Battleground America

Battleground America, hosted by Tara Servatius, dives deep into the critical
2020 Presidential election. This election could change the way Americans live
forever. Who pulls the unseen strings? What's their agenda? How is our
culture shifting, who's shifting it, and why?  How will it all play out? 
Battleground America is a must-listen with a daily synopsis of intel on
American politics and culture, with unparalleled insight. Tara Servatius is
the award-winning host of The Tara Show heard weekday mornings on 106.3
WORD/WYRD-FM in Greenville, South Carolina. Battleground America delivers new
original content every weekday with the Battleground America podcast. Listen
& share with your friends. Our country's future hangs in the balance.


[1] https://entercom-greenville.square.site/s/shop
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