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Hello and welcome to the 0:8 AM. What a delight to be here I'm your host this morning Knowles grant flying so low. Once again as our cohost Scott beard. He is MRI and think perhaps sleeping a little late in the day that I am not really sure. Actually folks he's at the store this morning so. If you wanna harass Scott will give you separate number feel free to do that. It is a delight to be here this morning an arm. Just can't tell you how much it is if you think you might float away after all the rang this week so you know a lot going on in the study here this morning. As always folks won't let you know this is brought you back here on refresh forms were on the we're happy to do this have been doing this quad while. We are off one of the largest on. Saudi growers in the state of South Carolina with six retail stores throughout the state. As always you can Thomas at www. Carol refresh forms like com here in the week and certainly the way the show works is there a simple. You can call us this morning. You can Texas this morning there's so many ways to get in touch. If he'd like to give us a column gives me a call this morning for a free 1803471063. That's 800. 3471063. And as always you can text me at 71307. Anything about the long landscape it's ago who knows today. Flying solo. We'll talk about any thing. Anything to fill a book day there so. What's going on I guess that's too big question. You know it's been wet this week right. Extremely wet and certain ports and steinem though in the middle ones the low country. Certainly has had ample running from Charleston and Columbia. And it looks like the ups status south dramas even getting in on that action domino earlier this week when I was up in the Charlotte market. On my subsonic. All day on Thursday in cloudy and overcast and little drizzle here and they're now under in the ups to the South Carolina. So law. In a society. I gotta tell you. The drought report. Looks goods times last week so. Oddly enough here we are moving into the second week of August and we have yet to see drought which is quite miraculous. This time last year nearly 40% of the study was under some form a drought. This time this year. West and 4% so. According to check for everything is going home. Arm in and around your lawn and landscape when it comes water if anything it may be too much water and no that's wanted to big fights that we've had this year. Who will separate side of us new life turf would do a lot of greens conversions in non stay fairly busy with that do in the summer months. And I think this year the big the big story is Telus Heidi if anything we've had to fight too much water. Which you know doesn't calls. As a terrible amount of of the issues but McCain on the good thing about toward right now at least you know where the winners are our. What's gonna hold more sure things that mention that we talk about a lot. Especially when one season lawns we are wrapping up summer world quickly move in the fall in the improbably quickly and a smooth hard freezes and one of and these warm season grass is a great. However they don't want standing water wet feet during the summer so tight they are doing in the wanna so take this opportunity. Now. When we gaming this trying. To be able. To go out isolate Heidi maybe I have a drainage issue here how to live how to argue mr. trying a little bit better because in the winner. That's where you typically concede the week stress. Folks we're gonna stay Argo to a phone lines we have George and Lexington has a question ambling about mushrooms when Georgia where you. I'm doing well right sir outstanding. I notice I have a lot of lies on the outside my house by Adam Walsh. And when I investigated a little of our that I am noticing. Eat mushrooms that are growing but. On the bottom of the mushroom that almost looks like in like in light and it attracting illegals lied so. What are what exactly might look at that what kind of more than thought and what we're exempt from growing and attract in the old. Well I Actel is George I'm certainly no expert mushrooms that's for sure arm I know their arm I'd multitude of varieties out they're. And I know this we don't only don't bomb outside of that. You know there are few things I know generally about mushrooms from one they're coming from the organic content within the soul. But it is a Communist Buckeyes now it's a different type of fungus to one that would attack plan or something along that that Iran's. Are mushrooms are fungus armed but they're the reason you're probably seeing them more this year and you have in recent years as the man ranked. And when we have the success of more strewn soul we have organic content soul. We're gonna see these mushrooms begin to pop up I've noticed him all around from from your neighborhood in your area and in Columbia, South Carolina. To the up state in the North Carolina. I'm beginning to see more more mushrooms pop off. There's really not much you can do other than physically removed him. You know a lot of people called in over two years amassed one about a fungicide you know we will use that for certain diseases on loans. I'm just really not going to be effective it's not it's not like before that it's not effective for that. And there's really not much you can do other than manage a water. And and try to drive along now were unfortunately. We're having a hard time managing water right now. They announce. That. You know candy a trap plaza insure certain wants cam because of voter whatnot. But you know run a lot more cross mobile home to go what they are physically pull something along Matt wants what I would suggest. Okay you cannot go ahead and do that I'm probably gonna have to pay. You know like more trouble because like I said it almost looked like. It looked like a broken shell out an egg and it's actually that. They're pretty big our troops. Death and nom and MS eleven Deming honestly I think to it would must mushrooms if you discount on knock come over and you are tied to right for a home or something. And this town knock them over. They're not the most about. Dom but if I have this continued trying organic content sold the warmer temperatures you're gonna see some more mushrooms develop I'm sure on the long. A mammal thank god I thank you George every weekend. It hit high by about. Folks we're gonna study with a phone lines we now have Robert lingering able to mourn and Robert hammer you. Orbital orbital. That's what you're encourage all the overall must shut our goal. Did everybody shares at least well there you all certainly earlier in the last. It's like probably seven years it's would it take you back to go to the late seventies early eighty's group culprits Grassley Hitler. Spell. They don't want to they would vertical model. And big dance scene. Are there down here. And an area waiting. Top dress singing. The levels of nutrient you know you're saying you're actually doctor walker closely. Actually managing its portable. Actually. Do sort. Many emergency oil rich cultural so what have swelled. Yeah until racial cultural graduate the very reset each edit the taste good like. Well we'll update that particular cubicle sort totally discredit it notes. Etched after the souls concocted. Yeah I swear that what the property just couple powered car. Trying to sponsor urged that its that they can actually probably finished. So why everybody shot or at least juror or try to chuckles. What that actually been there done that. You hear it here at all or suggesting that I think that few future so yeah or just the sort of let it. Yes sure no problem robber have rarely camp yeah I you know Robert brings a point I think a lot of people and in our society today and and and certainly these are are are kind of my personal. Faults armed unfortunate lot of people on our son had died there that want instant gratification no we hear a lot. About that the next generation and and you know whether generation next when Christian Reich while others to millennial generation. Bomb a lot of folks really want that instant gratification their life is busy. They're busy in their minds and and I won't that instantaneous high and looks right now. As far some of these chemicals that that Robert ran into an individual says Ahmanson has got this in the one on its soil compaction. I really don't particularly know of any thing from Monsanto almanac actually. You vary up today with the job with the manufacturers out there and and what they're chasing. More or less horror. Fungicides. Are on their choice and broadly if we killers from that from them for the most part a lot of the technology and research is an army in two. Disease control insect control. In an analog that is dominant and white to die in science believe it or not folks. That is. Vary varies environmentally sound and buckles a lot of older chemistry yet there were some things back in the day that was just extremely detrimental. From even you know it's the seventies the bad eighties you know you get back in the fifties and sixties. Even in the non is that there were some chemistry others that are detrimental to our environment. And I wanted to manufacturers. Have actually the you know kind of step to deployments and how we wanna look for ways of doing things now I do know some. Some companies that make things that aid. And eliminating thatched and I think they're great because they're not really a chemical per side. They're a synthesize numbers one in particular that in essence is sharper so what feeds microbes. A little bit more kind of beast to mob the mod the beneficial microbes that help break down the bachelor. Things like that I think for a lot of this is going in unfortunately a lot of people don't always understand that but. But also Robert brings to the point is sometimes there's just there's there's nothing like a good note to go pull some weeds you know hopefully. Yes sometimes in the perception of being on the radio show in May not always get that feeling even us you know even myself personally mills. Is an advocate of of Tom being patient and let nature run its course if need be or physically going out and removing weeds and we do that a lot of hands on one of my client walks in the door society. I've got the Swedish she will have native issue is if you got a few isolated patches here and there. Yeah spend thirty minutes go out. And and then over in the long and and pulled those few weeds out as a matter fat mushy this morning. You know wanted to things only get into hopefully this morning. Is our. A little bit of discussion about what we do now one of those is weed control is it really worth doing a whole lot of we control the slight season because first frost. Those words don't. You know if they're not impeding the growth of the grasp why worry about it so. But yeah unfortunate I think society we live and everybody wants that. Instant gratification so we're gonna move onto the phone lines we have Joseph in Colombia and good morning general Harry. Ruth group a winner yet I think your question might be an excellent question a follow up Bob yeah well see he's got the attitude that you would say it. Solemn. It seemed like this year it may be more or whether in the media and then there's but instead of then terrible this year it's. In the winner's. Bomb but also some of the Dallas grass crabgrass subsidies just. Multiple. In their jobs so I'll walk very. Involved gotten sick in the border control with a brawl. Get back and pray to god like you'd. That's something that could knock out the delta forever but little help from. Jet and and you know what's it you know what's ironic about this you know Johnson in a look at Hamas she does not taught to obliged late last not one of hot topics I had is when it's certainly an issue this summer and that's a result of ample moisture yet typically this time of year we're good we're in that that the ripples of drought. And we just don't see these issues. Com or but yet you're right this edges have been really bad it sounds like you got us on the control the other crabgrass in the Dallas grass is common interest and you know I just mentioned that. If it's not impeding the growth of the grass. And we know we're gonna have a frost you know before we can blow like this just you know you parents always tell you what you my agent lies for this passion bound. And you know what it happens we know what's gonna happen very quickly that we're going to be in the fall we're going to be in some cool weather regional slowdown these are annual weeds are that are crabgrass this. On the first frost is on tight and out so it's not impeding it. You know Mossad just will be almost depression and white one of the reasons there's just not. Really good chemistry out there right now from the residential market. Palm format controlled nasty gas and MP does a great product called tenacity. On it works pretty good. On something like Graham rest not Dallas stress this is a different animal. And no matter what you do culturally. In you know you can. You know there's there's two edging get north freeway as you get rid of Dallas dress number I want to double or yet could well number number one he did up right. So you know you physically dig it up but then you got to figure out how monetary policy address number two which used herbicide to remove it. Arm and number three to put a force Obama's house and farm yard let them and I don't novel. I have. Oh great ground. Brandon. Glisan judge brown well thank you to round up with a bit of burglars. Did yeah and and that's what I was gonna suggest a Maine that the selective herbicides out there that are vital Border Patrol Dallas grass they're few and far between the died. And and their multiple applications which means you viewed on a higher risk of a spilling neck chemicals you run a higher risk of exposing yourself to a chemical. It has been proven time and time again on the porch and bring up the bank. But. You know. They EPA has come out and said Harry why society that integrity to round up is non horsemen Janet. A carrot they did this recently several months ago because there's this big stink all across the world about it. Pomp and not so what does such as around up. You can go one spot spread just senate that Dallas grass plan. Or you can find a way to count in essence paint that round up homes and loops. Because when I know it's only known trans locate and kill plants that it comes in contact with leafed issue. But still that would be my biggest suggestion on the Dallas grass what kind of along the path. Bermuda com the good thing as Bermuda it is kind of peeking out right now is growing at its stride so even a few spots to elect spots frauds and Robin you'll gets Marie drug to Bermuda over the summer before when enormous. Armpit and ass about your best option Obama's. They may short selling my house plumbing but you know now we got to look at reality and you can't let Al fresco few letting go you don't have a mass. Plus well to do it also doesn't lay dormant Bermuda so. Do governs. Exactly. So but my question waitress such columnist job. Thank you have a Gregory gym. I'm all right folks we have a few minutes to the bottom now or show if he'd like to give us call this morning feel free 1803471063. And as always you can text us at 71307. Now so far only have one text here says. Excuse me folks let's go to detection on here and from a good Fran how to train had ran himself the morning got Jim from easily here talking about mushrooms this rainy weather is excellent promotion Taki mushroom logs. They're not losing their mounts are probably pick our. Fifty. Pounds or so so for the summer man that's a large pockets. Tell you what we've got to get over to June's house you know. Maybe loading give you good description on Meyer won by broadcast com and just it sounds like he has this wonderful. I'm not saying many Foreman in for Pete's sakes gyms even raunchy talking mushrooms grows a little bit everything over there are resident match. But yet the rank has its you know that no. What has this rained on for us one is certainly. Made the weeds a little more prolific especially Wii's that like compact and whistles. You know such as. Not cents. Cleaned up. You know some people might confuse the did the not such polling and they look pretty somewhere but ones thank you the desist Communist government to plant nuts as a really tall plant. You know those two have been bad even the broadly Swedes or or somewhat prolific right now. Crab grass has been on marijuana a lot of folks are huge pre emergent herbicides. Unfortunately they they have an amount Tom the gonna last a lot of that is dependent on how much water I'm trying bald we have amateur gash from water. You know the more water we have the quicker that's gonna break down and and not giving that protection on so certainly that has has been. And this year and an as a Sam. You know too many of these at this point if they're just beginning that to germinate or grow on the won't. Quite honestly. From the help the desire grass standpoint it's probably a non issue. The if if to crabgrass is so thick that is coming in PG from overseeing your festering on this fall. Then yes now's the time you need to do something would that you can McCann went to remove that you can chemically remove that you need to do something. So that those new grass seeds that have an opportunity to get to soil. On more than any thing so that they can German right dressings don't germinate and actually as a German I don't souls. Arm so you know keep that in mind. Armed diseases. You know we're always at which had you know ample Morse to cloudy dice was not out about it brown patch and threatened she denying them every disease after it that we typically see in the phone won our guess what. Is still later. No legitimacy continued issues would dollar spot who got amount of temperatures we got a cloudy over class studies. Certainly wouldn't we give it you know couple dies of mice hot weather brought some life when I see something like dollar spot. Somewhat disappear for few guys but as soon as we get this cloudy overcast announced. Or or or lower Temps and and cloudy weather are you gonna see that come right back so the of the aware of that it's it's kind of been off. Spent in my smile summer budget signed token it's been along some folks who don't go to the phone lines we have Rick and rob often good morning Rick Perry. Yeah carry out an outstanding. Did get out of court and I have up front yard and act absolutely cannot get credit for growth and kind of I got a lot of straight but they get even in the and now more plant. As Steve back. I'm trying to get the old tired now or follow Blu-ray plant what is that they are. You sit back and could only navigate to raise their. All you know right now that the biggest thing is think about. Yeah winners must seating and quite honestly for use arm you know operational lot especially in the Greenville market September 15 scum of the the go to date palm a lot of social Ellis still hot the world the souls but in the cool by that point today is getting shorter. On it gets you get depressing after a while I was still that's more on the console profiled in German I didn't get it growing. I was thinking more on the lines of what we do. Now as this farce for too early. The day you seed you need to put a one to 21 ratio which somewhat to 162512. Or 192412. That middle numbers what we're after in that bag for allows a much phosphorus that's going to of this planet figure that's gonna give us really good root growth. Arm and that's what we need an in your seat so. No outside of that prior to it there's not a whole lot you need to do and in the next week or two Nam that few days prior to oversee and as I said just few minutes ago you know I'd written we got to make sure that the grassy gets to the solar. We don't want to get hung up and effects lawyer. We don't want that net sold to be severely compact in the you know what concerns me usage having a hard time getting grass to grow here. I would imagine it's probably a soul compaction issued more than any time armed so you may think about going out there and chilling at several guys prior to seeing it. Or maybe courier find it you know it's gotten where you can rent a corps air fire about any rental store now. Arm enact a pull some cores out woman writes paction. And in it yet to get that home read it. Thank I have. He'll lift you up late last year. And become. Really gave. But it just like it never got to reach the men and accurate based parent draft. It kind of goes away and it. One one of the problems I think in mistakes people might ring that get it to come up and make sure was sitting in the fall make sure we fertilizer initially would restore fertilizer. But you also need to followed up with a couple fertilizers during the winter and early spring we've got the feature plant well before we get the summer to get a Harden off. Are right. Rick you have a right let them. Thank you sir. I thought I'd go your way appreciate it folks it has been the first half of the 1803471063. And you can texas' 71307. State team I'll be right back. Welcome back into the yard per show brought to you back here on a fresh farms from the middle instant upstate and all the way back down the coastal South Carolina we're delighted and happy to have you join us. Today and we're talking to us about a lot of things normally this time here on August 12. We'll be discussing the dog days of summer but I haven't seen the Asia. So not certain as to coming. At this point you begin to wonder. Are they brilliant and get here so I mean looking at the town 1415 day forecast weather there. Whether source sure using I mean my goodness it looks like chants rang every day and anywhere from the mid to upper eighties and veer rarely pay even non above mammy. On the anywhere in our listeners whether it's W ordeal in Greenville WD OC in Colombia or WSC Charleston. It doesn't seem like. On. Them we're just going to be that terribly hot for the next two and a fourteen does you know one of the hot topics I had here atop the list if you haven't heard by now. There's a clips comic. I guess a good thing about doing the show are released an entry into the 101415. Day forecast and it looks like. Upstate South Carolina mark at this point might be your best option to see that a clips come Monday the twenty firsts what I'm thinking. Arm as it looks like man there's 5060%. Chance running. From the midtown south from the study folks we've had some great text come in this morning I wanted to spend his two men or two on those. My mom has a flea problem is okay to dust around the house for seven dust this grass have to be dropped. Not necessarily Augusta grass have to be dropped. On YouTube while there must weigh at you know one thing you have to keep your mom when using up a product like seven dust. If we put it on wet turf it's gonna go to a solution pretty quickly and as can be you'll sticking domain you might try bending them. Rob but but in the same token we don't really need that on the lead from the grass blade anyway we needed down. Into the soul also even if you were to apply when it was dropped. My suggestion will be allied irrigation and then just to get that in the into the about factually or what those. Fleas are living in and you ask for some folks haven't some flea issues this year this some great products out there. You know not only for your pet but some great products. You know out there to put Malone and and I think a lot of people sometimes you win a caller marks too and Mosul concerned about. You know putting a product in the home. Off for fleas and today it Chia. There are putting a product on there and that Mecca their dog or cat and a lot of times if you start looking at these Adam ingredients is signed product. You know the sign product were were using them and the lawn and landscape. It's the same exact Arab chemical active ingredient in chemistry allows and may be different formulation. But it's a sign product that that were putting on our on our pets so law. That should be a little testament to. The safety of a lot of these products arm I have a broad spectrum of weeds and grass growing. A mock smiles always alone what is the best method to get it. To get a treatment would it be to bring you a video footage of what I have growing morsel samples or both tend Rangel Ted I tell yeah. Videos and pictures. You know our outstanding soil sample us forms so I'll wait content yet we need to tested in this finds a good point. We offer free soul testing throughout all of a retail locations if you want more information. You can visit Carolina fresh farms dot com. And they're Smith motion on their how to properly take sole test missile test the group. The soul structure can have an impact. On the weeds and along. But correcting the sole structure is not drama. Necessarily met as we'd school. Certainly not make them go away quickly or ever at all so. The other certain things like dulled final William Byrne says we know it likes for lower fertility souls for interest fertility we don't see that. That's certainly true but then there's some things like crabgrass and things that matured that fertility doesn't. Have a huge impact on on the life for the growth of those so. Yes ID a EU I video I picture something of that natural and certainly would be fantastic you can be actually poll samples weeds and tightened to one of your local care on a fresh farms stores as well. We are using a source of grass can we put the grass clippings. On to the garden without having grass grow on the garden and now the words are the C on their seats in the clippings if that has gone seed yes on those seeds. Are viable. Are on the mound the percentage of viability is not that great on those Dawes. Our minds he notes some empty whatever as soon as you clip it because a lot of times. You know you monus are frequently even though it has CNN has had little BC it's not a mature received a season in mature on the plant. And then also bu there's also some chilling requirements I'm sure on on some of these seats where. It has to go through a certain amount of of cool pyramid yes two seeds are revival. That is a risky rom but quite honestly I don't think it's big risk you know Africa I would go ahead emotions clippings now one thing I'm wrong really don't Abbas people who. Is don't put green clipping straight from the bag you home more. Owned are in and around living gardening plants arm. You want to begin to decompose and in general an awful lot of heat and news is you know. This is too many issues as you wanted that first couple months decompose you really need to mulch those clippings first. Armed. Somewhere around the corner compost on lot of deteriorate a little bit before you really start to the mat let's go to phone lines we have Bruce and now believe Simpson though the morning. Bruce how are you. Pretty get. Baier Bret Taylor yes after application. How long should it take four bit. You know. A charter member of the actual act human greed and Omer brush killer I imagine it's he's probably at 240 background our. Our backbone something along Matt wants it could be mixed with life size. Arm which is just. You know generic roundup a massive sum and asked active ingredient in the brand nine roundup. It really varies a menace to plan is actively grow and you give a darn good application Alice but you'd see some curling leaves or Browning of Lee's more than seven the ten guys. Arm is to plant some distress or not actively grow on me could touch ups to three weeks. Okay that you make me feel better. Yet because it's. The application was. Saturday to get credit. And yeah I got some that operate on different things I don't I mean you up. I've got some wilting on the army. I had some. Other tightly around my business they don't bet that put specs aside dark and you know expect that at. A catalyst like site or something like that and what it and it near ground quick. It'd say it. Out of this press it would be terrible. It should daily and it is probably trying to slow coming a little bit slower you're right some of the products out there. A kind of comes cut first ask show a lot of we do what we do when malice instant gratification everybody wants to put a product out see the results tomorrow. And are and what they're doing it's it's like the Rambo quick pros you've heard of that quick pro has an additional chemical when they're called dye caught. I caught it really burn stuff really fast. A guy it is just trans locates food plant so quickly Nana theory is how you don't type of life site through justice quit and it does work. But you see a more awkward to result mass some of them dug the knockoff provost on honestly or using. Things like site which is an old dog they found member trek was just like an old fatty acids. In essence warned that armed. And M what they do is I basically just explode cell walls and bond you know magnify everything in burn the grass arm. And then you've got a bunch of dead cells to camp trends locate. Vote the true that in Hungary into the plan. But you know I'm not real familiar with the bear brush killer but you know I can promise you this guy has or nine more we know it works on. It's funny how we get folks say we put pretty emotional on we have weeds and I'm adjustments on Ronald pre emergent no there's nothing wrong with a pre emergence from some Ronald applications. Your you know that's typically what happens. Arm but if you thought you got an ear you mixed it properly according to Libor OI wouldn't I wouldn't be too concerned at this point. That this was the creep about ma the next great lyrics a very good and I'm not crazy about that little electric. Yeah art. It and it fits pre mix is probably going to be a little bit slower few to really see that the reason being typically. Most of those ready spray RTS products pre mix things arm. Quite honest and integrates. Formal things here and there they are convenient and assigned token. If if if that EPI or the label allows you to have anywhere from one to an 8% solution on this one broad spectrum here. Rest assured that three minutes is probably 1% this on the lower spectrum. Calm her so I that's also probably adding in the watched a little bit longer for you see the results. But there years I've ever been this. Well I was circus and they're back in their. Early he yeah but when you're a world that's sort but. Our man that was along time ago. It may have been around that won't. See it hit you with half a you might blurt out there I feel a little bit and you notch I try to learn some them every night is when I hope I always used to. I by the ground approach though you know it beyond that India and backed down exporters it was the last debate until about a month ago. I think one cap. Yep the best all love that was right when I came out with a quick pro product. And it's you know drop formulations so he's not didn't liquids. All right and I just saw the regular order great product but still my dad about why. Can't we get some more because I'm happy and excited it got. Yet it is adequate the quid pro is just it's a fantastic product it really us. Are up. They what I did on one coast resort after that they grow and grow. Nick could I get back in them and makes them psyched to mean they have the start on the left side and then go out like in the this. Well there I did what I was brilliant. Well around what they want it now so I started. One dollar and absent Mike Bender that dugout. And when I got. Back around to the into the why does SATA started on the already started I'll be out there it was literally. Did all sized product I don't think we even started any longer unsure when stone their hands on but that it was very interesting product on had a odor to it but it. You're right I'm hot die each bright did indeed go batsman and a slight in the lights in my work hot grease on the long. And and it really did it kind of accelerated everything but I think what we've found is sometimes maybe it's investors to be patient. In. And and let that brown ready yes exactly says Bruce loves to talk with him. There have a great weekend. A time bella. Oh folks we're gonna stay with the phone logs we have Jack in Spartanburg morning Jack hammer you. Doing great are doing great. Got a question known Paulina I am it's drive in the net. Tried to control it very. Every year and that in you know I can keep getting it back and areas my a mob premier and I've got in the backyard that's insanity and it just shows. I'm jumped spreading around so when I'm bagging them. When attacked as bad. What's the best. Purpose I guess our. Heads down the control. The best candidate and and it's funny you should call them because our man everybody's like beat me to departs today I have I have the smarts she typed up. Warm season won't want Whitney to talk about when mouse Tom the fertilized Bermuda want more Thompson of peace and all those things awards you get older for fertilizer but. All I put on here all one need pre emergent. But because what we will do was monitored weather. You know every year's a little bit different as a rural farm in the upstart South Carolina. We were lots industry merge and out you know a week or two prior to the German nation upon land. That's gonna begin to happen sometime in October DNC is just that but is really determined about the so called soul temperatures shorter dies. Palm Pre emergent is your best defense and you need to do that in the fall I don't know if you Don that in the past or not. Yeah. You know to me there's there's a lot of different products out there I am really keen on Bayer Cade acting minority as pro diamond. But very keen on Matt for polar it seems to be one of them the longest letter of this the least water soluble to the study on the market. That the only issue would that. Is if you have I missed somewhere in the moment because not. Readily water soluble if you have a two inch gap runner right across to move your final home. It's not gonna lose that two inches so you're gonna have a strip of Apollo there but there's no doubt about it. That to control the poet you need to get after early with a pre emergent and it and we wanna do that. Some time when the Storch cool and and I would say for us not studied it could be as early as mid September it could be as late as mid October. But if we get that out I know that that's gonna keep you in 90% proliferate. The other thing AES interesting about polar polar lights compacted wet soils. So if you have you know right now you got a little bit Thomas a special on that Bermuda lawn. If you got certain areas where it seems to be worst and others in need to go come investigates defects or profile was more compact and then other areas in the long ominous festive K she still have more time to get up there in this quarter frustration if you do it the next seven the ten guys. Arm and they are and that's a mechanical way of helping to eliminate our our alleviates some pressure off of annual bluegrass. Okay our own that issue. I have core rating period this year and now also just this week went back with a little. Speicher I have to acampora yeah I'm not writing or more are on the news itself. It's a very challenged by about this for the break up some of that surface tension yet. My question is. Later toward October. I knew. Disturbing that so laughs do you put it down is bad but it would be bet would be good to the area eight before again before right before opposite down. And not I don't think this from my two big difference to be artist where did because that promise it'll move about a 82 record originally console anyway wants you want your watered down. An end. You know I'm a little bit of the speicher action that you have a lot of gossip continents and do our brains just a the Canada helped drop the surface sometimes a lot of reasons like you said the break a little bit of that top surface tension to get a little butter water penetration. Armed and you can do that and be okay but if you do anything more than that going into one or I wouldn't Basra only tomorrow's launch some disturbing that that root systems are. If it were me I mean. You've done that you spot that you might wanna do it again maybe rum spiked again later this month you have a sudden have a garage while not use it. Tom what about once in its September I've kind of forget about it put it up for the season and just make sure we get three margin now. Does the biggest. Guess you get out one quick tour. On. For instance a fungus. Simply I think I had large patch over the winner. Came back in this bringing in. This huge areas in the senate seat were were kept on. And then gradually cornerback over the summer but you know you get some growth and you can pull off one of those religious school let out ground. The roots are just. Turned start yes I'm quite what the best of that. Be in the fall a year once again once it feels like football weather and you know even though it's not told which walker and more and his crew school layer. And they're forecasting mourners tropical events coming up from the gulf he better get some fungicide out at that time of the year you know Sime time. Can be September could be October meg could extend in November just depending on what. Armed so do you keep that amount yes large patches I major issue and one of the things you may have going on as well made the smuggler. Not a significant diseases out there and like take all patches there's still a lot of reports of that around we don't talk about a lot arm. I think sometimes when I just got a thorn in the group over Raza you know but titles will be more active in the summer but if you're not singing thing right now. Yet just make certain we know you had a large patch last year. It's going to be there again this year may hurt not tolerant of our fungicide now. I'm Cullen at large pats because that's what they end up looking like this again with our lives here and don't believe yeah. Eight us Olympic naturally does that mean you get the eagle kind of and oranges. Hey low on that margin and has to happen. Oh come out there in the fall winner in and the spring a year that's large patched Mets won that bet diseases active console temperatures are cooler so out. Yes something like headway or pillars going to be your best defense for that come fall of the year. And get an apple. All right all right have a great weekend. How about a folks we have time I believe for one last call it is Steve who's been waiting patiently angrier and more of state power you. Did patent of those eight along the same minded but that's court. I lose curious up pull her new book. And I had a really bad outraged and what they've Beatles ring is I begged the whole thing so like captured many she's had as I could. And excited low. Our home. But the timing what is its timing for the three emerging vicious September. It could be mid September it could be as lies mid October amend its its as a souls begin the cool down. Is is when we begin to see some activity and termination and a lot of people I think esta deported trying to managed and I think what happens a lot of people wait too light and they don't think about it till November and December and they go well my yard looks good. What a few you know that plant is so small and if you got two inches two and a half inches of Bermuda chaff or dormant grass growing above it. You're not necessarily gonna see those walls ceilings that are down connect canopy. Best stuff or and it's a lot easier. Earlier an empty for Ross is really two times and journalists in October and and we get some termination as a souls begin the warmth. In in January or February will see an album coming out Brisinger nation it's got a long termination when. An and app always had folks have had really good success if they go with a pre emergent. Out there you know I say early on I mean go out Maher don't go at the end of this month. And may not even be mid September and you know it I hate to say keep listening to show bush. I think that's wanna go services we dues we kind of keeping in tune to what's going on moment you need to do here now. Artest. Everybody else. That allows aside timing is such a crucial thing. And as an American different Sheen knows is Caroline's you know call or two ago that. You know we're Thomas and chemistry and Hamas targets on rest assured if it's out on the market it works researchers been done. It's either a timing issue it's miss applications something Obama wants. It did last year I had quick sound V. Also a real replica of the mention Oprah Diane mean. I dated October because I had read that the the the average sort of temperature has should be about 75 degrees true about what five page stray. Corner. All are to be into Germany. And that was around uncle or maybe they end I wouldn't doubt and I. I still had of the outbreak and spray and I am. Probably what happened it you know less likely Wipro dime Maine because it's the least water saw a ball stays around longer. More like or what some light dimension. If you don't put enough stand you know there's a couple writes on pre emergence there's a split right where you can do it twice a year or three times a year whatever. It all comes back to the percentage of backed immigrant that your applying when it comes pre emergence and the more you put out the longer it's denying Iraq. Now I'm not Erekat and you got to read libel you know I don't want right questioner with I hit it mills just said to put out as much as you want more and about a letter does hole. I did a lot better. That there's a libel their folks we got to follow what you know they had us all and knowledge that is Dutch model that you know not rose against most detrimental to the environment is detrimental to your yard. So we we need to be aware of that but that's the thing is is. If you hit the full rights in indigo sometime in October you should get really long control. I have a feeling that you modern don't have a little bit wider rights. And maybe that the product says that whatever but it fueled a bit lied on the right. You know I am I gonna sue how we're out about a time we get the January or February nephew doce yeah right I would do want an October. And into another ones maybe sometime around Christmas. You know and it would be my faults that that will be elder yes well. Yeah there's no post emergent controllers sessions court because they tried not rusty but. Yet but it Bermuda. The one thing they're really not sure now. If it's if you can't get it with the pre emergent is certainty. Yeah that will touch and out the unit is a guru great stop this. Handful stocks now if you have a warm season law on the control yeah that's actually. You know certainly they don't have a small package for some homeowners' kind of vote reached than that I wanna invest in that much RT it's not a lot of product but it goes a long life. Yeah that there's even smuggle things from what monument outside here are written you know we have baton 2000 square foot blister packs for the time me yeah. But yet pitcher right with a festering long you've got to get the CD got to get receded early September mid September. Did you see grow one. And it sometime and October's quick as you get to moan don't get a pre emergent have a few haven't polar problem and then watch said he might wanna do a little booster to batter by duo split ambition mourn January. I'm going to undermine the democratic ticket and I got may have used or mentioned so Ty. Yeah. I appreciate it. Yes sir have a great weekend. She even listening to New York pro show this morning it has been an absolute delight brought you back Carolina fresh farms if you like if honesty in which is very simple at www. Carolina fresh farms dot com would love to have you stop by the store some this picture. Have a great weekend we'll talk to you next week.