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Hello and welcome South Carolina from the middle and stood up state and we are happy to have you with us this morning Saturday January the thirteenth. Two of the yard pro show brought to you by Karen on a fresh farms I'm one of your post this morning mills Kraft announced Adobe. And Scott is an absolute delight to be here. As the bombing 34 degrees or thereabouts this morning that is non official weather passionate about why official. That is only official according to the F 150 which transported me from point and point B this morning. Which look and a it'll is that what it has this Lal. You're going to do is correct. They have 1:50 is correct this morning matter correct guess is a little chilly this morning in the upstart South Carolina you may reaching the end from upstate to the coast back to the midlands of South Carolina. We appreciate you tuning in this morning. And without cheered the listener. And the participant how about that. It is here and start to have a good flown China. I would agree. So you you realize Ghana come on the listener but more importantly the participant. Within the show so it is a lot format show we'd love to hear ya call and this morning. From questions anything regarding to the landscape from the loans to the bushes to the marches to and three priming to you name it would love to hear from 1803471063. That is an 803471063. And as always you can text us at 7130771307. Love to hear from Lisa Scott. What is news. Oh okay. You know I candidates activist in Mormon here I told you it was a little hard to get ready for spring is getting ready for spring rearrange and but but but Scott. Also always a way it's kind of like a frozen tundra and part of the listening actions which was correct front that's what we utilized as an inside. No gadget. But we can only do so much in sub and yes. To make it warmup extort two more outside I'm ready for that you know. Don't think today's the day. Wind is blowing you know you an hour in the parking spot. And and I tell you what boy footing and spoiled the last two dies mass from a little rainy in the upstate. Really crossed entire study. But man was the temperature not minds it was beautiful. And I did like her just a more it was 63 degrees I guess I'm more. Has all freaking them have you had since January of 63 degrees brighten her anymore and mine and you know it's going to be rainy day. Be a cloudy day. But you know what it's cooling off that cooled off last night's gonna stay cool this week. I mean we're looking at lows in the upstate and the on the Taiwanese probably in in the in the upper twenties low thirties throughout the midlands and even down the coast. A winner is still here and if you don't believe it folks walk outside this morning. What time the teacher short sleeved shirts stand outside for five minutes to man feel that's a little chilly right yeah. It's winner so what do we do on the winner. Prepare prepare. The spring they were you know one thing we can do Scott we talked about it. The rang we have that was great right atlas last week we had snow. And Charleston. Right we did address to light. For five days total. So I had a good snowstorm in snow event but I. And still we went and also an intro Pope though will the citadel. Is still a nice note on the on the roads on the second parents really. So. You know they got warm it's all about but win that. You would talk about a little bit earlier. Com or last week we talked about it then you know ahead chuck Connelly years of as a guest is you're not around. When you look shocked. Talks always wonder I just has great radio personality and not they were out was that the company of this. Yeah I was at a company event non attend Saturday morning is that there's companies that number Thursday it was cold front. Yeah it was warm in the studio about a way there is really kind of stifling hot last setter but. We talked about it last week we talk about almost every week the drought report I think it's important. The guy we have the snub but it's more shall last week and we had some ranked or confronting this week's that may impact for next week bat but. As of January in the mind this week is released every. Thursday on through guys after January might Tuesday's when the report comes out they get the information the other put a PDF file we have it listed. As owned on Thursday of every week as of Thursday this week what was released. 31% of the state had no drought. Justice and had no drama but it won't some studies and droughts on form Woodruff for lumps on a mistake which gives us some balance. A 68 point 22% of the state was in drought a week before. 72%. Of the study was in addressing yeah we met a little bit of a positive headway after the snow fall. But the issue is this the coast market is not terribly drowning. It's this amendments this of status of the middle and you're you're still in the midst of a we've talked about it we'll continue to be that. Because it's important especially when we get this bitter bitter bitter cold temperatures like we just recently have and we had two days more intense about his excited. But now I'm back into this cold temperatures especially not in the die towns thought about what time today. That these 40000. Right. Not a marginal become horribly. So. It's important that these plants die not luckily we got rang. And and a lot of the Syrian had drought lasted it's. Significant right so we should be good but we have to keep him around. Desecration is and number one form of one or injury. On points. Is destination it's lack of water Scott we're gonna go straight to phone lines we have Chris angering the old morning Chris salary. More now that I am doing wonderfully am blessed beyond measure how are you guys doing right. Actually I've got great morals that in my driveway. Usually cut about six feet. Right about this time a year and then just let them out made it usually do OK but past few years we've been we've been hit real hard with powdery mildew. And I am wondering if there's not much can be do and now to take care of that what I have done his. In the years gone by now. And notices are usable oil spray. And and spray with the oil and that usually takes care of things that that's a lot of work to keep up with that announcement if you had a better suggestion. Yeah I mean you know powdery mildew such of can be such a mass deed unsightly disease and and Camby if against it you know out of control certainly detrimental to plan. Yet yet you made the comment that she cut these back to about six foot every year's so are you dislike sharing these offered the six foot high or. I may two how are you prune. I usually I'd just take programs and didn't try to move in you got little fingers and come up to him. Encourage encourage more growth that way but yet pretty much just at six feet is about where we want them. Debt and and here's a here's one issue number 11 reason that your privacy in the little bitty increase on powdery mildew is when you hedged debt. That tree back closed you know it is a tree it's it's not a shrub when you hedge it back. You're getting a lot of flushing growth every each spring of the year through the summer. We had that massive amount police tissue you can't get air movement through they're and to keep the foliage dry and doesn't dry out new in the dies who stays wet for prolonged period. As we see this prolonged wetness on the lease is that certainly gonna contribute to the amount of power to mill the that you have a plan. So that really lush green growth as you mentioned earlier when you Troy Emmitt you know really flushes a lot of growth. That's one of the issues so when you prone to Kramer on the best way to program mr. clip tips. Of all of last year's bones about this time of the year and let the tree growth to the standard tree form India us. Com if you can't do that because of the spice confinement that your hand that you get two options which is one doing what you do and turning it. The other one. Would be simply to remove that implant something is more appropriate for that smallish buys but as I think a lot of people forget. Chris that. You know when you plant these luck crichton oral it is a larger tree you know you need you need an area where it can grow 2030 foot tall. Over a period of time Norma about twenty foot when you size dot com. But that's gonna hurt you did the dormant all's well work on the pattern on the the problem you run into a lot of times the powder mill be about a town that becomes a big severe issue is getting a little bit too hot too used to terminals. Com because the dorm and also Zuma magnify and just intense father he'd only surface when you agree that's not a so you may wanna think about some type of systemic fungicide which is going to be difficult almost on a tree your shrub that tall. But certainly something like vacuum that'll still around. It would give you if we don't have frank follow you get a good too which control out of out of vaknin on the problem is you're right you have to keep up when the minutes. Once Stephon respond begins really at Tebow would. How much irrigation is it is it spraying in to describe moral or or is it kind of non your data to west of what's the situation there. It is now and irrigated. The guy which is good combo of much got to keep him on chris'. How do we limit the amount or the town that leaf surfaces where it would be my faults. OK good I've got two things working against me on time to change not the plants. Mind the space isn't good for about twenty to thirty foot tree up. And the other part is that my wife says here's how you're. And do it. I think he knows element because it allows those blooms right. It's like to remember and the other way Chris here in charge of regular blue pack as it's tough. Chris calm day here's what I can tell you and your back to those best friend that to him this summer I think because I don't think it's going to be a prolonged. Is south of prolong on the chew gonna have to learn to move to deal with and had a hand. NIC slices and crepe myrtle blooms they do make a dwarf Greek girl. Iowa so I mean you did not in a tree blown but it isn't a stroke for it only gets about three to four flatly tell. Well there you go chorus. All right so my option so important for. Well I hope you watch not listen to this sounds occupy any refining plants humbly and equipment truck that carried her. But now you know there's not much. Yet this time the years that you can do something like that disease you know there certainly do you know a few other things out there that we can think about and strategize how to prevent or. Yeah you can to a degree but I don't think the solutions for either eliminate some of this pressure. Or good solutions for you and your landscape and that's what our stamps that are. Thank stress for should call this morning have a great weekend. I had mullah you know Scott that's what I love about your Prussia there's always something to discuss. And as what I love about the industry as a whole. There are always. Ways that you can prevent problems or few having problems maybe this about a solution but sometimes about a solutions to stone worked. Sometimes you just have to learn to do what you have. And men amounts of risk to minimize the impact. Arm you don't wanna things outside Christa would that. Is keep in mind you can from if you prevent this powdery mildew from becoming an issue. Prime group what you Ambien that folks if you hadn't learned Scotland and Edmonton. It was like sitting here almost seventeen year old news. Two thumbs going on the cellphone. Was arrested. That was supposed to look great Assad river oh you are looking a plan yet there was no deliberate. Kokomo Craig moral. Release by Monrovia and Blase that there's other ones out there to gross. Yeah so but but what are things that would have a million diseases like that. Certain things are certainly gonna trigger and the environments can make it worse. So we get a lot of cloudy days we got these warm temperatures and we're talking spring early summer here folks who cannot not do in January. But he clouded as she get that heavy humid day here we don't get at least surface to dry out as quickly do in the die. That's when we know the disease pressure so hot it's almost guarantee you don't have development disease the key is to get out there and spray it. Prior to their own set of that environment of onset of that disease. I've I really feel that why would something like pattern immunity would need with that if we get up their little bit earlier. And we know what really makes to disease ramp popping growth. Why don't we stay in front of it meant the problem is something like Dak minerals contact fungicide. So we're only gonna get. You know seven days to ten days may be fourteen if we don't get rang. Control out of that products in the new recline it. No systemic las. It is just difficult with the plant that's hazardous to can be Don I'm you know act of checks and like bulls somewhat banner Macs pretty reasonable system. Made war on man I'm not sure but it's a DMI and got to be pretty careful when he's pregnant when it's warmer because then. You can run to a photo toxicity problem on the plant leaf and yelling or even dropping the leaves so there are a lot of things and when that that's while the contacts for powdery mildew were typically what shoes because Tommy Europe's Don. These control. And the other thing that Christian does. Is as it flushes out growth as it sounds to leave just like most homeowners you know you trim shrubbery just letting go for the rest season aren't. But as a begins to flush out growth want you wanna selectively fan. The amount sheiks who have come and select a type and improve come off for the buys the trunk hazard and selectively Thelma. In this and we get more air movement through the canopy. Because it's all about prolonged leaf wetness but ultimately it was wet the more likely we're gonna hand disease right for this the same thing when loans or grants. Yeah that's why I prefer irrigation and and and disease time of the year it's finesse cute prom example aren't talking about brown patch. Yeah action to preferred. The irrigation happened some time at that 679 o'clock in the morning Wyndham. Because do you was much heavier it's stickier. It contributes more than two disease. Development only book calls not calls and you itself but the calls hangs around long relief bullet. But if we tighten your day for having hit it in the morning when your guy is 7:30 at 2 o'clock in the morning. Prime. We kind of washed do off the plant and that pure water from the your nation is human trial a little bit quicker. So we're in shortening. The leaf then the appeared of leaflets. Some Anglia that's it. They're pretty simple really do was stick around till till 11 o'clock in the motor that's fraud but if you run year's session at 6:37 in the morning. Not to do all that owns frolic on trying to. 9:10 o'clock in the morning you know what's been trying to at least an hour earlier if not two hours Scott when did have a text during the Tom of our. Telephone call. Cingular telephone code you do enough folks but the phone lines Europe. So I'm reaching out to all the participants up there when I'm a homeless person will prompt response. Because this is it to Spanish ship 1803471063. Give us a call we'd love to hear from. Scott text line 71307. We handsome and rich as this morning. What is the proper time to prove laced leaf Japanese. Maples need to do it. Yeah that's when house like right here right now. Prove me right. You know. One out right here right now because when did you call him and despite the show right to go outside Texas if you if you go outside this morning Wear gloves and objected yeah you might wanna wait till about. I am Ana. Wind forecast crossed that pretty now but it was definitely. Think no fuel efficient a great debt. I'm he would be on the line house 45 winds gusting up forty. Sure the water temperatures drop finally it would make for an entertaining data searcher can make for a long time when avoid monument Scott you ask and you shall receive. It appears that the phone lines are lighting up like Christmas tree so we're gonna got a phone lines we have time to time want to call. For the bottom of the hour right we're gonna go to Ron entitled to more than Ron how are you. Good morning they'll know pretty well none thought out not to lose now now. Pending question is perhaps we get a better rapper fair and ornamental but their trees in the yard here. I cut alone late and not put older put. So all in there and don't quite get. How long it will take an in their. It it will work format is very near pretty get up a book today that try to yank one amount of those so much rain. But it is there I mean you know no. You know that's that's a difficult question depending on how big of the root system to a trough with things that match ramming it it can type a month they can be. Six months it can be a year to committee's two years from. It was a global beat well I'd like to get them out so that it I can't move that thing stay in battle lump what I write it it's their priests are about. Foot diameter probably give ratchet them up about where to cut us out and that they gonna round. But yeah had to go all out around that may have font. What our R&R. Block court or go to Google and typed install ground and Newman for Aetna and one. A quickie yeah minute I know me to crepe myrtle addicted so. Is there something I get a couple of minutes my need to know more about it other than just mr. Craig. I think if you don't want any good independent garden center. You know some of the private old school Gordon senators much like you know Scott stored anime Anderson and and tall with the notion and they year. You know if you don't they tell Miami to miniature or dwarf crichton moral that they should have summoned them toward him now how where they can receipt or gift idea. I think it's become a little more popular. Item has a margin artists. And they don't merely grow. Or five foot taller and four foot wide. Except for you are in the Boca don't like distances of you know it's a dark purple color. On the blue I'm. There will not be able to turn it down on the bottom. The reason is because the vaccine yards were outlawed believes that all my neighbor streak into my yard voted deploy very. And so I guess I don't have to take lead anywhere know the we're not the back Ahmad that you can only take whatever. But like do like they turn it up maybe ordered Tuesday that as we get underneath on the that a good idea or bad idea. Let's great a Demi is yet the need Jeffrey composed. OK so I can do that no problem not part of the tree that you be time. Great they are sort of appreciate you guys did an eerie in Persia and Iran have a great weekend. But he. Hi Barack. Scotland must I would phone lines we have about two minutes left to the bottom of the hour break but we're gonna try we're going to Rihanna and Columbia good morning how are you and welcome to New York Prussia. Nice and cool telling you guy great. Okay this is my problem. I have mole that will not go along elite try to kill him with a bunch he'll learn that it grabbed shall now. But they come back confidently and now my old our backyard. If all of those little holes. With a mole third be cool I mean that back to back little ball all over the place. Kinda cool. How can only get rid of all we can get rid of and they keep coming back. The eight years your best option and you're headed down the right road is to control their food source what are they feeding no so. If we know their moles we know that they're feeding. Certainly owned grubs and things that mansion owned subterranean insects is what their feeding off. But they see as. If you control the insects and you control it the right time of the year. You're still apps or are the possibilities there that you have these drugs come back in the home within the next season. So if you're not continually controllers to have a having grown up population and you not to treat continually control on the ground population. You may founded moles leave for a short period of time because there's no immediate food source. But three months slider if the food sources back they're gonna migrate back to go to your home. A menace. And and that's probably what's going on so the key when me. And and my faults it is. You need a good drug control program most people will control Grubbs one Tom Tierney your normally and spurning and they don't do it again the rest the year. By the followed sparring they're right back they're. There's two good times a year to control more on Grubbs wants is in spurring and the bounces the light summer early fall. So my suggestion would be if you store controlling into an application again in light summer early fall. You probably go see better growth control what should you be better Mo. Ruled dug up already tired of it that much unless there's no doubt about it so a horrible like walking on the not everywhere. So let them. What we appreciate the call we're back up against our bottom of the hour bright we hope you have a great week him. Thank you I know I actually had a couple Greg calls actually 3 this morning we have area on hold out hope you hold. Into the bombing our bright in listening to New York pros show. Will be back in just too few and in the meantime if you like to do business at www. Carolina fresh farms dot com staging will be right back. Welcome back to the yard pro show brought to you by Carolina fresh farms I'm mills grant Adams beard and Scott does a delight to be here right that is evolve our listeners of scares me slash participants because the board is a lot of you know or lit up like they percentages. Front. So it's right folks you have found us 1803471. A 63 and is always 71307. Would be our text font. I broke quickly we're getting ready go straight to period who's been a whole patiently through to bottom our bright. But Jim good friend Jim and easily said morning guys that bloody knees to get a couple of cats to control the moles yes you know what that would work. You know cancel. The entry greatest under center three cats we have been lazy man and it's. As a squirrel walk him bobcat over the cats on the deck just taken a map squirrels and swat. Walk in my cap went so well so has squirrel spectacles is currently an excellent offense but look at this it's and I squirrel could see. And and honest. Yeah. The sometimes you if you dig it cats for them. Don't mess came too much and Conley is. The true talent spoiled sport that's it. Let's go to Syria it angrier in the morning here at how were you. Good morning guys. Good to hear from I'm. A question for you about law right at the armed I have to bed and my front yard. That I have from a variety at the border in the intact it still glued shut some small comedians try to river rock. And I'm losing a lot of variety it seems to be dying. Around the league I can simply just reached out my fingers. In just pull it out with no problem at all times and just wondered if he had any idea what might be going on. All right so two things I think of alt top of my head number one any time we pull Lloyd I grass and plant or any thing and it just the roots release. And it pulls out number one we could have some titles. Of really mass failure I'd Dallas and disease who robbed you very ordered plan. Arm it could be an issue with the crown of the plant. Meaning right soul surfaces rotting out if it's holding too much water it's not drying out appropriately in between water events. Arm too much water can be very detrimental in the the roots are basically so laughing off allowing you to easily pulled the plan now. So I would I would check fraud you know is an excessive moisture here's don't think it could day here's my question. How often do you pulling the slow rot the. I'm just more two year contract. Prune it dam in and just let it come back in its best and done time for probably eighteen plus years but just in the last. A couple of years past started noticing it in this past year was worse than ever. Well and MS the reason I asked a few Toma you'd never prone to let's say as you know and might just be the natural progression of the plant because if you don't applaud prune a variety. Then those leaves the old rule he's begin the big brown a sloth often they can give the appears as a major issue of the plant which terrorism but in your situation that's Nadia. I think you need to investigate soul more show more many things and is sounds to me the as if the plant this possibly. One of two extra points. As think through this process. Number one is excessive moisture in the plans beginning to rot out for some reason. Secondly it could be that of the other extreme where if you got river rock in this Syria. And some very dry environment. Armed would. The drought and whatnot in the drama so we have it could be that it's not getting enough water I seriously doubt that I think it's probably excessive moisture issue. Okay and they are underneath. Japanese unit to treat. That those victories during the middle of the game and really do not have a certain time so around the tree and it or leave him. Of opening for the tree to get water and irrigation that hit the wall he underwater photograph. Yeah I would check that especially as we get into the summer months or I would just check to make sure that you kind of control on the mount a war going and they. That is it would be my first thoughts. Because I'm really damaged Scott can you think of any disease or any issue out it. You know there's there's a disease that their call for top three root rot and I'm not I'm never seeing Iraqi succumb to root rot disease. But could it I don't not I'm and that's something that might be worth investigating root rot on the romp in Madrid. You know dual investigation they're about I seriously doubt it's a disease. I think it's more for more to management issue. OK is there anything else I actually might allow Iraq to William encore it we plan. And you are lacking where outlaw the old. And that I'm probably gonna have the same situation it's a lack. Intuit or yeah until we figure out what's going on and threaten an issue even with any other plant but if you look at for an alternative. All of a ground covered over your warm things are back catalog and it is a little more more maintenance but as yet it jasmine. That can have a modest effect. It's pretty party plan as well only give you different looks so if we come into a situation if you dual vision especially about room brought the top Peru brought. At certain plants are more susceptible to root rot than others. It if for some reason or drop it pops up and it's on that list. Then you need to found a plan that's resistant and then you can go check the site artists Asiatic jasmine going to be resistant to this disease that I have an issue with the mound the mound Wednesday. An and I used this as an example I think it's a great question and a great discussion period. Because it doesn't just apply on I want the obelisk was to understand. This doesn't apply just to you and your issue rocky this applies to any issue that she may have within the landscape. If we know we have an issue we're having failure of a plant growing. We need to throw first and foremost when he did Arafat why we need to have some certainty 89% certain is to rob this is the issue. If we can't correct it for some resort type Salome Thomas crichton we want to plan a plan bat. Then we need to go resource what plants are gonna tolerate this environment are gonna tolerate this disease better than others. Okay I'm it it you just brought a great point Eric triggered a flaw in. I didn't start having this problem until locked with new river rock in the middle of the dead. Yeah. I don't think the river rot would have a whole lot of the issue of the main way I look at me and natural stone Revver or document and especially. I mean it's just most brawl. On the don't try to form a soul that she can find him and you know they asked where to turn it Reynolds or when he started the limo. What's your notices. And then it it probably starting around the use. In Akron didn't act well. Late march or early February and we're not great or else that we can't talk to him rest. OK and that and then the new look for the game great. And any hint at it hard hit hot and it actually that's. Yeah. And and I don't montella I don't say the slot are really don't go to a lot but I did as simple. Google search was kind of funny makes me feel good at least on a little bit of something to learn something when I was in my Tom and universally study. But apparently crowned rot. Arm has become the leading disease problem all of a rapid. Our and that's it according to a particular by I don't know what website it is but it's on the Internet said the crown Rath is a leading disease problem of Iraq. We don't see much here but that crown Ron Moore stirs. Can be a ditch huge key in trying to control crown raw he may find that you have to go to a food to a fungicide program. I would think somewhat crown rotten a plant like that stopped compromise and we can invest it somewhat subdued. Sub do Max is an old chemistry works really good owned owned crown rot root rot diseases. But I think we need to go down met. Path a little bit of looking at crown raw and how do we eliminate. The the perfectly you know how do we make environment voter so we're not encouraging ground. Okay it this could be likeness sold during. It is sold their match. It is the most effective way and this product you would use on group on route wrought as well nom I don't know if it's liable for this particular crop and you know don't have the light went from amid an app that's where I would store as professionals or call truce. The knowledge I have I was store looking. At all right is subdued site formal Robby in his it liable for crown rot of neuropathy in an episode in that can be an option for. Now it is a little bit harder to find you gonna have to reach out someone like us one of our retail stores that carry on a fresh but you don't have to reach out to a small. What kind of way. Smaller professional. Oriented company like us an independent or Sherman that sells products. To be able to found a problem like subdued it's not something you gonna Johnson on the shelf for the big box toward. OK well I'll give you a plug here only got up from her. We're pretty sure I am here I thought. It's a house right here and how are you of if you if you run into it too as well as fuel to that when you get out that doctor store few have other questions or need a little help investigating deeper. You know it's not just view it's is senior analyst around there when you when you contact stop war. You know get them help you did a little bit deeper mistake can't figured out that store level. Rest assured I'm gonna get a phone call about it which is right. But certainly would love view this as your pension about stored you know the folks you know. Katherine and grind them and their staff to the store wouldn't you know we'd like for you to build them as much as possible. You know will but it gets stop you just open the call the other reach out and in contact me about a kind. OK I sure will thank you dad. Thank you here you have the right way Jim yeah I'm a lot you know stopping so many good things out of that. Why doesn't that apply kind of virtually anybody who has all the astronomy Angela landscape but the most important thing right there. Is the process from the steps and how easy it is I don't applaud our company macho militia. You gotta admit that. But I tell you folks it's easy period started conversations she brought it up. Would without all these retail locations throughout the entire stay in South Carolina if you're having problems and landscape governor. They might not always have the solution and now they answers to your problem. But rest assured Afro confident that our staff. Will take the time to help you figure out what's really calls to prop. Brian Gregory. And then they can reach out to someone I wished there were fifth from all the remained. So there. Could be an every location every day Tony force up in just can't app. But the best way to store that is reaching out of that local store and W what I found is www. Carroll on a fresh farms dot com and other found store nearest you. Possession emails leaked a picture is worth a thousand words to that especially as these it is in the digital. Market with the emails then all of a digests and take pictures emails ask questions but don't just go up haphazardly. Trying to change things in landscape because one thing doesn't work into you fully understand why you're having failures. Once you understand why you have him failures and things are role went. Then we can begin to address and figure out what the best solutions when you agree with that group so Scott will stay with a phone lines because we are getting torn down we. Have Bob angrier and more about how are you welcome to New York for us. Well good morning hey guys do tonight. And hey I have a first Paula question about turning about a comment on the crepe myrtle look I think it was a first caller called and cannot tell you what. I sure do empathize with and what step powdery mildew because I had one help by in my mailbox. And it got son I would say probably he's 75%. Of the day. Got that powdery mildew it turned to black and I did everything I could it would new blown well over petty thing finally had to take it out but. I put in a core I put into a Japanese red maple there and it's really done very very well. In the back of the house I purchased input and one of those two or Craig hurdles. And it only gets probably sun may be. Two to three hours today. And it's done very very well it's about three to four feet high beautiful blooms no powdery mildew fantastic so I just thought I'd pass that on. It's an effect gentlemen still with some things that he really worked well. Well and I'm glad to hear that because you know what's funny is is Bob. I've been in this industry mount tired don't watch this is all on that. And I don't deal with the plants everybody like Scott does and for me you know when that gentleman called them. I I know first and foremost is sometimes we've got plants that are not claimant in the of property here in a match differ good makes life a little more difficult. And some of the care that he's having to give them plant in the manga so my plan. There's certainly. Increasing the issues that he's having withdrawn that plan. Arm and the you know the dwarf price morals I'd just never really have thought about it because it seems like every day there's new plant coming out. You know maybe ten new plants about com so but she's had some positive successful as well sounds ultimate. Oh yeah that one and a back I mean which permit to in the fall a bit and plunged beautifully. You know it's a couple type of color bloom. And it and no powdery mildew haven't really had to do much of anything to nothing at all just too well the bill that don't look now the reason that I really called was. Right up by my mailbox or have there's a Japanese maple and again it is doing well but underneath that I have five. There Holly's and initially they. Well polished were put in there and there's two different kinds one has a nice smoothly from one has pointed leaves that you really can't picture him as anywhere near them you know. Well those things grow and they grow a lot. And they're very very difficult to prone and I replaced appointed. One so difficult ones to get near where if once looked round weeks on and I don't remember the name of that particular public. And because there's so difficult to prone what I have been doing. It I would wait like told now like January February. This year. And I'll go in there and I'll just take a Terrell koppers cannot just flopped those things not all the way back but just to make an actual round boy out of the sometimes there's no leaves or anything left on the and I figured well you know those things grow so much maybe they're just not suited for that particular place so. What I do on his side just done that. And then I would wait and I figured one year triggered. The three years ago record low these things are coming back it was probably into April and all the sudden they started blooming and now they're just as big as ever so. In my doing any harm to the plant or should that kill plant protecting hand my actual event. No I think actually did you be found. Well that's that's what I wanted to find out I don't I don't use any fertilization earnings thing and a and the plant Serb and wants to believe start coming back they're just beautiful I mean there's there's no problems with some whatsoever. Das I think especially didn't you know would something as hardy as a holly. You know Hollins just grow which really well and an art climate. You know we have several may have Hollings and our climate. It is just really adapted well suited well here frost. When we have a plan like that that's well established in mature. I just you know it's almost like to me Hollis in the landscape for what Bermuda in the first key long. It's like you can't get rid of it yeah. I had I had some bursts of our college that the other homeowner and prior to us who built the house probably planet around the I would imagine the year of the house was built. And I just got tired of keeping up with them because it loses they were grown too big and then that spot and a heavy December pierced the debt. So you're not took a chainsaw and a cut these things down the grade or below com. And mandated two years later it's like I got a still have Polly's in Manhattan and I want your rhythm a polished it and they're extremely hardy plant. And and and some severe pruning on those as long as you like the outcome on the back Sam because we we really don't have many disease issues opinion release speak double Ali's. That I can think of all top in my head. I don't see an issue doing that you know the one you're talking about that was more smooth edged. Tom colleagues that I'm trying to think you have a somebody out there that may be a chorus saw holly does that nine. Bring about it. It could be used in summit in Monaco that we put them and I just can't recall. Caruso was always wanted to have a smooth engine and it typically unity is not completely random tip you may have one more in the rank right point right the tip for Corus so. And they're hardy plants come back and Maine that's only risk Cassie sometimes of these college. Is if we do come back to reform would severely torn on which photo magnet back really really low the begin to grow back. I have seen some weird foliage from Tom Tom in the slam because they are a it's a it's a plant that's been bread. And sometimes you see the genetics occasionally you'll get a shoe come off route mass over here because it's trying to survive. That may have a little different fold but if you see that is prone and out in the dome. Well now that you mention that that's what's happened to the the others archive you'll see pieces that are come coming out. What the with a real fighters I think are five point timer job tegra that Pollack they're coming out within that same bush and like. I think a landscaper once told me that what you do which is go to try to from those out you know this to and I. I guess I just leave him in their destructive things wrote about two to three years digital black balled out and start all over there yeah. Or felt well. OK well back here that's good good to hear that that it's that. That. Party of hope hopefully you know plan their nor did it together fought that I have is when you have these. Well like you mentioned the crepe myrtle before. They get and some of the other plants that are gonna grow to be thirty feet tall they get such a root system. If you wanna keep them low you've got to trim those independent from those 456 times a year I mean it just gets to be ridiculous and out of a white landscaper put some of those and religion did just they're not suited for where they put them I guess maybe they just don't know yet. I think that's that I don't think down the road what was going instead go like in fifteen years that's what you have to think about. Thank you are accurate count of about. You know a final thought well Bob and and he brings a brought it in accounts such and Scott. And we talked about it early in the show about making plans winners right dynamite plans for the spring what do you and to and if you are making plans to plant plans to do some some renovation and landscape or maybe have a new landscape. Don't buy. From your heart strings are what most of the notion to die because you a little bit more when you planet. But I plant that you know when it matures in 567. Years down the road because these plants that you buying from them or Sri three down seven down plant. We're looking at one a 2334. Year old match plan. They're not completely mature it's going to be another 25 years for the mature off. You need about plant this to mature of the fit the spice within your plans kitten and it does that mean you're landscape might look a little more sparse initially it could because you gonna increased spacing to the appropriate spies. But here's my thoughts on that. Instead of buying TM three gallon plants when all you in essence the or five plants in that area. Only about five plants but it's been extra money and seek out and settling down plan or fifteen down plan. Protection money into a bigger play initially. On this a simple plan. It might about a Lance that front because you got a thing was a science to it going to be like twenty years broke quickly before we go to or our wants to probably be our last caller shot. Do wanna get to this because this is important here is called in about little rock the someone Texas is thousand or Schuman down in Florida and we would get crowned rot on the romp he calls by phone earlier. Initially set for top through due to over watering. Evergreen giant was especially susceptible. Raza Tony enough stops are so apparently the crown rot is a Raza Tony disease which is there are some of our brown patch and seal on home loans and march patch home then the coastal movement loans and coast layered right. So was now it's around sought being around sought. Here it is probably a host of of products if it if we can honestly found that it is crowned rot from Raza Tonya. Which probably a lot of things are even albums sold branches that she may be able to use on the they. So long that would help. Scott. One other quick text whenever I get an outbreak pattern remove my doorknob destroy it would raw milk. Never had to try to woody ornaments on don't know if it will work but it just vaults past long memory of that but in my work. Stop looking to finish it shows we only have about a minute I have to laugh but we're gonna try chuck Timbaland springs Howard you. And Gary had not ma'am we're down about a minute thirty what can we help you with this morning. Got a quick question I've already done my happy then so I'm done for the year so looking out on the hardest period down an ugly. Ascent about planning to envy and wondered if there's a good time to do it and if there's any other type of power plant that was because it does I'm here that the panel cold weather. From an annual perspective if not much other than opinions the if you can console pansies in them towards somewhere I don't see initially planning on shot because you're on Boland springs. And if you plant those pansies now they might not get quite the blow and you won't for the month of February but bomb march and April. They don't want really not pages or vials as you can yes depth. But there. Are that are there and Iowa thanks I'll have a great weekend. Near Karbala. Always ready here for chalk up the bullets were telling us we're secular gotten to be a little bit earlier shot but I think you understand is a lot of great information and I him and relieve the tight aways from me today would your approach shows dot. This shows about knowledge and sharing knowledge and what I really want to die as we have an a nourishment from Florida who chimed in with a touch. That's what it's about sharing information sharing knowledge helping you have a better Wednesday. Folks if you like to learn more about your on refresh forms a simple do in the week www. Chip on a fresh forums dot com. There you'll fondling for all the retail stores nearest you phone numbers all that good judging her Rask out only Mel. You know I'm folks we pressured you chaining him won't talk to you next week have a great week gardening.