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Saturday, May 26th
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Hello and welcome South Carolina from amendments to the upstate we are happy to have you join the UR pros show this morning brought to you Baja. Carolina fresh farms on mills Graham one of your house this morning announced job and am no longer flying solo Scott this is absolutely delightful human. Major return I did. From Belize and Cosmo and Honduras. My she'd assuming almost pictures to show me how beautiful it was as weird enduring brain you know says as we or enduring rang you know you missed one of the Randy is weeks and recent history last week. Not in this but you're here for the second radius it's Christmas and recent history this week. Arm and will be here through the week in the next week for the third prime yes. Week and history com. Loud we see a thing going on one. This is bad death good and bad good and bad so folks you are jammed into the yard per showed today we do appreciate you tuning in and being whether it's talking about you your you landscape you know before matter show it's pretty simple our intent is to provide knowledge and information about lawns and landscapes. Through out South Carolina. And it certainly allows on mute the listener to give us a call. To. Give us a text all that good stuff. Communicate with us you make Russia writes got this he's not always us. As the listener dementia correct so how do you call us at simple 1803471063. That's 803471063. And as always you can text us 71307. You know stop before we don't then two things about a lawn and landscape I think it certainly pertinent. It is the Memorial Day. We can't. Now first of first thoughts are right ital this is the kickoff the unofficial store some. But to me it's more important that. It's memorial but it is we can't answer. It's time to remember and honor those who serve our country and who lost their lots. Serving our country they told to expect of us exactly for us. So there you and I to get here on a Saturday morning and we can talk about the long on the landscape it. Right concerns that a week and enjoyed industry which I don't know about you the man I'm joined industry now. We've got two stories to tell about this week. Right. It's a great industry but I would like for for all of you to remember. As you enjoy your your festivities this weekend I can remember moment here and there and remember those who served. For your freedom for our freedom. So that we can enjoy what we enjoy. So Scott. Mills. Stories to tell. May involve canoes attacks any thing them afloat. It's been way. Just at the farm. Thursday. Two days and wrote about the baton Orangeburg county let me tell you man. If you think where you live is denying. Trust me everywhere statement we literally had two inches of rain in about 45 minutes. Lightening bolt has taught us with a certain of one of the things I was down a new life which is you know smaller operation for us new life turf. The specializes in golf course quality grasses. And and it is just. Asking them Eisenhower weigh 321. A me completely flawed and out for about an hour. Manei a major. To line now what amid a lot of rang just a tremendous amount right com. Palestinian packed main you know vision of last week we talked a little bit rot talk a little bit about because someone decided to obtain millions studio. Arms so it was really me to talk about it but you know the ranking. It's what's gonna bring you know last week Scott what I do have made the comment. You know and and it's something we need to talk a little bit more about to die and I'll mention it now and I mentioned it several times to out today shows. Last week at all a little bit about. I would miss running stock should probably mostly some disease. You know Scott it's often offer vacation first thing under his arm hang man I'm traveling I'm busy I don't have time to get another storm could you bring you some fungicide please. Because brown patches certainly evident mouth from York. You know I have a cool season moment and brown patches will. Trying its best weird out right now Tom hey it's the humidity it's it's big pro ball and leaf wetness. I mean it's dad gum that Tommy gets dropped. It rang again. Ryan the news probe garden public debt at this morning at the back kitsch kitchen window making a cup of coffee. It's a swamp. I mean between the rose thank him aside Hilda the rose again this year act I don't know traditional Gardner cut I was told many many many many moons ago. But my grandfather my my dad that you Phillip you your heroes and never understood why because it's always a drought might why do you want your rose upset not. Now know why. Because of the rank. And it's unbelievable the amount of right unbelievable and more to come. You know I but I do wanna tell you Scott drum roll please and get it last week there's drama the draft report where we stand. We look better now keep in mind this is released every Thursday. Every Thursday this is released now however it's on data from Tuesday of that week. So as of this past Tuesday stay South Carolina we currently had 28%. Of the state in some form a drought. Luckily the majority of it is now do you zero which is abnormally dry so yet it's bad but it's not horrible. Attack. Tony 8% now last week it was 39% so we're down and I have a feeling next week. We may see the entire state drop free pass to gold and that is me something's good got a kiss something good needs to come out of this right. Because limitation measure land sinks on the whole lot at all. So Scott wouldn't go to fund months Y 803471. As historians always 71307. Com if you like to give us Texas got a phone lines we abroad integrys more Enron and welcome to the yard Prussia. Hey good morning you know I had my I give they Memorial Day and it were some more to Beckham playing with juror who are now won't. Get to Oracle's. Where was the and give geek hero and being in Italy and the other major theaters the other one was in the Philippines sort of in Beijing and the Luzon paying in new aircraft mechanic but he was in both he had it literally beat both combat and aircraft. The and I have a name to what state side nurse. And she took care of all that many came back which you don't see much of with the parks that. And CD. In it to our goal at her funeral. Anything that was to be given malware powers as needed given to the wounded warrior thing. Joining lay down I guess they connect it without those people. Your right we wouldn't be doing what we're doing here on this. And show today. So anyway. Now and move on route control of trees in the backyard. I've got we don't treat there's some big route coming up any other things back there are days ridge boat that. Arctic they're slowly getting disease and dying on the allowing the Ivy League roll over and so look really cool but does. The ropes. You know there about an inch in diameter and they come up and they go down there are some that are bigger black art cut them out my not a cut and molecular Big Three off the big sweet deal. Yeah I mean removing roots arm. Is certain to be extremely detrimental to a tree now will say this if it's a large tree. You really have to remove a fair moderates. Took to get to appoint recalls Alton debt now what tell you that you you set some discount of important outside and half jokingly. It's sweet gum right. Maybe it's time you're in fact that that tree with a disease. A little known disease called husky Varma erratic tennis. On C tech Chang Sony eradicate mystery. You know I love trees wrong but sweet gum trees. On. I mean I just a great but I don't know if I have a whole lot of law office not that I dislike it was not that I hate on me you know my grandmother taught me years ago you should never paid any thing in life. It has nothing to do that is just that I don't feel below for a sweet gum tree from my our first house Heidi and I had. Am and we must I had twenty sweet guns in the backyard and man hours or so tickled paint by new pastor had zeros we don't slack to walk ram bigger flip it. And just just a mass of maturity in traffic. Would. I would I would do what you're saying but did you think pretty big yeah call Milan whenever there but I also located in an area where cheat weekly laid out there that morning. William Wilson shouted Newsweek dumping Beckett I can legally work and so that it bothering me too much. And I did it a menu and I love trees I think everyone Los trees that it's in the back corner of the lot the back. Half a lot even in the live as long as they're on the perimeter they're okay mabus desktop roots of social social roots. I mean honestly I felt like if you remove us off a few of those here in mayors throughout the years I don't know eight. Yeah there's a risk they hear com I don't know if it's truly an outright. Just kill the tree the next six months I think you've found to do. You know don't get too aggressive we don't wanna dig down three foot deep in stored different routes out. But it's its roots come through the top surface in this growing up along its one Rudolph from the tree with a you know 12141924. Inch caliper. I don't think one route removing one route should shouldn't really cause you any manager. Yeah knock yourself out. At about Leo they have by the way in my one local and foreign and you've reached this is worth of interest. He said when my brother and about it is to the Vietnam War. He just look at my Brothers had done never trust the government. Anyway you ought to get what you to Iran have a great weekend. Thank you Scott you know it's great time wanting Ron brings up an an and I like to go away and say this is. Armed. Mr. Tony fogel. Mr. Tonys with Colin who's starting here on a fresh farms many years ago. And still whether it's not working. Dom near wet house which and other having to service our memorial bus service in basis after an honor and he has one of the one of the individuals that are bringing he fought the battle bowl which he does more work to veteran purple horror. Recipient. Really really neat gentlemen and really interest him to talk about several years ago yet to go back for the anniversary. He yunis and his grandson Indy went with him. And had a great time in France and he got to go back some of the town's video liberate and and fall forward and it was that it is really interest in here than tell the story of some of the things. Not just him of the things at the yet that his his life I was mayor. But. To hear the stories from when he comes back to visit those villages those towns that that he remembers being in when he was there so. On an Enron said it right domain that we lose a move without without these folks without. You know the bronze relatives and although the listeners relatives who follow these wars where will we be Addai. That was a great generation of wasn't moss Wes holocaust the great generation I I agree a and you're an hour start somewhere we really know where we call the next generation. So and and we got them labels and beyond. So as you know Scott rushed the phone lines we have Bob angrier wants to talk us about fungus good morning Bob and welcome to New York Prussia. While vacuum else I just to turn to radio on and that's what I was gonna talk to you about today and boy you're talking about it so. That was my question is simply normally through the schedule that you folks provide that I work with Mike Eskew on. It's as her rent around June. 1 June 15 to put downs on the side and just like you said you look at your window and I looked at mine yesterday and I'm starting to see that Brown's bench red gas can relate. It's not too late in Maine you need to apply fungicide baba hum their Lotta options out there I'm really team. You know I have a fat fast you bluegrass Obama do have a Greer zip code just like you. Arm. I use headway is is what I use our great products combination product of a noxious shrugged and arm which would. Commonly referred to just quickly as a a stroke beat. Really good system fond Islam but it also has of the imam are active ingredient in their call banner Max pro commas all. On source combination of two so you get count on this 12 punch on that a help slow down the progression of what's already Bayer hopefully put a stop to it. And and I agree with you may not fall about that when talks got us it's got its Maggie I shouldn't have to be doing this by. You know of the prolonged leaf wetness. And although we're not really really hot. Our nighttime Temps. Haven't been terribly warm. You know it's actually been kind of nice and pleasant in the evening hours with the exception of the humidity this high humidity. Prolonged leaf wetness cloudy days. Is just make an immense arm of launch right now I am and it's just it's it's crazy. Armed so yeah I would get it out you know even though the focus fungus has already. You know I was likes eye fungus is among the assists already inoculated your plan you're on your landscape. Com. Although it slayer. You know. It's not. It is he put it out it's gonna suddenly stop. You may see little regeneration with the cooler Temps in the next week or two if if you can get the farm to stop the grass is active it's growing it's healthy. You'll probably see it grow out a little bit and not be as noticeable for the rest of summer the misfortune has Bob. You know I have to apply it like god did I plotted the U2 three days ago late in the evening. And you're going to be re applying this it it probably means that we're all working that they have a cool season long we're probably looking at a third application typically takes two to get through the summer. We're probably two to three applications does this products only good. You know and it's one of the best on the market and arguably the best. A bomb in my opinion and it's only good for 21 between yet guys depending on the pressure in if we continue to hit this this heavy pressure of cloudy rainy days every day. You know I'm thinking I'm Maria plotted in about 21 dies I don't. Well Kyra I remember you stating that I think it was last year so warrior before and that's the other thing I've sort of now here we are in May and a good June July and August and 21 days I've figured out I'm renewed fort. Or maybe even five bags like go through August and you're not talking for 500 dollars to put that out and I've I've got I've got one big event both that I haven't you know that from last year. It's it's time to armory finance ring mortgaged house some I'm not real sure what we're gonna do it now would tell you this Bob I think what you can do is use the really good product now. Because week we trust in that we believe that we have to fight we now have good ideas put that now there's a really good older chemistry out they are bits of roughly. A savior about a third money called eagle. Com what she may want induced in one of these rotations where we're not quite as as much rain in and cloud cover. You may wanna go to a you. An old chemistry a little bit cheaper product and you may want to rotate the eagle. And then we can rotate back to have lawyer which rope tied back to pillar the one thing I will tell you after what you should we should throw Winston rotation here and there. Com I think it's a good thing not all fungicides you a catchall diseases summer I have better efficacy on certain diseases mothers. You know the thing with a fast you don't like you have the number one disease rafter right now brown patch. I'll Raza Tony so. You know. I asked I asked after a four year. I you know on the same line with a faster bluegrass on his surprise week I I guess tomorrow that particular variety of grass is we really do have to use fungicides. Well I remember one comment that you may a year or two ago about this a better friend of yours there was also I think graduate of claps and and you're talking about undersized at him and he says lol. Larry you're putting that out just way to a fallen just priciest can now. Yeah Agassi is a lot cheaper than four bags fungicide. What I say that there's actually an and it's something my view we can get into an outgoing and divulge it today. Com fest you see prices through the roof right now. And there's not a whole lot of availability. You know all of it screwing them Oregon and so that there's not a lot of rescue seat on the market today. That you'll have a new crop will be harbors to sometime in July and August and processed hopefully out of the East Coast by September October but that the from what they're telling us the new crop doesn't look real good. It's going to be lied again this year at least that's what they're telling us. Now I have my my speculation is whether or not all of these C grow works at together in the single room and set prices and decide what they're gonna allow to go onto the market in the year. Com Monday in a faster C price on another great we're going to might be as expensive as all it fungicide about followed a year caused priced out of one not so. Arm and availability Stam is why some condominium does not how school economics and above. Richard Richard sit pitcher president and you know you wanna have a nice look at long but at what cost there's got to be alive that you draw someplace else. Yeah you're right but yet that was my good friend Justin watts he it's he's now moved on works for the for coming lives down the Gilbert area. Of South Carolina great match pollutant of Gilbert and and he always when he is limits on a command he would joke when millions mills I don't understand why you spend that money off fungicide he says. I'm bad bag grassy back this fifty bucks he said you've been three or oils and fungus on nine bowed back grassy fifty dollars. For this past. But to each their own Bob I think athletes you're like why must soften in the majority of our listeners your goal. Is to have a really pristine as it's closed existing loan as you can half twelve months out of the year I am in boy it. You know mind as resist long right now and and again I've got to Carolina blue and I've been receding what Carolina blue for the past 45 years now. And your question and I have my understanding. Of whole rescue one seat makes one plan. Now the Carolina blue there are some he tolerant to bluegrass in there I believe they hit it right zone is the word that they spread and yes that one seed will make more if you'll actually. You know start spreading Jessica and see that happening it. It is Russ Thomas asked the neat thing about blue grass and that's what's so cool about it. Com and and that particular boy and has 20%. Bluegrass. Bob white. So if you look at the sounds deceit it's a lot smaller the first few seats or you're really about a 5050. On C counts. Arm and once that blue grass it's established it's not a Bermuda it's not as awards it's not gonna grow that fast this forest spreading. But after a number of years you'll see news and you'll see the bluegrass continent really increase and what's neat about that. Even though it gets taken down a little bit by a disease by heat by drought. Something like brown patch. On that on the blue crest yet effects of the Knox and in the dirt. But by following year when it cools down you put for Basra it just it seems like your rebounds a little bit quicker. Then Whiting for all that UC determine which is really chemicals so yeah it will regenerate to a degree. Okay this brings up one last question that I have here with regard to. The height of the greatest I've raised I over the winter I've kept that don't have pensions I've just raised up could start to get not a couple weeks ago and I figure well I'm gonna get up to three inches I put it up I have financial and and I've got such a sick lawn Demi my group might slowness as sick as can be. He should I be a little lower with the with the heat and humidity we have actually we have less of height in the grant so that it would dry out. Castro Desi you bring up a great point and it's something you don't talk a little bit about last week got visiting really get to him as much as a relative but yes. The mowing heights. Where in a catch 22 if we keep it to load the heat's gonna get to us at some point. But right now with the cooler temperatures are so cloudy so are overcast I think three answers is certainly acceptable. I don't think you really need to go much about three and a half. You may wanna go to full war if we get into a drought situation but right now I think you need to be between 33 and a half inches if you got a cool season long and you're right that's that should help you drastically. With the humidity in the leaf wetness. Well which having the the a Kentucky. Or the cabinda bluegrass and there would arise out or would it be possible to bring it back down again lowered now at this time and admiration again. Later I think three inches right now being good for him I wouldn't want to stress too much. All right I all right good operation thank you well thanks I appreciate it great well mama you know Scott Bob makes the show. Particularly easy sometimes that's not bright questions Bob we really appreciate your Jean into the yard pros show brought to you box. Carolina fresh farms folks we have to tighten bombing our break you can give us Calder in the bright phone lines are open 180347. 1063 and as always you can text this 71307. Won't talk to you in a few minutes. Welcome back to the and I'm Scott beard and is a delight to have you seen and across the state of South Carolina from the coast at a medal owns all the way up to the upstate. We're here to talk to gang knowledge to have fun. And discuss a little bit about your long lines scared but he says that's a new. So if you like if you're a skull folks pretty simple format 1803471. A 63 that's 800. 347163. And as always you can text us 71307. I do wanna get to the text stop we've had 45 text comment. Armed busy on the phone lines so I apologize for that hopefully you folks in Texas about 25 minutes ago we're still hanging around. How does not just finish moving a drainage pipe out of cross my yard and need to feel the smear area with rescue sought. Is it to life of that and do you still have to ask you saw it thanks so much. I do. It is getting liked let let's address that first atomic. It is getting like that you know with the overcast. And and rainy day he's even though that the disease pressures extremely through the roof off rescue. I think you're still good it was a festive Sunday and you really don't have an option C is not an option dislike the season just to give bouts of the armed US still has investors sought a dude. Bomb it it's actually submarine fast you sought it was three foot on the water last weekend is on the Green River banks up from pole cam in north queue on him and you know that the damages the issues they had poll cameo last weekend on the field's been flooded and at this point we're not certain where we're gonna get back. To harvesting. And our home farm but. I would imagine his begins in trying to the next week. You know if you contact like the darkened location after the keys points of Saud from another solid role. Com Scott you're just you're whining for us to get our back c'mon Anderson stork racked correct. That's all from me you can you can call your local outlet either Anderson or or the docket store check command availability but it is a little bit tough just because we're strong and flawed. Next text had. Hedge royals or Asia installed Josh didn't kill the weeds now while Bermuda growing through Sade what can man dude. I there's more product that they come fusillade who. You have to be extremely siphon extremely cautious there's a libel written in the liable for eradicating. Or I might say erratic and had some Chris I suppressing Bermuda grass grow good words to suppressing. Suppressing Bermuda grass growth ends always alongs I would tell you if you're a quarter routes heavy handed. You gonna burn some grants and group. As we get warmer. You're gonna burn some grass. Be very careful it does work Murat spray it wants twice as according why were you may have spread again like the season when it cooled down. You can't chastened suppressed to Bermuda grass if you really want out there's there's an option I can think up. You can paint. Roundup. Onto the off. Bermuda. Cut has tights and it works analysts say it would get blown out but. You know by the way yet that's union last week and and and and herta. Prominent outside radio host was there was some discussion of some comments made about that particular product yesterday on the another prominent afternoon radio show there's discussion about my Agent Orange now everybody's talking about herbicides and landscape in the industry. But I would tell you that you can use roundup because it's only government tests houses and in translate page through the plant through living green leaf tissue that it touches. So if you can find a way to direct apply that to the Bermuda and keep them off the blades of the rural sourcing guess why it'll erratic that you Bermuda. So what you can do is don't know what. Guys new lights on anyway and let the Bermuda grow up on top before tax down pull those runners up kind of wiped it with some round up. That should take care. But little. Good next text question and Wanda match and found on Scott as morning gas just not I don't mind Gordon. My first planning a corn is up to flip my second planning is up about eight inches. My Crowder peas are about eighteen inches tall. Cucumbers coming up as well as my Dixie butter appease them mama beings. Are all above a foot high Germany's I tell you what Jim thanks and adorning update. My tomatoes are about two foot tall mop up for good my cucumbers are up about six inches. But McCain get into the garden we have. It's flooded. It is absolutely flooded so she may get your from Lawrence I think they're going to be like. Yet medicine is so I feel like proper tomatoes with the cloud cover the coup attempt shall set you timed it right. Did ideas and appoint me plant it right and it was done that. Yeah it was an early for real salt mine yet. Good morning great show I'm new to the south and hammer Bermuda grass on the turning from side being from the north I'm just not sure. On its cutting. Hi also what fertilizer would you recommend for greener growth in the weeds or in control so far thanks and welcome to the care promises what I wanna say first and foremost. Armed Bermuda isn't totaled it's. Definitely beast of a different. Caller what he says Scott I would compared to to growing non grass in the northeast and midwest so. It does require further Lawson fits facade it's poverty requires a good bit affirming positive on the currency and so right now we're. We're finishing up Martino six confront three dimensions but he said weeds room and they said we were on the control. She may want another 2505. Off a good slow release nitrogen don't. Don't put a lot of cheap bag right fertilizer and Bermuda in question will go on bail guidance and feed some top stock is what I tonight. Good how how quality slow release my trojans. Give it it's that Tom it's warm it's muggy in Los this kind of weather if he gets some might. And the mowing heights. You know. Inch I have two inches. Don't go about two inches for Topper I really want to mention laugh. Now and MB prepared more frequently writes conferences. You never looked normal as much as you will which Deborah belonged in the summer months that's for sure. Scott wanted to go to the phone lines rose has found us and pay mark good morning rose and welcome to New York Prussia. Because no and in. I'm Colin Nevada crepe myrtle have have great great bird I mean I have a bunch of most amid the watermelon colored but this is so why he and this was yet it's been jags game. And this year that this has happened to it it hit some distorted is being. Seems to be able to weekly. Yeah Rwandan down the good Leo with the truck he and it's not coming out I mean if it's gotten. The baby clothing Joni and others are you know completely. What is wrong with victory. Rabbits off. I don't know of many diseases out satellite powdery middle do you things of that nature own life on a Cramer especially in established crime murder myrtle now as far as liquid I got a joke a little bit rose it's probably won't rang now. Alec that I know I can't run spam that's wrong. That is why. It went it rat is titled white that it can win that liquid is being in. It's not a sings like there's some things are uncertain like knots are like little balls on the tree where those. Yeah. Wear them where they sampled it was running out. Of forty thank you Scott. Come. Was was it a senate picks the Scott Carlson a couple of years ago and he had diagnosed that. It was summed up in segment comes in and takes him have been turned dress and leaves. Some. Pretty much is going to be fine you said you live in pima. So it's not lose to he would you're close to my store. He's doing all on sick cog each and that gets your around address. And I can swing by there in a hobby Tuesday before I get out there Wednesday but a combined and take a look at it. Oh yeah. Want to look at their rows and rows up going out to a site to before we put you on hold so that Angel and get information from it. Is one thing I got from Milan is forest that the stunning growth I think Scott might be on the something that could be an insect damage. Where's gone in through the trough that's why you're seeing an amusing of the sap. The small leads to be a result of that it can also just be because of the bitter cold that we have this year. Army courtesy of a suffered some some winner injury which will also. You know it's really gonna make the plant struggle when you're gonna see some things in growth white small mute tied at least things of that nature when we give me a branch. It they are cut some luster that quote will let Angela take information and las got to get out there and follow what would you feel if output chokehold if you give your information and Julia phone number in your address and you'll get in touch with you get out there one by next week and take a look. Thank you rose you know Israeli TMI Bubba. Yeah Scott great great example. Bomb and folks you heard it all of our locations if you have any issue you concede to SATA www. Carolina fresh farms dot com and the stores are appeared to come out when they have time and take a look in the landscape and help you figure out what's going no rain instance and and and and Scott I gotta say it but did you not believe the number of people over the years used. You give up there and inevitably if if they have an interest in the morning we have an interest from Gordon and we wanted to stay amateur for quite awhile. Especially if you have a nice landscape and we're we're kind of grew louder over the landscape and we're talking about stifling instead and I had a mole people over the years of life. The Platte chaplain had what do we know you for your consultation you owe us nothing. It's an eye on until. Homeowners loans we've got their effort. Usually we'll with the real thing is thirty minutes we stayed for 22 and a half hours and you're an hour if if if if if you really take an interest in your long war when we come out and you know and I will say this. Air with a little bit of of if I'm not such caution that big a little patient with us because this time in years extremely busy and it may take us 456 that is business ties. To get the point where we can come out and publicized that we prioritize. If you coliseum and I got some us kill my York right now right now immediately. And it's progressing really quickly would try our best to some emergency to get out there if not precise in this picture is what's really get on top of this but. But yet we enjoyed that to me that's one of the best parts of this job. Is being able to get out into the public. And and get out actually into the landscape and learn something myself but also help educate a property that makes it fun and that's what it's about folks we're gonna study what the phone lines we have David and bowling sprains. Good morning David and welcome to the yard Prussia. Paper I'm Carl let me show. Got a brand new bodyguard and imperial. They outlook has come a practice that we're back with the Bob down in the back area all of that back perhaps by. Throughout this view Iraq and a home. Straw in every I won't let go back and seat previously in the air. I'm Delonte direct outlet meant that away first or are they okay just hit it real or all of the city then let this writing course there's magic. So the strolls are sitting on that area correct. Aren't that if the problem you have is in order to have really good see German fashion in a perfect world I'm kind that it. In a perfect world seeing has to have sole contact. So it has to be. And contact console are slightly buried in the sold Bermuda seems really really small also quite honestly. You spread on top dirt. And if you can keep that win consistently 24 hours and I. Kind shouldn't be an issue minutia of on this like week and a half ago caused by Tom Vietnam we're gonna have three weeks a consistent moisture right. Depth that this. Is exactly. So if you could do that that the fear that I have would you. If we put. A hundred pounds seat that would you not Germany but this hundreds of easy brown number if we put a hundred pounds seat out and you got straw all sitting there. My fear is as were only going to get about fifty pounds into the dirt. Fifty pounds secede is don't get hung up in that wheat straw it's not gonna do you any good in my German as well as were studying as overcast is staying in my germinate. In end of somewhere in that straw while you're but it has not been sold and that signaling is not gonna live very long so. We got a why did proceed to the dirt all right or what they were. All or. You can increase your seed right because you know that only fits senate must seeds as you mean you got out I'm not saying that's a 100% scientific but if we speculate. Only 50% legacy he's gonna get to the better. Then let's double the message of putting out then you get the proper Massey on the door. So. It's either you can tackle but it Tom pulled the straw back. And needs to dry out just a little bit of Ky beat you to pull the straw back dish Raikkonen to a power off to their original home or on TARP and drag it off. Put some seed out and then checked the straw mat because a straw was beneficial it is a vapor barrier is what it does it prevents you know it helps keep the booths that. More when movement. You ride it sold surface that helped keeps the the sleet seed bed way that is the purpose of the week Sharaud. So that would be an option but yes now was time to really start thinking about Bermuda seed but how would wait about another week. With the forecast we have across this entire state anybody who's sitting Bermuda seats and MPC. Arm now's a good time to have some sort of pitcher's standpoint. But with the matter rang it we're getting in this these these little storms in Klaus pop up and dump on half an inch rang in ten minutes. That'll be the C doesn't really have a chance to survive and stay in the long it's gonna get washed wise. And another thing that seed varieties if you're trying to get close to your from your Solder Bermuda. Pick a high end seed. There's going to be close to he knows to stay away from her collar brighter something like that yeah. I are they are you if you have the lengths they that your store that that they used for the spot. We don't have assigned seat for Saab because the devout but. That there's not a whole lot of viable seeds if any on Omaha average for my tank. And and all of a sawed grow worse or should be in the majority of some in their smaller Friday's Bermuda out there but the long standing in the industry is 2.4 nineteen. Palm even though it produces seed had. It it's not I harbor stumble seed headed don't have enough viability until two harbors process and sell to you. Arm which which brings up a whole host of I want to mention once you get off they are about. Something I heard yesterday about some seat available on Amazon I want my people buyer beware here. Palm but. You're gonna go to sultan Mehmet Scott what did you think of writing laws were we have in the past. Dawn UConn. You council cut it's it's better than strike common Brad 77. I can't remember what. What's come an end this year. Meyer has a little bit better remind him from a little bit better but it cheers. Something different than Arizona common because I have a Bermuda has a short in a mode linked which means you get more leaves per square inches of dense earth. Whereas common Bermuda is have a longer Internet so you don't get as many leaves per square inch of the density is a lot less. Explain. Exactly. So are being very cautious of that but but yet announced a good time to do and I think he got a good plan a couple of ideas on how you can get the seat in direct contact with soul that's to keep. Sure appreciate it yes sir you have a great weekend I've been. Thank you iRobot Scott you know I want to get to some text we've had several come in and. We get what's six minutes away six there amounts. I do wanna make people aware here of diseases so hopefully we'll have time to do that we're detached from real quickly lots freshman Maya and I just out there. Had a nice conversation yesterday. What someone not this type but the good old college buddy of mine who won only get his doctorate. Com. And he made me aware. That. We're talking about our tam star than you sign almost didn't and I'm pretty excited we're gonna since Pam store to a new turf grass research facility. For Eugenia. And and Griffin Georgia. Arm and they're doing this really need to exit the landscape where he's coming here again at three different wise he's gonna subsurface here are guys who so. Basically one water lines underneath your get from the bottom up he's not overhead here in Dayton and had another way he was here again. But he they really have heard a lot. From dot Graham the coach ponder from Texas accidentally do who have developed this tam store San Augustine grass to should be available hug from the next two to three weeks depending on whether. Arm but it is extremely resistant to greatly spot. And change box even butter resists change books have fewer union in in the Charleston here at Columbia area was saying hosting a big thing. I am telling him that it. I think this is who revolutionized the way we grows in August and I'm a way past for awesome production of the foreign we're using form less fond decides to grow crop now. Far less fun decides which saves us money in his more. Environmentally sound. Kind. Just talk about the elephant room it's better for us it's about a few consumer. But in talking with him about this project and some is from grass down there. He made comments and you know had. We purchase solemn and worlds away agency and what. Is it Yemen Oman and those you know that no women's orgy and cement undersea easings couch opposite I'm trying to think of who ambassador animals or Jalal. With a pierces a star cut seed heads off. One thing is is he said scene was very clean but they're growing and off seats it's really Hamels always have but they also had some other seeds of I want mammals on. That's quite interest and that or I know for a fact some of those away agencies available on Amazon that are protected by the plant variety protection. Rook rough road to this Ryan who can't do that are closest. Not only that seed has to be. Licensed and tagged with the and you were Stipe there's certain rules and regulations so beat away here if you're consumed rap they are you looking for good bouncy. The very aware of buying things. That are from individuals things that such methods heirloom Gordon's exists in different story we're talking about loans which we want to make certain you're getting much pride for. But from reputable sources and they're awesome reputable sources on the Internet we you can purchase of these. But Voss from reputable source is better yet not for some my local who has local knowledge. Whether it's here on fresh that's great it can be another local feed NC garden center. I'm from pick from locals because locals normally have horticulturist like myself on staff and the gonna sell you things. That. That they know or horticultural sound they're gonna work in your market your buying knowledge is what shall bind. Scott let's go to detects honesty fact can pick up where we left off. Oh my goodness this text hang in fourteen different lies I have a well established Bermuda Obama. But have a few spots with a bit too much say this is tying to Bermuda can you recommend as a ways of erotic that would have been our blend well with Bermuda. But would be a bit more shade tolerant. While lacking and what can you recommend royal royals or would you. Royals Georgia on its you know that there's too tight as a wages and in essence generally out there there's department cousin their my troubles. You Pollack has come from more than mountainous region of southeast Asia so typically there first and foremost a little more colds tolerance. There also a core short text so there brawl relief. I say more like fast you know some more like inside that look like faster they're more like fest in their brawl relief it comes out like Meyer was of came out of that carry extremely cold tolerant course a fan blades boy it was a much probably come from more than coastal regions of the not always this cold tolerant. Royal seems to grow gripe throughout the cure promise I'm not western North Carolina how much but it grows great. Throughout not status South Carolina. You know the Piedmont of North Carolina grows great coast. And has the much trial lost fumble it seemed to have my Porsche cars. And the texture. Looks more like Bermuda the interest and things royal there are a lot of my trial or fumble as it was is on the market. The reason we initially chose roar you'll. One because it is a little more aggressive and a lot of others but to. I really chosen because color. The color is closer before nineteen in India on the metro on the market. It has a really deep green collar that looks more like when Tina doesn't have that blue tinge to it it's more of a true grain. But it's a darker agreeing this can be matched 419 better that smaller varieties that are out there. You know something like Xeon which is not a hopman you're riding up the great grass. But he has more than washed out yellowish color that's a little bit the color spectrum is closer to some of the than it is Bermuda so what's gonna stick out. So we got to look at touched it we gotta look collar rule will be a great option in that situation is definitely tolerate more shies. I haven't Leland Cyprus that is turning Alan brown on the inside. Is worse that on the bottom and spreading. Almost. To the top. Palm thanks for any help. Com. Scott they can be a host of of many different things it can be that the trees maturing is not giving up some lies. It could be the tankers situation into disease disease such washing what I would suggest. You as well as anybody else has questions and loans. Take a picture visit www. carry on refresh forms dot com they're you'll funneling to distort closest she. Take a few pictures the numbers to restore work and then we can get a better diagnosis. Picture tells a thousand words fraud in the last little touch I have here is royal available seat absolutely not nephew found on Amazon. Knock yourself out buyer beware but is not available NC doubt we'll tell you that in roles oranges not available as soon. Met some on May be put concedes out a yard in shaken into as the plot bagged salads and yeah. But it's not available seat stuff and testing would almost certain that the purity or the German nation. Royal will go to C but I'm not certain how viable seeds horse got so are improper vegetable propagation only that's what makes. George is more expensive animal more difficult ought to grow up. Thought she had been cheering entered the yard pros show today brought to you by Carolina fresh farms it's been a delight. To talk would you today on Memorial Day weekend. I do what should all have a happy and safe holiday weekend but most importantly. Let's take a little towns throughout the weekend remember those who serve this country and lost their lives and guide their las Ross made the ultimate sacrifice because that's what it's all about folks. Talk show have a great weekend we'll talk to you next week.