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Saturday, July 21st
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Hello and welcome to the yard pros show brought to you Barack Carolina fresh forums com wanna be your host today mills perhaps. Announced be confined mad I could it could disguise like you lastly to that tell you why so welcome folks to the yard pros show brought you back Carol fresh arms pretty simple you can file this new in the week at WWW. Dot Carolina fresh farms dot com. They're you found a link to our. Six retail stores 66. Retail stores hard to keep up with the run and it is all over the place one under construction McEnroe and say definitely you can soon be seven retail stores have a second storm poignant in the Charleston market. Bomb outside really more Somerville Morgan off from Dorchester house went. I'm so looking forward to that. Never know what we may do right. But if you follow that web site are Carolina fresh forums dot com there's a lot of really good information there's got off. How to maintain what you have how to make the selection of what she might want to do. Within your own home from my. I won't perspective from grasses because wheat or a Sandra work sometimes we don't say it enough. We form over 2000 acres in production in saw it between two different formal catchers now want us foreign locations new life turf. Is really geared and designed more for. The golf industry so that's more of a direct sales to golf and the support form for a big local golf courses who bout from the local stores so that we have. Different varieties. Grass is not really different route his to a man be maintained and grown in culture than a little different. Way that's suitable. For golf course or more suitable for golf course not that the varieties Carolina fresher of the production mayors not suitable for golf courses a lot of that grass goes later. But golf courses may have different needs light. Brings quality sought something mode at a lower heights tee box on mode and a half inch hard. And being a small form the life turf. Is it's just easier to micromanage that. 4 AM in the production room things. For that industry where his Carolina fresh grows exact same varieties. But they are groomed to maintained. More for the commercial and industrial landscape and the homeowner. Side of things and a little bit more variety to cure on a fresh arm and adding to it every day so if we have time today. Perhaps would give in to a couple dozen new varieties that by the end of the summer should be on line in some limited qualities and available for the homeowners. On their religious fantastic. On Verizon new variety is always in a new variety sign on instinct but I digress the show was about the participant correctly. Not the listener. It's one thing to sit there and just listen eavesdrop on our conversation today is about you the participant who's out there. So. Do you adapt to interact with a us that's what makes fun. That's what makes the Tom far about that's what makes it pertinent today about what's going home. Across the state of South Carolina within your lawn and landscape whether sure grass whether it is. You were Wainscott shrubbery. To your vegetable Gordon. We want to discuss it we won't talk about it we wanna hear about the good things the bad things all that good stuff and it's easy to do. You can give us a phone call 1803471063. That is 180347. 1063. And it's always you can texas' 7130771307. For the text mom we would love to hear from you love to talk with the are umps got asset we get to it. What's going home. Petition I don't know vacations. Yeah whenever you Yiddish China polar embodies torturing so I'm on vacation that mills may become dilution. It's. Yeah still be sleeping right now in 92 and it was a blow to get through what I got up got holes because of the drought report. I got the draft report folks. As reported July the seventeenth 2019. Just a few days ago because as we know this is released on Thursday. They take readings on Tuesday compile all the information they release it on Thursday OK so as of the readings on Tuesday. Scott. Somebody's been training Omar clear. Outline of every count and within the state. There are some counties now. They have yellow as you well jello which indicates DE zero which and what's weird folks in his first stage trial but can I. 123456789101112. Thirteen almost fourteen counties in the state. 23%. Of our state is now experiencing and normally drops first stages of drought so that has grown a little bit since last week. Nothing in the study nothing and obviously I source cannot vote a path or swath. Arm. Down through Colombia starting up Rampage won South Carolina. And which Aspen if you dies in this week and didn't at a little rain out there and not much. Day or two before we got the head of the thunderstorm overnight doings of spurring job loans from brings. I'm but there's a swath they're in the mid months. From coming out of Charlotte. All the way down Thomas swings down through the Columbia area just yourself Torres and all of a Lexington all the licks in town guess what it looks like. And then of course that little. Extreme Horry count me. Georgetown that area of the coast South Carolina streams and some drought conditions at this point so was beginning to dry out. In certain parts of the study but a lot of us and a lot of our relationship is still having overcast. Cloudy cooler weather. Sounds great. Until you're trying to grow something. Right. So anybody who's trying to establish a aids slotted home a seeded long as sprigs golf green or fairway. Anybody is trying to establish something right now. You're Lucent's from growing guys. And we're on the backside of summer looking. So you know how you better work. Fast and hard to try to do some things thrown off for the end of the summer because who knows what wanna bring. Boy I hope remembering the weather brought last year. Can take a break from it could just couldn't. Big hole a lot of love cold snowy. Where it's Levy whether. Yeah like Debbie you have to get where you the state house. No I like to get out and I'm a local play it yeah. Yeah I'm still a kid at heart and has the appointment Agassi you and Graham doing that yeah I'm still a kid that aren't so you know. So folks we have we're gonna go to the phone lines we have a few folks who found a cent 180347163. Detects on his open at 71307. As well let's go to phones what he says we have bland and Lawrence not far from my hometown McLennan. Hello Glenn and welcome to the. I. Patterned paper got a guy statement read and I'm not about not just this is mills. Male yes. I actually went down it went our our guys are probably hit it on growth. Willows. A tribal now you got light. I'll kind of roots and I'll let well lit best way to get the willow out of my upon. All right so there's a couple of wise wander back and think of and you have to read the libel first and foremost but one of them the herbicides that is extremely site from awkward Coulter an immortal wise. Is an active ingredient that sometimes we don't quite the sight in my here because we did a lot of touch and some phone calls about it it's like the site which is roundup. There are certain formulations of browned out which are labeled. Foreign direct application. Around water wise and what ones who control audits yes so. Drill bit or research on math and you'll find it is extremely safe product it is extremely safe to Rockwell culture so. Something like a willow what you could do was nowhere and indirect applies just to believes they do. Mike I think doc quad is actually I was actually yeah as is labeled as well bomb Dicey phone company has a lot of that product also rip C. Seek only to cutlass. See approach he drove a stick broke. C pro was a company out barrier that makes a lot of stuff to use around. Pond edges creek has just things of that nature. Dot quiet if you go over sprite is probably your safest bomb it was tried to for number years under the name of reward. And out and you may have to check some a little bit with the doc caught but it will work. A look at. Intimate process dead remember what are currently do have a boat and I didn't RI that's rock. NASA the hole before I you know I do believe Glenn you are the first call or ever from the great match politic there and wit marriage which I have traveled through about six times here recently headed to page one. Living in Greenville you know I have to go Bill Clinton mountain drive through while Whitman are correct. You can go to jail like that. What are you gonna work per year. I come alive I kind of like going to whip my because I got to whip my target to go through Carlisle right. It actually gotten erodes over Karl are right now they're trying my level on the Clinton my last album outlook testament. About Oden played come on is where people from the outside but it is a bit earlier and at the list they are written or oral work that. Now earlier this spring out and problems let us all of them honest broker Margaret's I'm. Give or to I think it's on the back east. It actually wanna play and a split spite light. Hopefully it does but you know that's a topic I wanna get into a little bit more were go through this morning. Arm win these overcast cloudy daddy's at the fungus. To a degree life rescue model home at the brown patches had disappeared. For a few dies but I am Friday it's gonna come right back for another cycle with a all the heat heat and humidity. Tom that we would expect in this week coming up bring their forecasts in a better than forty to 50% chance of running. For nearly every one in this list ownership for the next five to seven dies. Soda and that include gene which I'm are you can use a little bit writing down that way. Leisure little. Well my father still stay up pretty good so this year has there been a quiet well let's hear all about about an eight. Got you. So go check out video product reward if you want to start over sprite MB site for the arm Mike said you may have to go out there and and into a second or application. On the net product truly good rumble on Waterloo lease from things that count to grow and edged upon the normal water surface. All right I do appreciate our border. Or did decide infection can talk me into going and Scott you know and just have to reiterate seek pro is is one of the manufacturers. We do some business and Bassam their product Tennessee governor chuck post Agassi faulty fuel stabilized yes they found ma C pro SE AP or. C pro laws that do a lot of business in the optical tricks and things. About water quality. I'll really great products and if you if you live in a rural area you have upon. Bomb if you are looking for better water quality how to control algae how to control the clock we Eads. That as a good resourceful even not on their products from not necessarily vital women that it's it's a large manufacturing company in the amount available for direct sale. But you can certainly anybody can reach up and wanna carry on a fresh farms stores and say hi. What do you know about this product was doing some research. What would it cost me here's what we do need enough. How much of area do you need to cover NC pros gets stuff from the website that I believe we'll teach you how. To figure out the surface here you upon with the volume cause a lot of his products also do aware of the volume of water how much Warner especially when needed in the some of the Dow's. Some of the UV inhibitors that will help you would we growth within your pond you need to know the volume of water seeing how much product put it. So it's no different than applying to a wall it was from then everything's calibrate and everything has ranked we're gonna go back to the phone lines. Start us another town that I drove through this week. The great city Campobello we have Jeff hello Jeff and welcome to the. I tell you what C I got to go through with marriage and I also went to Campobello two times in the last seven dies if you can believe it or not Jeff. So I've been all over the state have enough. So what can we help you whip. Our. Group home academic board yet. There they're preparing our ultimate got to vote more Beatty regular old or. Herb Pope should be a full glare and improve our border. And that there are hurt ordered. Both payable and in mid summer period is gonna report gripped in your winter break. Arturo and these in play and be really bad right now. Both the Great Britain ended up to go well Albert. Spare. Her girdle or. And legal OPEC may be. Boring here and light bulb went. Bermuda. Every week in May say that it could take take billions. And blew it look a bit yeah. Your recruitment. Yeah I Maine the EUR where on the backs out of summer and if you wanna Bermuda wall it's getting fairly late. Arm to try to get Bermuda to fill in a 100%. I think what I would judge. Is how much slowed to a I have total home. Is it fairly flat is that severe at least slow arm the more we increase slowed my concern would be if you don't get it grown in. As we go through the winner march you'll get a lot of finger refining. Those leaders that are exposed were the souls exposed. You don't get a lot of finding a lot of runoff palm of of water in you gonna see some potential wash I don't think you'll see a bunch of college developed. But she normalcy some finger mining which. Long term can be corrected but it is gonna Michael Wilbon are on the even that's too long but if you're a fairly flat ground. You may still have time if you go out now I mean don't belabor this any more brazen you have to if you go up with the Bermuda seed out that a big right. But if it's going to be a few more weeks until they complete the home. To where you can really get and they receive the won't. Then I wanted to go fast you but the other option bomb that I think would be better confessed she because we're talking about a temporary home. We're probably the perennial progress. I think would be a better option for you because we know that he did this summer you said you building this home in Lawrence. Are cut so we know in met Lawrence area. With the heat in the summer that the majority if not all of that tornado progress especially out in the open exposing some life. Is not gonna survive the summer wears the fest you will. And there but holds. Mindset that has the Bermuda is now grow and choke cap my fast he was just not true. I made it's they're gonna Carol have a tidy so then you're going to be faced with art armaments try to establish Bermuda. But. I've got this fest you still planet and how allow eradicate that they are herbicides. Out there which king and arm but our goal was to do it she wears you you're not out there trying to maintain weeds while you're trying to grow because at this point the fast she becomes a weed is growing at a place. We don't want you worried about maintaining or controlling weeds when you've got to worry about establishing. Loans now another option. Is in the spring of the year some Tom I'd be first to match. You can going into one spry a wall to wall with something as simple as a non generic white roundup. You can toast the faster you or the perennial progress that is later. White a couple of guys mow it down. Arm clean it up a bit when you can get the Bermuda seed to drop even though that grass. There is dead that temporary grass is dead at this point smear Fabrice and those routes will still help stabilize that won't. Until the Bermuda can Tyco over and once it does in the Bermuda begins to grow by June July and August. You'll have for a few worth rescue or pro and Iraq Rex plants that you have to do with the on the backside. I think that's about her arch. I'm not there are code involved or all regretted. It. Olympic opener Palin and I don't I. Harry and and and you know I tell folks establishing grass is not rocket science dome over frank it. But the thing you have to understand whether it's now and you doing the cool season as a temporary home. Is identical to what we need to do would Bermuda seed in the in the spring and summer months is we have to maintain consistent more sure. On that surface down to about one match. If we maintain that consistent more sure than we have to system we're Strom seed NC bad. We're gonna get uniformed German national in the key is to have uniformed German match. The more uniform messy German sides if we can get one seed growing every square inch than we know you're gonna get that Bermuda along Roman fairly quickly. Whereas if we have one seeing growing every square foot it's gonna touch us twelve times longer. To get that growing. Thank you sir you have a great weekend. But Barack. Scott. Our phone lines man they are lit up today. But I over they are absolutely lit up we're gonna stay with him but in the meantime if you like Gibson touch feel free at 71307. B must have a text come into the night. We're going to go to Bob angrier who has a question about a long fungus hello Bob and welcome to the yard Prussia. And hey miles good to talk to you again you as well. That this is high third called this season along fungus and I've gotten good information from viewers followed your directions in it appears that by continuing to put down every 21 days the headway product. What I had which looked really bad to begin where it's back in May be. Has really turned around and looked pretty good but I just turn your comments about the weather that we're gonna have this week and it looks like for the next two weeks Oaxaca. Projection of a lot of rain he had to bring that up to a new Bob. Yeah. Well I wanna keep but the way it looks right now and I'm scheduled for my next 21 days next. Saturday to put had weighed down again. What rate should I put it down as pat pat if we're gonna have this kind of weather I. That same full rights that she had been doing arm and yet an and I hope I only hope that this is the last application because. I think you an hour in the same boat that a lot of folks are in this year typically. Most years we used to applications of fungicide and we're pretty protected almighty only cool season long being in the summer. Omnia this year with the matter rang a calm and the humidity in the cloudy days. The disease pressures layer and you know this is the year that we had to do three applications so. Yes it cost some money but that you know you you've already invested. X amount into it at this point things are looking a little better. So I would hate to see you go backwards at this point. Took to wrap up the summer so I we're going to and do one more I think one more hopefully. And I am hoping for the same thing bobbled it kind of puts in the bed for the rest of the season and we can did in the September would really cool temperatures fall like weather and selling of slowing some fertilizer and not have to put the fungus season behind us is what we. Okay and is there any particular time has Baer good to put it down before rain after ranked during rain but I don't. That I outside about any towns got wash your thoughts. I was as England Denon was arraigned this week after if it you know and we said before mine not before three inch thunderstorm but you know running like we're having. You know today for the rest afternoon if if I had a Bagger fungicide sitting there are probably going to sewing. And Nam and you don't wall as a matter fad I wish I had a bag of fungicide cause I'm about three weeks in. And and non. Find it and studio maybe you'll bump in the media there at the Duncan location. Picking up a bag of headway or collect now you've done to applications of headway correct. Three. So you've already done three. Well excuse me assert some and a third is coming up it's so if you want to you may wanna switch to him and really think about maybe switch into the product called solar. Just so we get a rotation and there. OK so it's all right thanks to a bit of icing and I appreciate it thank you Bob you have a great weekend okay you give up I'd Bubba Scott. Oh good I'm looking at the atomic here's a bumper music. Kind of freaks me out we're down to a minute and a half I don't really know if we have time for Ron under the Romney is and Fran and repeat caller. A hastily mama hold for the bomb and our benefit what shouldn't. What are you so. Yes I just don't know if I can get to a frank and I tell you what let's do this let's try Fran. This type motor at a time. France. Yeah hair we have no we don't have Tom if can you hold on to the bottom of that our woman come back I'm only. Here. Sorry Fran apparently does. Clocks not match and folks we have to type of mom and our British chain entity are prized nineteen will be right back. Welcome back to the armed pro show brought to you back Carolina fresh foreign someone in your house today milled scrapped and I'm skimming and is a delight to be here brought you back Carolina fresh farms you can finest and we folks is pretty simple. At www. Carolina fresh farms dot com there you'll found a link. To a multitude of information the most important being. The location of our retail locations. As well as an email I think the most important things our email address of the when you have issues during the week. And we're not only a year where not love and you can't get in touch with us it's a great way to send pictures in the comments and some information. And let us help you. Decipher some of the issues that your having in your long. Scott at the bottom of the hour we got a little confusion there is normal you know million electronics and technology arguments used buttons I love buttons with the original elevator with the tab I do love buttons are front and if you got a new car I would love to tie it to us fraud with the because a lot of push buttons. I'm on the sound crazy but anyway we had Fran and Ronald holt we're gonna go back Fran hello Fran and welcome to the yard Prussia. Yeah you are you've got to know why I'm there a while back and you wanted to know why it's only tell you what it luck. And I think kill somebody using a hands off. Kind. I'm not sure. What that noise was so. It wasn't tonight show. And yeah I want today end and you that you. You kind of made a big deal about you wanted some way to college and guess what their what to sound a lot but if you don't know what you Porter. I guess I don't sparkle back I apologize for him. Linda it'd thank you mama. Yeah I'm not real sure there Scott. All right so wouldn't stay with the phone lines we've had Ron waiting patiently out of angrier our good friend Ron hello Ron and welcome to the yard pros. Page element is quick question on well that you brought that. Strongest outlook and a quest socialist Cuba direction but I got to a big old what are those three and a big ball thing that brought in to collect bikes. We don't. Yes well whatever they call it yet but I'm a big and it got ivy grown up in economists are neck and upper track like cut at all but the roots and our leader and Earl. This thing about sixty feet air I'll do the two sides as. What I've. Got the idealistic. Now as far as this other stuff would be up. By the control. Mold control every call I think I'm about ready put down a second but we'll ask what every 34 weeks. Yes depending on whether Imus sometimes you can stretch about three weeks but quite honestly yet. I may for weeks but right now what with the amount cloud cover the rain that we're receiving. I would probably go about every three weeks. Unpatriotic you don't want to hang up the phone at her ability to you very much up. Appreciate it sounds good Rodham we expect to see you at the box store your beer shortly right. Yes sir Paul the content out historians a bad break there aren't going their job done and everything ain't gonna be real real look. You always thank Ron ever right way to get. You know I keep hearing people speak of life we had a collar voters spoke of this guy named Ryan. I don't know who that is I have not I am and we used to have Ryan right. Years ago. The number of sure sure Wrighster union right now right I think if you will get a text and a second folks. Are more honest I you're listening to your pro show very quickly odd I do wanna acknowledge this because I'm a pizza and intact from the meg B. Running on the road the man driving and texting that you never run. But I do wanna say that that Tony. Tony from Gilbert. Arson attacks innocent how I can now put out Bermuda sod one power has been out for about eight weeks. Mom made me wanna do three pilots now won three pat are few more pallets and sparing you know. They keep tuning yen and and not just. Kind of drag you out but because I do have somewhat calm but what I will site. You can install. Warm season grasses. At any time of the year but there are prefer times to install one season grasses so. Bermuda is always just in the peach Saint Augustine. Africa's very good question if you're gonna install some Solder haven't need to do some of the payers and install some side. You need to ramp that up here in the next couple three weeks we have time to give it well rooted. By the end of a summer going in the fall when enormously. Bomb that's gonna lessen the amount of problems that you may have and a winner. But if you gonna catch 22 we had a caller earlier in the show first half is building a new home and if they decide as solid. And the homes not come until October. You've got to do so from the cover up the the the dirt right Scotland. And you can go ahead and install sawed that you are gonna have an increased risk of some winner injury. And the key was that as you install side and we talk a lot about this in the fall and through the winner if you do installs on you forced installed dormant side. You need to make sure you keep wet that's number one key to having. Less wondered damage is keeping the sought hydrated because most of our winner damaged constant escalation. It's amazing I am still talking about the winner damage. This week. At a small golf club opened Chesney and looking at winner injury growing backing up at at a golf club yesterday. Talking with the superintendent about winner injury just now growing you know and so when it was tough and may be tough union. Scott I digress I think we need to stay with the phone lines Joseph has found us at 1803471063. So Joseph who. As let's go to Joseph what are you cyclist and hello Joseph welcome to New York Prussia. Thank you how are you this morning I am outstanding. Yeah I was won't do asking some questions about letting agents Mya our program recommends that you can go a wedding occasional pop Bermuda grass. So what the store the other day and not reported found letters like. Postal clerk box not a foreknowledge or so and I'm. A lot to give the gallery rusher Jamal a lot of water for 94 dollars one stop really collected from. I wedding I agent. Independent I don't know what product did you purchase the enough. Well I actually didn't towards that I'm I'm gonna I'm Donald. And what do you know what product was because all types wetting agents out there. So what sorts. Welcome Tom and and the reason I ask from Scott that you know emotional battle line in wedding budget I don't know do William Torre wasn't at one of our locations are another store work. John. Sorry I wasn't one of Harlem tensions are published the work is what you'll competitors unfortunately yeah. Because what else aside I'm of the wedding as we normally inventory in granular is on the corn cob and it's probably how much is it's got forty dollars 4050 dollars from. And it. It wedding edges what they do. S souls begin to dry Joseph and and this can happen on sandy souls it can happen apply Sowells they have a certain amount of organic content and as an organic think about peat moss as organic drop out and you think about the most it's that you get from the garden center. And it's really really. Kind of lie but it's really really compare compressed have you ever seen that we can distort a five gallon document afloat for two weeks before it will absorb. Which are so what happens is that particle. Almost cellular level to which repels water and not allow that. That structure to absorb moisture so soldiers in essence that break that surface tension in Seoul. So they allow the souls to retain more more sheer. Or so wedding gadgets can also. Like it's a fact console wise wedding edge and I don't know the product but I would speculate that's more by penetrate. That more flushed war through the souls which is not a bad thing either home. Because when we get into a heavy rain period that can help draw all the water through this whole profile to keep from city. So there are a lot of different types of soul wedding and it's and that we have a products hose and spray your product. Pitching go out spry and I think it's what like 249 and found cover 5000 square feet. And you can of combat and it did it allows to Seoul to reach its full capacity. Without the water running office quickly so if you have water run off due to you know. If it got really dry in the year to date we see the water running offer puzzling not a soul winning edging can be useful. If I did not having an issue coming this year in Greer which is where you're calling from. Yeah I bet they can be beneficial but I don't know if it's that crucial to be honest would. You just let that the one that bleached out look that was pretty expected you know yeah Shakira has assay you know. And that's where a lot that that makes sense so it. Yeah and and it is totally. Yes they they are very beneficial special to get what I call localized drop spots on the map and you know last year I was talking about a lot but this year I haven't had too because. Heck we're in such better shape misfortune drought in this tight you know I'd. A year ago. Arm. And we didn't have as much route because we had a big running event. From week to week but as a whole year ago that much more of the study was on the drought conditions. So it just haven't been as big a topic this year but it's a great question. Hopefully that helps you understand a little bit more what they are and I would tell you that the price of the soul wedding Agence. Is determined by how effective they are in the spread write this in the bag and that might be a bad a product that spreads twice as much as what our bags spreads I'm just not sure. But if you need something that's a lot more reasonably priced in U wanna try. I was suggest you give to folks out of our Duncan location call and talk. But it just like. So like there's certainly alternatives to what I looked at that your. The better order that required to have one more question about what right he can it be divided in Japan and transported it just. Sure I'm in that stuff the stuff it was my old slow law I would go after and I think he got town to do that get the plant healthy before we go in the wonders if you wanted to get out and about it go after. I appreciate your help thank you Joseph have a great weekend. Time a lot and you know. Great question I did get a quick text forgo bat phone lines. Miss frantic calling on about in the ways and apparently she was listening to another. Show before hours. On another radio station okay and I next question because I was really sitting in Scott beginning to wonder. Fifties kitchen what was going on what you were not. I'm not fifty yet you might notice I'm not a hospital but come on man something's going home because I don't remember asking what is this more and so on but that is neat maybe we should start doing that. Put a different sound by the vote Lance had no points every week but she guess. Just for fun. Among key problem although us cipher and because figured out just for fun. But I do riders it is and we'll get our producer right on man I'm sure she's excited it is it is so we're a stay with a phone lines we have. I can't remember which one came in first I have to won't hold we're going in order of demo are Muster the chief angry about that hello Keith and welcome to New York Prussia. Or indelible morning are. Got out got an erosion problem Brohm got water coming down at ground especially with the downpour we've had lately. At all. It's a very shaded area. It's actually washed down to the point that I don't see it routes from the trees. Is the best option is to take some soul and and sort of smooth up over the roots in the and then muse says he saw it that I don't wake up got. You know a chance if to seat this cute but coach I think in Washington. There's towards me and put. Yet that to me that's a great option. Not my only concern would bet chief is right now. I don't know. I mean yes we can probably get a power professed he sought to you do bad. I don't like selling rescued this time of the year because I know who you're going to be moderately successful if that. And establishing that fast you saw now is to stop erosion. But. I know that you don't have a lot of it fester sob because we have to keep it excessively wet to get it to root because of the nets' summer. I know that your gonna have some issues armed long term would that fast he sawed now. Would that sad I think you have a couple of options you can either try to figure out how to put a drying what what color drying socking them. On the edge of that that drop why that would help slow that water baron. Before it hits the job. Before it hits the Graham and continues to Ron and slow it down from bottom mock them half two months live with a drying sought. And then fix this in the fall when the best way to fix it is what she said puts endure backing and Tampa with a hand tamper. You know don't don't go crazy don't go get your 200 pound seventy and a half year old son like I have team Niger and let him go to town on the Tampa. Nice so that if it firms and up and then you can Solder seat over the top. Arm and if you wanna sonnet that's far and I just don't want you to have the expectation that it's going to be a 100% perfect sobbing in July with the ski. Border first of office you go wrong into some long term issues the good thing is you can put sod down my own. Stop some erosion always took control in the and you can receive it in the fall if you wanna do that. Umps are you got a few options. But if you can figure out why the slow that water an analyst with it for marked mop and a half I think he'd be better off too when it's September. Well last time you say excuse can be hard this time of year Clinton's I didn't think anything in shape. That was probably the best option for the chase. For ye looks like your calling had a degree you're area of upstate arm for shaded if it's really that Vince was cited as the rest of launched rescue. You interviewed me and if the Bermuda is not growing in that shaded here it tells me that you're not gonna get Bermuda growing maturity you may get fat as Georgia to grove here. But do you want to introduce race for a variety of grass into the wall so if you wanna go faster route that you can do it now. Just one beat partial loss harvesting the fest cute and getting it to you and secondly. I'm just know that you are gonna have some issues when it first you saw that that's when a match barreling down on improbably handsome disease and not the absolutely gorgeous to come September you're gonna have to. Nor sit back down help from probably decency. Well with joy to work in the shade it depends on how much I'd been Sorgi tambien alternatives for. Okay well lit it's a big let pujols established Michael cherry yup got a big cannon because this is pretty. Shaded area on the days they some subtle and not a lot. I'm out with best tennis I've probably my we think along the routes of of the fast you something moment notre. Okay I don't look I do you have a great weekend. It to a much. Scott we're gonna stay with the phone lines. We have Marty in easily hello Marty and welcome to New York Prussia. Well good morning jobs. Got a question for you are on how. Much more would do with Oregon. This proposal won't work schedule. So I've got. Modes Margaret also go to another comes through for a lot of them those chemicals in the countless. And slow the chemical last year warns as well this year it's totally after fertilization. I'm God's dollars ought on us. And I actually Brown's stuff in the order to boot camps but places that it looks like gaga brand on this order the most when job cuts it too. Closing sentence you know couldn't find him also the Bermuda. Can you help me understand polished off a little bit. If you are. Try to figure out how to identify what's neat about dollar spot and start now we're talking before the show that dollar spot is is really been running rampant. All summer book and a lot of it's the calls of moisture amendment that sound like a broken record them and we keep talking about. The same weather environment. Dollar spot is really neat so we see this disease in recent column dollar spot. It begins about the sounds of the silver dollar it's almost perfect round brown home. Spots by the time you see it there branch and kind. If if you go out early in the morning when there's mice do home maybe tomorrow morning and tried. You may see what looks like round spider Weld's. From a distance kind of glistening in your lawn special forgettable sunlight they really show what do it because to do while trying. On these so called spider webs a little bit longer those on the grass blades and it's really amounts to the panel later in the morning is to do begins to burn all. But everybody thinks a spider webs and we get calls from time to time I got spiders in my yard border into about a mother not spiders. Com Osce a lot of Bermuda special Bermuda in its mode my did mention half for lower. It's really easy to pick and a half inch fairways. Armed you see this by sealing them so what's the fretting body of the fungus of dollar spa is what that is it's not a spider web it's. Actual free body how the disease spreads now grows. If you're seeing those spider web looking things we do want them in the morning yes that's dollar spot. On that helped she picked opponent early so two things one dollar spot number one the old school idea and this is proven it's true science. When we when the fertility is a little bit lower than it should be we see dollar spot become a bigger issue. Tried so one thing we can do is make sure that we're I know you you're not doing yourself for you have people doing it for you. But you need to really hone in on they putting enough fertilizer route and keeping an offer to Italy to the law and because that kind that can help lessen the amount dollar spot. But I've also noticed over number years that dollar spot once you seem to get infected. Down old school idea because I know it was related to fertility is all if you fertilize it we can grow now or it'll disappear it doesn't really disappear is just fat that's the Bermuda is growing more aggressively. It can grow faster and repair quicker than dollar sparking calls damage. So. My thought sore though if you get it. And you have it you probably need to think about applying a fungicide. Something simple. The dominant like eagle something like that would work great. You don't have to pull out that the stop some on or all of bag have wide necessarily. Now it is better give you more long term control. But banner max's wanna components and head boy it's really good Eagles pretty good at dollar spot which is what. Two thirds the cost of of headway or pillar. Armed but any of those products were pretty good ohm dollar spot I do felt like if you can spray those areas in the mix up some banner Macs are eagle. That you'll get quicker control with the spray would dollar spot because it is a leaf spot disease. So we don't get the fungicide to maximum belief in the systemic gets into the leaf and gives you a little more protection. A little quicker. Okay I'm prepared them expense. So you gotta you don't want to approach it it would under subsidy. Knock it back into turtle are fertilized it girl at this time I'm really think that vision best option really put a stop to. Aren't those bits thanks us thank you have a great weekend marked. Utility the last you know I love. Participants at your pro show because it makes it easy we never have to really delve deep for what's going on what's pertinent buckles. Nearly every week. Our participants whether the techsters whether their collar Islam my ears cut they bring up. The topics that you enough things need to be discussed like dollar spotted his running rampant and if you have it. I think you probably don't just treat it in addition for those bush and I think if you just fertilize them what you eat it's gonna keep aggravating you for awhile so. Scott we're probably I know we have Tom from one last call and we're gonna go to it it is Lucy angry bull has a great question about ornamental plant. Hello Lucy and welcome to New York Prussia. Good morning gentlemen you are phenomenal. Now when you talked about what Actel monkey grand the end of the added I have these gorgeous hockey but it. Can current stock and the wind and channel do kind of band days and is it possible. It is possible Nevada hostels and you know you should be right past bloom right now correct. All right so if we're past Malone at this point and you wanna do our what I personally would dig up that entire plant. We're gonna have rain and overcast conditions next few guys this is where rain and overcast conditions helpless Lucy. Those were not road rally. I think within the next seven to ten to fourteen than forecast. It if you get the time and you wanna get up early 1 morning dig debt plan op. And then you can take a look at it kind of pulled report it'll pull apart Scott would you agree kind of where it naturally wants to bright. I would go ahead and do it now because we have some time left that you can plan on got to keep them wet. And you will be able to get some good route establishment and make that. That Costa happy and healthy before we get in the dormant see when it begins to die bat so if you wanna do it I'm probably going to do it now. I'm OK and if I want to dent died it cannot put sound. In like it container. So I can share with some family members. Most definitely. So you can tighten you can type that power of the hostile. That's I got to dig back in the mine horticultural knowledge is is and I believe it's a two Burris or type of tumor that you find in the ground. You can tell that about it planet into I a 101 gallon pot. Which include cloning soul. And and pack them down a lot of growth for a few weeks and benched star rooting pretty quickly met pot console and share with your friends and united version thing and what. And it did it what I let again movement and dormant and looked hot and time just can't. And then putted down in the starting DB the why I thank goodness I'm all right I Yahoo! are fantastic. Having great riskier wait. You do decide thank you lose. About great way to end the show for us a long time listener and participant Lucy so we approach it called Lucy and you know what sharing your plants. It's a great idea. Cheering your tomatoes. There's a pretty good idea. Pretty good. The brightness and I'll let my mind that's what can NASA folks we appreciate you tuning into the yard pro showed and I brought to you Bach. Carolina fresh farms. I do wanna remind you that the Columbia location is gonna continue their 25% off plants and also if you wanna get in touch with Susie. She's got a great selling implants and love to see approached a team to the next look. Broadcasting we Pritchett should listen and I have a happy we department.