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Saturday, June 23rd
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Hello and welcome South Carolina from the met plunged to the upstate we are happy to have you join the yard pro show today I am middle scrap wanna be your host an ounce can of beer and this is brought to you Bob Carroll on a fresh farms is very simple folks if you like foreign Carolina fresh arms deal in which. Pretty easy when he says Scott www. Care on a fresh farms dot com. Well. I was an awful ones yeah I went through that pretty quick and you do well what do we do for the next it minutes there. When thing. On paper I don't have much I commend but I don't have much so the purpose of the our intent is to deliver some. Information. Shearer a little bit of knowledge about your long buchert landscape it's very simple format is easy and makes it a lot of fun for us. We rely on Collins and text you can give us a call today at 180347163. That is 803471063. And as always you can text us at 713. 07. We'd love to hear from you love to discuss some of the issues. Maybe some successes may be some failures you name it that's going on in Europe alone in your landscape. Makes it much more interesting. Or would you go into a discussion of nitrogen sources and how they affect plant growth while shaking had not. Owns this you used its president stretching and then present that what it is yet so Scott particular off let's talk about current things what's going on. Whether. It's hot. Always taught it's human villages in mud he managed the immunity is there it's hot it's humid things are growing. And residents are storms cool season things and all the warm season things the grasses. The shrubbery you know the perennials. Annuals. Everything's growing. Occasional thunderstorms. You know oddly enough about that drought reports that I'm here to Scott you describe what is it. Well well well can you believe 00. As of June 19. So value to print this'll get a little color and it's it's it's another coloring package. If you'd like to visit you can simply Google US drought monitor South Carolina and you can print your own coloring page in Florida counties and color you'd like to color. Right what you do because guess what folks. The US the guys in the drought department have not color of them this week because appeared last year. The I believe it or not you know this is really interest in compared to last year Zach has a statistic is on the one year ago we were 99.9. Percent drought free today where a 100% roughly. So almost identical. A Cintron I think when that drought hit in the last year well here's an interesting thing three months ago 70%. The study South Carolina was on the drought. It's a little messed up right that was back towards. Like Warner early spurring. 70% of stadium drought here we are. Few days after the first day of summer summer solstice marks by Wednesday the bright summer has officially begun. And you're drought for we're drought for an. To get placed money it is now let's talk about this in the month and see where we are. And Arnold is ten and August and and you know September. On the right now we're draft eight free which is great. So hey have we got a text question can you believe that's got. We'll see if we stringed just went out for about fifty minutes left in the show is it too late to plant Bermuda seed. Oh absolutely not seasons just opponent since it's here now you know we got ample soar more stroke ample sort temperature. I am not Eisenhower I'm typically have the sort of you know we gotta have warned sold temperatures gets the terminator is quick response we have to have more sure. Now's a great time to do. You know if it's news seed bed it's pretty simple prepared seeded. Put some type off. But van operative control item I like that that's pretty tough I eat mulch. Not not hardwood mulch but. Yet something to help will have the slowed down the evaporation aborted due in the next yesterday I was extremely. Extremely windy. At least not Stein didn't travel much on an out of state because I had been all over. Mountainous region of Georgia from the prior three Fordyce left Monday for north west Georgia. Wound up in northeast Georgia on Thursday and home on Friday. Calm wind you know after we get that. First or fraud that came through with with little thread running through the upstate and naturally the moments really got a whole lot out of it but. You know yesterday morning was rather. Crisp outside wasn't muggy there wasn't a fall morning. But isn't low seventies community was down a little bit of wind was picking up the blue about all day. Armed when the wind's blowing any actual seats in their. And then hopefully within weeks tend to Asia seedlings. Will really have to watched water. The the waters to crucial thing is the same thing you know this this week the traveling to the perks my traveling was breeding golf greens were too feeble. Yet found three days in row handshake inspirational golf brings. To never volunteer effort. Yes so while a lot of fun with the groups about a dozen crew and in their. But between innings. At age wise I'm twice their rights so I had a lot of fun poking fun and so you know on torture agent I'm sure it spreads around you. You would see them off the show expert Mohamed put him in the circle shine as we call them the dissenters in this open here and put him in the circle Sharon. You know so. It's the same thing with the sprigs if you know if you've ever seen springing process. That the number one element to making things grow when it young like that whether seeing whether springs weather at side is water water water. And one. Now we can also have too much water right. Seeing that happen poignant ounce. But right now with the wind blowing even though the humidity is how the wind starts kicking up its money nanny found degrees during the die. Water becomes crucial especially from let's say noon to about 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening. Water becomes crucial because you can't let this brings you can't let that seedling. If you plan that Bermuda seems can't let that signaling dry out for draws at one Tom. 89 excellent Thomas definite plan. There's no getting it back there's not a free system they are not mature enough vision of getting it back it's gone so you have to do. Short runs of water Hamas but more frequent intervals. You know on average golf green at whispering in this is good information for those that are seeking. We're talking. Fast six to seven minutes on the hour every hour deer in. The hottest time of the night when the wind's both. You know earlier in the morning prior on the news and you crank it up in the morning you probably won't water. Maybe ever ran on half the same time front. But not a time we get afternoon we wanna be every hour. And about a town of some against set around 7:30 at 2 o'clock in the evening if you have the Marcia built up. You may even wanna think about what the most golf courses what that is probably not even water if they do water maybe want one town twice deer in the middle of the month. Try not to wanna watch. Mask and you start but because no one's called us I have to ask you those that are looking at the issue and on. And a couple Texans were to get to a second front to lock the coals. Keeping prolonged wetness. Will. Lead. To more disease. A kind. Now running your irrigation. Three times a week three I him in the morning because if you got a handle on recycle. To get around let everything wrong before you get up at 7 AM and you don't want to affect your water pressure in the house. If you wanna start your dash at 3:4 o'clock 5 o'clock in the morning while this constant now on and hasn't come up. Yes that does strongly for this but it's not a 24 hour leaflets. Intact. So the terminology we use and often wish would let it drop down and not trying down. So drawing down would be from the top mounts we want those top leads. We know the surface is more spur what was top least the more strode to leave him so that would have access to more strip. 24 hour period because that is gonna lead to more disease. I went to take the same concept and we use it in managing water within our landscape whether it's and you see glut this Bermuda. Or whether it's a establish long. You know how about will we get in the that would talk a little bit more different this morning about Warner if we don't it's found bottles. Proper waste water and we mine on your phone calls as I have a feeling most people listening Scott would really like to learn more or understand more about how to. Become more efficient and utilizing water with a in the Lance. And let's talk about smear for attention and a it's that time don't you think it is it's that time to Arafat but Scott we're gonna go out for the hitters techs were gonna beg for some phone calls right. Please you wanna get on the number two you know. I'm a hit a man's class is on 1800. That's 1800347. 10 consistency you have to the Baltic damn well I'm trying to slow it up. 180347. 106. For an. Still on the front. Amazing but we're gonna sex police you. Back to attacks on hey guys how successful and cost effectiveness how proceeding senate peach seed. I'm cost effective pretty good. I'm and is certainly cheaper than saw a guy now from the initial cost. Prospective. Very good certainly a lot cheaper and sucked. Now the issue I have what I undersea a couple things going on a few not familiar what how Anderson you take a fat. Karen Scott panel we'll let you don't see you in you don't fertilizer and then you don't cellulose. Fiber. Wood fibers can be paper fibers you don't some type of a fibre. In tunis. Machine you fill a full water the panel's turn it you make story and get this much pop. That should seductive in the votes so you direct where you wanna sent a PC Bermuda see things that Richard a small seed. I find that you are much more successful if you will precede. On through the barrier Sorrell we do proceed. Then come back and kaput would you Contra march while when I say that's not. Rigidities that uniform numbers yet and Sam put me on spot today right there is the quit as it is the arc pros quiz who aren't so here's the issue. When we apply the salary it's going to be at least a quarter inch thick. How many of those seeds are going to be there are mostly all insert it uniformly mixed commitments. So when huge. When you pop a mix to the soil it's a quarter inch thick. Are all those seeds going to be found their way to the dirt probably not. By looking. So I found if you do some preceding first. You've put large recede into the story. And then you cap with the story. You're much more successful you have Morsi this whole concept best he seems so contact. How the city to work very well but it is not foolproof just for college how understated don't find that how you act and how undersea Vietnam not premiered yet and it's gonna grow. Doesn't work that way. Right we still have to your dad signed. We have fertilizer grolier and we still have time to grow if you had a citizen MP today anywhere in status after Obama. I think she would have about a ninety to 99%. Grown in moan about a union of the summer if you spotted some of the and I. You would have a fully grown and established on about three weeks and I know a lot of folks what he made it is cited substantial value life and what's not not corporate. But I asked to root Heston that together and asked tied together that's from the saint that's gonna take three or four weeks. Before you get really good routes and they were you feel comfortable and store from the quarterback so we're looking for weeks verses about twelve weeks. So third atomic force sought to have a 100% establishment. And I don't even know. I don't consider anything seeded. First your 100% established. I. Tell your your almost look informants are growing season if you seats often get a 100% establishment. Not not an entire year of an entire growing season so. It is cost effective. It is acceptable. But I bristle tips and learn from Roman fifa Mexican fees so. Scott. A cellular phone months. We have bagged in May have called we have Darrel in remarkable overlap on some arms but it's like Murray. About side more and Daryl and welcome to your Prussia. Yes good morning Harry's right. I. Potentially had heard yak on the left hand remark this morning I had an eighty yard. Let us have problems rent or 98 years. I have let the low Lexington satellite birdie the last yeah little slighted. And wanna spotted nine yards 23 years ago and had a great shot for years you're. A do you have. Cut a large. That great after the side. And EU. 23 at nine yard. Something that I call signal corps asked that comes every year he. It will grant. And I ground update the forward killed it can tell that to you and killed it and I. It more and eat their book or hand it comes back. How that happened on I did I didn't have been spit out what might sort Asia and that it back. Any crisis this summer and then it does in the well currently we are signal perhaps comes back. So in my backyard right. I have a beautiful area senate seat so that lacks that. That's probably. I don't mind I'd be forty. They eat. And then narrowly others out of the yard. And had a big area signal where smoking some Bermuda grass and parents centerpiece. And then got some Bayer area and that's probably under the drip glamour. I don't let me get that each problem Alyssa out of the water hand and we have. That's got and treat. And then that area have water that comes down off the trap light which we've done gazillion different strata. Make it wherever I would have war gratitude. And let some at the point where it either really cheap hard skate it. Or figure out a way she's. They grabbed kind of have a lot I don't know exactly where I'm just putting good money yet combat every year. Gotcha the this signal grass or are not a signal breasts let's talk first about your maintenance of the moment itself are using pre emergent December sprained or. Yet I have not commercial company. That. That pre emergent send you know like about 67 times a year means multiple ones in the. I guess that I use seemed pretty Intel. Kind. Com. Scott what are your thoughts. Of the Els in the same way you were with pre emergent and you know I just. I'm not a pre emergent what what. One more one more piece in the yeah him and he's yet Aaron. I've had parents a little bit of congress and that comes up and sparing him when he speller and he's still large young man. And less controlled it well. And Gatwick there are companies that are easy he immoral that which you're. Grass. The heat get weak areas. And that allows that single grass to make it come back. It does but it but if if yours if you change the proper pre emergent that should help with the signal progress now signal grass has become a major issue. And states that are horse more southern them we York you know down through south Georgia Florida. Pom out and I was looking very quickly rid itself top in my head I'm not sure. I know there's a good product out there arm for post merger control. Armed force signal grass that seems to be doing fairly well called tribute total but I was looking cause I don't off topic in my head. If it is liable for. Force and a pit. Bug and how much Obama still some of the verses and verses on Georgian. This salacious comp. And they then they're a little bit of it next you know how I probably every sentence he did. Maggie. Adams it's always shared. Yeah one. Actually look at what. You have to do the basic yet said that it happened in August. So Emily we are talking about patchwork. Yeah our year. Yeah and it and I think. You know what you're gonna have to do is is to figure out and maybe go back and dual batteries search of what pre emergence are best to control. Signal grass and make sure that there won't care company is putting them the proper pre emergent at the proper right. Because pre emergent will help control this and do a pretty good job that. Compost marginally while us. You know there there are other things out there album should be totaled there's some fox and then I believe that's the old post product like he had some of these that it would work. Arm and and it's still out there and I love that I believe Seth oxidant. Hold on I believe if I'm not. I think which right now I'm that the chemical mindless SE TH. OXYDI. A M. Com. He knew if if you can find that I disagree on your senate Pete areas that were the problem you know running into is well you gonna have to sign. That product post marginally better sight on a very broad spectrum grass is because you have different grasses within Lance down. And and you know that's the thing that we yes spreading around that things of that nature kills it. But we're dealing with a lead and also German mentioned seed roundup is not ridiculously. Can round up is not a sourced airline. It only is going to kill things are actively grow. So you still have this bank recedes and then when you till that here yet you bringing up more bank of that seed. Into that area then you go to re sod it what do we need death might see German like we're talking about it earlier part of the show is we need what we gotta have water. So when you side you're naturally got to let him put a lot of water routes against Watson do we see Egypt and begin the German. Com. As he had done what he what he can get because what I suggest to all of you that the next morning he yeah you who gave their sound like what you are saying yeah. Let's do this currently. While that stepped it still German writing because otherwise it's gonna come back. Yeah you can that we can we do it but for next year or grant search ground yeah you you begin to get it while while German. Now you need to get a free Mars and out before a German sites and just because you do a one year and get control. Doesn't mean the next year you don't need to do what you need to ditch pre emergence out early every year to help control this week. You know next. Time I'm. Yeah well let me get some view it there and I don't know this either but not about golf experts. Who are the people that are the expert. Bet that can help you with that kind of pre emergent connect I'm headed WP law gathered at places like that and they're good. Yeah but nobody nobody debt up to enable the top two is an act. I mean is your local extension agent yeah. Damning you get the big the Clemson extension I agents you can talk would then you can also visit HG ICE. If you Google that Vista home Gordon information senator through Clemson University. Didn't go to their database and I'm not certain but I would imagine they have some information about signal grass controls signal grass on their web site. Partition or I'm not I'm about out of time I'm down about forty seconds that's a host. Okay Lou why do you grab a grass underneath that big. A tree or do any delays and I tree. It's going to be difficult you're going to be finding water more many things you can do it but you really have to manage the water that's going to be years should all right. Thank you thank you every weekend. About what. Thought journalists into the yard for a show brought to you by Tehran a fresh farms and to apologize for those of you who are on hold you have to hold that bottom our bright but we will be right back you can give us called deer in the bright. At 1803471063. Our text to say it's 71307. Stay tuned folks will be right back. Hello and welcome back. All you listeners there in the state of South Carolina simply aren't pros show brought to you by Carolina fresh foreign signed middle scram. And I'm going to be and I am tired Scott. She had done nothing in two weeks I'm not here to there it's it's been a couple of weeks taken off the summer here we are. We are a few days in to the official. Summer just passed along the state of the year. In its current no drought. Pop up thunderstorms. Right. But we've got heat we get humidity we've got bugs we get diseases with all kind of things one when you side but most importantly we have someone on hold it. And they found a cent 1803471063. Phone lines are open would love to hear from you as always. Please give us a text at 71307. Let's go to Jerry in Greer to mourn injury and welcome to the nor Prussia. There morning. My question concerns a yard I moved into a new subdivision it's going into its second summer. The developer. Put in Bermuda grass kind of the pathetic. I came from home and another area green goal that static gorgeous palatial laws. So my question is. What could I do I really wanna try to get a great Bermuda grass lawn or. What are my options to replace it with another grant that would do give a much better hearing the law. Well SC must must tackle first less replace it because after all win the Saab business cheery and were all about just selling grass right no we're not you know we're not jeered. You have Bermuda it was cited correct. I say. No I do it's it was that because but it's not very fit. I'm cut that normally what happens and it's always been mind boggling to me. That where and when you see in for a lack of better terminology we see the track homes and it and I hate that term it's really more the speculation homes word the subdivisions where the bill the house. In the end to suppression someone buying a house. Com I think that's better way to scramble what we see in that industry. Because they are building more homes. Arm normally that industry everybody looks for the cheapest way out. Bermuda Saad is the cheapest. Karen if you call not just us as a soccer growing calling on the Sandra or typically the cheap chief aside that I know what was going to be Bermuda grass reason being it grows. Fast and kind it's all about terms were manufacturers quicker when trying to product cheaper when seller for. So and and and as a commodities that he always joke about that it's not a publicly traded commodity but in terms of the Saudi industry Bermuda grass is a commodity. So the the market kind of detached prices well. So that's why they go Bermuda grass here's the funny thing about Bermuda grass requires more inputs. As force fertility and management and about any other Grassley to put in those homes. And it doesn't make sense to me I'm speculating I'm building a house suspect US Muslim buyer. So I want my neighborhood law a lot of times is builders in the neighborhoods long term 2345. Years to build them now. My goal with our marketing would be hey I want a pretty small second half. And the easiest malls mind tying the coals Arkansas morehouse it's people wanna live your lawns look pretty Roger. Yeah now so they use Bermuda that the unfortunate thing is the fortunate thing is it's an expensive so it keeps the cost of the home down. The unfortunate thing years. If you if you're not maintaining it. Then it doesn't look real pretty then and that's why you're calling up some of the good thing years. I can tell you and wheat to cure a lot of fresh farms. Can tell you teach you how to maintain that Bermuda to the sang level data golf course my intent to ask brawl. Nine campus and all golf courses in this community. If not well that's saying 99% in this community deserve feud there's always a fairways from one that's been addressed. But nine upshot of all golf course you supply. They're Bermuda is gorgeous right now Ryan. You know staff when you know why because die for a closet or nurture but in ninety. Kind. So if you get only really good fertilizer program. On the other thing how Australia is. Is make sure you mowing it at the appropriate height we should be two inches or less in my opinion home for nineteen hopper Bermuda because of that was sought and I am not mean I'm point 9% certain that you have hybrid Bermuda grass cat but if you get on a good fertility program. Around there's no doubt in my mind that that lawless and look gorgeous now would tell you this for nineteen Bermuda is not the prettiest grass. I made a recruitment and I approve it's it's a gorgeous grass. Com. But it's gonna take a little bit of time to to get it growing you know had to maintain it it's it's not most drought tolerant grass you gonna have to hear a guy that. As we get drier right now we're getting enough rank. But it's because it's not extremely drought tolerant. Are resistant. It it'll tolerate drought because of the come back after a drought but it's not resistant to the heat in the drought because it's gonna wilt fairly quickly. So if you get these dry spots in New York they're gonna wilt out if you got compact soul. That's from the world before anything else. But I really felt like if you firm closet if you hear five this year he's doing a good fertility are good premarket program. And you're willing to maintain it keep it mowed every week you put the ample amount of water to it you're gonna have a gorgeous long. There's not a much more beautiful wall and then I had really good for my team from the along. Colors impeccable. You know it's just great grass. Tolerant of gate I hit eagle birdie. Dirt is very compacted I did have a spirited about a week ago. Is it. Would it help belong if you were. Air rated you know two or three times this summer. Yes it would pass that was going to be yes indeed when you said you had a they're writing a week ago. I would probably rewrite it again in another week or two. And get occur if you're that compact and I would give a couple of fear for tensions in but I would not do an air filtration after about second or third week of August. Onlookers were not Tom for that long on the heel law and but we want right here 5 am when they're they're here find it don't you're fired just one direction. Don't your 52 directions. If it's that impacted air thought five or six different directions. And then put it put the water to the forehand and make sure when you open up that home if we're gonna begin to get trial we're definitely hot. If they're lawless what we called opened up and we have all those holes kind of exposed would wanna make sure where you're diving for a week or two afterwards as well contract. It's yet you have a strict percentage that it helped put the hand on the lawn after the duration is sort. A Kenyan army if you commit its its process would call top dressing you can hear frock top Dresser and then drag that sing and around the Malone. Are more wanna my church well fertilized brought before you do this and it will cover that young girl back through the sand that would don't wanna cover where we cover. All of the leaf blades so we won't put Sam now we want them to drag it with something you can make a simple drag map if you. Can borrow I riding along more you can make a drag man have peaceable corpus. And hook about Conor routing normal if you have don't teenagers you can use them as like mule is gonna happen. But vitriol that. How humble way if you air five if you fertilizing league right. But the problem is if you wanna switch this on as a ways in which I can certainly appreciate it because Georgia is too many. Is the Mercedes-Benz. BMW as a ball walks in many it is just a gorgeous grass. It is in my opinion a little bit users force for two William water management. So to grow as a would you won't put any bank but it does have yet to frequency cuts not as often. So it's got some. Some advantages but you better be careful because it has disadvantages as well it's a little more susceptible belief spots in two patched disease in the fall and winter. Com so there's some there's some disadvantages to Georgia I don't wanna pine is the perfect grass for everybody. But it's probably the most perfect track Blanco for the average homeowner but if you wanna convert it. What we don't want you to spend money. And then have a contaminated sores and home down the road would Bermuda. So if you wanna convert it then you don't have storks bring their Bermuda out on a two week interval. Would round up and another product call fusillade. You tank mixed the two together and you don't have spray about every two weeks. I was suggest three sprains Menem. Before you go in and strip out the old Bermuda long and then replace it was a widget and even then. Even then all the research sold its tells us you're not gonna get more about 9596%. Control of that Bermuda. You're still gonna find a little bit of Bermuda. Coming back him within a year. Com and and they are supposed to merge with chemicals that help you would that but it it's going to be you've got to do the right way Cherie if you want to come to Florida to was always wrong. I don't want to waste your money. You know we don't want I don't want a phone call match mating got. Hey man caucuses or Asia and Africa have Bermuda and ankles have to loans Bermuda and then we scratch our heads and double what was it before him what was Bermuda long what did you do. Well I just had a scrape it off until that well you tell it. And you don't have dead grass but you now have living stones and rock zones is she telling you're just spreading that it's basically you reached bringing Bermuda at that. Can. I don't know maybe I'll I'll stick with the reviewed is that doesn't help at all to. Top seeded. All sort not yet. You don't wanna get into it any seating mr. were sought a moment and the reason being that's a convert 419 home if it were sought it. On it it it could be Celebrex is someone that I seriously there's not much of that and in the upstate south to on it Greer area. More than likely nine apps and certain its hybrid Ford nineteen you can ask. You're you're builder. You know he was the sought supplier and then you can kind of metric you like it back nasty sob supplier. Most sought sparse if not all of them have. You know feel sought of in the last year that should be of the tell you feed him a lot number one neighborhood if you found the south spark. I can probably tell you exactly what Ron is sought by the leader we keep delivering record asylum busted. Armpit fit but if Bermuda can be very rewarding loan but it is just it's such a little bit elbow grease and especially we're going on because. I know what probably happened by derided it outright they put the grass down right green side up means it's not that complicated of current. Besotted. They got enough water to survive it but I I can almost in two years that house sat there for a while on your 456 marks before you moved in. I can almost into your one fertilized or anything like that and Bermuda needs fertilizer right now. Yeah yeah I'm on a nine M I got a nine application. Programs that up with the governor is due to fertilization. Got you. And Nam you know and and one thing I wanted to was asking what those applications or you can visit our web site your on a fresh farms dot com. And they'll find a for tiller for allows a program what you should be doing if you were doing yourself. Alec appear where they're doing to what we suggest. And ask some questions mature than doing the right thing must companies out there along care companies that do fertilization and pre emergent that I know off. They're all great companies that do good work they use good quality product on we just wanted to make sure that they're doing it. At the appropriate time here. Okay we'll have been very helpful I appreciated by year I have a great weekend. Obama. Folks you're listening to the yard pros show we're having a great time and I don't know what you know I'm looking here. Not much going on attacks on. Ron -- do have another phone call we'll get right to whom Kasikov first half the show tunes appreciate them calling back. But I want Rahman the listeners arm just ledger last caller. If you have questions whatnot during the week it's very simple you can visit us at www. Cure on a fresh farms dot com there you'll find the link to all of our retail locations. Great source of knowledge and information and there's really good information there on the website as well so. When we wanna help you out open up endorses links there for emails you can send pictures. All that jazz so without further delay let's go to Todd angry bull. Hello taught him welcome to New York Prussia. Guys and order a show which column back. A little snapped loose the shape that you guys have got time. I've got on my property line I had three. Rather large cypress trees. That border my property in my neighbors. On the other side of my neighbors. Lawn he had a huge Bradford pear and that we actually took down a couple of weeks ago. But they completely shaded to sit there at the side of the cypress trees that are around his property lines. And frankly there there's no forward to on the met all its interest and you can did you look where the other tree was. Where where was completely shaded. You know they're just it's it's just bare branches. And then you could see where this sunlight actually hit you concede that see the growth. So I obviously don't wanna lose these street there agreed border between acute property lines so aware what's the best thing that I can do to try to bring back the other side of the trees that have based we've been in distress here for the last couple years. Yeah it is or some dead limbs and whatnot on that shirt it's time. You know I it's funny I mean I went around tonight you know plucked a bunch of them just to see if some of them were still are the most about them are kind of dead some of them still seem to have some light and I mean a new great commit its its group has not completely dead all the way through. So it's kind of a mixed bag about. Gotcha arm. Yes yeah. You know a lot of times when we get in the situation we're Saltzman chided for awhile a lot of times it just takes time and the reason I asked about is that some day at a struggling. Limbs or whatnot on that saw the tree what I would suggest is might be a little bit alike pruning to get some of that old dead growth Alps. Arm and and make sure we're putting that back to where we have something that seems like it's more viable stand tissue. And we should see some flushing of a new growth I think. You're going to be OK I think which is gonna tight time. It's not something that's gonna miraculously no we're not dealing with a I. I heard by wishes type plan that just quickly explodes would growth walk alone aren't violently or something and and natural we're dealing with a tree. That grows at a slower. Place so I'm really thought should be okay now the chief got more sunlight there is just from a tight time for that flush back out a little bit of fertilization would help. Armed because I'm sure the plant says most larger shrugs if not all shrubs and most transcript crossed country sing to get my glut that would fertilizer. You know when's the last time we really any of us have gone out really fertilized or shrubbery. So safari allows around that tree would be of benefit as well to help push a little bit more growth. Just like at 101010. So it's something that's more slow release almost triple fourteen is kind of a common analysis of over two years from rush restock complaint material. And most of those products are 60% more slow release. We want a good slow release fertilized. So that it holds on soul long remember Tom would grinds it it'll it'll flush him. I appreciate it thank you Todd you have a great weekend. Bit Obama got. What do we discovered. Any thing when did mercy attacks and I apologize says please respond amount taxed RT royals or Asia picks. Hum I do not seen pictures here and only know from receive them owned the text on your dogs and Islam studio. But if if you'd like to send some pictures. Where should listen and Scott. 864 of I made 01636. Lab he's put yourself on monus all the listeners ascent in the immigrant. So if you're listening Indy Lights in the picture hopeful we can get it and not if you send that Scott. I can promise you want things got. A bomb even if we don't get it by the end of the show he will respond to talk to you about. New royals always broad is always a memoir and the variety of grass a mile and nothing is perfect. Every grass has an opportunity to have issues but man at royals Georgia it just. It is a great grass that is really just taken off price of tomboy Demitra while we've had several years now on display fantastic to which address. What fertilizer should I be putting on mom Bermuda grass. Right now Scott was on the schedule as well you know twenty plus twenty of 25 expo. That external component is really neat EXP. Extended release potassium. Right movement so what they're doing passion is not slow relates. To really make a slow release unless you encapsulated. Telling nitrogen. But there's some nitrogen sources you've never allow me to go into the dissertation of marchers Georgia but there are some nitrogen sources that are naturally slow release. You're about their composition but were protesting it's not so and potassium leeches they're reveling from. From mom. Especially sandy souls but it's very crucial. In the development and growth of cells structure and water movement more than anything implants because so it's very crucial element to have a special when we go when the drought. But that expo the reason we suggest amount Bermuda or warm season owns what we liked about expo. Is the potassium. Is made into the mouth when you re a Prioleau basically they're blended together. A guy. So as that nothing when you agree up pearl begins to degrade over a period of time in Europe and you're soils in releases will potassium overtime. The other funny text and there. Yes largest said Scott Davis phone number two the entire world that is correct when he goes gotten. Hopefully you'll get a lot of phone calls normally it's Scott we're gonna stay with the phone lines we have a few minutes left in the yard approach we're going to Gerald and Anderson. Good morning Jerel and welcome to New York Prussia. But it's taken micro are better port alone. Tomatoes washing your sobered up Trenton where over the past few years. They will blow in the Balkans all also are pretty well and you have virtually. Him. Snub tomatoes plus. How to plant slow. I hope finance look pretty good. I'm not voting for what you are saying enough for a little men are tough for a little. In pistol fortunately yard and they do whatever little slowly and slowly but it's also and we get ample sunlight. Yes kind. Are out there they didn't strike so dividend. Partial full and round deluded little little little. Surely be listening to my tomatoes are improved Dick Foley and all and they get no bigger little cheer them right. Real. How are you doing any tossed a fertilization Ernie thing as a pre plan or art and and here's my question are you planning back into the same area like with tomatoes. Do you plant and sang garden every year or are you doing those in pots as well. The content. So. What I would begin to wonder mr. plants look healthy so we don't think we have a disease issue because typically especially with tomatoes in Moscow Russians are Keeney. Yes pretty have a squashing zucchini you concede powering new will be things of that nature that the heat and humidity really gets to those plants. Here in the southeast that's why I'm elected I combined ya wanna rush for last night and by yellow squash zucchini phenomenon since panorama figured how you it's easier just to. By that grocery store maps might as different thing as alimony to tomatoes unless it comes out of a bar. I don't want these store bought Midas and pitch bringing in Florida wherever they're grown and for that season and their shipment of in the semi trailer pop for left wing lap or gassed remembering array had. A bomb by just don't have the flight there there's nothing better than homegrown to might go on strike from the bottom up and so. Football always thank attacking its early but made that the cheered like SAI group they always and grown up leader. They get no bigger than Richard in light of the only thing hacking group. In the same places were up for this portion of its proper I in its effort off the landmark. Sorry I didn't and a sign why in my dorm went. This this this all an upstart south Carolina's absolutely perfect for grown peppers apparently because I'm planning pepper and and and not into it not ordered not do anything to a man I got more peppers and I know what to do with. In the third play from. What little. So we're polio as a product purely. Let's try that grow grow right around here. Tomatoes actually drug right after I wanna your problems may get through May want to investigate if you're giving small fruits on these larger varieties like the big boys the celebrity's. On the things that match or you may want a really took a long hard look at your pot sides. Arm because of the pot sounds a smaller yet that plant most were really big that could be that you were dealing with a physiological system here. And if the root mass is not large enough you may not have enough support to really have a much big fruit body arm. So look what about the same problem though when a forum and the current. Al when you planned underground wanted to issues I think we're running into no we run into and our neck of the woods is disease a lot of towns were planning. These plants bomb or or what planet are Gordon's and sign place year after year and there's a whole host of diseases. Our own thoughts his fears there idiom will symbolize. I mean there's just so many things out there that can be an issue want to might appoint. They can wreak Havoc and it certainly gonna wreak Havoc not only on the plant but Beckham also interfere. With the size of the fruit pitcher making his well. Mock other faults too as maybe look at your fertilization Eminem you Tron for the last these plants periodically or. There aren't. Duel little bit of fertilizer. Oh yeah if you don't go to fertilizer like some Miracle-Gro somewhat that I think you may see a little bit better for himself will be bigger sides some trial but for a closet by you when it sounds that pot as well. You might wanna step up and go wants Osborne. All right thanks Jerry I have a great weekend and good luck garden. Sure have been turned into the yard approach showed today we really do appreciate it if you like if promised during the week it's very simple www. Carolina fresh farms dot com boy that's a mouthful sky news. We've really enjoyed the show we appreciate all the discretion from a listeners you can find dispute and the week has said earlier www. You're on a fresh farms dot com hope you have a happy week Gordon Moore talk to you next week.