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Tara hasn't taken long to make her mark at 106.3 WORD as she was named South Carolina Broadcasters Association 2016 "Personality of  the Year!"  In addition, Tara has also won over two dozen state and national journalism awards for column writing, news reporting and investigative reporting while working for three newspapers and writing for a variety of national publications. She won a first place reporting award from the North Carolina Press Association for an investigative series about the weaknesses in Charlotte's overburdened court system, which regularly let murderers off the hook with less than 15 years in prison. Due to her work, that system has been reformed.
Tara is also a winner of the prestigious first place Green Eyeshade Award, a national award for column writing from The Society of Professional Journalists. Tara took to the airwaves about 11 years ago to do a radio show heard up and down the coast and fell in love with bypassing her editors to talk straight to the people. Tara hasn't stopped reporting, and still brings her investigative journalism to the show. Tara is a mom, wife and talk radio convert-- and weekday mornings she's live and local on 106.3 WORD.

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The Tara Show - 7-20-18 - Hour 4

Friday, July 20th
Crime in Baltimore skyrockets following Freddie Gray acquittals because of leftist policing reforms; Interview with Alan Dershowitz – Predicting the outcome of...

The Tara Show - 7-20-18 - Hour 3

Friday, July 20th
Conservatives more likely than liberals to be satisfied and find meaning and purpose in their lives; You don’t grow if you don’t take risks; Ocasio-Cortez’s...

The Tara Show - 7-20-18 - Hour 2

Friday, July 20th
Russians meddled in campaigns but not the election; Losing faith in the US intelligence community; Left is super paranoid about Trump’s private meeting with...

The Tara Show - 7-20-18 - Hour 1

Friday, July 20th
Paul Manafort is a political prisoner for supporting Donald Trump; Conservatives more likely than liberals to be satisfied and find meaning and purpose in...

The Tara Show - 7-19-18 - Hour 4

Thursday, July 19th
Keith Ellison makes Dems’ argument for open borders as righting injustice; Ocasio-Cortez isn’t intelligent, just well educated; The bizarre background of Peter...