Upstate Outdoors

Tommy has resigned as co-host and we’ll miss him.  Tommy will no doubt be
spending every Saturday in the great Outdoors.
But the show must go on.  Phillip Gentry will continue as co-host of Upstate
Outdoors and will be joined by a new co-host, “Boat Girl.”  
You might have already heard “Boat Girl” make cameo appearances already
on the show.  “Boat Girl” is an avid outdoors enthusiast in her own
Interviews, how-to’s, fishing and hunting reports, and the best way to cook
road kill. Upstate Outdoors, live and local on 106.3 WORD, every Saturday
Noon to 2.
Have trouble keeping up?  No problem. If you can’t catch them live and in
person on location, take your radios into the woods or out on the lake and
listen on the RADIO.COM app!
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