Tara Does D.C.

"Tara does D.C." as 106.3 WORD is sending "Citizen Servatius" to the nation’s capitol to get answers on immigration challenges facing our country, which ultimately will impact you!  Is President Trump deliver on his campaign promises relating to illegal immigration, securing the borders and reining in sanctuary policies.   Listen as Tara opens a can of investigation and interegation from a cavalcade of guests from 6-10am Wednesday, September 25 and Thursday, September 26 live from Washington D.C!   Got a question?  E-mail tara@1063word.com.  

The annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire/America at the Midterms radio row in Washington, D.C. More than 60 talk radio hosts from across the country will broadcast live both days from Capitol Hill, debating immigration policy while interviewing members of Congress, law enforcement officials, high-profile experts, activists, Administration officials, and others. The event is held in conjunction with other immigration-related activities scheduled that week. On September 5, 50 sheriffs will visit the White House, and hold a press conference at the Capitol to discuss the impact of illegal immigration in their communities. On September 7, Angel Families will gather at the Capitol to similarly discuss their personal stories as victims of illegal immigration. Hold Their Feet to the Fire started in 2006 when a handful of talk hosts approached FAIR with a novel idea; together they would broadcast from Capitol Hill to draw attention to the burgeoning problem of illegal immigration. That first Hold Their Feet to the Fire launched what has become the largest annual gathering of talk radio hosts in America and the largest yearly immigration-issue media event. “The outcome of this year’s midterms will determine whether President Trump will have an opportunity to fully deliver on his campaign promises to secure our borders, stop illegal immigration, enhance national security, rein in sanctuary policies, and push for reforms that serve our broad American interests,” said Bob Dane, FAIR’s executive director. “This year’s event will focus on the political landscape halfway through the Trump Administration, educate Americans about what has been accomplished, what’s left to do, what’s at stake and what listeners can do to make informed voting choices on the immigration issue.” Congressional guests, activists, high-profile media personalities, and immigration experts will attend and engage in wall-to-wall interviews with 60 talk hosts from every region of the country.  Presented by The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

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