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It hello and welcome South Carolina from the medalist in upstate and all the way down the coast and back to the upstate we are happy to have you here joining us this morning it is February the seventeenth Saturday morning. They yard Pirro show brought to you back Carolina fresh farms on wanna be your host this morning milled scrapped. Announced Debbie and Scott it is absolute delight to be here today that it is meant what a beautiful day it was just and I think your husband say yesterday was not a beautiful night it will list but you know it's not bad after the die it's a little blown. We'll spit in rang on the way to radio station in upstate South Carolina this morning in mid engine it's got. Partly cloudy maybe mostly cloudy. But the temperatures are mild. You know it's. Doesn't feel so bad and I started up truck early. Thought I'd let it heat up and arguments Oksana. But well I guess on need to do that anymore. We will see but it is warming up Scott. It's been a fun week. Plaza I don't know it's just fun week. Because things are beginning to change. In the points to it now that it does scare me a bit. Because it's February. It's valid on its way to you know it's mid February it's still winter. Especially here now if you're new to the to secure honest. And in this particular South Carolina perhaps she lived in New England or up north and you you moved here or maybe out west. From Indiana Illinois and you moved here and this is the first year you've ever experienced. Late winner. In the south I want should be aware in the transition zone. Even down the Columbia. We're not in a blue yet played to its after snow wellness. Cynthia I think he felt he's just kind of feed you might give eastern a good who knows what's gonna happen but if you look at the team in the 59 forecast. If you look at all these extended weather models out there. There's no cool down and I'm in sight I mean it looks like that the lows are gonna stay in the fifties in the house in the mid to upper sixties maybe it's seventy. You know whether you're in Columbia whether you're damned echoes to Charleston whether you're in Greenville, South Carolina. Right now it looks like wonders I'm aware of but. I still say we air with caution I'm not real sure what it's gonna bring. In now. Was about 68 years ago we had a hard freeze. Agency and then last year last year we had a light heart freeze. He knows might still see some white stuff not brochure. Welcome to the Bermuda trying you just never know what you're gonna get indicted today here in the south too on the it was funny after yet where I was traveling now San Antonio week before last and apologize we warn all Meyer last week but. Had a long way to sending it to San Antonio had a national golf course superintendents association showed GI yes. Great great event and and actually is Obama discussion panel would BASF. On some of the things we're doing at the former. We're kind of unique in new in the golf industry in and they invited me to be only been out San Antonio all excited you know I am fine out. Lead house for 30 Tuesday morning wee before last drops Charlotte catch flight thank you man it's cold but when I get San Antonio it's going to be nice. Manning's 48 degrees win elements that right. Like are you kidding me in and you know even a San Antonio yet you never know which robbed yet it's not content includes South Carolina but if you really want the you know I have to get up every morning and checked bag bald figure out what the weather is one of the south. You know we wanna talk a little bit about to weather an impact and has wanted to biggest impact I think it's having right now so temperatures are warmer and so we need to discuss that. You know we always say when the sort temperatures are sustained at 55 degrees. 567810. Guys in a row man he need to do its pre emergent now before that because. That's when he going to be in the city summer manuals begin to terminate and guess what folks where they're. Yeah that's the of the further east you go on our stay closer to the coast so if you're in that Columbia market you're listening this morning. This afternoon you're listening in that Charleston market. You have got to get the pre emergent app now. Two point now I don't want you cut off the radio. If you can listen to Heredia on the way to Colombia store on the way the dark store industry store and listen to show. I think is can be a great show have a lot of great questions were talking about a lot of things are pertinent to die that need to happen in the landscape. Due to weather that we're having. But. The stores of until noon today. No simple go to www. cure a lot of fresh farms dot com and you can fondling there and it'll drive you directly you have to go to bed on your web found. Look for locations hit store closest to you to. It's it's automatically driving to restore and you compile that double 07 predominant at 64 like the beer keg whatever products you need. But you need to get pre emerge around now. I'm going and one in now. That. Put it out now don't have any Scott and bring you need to me they're ready as station this morning. But we need that now. Right right Scott. We're gonna go to federal want to keep so we got a great and we get Mike about chamber of that are but I won't let people know before we go to my you can give us call this morning just as Mike has Enron whose own hole. 1803471063. That's 803471. A 63 and as always you can text us we have morning had a few come in and won't get to those later in the show 71307. We wanna hear from you because without you listener without you the participant. We'll start Connell participants analyst forty side. That would have participant man we can really bore you to death in can be the one hour solution. Prime. We don't wanna go down and have that discussion about marchers and sources that will. Now Scott didn't sickness and now we're not gonna do it stripped him of Columbia so Scott we're gonna go to Mike in West London morning why Camry my calorie. Well well how you got done great. I bet had a problem the last couple years would chamber bitter. And look you know put some web site they recommend. I think a lot of them. As a pre emergent time and your nearest local store doesn't carry it no one can compelling way to get it. Well most of our local stores and I'm not sure about hopefully Susie and Stewart have it down they're not they can have transferred in and Addai. But this actual product out like a little bit battered new chemistry. Witches dimension. On the dimension pre emergent. Works outstanding on chamber bitter. And when normally don't recommend that mark because we felt like the predominant probably consist of much longer lift product we know what is. Yes science has shown us that that it persist longer so we get along over control of when each. Arm if we use the timing the problem we have you know chamber or better from those who don't know of is it ten billion nuisance and unfortunately the the part I mean is not as good a controlling that as something like dimension. So Bob dimension may be a better option for your arm and like said they might have a stock and if they don't. You can always. Are asked him and they should be able to get a transfer from another storm does haven't stopped. You should be able to get that transfer in the very short time maybe two guys most. Yeah. At the world. Or the web site suggest you put it out in April. Is that. Crowe Chris I'm. About it as his arm. What do you think Scott has probably. I don't know if you gonna get that the control you really need to get out of that if you go back from did you start EB tunneling. Best best 1 off I am and begin to wonder com and M one thing that we want to make people aware of is. That we've got to make certain. That. You know the web sites not us. Oh and Scott just got a text back from who's up front stewardesses from Stewart. He actually does have on dimension and stop there though at the Columbia location. Hum what else and say though is that the dimension product or. Our products like this when you don't on the Internet new look unfortunately a lot of this researches is may be in a perfect environment of somebody who comes out of the northeast. Where they're timings going to be a little bit lighter and I think one of the hot topics and I looking at a text we got. Yes someone you want to first touch my comment board this weather's really weird but it's awfully nice. But calls are sort of pitchers have a tendency here in southeast to to get warmer faster. That a lot of times some of the research were some of the suggested that she seal on the Internet. I would not always hold true those you know I would go to someone more like us who's actually in the market who understands chemistry on the stance Tampa Tom wants. Who's in this local market because it is about. Locally what is our micro climate lodge here in the state of South Carolina so I felt like if you white died April. You gonna mission opportunity you're gonna have a whole host of bubble wage coming in. If it were me I would get it out pretty quickly. You know to die tomorrow the next night taught them. Aren't thank you very much thank you very hip thank you my cab right weekend. I think Anaheim but you know great question because towns in the premarket Scott in this one of the things we wanted to talk about. You know looking at a new map here in this becoming a little more confusion to relief from growing cast. Oman dot com. It it doesn't get as specific as it used to be but looking in the heart South Carolina riding Columbia. Arm. It appears committee that sold temperatures arrive at 55 degree more but look how were orange and red that is well that's a thing you can look at the whole South Easton and you can see on this map. That we don't see the yellow supporter and the yellows were fine but once we begin to get that hue of Orange it's it's Tom to a to get pre merger map so talking about pre emergent leste when the phone line and let's go to Rhonda. Our good friend and timers to mourn Enron hammer you. I'm an old well I'm I'm trying to prevent the dirt of the spurt. And I understand that the mega group or an out deep mine leg here. I thought it stuff coming out there awareness when out there and scorched earth everything. Qaeda has urged I'd scorched. Dodge and and now it but I'm also wanna be preventative and I you don't really need to get up there this today is what about next Saturday. I think next Saturday you're and Bob strike here in Taylor's I think next Saturday certainly will be appropriate. But it's it's something that. He needs to be tended to almost immediately. From your door and a week earlier this coming week yeah I think I would going and get it out Eminem to school fried looking at the extended forecast from a furious. I know we're gonna have to call weathered Enron I'm sure you're aware that you've been in the in the upstate South Carolina for a number years just like I. And you and I both know. That we're gonna gets really cold weather at some point my fear as it might be a 23 more weeks before that happens. And and when we do get that little cold snap it's probably only going to be a dagger to mature original award was sold to purchase for about eight. But you know if we don't have Wrangler that how much is it really go alone sold temperatures I was Telus dot on the why young. I truthfully fill light. You know we get enough rank four and a half century a quarter inch to half inch more stroke to die unity walk up this morning in upstate south and honest it to five degrees. And it's already down to about 51 maybe fifty at this point we're gonna cool off to die. You know our high today is fifty. And we start out higher in Manhattan you know and at the home. And it's cooling off there's rain moving yen and begin and build a more shirt and as we get the school rallying. Through the school atmosphere it's certainly gonna cool to sort temperatures and animal that not stuff. On the problem is is are we gonna have enough Rangel really cool those sort temperatures back down into that mid to upper forties range. And slowdown. The potential German national on the summer weeds are not rusher that's gonna happen. Number I'm sorry I two weeks but I don't think it's me much more map. I don't gated delegated down this week for sure I'm the other. The other question I had Nam a player on the area 82 yard here but area Asia and won't that. Like it'll out any type of Greenberg. I'm not a 100% Imus certainly it's a have a negative impact to put pre emergent mamet than year file lighter yes it's gonna have a negative impact. But you have a Bermuda long correct Ron. Well I got such and Bermuda an affront I've got cavalier and a battalion. Some other economists believe there's gonna while locals but I guess. So. My thoughts are as outgoing and you're pretty emerge about now and if you look at our schedule there's actually a split pre emergent. From where we do another round of pre emergent as we get deeper into the cities and it outgoing and get some Matt mammal is not gonna air found to William and admire Jean and I would I would think about another. Pre emerge sometime around that verification time a year because there are gonna write that Bay Area. Is that there is meant it. I am I'm still look a huge proponent of of Bayer can aid I think it's a much longer lived I know it's much longer lived a persistent chronic. I know that it gives me the control and they don't grassy weeds. But if if he felt like it's not catching that the dollar problem would bear Qaeda print I mean. Don't like bowl is not as brawl. As a number species that we said he controls compared to smother. Products out so dimension has a little bit broader libel it's like it's gonna cover mortgage broadly for each. But. On the same token we're not gonna get the longevity that we give it would something like Saddam. We were part neglected to mention in order welded. My concern that spurred stuff yeah. I played I had a boat Lou we sleigh this year did you all different kinds and we. And you know obvious. So I don't know I don't know how to purchase because actively sit tight we. Yet. You know. I blew it. It's. I'm trying to think here. Yeah it would split Estrada would you just I want. While good do the bird I mean that I'll do for bombing now may do the dimension and then imagine dimension. Because now you need you're gonna get nitrogen with the dimension to open their dimensional killed you know. Crabgrass the first and secondly State's depth black and say the dimension. You know if we felt like it's going to be a little bit more broad spectrum have a little bit more efficacy on something much birch spurts typically is not gonna Germany too we get a lot warmer. It's not one of the first weeks in German the first week the German at that were really concerned about truthfully as crab grass. Yet leaders stressed dispersed chamber better of things that match or the sort of pitchers have to get even warmer than what they are back. Okay fight I have a little bit dyslexia saw probable list there's you times example what product is well aware would have backed out in what I do now. Allah to the pro damning product now the zeros there were some programming. And sometime and Maggie. I would do a dimension. OK gentlemen what you and I appreciated. And hours and you'll go your stroll. What a way of pressure on Iran you have a great weekend. I cinema. Scott we're gonna stay over the phone last was guess what man it is lit up and Tom is fine so we wanna get these two callers in hopeful about the bottom our. Real quickly I did have one texas' what Steiner UN thanks we are in the state of South Carolina. So on don't most are streaming insular. Or in what the deal is but we are going to go to bill and pals are good morning bill how are you. Warning radar right. Quick question did you actually choke hold on I don't perceive it is passed ball. Audit in all this you like or buried in in no seeded. Also so that grass is all wrong. I'm trying to determine true put down a urgent and it is kind of like the previous caller. Up pretty urgent but I also want to look at it so in debt it grabs the distinct. Yes and you know you bring up a great question we talk a lot you know and half I thought the majority of our listeners in today's world. Have a warm season long so they're gonna use I 007. Pro dom main. As they had to agree that you're gonna look for a 1648. Would barricade. Now there Kay and I Maynard exact same product bear K being the branded nine. A tad I'm pretty damning is the generic. Active ingredients so they can call it. Bearcats don't ask me while Lebanon does this I know why they do it it's all about cost. You know sun so is trying to keep cost down so the using a generic Q1 one blend of fertilizer. And then in the sixteen for right because it has a little bit more expensive. You know because it has fertilizer and I guess they justify and say hi even though it it knocks price the bag up a few dollars to use the Brandon Bair today. We're gonna use Brandon Bair today. Such. Yes. Yes now and I'm with faster you gonna do and one application. So you don't go a little bit higher right on than what she wouldn't warm season loan. And it's gonna show enough fertilized in the relieved to hear you through almost the entire summer you know I have ice rescue loan I'm living during bowl. And bill probably honestly I'm not gonna rush out and put the the bear tag down this week's. I won't probably why he sold next weekend or the first or the following week. Okay and your belt storm going near this morning actually assumed debt collectors so on. No cabinet members. OK so I don't want the sixteen or eight. 64 I will bear can. Much. Thank you bill have a right which yeah. Hi Obama. Scott you Wear a size something sixteens in late. The barricade. I was a 160 right now. Sure about it routinely. Then this sixty you know it. West used to be sixties did didn't I always keep usable let shells in team broke. There weren't that they were used as sixteen for eighteen growth Alia we didn't years ago years ago oh man I'm going back into. To the distance and think Scott we're gonna try we have about three minutes to the bottom of the hour I do wanna side there was text payments as time Gaza is too like trying to crank morals. And also was atomic put down some pre emergent rough rescue loans think we just stance and that. Crichton hurdles yes we come back from the bottom of the bright my way have a few minutes talk about prone and yes she won't you want to ditch right now spring and now. Got a cabin and cents a note Mora Kevin how are you. Good morning guys are the must have been sitting here take it loads certain. Actually they're couple bags of Scott's. That wrestling back in Iraq Carter returning anger gets a better. We appreciate that so really good. So so a little different situation last Friday artist rescue in my backyard a stiff quick for ninety. Marty put down. A winner fertilizer. Last week on the fast here I'm not such a little problem the Bermuda. So what do what do got god. What are ways that have grown on the Bermuda. So I'll try to figure out what my next step is for books and I and and I'd is simply down there Qaeda actually grow real pesky. Yeah I'm I mean that's just me personally I don't know Scott thanks I like to play with fire and do everything light. Just say how far compulsion I guess. But it I just have a law but the fundamental problem another fast he's beginning to during up and it's kind of looking for some fertilizer by. My thoughts are that the longer we can push to listen to we put it out on a fast she's the better off we are because this is your last shot of Basra that make true good fertilizer to get you through. The rest of this you know through spring of the year and into the summer on the because we get in the Summers is too hot too humid we don't suggests fertilizing thestreet so. I wanna go at the last possible diets I can utilize all of it fertilizer. So I'm the white about. Seven attend eyes before I put my now I'm ready to make it caught my britches down but I do know that we're gonna do it's trying to die it's cooler temperatures this from a drought that that sort temperature down a little bet and and buy some time. On as far as the winner weeds you know unfortunately down to a minute cab and so. The winner leads. Which I asked catch twenty you can dual broad leaf are opposed to merge and we'd sprained. Arm but I felt like. I don't know how much effort to see you gonna get. On those weeds right now. You know was still in light you know lose. We don't do anything other than a slight deposed emergence you may wanna try you know I've snapped a picture those broadly for each tightly to still work. When you pick him up you bare attention on what you got we may have something that that we would think woodworking and get them cleaned up for. Very all right we Tricia to a sense Kevin have a great weekend. You know folks it's just been an excellent outstanding first half of the yard pro show here February the seventeenth and we're glad you're chaining and we're glad you get this call phone lines are open 1803471063. That's 800. 3471 a 63 and always she can text us 71307. Stay tuned folks we're gonna go to the bottom and our will be right back. Hello and welcome back to the yard for a show brought you back Tehran a fresh farms I'm mills grant announced going to be your stock as of the like to be here. I wanna say this. Because the phone lines are lit up once again it's been a busy morning we're talking about. The warm weather in the consequences and primers and has been the top of the subject perhaps warden and we need to get in some pruning because you need to get things permanent landscape now. Mean it's it's that time noticed trees begin in the bought out special the Michael trees storm season bugs on those. On so it's time to get the turning Don. But I'm really wanted to side. During the week if you got questions you want to get in touch with the loss. Whether it's you know loss personally or. Or or one of the associates at stone worse or one another store managers is pretty simple you can visit www. Carolina fresh farms dot com there's an ounce of pretty good resources they're. About your wall alum Mike and selections a home. On on some landscapes tips and whatnot in the long special mattress selection on side. Because sometimes would mention off our primary business is we are sought grow we formed 2500 bikers and stay as South Carolina and proud to do it. And laughed a lot that we provide. You know. The best Saab product out there and you know best debatable one thing I think might be on debatable. That that I know we do is we provide exceptionally good servers and into new services where it's so. Wanna make sure you have a good experience in store but roads service comes in to how we process in order how would norms sought how quickly. We get you fresh off and you may have to white if you guys as we get busy in the spring in you know were limited back trucking. And we're limited by dateline that we can only are there some what's on the dud so those slots Philip pretty quickly so if you look into wanna project in the lawn needs sawed. Folks we're beginning to get really busy because spring is right around the corner. And the phones are or almost clear dies or are wringing every day so if if you need to guess aside New York. And you know you gonna do it. How might she give a sample Tom you know Paulus 345 days at a time. So that we can do its scheduled end and found just laden delivers of the cheat and get that Tom that you so without the wind that Scott. Assembly got back to the phone lines that we have Bob angrier good morning Bob Howry. Good morning shows how aria great. Hey I just wanna tell you I missed the first about ten minutes of your show and I know you were talking about pre emergence and so. I picked up a little bit of that at the end and won the I have two questions one is about pretty emerged in the other is about. Cornelius but let me start with the pre emergence. You had mentioned and the 007. Whip for timing. And last year and I guess every year I've been putting down the sixteen no wait. Now are you indicate this 007. Is that strictly. A preview merchants would no fertilizer. Yeah it's it's 7% potassium Bob and that and the reason we have bat is if you have a warm season home. And we need to put pre merger map now it is just too early to begin the fertile laws of Bermuda as a wages and open the door or sign ousting long and so if you have a warm season long you've just how many years. We really urge folks in and an exclusively tell you do need used to double 07. We're season that a little bit of potassium a secure your form herbicide. But if you had a fast Q all right. This is kind of your last two Roth and a good parts of fertilizer wrote or do you whale. This time of the year as well as we begin to warm so backswing which you know if you have a fast you were cold season long you would use sixteen no way. OK so since I do have that. You. Just stay with us I need to know Baskin and I think just what you folks were saying is that through dress is really starting to green up this past week or so. And one of the questions I have is I noticed that this winter my lawn. Seemed to yell out a more so than in the past and I don't know is that just due to the back colder weather that we. And the grounds that. Are good you know what's funny Iran and good friend a mama's superintendent at that. Opted a wall mica of morning Nicklaus golf courses up the mash would they yell out just south of Nashville. And I salsa the Shane and and and Steve and our talking and at that actually at a San Antonio the national superintendent show week before last. And I and he said mills has FSU foreign looking cause he really enjoys our bluegrass pesky products so we'll stay evil really haven't cut much we're not Parse Exxon up in the mountains because weather's Mansur we have a winner crop down low power state. And Asa knowledge that us you know Steve the the job. But the grass upon them at the mountain formats and it's just the color or not they are some which an artist that we can sell it but it is just ruling washed I don't color because it's been so cold in the mountains. And name ID comment he said well I've got a lot of members I think maybe I converted mass what do you may know he's jokingly told us phone that showed me a picture this fairway and it was a boat like dormant Bermuda grass suspense co. Armed but that the test used to bluegrass is yes we talk about a being green and a Weiner. But we forget the you know an upstate typical we have mob winners compared to other parts of the country. But this one are we had a bitterly cold winner and it it all the growth just stopped so in essence. That grass assume messing it's not going dormant but it's taken a little siesta when he gets that cold we don't get. That the the plans not tab allows and its not producing poor fools so we begin to see some discoloration of that turf. And if you noticed here in the last week Bob it's really kind of dreamed up patent. Yeah oh yeah there really stupid. Soil temperatures get warmer to plants begin to grow. Metabolize it do its thing and they were gonna sing more or full production would send the begin to see the color come by. Okay well what I'm going to do is get out there and get some of the that the sixteen no wait. And do it next week you mentioned throwing just a couple of minutes ago and I just have some bushes upfront that I I hadn't been able to get to yet but I'm gonna get to them this week we get that done. And input that sixteen no way down. Question about that I've got 6000 square feet processed fuel on. And it's pretty pretty nice stand of of brisk. Should I use the entire 101000. Square foot peg on the 6000. It was a little heavier setting because that's going to be my lecture until. Before I guess. Out I'll tell you what I'm on there and I've got about a six 2000 square foot map our loan. And yes I used the entire back. You're only allowed you know the way these are such work Bobby on the libel Tangier loud somebody pounds of active ingredient per right per per year. And I. If you took that mag this supposedly for a first 101000 square feet and if I did the math. And if you put an almost 6000 square foot long on your probably going to be right about. You're yearly allow lots of of that herbicide. Per riker. This is the only time that you're gonna put Bayer Carrier Dome home. Deere and a year. So if if it's a fast you want now you know anybody's listening and you have one season alone don't don't do this guy we're talking about those at thestreet wants out. To put extra hour at this time of year is not gone on fest team home. Even I would say that bags up to 101000 square feet is certainly acceptable to put that bag on 67000. Square foot long on a fast he. All right now you are when he gets warm. That's a lot of nitrogen sit mayor Qaeda now 43% of it is as not pulling urea corrects gotten. So we know. Molest a 50% of a slow release are you not get it all but there are some moaning sulphide in their which grows grass really quick. So I want you to be prepared to promote your alone a lot. Initially a guy. And it will not turn so now. Not a week if you put I don't drop turf. And then immediately watered him that evening or the next morning. Yeah water that the end it will be extremely size because it just 43% slow release nitrogen. So well so we're not gonna have a how burnt potential and last you applied to wet turf. Okay that if I applied to wet turf there's a possibility of pavilion burned. Of Ulsan sparkling on beliefs on because I'm moaning sulphide. You know the moment so fights. If if it gets on some some wet type beliefs especially if rescue watering grass you might suit lord discoloration little bit of a sparkling but. It's gonna grow out of it and 71014. Guys Max. So it's specific not to the wet ground it's specific to the web when he leaves slightly. All right well that and as far as cutting goes I know usually in springtime. I've got an address every 34 days exactly and that's what's going to be and to. And and would be proper height now I had cut my grass down to about two and I have changes over the winter. Where should I be starting out should I be. At three inches sir. Yeah I mean it's as long as she can keep up with a if you wanna keep it at that two and a half to three inches all the way through. April west side I think your fond. Yeah I like to keep my l'Alma Mathieu I mow it down a little bit for the winner. And you know you do that anyway because show oversee that typically and then I just kind of keep a low but lower mowing height that the winner. And as I did and I told the temperatures begin arousal where we're hitting those 859 degree ten ups. Like I burly my I begin though so rice that that that mowing heights a little bit. Okay all right good that answers my questions I appreciate that one other quick question for you on. This this would be Camellia so last year I did a complete re landscaping of the yard and we put him. To specific community is they're called the goat he you know I don't bet that there's many different varieties of them. And I just noticed that over the winter again I guess it's due to the coal. That on one particular one which is on the north side but it does get some sun morning pretty good demand side. That believes that really turned to. Oh boy yeah. Who yellow which leaves but yesterday when we had that warm to 78 degrees those leaves turn around and became green again and I looked at him this morning when it got down to the fifty year for whatever it is that temperature out there that there. Back to going yellow again is that normal. Yes assi got a lot dom you know fluctuation in temperature. Is gonna have a huge impact on the caller in the any points. It's really more noticeable wall moans but you can even see it in and other plants. But Yemen with committee has yet they look will be down this time of the year typically. You know but do we do you know it's interesting. On the north side of the house. We have them on the south side on the other side and announced. And there are already blooming and so are almost finished blooming. So it might use that analogy here just south sides always warmer. All right thanks thank you as well right now my. You know Bob's touched on so it was kind of cool and and I teach us a lot on first doubters from one knot in your trying to know the leaders about nature and and you know last question a lot about scouting over the years has been identifying native plants in your area. Why don't we have been found one because if we know we're certain plants grow and what that for like a rhododendron. You know. Rhododendron lows Kuhn. Stamp moist chided environment tried Scott corrects it typically we see rotted engines all on a sign of a mountain on the other side and Matt we might see mount laurel which the first. You know I draw our environment warmer environment will more so sawed. Well sometimes I can tell us direction we're always north south. If you thought about that and you know we were Latin a to Q hi cannot mayors on. This is an athlete you and I had that discussion in the mountains that she get on the south side of a mountaineers Obama and there's nothing but sang and the Mojave Desert then was in distress yet he can set you get on the nor SATA mountain. Where shaded more deer in the bag that was cool it's it's cooler but you seem more plants growing do. Because human yourself Atlantis at the tuna so if you lost in the mountains in in in the desert Scott Mac you can find your way I. I hope that never companion to find your water so Scott we're gonna stay with a phone lines we have Larry and great or good morning earlier gallery. Good morning bill well blanket. My question concerning our control. This summer we gotta say very young. Grandchild coming down to visit. And I bet that at least things under control. We don't later thirty year old young and didn't it took a couple are actually heard that yeah that is stroke and I control batteries so I'm gonna gave me the specifics and I network some kind com. We've got about a half the maker of open the large basis. And in out all the eighties sane and pop they're where. And the court found no still a little bit too cool wouldn't come suddenly active right now. But walked him out there and to have these things under complete control. Are you kind. Palm and and I'll kinda wish I break. Ourselves right wing pressure it's Colin aryan enough hold for them and him in the and the great much polyps in town a great court. Yeah or who are speculated. Settled it live has a good question Scott no you are not kind of mentioned it. Com one when we saw Larry up there about Greg court. I grew up in March cannon bone and rise to climb in South Carolina wonderful town I'm in just one of Tampa earlier demand. But you know being in that neck of the woods. Yet it's it's definitely. More area that. Then how what side like living now in in the Greenville area so. We see firing at some more prolific and well orange county and as we continue west through our state. And south through our slide down the coast is even more more prolific. Arm and they can be very difficult control malaria matches up very interest in city species begin receivable amounts pop up and said the not that active and it's an athlete he's truthful about that. You know we got to make sure first and foremost wants tree fire grants them the most effective time of year to treat them as one bit actively foraging because they are answer for workers. So they're looking for food source and we want them up and out of the ground and traveling across the surface so that we can control. A good test of their fortunes Scott you know how to do that. These particular chips potato chips. In any bridge anything like I said she's balls on the next I'd rather impossible to McKenna. But anything. Anything it has a lot of more on it like potato chips and cheese it's sort of thing came in Niger. If you will put that out around those small amounts. And if if they swarm on that or or diplomat within an hour we know they're actively fortune and kind. So that's a good time that they can give you a tip missed one it's I think it's a war early right now and trying to trade him but. My thoughts Bennis do the old two step program at Clemson came out with the years ago. And this one extension suggested because the chemistry is challenged the most is no longer life among Espinosa but the milk. The old over now. Those companies still brands over now. Because it's not their real anymore it it's a brand name it's not a chemical nine and fell Pernod is now restricted use product is not available to homeowners. And those that have a license is extremely expensive so. That's true for Pernod product was always branded also commercially under top choice and you can pay someone a couple of top choice in law and it works gripe but it is expensive. Yet they can spread it wall to wall and I can tell you right now by a plot correctly according to libel no doubt about it you want Nazi fire and a four year. Cut. Great product but this is not a viable to a so what's available to you and easy to do. Is you want to go win and point it spread the and Tara wall and landscape everything would math and Cameron. Also tried name of tal storm. But bath and threat is readily available pretty inexpensive. Spread it across entire loan. Then you wanna go back and treat the individual browns with something lights the most which is about eight. The guys who you sprinkle but Espinosa and on the mound and maybe a few inches out around the mouth if you do that you gonna have really good control. And I would soon I would think you get season. If you get quiet season you might see some pop up and August. That you don't get close to a season when he sent him. And and it's pretty inexpensive easy to do. Various safe. You know. But if you go out and just try to treat amounts. Days trust me it is moving mrs. queen and it is extremely intelligent guy. Reminds me of Benetton stores are you still accused cleaning up stories if any of a course on them and not listening. Hum at the queen can't is Smart so she has always workers go out and bring food back in that she has this. These guards post column writes I guess around her she makes them eat that food to make sure safe before sheets. So they eat the food begged guess what the queen man goes on of sub Rangel will move. Right and lose the collar the entire colony room of what's left account so if you don't treat all the all the land around it. They distribute to see those amounts pop up everywhere so you gotta kind of do the two step treatments got to stay with a phone lines. We have Paul. And taylors. The morning Paul Howard you. Plateau New York where Greg. I have some question about pre emergent civic progress with Biden. Well here. It's well established. But I'm told. The primers interest rates are usually teach dude she's from permeating that will play a bit suspect and even as they're dormant. And now it is no wonder crabgrass plant bows at bats that doesn't come back at Indian wonder. That is truly a manual and watched all ma'am winner shows up and and that plant goes brown. That plant is not gonna region right growth from the roots next the following season so it's day it's golf. If you may still see a little bit crabgrass as far as it being bad looks like it's dormant in your walled. It is dead it is don't it's not gonna regenerate growth from mayor but what happens is that plant produces thousands and thousands of seed. Yeah it and it drops and if you don't use of pre emergent it's gonna appear that plays come about life but it's not it's and you plant that permanent so pre emergent. Is very effective in controlling progress. Cured Tibet where you. As fertilizer spreader look how long do you have called. We see week so you've got to have some rescue some very you know and there's like debt com is a grain right now you're Lawler is mostly brown. Low brow if it is mostly brown right now I would issues to double 07 from diamond. And if you don't date in if you get that out now armed chances are you'll have. You know. Hardly any. Crabgrass and that won't this year. There are brand name our manner it no its size might bomb Lebanon. We have an out you know your entire were she not far from mark darkened location ride out how which when he non. And it's not to nearly 101000 square foot backstop wants a retail for. This year 3434. Not announce a 35 dollars and keep it covered for most of the season if not all the season. Okay and usually finish pretty low drop or wanted to actually. I would rather use one slings about. Instead of rich brown so on but the folks there distort him that can cannot. You know we've got some demos they're they can kind of go cross and explain everything a little bit closer for a little bit better for. Okay what you literature. Odd years to the 2004. East white Hampton bowl stores and I think can still find it on you GPS is 2004 war. East wade Hampton boulevard right across the street from the Lyman postal office. OK I agree all right I'd appreciate you're all have a great weekend. Too well about. Scott. We're knocking him out we're gonna stay would jump who's in Pickens manner it has been a busy day on the phone lines and that you ask and you shall receive Augustin and wanna hear my. Snooze fest of my Trojan sources so we're gonna go to Joan in Pickens good morning John how are you. The money and time Harry you outstanding. Yet I eight was wondering. A we have been very gracious. And there and they're starting to predict little excited I am glued open that they and a little. Little led. I think that that I have a freeze could get completed last year. What do I wrap them and I wrapped and then she let us and we got them do you are feeling that a lot of black raspberry patients to. Yeah how do you think top. You know that's a tough one book goes it is a couple things I think that might help you with this. Number one your right to begin and above up a little bit and has lawlessness buds don't open. Euro cash but says but God's buds begin that opened your right you need to figure out why recover them. If we're gonna have some cooler temperatures at night. Wanted to mistakes I think people might is that they went to lighten the evening a settlement of a sunny to cover those plants are able see it now so you wait too lightly wounding about a town that temperatures always already begun the beginning to drop. So it. If if you know you don't have cold temperatures at night you might wanna take your sheets out earlier and in the guy. And go ahead and put a sheet out earlier din the die because that's gonna help traps in the sunlight and heat underneath it and keep it warm night. You might want to follow it up. If he's got some heavy in just a sheet if you have a no quilt Ronald blanket that she can throw over Yemen to put cheat on earlier in the day. An and you may even want trial over the top she tonight what are eagle sites. Prop them up just delay a long time that holds on the bus that with a plan to blanket the cloth is not touch in the plants you yes. The do you get a little bit air spiced as what we're trying to do it John as we're trying to traps Mormon I hear around that planet ought. Uh oh okay. They don't happen Natalie don't wrap. Snuggling rapid brands. But but put it out earlier agenda dies some of the sunlight can hit it and help keep that environment up and hopefully. Keep some heat over not. It. I brought to managed to lose some belief. Yet. I would go for you know your finest. 800 thread count sheets I'm is the house passed a big Jim Johnson gotten. A lot about it. Yeah slugger and also a bit this and that. I like if you had a job ahead she discount tightly woven. And they also you know something like the black landscape fabric key bond bull role would work well for that. And it's pretty inexpensive and Scott you keep that Stockton. Something like that would work. Okay so where where she stores and to come. I'm for used to be down Anderson on highway 81. Well he does yeah. Pulled tightly like this grant it. Thank you Thelma thanks Joseph Monday. You just do thank you but. You know jump. Out Ahmed tell. Is she to her topics is two of them my favorite things in life. Blueberries. And Pickens county and the it's got a great friend Elizabeth and visitors can remain this beautiful country some folks. You have been listening to the yard pro show brought to you by Carolina fresh arms has been in the light has an us allies. Got to get to pre emergent out. You didn't finish up that pruning and what's going to be able clouded indictment marks only summits to get up there and get it done if you like if honesty in the week it's simple www. Carolina fresh farms. Folks let's stay tuned for the next programming on my site but as always we'll talk with an act Saturday have a great week.