Vince Coakley Radio Show 6-13-2018 Hour 2

The Vince Coakley Radio Program
Wednesday, June 13th
Vince talks about the SC Primary Election, this day in History, and shipping your kids?

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Ever to a couple of interesting stories going on what update you on this and we've been following this for the past few weeks because. There's been an effort underway. To force a vote on dreamers. Are right told you about this. They are trying to get a point to a point of critical mass where there's enough people to force a vote. To bring about. Legislation for dreamers. Now we've learns this apparently has been stopped. An effort by moderate Republicans to force votes on a bipartisan immigration bill failed in the house. With members agreeing instead to vote on legislation that would guarantee funds. For president Trump's proposed border law. This agreement meant defeat at least for now for an effort led by representative Jeff Denham. Of her luck in other GOP moderates use a rare power meant parliamentary maneuver known as a discharge petition. To force the house to vote on the bipartisan immigration plan. And three other bills over the Jeb is the objections of party leaders. They are upset is nothing's been done about the dreamer issue. Now. This greatly reduces the chances. Congress will pass any former dreamer legislation. Before the mid terms is this a surprise to anybody. The leadership does not want this. They really don't there would be profoundly embarrassed. Although they probably want it to be honest with you. Let's go to air and in Greenville good morning. Good morning and our rights here. Doesn't leave for awhile but I I have to disagree with your dumb here collar about. The Mark Sanford election and you hear it now maybe some ago. We have not label given a shot anyway. I'm not sure that the voters voted against them do it isn't fidelity I think that so if somebody is a map Cary. I think that now and it's often one he voted against. The more law and having good at what it came down to I think that was. Critical trump. Campaign that he campaigned on that if if you could pick one. And even those stamper what went along with a moment about 80% that was a that was the key when it he didn't and I think that's what caught in the election I don't think. You know people do their homework with Katie I don't agree with the map that I think that was the now on the top of the they have probably had anything to do isn't the ability. Why yeah I don't think I think that's a dead issue for the people in that district I mean they've obviously voted for they put them there. Knowing full well what happened several years ago. It's nothing new at all so a lot of gap it's pretty interesting perspective there aryan thanks a lot for your call. Another developing story. That's we're gonna be watching to this entire madness going on with the Justice Department. Injured McCabe remember him. Just what a day firm retirement he was fired. He's now suing the Justice Department. The department's inspector general on the FBI from materials related to his firing. He's filed a federal lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act for access to avert variety of documents including. The inspector general's manual and other policy documents used by the Justice Department justifies termination. His lawyer said defendants have deprived the played her from the opportunity issued a bad to protect and to advanced legal rights and interests of mr. McCain. So we will see. Whether. This goes anywhere. The staff was just a mess isn't it. It is a mess. A wrap up. What I sharing with you in the previous hour my concern about conservatism. Erick Erickson has written a great piece today. That I I think he's been inside my mind. Here's what he wrote. Title of this where those of us go who believe in limited government. This was written just few hours ago in response to Mark Sanford laws. Mark Sanford routinely broken two party overspending issues have been defeated a primary for doing so. Lost his reelection I actually supported Sanford when he ran for congress after a scandal. He did very public about his feelings publicly apologized. And I was final of offering both forgiveness and support for his campaign he did not disappoint in congress. Routinely voting against the GOP on issues of limited government liberty and spending. After Donald Trump's election Sanford carried on as he had he did not change your critic of both George W Bush's. And Barack Obama's profligate spending. Sanford also Chris said Donald Trump's big spending policies and protectionism. Sanford still vote with trump 79%. Of the time it wasn't enough. Sampras been thrown out of office by the voters of South Carolina it's all the more remarkable because his district. Just two years ago rejected Donald Trump in the GOP primary. And his opponent just two years ago also opposed Donald Trump of the primary. Did note that did you. But there's now price to be paid for opposing president trump the GOP in Sanford is paid that price by standing on principle. His defeat was cheered on by Republicans who have been longtime Sanford fans. Due to his principled stand against the GOP's constant feeding of the leviathan. But they would not abide starving trumps leviathan. I'm not sure where conservatives go. Sanford for trade is a moderate. Moderate. Ten for its not a moderate and I've seen several stories use that word. Just because he was vocal against the president was actually when the most conservative members of the House of Representatives. Sanford did not change his party changed. And it changed in a way that is not conservative if anything the party has moved away from consistent principle to the politics of the here and now. In a cult of personality. Increasingly. It seems there's no home anymore. Within the GOP for principled stand against the 05 and and he's right. That's why I asked the question and I'd be glad to hear your. Thoughts on this. British Cisco what are what are we looking for what is the point. Now Mike Pompeo says the US wants North Korea to make major. Nuclear disarmament steps. To take these steps by the end of Trump's first term. This is a new statement it's just out. And again I mentioned this this is going to be a long term issue. We're gonna have to wait and see how long. It will be before we have verifiable evidence that they are actually dismantling their nuclear program but Pompeo is saying. The expectation news. There will be some significant steps major steps by the in of Donald Trump's first term that story just now coming in. I'm lit us. We don't have time to be fair to another caller. So hang on the line if you aren't there. Because we will get to you after the break. Coming up. We've got a couple of interesting things that we're going to delve into including. Who won a primary out Nevada. This cell Republican Party is looking more interest in by the day thirteen minutes after 11 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program on the text line. I think you're misreading Mark Sanford election results and then I think he rebellious against the establishment Republican Party. So looks like we must have a lot of mr. but Jews then who were voting. Who can't figure out which is rich. The other person say you're actually enjoy watching the 71 year old man smacked around these spoiled spoon fed. Tender. As look at me cry very cry babies. Already. Lynn and see. Vince someone should tell trump he who lives the glass house shouldn't thrust owns Sanford had to mess up and didn't exploit airing since record. Yep I think there's a campaign issue here too and I'll bet you mark would probably say that. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley reading your program. I've got a couple quick things sure Q1 of them. Artists use. It was a message. One of them is a message from buy cars and Thomas Massie. Which was intriguing. Looking for a bright spot in the primary results last night we'll check this out. I endorsed Lee bright and South Carolina and thirteen away Republican congressional primary. He finished in first place by commanding margin but in two weeks there will be run. So it's a sprint to the finish between Lee and I am told a candidate the swamp loves. Please take delicately bright and help him if you can't that is from congressman Thomas Massie if you like congressman Thomas Massie. This should probably carry a lot of weight. I'm kind of surprised to know he was. Actively involved in this. So largest I would pass that onto you. Also. Another intriguing piece of information that is developed this morning. If I can switch pages here. Present our trap has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. In reaching an agreement to work toward denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. This nomination by two members of Norway's governing progress party. The deadline for this year's prize already passed in January weights or won't happen this year. Dissemination make him eligible for next year it's unclear whether he was nominated for this year's prize. But it was also put forth as candid between sixteen and 2070. So anyway. Thought you should know that and nomination. For Nobel Peace Prize for the president for work in North Korea. This by a two members of Norway's governing progress party. Pretty intriguing stuff. Let's get your thoughts and on the other things we have discussed there were out the course of the morning. Let's see who we go to next year I think it's going to be bowl is that correct bow in Charlotte good morning. Yes good morning via its just a couple of quote comments here ask foursome intellectual discussion. I'm not sure that I'm capable of that I have confidence in Hugo. Well I would like to say this and hoped you ignore Princeton. But I think we're we're in a country today who were to where we're educating our young before our young voters. Are. Seeing some college children. That you know it's permissible. 22. You know treat our president. Hi all this in this country I have never referred to approach it as anything other than President Obama. An outcry that these children. Outrun that this year that and now it is very commonplace. While this trial that. You know so what I'm saying is. I supported president Barack Obama. I did not vote for him but I hope that he would help our country succeed. When that played out as an option at the voting Booth. Who selects someone else so a vote for president double off. About perfectly happy where I mean I'm not sure over the perfectly happy with that but I do support him we're one nation. Now we're divided nation it's the good Democrat. Or Republican. And their goal and it seems to be our goal and I'm including MacPhail. Is that traction from the moment they get at all those and start preparing to elect somebody. From all parties well I personally think that we need to put our country for. And we need to we need but I know is on an app and that's a perfect world. But you know if you would people have been handed a folded flag. When rebate when they sacrifice that ultimate sacrifice there what word about. You know the conservatives. And liberals they're concerned about this ending. This great country. And what it is represented. Regardless of bird differences but now it's double ought there's sports talk show in your show as well. Needlessly to impression they have an analog that. How we can do exist and what we can do now none of them it the not that is going to stop. But we've got to as an adult. Let it play out. And go and vote and we don't vote adult voice in the Indian and try them by that I am tired of Mark Sanford been trash. And in president that Donald Trump and trash and others being trash. Well social media and you reading tweets that facts and different things that might go about it about this. How about they're there or numerous countries in the world. People that wanna see us just destroyed. And we have to you're not. And we have to teach our young people. That this is not a sports show is not the Carolina Panthers play in the New Orleans. For the NSC now. This is our country. And up over the flag if you've been handed one. You might know what we're our own serve for years and then come out in the you know it you're you know. It is. Here. It's our country world united country of one country that we had done things that way anymore. And people great joy in making jokes about our president. And other presidents president Barack Obama he's down the path. And so it looked live in the moment and try to make a bit stronger nations that this day. Maybe we can stop some of these investigations. And back and forth and back and forth the problem is alleged to have operations. On May at the moment. Our politicians. Get elected. They began all of their next campaign against Hitler now. Let us do the job right now. In the defending our country and everything and by the way government is not a bad thing on your people a government. That promote and want them right now. We knew we do live over under government and you know if we'd like and I roads. If we'd like Mac wait a bit like state bridges if we like ease of travel we might have to pay our guests that I'm not advocate. Rates and forge they were up against heart break your boat you may some great points and I absolutely do appreciate your call. The flip side what you said he is ending the people who are in office. Here agree dual responsibility for huge this year it is well. We'll talk about that as we continue to broadcast. At 28 minutes after 11 o'clock heat but made some really good points and I and I'm with him I'm absolutely with Hugo. About what apps that happened when our discourse. But here's here's the key thing Bo what is that we're going to unite around. See this I'm convinced this is a big part of our problem it's not gonna happen around 8%. Or around a party. We've got to come to consensus. On a set of agreed upon values. That's got to be our starting place if we make it about a person. Then we've already gone off the rails what do you think about that. I that's what I wanna build principles and values let's do that together and I love to do that here. To the extent that we can't. More of your cause as we continue to broadcast. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program trading at to a couple pre called sheer. And the way I promise this. And let's deliver this now. This would just cracked we have seriously this is getting for this is a players. Who won the Nevada primary. Republican candidate. The owner of some of the country's few remaining legal brothels. A step away from claiming a seat Nevada state legislature. He won the primary. It rolled district outside Las Vegas Dennis Hoff the owner of the moonlight bunny ranch. And it. Handful of other legal brothels in the start the HBO series cat house took 43% of the vote. Beating out assemblyman James Oscars and half mound and his second bid for public office after state officials proposed. Banning brothels from operating into the seven counties in which they're still legal. Ran against Oscars and a 2016 as a libertarian candidates. Oscars and won that race for more than 60% of the vote this time. How do you think he's how do you think he is running. Owed no. Cast himself as the trump. Of a rough. His hometown. He campaigned alongside Roger Stone president trumps longtime political advisor. Since reports greed is jammed with a different fonts sizes and colors to reporters on the news updates the Huffington. Post. My goodness. He's likely to win likely to win again. The guy who owns some of the country's few remaining legal brothels. Could be at an ex congressman there. I'm serious folks this is getting funny I'm really abused by this run out of Taylor's welcome. They've been you know I've got a comment real quick here is the they itself was founded upon and submit the form of government. With checks and balances. And some of that. That you that well was that thing that comes out of this that that we currently have not only prevent. Some aliens from becoming a ruler but also. Was. A big player in the liberation. Of the African. Slaves. So I think we know we're deal with these questions of learned that went there are rather. And you grow a pair of black box that was not a daring or what we that we do have to be careful what we also have to remember. We must. Evil for what it is norte prevent tyranny and also in the process. We need to pray a lot because it is gonna unify the that is going to be the power god and that will be deterred the alert is in the country. That's where in the country is exalt their rights in that lurking at combine old spears at the I got for today. Ryan that's a wonderful contribution. That you've got. Great contribution to the broadcast in the and I would you know I would dare suggest that it's. Two whole lot of free practice that will be very helpful chats out of wedding too and good morning and welcome. Call. Them comment Oprah or the other there are red the other day about twelve and all the fury job. Very light. You know keep pragmatic individual. Right. That he's got a problem all of the Republicans. Who think if the Republican solution or Democrat. Solution. The Democrats won a Democrat would do whatever. They don't like why of course. The problem is what solution. And I get back to that it would Kim Jong-un. If you don't mind getting a second here. I think what happens the whole situation with trump is trump said that she is trying to you've got a problem. Problem. When it that would put it on bond hearing but not Margaret. You know that Israel. And it looks like everybody else are you well. Went to Asia under the right in the game was an agreement he says you know back at all. If a Democrat questioned what Republicans should it was look our particular. Sealing the Chinese are helping to it. Kind of coordinate this behind scenes. Saturday no way it wasn't because he can't algae out of a problem. Yet higher I remember that. It's quite quite plausible you've suggested their iChat I do appreciate your call. And you know there's there's been in a desire for the Chinese to help on this for quite awhile question about that. 41 minutes after 11 o'clock let's head down I 85. To take a look at the date in history. Only goodness it's interest when. Yes I just saw something that was quite amusing. June 13 2018. Log so. Is actually not with this today I almost forgot about that so we're gonna have a little fun right here in the studio. And see how well you guys do and this ruin. For questions and or what have you both can chime in 1920. The US Postal Service makes a new rule. This may not be sent in the mail. This is bizarre you'll never guess this and million U or its. There's got to be a story behind this and I were search it during the break what could not be sent in the mail. Corpse. You know you're you're on the right track but colds. And well you know the answer is it's gonna blow your mind. Children may not be sits in the mail. I've got to lick this up and find out who in the world. Everybody tried it they must've done it somewhere. And there's there's a history of this oh my goodness I'm gonna share this after the break because I IE. This is beyond me in 1966. This. Miranda vs Arizona in 1966. What did this require the Supreme Court ruling. Are you suspect. You are corrects. When they're taken into custody you must do that. 19671. African American justice nominated to Supreme Court who was it. First African American. Supreme court's. Combined Charles I know you've get to know this when. 1967. You're gonna know this and you're gonna say oh I knew that when it was Thurgood Marshall. 97 he won New York Times started publishing this 1970 wines. Anybody when they jump that this one. Investors daily half tough enough it was a good try we've got to go to break. Stay with us. On the Vince Coakley radio program will share the answered this question coming up. After the break. I know the suspense is going to tell everybody it's got to be our fault. And I'm gonna share about this children in the mail thing. Yeah there's a couple of people actually got this on the text line. Children. My goodness. Let's see. Oh my goodness. I wish I cannot believe this text about the brothel. Vince are male politicians need somewhere to go through relieve tensions. Since the meat you movements. DC moving to Nevada. Oh my goodness this is. And a the next decks. Boy. I'd just wait choice here this one Aaliyah. Our Willie we're going to give Lilly a chance to weigh in on this story about Nevada this a brothel owner. Who me into being the next member of congress go ahead and let it loose Willie. Well god bless him. For doing that because of lead with one minute honest. Honest and true to himself or anybody else I'm like everybody else like Mike's saffron all the full look I do wish you a happy. The rest of the year. Rescue alive if you were in the lives of someone there. Here's how we measure has deteriorated says she'll give me the time of the day anymore or irritable lot for me. That's why are still do you. And all you guys a little miss you very much. You marine to Nevada Iowa have have a great time bat there Willie you can still call you listened to broadcasts that their by the way. Over on the text line. Problem is the foundation. The founding Princeton this country have been attacked the road over fifty years down an expert Robert Downey. I agree and values that we know the true values of anyone running for election you watched their lives. It's it's faithful less overtime is what you look for. This person. Commenting on this brothel owner who could become a member of congress. He's used to managing cores so he would do well in congress. I told you folks you can't make this up this hilarious. Vince this hip warfare radio in Washington. This is just too much just too much. About sending children in the mail can recent parents in the mail. The person saying I've been to the moonlight bunny ranch or you have. Interesting. But other person say I'm going on vacation may or your kids there that way they're there when you get there you don't have to listen to. Are we there yet. TP. All way. Call my goodness this is just too funny. Since she kept me up to date on the brothel owner Nevada having a successful run for congress so far. What happened to the pedophile. There was also running I don't know. I have next year. Of Catholic from activist and I'm gonna tell you about the children. Getting mail I mean it this just blows my mind people actually did this. By the way the answer to with a New York Times started publishing 1971. Was the Pentagon papers. I was sure Charles would give them. But it's okay. I'm not saying you're old I'm just say. You're just a little more seasons and that some this year or today does that work. I could not resist. Let's talk about this children thing quickly. This just blows my mind this a story by Smithsonian magazine. They were able to start shipping large parcels. Through the mail this was a big development. So when they started January 13 January 1 1913. The had all kinds of goods and services being shipped but almost immediately. In unintended consequence some parents tried to send their children through the mail. It got some headlines when it happened probably because it was so cute. According to one historian. A few weeks after parcel post began an Ohio couple named Jesse -- told a Beagle. Mailed their eight month old son James to his grandmother who lived a few miles away in Batavia. According to lynch. Baby James which just shy of the eleven pound weight limit for packages sent by a partial post and his delivery Kostis parents how much you think it cost to send him in the mail. What years. This was 1913. Fifty dollars fifteen cents. Fifteen cents. Now interestingly enough they did insure him for fifty dollars. This quirky story soon made newspapers and for the next several years. Similar stories started to surface. As other parents followed suit. So this started happening from time to time so ultimately. They had to ban this postage was cheaper than a train tickets. I I I cannot. This blows my mind blows my mind. Those service is viewed leaving us have agreed to in god bless you. On the Vince Coakley radio program. This. Two Q ever mad can you imagine. Merely a child. Not at all out of being nervous wreck in. Recoup the world do you ensure. The child is going to be OK. I mean it's. This it's just weird. Absolutely positively weird. 1920. There was little less than a hundred years ago. Children may no longer be sent through the mail. That really takes the cake. Any case folks. And I just to encourage you beyond the look out for people you do show some kindness to today. Just nice to do something different extraordinary go out of your way just a little bit have a go and got bush.