have they'll sort it all out. And I hear David we've we've got to go though unfortunately where we're reading way over. And they slugger called David always great to talk million Vince compete reader program. It's. We've got more coming up in the next hour in fact more of your calls a lot of you. Are really exercised about this I'm gonna take about somebody else who won in another primary in another state. You're not going to believe. What he owns. This would is a winner. I gets a point oh I can do is just laugh.