Vince Coakley Show 2 19 2018 Hour 2

The Vince Coakley Radio Program
Monday, February 19th
Interpretation of the 2nd amendment, helping support other people, and an article on a way to stop mass shootings, 

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There were two of our broadcast be elected to conversation. Eagles advantage talk like number 809 to 1110 commandments it's retirement planning Tex lines 71 threes are seven. Quickly gets some of your calls but also a lot share with you something that has really been well received hostess and social media on. On the yeah. Number social media pages that I am connected with and the response has been and frankly extraordinary and noticed a number of people have shared this. We will post this on one of 63 W or defaced page already posted on the WBT FaceBook page. The structure jobs and welcome. Job and are you there. Going once. Going to X I believe John has disappeared. Totally he'd hold on just a little bit longer. Just a bit longer. I wanna go into this post is this is. Absolutely vital. For us to understand. It's piece by rob Myers. And it's called there's a way to stop mass shootings and you won't like it. We actually Jon back with its let's take this call from John before you go into details about this good morning sir. More events sort of like a quick comment. Concern and how much you previous caller made about being in a particular type arrival. Take advantage that the thing is he your bag as a governor and her cup mobile something. On weapon needed some of these. Is what's good. Double box it is not 31 countless slug and you have. You can produces that are filed with the different weapons. You know bam optical wife rifles not going to make this year. There's handguns hold up eighteen rounds given a crowded. Suburban type situation like here. It almost doesn't matter what type of weapon it is what counts is that about around the can be put out and give them out. I don't know about you but I wanna be shot with anything. No no who does. I'm just saying that I think bad guys you have to pay yours or are they and their guns was so different cycle. And if they're lower. And if they're not always they might find a way to get it anyway. Exactly exactly but on the other hand as it is gonna over. A long time gun owner I had no problem with some will all be adjusted in one particular. Maybe basis would CA stood by a long done put would be a rifle or shotgun from the eighteen it's one you want. Maybe that would help would prevent this. Particle field. Those speaking your older look stupid don't go to any less vote. Or hey let's talk about this moment the job and. But yeah I was this a concern of ours thirty years ago. Well that. And why not. Here are grew open now where you'd. Debt comes full of shotguns in their truck and yeah the season nobody doubles and look what the current. Yep is uninteresting. This this ought to tell us everything we need to know shouldn't it. This is not about the weaponry. It's not the weapons that are so much changed its us his net. It is. I've raised Forsythe and their role in the let's say thirty year age right now one that does the military reward. Lot of support kids out there a lot of kids who don't direction lot of kids. Data on the spoke a lot to parents. Deal worked to careers and played video games I mean look to do is look at look at devolved phone numbers and look at the video games. I just as big you know mobile that is the real lack of concern for. God failing country and his Skinner raised. Haphazardly. In here too much free time than. Again the metal old saying is an issue. You know they talk about. A background checks Mecklenburg County. If you go to buy apartment tip by a firearm that. They didn't background checks it takes up ninety days to get it back in the and they run it through the book hospital systems. Maybe that these days nationalized. There's some answers out there. Good yeah immediately everybody wants to jump on the gun itself and you know formally greeted. You know hate these cliche. You know people killed. You know that it is guns that they use in as does the other avenues to do that. Just. Think you can you do advance certain things that there's just there's too many around the net atmosphere. Yep you're actually read about it John now. Another John waiting on the line as well good morning welcome mr. The words in the they keep hearing. Repeatedly people point to technology. In northern. It badly in the weaponry that as a level cruel fact you know the days the market and the reform. Met that progression. But many generations of changes right. Yeah exactly and in that it was a bit of its just another version per for a report them to. The a look at in or anything with a real problem and there's evidence of gun control. Going back to you don't lose very easily looked upon armoire and seventeen under. 19801984. Goes to Biden introduced it go to law school. Sizable public Mercury bush 1980 or Bill Clinton then amended that are added to. Anyway my point is the laws. Our failure as society changes. You know with leotard to hurt too. Where we'll have a conversation. That me retool but as well. It's simply you know what society's changed. And and go between also put you know. Twenty years ago we were having people walking in this school shooting. Guns or driving cars and people you know it's obvious that the problem is people want bonds put. Is it just breaks my heart that needs these. It does feel that there are being put forward. And and really it's not too you know and there are two will be on wouldn't let. Really looks to the federal government to fix everything horror. Or America but adults with the local government has every great ability to nickel creek ordinances. And sort of the state that student to have. Create laws to regulate these guns but they're willing to do either. Yep you are absolutely right Ted appreciate your colleague John and pace since we're on a roll here may as well lives here from Jerry. Before gonna break to get about thirty seconds here Gerri. On. The links or you don't put up as odd on the bed. I had a New England all our opinions like that and they boarded up. I'm well I don't bode well. And there are. And that you. At you and again did not meet in grass. That the speck an amendment act but in the play. You know her protect our sales smother me but it Brett but it is door and heard and felt. It is that we protect just a mature and old government. Ride at eight goat for. Yep yep yep and this is greater danger now than it's ever been let me start off. Rob Mayer's article there's a way to stop mass shootings you'll like it. That's right you're not going to like it because it's going to require you to do something personally as opposed to shouting for the government. Or anyone to do something you're ready. Here it is noticed those around you who seem isolated and engage them. It got rants about this I'm watching CNN in the background here the sound of course is not up. CNN source shooter had obtained at least ten and rifles. And the other way and you know this coupled to this kitty and it was it's not their child. You probably news. I mean the boy already lost his mother lost his father. And they were saying. This couple knew he had kinds. Relay. I mean you're trying to throw this couple under the bus every ER. How many your view. How many of these nit wits at CNN we take a stranger into their homes. How many of them. I daresay most of them would never do it. I feel bad for these yeah it's. This is the very thing that we encourage people do in a similar situation isn't it. Somebody's essentially an orphan. Mean granted. It's much older. But it's still. A kid an and I think those of us who are parents we understand this. I think we have a greater understanding of our immaturity. At eighteen in nineteen and we did when we were eighteen in ninety. John is agreeing with that. And you should agreement that John and sometimes that immaturity extends well beyond eighteen or nineteen John. I've dismissed when you. So I started sharing this and get back to more of your calls a bit. Absolutely wanna go into this is a notice of prompt some conversation because this goes in a broader issues than just school shootings this is society in general before him finish this. Mark put this into by Leah never nicotine stained fingers. Hungary's. Prime minister says christianity is Europe's last hope and the politicians in Brussels Berlin and Paris favoring migration of opened the way to the decline of Christian culture. In the advance is. Viktor Orban. Said on Sunday during his 28 annual state of the nation speech. His government will oppose efforts by the United Nations of the European Union to make migration acceptable to the world. He conjured the image of Western Europe overtaken by Muslims saying born Christians are being forced back. For most large German cities. As migrants always occupied big cities first. Or reclaim Islam would soon knock on central Europe's door from the west as well as the south. By the way Orban escorted seek a third consecutive term and in April election which staying here and and I think. Here's something I would say if I had a conversation. With mr. Orban. Part of it is. You know and as a relates to the church the church has to recover its saver. Because that's what's missing. No it's great for us to talk about christianity being the last hope. It has to be practice. Has to be lived out it's not just a slogan or set of theological ideas. So rob Myers says here's their real way to stop mass shootings noticed those around you who seem isolated and engage them. Is there anything do with guns does. We're background checks. Or mental health. Here's what he says. If every one of us did this we'd have a culture that was deeply committed to ensuring no one was left lowly. And make no mistake as I've written before loneliness. Loneliness is what causes the shooters to lash out. People with solid connections to other people don't indiscriminately fire guns strangers. And which are thinking. That's never going to work because no one's going to make the effort to connect with a strange kid sitting by himself at lunch each state. No one's going to reach out to the cocky awkward guy work and asked him about his weekend. You're probably right and that is an absolute shame. Because I can tell you the things that aren't going to work in this country when it comes to stopping these heinous acts they seemed to be all anyone says it's. When inevitably another person comes forward to in flickered torture pain on innocent people. One ban all guns due to the reading of the Second Amendment and the precedents established by recent Supreme Court cases this isn't going anywhere. You'd need an amendment of the constitution there will never be thirty plus states willing to overturn it never mind the multitude of good reasons for its existence. No amount of outrage overturn it. So let's just stop. To ban all guns part two assuming you actually could overturn the second and outlaw every firearm in the country then you'd have to go out and get them. Famously. There are more guns than people in the US. You couldn't come close to collecting the ball further. If prohibition in the war on drugs have taught us anything it's that those intent on breaking the law going to do just that laws beat damped. Three. And scary guns like the fully auto weapons are already banned most of these shootings occur we get guess what I handgun plain and simple. And these aren't going anywhere murder is illegal. Doesn't seem to stop these individuals performing these atrocious acts. You think there was a ban on shotguns that would stop them. Fort keep them out of the hands of bad people felons are prohibited from owning a firearm already but let's not forget. The overwhelming majority of those smash shootings are done by criminals and their guns were obtained legally how can you know who's going to do something like this. You can't. Five do something about mental health cool yeah. So like free psychologist visits for everyone even if you could the people that I've done this haven't been mentally ill by and large. Let's not forget medical records are private. Would you endorse mandatory psych screening for everyone in those records being sent to the government's. Maybe just those who wish to own a gun remember not every person who's in caged and a man shooting has owned the gun before they perform the act. This is a complete non starter of an issue within insane price tag that does nothing. To actually keep a person committed to violence from putting their hands on a gun. And six I love this one. To some thing. Watch. What you want to do something. Okay what do you have in mind I don't know but somebody needs to do yourself very. Sheer greed but what it. Even Obama is at the C in his latest speech a routine it's become. If you can't tell by this point the list there is nothing nothing the government or any other organization continue to prevent these events. You cannot effectively keep drugs out of the hands of those intent on doing drugs you can't keep beer out of the hands up high schoolers intent on getting peer. You have huge supply of weapons everywhere and concrete. Federal law protecting those weapons you have as much like passing regulation against tornadoes it would be equally as effective. So there it is the God's honest truth no entity can do anything meaningful more that is present being presently being done now. To thwart a disaffected person who's hell bent on committing such an act by UK. You can talk to your co worker for a few minutes you can talk to the kid in your physics class that appears to be all alone you can teach your children to do the same. To make sure no one is left to fuel totally isolated because that's the breeding ground that's where the seeds are planted. Community is easy to take for granted most of us as strong family connections and healthy friendships most feel as though. They're part of a group B community religious or work related but increasingly easy for people on the edges to withdraw and it's easy for us to forget that. No it's. Comfortable forget them. Is prefer to forget that it's highly desired to forget them and we have to change that holding a sign isn't going to do anything writing your congressman will do even less. But you can do something today this week this month the people you're engaged may become lifelong friends. And they don't need to be but it could be enough to keep someone away from the darkness and isolation needed to eventually think lashing out. Is an effective strategy for dealing with bear pain. Awesome awesome piece here bribe rob Myers again chickened out. On the WBT FaceBook page or the 163 WRD FaceBook page and I welcome your thoughts callers tell us what you think. 71 preacher is seven the text line. So what you think of this way to stop mass shootings. Great column here by rob Myers. Again I would encourage you please do something for me. Read that today. And if you wanna share something this is something you unique you can put on your social media whether it's Twitter FaceBook in degree and whatever it is shared this. Go to the WBT page with a 1063 W org the page on FaceBook. Read this article share. It'll spark some interest in conversation. Is unlike. Most of the dialogue that's taking place with the same stuff over and over and over yet because. We keep coming back to. What's changed. Its costs its people. I happen to it and fractured this before. And we will quickly get calls year. But. I'm of the school that you know people talk about Romans the book of Romans Romans one talking about this is where. The course of human nature and he has. I happen to believe that applies to societies and cultures and civilizations. I think if you look at societies that have collapsed. That book of Romans. Is a description of what's happened probably in every case. And I think that's the same thing that's happening here what is it began with it begins with people who do not want to retain god in their thinking. That's the starting place it's all downhill from there and we quickly share a couple things with you. Before we go to your calls these responses. To this column that I shared with you my friend Daniel said this. Many people wanna use fear to keep others behavior in line with they blame the tools drugs guns alcoholics centric that they use and wanna pay and the issue with using fear and banning guns is that never changes the heart of the person fear is controlling but love will change people. More specifically God's love will change people. The year that is used to control or manipulate people is evil. We overcome evil with good not Mort evil. You can do something reach out to those around you love them in turn to their lives suffer with them remember four things one. Good overcomes people to people can't be forced. Three rains on the just an untested for there's very good no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend. I have a contrary view that I would share before Garrett calls and it's from a former coworker. I told Jewish first name you'll know where it is way. Here's what he said. I couldn't. That you figure out where he's coming from. I respectfully disagree with you it's no other developed country in the world has the level of gun violence and mass shootings as we have the reason plain and simple. Is our country and like the others is flooded with guns. We grew up as a pioneer country but the attacks from the native Americans for whom we stole this Contra dance. Are long since passed. This is not or at least shouldn't be the wild west anymore but still it is in large part because of the multitude of guns sadly it may be too late for this country. To do very much about it millions upon millions of guns are already in homes and cars and hidden in pockets of gun lovers all over the country. We'll take a long long time for their owners to realize most people really don't need them. I will readily agree that some live and dangerous neighborhoods or in danger of being robbed or attacked do you. But good morning welcome to the broadcast. Our rights here. Yeah I wanted to call. I really think. We're talking about. The results of the bigger problem is. The dissolution of the family. I went through high school I think the flip but it's been forty years ago. And in in my class. We get hit maybe two. Students this is no joke. That they had the divorced parents everybody's there were pretty much Mary you know the divorce was really got campground on we all went to church. There are school it's the high school. Every morning restore evolved with devotion and you know what the biggest thing for our school was to be tapped for the national side. And again everybody head to Paris. I didn't have baby. But that is your baby mama but where there's a lot of different going to say yeah and and handled first thing this is he is. Is brought you're racist. But I'm not it's obvious big the race is now saying that you're racists and Estrada of the the run out the Democrats. Playbook but to make a long story short. There's the dissolution of the family there was no family values of and I really believe that if not more of these conspiracy theories. That the government condones that and this is behind you because they have made some of these social programs out there that you do not need two incomes. Of about family unit again he's that they you know the mother and the father both needed to work. You know it does support a family and you hit the family unit and you had a father that. You had a mother. And they care about where you work at 1 o'clock in the morning. They're third seeded forty year old. Added 2 o'clock in the morning Rick have a dilemma he knows bought it and it goes on everywhere. Back then. If you've got in trouble school that has you'd better not let your parents. You know animated as yes I do as. Your play at all these government programs. Have gotten. People in the mindset that they are a mood. Bit they've got their entitlements. And that they don't need. They have a father around two races jailed father said that daddy government this year daddy yeah and they can give you money if you are you know how Oakland. Give you food stamps. You don't need to have a all the little else. And that thinking as what it didn't initiate that worries and and the reason for that is the Democrat saying love entitlement programs. Is because basically what they're doing. It is buying votes. Is if you do what big daddy here or did they get what we are going to take care of you we're gonna you know what we're gonna keep you wouldn't. All of the different social program and the vote for. And the bottom line is buck we will keep you pour I mean that's something you cannot forget about this in this thanks for your call buck out of Salisbury this morning we will keep you pour. Match out of Hickory grove has agreed idea here good morning. For your patience and. People want apple app pool one popped up and gone. Bans work so well. We should and the flu because last I heard overheard kid died in North Carolina and honored. What does not end up on just the last you know you can read some. So and work you know maybe in the Asian bin. Really effective. Wouldn't you say they're matte hair appreciate your call and again providing perspective here. And this is not to diminish seventeen lives snuffed out last week it's not. At all to do. But this is one of the things I think what he just said also points out how we'd lose context incredibly. Tony got about thirty seconds year. Yeah out duplex stereo this and of course there until we go to continue and continue to look at. Continue because America now America anymore. People people out of Latin America not the land is the peak of people out there. Neat that you continue to let people. Yeah I have America first what are the political parties or they have to what you gonna get. Yep and and and again has to come back to us I mean we can talk about politicians all day but let's look in the Mir. Are you know we the same people we were thirty years ago forty years ago you know in terms of our overall society its values its principles. What really keeps the country together these things have been eroding. We figure out a way to get back where we belong. 49 minutes after looked like Vince Coakley radio program over on the tech slide 71 threes are seven. This is a generation eats tide pods. And don't know which bathroom to use it's not a gun problem. Getting back to where we blond since those the words liberals east on backwards. It needs some explaining to navigate liberals smoke in mirrors that this from amid all of the part. Yeah you're absolutely right that's see where that word aggressive. You know Vince wants to take us back to the days of Fuzzy and Harry. You know why would you go back to those days anyway vents back wooden. You people couldn't even drink out of water fountains. Are herded folks seriously this is the way let these folks think. Banned the cellphone make people speak to each other instead of a buried head and a phone screen I was just thinking this idiot today than I was at the airport. And you know I wonder what we doing at 1520 years ago at the airport. You ran into some that you talked to some. And I was just watching just looking around everybody had their head in the screen. It was just weird. How does the government take care of people they provide welfare for the unwed single women in prison for the finalists males. Sad but true man. That is so true. Vince curious what was accomplished by the assault rifle ban by Clinton. No question trump the GOP in the in our mayor exactly. What they've heard from the mainstream media their whole lives so predictable it's Alan it's harder. It's the left of the media I know that's redundant or so predictably stupid these angry kids from the Florida school being celebrated. All of the media yes it's obvious. 'cause the shooting happened at their school they have the answers and instant credibility but all the cliches they're sprouting. Oh that's where this is blaming trop the GOP in our. Exactly with paper from the mainstream media their whole lives so predictable they are basically feeding back what they've been hearing all these years. It's so sad it really is Spencer in Charlotte to morning. Morning. And bear with me a moment. Oh are open 1963. Value at year ago it would all be able. A cult around eleven made in the early part of when he country who don't deal. I eighty car. Now days is all want a black. A Glock. Is a lot of plastic. The ball IR I mean are a lot of black. You can see where they're going they're modernize being via bishop. There are modern being be efficient than any of varying. Bit thing. On call entered and they are a pain in nineteen tech beat Corey. Technology eat pork semiautomatic. Has not changed in a hundred year. Mr. moderate I shouldn't of been. Our before you know it all on the rightful role look like and they are predicting. So what do we do they have. We've band ever and. That's where this is going I mean it's. Bad if he foregoing and and you understand this Spencer with every. One of these events that occurs. You know there's this steady drip drip drip drip of pressure. And that's ultimately where. Unfortunately we'll see some erosion continue to happen with our constitutional protection Spencer thanks lock your call. Licks quickly go who linseed. To Jack in Charlotte good morning. Yeah I got a quick solution from many of these actually things can get around the gun free zones. They take place where there is no one to fight back against you get what that guidance. I had a friend by the teacher that has a legitimate. Carry prep. That hasn't been the best current school. Yeah. And I don't have a guy that I Kamerion. Don't get their students. Feel account scratch later. Have fun I'm there with you jacked and and this the kind of thing in fact we we didn't mention this on this program today. But there's one state that's already made this decision they want to allow. Allowed teachers to be able to carry Denise we're gonna give view the opportunity to be our last caller here out of Columbia on good morning. Good morning of an ethnic and hear me that I got and the static on here I can't hear you I'm gonna say that Reagan. It Reagan said that this was not about the in it was all about individual enough about society and I guess I must have to argue. With him but I don't see any difference in people. On the biological standpoint from 3040 years ago when it went to school with guns and gun rack in the back of the pickup truck then sued anybody. This is totally a societal breakdown we've got everybody at the victim got parallel I think the old associating people with whom you don't really. An individual right like Arabic and you're never wrong telling them that the anonymous them. And it didn't vote to which you have to respect for authority at every level parents separated or did pollen. Social service that the police they're afraid of losses against the car I mean it's a breakdown of respect absolutely a disregard for light fifteen million people. Killed through abortion and nobody cared. That the title it is that people haven't changed in fifty years society. Thing and that you could hear it in the. Oh yes absolutely appreciate your call always get to hear from you in Columbia there he didn't peace. On tech's lined I mean he is this the tone where so many people are events that there's a great bumper sticker four year ban everything. See how that works for your by the way. It's the government's out of control because we've allowed it there should be a cap on how much each politician can spin. Their election. Once TV got involved radio coverage rallies in Sandra. It was the beginning of the year and boy isn't that the truth. Yet. Vince the privileged the privileged students in the elite high school mercilessly bullied this Nicklaus crews did. Now they want to take our guns. Oh wow that's quite an indictment which you think. Have ourselves a great day folks.