Vince Coakley Show 3 22 2018 Hour 2

The Vince Coakley Radio Program
Thursday, March 22nd

Tara looks at Greenville ax throwing, the 287 G Program, controlling immigration, and YouTube bans gun videos.


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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today can gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. We cracks me up I was proven true terrorists are bases in this morning at four pizza Coakley. Yes this is so what we call in the upstate a terrifying to think this will be my M. It would mean your six straight hour broadcast excellence this morning. Mr. Obama tech's linemen jump on the phone lines to join the show in progress 7045701110. Of course the text 171307. Text your rates have the pinch myself while six hours of terror in the female rash rates here in the upstate. We're in the queen city depending on your location how cool is that still chuckling over the tax comments. This is a new hot hip thing. At dove bars in New York with the hits first. Tax throwing. No means a real thing it's got to listen to all same roles is played darts. But with a twist. So he's a highly competitive you can pick axe throwing lessons. And then for some reason they also offer Candy Land games afterward. I guess that's for the full field people who see the violence of the action can handle it then Jeremy you immediately go into the fetal positions are crying they can play candy until they feel better I don't know. Sorry for years have been you know banging my my hand on the play spot on the wallet it's a frustrated that the stupidity is surrounds me get some the united so Matt. As I decided with head injuries all the studies they've had not can do that anymore. Elisa do you have offered to buy me the helmets. A good sturdy one. I think no I think you know that the spot of the while I mean it's already got some. My attention I circles around during an area looks almost like a target heck why not I'll stick up axe throwing instead. Yeah well. My husband was listening to that earlier when my throughout that idea and he emailed to remind me I can't hit the broadside of a barn with a gun so good luck with the next. So the idea that acts. Maybe. Throw long enough to make it good at it we'll seek our shop online one with John from Charlotte. You're more prepared yet to hear your board did. And the and it appear out like warm out not just called Patrick I had McCann Murray not rabbit that at bat and. About the budget and help a lot of business that size gives which he's always always flat near what we have to get back what you all bad luck. Anyway. You know we're tired. This bought all one record in Iraq but what this whole crap at a and they need to vote him out. Yes. Yet they need to and needs of the need about a man of the house leadership has he doesn't belong in leadership he hasn't reaped represented well the people anymore nine class. One of the things hair wrapped up all the people I've evolved bit all of gender feminist no pulse 77. What we need to do both Democrats and Republicans need to come together about Maria or weeks before the election I'm governor up Cooper. And and show him that will not vote him out this plot we voted pat Korea out. You're not gonna vote right Cooper out. Does not happen but I mean to be the bearer of bad. News but that's not happening in you know why because we're Coopers and governor. And inquiries and the deep voter fraud that happens in North Carolina was staggering. Fans in the end they did what nothing about it. I would you had a state that what first Obama election after it 2% of the those registered say why were illegal immigrants. The Democrats going around registering people to vote than going in getting their votes and all that all the handwriting is the same. And they found thousands of them. They cheated. Analyst somebody does something about that Ingrid changed. They're preparing to cheat more that's what it takes to get Roy Cooper electric car read about the extent of the cheating job my job. You so ironic about that can pass a cry it's a Katrina does matter I when I was a reporter in Charlotte Pat McCrory the former mayor was one of my best sources. Tekelec dealing in public but we are French fans. I had caught. A lot of voter fraud trial. Like insurer in the precincts. For awhile there you could go and look at the back end of the voting of the voting on New Year's senate piece of paper when you when you go even sign your name irony about. Go back. We go back to the list. They do in black precincts I think he's taken to be aware that there. And the Democrat party does. Look good but him reading back. And I noticed the pattern is to say it was the same for Larry woman Tim Redding in in signature to sing intricacies rapper page after page after page after it was forefront. Tremendous border for his attire voter fraud goes on trial. Time to. I tried to get the newspaper wrote for the time leader newspaper higher handwriting expert. We have a lot of money and get far. I knew was going on and I warned the mayor Patten Chris Peggy got you've got to crackdown is because they'd he's gonna is gonna costs Republicans elections. And they become more common Charlotte this goes on across the country. And become a comedy show to see you needed to get an extra 37000 votes to overcome a fraud I mean this is just what Republicans would say you. They knew was going on I saw panel Chris you've got to challenge this you've got tipped. Jeff fight he would do it. I can remember us having that conversation on more than one occasion. Need non jets going on it is it is and you know when I challenge it was it was in the black precincts that would look back right you're awake right now it looks. And lo and behold. Lo and behold. Pat finally listened to me last minute governor's race. -- he was trying to challenge at the thousands that he knew addict is we talked about it for years after record when I was a reporter. He turns out there with thousands and thousands and thousands of potential fraudulent votes statewide. You got him I told him I told him to go after pennies intuitive custom start more than like Becky improve but more than likely that probably was the difference. So I mean he got away with a last election and I do again. One other go away and didn't get away with it's as I was there Monty get in women. I hope trump does something about it he's got these moves a voter commission into the Department of Homeland Security so hopefully they will finally be able to at least get the illegals off the voter rolls. Supposed to be over a 100000 of them registered Pennsylvania. Crazy numbers. Want to hear from you 7045701110. Whether it's excellent common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Six Richie careless you want WB eighteen when you add your own show many years now how cool. Doesn't know still around. Text or it's made you can get them to set up in the breaker and that way you can throw axes in between the breaks to blow off steam LO well I think it's great anti. The protectorate exit darts are almost them for never fail. Six straight sure there is an axe throwing joint at captain Hinton station here in green. Could have to take out the check out. According dis AP article on Macs during the my passport. The more you drink the more accurate you get least till the end. Under the drinking and you wish you re worse for the first few drinks is what they're saying. Then he goes goes on help. Text your race Bakken. Bakken service we had a four by eight sheets of plywood. Backing the dart board. With the word close written in the four corners where. Notice Dexter race instead of Candy Land issue be snowflake plant. Mayweather and we whenever you feel like doing when your feet your beautiful fear fetal position in your crying. Fixed rates paid Teradata Spartanburg with the closing of ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus I think we can now officially. Call you the greatest show liners I'll thank you have a great day. So thank you cherish tenacious if for Vince Coakley today will be right back. This is Vince Coakley radio program. Well good morning here is her basis in it for Vincent apparently. Alone and dad Vince. Face ga ga just in the hospital. And last night nothing. Serious no no reason for Amare you know he said I've had some issues with a sticker for awhile. Armon he's fine he's kind of put us and everything you know everything's fine but at the same time inside could definitely use your prayers he'll be. Back in short order I'm sure until then you've got me terrorists or nations here listening to me who is the strange woman if you're in Charlotte because this is Democrats show. Hmmm I am out of Greeneville South Carolina. Com and suffers from hearing Greeneville who're probably also equally confused this is the this is the tariff on this morning these six hour version of the terra. Ships are you suggesting that I take a short break during Russian and just keep going for body Mack who also is a feeling well today hack one out. Primary here you know I don't know if I can do this long term this is State's decision management gets the idea that a cap onto this for no pay. Yeah. I mean you're an I mean every decision or see my children against. A home Ari gene is online once she wants Callan about sheriff. Irwin current Michaels it's too bad eighties it sleeps is still 87 G program. Jag yet. Good morning Kara at that program that he lifted I thought it was too I don't know the exact the exact title of the program. They basically. All they do is any illegal that is caught that if the criminal. They deal what they can and that they don't leave them here and I pity Q to rape. This deal to murder other people and get away with it and if they don't care Carmichael this street people running scared Carmichael at the lenders want to keep the program. The other two gentlemen do not and it didn't cut and I actually let you unaffiliated psyched about this year Camacho because that this program go that way. I can never go to Charlotte I have to move that out because they're no longer be safe till they had become a Sanctuary City and I think people don't realize that. We don't it doesn't affect that a debt to our illegal it death affect the way and that a criminal. People don't understand that but if that program go the way we're in deep trouble. Yeah I you know I I saw Jane the most interesting part of what sheriff firm in Carmichael had to say on Fox News. Was a bag wasn't it like you're saying I am if you don't commit crime. As an illegal alien. In Charlotte and you will never encountered this 287 G program Paula does is check out to find out who you are he CEO we look people up we find out they've committed murder. In their home countries there wandering around Charlotte and these Democrats. On the City Council the county commission wanna let him go. Knowing full well they commit murder in their country mean it's insane Bermuda crazy thing Jane. On the season at the top three. I am charges that these illegal immigrants that feed 287 G program catches in the jealous is very similar to California what we're hearing out there. Of the top three offense is deal why is he totally want the team was on our our roads rate. Do you know I. No I don't or beating women basically assaulting women assaults on women. Million beat that you go from being up your life and number three I was indecent liberties and minor sex offenders and you'll rarely have. The me. City Council members the kind commission members who who are all over your sheriff there when Carmichael. They are for the rights of child sex offenders women beaters and truck drivers. It can't sad commentary on what I society this city is going. If they continued if people are gonna move about and is gonna be it can be serious stuff and every woman and gonna have to carry guns. I have a permit and I'm telling you glad I won't think twice about Keating Nancy but the problem is looming unhappy did blanket very bad. That we can't let. Oh lead but at lobbied then lob people who are out there it's protecting F protect yes. There are no longer be able to do that. And the other two it anyway if you don't get out about the share Kama even if you republic that. There's nobody right now they end of Republican that I can belt black so I I I registered unaffiliated and still not too late for all of you are Republican to read an affiliate in both this year Carmichael. That you know I think it is I've mightily important and I don't think they carry your breath of fresh air. I wish you on every day and just a few minutes that you've been talking that I'd listen I've learned so much. And I can't pray that this extension look at Q back because without you I'm the guy he's gonna go down the tube. I want America back Elena free America and I say the mayor. Watching American I can hear your voice how much who won and I wanted to I just that's what that's all I wanna I wanna freedom in America as safe America. That's a saw a lot of the task but apparently from the left it is become. Eight a step too far task for Jane thank you so much for your phone call on that means it's that means a lot anemic tax actually makes my day. Genuinely appreciated terrorists are gracious filling in for Vince Coakley. To join a program as Jamie just did the number 7045701110. You can text me on the common sense retirement planning text line. 701 at 307. I'm jumping to something else you may have seen. Aren't they what's going on what means so tried to get her talk to the purpose of Paul Ryan's budget. Is to demoralize. That is the purpose there that is why he finds Sanctuary Cities. Totally under cutting truck. In his battle against the very people we just talked about. An and by the way when I was a reporter again and they're in Charlotte are 20% of the people in that jail I know has adopted 287 G report sent me every month by sheriff Pendergraph. 20% point five where illegal immigrants it was staggering. My crime they commit Charlie and factual. And crimes they were in their four again we're not in their for the crime of the illegal immigration they were all every one of them were in their fourth for crimes against our laws. One in five and it took you how much might taxpayers would stay would say if we sent small home. We have to imprison them for being their wives driving drunk and sexually abusing kids. As sheriff or when Carmichael just laid out on Fox News this morning in the interview we did. OK so. Ryan anytime he wants he shot the Sanctuary City think he could probably do is pass a law that says any public official reports pat a federal law and was the statutes. And is in you know subject to federal arrest and can go to prison I wouldn't they want. Have you ever noticed that trump has alone when he condemned Sanctuary Cities Jeff Sessions is join him lately. The head of the department of injustice but calm but but note that nobody did the Republican leadership is able. They're totally they walked. As a when you watch Paul Ryan finds Sanctuary Cities. Fun Chuck Schumer is final and tonight trump border while fund. He's slapping you across the face. He doesn't want he's doing this on purpose this is an intern he does not want you at the polls. His among conservatives at the polls. Anyone who this bothers is conservative. He doesn't want you there he's trying to lose the house number a lot just a little. That's the purpose of this budget that's why it's so blatant. And it fits Paul Ryan. Not I mean it and he he's let his pack is literally switch over now and is funding Democrats. One so far that we know of anyway and it Pennsylvania race. Don't charge you about what happened yesterday. Because it was a big deal. Did you see them drag Zuckerberg before the cameras yesterday the Republicans. The Republican. You these hearings on Capitol Hill right. But were really mad about that could see and ask anybody's permission when he harvested all their friends that on socially where you really are really met. No. Jar. When she hall Obama's campaign team and then they pioneered the practice went tucked in a minute here about that why. Now when you hearings in the senate as they did yesterday with FaceBook what does that mean the album only Republicans determined. What hearings will be held there will be called in and one hearings will be because they were on the committees this was the Republicans. Grilling. Mark Zuckerberg not the Democrats. Republicans the same Republicans who never held a hearing when Obama's campaign did this and the guy and a campaign get wrote a book about dating care. What they care and a by the way Obama was much more successful than truck jump only got 59. The Obama campaign get beat. Entire social graph. All that information on everybody in the country and yet the Republicans didn't care event but they care now. Why. We get into that the next segment when a child get a budget. The FaceBook hearings the message the Republicans are sending its must carry anyone here anywhere also keep it to enter the race here. And then get this across 704571110. Tax flying. 71307. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Fareed here yesterday just in that poor Vince code police chief text line via text during its terra just had said news of Bozo the clown has died I guess Chuck Schumer replaces him as world's most famous club. Yes with backup rats think the Orion. Tech toys kids you're great you're you at a decent time governor Platt pat is blaming the Russians for his defeat for real. And that's that's big news. Especially really sad that I don't know if that's big news. Click if you Google and find out but it Pat McCrory we're doing that we not surprised because the thing I don't I don't know. You've you've actually trip to the host. Takes generates every Republican representative who voted for this bill has nothing on policy. Do you statement have something on them now. Protect straights. Some was the naming of the word for the hour taco. In honor of your husband taco loco. Yes this is the am honorary talk a little group logo thousand dollar hour. We column taco loco Chris. The only thing he can make for a long time. That was and it was decent and not enough to eat was tacos but you know the kind of of the box so we would save me bush wearing tonight I'm cooking. And the kids screw top kill it goes from taco logo reg again because it was going to be talkers and he was taken. Until I got some blue apron now he's Wolfgang Puck but yeah now yes this is C taco loco honorary one grand hour. We're not anoint as we've been up. I text your rates. Is this the current text number for the live show yes it is 713 those seven. Perry got another comment when I try to cram the sullen from ray from Charlotte I know the immigrant situation what's up with her wit what's up IRA. I'm home is being signed. And I know the light you call it probably had very aren't Christian politely then throw it all of these for immigrants and do well and battle. Home if you are no big deal are all. Are not doing. But there are those that are here that have been here for many many years live good lies that have no. The apple records they have children in school well behaved children. There are. The people and let our round can tell you what good people but you are but many people can they pick up all fluid site never. Bob there and that is their problem they broke no great baseball thing and then that way they describe it. As the prior we were the ones as well where you're allowing these people so far but hey what. They were eight weight rate okay wait you're you're confusing me I'm totally confused rate. You said that she is lumping these immigrants together. Trouble you'll be pleased to know that there are no immigrants. None zero that have ever been caught by the 287 G program you'll be relieved to know that and I'm sure they have wonderful children other happen. Illegal immigrants caught by the 287 G per all right Italy gold sale. They can you you can't pretend there's not a difference is there is there is rain you know. Wait a minute but I can't pick out what about our neighbors. That is just that Democrats no record they are turning let's check. No record around this money on Tuesday and they then pick two Wednesday rain Tuesday. Who put that to. I'd say it they. I I let that way it is I suspect month I got ice is in your neighborhood. Aren't. Now he went down the I car it to where he had earned that up. At all in real life. And they arrested in dire. Okay. Let's all let's okay they would turn into different things here for sorry that did the segments that share a bid did that did you exchange that chain called in and around before on. And she was deeply upset. Owned by the illegal immigrants who had been she was trying to about specifically the 287 G program. And she was talking about the immigrants who had been arrested. And the top three things according to sheriff early Carmichael they arrested for illegal indymac Robert Kennedy in the jail. Driving drunk. Beating women. And sexually assaulting underage children. That maybe I saw a child sex I'm so and should you weren't set with Jane because she's a set of. That's what had to correct. Sure you're exactly right but called a picnic. Are we know we confront that did not fall into that category yes and they are not not one of them has ever been affected by the 287 G program. Well I'm -- explore what you what you actually thanks so are you said but we see 287 G program you don't want to know. When we have people who have committed murder in other countries in her jail you don't want to know one we had drunk drivers. People will be on women and child sex offenders in kargil and nearly eliminate you one note that. But yeah our data but do your supporters to me and for ignoring. Would you say. There there it. Immigrants that you are ignoring that are also being arrested and beg so volley into that category. All those kind of fell one. They are not. Right okay ray I'm not ignoring them we the only thing we've discussed this morning on the show is the 287 G program there's not a single person who has ever then processed. And found to be an illegal immigrant by the it you know 287 G program who was not an illegal immigrant so freedom call have been bashed Jane and I always most unfair don't you think. Well I don't know that if they have put up like yeah I heard so much of this no one is talking about the poor immigrant said here. That are ignored the getting is certain the ship and that is not big forget but I'm in I'm outside in bath. But to pick him up. Oh and a quick moment and send them all somewhere leaving it but I am late bid role. So you're okay so if you're really upset you are really set with Jane raining and you actually have now admitting you agree with me. That she supported 287 G programs were making progress. I you don't have to my robbers but they are not. I'm not a big faithful are are just way and I know we need to get those are wit and where a year of light bill. Bury okay let me let me ask you a question break. From NPR I just wanna find out because you you obviously care a lot about easily longer immigrants have come here and once. Did not commit crimes if apart need you feel passionately OK I and I'm I don't agree with you but I on the respective position OK let me ask you something. Because you think that really grates me nobody feels passionately for the people whose jobs they took it's as if they are faceless and they do not matter. And let me tell you what the NPR ran I think recently with statistics from the bureau of labor and what it said was. That for the blue collar workers since 1960 fives to see immigration act passed trade. We've had this mass illegal immigration is well. Come wages for white collar work for blue collar workers have declined by 5% for white collar workers they went up by 35%. This is devastated. An entire class of American workers and made import. Want I want I want I wanna hear ray if you have in your Christian eleven hard as much caring for those nameless faceless people as you do for your neighbor do yeah. We always have been dramatically depressed. We're not here and there's another problem that we are supporting people are. Our have a look and we are recording and wasting money. Paying bar or having children. And got in late did not wanting to work. You change the subject trained or well I pray you change the subject you don't care about the Americans who report now because of this. You don't care but there wages to you can't answer my question give the comeback for a change in the center. This you know he's secure good Christian monsters they pray on that spend some time thinking about the Americans. The blue collar class that has been devastated to coming back from your remarks. Terrorist bases in their forwards Vincent Coakley let's go to becomes his retirement planning text line and get some reaction to my conversation play. That's 71307. By the way. Had Tex great she's surprised here ice is part of our community watch and iPod he'll development. He he's not sure since I left. I was informed the break that array was calling from now and I am actually not that surprised that Asus has taken a presence in Canada. That's right to a fire crisis in Charlotte did just me I mean it would welcome you to bake you cookies. Great up until the point you chop their head off and then be shocked he did it takes your rates I turn the radio on to hear terra interviewing Bernie Sanders. Me and someone said. Text your rates or raise rant sums up in one sentence heat but no light. Tragic stories to your talk about YouTube banning gun contents nor denied young YouTube ban gun content. All gun demonstration videos. Beating you up to the Olympic cats. McAfee you stupid gun content. To look at human animal. And is. What. Do without those c'mon. YouTube is answering the gun control debate with a new ban on videos which demo firearms were linked to website selling firearms or firearm accessories. McCain you would this mean some suffering. Which has gone here this is mass censorship it's sickening. They are losing and they are desperate. Okay yet it should make you mad without a fight back we'll do elect we're gonna we're gonna end up somebody come along must make more mining YouTube never gonna pick up the gun demonstration videos is probably time up there now. Could be okay this is their desperation they are actually trying to censor the Internet folks this is how badly there was if winning what they do this. Dame went being crushed. Crushed. Kerry tugs on line one let's Ouattara has to say. I prepare I don't have a comment I just want me up uncomfortable at the report he had. About where your your stock at a picture or my little girl. And Aristide's I'd get. I would love economic news I'm mark we call him so. And now I'm really glad you're bored here. I do we keep some back so maybe they are they. Well what not on what you what notes when Todd OK all you have to do. Is text the word podcast and thank you so much popular girl is she's got it how old she now. How he's going OK I want you to do is tell stored podcast to detect find 71307. You get a podcast and you can listen from Charlotte. Here's a from anywhere in the world one. Whom I'm on every day here at 1063 W 46 AM to 10 I am so. Yeah I was and all the great personalities on my 63 W or DN WB team union as a broadcaster fall asleep and I tell you daughter is said okay. Now ship I'm glad you called because this brings us something I really want to cram in here. He just like you to banning all guns demonstration videos okay this is an act of desperation they actually think they can sense of the Internet Internet this is a fruitless endeavor but one and wolf and a well it's it's gonna destroy everything it touches. So what should Republicans there yesterday what was that about that this is a big thing don't miss this. Thomas has noticed they wanna hear from Zuckerberg because they it was found that that deep. But the company Cambridge analyst at Norton trump unsuccessfully. Helps you reach fifty million people with the message okay. What message was that will a lot of it was great part daily caller and things new and Cha cents. Two people were like oh my god this is going on my country. But Israel we have conservative media but they can never we reach the mass market will now they all are. Because of shares on FaceBook and Twitter and left so the panic isn't so I mean I don't actually is it tolerance pushing. This is keen to the world that's about it who is it's who controls what hearings are held on whites and who gets called cup. To people who chaired committees write to congress pitchers the committees in congress right now Republicans they control. I just don't have anybody in one it was revealed that Obama did this. Many refinement. Did these bozos have hearings when it was found that the NSA was illegally lifting your meta data. How. Did they had hearings when John. We know I'm sorry when clapper lajunen perjured himself under 05 year imprisonment felony. I know the innocent holiday or not spying. Noted an appearance. And then we found yet as they are starting today appearance. Make a big deal about no but so we're supposed to belief. Just take care. That trump. Got the likes data on friends difference. Real but they're OK with the NSA is still illegally stealing my dad. Don't care so she'd care to our privacy. So what do they care about. And here. That you are using FaceBook to share with her moderate friends and family members what's really going on in this country that people are appalled not Clinton Tribe's victory. That's that they care about how to play this really fast for it Carol Davids and she was with Barack Obama's campaign. This surge just a few days ago admitting. They did this on a much bigger scale than trump and yet she's not been called to testify before congress strange he's Republicans are steamed because you know the trip because what FaceBook debt. Desperate to mad about was to a player a quick John Cleese Chris squeeze it in here. Don't know. The Obama campaign just did this on a digital thin digital album much Barbara larger level. We are actually able to adjust the entire social network social network of the laughs on the Sunday started out as most people most people. I awareness as complicated as. Fat free taste a doubt say. So they shut off the future hold the Republicans never built an apt to do dot. So the day is out there you can't take it back prey to the Democrats have this information. So when they look at a voter file and someone comes to them. They can immediately be like oh here all the other people they know and hear people that they can help us persuade because they're really good friends as it was this person. Republicans do not have that information and will not get that information I know I'm Democrats you know maybe I can argue that's a great thank you. But really it's not the overall process straight lake not wasn't fall although they freely now there's a disadvantage information it's a meeting. This is there realities. More than GNP. Is only upset when trump just. His FaceBook glitch you slipped up a much out the truth but listen those hearings were to intimidate soccer Burke. And to making sure trump. Doesn't get that info get in the next election didn't care if the Democrats to us. Larry King great filling for Vince. Thank you so much suffer listening head on out there beautiful day go enjoy it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.